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PASSIONATE PEOPLE Ivormatie magazine - December 2021


Passion for Technology; the motto of Iv-Group. Or

have worked on - or when you leave the motorway

rather, this is what characterises our employees:

when out with the family to take a closer look at such

Passion for their work.

a project. It doesn’t take much effort to transfer this Passion to another simply by talking about it.

A commonly used definition for Passion is a high degree of vitality (energy and resilience), absorption

Passion for Technology; it sounds so simple but is oh so

(the extent to which you are wholly absorbed in your

important. In these challenging times of corona, when

work) and commitment. These character traits can,

it’s sometimes a struggle not to lose heart, it is good if

without a doubt, be found throughout the company

you can say: my work is my Passion!

in our employees. Passion is contagious: you’ll get inspired by it. It is corporate culture. A culture that you

Rob van de Waal

as a leader should cherish and encourage. Passionate

CEO Iv-Groep

employees see their work as their hobby; they do it with pleasure. Passion results in high productivity, engagement, and loyalty. How proud we should be if it can be said that our company radiates Passion from all levels. It is a guarantee for success. It is also remarkable how important it is for employees themselves to conduct their work with Passion. For most employees, this is more important than the financial reward. Of course, salary is also important, but nice work that you can completely immerse yourself in is what makes the difference. This edition of Ivormatie again presents a series of projects on which several colleagues have worked with dedication. How wonderful is it to talk about the work you do at the office at home, such as projects for Nutricia or Vitens, the developments in wind energy at sea and the digital transformation we are currently busy with. I feel immensely proud when I drive to a meeting in the Netherlands and pass numerous projects we


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CONTENT 6 The structural puzzle of making buildings achievable 12 Working on the most complex installations while studying 16 The optimisation of drinking water in North Overijssel 20 The diversity of drawing 26 Seas of possibilities for floating transformer platforms 32 Collaboration is key when executing engineering projects 36 Utilising digital transformation opportunities in infrastructure projects 40 Mechanical engineering: a link between offshore disciplines


source: www.hoyt.nl


The structural puzzle of making buildings achievable “A technical study, I can recommend it to everyone.

From a beautiful idea to an achievable design

Especially women!” says Saskia Frijns, Project Leader/

“Brainstorming solutions and making ideas achievable;

Structural Engineer at CAE (part of Iv-Bouw). But,

that’s exactly what I love about my job as a structural

unfortunately, for one reason or another, too few

engineer,” says Saskia. “I like the concept phase of

people opt for a technical study. “It’s such a shame,”

projects, where you sit down with various parties

says Saskia, “because it’s a nice profession! You can

involved to develop the proposed idea further. An

use your creativity and contribute to the realisation of

architect, for example, can come up with the most

facilities that are necessary for our society. From the

beautiful buildings, but transforming these ideas

buildings in which we live, work, and reside, to the

into achievable solutions can present a complex

infrastructure we use every day, the water and energy

puzzle. There is much to consider. One side of this is

we consume and so on. I feel really proud of myself

that the architectural design must be safeguarded

when I walk past a building that CAE has worked on

as much as possible; the other side is that dozens of

and think to myself: we did a wonderful job!”

disciplines come together in one building, all of which occupy common ground. As a structural engineer,

A key role for engineers

I examine exactly how the structure of the building

In a world that is constantly changing, the demand for

should be organised, which materials are required,

highly trained engineers is only increasing. For example,

the consequences of various choices, and how the

the new applications that need to be developed to

interfaces between the various disciplines should

achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement or

be aligned to work harmoniously towards a well-

the realisation of a large number of new (sustainable)

functioning and achievable whole.”

homes to resolve the housing shortage. Engineers are the people that form the basis of realising these essential facilities. It’s their job to provide insight and substantiate ideas into achievable solutions while ensuring all requirements, preconditions, and laws and regulations are met.


Giving shape to sustainability

Were the plans feasible?

There is still a lot to be achieved in the structure of

A modern residential complex with a 1950s character,

buildings when it comes to sustainability. Saskia

but with the living comfort and energy consumption

explains: “My ideal scenario is to work on this structural

of this time. This is how living in the Baumann Church

puzzle with a view to sustainability. I find sustainability

will be when the transformation from a post-war

very interesting, and I am also actively busy with this

church into a residential complex is complete. The

at home. Since this year, I have been studying the

renovation plans were huge, but were they all feasible?

role sustainability plays in building structures, and I’m

From the feasibility studies up to and including the

investigating how to apply this at CAE. I will eventually

implementation, CAE’s role in this project was to

structure the information I have collected, which relates

provide technical advice for the structure.

to the use of materials and the connections used in structures. For example, the more flexible the building

CAE began with the feasibility study in 2018,

structure, the easier connections can be taken apart,

an essential element in this type of large-scale

the better a building structure can be disassembled

redevelopment project. The repurposing of an existing

and reused elsewhere. I’m very pleased to have the

building almost always affects the structure. In addition,

chance to do this in addition to my projects. What’s also

adjusting the structure is laborious, expensive, and

really nice is that I have regular contact with the other

not always possible from a safety point of view. For

divisions of Iv and get to learn more about how they

example, the load of a four-storey residential building

deal with sustainability within their projects.”

on a foundation is many times greater than the empty volume of a church hall.

From post-war church to unique residential building

The preconditions of a building are mandatory or

The transformation of the Baumann Church in

guiding principles for the plans. For this project, the

Rotterdam is an example of a project in which CAE was

feasibility study results were also decisive for the path

responsible for figuring out the ‘structural puzzle’ and

to be taken. In addition, the building permit can only

whereby sustainability played an important role. The

be applied for when everything has been outlined in

outer façade has been retained as much as possible to

detail. Once the permit is complete, you can no longer

preserve the buildings’ characteristics and monumental

remove or add an extra pile somewhere. The feasibility

character. However, the inside of the building has been

of all aspects must therefore be evident very early in

completely transformed into a modern residential

the process.

complex housing 33 apartments and penthouses while preserving the existing structure where possible. And

As part of the feasibility study, CAE investigated the

this presented some structural challenges.

structural composition of the Baumann Church, the impact of the desired adjustments on the structure


and whether all adjustments could be carried out. Fortunately, the structural data of the Baumann Church were well documented, so this much-needed information was readily available. With additional geotechnical examination and masonry inspections, CAE was able to map everything perfectly. And because the feasibility study presented such good insight into the possibilities, there were no major surprises during the implementation. The structural renovation Only the outer walls and the front and rear façades remain following the transformation from a church to a residential complex. The space that was originally the church hall has been completely adapted. The roof has Integration model - new and existing building structure

also been removed to create a transparent block with two more housing layers. In addition to the feasibility study, CAE also provided technical detailing and implementation guidance.

