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Our White paper on Green Policies

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IVC paves

the way 2


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Jan Vergote

Filip Balcaen

Towards more eco-friendly floors Here at the IVC Group, we believe in products that are built with the future in mind. Products that rely on sustainable practices and spirited people whose achievements are reflected in our company s clear commitment to the marriage of elegance and ecology. How do we propose to keep this promise to our employees and partners, and to the people who enjoy our floors? By taking the necessary time to pause and reflect on the impact of our entire strategy and operation, and by taking action accordingly. That is why our vinyl flooring plants are among the leanest and greenest in their class. That is why we continue to lower our emission levels and dependence on fossil fuels, while raising the bar in recycling processes and low-impact production. And that is why we invest in clean-air technology and cutting-edge manufacturing methods, using only choice materials whose safety is guaranteed throughout their long and versatile life. In today s discerning market, actions speak louder than words. So I invite you to discover, in the pages of this brochure, all the exciting things the IVC Group is doing for the environment: working through its certified and award-winning policies, its skilled and inspired people, and a product portfolio that manages to combine good value and responsibility in increasingly efficient ways, we ve been able to make a real difference. Come join us as we continue to create new and improved generations of eco-efficient floors; floors that raise the industry norm and reduce our carbon footprint, paving the way to a greener tomorrow . Jan Vergote CEO IVC Group

Filip Balcaen Chairman


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Established in 1997

Corporate HQ IVC GROUP Avelgem, BE


15 YEARS 4


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IVC past and present

The IVC Group was established in 1997 and quickly developed into an independent powerhouse in the market of synthetic flooring solutions.

Originating in Belgium, the IVC Group is currently active on two continents, delivering first-rate products and services to 112 countries around the world. As Europe s residential market leader in resilient flooring and a worldclass manufacturer of premium vinyl, laminate and LVT flooring products for private and professional applications, the IVC Group strives to satisfy the demands of its customers and partners in each stage of the game. Every day, the 1,250 members of the IVC family bring to life our company creed and commitment to a unique range of floors that are designed to set trends and inspire confidence and style. In the IVC Group, we presume nothing and pay attention to everything, and that has allowed us to break the mould for more than 15 years.

Balterio, Vielsalm, BE

Did you know? That the IVC Group employs over 30 different nationalities worldwide? This many cultures and inspirations go into our eclectic floor designs, which explains their global appeal.


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Our brands

Leoline® / Flexitec® Under the brand names Leoline (Europe & Russia) and Flexitec (US), the IVC Group offers a huge selection of resilient vinyl flooring for private residences and high-street commercial applications. Ranging from classic elegance to contemporary cool, and resisting everyday wear and tear along the way, our home brands provide a smart all-round flooring solution that strikes the perfect balance between quality, durability, economy and style.

These residential brands are distributed through retailers and wholesalers and also available under private label. Our Leoline catalogue comprises three tiers of quality and performance ‒ smart, solid, and super ‒ delivering the styles and specs to match any room or requirement.

Did you know? That Leoline and Flexitec floors are equipped with high-performance wear-layers that shield against dirt and dust? A little water will go a long way in keeping them clean and healthy for the duration of their long life ‒ no need for caustic cleaning products or energythirsty appliances.

The IVC Group leads Europe s private market for resilient flooring with a worldwide capacity of 140 million square metres of sheet vinyl per year.

Itec® The Itec moniker was coined in 2008 and brings together the IVC Group s rich and diverse selection of contract floors. These hardwearing products are a firm favourite with professionals, offering a responsive and assured flooring solution that meets the most exacting market demands in terms of build quality, health and safety, and the environment.

Did you know? That Itec s isafe and acoustic floors are not only a great safeguard against uninvited slips and sounds, but also a strong thermal insulator, and completely recyclable?


Itec also specialises in robust safety and acoustic flooring, and lends its name to several stunning collections of highly practical vinyl floors that feel right at home in the most challenging settings: the healthcare sector and social housing applications, hospitality, business and commerce ...


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Moduleo® Moduleo, established in 2011, is the IVC Group s latest in-house development and foremost designer brand for residential and light commercial applications. Moduleo is all about modular inspirations, celebrating the marriage between invention and style in a big way. Moduleo s luxury vinyl tiles and planks are created in our green LVT production facility in Avelgem (Belgium), making them the fashionable and eco-smart flooring choice for anyone looking to transform their room from the ground up.

