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Jan Vergote

Filip Balcaen

Message from the CEO Since its start-up in 1997, the IVC Group has played a leading role as an independent manufacturer of high-grade vinyl floorcoverings for residential and commercial use. Today, having extended the scope of its brands and product portfolio, the Group operates across the international stage, employing 1,250 people, working in five business units on two continents. IVC International develops and produces its first-rate vinyl floors in two state-of-the-art production units in the Benelux: IVC Avelgem (BE) and IVC Wiltz (LUX). These plants also supply five distribution hubs in Russia and Poland. In Europe, our chief vinyl flooring brands are Leoline® and Itec®, which are wholesaled and retailed in the residential and contract markets respectively. Across the pond, IVC US started life as a logistics centre, but quickly developed into the world s longest (and arguably greenest) production line for cushioned vinyl. As of 2010, our plant in Dalton and Georgia locally produce and distribute high-quality sheet vinyl to our clients all over the US. Making up the IVC Groups product portfolio of resilient flooring is Moduleo®, a designer brand specialising in high-spec and fully recyclable modular LVT, which is produced in our high-tech works in Avelgem. All the IVC Groups flagship plants occupy the industry s cutting edge in eco-friendly vinyl production. Thanks to our sustainably managed manufacturing processes, continuous drive for innovation and substantial investment in renewable energy, we have shown ourselves to be a company that truly cares. In January 2013, the IVC Group acquired Balterio®, an acclaimed producer of high-grade laminate flooring, and Spanolux®, long-time leader in the market for MDF and woodbased building materials. The premium products of Balterio® are made in the automated and fully integrated production unit in Vielsalm, in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. Throughout its rich history, the IVC Group has always stood by its creed: never rest on your laurels, never take anything for granted, and never stop exploring. Every day, we look for new and more efficient ways of producing better and better-looking floors, and of combining premium quality with excellent customer service. Working together with our stakeholders, partners, and suppliers, and inspired by the creativity and enthusiasm of our teams, we invite you to discover the IVC Groups corporate identity and join our passionate quest for the stuff that builds dreams from the ground up.

Jan Vergote CEO IVC Group

Filip Balcaen Chairman


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Company Profile History The IVC Group was established in 1997 and has since developed into an independent powerhouse in the market of synthetic flooring solutions.


2004 2004 Opening of an IVC Group warehouse in Dalton, GA, USA

1997 Establishment of IVC, headquartered in Avelgem, Belgium

2004 Incorporation of IVC US to service the North American markets

2006 2006 Takeover of a production unit in Wiltz, Luxembourg

2008 Acquisition of Domo Cushion Floor


2008 Opening of the IVC Shanghai office

2009 Opening of an IVC Group warehouse in Saint Petersburg, Russia

2009 2009 Launch of Moduleo LVT

2010 Rebranding IVC Group

2010 2010 Opening of a state-of-the-art production unit in Dalton, GA, USA

2012 Opening of the new Moduleo production unit for LVT in Avelgem, Belgium


2013 2013 Acquisition of Balterio and Spanolux

2014 Opening of a new production unit for LVT in the United States




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Market Leader With a worldwide capacity of 140 million square metres of flooring per year, the IVC Group leads Europe s residential flooring market. Every day, the 1,250 members of the IVC Group family bring to life our company creed and commitment to a superior brand of products designed to set trends and inspire confidence and style. At the IVC Group, we presume nothing and pay attention to everything, and that has allowed us to break the mould of vinyl flooring for more than 15 years.

Turnover IVC Group 1997-2013 600 (in € 000)

530 119

500 400 300

129 474


211 158 100 0

49 103 90 97 98

99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06

07 08

09 10 11

12 13


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Global Presence Pushing the boundaries of residential and commercial ooring, the IVC Group delivers its products and services to more than 112 countries around the world.