Detail connection - balcony integration


Two types of structures have been used in the building.

A challenge: integrating large balconies

The new structure has been designed as light as

A number of windows in the outer walls have been

possible where it burdens the existing structure. A more

knocked through to create a balcony on specific storeys.

solid structure has been applied where the foundation

The balconies are pretty large, and integrating these into

has been completely renewed and complies with

the existing structure was also a complex task in terms of

current quality requirements to minimise impact noise

logistics, detailing, foundations, and obtaining the desired

between apartments. This is the case for the nave of

rigidness (for correct load bearing). The desired size of the

the church building, which has been filled with a new

balconies was achieved by reducing the weight in the

system of hollow-core slab floors and sandstone/

concrete by using steel consoles, making it possible to use

limestone walls with foundations. A new foundation

the existing foundations.

with a concrete core in the front of the building also guarantees the stability of the extra volume realised on

Delivery in sight

the roof. Where possible, existing concrete piles have

This wholly transformed housing complex will be

been used.

completed in early 2022. Residents will live here in a beautiful and central location and truly unique home. From

A good feasibility study can prevent surprises during implementation.

the outside, the residential complex still resembles the old church, but inside the building, you will find modern apartments with character details such as striking stained-

At the rear of the building is a sunken cellar. The new

glass windows. Saskia: “This is also a project of which I can

structure is more complex here. Because the new

say: I am proud of it! We did an excellent job of it together.

structure at the back of the building makes more

Such a major transformation from a monumental church to

contact with the existing structure, the existing piles

a residential building is not something that happens very

were retained as much as possible. A light structure


with composite steel deck floors has been applied, and the existing walls are connected to the new floors. The challenge here was aligning the new structure with the existing piles (creating straight lines downwards). But as discovered with the existing structure, this did not always work out well, which resulted in more complex transfers. The new structure and the archive drawings were therefore drawn up and calculated in a 3D model. Ultimately, the solution was found in a transfer structure that connected the new structure to the existing piles and adhered to the architect’s layout.



source: AGS, OLCO


Working on the most complex installations while studying Designing the installations of a sports hall. Exactly

daylight and the placement of lighting affects the

what does this involve? Iv-Bouw has built up a

various sports options differently than the educational

considerable track record in sports halls. And yet,

uses. The concept to be developed needed to

it is certainly not routine work. Every building is

substantiate all these varying facets.

different and, of course, has its unique requirements and characteristics. Furthermore, the multifunctional character of a sports hall involves the necessary complexities. Applying the installations correctly

My graduation project was an excellent way to ‘playfully’ discover the workplace.

requires specific knowledge of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, sports technical

From doctor to engineer

requirements, creativity and, in some cases, also

Of the projects that Shannon has worked on, she is

structural knowledge. “Fortunately, we have all this

particularly proud of the Schoter Sports Hall project.

under one roof at Iv-Bouw,” says Shannon, Engineer

This is the project with which Shannon graduated last

at Iv-Bouw.

September. “Why did I choose a technical study? After obtaining my high school diploma, I initially registered

Fully electric and multifunctional

to join an introductory day for studying medicine; a

Schoter Sports Hall is one of the sports halls for which

completely different direction. But in a way, I see a

Iv-Bouw, as EPC partner, provided the technical

similarity between a doctor and an engineer. Both

installation design. Iv-Bouw, as the risk-bearing party,

aspire to solve a problem. And I eventually found that

designed the building installations and was responsible

‘solving’ in technology. I’m still glad I made this choice. I

for the purchasing and delivery thereof. Schoter Sports

really enjoy contributing to devising technical solutions

Hall will be a fully electric sports hall offering space

for Iv-Bouw’s projects!”

for top-class sport volleyball, education, and a variety of other sports. The multifunctional nature of the sports hall means that the project contains multiple conflicting guidelines. The varying requirements characterise the diverse purposes for which the sports hall will be used. For example, the incorporation of


Disturbance due to coronavirus

Shannon successfully completed her higher professional

Finding a suitable solution for the conflicting guidelines of

education in Mechanical Engineering last year with the

the sports hall was, therefore, one of the challenges within

Schoter Sports Hall project. “In addition to a nice closure

this project. But the budget also proved to be a challenge.

to my studies, my graduation project was also an effective

For example, Shannon explains: “Obviously, the aim is

way to ‘playfully’ discover the workplace. So, when I

always to deliver a project within the allocated budget. This

was offered the opportunity to work for Iv following

was achieved electrically, but not entirely mechanically,

my graduation, I grabbed it with both hands. I’m just

partly due to the arrival of corona. When the tender and,

really enjoying myself here; the projects are challenging,

therefore, the budget was submitted, coronavirus had not

but especially the open atmosphere and experienced

yet made an appearance. However, the virus shook the

colleagues make me feel completely at home.”

market a little while later, and delivery times and purchase prices were impacted. This was a real nuisance, but it

A combination of knowledge and practice

also presented a nice challenge for our work; it required

Shannon has been working as an engineer at Iv-Bouw

even more creativity in the selection and design of the

for over a year and recently began the part-time


higher professional study Applied Science (Mechanical Engineering). Iv considers continuous personal

A little while later, the market was shaken by the coronavirus, and delivery times and purchase prices were impacted.

development vital and strives to offer its employees as much space as possible to do this. “My ambition is to develop myself to become a project leader eventually. It’s very nice that Iv gives me the space to continue my

Playful discovery

development and facilitates this process. Because I can

Shannon was involved in the entire project to develop

follow my higher professional study part-time, I can

the building installations for this fully electric and future-

enrich my knowledge while applying the theory from

proof sports hall: from the preliminary design to the

the study in practice. The course fits in well with my daily

implementation ready design. She was present at the end

work. Combining a 36-hour working week with a higher

of September when the highest point of the construction

professional study is sometimes quite tough, but it makes

was reached: “It’s so great to witness the realisation of a

the theory much more concrete and my supervisor

project. Not only does it make me proud, but we really

and colleagues support me well in this,” says Shannon.

learn a lot from this at Iv. I’m also looking forward to taking

“Alongside my course, I also learn a lot from my colleagues.

a look in the technical room.”