Did you know? That Moduleo s patented L2C click-technology keeps glues firmly out of the flooring equation? The same holds true for our easy-going ClickXpress, DropXpress and PressXpress systems. And what s more, 35 to 50% of your Moduleo design floor has lived a prior life, reincarnated into a roomful of beauty and style.

Balterio® Balterio, which the IVC Group acquired in 2013, produces laminated flooring whose exceptional quality and aesthetic versatility have set a new benchmark in the business. The trendy product collections under the Balterio brand are made in Vielsalm (Belgium) and are known for the great customer service they arrive with. Balterio aspires to remain a green-hearted pioneer and trendsetter in the high-end market of laminate floors, and is ready to embrace the future.

Did you know? That MDF boards are not only less energy-intensive to produce than most other building materials, but they also have excellent insulating qualities, making them ideal for low-energy and passive building applications.

Did you know? That a 2005 study by BASF, the world s largest chemical concern, ranks laminate as one of the most eco-efficient floor types on the market today? It has the lowest energy requirement, uses a high percentage of renewable materials, and has a great track record in recycling. Balterio, moreover, has joined the European Producers of Laminate Flooring in signing a standardised Environmental Product Declaration that has raised the ecological bar for the entire industry.

Spanolux® Spanolux produces a variety of performance MDF and wood-based solutions for building, construction and interior decoration purposes. All Spanolux products are CO2-neutral and made from recycled woods. Our MDF production plant in Vielsalm is the only one of its kind in Belgium.


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Our markets

3 1 4 2 5

Sold in

112 countries and counting



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6 7 8


EUROPE 1. HQ Avelgem & Vielsalm (BE) 2. Wiltz (LU) 3. Derby (UK) 4. Dusseldorf (DE)

USA 5. HQ Dalton (GA)

Russia 6. ST-Petersburg (RU) 7. MOscow (RU) 8. NOVOsibirsk (RU) Production units


distribution centres

9. Shanghai (cN)

Sales offices


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A brief history of eco-responsible innovations 1997-2008


IVC Group policies include: A closely monitored recycling process for internal waste streams and PVC paste. Strict wastewater management and air protection measures using end-of-pipe technology and rigorous monitoring procedures.

Avelgem, Be

Introduction of 100% water-based inks and topcoats. Closed-loop and eco-efficient production methods that re-use in-house resources and conserve energy.

2008 2008

IVC Group takes action to collect and compress PVC scrap, which is recycled into new products by partner companies.

2010 Avelgem, Be

2012 Launch of the Moduleo production site in Avelgem (Belgium), geared to sustainable projects.




2014 Three wind turbines ‒ inexhaustible sources of energy ‒ supply power to our industrial estate in Avelgem. The three of them combined account for more than one third of the annual energy consumption of our factories.


Dalton, GA

2011 Intensive R&D programme results in significant reduction of VOCs at the plant, process and product levels.


The IVC Group achieves ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system. Moduleo starts successful on-site waste recycling program.

IVC US opens an eco-efficient production plant in Dalton, Georgia. Its emission levels are 250% lower than the industry norm.


2013 Our Scheldt water project, using river water as a coolant, yields impressive energy savings.


IVC Group takes over Trinterio and its brands Balterio and Spanolux, capitalising on their long-standing tradition in the field of environmentally friendly production. The IVC recycling plant in Avelgem is audited and becomes certified under the Eucertplast Scheme for European Plastic Recyclers, resulting in the Recovinyl Plus label.


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2014 wind park in Avelgem is fully operational


balta W2



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Our community, our creativity

Our catalogue of products may be our international calling card, but the real core and capital of the IVC Group are its employees. Without their boundless enthusiasm and unique creative talents, we simply wouldn t be able to produce the quality products our customers have come to expect from us.



In return, the IVC Group has created and continues to foster a safe and inspiring working environment for its people to thrive in. Everyone is invited to join in and help shape the shared vision of the Group, regardless of sex, age, colour or creed: working together as individuals, free to express their opinion and explore their talents to the fullest extent, the oor is theirs for the making ‒ and taking.