8 11


1 100






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6 7


Production & Distribution 1 Avelgem & Vielsalm (BE) 2 Wiltz (LU) 3 Dalton (GA, USA) Distribution 4 Saint Petersburg (RU) 5 Moscow (RU) 6 Yekaterinburg (RU) 7 Novosibirsk (RU) 3PL-Distribution 8 Leicester (UK) 9 TFS (UK) Sales OďŹƒces 10 Sint-Baafs-Vijve (BE) 11 Derby (UK) 12 Dusseldorf (DE) 13 Shanghai (CN)


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Why Work with the IVC Group? Because as your next project partner, we offer:

Top-q quality products that meet the highest standard ds,, inclu uding REACH A long traditio on of innovation in flooring solutions An extensive choicce in floor specs and product designs Fashion-forward collections that capture today s market trends A portfolio of strong international brands



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Robust technical knowhow and industry expertise Hands-on customer services and dedicated sales teams Reliable and responsive collaborations and partnerships Large own produ uctiion capacity guaraanteeing fast worldwide delivery A socially re esponsible and sustainable outlook on the world of ooring


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Our Brands

Moduleo s luxury vinyl tiles and planks are made in a cutting-edge production facility in Avelgem (Belgium), making them the eco-smart flooring choice for anyone looking to transform his or her room from the ground up. Moduleo can be used in light commercial applications, and is also retailed under private label. In the near future, Moduleo will also be produced in the USA.


Leoline® / Flexitec®


Under the brand names Leoline (Europe) and Flexitec (USA), the IVC Group offers a huge selection of resilient vinyl floorcoverings for residential use, including highstreet commercial applications. Ranging from classic elegance to contemporary cool, and standing up to everyday wear and tear along the way, the IVC Group s home brands provide an all-round flooring solution that strikes the perfect balance between quality, durability, economy and style.

The Itec moniker was coined in 2008 and brings together the IVC Group s collections of contract floors. The versatile Itec products offer a responsive and assured way of flooring that meets the most exacting market demands in terms of build quality, health, safety, and the environment. Itec specialises in commercial, safety and acoustic flooring, and aims to produce first-rate vinyl floors that are perfectly fitted to any commercial application or setting in a wide range of decorative designs.

The IVC Group s products are distributed through retailers and wholesalers, both individual brand and under private labels. The Leoline catalogue comprises three tiers of quality and performance ‒ smart, solid, and super ‒ delivering the styles and specs to match virtually any room and requirement.


Balterio, which the IVC Group acquired in 2013, produces laminate flooring that enjoys an excellent market reputation. It is wholesaled and retailed either as a premium brand or under private label. The vertically integrated and fully automated production unit in Vielsalm (Belgium) guarantees great but affordable quality and an excellent customer service. Balterio aspires to remain a green-hearted pioneer and trendsetter in the mid- to high-end market of laminate floors, ready to embrace the future.

Spanolux® Spanolux produces a wide variety of performance MDF/HDF and wood particle boards for building, construction and interior decoration purposes. Its dedicated plant in Vielsalm is the only one of its kind in Belgium. Spanolux mainly focuses on growth, flexibility and a strong customer service.

Moduleo® Moduleo, established in 2011, is the IVC Group s latest in-house development, combining high-tech innovation and hyper-realistic inspirations that celebrate modular design in a big way.


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Vinyl Flooring Solutions

Vinyl, an informed & inspired choice

Leoline® What?

Vinyl is tough to beat. Compared to other floor types, it delivers the best value for money in one all-inclusive package that offers a winning combination of comfort, performance, versatility, ease of use and installation. Our resilient floors are available in different sizes, specs and forms (sheet and modular vinyl) that let you discover the practical side of contemporary elegance and style.


Leoline is our European residential brand for all sheet vinyl collections. It epitomises the IVC Group s core business and consists of an extensive selection of sheet vinyl floors that all offer an unrivalled blend of comfort, quality and style. Leoline aims to be the smart and elegant choice for customers in need of a durable and budgetconscious flooring solution that strikes the perfect balance between everyday functionality and timeless beauty.