Because they too receive a lot of freedom to enrich their development. Continuous development is necessary because our field of expertise is continuously progressing.

This way, the work remains challenging, and we never stop learning.”




The optimisation of drinking water in North Overijssel “From an early age, I was always busy assembling

companies and projects for industrial clients in

and disassembling equipment and experimenting,”

the field of water treatment and transport. Iv-

says Joël Palmans, Senior Engineer EIA at Iv-Water.

Infra’s EIA department also provides engineering

“Choosing for secondary vocational education

support for locks, bridges, and flood barriers. This

(MBO) in electrical engineering was a logical step for

keeps the work diverse and ensures a continual

me. The passion only grew stronger, and I wanted

learning journey, which is very nice, as it keeps

to learn more and more. After this, I went on to do a

you well informed and up to date. Opportunities

bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in electrical

to gain experience and develop within the

engineering. Technology holds truth in it. You either

company are plentiful. Also, very important! The

get something right, or you don’t. It’s either true or

first project I started at Iv was process automation

not; everything in technology can be substantiated

at Zwaanshoek WWTP. I have been trained in this

with proven facts. I find this fascinating. I have

and have gained much experience, which helped

been working at Iv-Water for about six years now

subsequent projects to run smoothly. Now I’m

and currently hold the position of Senior Engineer

working on the Boerhaar Diepenveen project for

EIA. I function as Lead Engineer EI&PA (Electrical,


Instrumentation & Process Automation) in projects like the Boerhaar Diepenveen project. Within this

Capacity expansion

project, I have a central coordinator role between

The Diepenveen production company and the

the client and engineers. I enjoy the responsibility

Boerhaar extraction site are located in the northern

I have in projects, such as devising technical

part of Overijssel. To optimise the operational

solutions. I also enjoy the project management

reserve, it was decided to make Boerhaar’s non-

tasks, which include, for example, steering the

operational reserve active and to expand the water

project in the right direction from my discipline.”

treatment plant of the Diepenveen production company. Thereby a step was made towards


making the process more sustainable. As part of

“Diversity in the work,” continues Joël, “that’s what

this project, various drinking water wells are being

I really like about my job at Iv. At Iv-Water, we work

realised at the Boerhaar extraction site. The raw

on projects for water boards and drinking water

water is transported to Diepenveen, where the


water treatment plant is located. The site will not only be

is altered, it will have consequences for electrical

expanded but will also conform to the latest requirements.

engineering. Effective communication is therefore

Iv-Water has a framework contract with Vitens since

essential. All involved parties need to keep well informed

2019 and is responsible for the engineering activities

about the status of the project. In recent years, I have

(preliminary draft up to and including the final design and

learned a lot about project coordination and the many

tendering phase). Thereby 3D scans and BIM, among other

communications with the client and how to make these

techniques have also been used in this project.

as efficient as possible. However, there comes a time when you just know how to do it optimally.”

New wells and adjustments to process components The extraction capacity of the Boerhaar extraction site and the water treatment capacity of the Diepenveen production company will be increased within the existing

Through much communication and collaboration, you gradually get to know a client well.

permit. The locations will be expanded with four extraction wells and the adaptation of various process components.

More certainty with 3D scans and BIM

For example, the Diepenveen production company will

To quickly gain good insight into the dimensions of the

receive a third reverse osmosis unit. A new aeration system

existing buildings and mechanical installations, Iv-Water

will also be installed to intensively aerate the filtrate and

scanned the relevant buildings in 3D. The adjustments

thus increase the pH level and eliminate the existing

were modelled in Revit and Plant 3D based on existing

caustic soda dosage. In addition, several installations will

drawings, and the dimensions were verified with the 3D

be replaced to extend the life of the water treatment and

scans. The objective was to arrive at a feasible design

reduce energy consumption, thus promoting a more

with which the client could obtain a complete virtual

sustainable treatment process.

impression of numerous elements, including the layout, accessibility for maintenance and free spaces in the

Such a project is actually a kind of relay race.

building. “Using 3D scans in a project was new for me,” says Joël. “The main advantage for the engineers is that you can, in effect, walk through the building on the computer, thus

“For Iv-Water, this is a large and multidisciplinary project,”

reducing the need to visit the location frequently. The scan

explains Joël. “The challenges are in ensuring all the

in the 3D model forms the basis for the rest of the designs.

disciplines are aligned and meet the tight schedule. Such

It’s a great tool for aligning all the disciplines and avoiding

a project is a kind of relay race. The mechanical engineers

any clashes. If something doesn’t fit in the design, this will

first create the design, then civil engineering gets to

be immediately evident.”

work. Only then do we at EI&PA know what’s coming and start working on the electrical engineering diagrams and process automation. If a discipline is delayed or something


Communicate and collaborate

and takes time to establish. However, this aspect is very

“Vitens is a fairly new client for us,” explains Joël. “We had

underestimated in projects. We have been working on

to learn how they work and the standards they use. This

this project for a year and a half and now know exactly

was my greatest challenge in the project, combined with

what our client wants. We can use the knowledge we

a tight schedule and numerous changes. After all, how

have gained in a subsequent project, which offers a major

do we get to the finish line most efficiently? Through

advantage. The best thing about this project? The integral

much communication and collaboration, you gradually

aspect. That we, as Iv-Water, can deliver an integral project

get to know a client well. This isn’t easy in the beginning

well, coordinated, and with a satisfied client!”