5% 20% 61% 12% 2%

As a group, we also believe strongly in the communities our companies and employees belong to. We give voice to this philosophy by supporting local charities and partner programmes that reinforce the fabric of the places we operate in. The IVC Group always tries to engage local talent: nearly three quarters of the IVC US workforce, for instance, resides in North Georgia and the greater Dalton area.



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Training & development We as a group intend to stay ahead of the learning curve. The search for real innovation and inspiration requires we expand our horizon every day. The IVC Group prides itself on giving its employees every opportunity to develop their individual skill sets, explore new and exciting possibilities, and advance their knowledge and career. Assuming our corporate social responsibility means giving our people the time and tools they need to pull together and progress, as a team, in a direction that s right for everyone. Our hands-on creative process, has always been a joint effort too, based on the everyday exchange of information and ideas. Throughout the IVC Group ranks and departments, moreover, we organise tailor-made seminars and training courses that empower our people to grow personally and professionally towards a proactive role in their respective jobs. In today s rapidly changing marketplace, responding to the increasingly vocal demands of consumers, it is crucial that we, as a tight-knit family, continue to keep our know-how and imagination up to speed. So that s exactly what we do.

A safer workplace From the outset, we have been deeply committed to preventing accidents and reducing the number of safety hazards in the workplace. This resolve underpins the IVC Group s on-going efforts to organise and sustain a working environment that complies with the latest health and safety codes.

Did you know? In 2013, as part of BBC s charity Children in Need, Moduleo donated a large selection of wheelchair-friendly and hardwearing flooring to the refurbished Little Miracles centre. Little Miracles is an organisation for children with additional needs, disabilities and life-limiting conditions based in Peterborough.

TRANSPORT As a grassroots business distributing our products through local networks and outlets, the IVC Group is able to keep transport and commuter traffic down. And less fuel going up in smoke means better mileage on the road towards a more sustainable future!.


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Our eco-efficiency explained

Energy-efficient Systems )3/

ISO 14001

Clean energy

Since 1997, the IVC Group has put considerable effort in the implementation of a finely tuned and fully integrated environmental management system. This carefully thought-out approach has allowed us to strike a sound balance between economic profitability, which keeps us in the black, and environmental integrity, which inspires us to go green.

■ Wind park In 2012, the IVC Group obtained the required construction and environmental permits for a wind park on its premises. The construction of the 3 wind mills started in spring 2014. This inexhaustible source of energy now supplies power to our factories in Avelgem and the three of them combined account for more than one third of the annual energy consumption of our factories. All turbines comply with strict health and safety standards with regards to noise nuisance and view.

"52%!56%2)4!3 #ERTIFICATION

In December 2012, following a tough external screening, the IVC Group was awarded ISO 14001 accreditation. This certificate of eco-achievement not only reflects positively on our past endeavours and present-day compliance with environmental rules and regulations, but also recognises our systematic commitment to the fight against global warming and pollution.

The current climate gives us every reason to switch to clean and renewable energy: lower energy bills, significant fuel savings, less greenhouse gasses and a smaller carbon footprint.

Merit Badge ISO 14001? This merit badge pays tribute to an international standard in environmental management systems and lets everyone know that a company is actually living up to its promises and policies.



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Avelgem, be

13.3 GwH/year = equivalent 1,145 tonnes of oil (TOE) annual electricity consumption of >2,000 households

riding the winds of change!

2,300 KW 2,300 KW 2,300 KW


IVC_3069_ECO-brochure_update2014_EN_8 IVC.indd 15


16/12/14 11:48

■ Solar power In Dalton, Georgia, IVC US has green-lit the future. 454 solar panels, capable of generating a combined per annum total of more than 10,000 kWh, provide enough clean and renewable energy to power the company s fleet of electrical lifting trucks, which run on rechargeable batteries. And there s more: this garden of photovoltaic panels will create a healthier environment while reducing the plant s overall emission levels, which are already impressively low. How low exactly? 250% sub industry par. Now that s impressive!


Did you know? The solar power station in Dalton is equipped with a tracking device that keeps tabs on the sun as it moves across the sky. This automatic system of alignment allows us to reap the full rewards that come with every ray of sunshine!