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Smart ‒ Solid ‒ Super As advertised, Leoline SMART floors make for a clever choice. They combine into a budget-friendly flooring solution that has style and performance to spare, making them the ideal long-term or temporary companion for practical people who want to keep their decor looking fresh. The aerated, lowweight SMART level ensures optimum resilience, effortless quality and a healthy indoor environment in settings that see normal to high levels of foot traffic. The SOLID range strikes the perfect balance between functionality and fashion, and explores the best of both worlds. Targeting the style-savvy consumer who s willing to pay a little extra for a design floor that goes a longer way, the versatile SOLID collections anticipate the latest trends in residential flooring, supported by strong performance features that can cope with the most demanding circumstances. Our SUPER floors are the cream of the Leoline crop, offering people extremely durable designer floors that feel right at home in the most challenging (and chic) environments. Their semi-contract quality also makes them ideally suited for most commercial applications, providing comfort, quality and elegance in spades to the discerning customer who won t settle for anything less than the absolute best.

super solid smart

Brand Promises Timeless Beauty From a long series of quirky colours to a broad range of evergreen patterns and designs we cater to every taste, striking a chord with the interior decorator in all of us. Our vinyl floors are available in just about any shade or style you can imagine, including those that mimic other floor types ‒ like natural stone and parquet ‒ with pitchperfect precision. Everyday Convenience All our products are as economical as they are elegant. Our vinyl floors are easy to install, clean and maintain. Leoline floors are very comfortable to stand on, thanks to their resilience, insulate well against noise and cold and can even be combined with underfloor heating. Durable Design If you re looking for a flooring solution that will last a lifetime, Leoline floors are the way to go. All our floors have a design you ll never want to replace. Luckily enough, you won t need to, thanks to the IVC Group s performance wear layers and coatings. But if you do feel like a change, remember that durable means strong , not tough to replace . Our floors are a breeze to install, with minimal effort and scrap, saving you time and money. Leoline floors can also be recycled, which adds to their long-lasting charm and appeal.

Healthy Flooring Leoline vinyl flooring is water-resistant and virtually seamless, so dust is hardly ever an issue, and bacteria don t stand a chance, not even in warm and wet areas. Equipped to fight grime and resist most allergens, Leoline floors also have VOC emission levels that stay far below the accepted values. Optimising the quality of your indoor air, Leoline is the healthy flooring solution that lets everyone breathe easily. Affordable Aesthetics Who doesn t want to feel proud of their home? Floors are an essential part of any decor, and make a strong statement about the look and feel of your house. The days when a beautiful floor was something of a luxury are long gone. With our wide range of striking patterns and grains, we have made fashionable flooring affordable. You get that lavish and expensive look you ve always wanted ‒ for less.


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Leoline® Features & Benefits

Wide range of designs

Easy to clean and maintain

Realistic, natural look

Sound and heat insulating 14


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17/12/14 17:38

R&D and innovation

Dedicated customer care

Easy to install Custom-made solutions

Moisture and slipresistant CORPORATE BROCHURE

IVC_3027_CorpBro_taalwissel_EN_3 IVC.indd 15


17/12/14 17:39




Moduleo specialises in the development and production of highquality, modular vinyl floors for residential and commercial use. Offering a diverse range of stylish planks and tiles with unparalleled green credentials, Moduleo is an industry-expert in natural-looking and durable luxury vinyl flooring.

Click version

❶ PU Protective Coating ❷ Wear Layer

All Moduleo products are available in a CLICK version (floating installation) and in a dryback version (adhesive required).


Print layer ❹ Back Layer

❸ Glass Fibre Middle layer ❸ Glass Fibre


Contribute to a better dimensional stability of your floor.


