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Competitions to Bring Out Creativity in Children If you're the type who loves to stay in competitions, you'll notice that there's always that distinct zeal in you. Competitions increase positive feelings in people in spite of failing in the race, if and when participants are made to understand that each one has equal chances of winning. It has been noted that people, most especially children commonly suffer from exam anxieties or phobias. To relieve them from such condition, joining a healthy competition provides the solution. Such activity will encourage them to manage their exams no matter how hard. Today in many countries around the world, children whether with disabilities or not are enjoined to participate in activities that can bring out their creativity. Surprisingly, they love to join various types of competitions in art, singing, dancing, culinary, modelling, and so on. Apparently, kids develop competitive skills as they grow up. The zeal shown by the kids to participate in such contests have prompted groups and institutions to open various contests on the Internet. So if you're interested to know what healthy competitions your kids can join in not only to conquer their exam anxieties but also to develop their creativity, check these out: •

Art and Craft Competitions

This is fun for both parents and kids alike. You'll discover how creative your child is in such contests. By simply teaching your kid how to draw and apply colours, who knows one day he might grow up to be a good painter in Perth? Painting competitions have now gone online where children can easily gain access. There is a high chance for your kid to be recognised globally if ever he wins in such scrimmage. For the best part, online competition comes as a novel trend for children who want to conquer their exam anxiety and phobia. •

Writing contests

Writing down your thoughts is said to be the best way to express creative skills. Children can practice by teaching them how to keep a daily journal. Eventually, they will develop their skills while others are blessed with innate abilities that only need to be enhanced. •

Organised team sports

Kids experience the thrill of winning and pain of losing in this activity. With the guidance of parents and coaches, children will learn to understand and manage their emotions that they will be able to show the proper behaviour whether they win or not in the competition. Any competition that you think can eliminate your child’s anxiety and fear is truly beneficial. But what if he wants Perth painting? By all means go ahead and support his wishes. Competition can both be positive and negative. It is positive in the sense that intellectual and physical skills are developed. It is negative if winning is the only factor instilled in the participants’ minds and forgetting the fun and enjoyment part of the process.

Schools, non-government organisations, local governments and so many institutions sponsor healthy competitions for children where handsome cash and other lucrative prizes await the winners. You can invite businesses like Perth House Painters to become sponsors if you also plan to organise children's competitions.

Competitions to bring out creativity in children  
Competitions to bring out creativity in children  

You can invite businesses like Perth House Painters to become sponsors if you also plan to organise children's competitions.