Dalton, GA

True or false? A 24/7 production line consumes less energy than one that is shut down intermittently. True! The high-tech Dalton plant was engineered to remain fully operational at all times. Around-the-clock operation also lowers the cost of production, which means better-priced floors for our customers. It s a win-win-win!

a clean energy policy that truly shines! 454 photovoltaic panels Sunny Side Up

Luminosity = 3,846 x 1,026 Watts

10,000 KWH/year = 1 year of electricity for US household

IVC Forklift Trucks are Go



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closed-loop system with heat recuperators

the gift that keeps on giving!

Avelgem, be

Run: 350 Km Debit: 103 m3/s Temp: max 25° C

No impact on Nature!!

Heat exchangers


Clean river water

Low-energy pumps

(Make less noise)

Strictly Separated Flows!!!

more ECO efficient!!!!

Process cooling water

floor-making machine

(Closed Loop)

Responsible production ■ Scheldt Project The manufacture of high-grade vinyl floors requires cooling water, which will absorb heat in the different stages of production. Thinking outside the box, the IVC Group has invested in a bold experiment that uses surface water from the nearby river Scheldt as a secondary coolant. Using only a minimal amount of electricity, river water is pumped up and sent along the closed-loop flow of our plant s process cooling water. The exchange of thermal energy (up to 2,500 kW) is achieved through state-of-the-art heat exchangers, so there is no direct contact

between the river water and the process water en route. So far, the results have been very positive: since its introduction, the Scheldt Project has led to a 30% increase in energy efficiency for the production of PVC floors. The project has also allowed us to phase out up to 80% of our mechanical cooling system, which uses less environmentally friendly Freon-based refrigerants. Another important advantage of eliminating the need for machine-driven coolants is the significant noise reduction on site.

Did you know? A scientific study conducted by the University of Antwerp has shown that the environmental impact of IVC s Scheldt Project on the local fauna and flora is negligible. At no point does the river water come in contact with our process water, and the temperature increase of the thermal exchange is minute.


IVC_3069_ECO-brochure_update2014_EN_8 IVC.indd 17


16/12/14 11:49


■ Natural refrigerants The Moduleo plant tells a different story. Compared to cushioned vinyl, the making of LVT requires cooling agents whose temperature is considerably lower than those afforded by the river Scheldt. For this reason, IVC has chosen the next best medium available: ammonia, or NH3, a natural and biodegradable compound that has been used as a refrigerant for more than a century.

avelgem, be anhydrous ammonia (NH3), natural refrigerant

Global warming and ozone depletion potential = 0



free cooling (Gravity)




Natural circulation no running compressor needed energy saving 40%


At the heart of our innovative thermosyphon free cooling system is ammonia, which circulates between an evaporator and a condenser, air-conditioning the plant s closed-loop water process. Free or dynamic cooling is applied when the outside temperature is lower than the process water temperature, and relies on gravity. This natural principle cuts the high energy cost of a compressor, heat exchangers or additional gadgets, which makes for a great (and green) return on investment - by a simple flick of a switch, however, we can revert to mechanical cooling when the outside temperature becomes too high. Unlike synthetic refrigerants (HFCs), which are being phased out by the EU, ammonia is perfectly safe and harmless to the environment and the ozone layer.

Process water

Did you know?

bye-bye to harmful HFC refrigerants!


That 15% of Belgium s total energy consumption is spent on refrigeration? The IVC Group is proud to ride the wave of innovation that will help reduce this glut!


IVC_3069_ECO-brochure_update2014_EN_8 IVC.indd 18

16/12/14 11:49

The Big Commute (Fall-Winter) 110° C (Summer- Spring) 250° C 60° C


The magic of CONVECTION


Hot oil

H20 A breath of fresh air!!

220° C

Make-up Air unit

Thermal oils

Cooled oil

80° C


VOCs neutralised!!

720° C

(harmless) Hot flue gas

INCINERATOR low-voc smokey gas stream

A blast of warm air!

Converted back to LIQUID floor-making machine



■ Recuperating resources A lot of love goes into the making of our PVC flooring products. And only a little energy is allowed to escape. In all of our plants, we recover and re-use materials and energy in the maze-like course of

We recycle: 1






the production process. IVC calls this internally coordinated system of reciprocation and reconversion The Big Commute .


