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[ personal information ] Name Iveta Mandikova Place and date of birth Slany, 30th Semtember 1986 Address Vsehlusicka 424, 274 01 Slany, Czech Republic Contact +420 607 166 826 | [ work experience ] 2012 - present 2011 - present 2008 - present

Working for the City of Slany - creating a model of the historical town Cooperation with Architectural Studio Domyjinak Cooperation with Architectural Studio Okadesign

[ education ] 2006 - 2012 1998 - 2006

Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering Branch of Study - Architecture and Civil Engineering Grammar School of V.B.Trebizsky, Slany

[ language skills ] English - advanced both verbal and written | French - basic both verbal and written | Czech - native language [ other skills ] AutoCAD | Sketch Up | ArchiCAD | Artlantis Studio | CorelDRAW | Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign | MS Office | Driving licence [ interests ] architecture | photography | creative work | travelling | learning | sport | music | laughter

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The new kindergarten in the town of Uvaly is located in the northern part of the flat plot. The building leaves plenty of free space on the south section of the plot for a playground surrounded by fruit trees. The kindergarten offers two units for a total of 50 children. There is a possibility to add another two units in the future. Classrooms are designed variably in order to allow for playing, sleeping and eating. A kitchen is placed in an individual unit separated from the areas for children. Meals are distributed using a sheltered path situated in the northern part of the building. The faรงade is partly covered with coloured timber planking corresponding to the colour of the particular unit - yellow, green and grey.

[ Kindergarten Uvaly ] Cooperation with Architectural Studio Domyjinak | Client: The City of Uvaly | Location: Uvaly near Prague | Realization: 2014-2015 | Status: Completed

The apartment building lies in the urban heritage zone in Prague. The object built in the 19th century is connected to the adjacent house and together they form a duplex. The duplex is valuable especially for its significance in the history of the urban development of the locality in question. The main subject of the project was a maisonette apartment placed in the 5th and 6th floor. The apartment with a terrace providing a view on the beauties of Prague underwent a reconstruction. A new layout of the premises was designed, the existing gallery in the apartment was enlarged to allow a more comfortable use, the staircase was moved, a new relax zone was created on the top of the lift shaft, existing spaces were unified by covering the piping, the surface floors were unified, a contrast was created by designing a new railing, a new kitchen was design and the whole space was optically enlarged by application of indirect lighting.

[ Apartment Building Zahrebska ] Cooperation with Architectural Studio Domyjinak | Client: Private Investor | Location: Prague | Realization: 2012-3 | Status: Completed

The 19th century building is located in the centre of Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, close to the Vltava River. This area is a protected urban heritage site listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites. The project, consulted in detail with the Heritage Department of Prague City Hall, included a complete reconstruction of the building with new layouts of individual residential and commercial units as well as the common areas of the house. The project specifically addressed the roof and its modification, the yard, the preserved sandstone spiral staircase, the new lift, the entrance hall and other common areas and included a detailed design of tiles in the halls, faรงade and its colouring, cornice profiling and the arrangement and shaping of the shop windows and entrance doors. The windows facing the street are realised as replicas of the original windows.

Cooperation with Architectural Studio Domyjinak | Client: Private Investor | Location: Prague | Realization: 2012-4 | Status: Completed [ Apartment Building Soukenicka ]

This family house, located in the middle of the village Zalibena, is positioned along the north-eastern perimeter of a large plot. This position provides a beautiful view of the church in Podveky. The project is based on the designs of traditional forms of Czech rural barns. One of the dominant features of the project is the space between the garage and the entrance hall. This passage, closable by timber sliding doors, protects the entrance from weather conditions and divides the ground floor into two parts. One of these parts is covered with stone cladding and the other one is covered with timber planking. Both parts are unified by means of a metal sheet roof covering the whole surface of the roof and the outer walls of attic.

