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TravelTip: Don’t Eat the Nuts Peanuts are high in fat grams. In addition, the salt on nuts increases dehydration in an already dry atmosphere. Instead of the peanuts, pack your own snacks. Here are some suggestions for lightweight, nutritious, and easy-to-carry foods to take with you. •

Fresh fruit (oranges, apples and bananas travel well)

Fruit strips or dried fruit

Protein or Granola bars (sugarless/fat free)

Whole grain rolls, crackers, or unsalted, unbuttered popcorn

In addition to being healthier, these snacks can be used as a supplement if your special meal wasn’t boarded or when your eating times are altered and time-zone changes. In any case, the snacks will tide you over until a real meal comes along.

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James Feldman, (a.k.a. Doctor Travel) is a Certified Facilitator and internationally recognized professional motivator, author, television host, and radio personality. His company Incentive Travelers Cheque Int’l provides individual and group incentive travel awards for many Fortune 500 companies. His book “Doctor’s Travel Cure For The Common Trip” is an entertaining and invaluable travel guide whose purpose is not to tell you where to go, but rather to help you get ready for the adventure. CommuniQuest is pleased to share some of Mr. Feldman’s travel wisdom with our readers, who from time to time must deal with lines, cancellations, lost luggage, and a person in the adjacent seat making extensive use of the air sickness bag. Reprinted by permission from the Author:

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CommuniQuest Incentive Travel Digest - April 2017 (Semimonthly)  

"Breaking News, Travel Tips, and More for the M&E Indusrty"

CommuniQuest Incentive Travel Digest - April 2017 (Semimonthly)  

"Breaking News, Travel Tips, and More for the M&E Indusrty"

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