The diversity of drawing They are the solid factor of Iv-Consult and have helped

design. It was nice because we were not only sitting at

build the company from the very beginning: drafters,

the drawing board, we also regularly visited the bridge to

otherwise known as designers. In collaboration with the

view and examine it. By doing this, you actually get to see

engineers/structural engineers, they produce the first

what you have been busy with all this time.” Ron adds: “If

design consisting of a 3D model and design drawings.

I had to name only one project, it would be the work we

The team then further elaborates the workshop

performed for the framework contract with Kalmar. I think

drawings down to the minutest detail. Iv-Consult’s

port cranes are really interesting, probably because of my

team consists of highly experienced colleagues, all with

mechanical engineering background - the convergence of

diverse experience in projects. Jan Steehouwer, Senior

static and moving parts. I have also been in one of those

Designer, and Ron Verwolf, Lead Structural Designer, tell

cranes. It’s so nice to see the real-life version of what you

us about their experiences at Iv-Consult.

have drawn. For the Panama project, I worked on the mechanical part and the interface of the mechanical and

From lock gates to port cranes

structural components.”

Iv-Consult’s team of designers has a broad, multidisciplinary background and extensive knowledge. For example, they have specialist knowledge of the many different software packages used within the various

This way, you not only work on a wide variety of projects, but you also get to visit many different places.

divisions and departments. In addition, the team is customer-oriented and can be incorporated well into

Rolling into technology

other teams, meaning that Jan, Ron, and their colleagues

“When I came to work here, a technical education wasn’t

can regularly be found in places other than their own

necessary,” says Jan. “If you had a pre-vocational secondary

department. Designers are often seconded to customers

education or senior general secondary education (MAVO

or offer their specialist knowledge in other Iv projects. But

or HAVO) diploma, you were trained internally. I began at

on which types of projects do they work? “The project I am

the MTS (Secondary Technical School), but it wasn’t really

most proud of is the Panama project,” says Jan. “That was

my thing apart from drawing. So, when I saw a vacancy

such a huge project! Those enormous lock gates are just

at an engineering company, I immediately applied, and

more impressive than a factory hall. Among other things,

that’s how I ended up at Engineering and Architects firm,

I modelled the A-Frames for the gates. These support the

H. Veth. Only later did the company change its name to

lock gates during maintenance. The Botlek Bridge was

Iv-Groep. Drawing was always what I liked doing the most.

also a nice project and was entirely about optimising the

So, after about 30 years of producing workshop drawings,


I switched to the design department. Then, because I

take to work for the same employer for twenty, thirty or

wanted to know more about strength analysis calculations,

even forty years? Ron takes a few moments to consider:

I enrolled in a part-time construction course in steel,

“I’ve been working here for twenty-four years, although I

concrete and wood.”

have been away for a year during this time. After the first five years, I left and did something else for a year and then I

A proper modelling and drawing job, exactly what I like to do!

came back to work in our Malaysian office. After those first two years in Malaysia, I returned several times and would replace project leaders on holiday, for example. I was


“My father was in the technical world; he did metalwork,”

usually there for roughly six weeks. A big advantage was

explains Ron. “He did everything himself at home. Repairs,

that it was year-round. Not only have I worked in Malaysia,

figuring out how to put something together, that sort

but I have also been deployed many times for clients or

of thing. I just got into it from an early age. For me, it

at our sister companies. In this way, you work on a wide

began with small things like repairing tires, but by the

range of projects, but you also get to visit many different

time I was sixteen, I was taking entire mopeds apart and

places, making the work very appealing! Of course, it helps

overhauling them. I still do this to this day, though now it’s

that Iv is a healthy company and provides security. And

motorcycles. I deliberately chose mechanical engineering

remember, the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere. When

at the MTS and followed an additional training in Motor

I started at Iv, there was minimal staff turnover; everyone

Vehicle Technology. I really liked drawing at the MTS. Just

stayed for the first ten years. This trend has now changed.

as Jan, I began at Iv in the detailing (workshop drawings)

The range of jobs available is huge, but for me, Iv is the

department and then ended up in design.”

right place.”

Forty years of service

Jan continues: “Last September, I celebrated my 40th

Colleagues that have been working at Iv for a long time

anniversary with Iv. It was nice to be able to celebrate this

consider their long service quite normal. But what does it

landmark. In addition to my direct colleagues, Rob van de

source: Ivormatie 1988

Waal was also present at the dinner. We reminisced about

running smoothly. We are quickly thought of when there

the past. By the way, did you know that I drew comics for

is suddenly work somewhere.” Jan: “That means that we

the very first Ivormatie magazines about thirty years ago?

have to keep up with all the software packages and various

We called it En….generen. Yes, the magazine looked very

activities to sustain the profession. It is noticeable that

different then than it does now. I also took care of the

the average age in our profession is increasing; a little

Personalia for about ten years, a folded A4 with personalia

rejuvenation wouldn’t do any harm. You often see more

and other news. During the anniversary dinner, Rob fished

young people among those who make the calculations,

out some passages and shared them with those present.

but that lags behind somewhat with drafters. While it’s

But those forty years fly by if you are enjoying it. I’ve done

such a fun job!”

so many different projects and been to so many places. That never makes for boring work. Besides my work at Iv, I also had an advertising agency for a long time, which I

We are quickly thought of when there is suddenly work somewhere.

did on Fridays. I made logos, websites, and lettering, for example. It was fun to do this alongside my work, but

Drawing platforms

it was too much all together in the end. Now I only do

“The project I am currently working on is the Sofia HVDC

that sort of thing as a hobby, like drawing cartoons (JAS

platform for the Sofia Offshore Wind Farm,” says Ron. “I’m

Cartoons). My other hobby is music. I used to play in a

doing this at Iv-Offshore & Energy; it’s a very diverse project

band with two former colleagues, and later, another band

for me. One day you are working with the coarsest steel

with a different colleague. I remember we were looking for

and a week later with the smallest elements. It’s nice to

a place to practice. The then caretaker, Henk Ketting, said

not only be busy with just one thing on the platform. We

to me, ‘Do you want to practice? You can do that here in

deliver the project per deck, so you are always busy with

the cellar!’. Henk stayed at his post all evening until we had

something different. I’m enjoying being part of a different

left the building. A proper Iv-band was never really born,

team at the moment. Switching teams and projects helps


you to get to know a lot of people.” Jan: “I am now working on various decommissioning projects, which revolves

Diversity in work activities

around removing old oil and gas platforms from the sea.