IVC_3027_CorpBro_taalwissel_EN_3 IVC.indd 16

17/12/14 17:39

Composition Thanks to its unique composition, a Moduleo plank or tile offers many advantages to its users. The glass fibre and synthetic layers safeguard your dimensional floor stability, while the wear layer guarantees a long and low-maintenance life. In addition, all our products have a Protectonite® PU protective coating that offers extra resilience against scuffs and scratches, as well as a moisture-resistant and uniquely textured finish. ❶ PU protective coating: offers extra resilience against scuffs and scratches, as well as a moisture-resistant and premium finish with added texture. ❷ Wear layer: protects the design. Thanks to its structure, the wear layer contributes to the natural look of our planks and tiles. ❸ Glass fibre layers: contribute to a better dimensional stability of your floor. ❹ Back layer: a sound absorbing back layer that, thanks to its refined texture, contributes to an easy installation of our Moduleo planks and tiles.

Collections Select Beautiful and durable, Select is ideal for any area of the family home. Combining the natural look of stone and wood with the durability of vinyl technology, Select is scuff-proof with a Protectonite® PU protective layer, moisture-resistant (making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms) and easy to clean. Select can deal with even the most demanding environments and comes with a 15 year warranty. Transform The Moduleo Transform range features a hard-wearing top layer, making it ideal for commercial as well as domestic applications. Available in wood and stone effects, Transform features a thick Protectonite® PU coating that is easy to clean, ensuring that your floor is well-protected from scuffs and stains. Transform is moisture-resistant and has an anti-slip rating of R10.

Transform is delivered with a 20 year warranty with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRE A+ rating, A+ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & BREEAM accreditation. Impress Our latest collection s name immediately makes clear what the collection represents: a truly unique impression. Moduleo Impress, an exclusive concept of modular vinyl floors for residential and commercial use, bringing to life the authenticity and detailed refinement of wood with character, is a tribute to the beauty of nature. The emboss in register procedure contributes to the true-to-nature look and feel of the Impress floors. The result? An answer to all contemporary interior decorating trends and needs of the contract market (for instance a 0.55mm wear layer). In short: a floor that impresses.


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ModuleoÂŽ Features & BeneďŹ ts

CLICK technology

Extra sharp and extra large design with little repetition

Strong acoustic insulation

Environmentally friendly

Moisture-resistant, perfect for areas that are prone to slips, such as kitchens or bathrooms Slip-resistant, with an anti-slip rating of R10



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Strong thermal insulation, leading to a lower energy consumption and a smaller environmental impact

Natural look & feel thanks to the crisp nature-inspired design, added texture and V-groove


Guaranteed long-lasting quality with warranties up to 20 years Scratch- and scu- resistant, courtesy of our unique ProtectoniteŽ PU wear layer

Easy and economical to clean and maintain

Very strong credentials ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Indoor Air Quality (A+) BRE (A+) CORPORATE BROCHURE

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Itec produces heavy-duty vinyl floors for the contract and semicontract market, meeting the most exacting market demands in terms of build quality, health and safety, and the environment.

Itec® EN 649

Itec is an expert in safety and acoustic flooring and aims to produce first-rate vinyl floors that can match any commercial application or setting. Itec isafe floors are designed to withstand high levels of foot traffic and come with a high slip resistance to provide style, stability and unrivalled safety in the most demanding circumstances. Our acoustic ranges, for their part, offer carpet-like quiet thanks to their padded back, which is also a great thermal insulator. This results in an impressive reduction of footfall and ambient noises, filling the room with a hush to rival that of a carpet. 20

Penta, Atom, Concept Polyurethane layer

Wear layer Design Compact

Installation comfort

High density backing

Itec® EN 649 safety

Itec® EN 651

isafe one, isafe apex

Silento, Axento, Optimise

Slip restraint particles

Sound insulation & warm touch


IVC_3027_CorpBro_taalwissel_EN_3 IVC.indd 20

17/12/14 17:41

A fitting solution for every commercial project

A collaboration that delivers results

Whether you have a project in healthcare, education, hospitality or office building, Itec has the perfect flooring solution tailored to your specific requirements and needs. Furnishing rooms with high-grade performance floors, we aim to inspire wellbeing and comfort around the house, and around the clock.