IVC_3069_ECO-brochure_update2014_EN_8 IVC.indd 19


16/12/14 11:49

Environmental care Raw materials & Recycling Homeward bound The IVC Group uses only choice materials to build its quality products. We have also spent a lot of time and effort structuring and streamlining the waste collection and recycling processes in our plants around the world, making sure not a scrap goes to waste. Here s a brief overview of what we ve been up to:

Sustainable woods Balterio makes a point of using only PEFC-certified materials in its high-density fibreboards. This means that the woods inside our products are sourced from sustainably managed forests, where the local resources and ecosystems are treated with the love and respect they deserve.

green fact Green Fact. In Dalton, GA, all of IVC s leftover plastics are locally recycled into automotive floor mats, giving new meaning to the motoring phrase flooring it .

Recycled plastics Recycling the ingredients that make up IVC s distinct flavour of floors is key to our vision on sustainable management. 35 to 50% of any Moduleo design floor consists of recycled materials of a controlled origin. Through post-industrial recycling, moreover, we are able to distil a particularly pure type of PVC with a very limited impact on the environment. Similarly, Leoline s Greentex floors, which have a padded textile back, use up to 60% recycled household plastics, such as PET bottles and plastic containers.

Waste water H2O is pivotal to our core business, which is making premium floors: water is used as a coolant and medium in the production cycle, but also as a cleaning product during the printing stages. But having a watertight system of closed loops doesn t mean we re not careful about the way we treat this most valuable resource. That is why we go the extra mile to collect, process, purify and recycle the water than runs through the veins of our plants, without any risk or exposure to the outside environment.

Waste not! That fresh water is now officially the most valuable resource on the planet, surpassing fuels like natural gas and oil? According to the United Nations, water treatment and purification systems are the way forward to combat the worldwide shortage looming large.

{greentex} GREENBACK®



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16/12/14 11:49

Waste management

Separation and removal of waste streams by container = less residual waste




kG / 1000m2

Since 1997, the IVC Group has made a point of recycling the PVC waste streams that are generated in the manufacture of its products. Vinyl scraps, for instance, are salvaged and then pressed into bales, ready to be re-used in a wide variety of applications. All surplus PVC paste is similarly recovered and injected back into the production process of our sheet vinyl.

Residual waste Moduleo Avelgem, Be

Moduleo Recycling Unit up and running = streamlined waste management


In 2012, the Moduleo plant acquired a special recycling unit that bundles it various waste recovery systems. This facility was set up with sustainable projects in mind. It is completely self-sufficient and enables us to recycle our own PVC scrap, without the help of external handlers and transport companies. In two years time, the recycling unit turned over an annual volume of 17,500 tons of scrap, including the plant s post-industrial waste. A new R&D programme is also looking into the practical benefits of recycling materials sourced from elsewhere: post-industrial, postinstallation and even postconsumer materials, bits and pieces that are ready to be reassembled into durable and elegant-looking floors. The company was rewarded for its efforts in 2013, when the Avelgem site became certified under the EuCertPlast Scheme for European Plastic Recyclers and received the Recovinyl Plus label.


Pack(ag)ing light Sure, we can tell you all about the bare-bones packaging we ship our products in, how we significantly reduced the bulk of our outbound commercial vinyl or why, as a low-volume producer, we hate to see perfectly good plastic go to waste. We d rather provide a point in case: our Spanolux branch can boast the blessing of Der Grüne Punkt (The Green Dot), whose pan-European directive demands we retrieve and recycle all our Balterio product packaging. In 2011, these salvage operations amounted to carbon emission savings of no less than 31 tons. Waste not, want not!


connecting green DOTS Inspired by the German dual waste collection system, the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC has called on the conscience of some 130,000 companies in 23 countries in a joint rally to reduce waste. That s 460 billion packages worth of commitment.

Did you know? That the IVC Group members own and operate their own container parks, where refuse is neatly separated and labelled? That makes them highly economical and easy to maintain in perfect order, much like our floors!