When asked what they find essential in their work, Jan

We mainly work on grillage and sea fastening, a proper

and Ron unanimously answer diversity. Jan explains why:

modelling and drawing job, exactly what I like to do!”

“Diversity ensures the work is varied. I can’t imagine only

drawing bridges. If that were the case, the work would become ‘very’ specialised. Diversity can also be observed in our multidisciplinary deployability,” adds Ron. “With our detailing background, we are highly deployable. We step directly into projects and hit the gas to get projects


WHAT MAKES IV SO SPECIAL? Friendly and open culture

Down to earth

Iv feels like a family business: you can always drop by other colleagues to discuss your ideas. You receive a lot of freedom as well as room for entrepreneurship.

Instead of just following trends, we examine the content critically. We innovate because we really want to contribute to the world of tomorrow.

Unique projects

Work hard, play hard

At Iv we work on projects that challenge us to push the boundaries of what is technically possible.

We like to have fun at Iv, which is why, for example, it has become a tradition to attend the UEFA European Championship and FIFA World Cup.

Diversity From infrastructure to submarines: we are the most diverse engineering company in the Netherlands.


A selection of our vacancies: ✓✓ Lead Electrical Designer ✓✓ PDMS Coordinator Electrical & Instrumentation ✓✓ Senior Mechanical Engineer ✓✓ (Senior) Structural Engineer ✓✓ (Lead) Electrical Engineer Marine ✓✓ (Junior) Structural Design Engineer (Naval)

Looking for an (graduate) internship? ✓✓ Civil Engineering ✓✓ Structural Engineering ✓✓ Energy Engineering and/or Industrial Automation ✓✓ Naval Architect

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Seas of possibilities for floating transformer platforms Worldwide, the best wind conditions for

type of floating solution include the lifespan of the

generating wind energy are often found at sea

dynamic power cables and the allowable motions of

in areas with deeper waters. The question is: how

the transformers, rectifiers, and associated systems.

can this be achieved as efficiently, reliably, and

Floating an offshore converter station weighing

affordably as possible? At water depths beyond

roughly 10,000 tonnes with minimal motions is a

150 metres, the costs of the renowned ‘bottom-

complex challenge, but our studies show that it is

founded’ structures (such as transformer and


converter platforms and wind turbines that are anchored to the seabed via a structure) increase

Suitable deepwater areas

exponentially, making floating solutions an

In Europe, the Mediterranean, North Sea, Bay

interesting option. Nevesbu and Iv-Offshore &

of Biscay, and the Aegean Sea, in particular, are

Energy jointly developed a concept for an offshore

deepwater areas that are very suitable for generating

substation. A concept with potential!

wind energy. Especially in the area above Scotland and the United Kingdom towards Norway and

Studies show potential

Denmark, there are almost continuous strong winds.

Lennart Buitendijk, Naval Architect at Nevesbu,

The concept that Nevesbu and Iv-Offshore & Energy

is one of the initiators of the concept and tells us

have developed is therefore designed for the harsh

more about the realisation. “Nevesbu and Iv-

weather conditions that are characteristic of these

Offshore & Energy consistently carry out innovative

areas. The concept also minimises the impact on

studies. In view of the oncoming energy transition,

marine life.

Nevesbu began investigating which unique floating applications could be devised to provide a solution.

Design principles

There are already many concepts for floating

Some essential principles for the design of the

turbines, but not for a floating substation. We

floating transformer platform are: the concept must

formed a joint initiative as Iv-Offshore & Energy has

conform to the set requirements for wind energy

already designed many offshore wind substations,

at sea, it must not be too heavy in steel weight and

and Nevesbu has specialist knowledge of floating

must not be complex in terms of fabrication, safety,

structures. The challenges presented with this

and reliability must also be guaranteed, it must


be possible to guarantee a very high availability, and

of 85 by 85 metres and is positioned approximately 20

the platform must have a lifespan of at least 30 years.

metres above the water’s surface. When the platform

In addition, the social costs of supplying sustainable

is installed at sea, it will be held in position with the

electricity must remain affordable, and the solution

help of so-called ‘tendons’ that are vertically anchored

itself should therefore not be too expensive in terms of

to the seabed. The floating structure is designed to


minimise the vertical motions, which also reduces the loads on the export cables suspended below the

Floating a platform weighing roughly 10,000 tonnes with minimal motions is complex but possible!

platform. Tuning the motion behaviour of the platform for different water depths and wave conditions is also relatively simple.

From static to dynamic

Continual development

The most significant challenge is the transition from a

The concept has now been thoroughly worked out and

static bottom-founded platform to a dynamic floating

appears to be feasible. So what is still needed to realise

platform. Wind turbines must be capable of operating

this concept at sea? Lennart explains: “We are currently

in conditions up to Beaufort 8, which means that the

busy with a design check and have now carried out

floating platform must continue to function when

various studies that have provided insight into the

contending with waves of 8 to 12 metres high. Existing

possibilities and most appropriate application for use in

high-voltage (HV) equipment, however, is not suitable

deepwater areas. We now also know what is important

for high accelerations. To guarantee motions are kept

for the success of the design. The design check takes all

to a minimum, motion analyses were carried out to

this insight into account, and we are investigating how

calculate how different models behave at sea in strong

the design can be further improved and made more

winds with high waves. These analyses are based on

(cost) efficient. So we’re delving a little deeper. The basis

the roughest seas in the world, such as the North

is there, and we are now examining which parts are

Atlantic Gulf Region, the Bay of Biscay and the sea near

satisfactory and which may need further development

Santa Barbara, California. If the concept is suitable for

or research. Finally, of course, we are hoping there is

these waters, it can certainly also be applied in calmer

a developer that will see the same potential in this


concept as we, and thus develop the concept further together and put it into practice!”

