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Mobile application performance monitoring – few things to be considered! Mobile web application usage is increasing by the day as the mobile penetration is multiple times larger compared to PC penetration. All businesses and organizations that are looking at leveraging the mobile medium should ensure high performance of their mobile web applications lest their end-users will move on to other providers apps. The predominant issue with most mobile web apps is related to the speed at which the application loads. This would affect the bottom line and it becomes necessary to monitor and optimize the performance of mobile application and the supporting infrastructure for better user experience. As it is, the mobile application spectrum has a number of challenges such as the uncontrolled and unpredictable nature of web apps, limited visibility on the end-user experience, and difficulty in identifying and resolving problems. Few things that ought to be considered while monitoring performance of mobile web apps are: Test functionality of the system using a desktop browser before moving to the mobile browser Include all stakeholders in the quality of experience process Test across the entire delivery chain including backend systems, content delivery servers, mobility providers, browsers and devices Use as much as possible real devices instead of emulators and also test them from the end-user perspective as opposed to just functionality Ensure that the mobile web application conforms to the best practice guidelines of UTI for mobile applications Automate the monitoring of mobile apps as much as possible so that issues can be resolved before it impacts the end-users. If automation is not possible, then do them at regular intervals These would ensure that the mobile web application is optimally performing and will ensure better quality of user experience.


Mobile application performance monitoring – few things to be considered!