IVC_3069_ECO-brochure_update2014_EN_8 IVC.indd 21


16/12/14 11:49

Safeguarding the air Indoor Air Quality The processing of PVC inevitably releases low concentrations of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which are sublimated into the surrounding air. While these substances are a natural and ubiquitous fact of life ‒ and typically harmless ‒ the IVC Group always plays it safe, making sure that the emission of VOCs is nipped in the bud and neutralised from the factory floor to the living room, in line with the most stringent European laws and regulations.

In Belgium, the third European country to have introduced stringent emission norms for the flooring sector, the IVC Group collections score equally well: both our vinyl and modular floors remain well below the emission mark of the 270 potentially harmful substances blacklisted by the Federal Public Service for Health, Food Chain Safety and the Environment. ■ Germany: DIBt/AgBB The certification behind the DIBt/AgBB-label is by far the most unforgiving interpretation of the European directive for the safe and sustainable use of construction products: stricter even than the French and Belgian regulations stated previously. Owing to the IVC Group s continued research into more eco-effective floors, our vinyl products satisfy the stringent emission criteria as stipulated by the renowned DIBt Institute in Berlin. IVC GROUP

IAQ around the world

Z-156.603-1054 IVC Design Floors

VOCs are a fact of life when building materials are concerned: even wood and stone cannot escape the natural law of sublimation over the longer term. Fortunately, the IVC Group can guarantee the Indoor Air Quality of the countless homes and businesses that enjoy our floors. Don t take our word for it though: here is a telltale list of international credits, certificates and realisations, proof positive of our commitment to the protection of living (and working) environments! ■ France & Belgium: bringing our A+ game Our European brands, Balterio, Leoline, Itec and Moduleo, carry the green A+ label, the highest accolade awarded by the French authorities. This tried and tested hallmark, based on the European Construction Products Directive (CPD), validates the environmental soundness of our flooring solutions.


■ US: FloorScore® Moduleo s luxury vinyl planks and tiles meet the rigid health and safety requirements of the flooring products programme for indoor air quality, which was developed by the Georgia-based Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) in collaboration with Scientific Certification Systems Inc. This has earned us an excellent FloorScore®, which qualifies our products for safe use in public spaces, like schools and healthcare by

facilities, under the strict auspices of Californian law. The IVC Group s confident environmental rating is an important stepping stone towards making the grade of leading industry credit systems in Europe and the US, such as the LEED Green Building programme. ■ Europe: CE mark Laminate flooring is known to contain traces of formaldehyde, which might release into the air over time. Balterio has managed to eliminate the risk factor of this endemic VOC: in terms of emissions, their laminate floors are on par with natural products like wooden floorboards. As a result of this, Balterio is able to toe the very strict mark of the CE EN 14041:2004 standard. But there is more: going beyond the call of duty, Balterio s laminate products outperform the proviso for E1 CE-conformity by a factor of 10!

Did you know? We not only safeguard indoor air, but also indoor comfort and quiet? Our floors provide great thermal and acoustic insulation that let you turn down the heating a notch (without disturbing the neighbourly peace).


IVC_3069_ECO-brochure_update2014_EN_8 IVC.indd 22

16/12/14 11:49

REACH ■ Making our commitment click IVC s patented click-lock systems ClickXpress, DropXpress, PressXPress, together with our Balterio attachment clips and the Moduleo Click system with L2C technology, are easy to install ... and easy on the environment: they banish potentially noxious glues and adhesives from the installation process of the floor and skirting, resulting in a perfect fit with a healthy finish. ■ Water-based inks & PU coatings In the past, the majority of manufacturers relied on solvent-based inks when printing their patterns and designs. The IVC Group, looking towards the future, uses only water-based inks for its printing purposes. This decision has completely eliminated the risk of hazardous emissions being released into the air, and markedly reduced our carbon footprint overall. Water-based inks, of course, are 100% recyclable and emit zero fumes. The polyurethane finish that protects our Moduleo floors and keeps them looking fresh is entirely water-based. So are the PU lacquers that are used on the Leoline and Itec floors in our Luxemburg branch. That s good news for Mother Nature, and for the people who enjoy the clean air comfort of our products every day.

The IVC Group carefully vets the raw materials we buy and process, making sure that they do not contain suspect or potentially harmful substances. This system of quality assurance is in accordance with the European Union directive for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, also known as REACH. The IVC Group works exclusively with suppliers who conform to the REACH regulation, safeguarding the integrity and quality the finished product we deliver to the end user.

