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Year 10 Vol. 1, Issue 135

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Jose-Manuel GARCIA, CDS

30 Years, Going Strong!

Visionary, Founder, & Master Coach

Pages 4-9

Jose-Manuel (Manolo) GARCIA, CIS, CMS

Manolo & Mr. Garcia’s Comments

Second Generation, Innovator & President

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Our Vision, Mission, & Creed Pages 12,13

Executive Vice-President Trinidad SANCHEZ

Punta del Este - Uruguay

General Comptroller

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Francisco BAEZA, DMCP

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Destination Offices Mexico


Central America

South America

IVI DMC² Los Cabos Yazmin ELOSEGUI Destination Managing Director

IVI DMC² Cuba Alejandro DEBASA, CMS Regional Managing Director

IVI DMC² Costa Rica Sonia VARGAS Destination Manager

IVI DMC² South America Jorge OROZCO, DMCP Regional Managing Director

IVI DMC² Mexico City, Central Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, & Riviera Nayarit

IVI DMC² Dominican Republic

IVI DMC² Panama Ligia VARGAS, CIS Regional Managing Director

Jaime NELO, CMS, DMCP Destination Managing Director

IVI DMC² Cancun & Riviera Maya Raquel MIJARES, CIS Marketing Director


Regional Managing Director


Our Objective

Our Vision

Always aim for 100% overall customer satisfaction.

Associates: Keep the ideal place to work, where our multicultural staff give their best, every day Customers: Offer an innovative high-quality service that exceeds expectations Partners: Consolidate our network of honest and successful partners Utilities: Maximize the return of investment to shareholders

Our Mission

Planet: Inspire responsible resource management by means of our work

Serve customers through our international certifications ISO 9001 and ADMC; ensuring 100% customer satisfaction of incentives, conventions, and special events; providing memorable experiences in each of the destinations in which we operate; maximizing return of investment to shareholders.

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As President of IVI DMC² Enterprises, it is an honor to present our renewed vision, mission, and company creed, now with the focus and implementation of our

activities as IVI DMC² Enterprises. With this initiative, our company is consolidated in the Destination Management niche, and with the smooth implementation of our marketing tools it favors the promotion of Latin America for incentives, conventions, and special events. We currently hold presence in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America thus serving more than 40 destinations. I trust and encourage teamwork as though it were a great orchestra; because all involved are ready to perform greatly and therefore are busy maintaining high quality standards and exceeding expectations by working day in, day out to achieve our mission. I am pleased to lead this company and I thank you for your confidence that has led us since 1986 to work passionately with the sole mission to continue making YOU look GREAT! Jose-Manuel (Manolo) GARCIA Second Generation, Innovator, & President


As the Visionary and Founder of IVI DMC² Enterprises, I have always sought for my team to continue perfecting quality service for groups, conventions and special events. We have

achieved this by implementing management and quality controls that successfully solidify the company’s superb permanence in the international market. While I continue to be an integral part of the company, IVI DMC² Enterprises is in capable hands backed by the enthusiasm that characterizes the new generation. Therefore, I am convinced that our company will continue to make YOU

look GREAT! Jose-Manuel GARCIA Founder, Visionary, & Master Coach


Our Vision Associates Keep the ideal place to work, where our multicultural staff give their best, every day Customers Offer an innovative high-quality service that exceeds expectations Partners Consolidate our network of honest and successful partners Utilities Maximize the return of investment to shareholders

Planet Inspire responsible resource management by means of our work


Serve customers thro international certificat 9001 and ADMC; ensu customer satisfaction o conventions, and spec providing memorable e in each of the destinatio we operate; maximizin investment to share


Creed We are those neatly attired people in the turquoise blue and white uniforms. Many people call us "the Smurfs". We are knowledgeable, witty, fun to have around, and beautiful or handsome (not necessarily in that order). We can run faster than Speedy Gonzalez, we can be in 2 or 3 different places at once, and we are willing to do anything legal for our clients. You can find us popping up at airports, historical and archaeological sites, deluxe resorts, charming hotels, golf courses, scenic beaches, and even at the best restaurants in town. We enjoy Smurf teamwork because it's fun, and having fun doing our jobs is our passion. We can do the impossible right away - miracles may take a little bit longer�. Ever since 1986 we’ve been working passionately with the sole mission to Make YOU look GREAT!


ough our tions ISO uring 100% of incentives, cial events; experiences ons in which ng return of eholders.