Cooperation with Architectural Studio Domyjinak | Client: Private Investor | Location: Zalibena | Project Year: 2014 | Status: Under Construction [ Family House in Zalibena ]

This house is located in the mountainous region of the Bohemian Paradise nature reserve with a beautiful view on the surrounding landscape. The task was to design a small but comfortable house for only one occupant with a possibility to build an annex for the client´s daughter and her family in the future. The project was limited by local building regulations that do not enable more than one entrance and set a maximum height of 10 metres.

[ Family House in Jermanice ] Cooperation with Architectural Studio Domyjinak | Client: Private Investor | Location: Jermanice | Project Year: 2015 | Status: Idea

The apartment is a part of a developer project situated on the eastern periphery of Prague. The project is perfect for modern families and offers the advantages of a peaceful and quiet environment close to the nature and at the same time a good accessibility to the city centre. The task was to create the design of the interior with the accent on pleasant and cosy atmosphere. This was accomplished by means of choosing materials such as wood, fabric and leather and using warm colours – beige, brown, gold, champagne. Furthermore, the furniture in the bedrooms was chosen to correspond with colonial design. The design of the children´s room is based on a wish to create a “room for a princess.”

Cooperation with Architectural Studio Okadesign | Client: Private Investor | Location: Prague | Project Year: 2015 | Status: In Progress [ Apartment Hrdlorezy ]

The task of my bachelor thesis was to design a houseboat. The project aims to create a simple and clear house with minimal areas used for particular spaces. Only the living room benefits from having twice the ceiling height which makes the room more comfortable and spacious. Additionally, the house contains an art studio which has a separate entrance. The design and the positioning of the window openings in the faรงade are inspired by the waves gently caressing the water surrounding the houseboat.

[ Houseboat ] School Project | Czech Technical University in Prague | Bachelor Thesis | Project Year: 2010 | Location: Anywhere on the water | Status: Idea

The brewery in Bustehrad is an important industrial monument. The conversion of the brewery revives the entire complex and demonstrates the importance of historical buildings in the context of the contemporary architecture. The existing industrial building has its own unique atmosphere, its genius loci. The most valuable part of the authentic complex is preserved and it is organically connected to the new architecture. Together they form semi-enclosed spaces. The old heavy buildings contrast with new lightweight constructions. The aim was to create spaces for spacious flats and shops, a sport centre, a restaurant, a square and at the same time to preserve the industrial character of the complex with its typical elements.

School Project | Czech Technical University in Prague | Master’s degree | Project Year: 2011 | Location: Bustehrad | Status: Idea [ Conversion of Brewery in Bustehrad ]

The subject matter of this project is the conversion of a brownfield of the former railway freight station in the heart of Prague - Zizkov. The dominant feature of the site is constituted by an imposing building of the former station formed by two operationally separated parts that were designed for storing and transferring the goods transported to and from Prague. The urban design of the locality was inspired by the functional arrangement of the cargo station and its operation and also followed the energy flows in this area - horizontal buildings and movement of goods and trains. The project introduces a new square, spaces for amenities, living and recreation. The whole area is penetrated by a greenery strip that connects surrounding Prague parks.

[ Conversion of Zizkov Freight Depot ] School Project | Czech Technical University in Prague | Master’s degree | Project Year: 2011 | Location: Prague | Status: Idea

The diploma thesis introduces a project of two separate buildings placed next to the existing northern wing of the station. The first building is an apartment building with the ground floor used for commercial purposes. The other building serves as a hotel and an exhibition space for art. The project of both buildings responds to the industrial character of the surrounding area, to the energy flows and the overall scale of the area. With its horizontal and vertical segmentation, the project introduces a dynamic character to the site. The seeming matter decomposition presented in the projects reflects the glooming and uncertain destiny of Zizkov’s industrial environment.

School Project | Czech Technical University in Prague | Diploma Thesis | Project Year: 2012 | Location: Prague | Status: Idea [ Conversion of Zizkov Freight Depot ]

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