The concept of the floating platform is designed in such a way that it can be applied in water depths in excess of 150 metres and with minimal vertical motions in sea conditions. The HVDC platform has a deck area




This work makes me proud!

Lennart to get his teeth into it. Lennart: “I began by

Lennart has been working at Nevesbu as a naval

setting up a new hydro-structural tool. This is a tool

architect since 2016 and specialises in hydrodynamics,

that can generate hydrodynamic calculations and

one of the disciplines that have played a vital role

structural analyses, enabling the interfaces between

in realising the floating converter platform design.

the two disciplines to be observed in a single model.

Lennart explains: “What I love about hydrodynamics is

And this is also what makes our tool unique. Typically,

that it’s a unique discipline, and it always has an effect

these calculations are strictly performed separately,

on a vessel’s operations. For the floating platform, for

which can lead to less consistent results. Our tool aims

example, the platform’s motions determine whether

to perform hydro-structural analyses more efficiently

the equipment can remain operational or not. And

so that designs can respond more accurately to

with naval vessels, the motion of the vessel determines

specific weather conditions at sea. I have also had the

whether the vessel can fire a missile, but also whether a

opportunity to work on various projects at Nevesbu,

helicopter can land on the deck.”

but hydrodynamics is really where my heart lies. I am also fascinated by vessels that work at sea, and this is

When Lennart began working at Nevesbu five years

what made it even more fun for me to be involved in

ago, he was the only employee with such specific

exploring the possibilities of floating transformer and

knowledge of hydrodynamics. Nevesbu aspired

converter platforms.”

to expand the discipline further, so it was down to




Collaboration is key when executing engineering projects “Technology has always really appealed to me;

with the client is what makes the projects so special.

I never consciously considered that mainly men

And, of course, the collaboration with the other

are employed in this field. In any case, it didn’t

departments. Everyone works from within their

influence my choice,” explains Daniella Taks.

field of expertise, and sometimes it’s necessary to

Daniella is Lead Engineer Building & Construction

make adjustments in the client’s interest or another

at Iv-Industrie. “The combination of practical

discipline. A huge amount of adaptive ability and

application, logic and the fact that you make,

creativity is required, especially in architecture. In

build, and develop something, is what makes

industry, architecture is often subordinate to the

technology so much fun for me. What you design

process, but it is necessary. After all, a building is

on paper eventually becomes a tangible result.

needed. Therefore, seamless collaboration with the

I followed the course Commercial Engineer

other disciplines is necessary. Is there enough space?

Architecture, a combination of approximately

Is it hygienic? Are there any clashes or overlaps, and

30% HEAO (Business Studies) and 70% HTS (High

is the planned renovation possible in this way? I

Technical School) Architecture. In this, you have

find this puzzle fascinating. The role the different

to choose one of the four specialisms; I chose

disciplines play is vital for the implementation, and

architecture. At the time, this course was only

because your design needs to be achievable, you

offered in The Hague, but unfortunately, no longer.

must consider every aspect in your design. For

The diversity in the combination of commerce and

example, I was once taken aside by a bricklayer

technology really appealed to me.”

who asked: who invented the canopy? He had to brick around the canopy where it connects to

Adaptive ability and creativity

the structure, which would have been doable if

Daniella has been working at Iv for over three years

the canopy hadn’t already been in place. The next

and has previously worked for various engineering

time, we applied a separation in the structure to

companies. “I’ve always worked in the food market,”

accommodate this.”

Daniella continues. “Designing architectural spaces for the food market presents extra challenges. For

Delivering the best result together

example, safety and hygiene are essential in these

“What do I like most about my current position?

projects. But especially the intensive collaboration

Being an intermediary,” says Daniella. “You convert


the client’s needs and coordinate with the engineers

the master plan in building & construction, climate &

to form the project. You should always think in terms

energy, electricity & installations, and piping & utilities.

of possibilities, no matter how complicated. You never

Nutricia will focus on the processes.

do this work alone, and having a team that can be left to get on with it is essential. For example, I make a sketch of a building, and a 3D engineer then produces a drawing. I then take care of the connection with

Intensive collaboration between disciplines and the customer ensures the best result.

the other disciplines and coordination in the design. You really can’t do without a good team. Each team

The first steps

member independently picks up their part of the work,

Iv-Industrie is now working on the first steps within the

and together, you achieve the best result.”

project at Nutricia. Daniella explains: “These first steps involve carrying out a drastic renovation of the existing

What you design on paper finally becomes a tangible result!

building and also designing new buildings. This part of the project mainly has consequences for production as this will continue during the renovation. So, we are

“Which project am I most proud of?” Daniella thinks for

working on all project phases to coordinate the order in

a moment: “every project is unique and always contains

which the different elements should be implemented.

something you learned or are proud of. It’s impossible

The concept has been elaborated and the basic

to name just one. Small projects where you can get a

principles established; now, it needs to be conveyed

client off to a good start are great. Then there are the

in detail. In the preliminary phase of this project, my

larger, more complex projects such as Emmi’s goat’s

position was lead engineer building and construction;

milk powder factory or the project at Nutricia with

I now function as a project engineer and coordinate

which I am currently involved as a project engineer.”

the largest project and a large part of the sub-projects, which mainly focus on buildings and building-related

Master plan at Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition

installations. My job is to consult with Nutricia about

At Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition in Zoetermeer,

the exact requirements and how to achieve this.”

medical nutrition is produced, such as enteral nutrition, dietetic foods, and liquid nutrition. This is a so-called ‘wet’ factory where liquids are used. For this existing factory, a master plan was drawn up for the coming years for the expansion and renovation of the factory. At the beginning of 2021, Iv-Industrie was commissioned to act as EPCM contractor within


Challenging work activities

go well, but together we will get there. I really enjoy

“There are plenty of challenges in such a project,”

the client contact and collaboration my position offers.

explains Daniella. “The biggest one is working at a

Every project has its challenges, and, in the beginning,

brownfield location, in other words, an existing location

especially with a new client, it is important to coordinate,

with buildings and a factory. This creates limitations in,

talk and manage expectations. This is the stage we are

for example, the available space, the limitations of the

currently at in this project. The diversity of the work is

existing building and the fact that production must

very appealing to me. To be doing the same thing day in

continue as usual during the renovation. You have to

day out really doesn’t appeal to me, but I don’t have to

get to know the location and its various facets well.

worry about that.”