Punta del Este – Uruguay Punta del Este is a peninsula city located on the southern tip of Uruguay, in the department of Maldonado. It is one of the most important resort areas in Latin America; It has a promenade and a port. It’s scenic coastline is divided into two regions: Brava (Fierce) and Mansa (Tame). The limit between the two marks the end of the Río de la Plata and the beginning of the Atlantic Ocean. Punta del Este has a mild oceanic climate, with pleasant summers and cool winters.

Punta Del Este’s main sights are:  The Lighthouse  Parish Church of Our Lady of Candelaria  The Hand - "Man emerging to life"  Casa Pueblo  Isla de Lobos  Gorriti Island  La Barra de Maldonado

Did you know? 

The Oriental Republic of Uruguay takes its name from the location of its territory east of the Uruguay River.

 

It is one of the countries with the highest literacy rates in the Americas: 98%. Uruguay did not invent "maté", but it’s the country that consumes the most per capita.

In 1960, the first pacemaker implantation in America was performed in Uruguay.

The chivito (typical Uruguayan dish) originated in Punta del Este.

Punta del Este has the oldest film festival of Latin America (held since 1951).


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IVI DMC² World Headquarters: Ave. Acanceh #1-01, SM 15 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mx Phone: +52 (998) 287-1700 Email: Serving the meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions industry since 1986. Find us in over 40 destinations throughout:      

The Customer is Always Right Marla did a fantastic job getting us organized and worked well with Anna and Kelly from our corporate office. Jose is the best, willing to help with any task. Great attention to detail and gave our participants a great experience! Love to work with him next time in Cancun. Ms. Anna Tolander Program Manager 15

Mexico Cuba Dominican Republic Costa Rica Panama Argentina

For further information on the fine hotels, deals, activities, and group packages mentioned in this magazine, please contact Francisco BAEZA:



How to Prepare a Smurfy Blue Delight your guests with a Smurfy Blue signature drink. Here’s how to prepare one:

Ingredients: 

2 tps. Sugar

1 shot of blue Curacao

5 to 6 oz white wine

Splash of lemon-lime club soda

1 orange slice to garnish

Preparation: In a cocktail shaker add the sugar and the shot of blue curacao. Shake until

sugar dissolves. Add the white wine, shake again. Pour into a martini glass. Top it off with the splash of lemon-lie club soda and garnish the cup with the orange slice. Serve immediately.


Travel Tip: People Watch Whether you are delayed at the airport or cooped up in a plane, you can always entertain yourself by observing others. For example, here are some observations I made (providing me with almost thirty minutes of amusement) on how passengers open bags of peanuts: Businessmen typically went immediately to the Tear Here slit. They completely opened the top of the bag, tilted their heads way back and poured half the contents into their mouths. Less-aggressive types made a neat slit in the upper corner of the bag and then ate one nut at a time. These folks often stretched the consumption of the meager contents into fifteen or twenty minutes of eating pleasure. My own, not-so-scientific, study revealed more women than men used the put-your-nuts-on-thetray approach. They dumped all the nuts onto their napkin before eating them. Then, there were those people whose peanut bags could not be opened without a chain saw. They tore, they ripped, they pulled the corners with their teeth, but still the bag wouldn’t open. At the end of the flight – the bag of nuts still unopened – the attendant whisked away their uneaten snack.

(Taken from page 160)

James Feldman, (a.k.a. Doctor Travel) is a Certified Facilitator and internationally recognized professional motivator, author, television host, and radio personality. His company Incentive Travelers Cheque Int’l provides individual and group incentive travel awards for many Fortune 500 companies. His book “Doctor’s Travel Cure For The Common Trip” is an entertaining and invaluable travel guide whose purpose is not to tell you where to go, but rather to help you get ready for the adventure. CommuniQuest is pleased to share some of Mr. Feldman’s travel wisdom with our readers, who from time to time must deal with lines, cancellations, lost luggage, and a person in the adjacent seat making extensive use of the air sickness bag. Reprinted by permission from the Author:

THANK YOU FOR READING Like life in general, the M&E Industry seems to move at the speed of light. As a committed B2B partner, we aim to help you keep up with the latest industry news and opportunities. CommuniQuest Incentive Travel Digest is a valuable tool that brings you the timely information and analysis that you need, with a lair for what's hot, relevant, & interesting. I wish you the best of success in your quest, whatever it may be. Jose-Manuel GARCIA, CDS Visionary, Founder, & Master Coach



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CommuniQuest Incentive Travel Digest - January 2017 (Semimonthly)  

"Breaking News, Travel Tips, and More for the M&E Industry"

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