The IVC Group not only produces floors, it provides solutions. In every stage of the process we propose tailor-made ideas that match the unique vision of our partners. Working in close rapport with architects, project developers, contractors and local stakeholders, our experts are able to help bring your next renovation or building project to life, with floors that put the finishing touch to every room.

Amongst others, we offer solutions for: - healthcare - education - hospitality - office building - industry - social housing

With the IVC Group you get a wide portfolio of flooring solutions and one easy point of access and contact. Because at IVC Group, we believe in floors that build sustainable visions from the ground up.


IVC_3027_CorpBro_taalwissel_EN_3 IVC.indd 21


17/12/14 17:42

Itec® Features & Benefits


Scratch- and scuff-proof, thanks to our unique Hyperguard+® polyurethane wear layer

Strong thermal insulation, leading to a lower energy consumption and a smaller environmental impact

Easy installation over most subfloors

Built to cope with heavy footfall and frequent traffic

Hyper-realistic, natural look

Hygienic, counteracting the growth of bacteria and mildew



IVC_3027_CorpBro_taalwissel_EN_3 IVC.indd 22

17/12/14 17:42

Eco-friendly, as all our products meet the most stringent VOC standards (AgBB) and are produced safely and efficiently

100% recyclable

Easy-going maintenance regime

Resists wet and damp

Slip restraint, with an anti-slip rating up to R11

Acoustic insulation up to Δ 19dB

Very strong industry credentials ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Indoor Air Quality (A+) BRE (A+) CORPORATE BROCHURE

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Balterio® Wood-based Laminate Flooring Solutions



Balterio offers high-quality, wood-based laminate flooring in different styles and plank sizes. The wide selection of bevelededge finishes and true-to-nature® structures make Balterio laminate flooring hardly distinguishable from real parquet and wooden floors. Thanks to our patented comfort installation systems, Balterio laminate floors install with maximum ease in no time at all.

Innovative top layer and structure

Lively decor

High-density core HDF board made by Spanolux


Strong click connection


IVC_3027_CorpBro_taalwissel_EN_3 IVC.indd 24

17/12/14 17:42

Balterio not only offers high quality laminate floors, but also a variety of accessories to finish the floor in style and worriless enjoyment for years. In combination with our well-balanced offer of underfloors, Balterio offers a lifetime warranty on the integrity of the click system. Matching skirtings and profiles let you finish the floor in style. Consumers all over the world are enjoying Balterio laminate floors in their houses: read their stories on

Brand Promises Style Balterio wood-based laminate floorings follow the latest trends in interior design, offering no less than 350 different decors and/or colours. Whether you like modern, contemporary, rustic or minimalistic, the Balterio portfolio is sure to cater to your taste. Thanks to our innovations True-to-Nature®, ChromeZone® and 3D Wood-Effect® , in combination with our lineup of beveled edges such as Nano V-Groove®, Micro V-Groove®, V-Groove® and Random V-Groove®, it is nearly impossible to tell Balterio floors apart from genuine parquet and hardwood floors. Quality All Balterio wood-based laminate floorings are produced in our high-tech production facility in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. The fully automated plant is vertically integrated, which means that we control every stage of the production chain, which guarantees the highest quality.

We produce our own core HDF boards exclusively from epicea (= type of pine) and we make sure to impregnate the decor paper, overlay and balancer. Thanks to our self-sufficient production process, we are able to offer residential and commercial warranties of up to 33 years. Simplicity Balterio s trademark click systems ensure fast, smooth and easy installation for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Sustainability Balterio s program for sustainable entrepreneurship is called Embrace the Future and moves along four strategic axes: production, innovation, certification and community. The program s objective is to combine ecological, social and economic interests in a profitable way. Read the IVC Group s Corporate Responsibility brochure to find out how Balterio embraces the future.