Furthermore, we still need to get to know each other

as partners in this project. This collaboration is yet to develop with the client. We need to learn how to utilise each other’s qualities - in short; we need to discover the best way of working together, listen to each other well, and fully understand each other. It will not always



Utilising digital transformation opportunities in infrastructure projects “When I was about eight years old, I was fascinated

Shaping the digital transformation

by movable bridges. My parents used to have a

The world is constantly changing, and technical

boat with which we often went on holiday in the

developments renew the last at a rapid pace. As a

Netherlands. I always found it such a spectacle that

result, our design and engineering process is also

bridges opened when we had to sail under them.

undergoing a digital transformation. Iv continuously

I remember well that I always wondered how it all

examines how new technologies can be used to make

worked,” says Sander Ligthart, Modeller/Structural

our operations more efficient and provide clients with

Engineer at Iv-Infra.

an even better service. One of the most important developments is the transition to parametric design,

Learning from colleagues

which integrates drawing and calculation. Parametric

Sander has been working at Iv-Infra for over two

design gives shape and dimension to a design based

years in the department where designs for steel

on properties such as length, width, height, etc., and

and movable civil engineering works are made. “I

automatically performs strength analysis calculations.

enjoyed my graduation research at Iv-Infra so much

When the design dimensions are adjusted, the strength

that I wanted to continue working here. Iv-Infra

calculations are automatically updated, and the design,

works on large and complex projects, which means

if necessary, is modified by, for example, applying wider

my colleagues have a wealth of knowledge and

columns or more piles. This technique offers enormous

experience in the field of steel and movable structures.

efficiency benefits.

I, too, would like to learn more about this. Now, a little more than two years later, I notice that I already enjoy much independence and responsibility in my work. An

Our design and engineering process is undergoing a digital transformation.

example of this is that I am currently researching the possibilities of Virtual Reality (VR) for Iv-Infra’s steel and

Another exciting development is the installation of

movable civil engineering works department. I see real

sensors in or on structures, with which vibrations,

added value in VR for our design process, but also for

tensions, pressures, displacements, and temperatures

our clients, new construction, and replacement and

can be measured. Based on the information these

renovation projects.”

sensors deliver, we can use our technical domain 37

knowledge to make predictions about the (failure)

Iv-Infra wanted to experience what it would be like to

behaviour of the structure. This forms a basis for applying

review this design using a VR model. Nevesbu, one of Iv’s

predictive management and maintenance, possibly

divisions, was approached to help with this as they have

through building a Digital Twin. A Digital Twin enables

been creating VR models for the maritime sector for quite

us to process the output of the sensors both visually and

some time and has specific knowledge and the necessary

mathematically in a dynamic 3D model of the structure.

hardware in-house.

A solid example of this is a bridge from the DirectorateGeneral for Public Works and Water Management (RWS).

“As requested, Nevesbu created a VR model of our design

Iv-Infra fitted the bridge with sensors and created a 3D

of the Schiphol Bridge. While viewing the VR model,

model to model the structure’s tensions resulting from

I noticed that reviewing a design in this way really

exposure to elevated temperatures. By subsequently

incites people,” says Sander. “Many colleagues were very

combining this information with weather forecasts (and

enthusiastic about experiencing the design so realistically.

therefore with expected temperatures), we can help RWS

You get to experience what the design will look like in

to timely cool the bridge in the correct places and thus

reality, and the human dimension is emphasised yet again.

prevent unavailability and (therefore) social hindrance.

The designs we make are often so large that it is difficult to imagine the format in real life. Our feeling was: we

With a VR model, a bridge manager is familiar with every detail of the bridge, even before completion.

should apply this much more often in our daily work! I wanted to delve deeper into this, so I talked with Nevesbu about using VR and their experiences with it. But I also conducted additional research in my spare time. I can

Finally, we can address Mixed Reality (Virtual Reality (VR)

borrow Nevesbu’s hardware to explore the possibilities for

and Augmented Reality (AR)) in this context. Mixed Reality

Iv-Infra. We recently converted a preliminary design that

is a technique that offers significant value to our own

Iv-Infra made of a movable bicycle bridge in Amsterdam

design process and the management and maintenance

with hydraulic operating mechanisms into a VR model.

of a structure. Sander is now investigating the most

We then examined the VR model with the client. The

important added value for Iv-Infra’s projects and how VR

client was impressed by the imagery that highlighted all

can be used in practice. The focus currently lies on bridge

the practical challenges emerging from the preliminary

engineering, but the aim is to eventually extend this

design. In the early stage of a design, the necessary

across the sectors.

practical points of attention can be identified with VR. These experiences and findings help us to apply VR better

Virtual Reality experience at home

so that we can eventually integrate it into our design

The ball began rolling when Iv-Infra was working on the


design of the Schiphol Bridge on the A9 near Amstelveen. Instead of an internal design review with 2D drawings,


Added value for clients

necessary, an improved design. Further advantages

An example that illustrates the added value of VR

have also been identified. Iv-Infra is currently in

for bridge management and maintenance is the

consultation to purchase the hardware for creating

commissioning of a complex bridge chamber. With a

and reviewing VR models. The aim is to eventually

VR model of such a chamber, a bridge manager can

integrate VR into the design process and offer it as

thoroughly familiarise themselves with the technical area

a standard service to clients, especially for more

before the bridge is complete. This way, the manager is

complex designs.

fully aware of the exact location of every part and how to access it. The model also provides insight into how

Take on whatever comes your way

long it takes to access a specific part and the complexity

Sander: “I really appreciate being given the freedom

of the situation on-site. These are insights that promote

and responsibility to investigate this for Iv-Infra.

efficiency in management and maintenance and, if

That’s also one of the things I love about working at Iv; it’s a company that allows you to tackle and further develop the challenges that come your way. They don’t tell you exactly how to go about it, but instead grant you the freedom to find out for yourself and come up with your own solutions and ideas. I can also be really proud of the fact that

I contribute to public structures that will benefit others for years to come!”



