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Viney Chronicles January ­—December 2007

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Viney parents leave home, abandon children

In February Kathy, Ian and Laura left home and moved temporarily into a flat in Addington, a suburb of Christchurch. At the same time Jonathan moved to Auckland to study, which left Richard and Nicola in the family home in Ilam. They found several flatmates to share the cost. Richard was head tenant, and exercised a tight fiscal policy over the household. Ian and Kathy’s move came from a desire to live in closer community with friends from their group at church, several of whom have also relocated nearby. In April the Vineys purchased a three-bedroom 90-year-old villa in Spencer Street, which they renovated and manage to cram 40+ people into for dinner every couple of weeks! The Ilam house sold at auction in November. Some of the proceeds have gone into commercial property in Addington – read next year’s news to find out what they’ve done with it!

The ‘new’ house at 82 Spencer Street, Addington.

Vineys in academia

Farewell meal at ‘Joyful’ just before Jonny left for Auckland. (He took the photo!)

Vineys in trouble In February Nicola wrote off the family car (a rather nice low-km Mazda Capella) by crashing it into another vehicle on Riccarton Road. No one was hurt, but matters became complicated when it was realised that she was still on her restricted licence and the passenger in the car with her had not had his licence for two years – so she was technically uninsured and therefore liable for an $11,000 bill to cover the damage to both vehicles! Fortunately her father persisted through multiple conversations with State Insurance and persuaded them to pay up anyway! Nicola was so relieved she decided to buy her own car – a red 1982 Honda Civic. 

Riccarton Road

Hansons Lane

Laura had a successful year at Cobham Intermediate with trophies for Information Technology, vocals and debating. She’s off to Cashmere High School in 2008. Nicola had a great first year at Uni, studying Education, Sociology and Psychology with excellent results. Jonathan studied Health Sciences in Auckland and has secured a place at medical school there in 2008. Richard was awarded first-class honours in computer science, won the 2007 HP Award for Excellence in Software Engineering, and got a place at Otago Medical School for 2008. Kathy got an A for her Marketplace Christianity paper at Carey College. Ian failed to learn anything new this year.

Vineys in the workforce

Nicola has a holiday job at Trimble (not working for Ian) and will also work for World Vision in the new year. Richard still does contract programming for Savant, a local computer games company, and both he and Jonathan work with Kathy developing database software for the church and Canterbury Youth Services. Kathy is reducing her hours working for Spreydon Baptist Church in 2008 to spend more time with people in the community. Ian is still with CTCT, the joint venture between Trimble and Caterpillar that produces guidance and control systems for earthmoving equipment. He is now a ‘segment manager’, which has meant more travel this year. Laura has yet to enter the working world, but she does look after her two goldfish, Fred and George.

Vineys in the music world

Richard surprised everyone in January with a gig at the Dux de Lux, at which he sold CDs of his own songs! (You can hear a sample at http://www.myspace. com/nothingifnot.) Jonathan sat his LTCL in piano in November and is awaiting the results. Laura won the school vocal trophy (the same one Hayley Westenra got in 1999), and achieved distinction in both Grade III singing and Grade IV music theory. Nicola continued singing in a band at church. Ian didn’t, but regularly operates the computer system for church services.

Jonathan playing his piano in Auckland

Monkeys on the kitchen bench

Miscellaneous Viney facts

• Nicola has been youth leading at church and has five highschool girls in her care. • Kathy fell off the kitchen bench and not only aggravated her head injury but also suffered a ‘cervical spine derangement’ that has resulted in ongoing discomfort in her neck and arms. • Nicola has a boyfriend, Simon, whose grandmother Monica Hart taught piano to Richard, Jonathan and Nicola. • Most Vineys enjoy learning new words at • Richard, Jonathan and Laura enjoy playing Quake III on their computers together. Nic and Si

Viney pets

Due to Kathy developing allergies, the family cat Pixel was donated to Owen, who lives round the corner in Addington. Pixel was replaced by a budgie named Mouse, continuing the tradition of naming pets in computer-related terms. (The Vineys’ first cat was Skuzzy, a name the more geeky readers will appreciate!)

Vineys around the world

Ian clocked up over 170,000 km travelling for work, including a trip to Europe in April where he caught up with cousin Tim and Doke and their five children. Kathy and Laura joined Ian in California after that trip to show Laura the sights she hadn’t seen when the family lived there before she was born. She scored a trip to Disneyland, on a day when the temperature hit 100°F! Kathy and Nicola went to Melbourne for a UNOH (Urban Neighbour­s of Hope) conference in July, Richard hopped across the Tasman for a day to interview at the University of Sydney Medical School, and Jonathan made num­erous trips between Auck­land and Christ­church to be home during the Uni Ian at the Grand Canyon holidays.

Ian and Kathy scrub up well in Auckland for their friend Mirren’s wedding

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