IVC_3027_CorpBro_taalwissel_EN_3 IVC.indd 25


17/12/14 17:42

Balterio® Features & Benefits

Easy to install. Our ClickXpress®, DropXpress® or PressXress® ensure a strong and seamless transition.

Strong acoustic insulation, especially when used in combination with our special subfloors.

Warm and cosy with all-natural look and feel

Scratch- and scruff-resistant

Easy to clean and maintain 26


IVC_3027_CorpBro_taalwissel_EN_3 IVC.indd 26

17/12/14 17:43

100% Belgian. Our laminate is developed and produced in Belgium before being distributed around the world.

Moisture-resistant, thanks to the strong Spanolux HDF boards

Wear-resistant, proofed against the impact of heels, stains, etc. Versatile range of designs, from grainy woodland charm to modern ights of fancy.

Guaranteed long-lasting quality, with warranties up to 33 years

Sustainable & 100% healthy

Very strong credentials: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, The Blue Angel, Indoor Air Quality (A+), PEFC CORPORATE BROCHURE

IVC_3027_CorpBro_taalwissel_EN_3 IVC.indd 27


17/12/14 17:43

SpanoluxÂŽ HDF & MDF Solutions

Spanolux started producing high-quality MDF & HDF wood particle boards in 1998. The company delivers top-quality products, which are a staple of the building sector. The company s fast delivery times are strongly appreciated by its customers.


HDF wood particle boards All HDF (High Density Fibreboard) boards Spanolux produces are solely destined to be used as a core board for the Balterio laminate oors.


IVC_3027_CorpBro_taalwissel_EN_3 IVC.indd 28

17/12/14 17:43

MDF wood particle boards Spanolux s wide variety of performance MDF wood particle boards are used for a gamut of building, construction and interior decoration solutions: Fibrabel® Lightweight MDF board to be used in furniture industry Umidax® Moisture-resistant MDF board to be used in humid conditions (e.g. bathroom doors) Firax® Fire-retardant MDF board to be used under strict conditions in construction MDF Prime® Pre-primed MDF board ready to be painted or used in decorative applications MDF Black Core black MDF board to be used in decorative applications such as interior decoration MDF Pure® Low emission MDF board

Standard MDF MDF boards to be used in all kinds of industries.


IVC_3027_CorpBro_taalwissel_EN_3 IVC.indd 29


17/12/14 17:43

Design & Development



Since the foundation of the IVC Group in 1997, the company has never ceased to invest in new technology, extra capacity, better efficiency and more sustainable solutions.

A little invention can go a long way The IVC Group s creative department has the art and craft to turn run-of-the-mill floors into a full-bodied fashion statement. Bringing their rich imagination to bear on the latest CAD/CAM systems and printing cylinders, our creative whizzes take pride in designing virtually flawless reproductions of just about any material and texture known to man: stone, minerals, wood, sand, concrete, ... whatever mother nature can throw at them, whatever takes our clients fancy, they ve got it covered. A little invention can make a big impression.

Our ultramodern machinery is capable of producing the widest range of products. This technical prowess, combined with the commitment and the professionalism of our production team, has resulted in an optimal price/quality relationship.


The floor is yours But the IVC Group s designer prints and patterns are much, much more than imitations of nature s bounty: they express an individual lifestyle, bathed in style and colour, the mark of a true conversation piece. Such is the philosophy of a company that involves its customers and partners in every step of the creative process, while keeping close tabs on the changing trends in the international market. Whether it s retro or deco, shabby chic or simply classic, urban eclectic or country club, the IVC Group takes a fresh perspective on visually stunning flooring solutions and invites everyone to brainstorm along: the floor is yours.