Did you know? That not only our raw materials and finished floors are perfectly safe and sound to use, but also our auxiliary products? IVC s Flex-Tech is the only pressure sensitive adhesive to have earned both the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality certification (UL Environment) and the Green Label Plus warranty from the American Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).


IVC_3069_ECO-brochure_update2014_EN_8 IVC.indd 23


16/12/14 11:49

Sustaining the cycle Lifecycles & Ecology Blue Angel

BRE Ecopoints

The German Blue Angel certification gained international fame and authority as the world s very first eco-label for products and services. Since 1978, the organisation has been endorsing companies that have distinguished themselves in making their products and services more environmentally friendly. The Blue Angel jury is comprised of people who are active in environmental organisations and consumer protection groups. Through this label, they provide information to the increasingly eco-smart consumer, who is looking to buy sustainable products from companies that care. As of August 2012, our Balterio laminate floors carry the Blue Angel seal of approval (RAL-UZ38).

Both our Itec and Moduleo brands are certified by BRE Global, an affiliate of the Building Research Establishment in the UK. Under the BRE scheme, a product is subjected to a full life-cycle assessment that examines the environmental impact associated with the individual stages in a product s life from cradle to grave. This evaluation yields an objective score expressed in so-called ecopoints : the lower the score, the better the result. Our Itec and Moduleo floors passed the BRE litmus test with flying colours: their excellent A+ and A ratings are testament

to the real progress we have made in reducing the environmental impact of our products. These top marks are also good news for builders and property developers: fitting our certified floors will bring them one step closer to the coveted BREEAM-certification, which rates a building s environmental performance.

How did we do? Go to, look up our BRE score, and find out how our products compare to rival floors. (hint: rather favourably)

Green Fact All sourced wood is PEFCcertified for Balterio branded products. This means that Balterio only uses wood of sustainably managed forests to produce its laminate floorings. For each tree that is cut, a new one is planted.



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Embracing the Future Balterio has the future firmly in its sights. It has instituted a wellbalanced sustainability programme that revolves around four strategic axes: production, innovation, certification and community. The objective of the Embrace the Future programme is to bracket and address ecological, social and economical concerns in a way that is both profitable and responsible. The programme has paid green dividends: the emission of greenhouse gasses is down by almost 10%, and there has been a significant reduction of the glut in process waste and primary energy consumption. Most of the plant s resources are recycled and re-used in the production line. And Balterio s source material, of course, is of a pristine quality and PEFC-approved. Innovations in product design have extended our products lifespan, moreover, and improved the indoor air quality: our laminate floors contain ten times less formaldehyde than is the current norm. Their healthy reputation has earned the Balterio brand the Blue Angel, DIBt Ü and A+ labels, which fit into a long tradition of ecoexcellence established with the company s ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. By the way: Balterio laminate flooring is perfectly compatible with energy-efficient floor heating systems, keeping the residential energy bill very much in check.

“Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” ‒ Our Common Future , UN World Commission on Environment and Development (1987) ‒

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Our promise for the future Continuous Improvement Facing the great challenges of our time, our company creed resonates with new import. More than ever, we want to heed the increasingly vocal demands of customers and consumers who are fully aware of the real difference and impact their individual choices can make on the world. To do so means to innovate the past, transform the present and sustain the future, and to invest in our people and products in ways that benefit the local economy and the global environment.

In doing so, we hope to inspire a new generation of designer floors that dares to choose enduring substance over fleeting fashions. Floors that manage to combine beauty, practicality and ecology, yet never take the world, nor its wellbeing and resources, for granted.

So we will continue to combine our efforts towards the development of cleaner, safer, and more sustainable products and services. Reduce our carbon footprint, and combat global warming with an open visor; develop new technologies to reduce waste and harness the unlimited power of alternative energy sources; and make good on our social and ecological commitments through concrete and calculable actions.

The IVC Group continues to lead the way and refuses to take anything for granted. OUR WHITE PAPER ON GREEN POLICIES

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Ivc group green policy 2014  

In today’s discerning market, actions speak louder than words. So we invite you to discover, in the pages of this brochure, all the exciting...