Mechanical engineering: a link between offshore disciplines The work of a mechanical engineer at Iv-Offshore

designs myself. I developed the design methodology

& Energy involves much more than ‘just’ designing

during my third-year internship. Iv-Offshore & Energy

mechanical equipment for offshore platforms.

now undertakes much more in-house design work for

Tarik Kaplan, Mechanical Engineer at Iv-Offshore

such systems. Because my internship went so well, I

& Energy, explains: “In addition to designing

also wanted to complete my graduation assignment

mechanical equipment, I also collaborate with

at Iv-Offshore & Energy. My graduation assignment

customers and suppliers, and I actually get to see

was to optimise an existing design of an internal

something of the products we design. I have been

driver unit for a Crystalliser. I was informed about

working here for one and a half years now, and

the final specifications the product was required to

despite my work experience, I am given plenty of

meet, and then it was up to me to figure out how the

responsibility and trust with the work I perform.

internal driver units could be optimised. During this

Iv-Offshore & Energy is not a company that

process, I noticed that Iv-Offshore & Energy is open to

presents the work to you on a silver platter. On

receiving input and other ideas. My suggestions were

the contrary, I am given the freedom to design the

taken seriously, and the lead mechanical engineer

technical solution for the work packages for which

sometimes asked my view on a particular issue. I felt

I am responsible. Of course, I receive excellent

very proud when my input was applied in the project.”

guidance, but being given this responsibility and freedom really helps me to feel at home here.”

Contributing to the largest offshore wind farms We are now one and a half years later, and Tarik has

From internship to a permanent job

contributed to the Sofia offshore HVDC transformer

Tarik first joined Iv-Offshore & Energy in 2018 for

platform and is currently working as lead mechanical

his third-year internship. At that time, Iv-Offshore

engineer on a large offshore wind tender. In 2020,

& Energy purchased the safety systems for projects

Iv-Offshore & Energy signed the early works contract

from suppliers that also designed the systems. It was

with Sembcorp Marine Offshore Platforms Pte Ltd

desirable to have this knowledge in-house so that

(SMOP) to provide the engineering for the Sofia HVDC

Iv-Offshore & Energy could produce these designs

(High Voltage Direct Current) offshore converter

themselves in the future. Tarik: “I researched what is

platform. The Sofia wind farm will be one of the

involved and what exactly is needed to make these

largest offshore wind farms in the world and, when


operational, will be capable of supplying 1.2 million British

what still needs to be done with the interfaces. Such a visit,

homes with their annual electricity needs. Following a

whereby you can see which technology the factory uses

successful early works contract, Iv-Offshore & Energy

and the equipment that has already been manufactured,

signed the head contract with SMOP in 2021 to provide

provides clarity.”

the engineering and procurement services for the Sofia offshore HVDC transformer platform. As a subcontractor

A large offshore wind tender

of SMOP, Iv-Offshore & Energy is fully responsible for the

Tarik has worked on the Sofia project for over a year and

detailed design of the topside and jacket, the engineering

is now working as lead mechanical engineer on a large

for the platform system integration and the purchase of all

tender for an offshore wind platform. As lead mechanical

auxiliary equipment.

engineer, Tarik is responsible for all mechanical equipment. But what does all this actually involve with such a large

As a mechanical engineer, you need to know something about all the other disciplines.

offshore wind tender? “The mechanical equipment is not yet worked out in detail in the tender phase,” says Tarik. “It is still very basic in this phase. We show the customer which equipment they can expect on the platform and how we

The topside of the Sofia HVDC platform (weighing 10,000

will design it. For this, I compile equipment lists and ‘room

tonnes) will be roughly 80 metres in length, 40 metres

lists’, indicating which equipment will be placed in which

wide and 40 metres high. It will be placed on an eight-

room and to which codes and standards the equipment

legged jacket that will rest on the seabed at a depth of

complies. The expected size and capacity of the equipment

just under 30 metres below sea level (LAT). The jacket is

and how to approach the equipment in the event of a

then fixed into position with piles that are driven into the

defect or malfunction is also stated. In addition, a price

seabed. Tarik: “Sofia was the first ‘real’ project I worked on

indication is also provided for all equipment. Part of this

after graduating at Iv-Offshore & Energy. I was responsible

price indication includes the costs of the equipment itself,

for developing a number of mechanical equipment work

so at this point, we have already approached the market to

packages, such as the internal cooling water system,

search for suitable suppliers. The indication also includes

cranes, safety systems and diesel generators. I made

the working hours from A to Z: hours for engineering,

the designs for these and attended meetings with the

supplier verification and performing tests, etc. Again, this is

customer and bid evaluation meetings with suppliers. I also

very multifaceted. We sometimes find that certain laws or

visited the workshop of an equipment supplier in Germany

regulations cannot be complied with or that the structure

with a colleague. When you collaborate with a supplier, it is

is too heavily engineered. We therefore always issue

desirable to ascertain beforehand what the equipment will

substantive advice in the event of such findings.”

look like and whether it meets the given requirements. It is also valuable to know how the equipment is delivered and


A link between disciplines

involved. I love the complexity and diversity in my work,

The realisation of an offshore HVDC transformer platform

especially when it’s a project in which you are involved

is an extensive and complex process that involves many

from start to finish and eventually get to see your design

different (technical) disciplines. Tarik explains: “I have

in practice. I hope I get to see the Sofia HVDC transformer

noticed that mechanical engineers function as a link

platform in real life just one more time before it is installed

between the various disciplines in a project. To produce

at sea!”

good designs, you need to know something about all the

other disciplines. In any case, you must have knowledge of the interfaces between the various disciplines, and this information must also be transferred to the disciplines



Engineers with Passion for Technology Iv-Groep is a globally operating multidisciplinary engineering company. Since 1949, Iv has been devising technical solutions for projects of any size and complexity within the following sectors: Industry, Infrastructure & Traffic, Buidings & Installations, Handling, Maritime, Offshore & Energy and Water. No challenge is too complicated for us. We are a team of specialists with a genuine passion for our specialisms: with our knowledge of technology, we can achieve the most for our customer.