IVC_3027_CorpBro_taalwissel_EN_3 IVC.indd 30

17/12/14 17:44

Quality At the IVC Group, we want our floors to be the best they can be. To make absolutely, positively sure that they are, we have put in place a stringent system of testing & quality assurance procedures, which make up a pivotal step in the overall design and development process. Here are some of the rigorous tests conducted in our plants in order to make sure our customers get the top-quality products they deserve: ■ Crack Resistance test Measures the strength that is required to make the vinyl floor buckle and crack. ■ Delamination Test Gauges the power of adhesion between different layers by measuring the force needed to tear two layers apart.

■ Dimensional Stability and Curling Determines whether (or not) the vinyl floor curls, shrinks or expands by first exposing it to a temperature of 80° C and subsequently allowing it to acclimatize to room temperature. ■ Thickness Test Measures the thickness of our vinyl floors to verify if we meet all European standards (we do). ■ Wear layer Thickness Test Measures the thickness of the wear layer using microscopy. ■ Furniture Leg Test Pits our vinyl against three types of furniture leg, which are dragged across the floor vinyl with a pressure of 100kg to see what the damage is.

■ Residual Indentation Test Measures the residual indentation and elasticity of our vinyl by controlling its reaction on an exposure to a pressure of 50kg/cm² during a period of 2.5hours. Furniture Leg Test

■ Castor Chair Test Evaluates the wear and tear resistance of our vinyl floors by unleashing a castor chair and examining changes in the floor s look and stability (25,000 to 50,000 rotations).

■ Ramp Test (slip resistance) Under controlled conditions, a test person wearing control shoes walks back and forth over the floor covering, whose slope is incremen-

Delamination Test

tally increased towards the so-called acceptance angle (the point where the average person would loose his or her footing). Special lubricants are used to mimic specific real-life conditions, like wet or oily floors. This yields a rating from R9 to R13. ■ Surface Roughness Measurement (RZ) A meter scans the surface of the floorcovering in 10 different areas, travelling a 4mm distance and covering five 0.8mm sections in which it measures the highest and lowest point encountered. The Rz value is the average of these and suggests the slip potential of the floor in wet conditions. ■ Pendulum Test A pendulum, attached to a spring-loaded foot equipped with a standard rubber slider, is made to swing back and forth so that it connects with a dry or wet test floor over a fixed distance. The extent to which the pendulum fails to reach the height of its release (the zero point) on the overswing is used to calculate the slip resistance of the floor.

Residual Indentation Test


IVC_3027_CorpBro_taalwissel_EN_3 IVC.indd 31


17/12/14 17:44

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Our Community, Our Creativity Our catalogue of products is the IVC Group s calling card, to be sure, but the real core and capital of the Group are its employees. Without their boundless enthusiasm and unique creative talents, the IVC Group simply wouldn t be able to produce the quality products our customers have come to expect from us. In return, the IVC Group does everything it can to create and foster a safe and inspiring working environment for its people to thrive in. Everyone is invited to join and help shape the shared vision of the IVC Group, regardless of sex, age, colour or creed: working together as individuals, free to express their opinion and explore their talents to the fullest extent, the floor is theirs for the making ‒ and taking.


■ Training & Personal Development At the IVC Group, we intend to stay ahead of the learning curve. The search for real inspiration and innovation requires us to expand our horizon every day. That is why the IVC Group is proud to give its employees ample opportunity to develop their individual skill sets, explore new and exciting possibilities, and advance their knowledge and career. ■ A Safe Workplace From the outset, the IVC Group has been deeply committed to preventing and reducing the number of accidents in the workplace. This resolve underpins the IVC Group s ongoing efforts to create an even better, healthier and safer workplace.

Energy ■ Wind park In 2012, the IVC Group obtained the required construction and environmental permits for a wind park on its premises. The construction of the 3 wind mills started in spring 2014. This inexhaustible source of energy now supplies power to our factories in Avelgem and the three of them combined account for more than one third of the annual energy consumption of our factories. ■ Solar Power In Dalton, Georgia, 454 solar panels, capable of generating a combined per annum total of more than 10,000kWh, provide enough green juice to power IVC USA s fleet of electrical lifting trucks, which run on rechargeable batteries. The garden of photovoltaic panels will also create a healthier environment while reducing the plant s overall emission levels, which are already 250% sub industry par. Now that s low.


