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Ivesia partners with a world-class television network in ensuring quality and reliability of their portal infrastructure

THE CUSTOMER The Customer is a television network company offering the highest quality entertainment along with information programming content. Their television network reaches more than 98 million households and their movie network reaches more than 70 million households that include almost 4 million unique visitors and 93 million page views to the website on a monthly basis. The Customer is synonymous with providing critically acclaimed, award-winning, original programming that spans movies, miniseries, dramas, comedies and reality series. The network is the top-rated and most watched ad-supported cable network.

BUSINESS OVERVIEW The Customer's web portal is rich in features covering TV shows, movies, games, community news, videos, style, entertainment, astrology, sweepstakes, quiz shows and shopping. It has a collection of technologies addressing a variety of components, all integrated in a content management system.

Considering its popularity with consumers, the Customer fully understands the importance of web experience as a way of complementing their TV viewing habits. Therefore, the portal needs to be of superior reliability and performance. Technology landscape of the portal includes: 1. Drupal5 and Drupal6 for the content management system 2. Akamai as the CDN server and integration with Brightcove for playing videos 3. Proprietary social network and digital media for its online community application 4. Multiple sub sites that drive specific traffic 5. MySQL community version with a master database, backup database and 2 slave databases used to address load balancing needs 6. Memcached server addressing volume requirements, 5 memcached servers are used to speed up dynamic web applications and content delivery This provides an idea on the complexity of the infrastructure being maintained with scalability at the core of the infrastructure. The Customer by virtue of being a television network, needs to update and change information in a very dynamic manner.

BUSINESS NEED The Customer updated a great deal of information dynamically and added many newer features to the portal, catering to their business requirements. The company needed consistent quality initiatives in order to ensure reliability and performance of added features before they are rolled into production. Their specific needs included: • Ensuring sustainability of additional features while ensuring that the existing functionality works well • Ensuring performance of functionality across browsers • Logging the defects found in the bug tracking tool, which the development team can fix • Double-checking and validating fixed changes and release in the staging server, which will be moved to the production server

WHY IVESIA? Ivesia had extensive knowledge of the content management system used. Moreover, Ivesia also helped the customer in the development of portal. This gave confidence to the customer on utilizing the services of Ivesia to ensure quality as well as faster releases of features. In addition, the following reasons favored Ivesia as the partner: • Credibility of the Ivesia QA team in ensuring reliability, quality and performance of media portals • Comprehensive knowledge on the content management systems coupled with knowledge on development practices • QA offerings that are flexible and customized as per customer's requirements • 24x7 work cycles by offshoring through Ivesia's Indian office


Creation of functional test cases, adding them in the project and issue tracking tool, JIRA

Ad-hoc testing of newer features

Functional testing of additional features in the staging server

Re-verifying and validating fixed features in the staging server QA process followed by Ivesia is as follows: Request QA

Test Case Development Testing newer enhancements/Testing the bugs using the test cases/Executing the checklist conditions for migration changes

New Enhancements/Bug Fixes/ Migration to D6 Process

Issue fixed by the development team

Assign the tickets to Developers/ Project Managers

Post issues to the defect tracking management tool JIRA

Assign QA review

Unit testing by the developers

Test the Bug fixes in DEV and QA URL's and if it passes QA

Test and ensure the fix/changes works fine in the production URL

Release in the production server (push and deploy the file changes to production server)

Pass production review

Close the ticket on Pass condition else re-open and assign it to the PM/Developers

FEATURES 1. Ivesia's QA was tuned to the customer's development process and release cycles, where we assist them in releasing newer functionality twice a week without fail 2. QA partnership with Ivesia provides 24x7 work cycles for the customer, increasing their effectiveness throughout. Ivesia does QA during the evening, and the defects get fixed during regular business hours at the client location 3. Any issues found during the testing is directly reported as a bug in the project tracking software JIRA 4. Ad-hoc testing is mostly carried out as it is a live environment and the test cases are maintained in JIRA. This means an increased responsibility on the part of QA resources, as they will not be able to depend on formal test cases 5. Checklists for QA review and product review are maintained in JIRA 6. Project report forms can be pulled out from the bug and project tracking software, allowing the customer to look at the effectiveness

SUCCESS The success of Ivesia's relationship is reflected from the fact that Ivesia handles some of the main components of development as well as QA of all their new features release in the production server. All the functional testing needs of the customer are handled by Ivesia team. Ivesia QA offers unbiased quality assurance by virtue of it being independent of the development organization, while ensuring quality and reliability of their portal system, which complements their offerings through other media.

ABOUT US Ivesia Solutions is a global leader in providing information technology solutions. Ivesia offers software development, software QA and project staffing services through a global delivery model. Ivesia's solutions have helped corporations in reducing their time-to-market while ensuring reliability, performance and quality of the IT infrastructure. Being a pioneer in information technology solutions, Ivesia has helped customers from various verticals that include healthcare, media, ISVs, pharmaceuticals & biotech, financial services, education, and energy. Ivesia has a strong customer base and innovative service offerings. Ivesia is looking at exponential growth in the coming years. Ivesia's portfolio of services includes: Product Engineering Software Development Content Management System Software QA SharePoint Development Smartphone Application Project Staffing

New Hampshire Office Corporate Headquarters 2 Keewaydin Drive, Salem, NH 03079, USA Phone: (603) 890-1010 Phone: (603) 685-2400 Fax: (603) 890-1276 Email: Offshore Development Center 36 Vijaya Raghava Road, T. Nagar, Chennai - 600 017, Tamil Nadu, India Phone: 91 44 28155583 - 84 Email:

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Ivesia partners with a world-class television network in ensuring quality and reliability of their portal infrastructure. The Customer is a...

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