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Ivesia partners with leading global television network on web portal quality assurance



The customer is an award-winning, international media organization that offers arts and entertainment programming through diverse communication channels including television, magazine publishing, web sites, and music / home videos.

As the Internet is an important component of the customer's media services, the organization needs to ensure that its consumers have a high quality online experience in relation to its competitors. The systems needed to be of superior reliability and performance for addressing tech-savvy consumers' demands. By virtue of being a media network, the customer needs to dynamically broadcast information in a timely manner.

The customer's specialty is original programming and a strong franchisee network that launches new cable channels and continuously attracts more viewers as it expands.

The customer's web portal is rich in its features. The portal uses UltraDNS services to support its growing media portfolio. It has a future-proof architecture with built-in support for online video publishing and geography specific access. The portal has a very rich content management system, and can integrate with behavioral advertising platforms and social media sites., It also has RSS aggregation, support for XHTML, open graph protocol, CSS, canonical content tags, javascripts and image maps.

BUSINESS NEED In order to market itself as a leader and the television network of choice, the customer updates its web content dynamically as well as introduces new features to its portal. These new features need to be tested for reliability, quality and performance before they are rolled into production. The customer's specific needs were: Verify and validate the functional changes made in the portal on the staging server. Report any bugs/discrepancies found during the QA process in the bug tracking tool. Re-verify and validate the changes made to the fixes and release in the staging server. Most importantly, the customer wanted to see a reduction in the number of errors introduced in the release, thereby increasing the site's reliability and performance while ensuring faster releases.

WHY IVESIA? Ivesia was previously engaged with the customer in ensuring the quality of one of its portals. Pleased with the added value Ivesia offered, the organization renewed its partnership to ensure the quality of its television network portal. Ivesia was chosen for the following reasons: Credibility of Ivesia QA team in ensuring reliability, quality and performance of its portal in an earlier engagement. End-to-end QA offerings that are flexible and customized to the customer's requirements. 24x7 work cycles through offshoring work to Ivesia's India office. A short training cycle on the portal.

IVESIA'S ROLE Ivesia partners with the customer to ensure quality of the newer enhancements / features of the television network portal. Ivesia was involved in the following prior to the engagement: Creation of regression test cases by reviewing the portal's features. Creation of both a comprehensive regression test plan and a short regression test plan that covered the main functionalities. Approval of test plan by the customer's QA team.

Newer enhancements are released in the staging server

QA process followed by Ivesia:

Release in staging and production server

Execution of regression suite by Ivesia

Functional Test Case Development Testing of newer enhancements

Release Testing

Re-verification and validation by Ivesia

Posting issues to bug tracking software JIRA

FEATURES QA partnership with Ivesia provides 24x7 work cycles for the customer, increasing its throughput effectiveness. Ivesia does QA during the customer's night hours, and issues are remedied during its day hours. Shorter regression test suite includes only important functionalities that are tested depending upon the urgency of the request. Ivesia performed QA of the portal across browsers that include IE7, IE8, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari with different screen resolutions to ensure compatibility with end-user system configuration. Any issues found during testing are directly reported in the bug tracking software JIRA. Release in the staging server is done using Team Site. Functional enhancements on the video sub-module are done remotely by accessing the production server using Citrix as they are geography specific.

OUTCOMES Ivesia enjoys a successful partnership with the customer and is proud to have been chosen repeatedly for all its QA needs. Ivesia adds value through a flexible engagement model and increased throughput effectiveness. Ivesia offers unbiased quality assurance by virtue of it being independent of the development organization.

ABOUT IVESIA Ivesia Solutions is a global leader in providing information technology solutions. Ivesia offers software development, software QA and project staffing services through a global delivery model. Ivesia's solutions have helped corporations in reducing their time-to-market while ensuring reliability, performance and quality of the IT infrastructure. Being a pioneer in information technology solutions, Ivesia has helped customers from various verticals that include healthcare, media, ISVs, pharmaceuticals & biotech, financial services, education, and energy. Ivesia has a strong customer base and innovative service offerings. Ivesia is looking at exponential growth in the coming years. Ivesia's portfolio of services includes: Product Engineering Software Development

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Ivesia was previously engaged with the customer in ensuring the quality of one of its portals. Pleased with the added value Ivesia offered,...

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