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■ Cooling Water At the IVC Group, the water required to manufacture high-grade vinyl is passed through a closed-loop circuit, where it is cooled, cleaned and recycled into the manufacturing process. En route, the flow is purified by reclaimed thermal energy. The IVC Group has also invested in a daring experiment that uses surface water from the nearby Scheldt as a coolant. So far, the results of this experiment have been very encouraging with a 30% boost in energy efficiency and zero damage to the environment. ■ Energy Recovery In every one of our plants, we recover and re-use energy in the course of the production process. The IVC Group calls this The Big Commute principle. And we stick by it, every step of the way! Want to know how this works? Learn all about it in our Corporate Responsibility brochure.

Materials ■ Sustainable Woods Balterio makes a point of using only PEFC-certified materials in its high-density fibreboards. This means that the woods inside our products are sourced from sustainably managed forests, where the local resources and ecosystems get treated with the love and respect they deserve. ■ Recycled Resources Our Moduleo design floors partly consist of recycled materials of a controlled origin. Through postindustrial recycling we are able to distil a particularly pure type of PVC with a very limited impact on the environment. Similarly, Leoline s Greentex floors, which come with a padded textile back, use recycled household plastics, such as PET bottles and plastic containers.

■ Making our Commitment Click IVC s patented click-lock systems ClickXpress®, DropXpress®, PressXPress®, together with our Balterio attachment clips and the Moduleo Click system with L2C technology banish potential contaminants like adhesives from the installation process of the floor and skirting, resulting in a perfect fit with a healthy finish.

Waste Management ■ Waste Water With the exception of tap water and rainwater, the plants of the IVC Group do not waste or spill a single drop of H2O. Water is not only used as a natural coolant in the production cycle, but also as a cleaning product during the stages of printing. ■ Waste Streams From the get-go in 1997, the IVC Group has made a point of recycling the PVC waste streams generated in the manufacture of its products. Vinyl scraps are salvaged and then pressed into bales, ready to be re-used in a wide variety of applications. All surplus PVC paste is similarly recovered and injected back into the production process of our sheet vinyl.

Curbing Emissions ■ Volatile Organic Compounds The processing of PVC inevitably releases VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, which can cause damage to the environment. The IVC Group, however, uses suction and diversion to remove potentially harmful VOC emissions at the source. In Avelgem, the diffusions are rounded up and rerouted into a state-of-the-art condenser, which is able to recoup the bulk of these compounds and re-use them in the production process.

■ Indoor Air Quality The release of volatile organic compounds is not only confined to the in-house production process of vinyl, but also likely to occur throughout the entire lifespan of building materials. Some products (such as glue, paint, or wooden panels) are liable to emit concentrations of VOCs for prolonged periods of time. The IVC Group has made great strides in counteracting this phenomenon, and in safeguarding the Indoor Air Quality for the duration of our floors long and healthy life. This commitment has earned our products the green A+ label, the highest accolade awarded by the French authorities. ■ Water-based Inks and PU Coatings The IVC Group exclusively uses water-based inks for its printing purposes. This decision has completely eliminated the risk of hazardous toxins being released into the air, and markedly reduced our carbon footprint overall. Moreover, the polyurethane finish that protects our Moduleo floors and keeps them looking fresh is entirely water-based.

Keeping Track of our Achievements ■ BRE Ecopoints All Itec and Moduleo products have been certified by BRE Global, the Building Research Establishment in the UK. In order to acquire this certification, products are submitted to a life cycle assessment (LCA). Our excellent A+ and A ratings demonstrate the real progress the IVC Group has made in reducing the environmental impact of its products.

Want to learn more about our efforts? Take a look at our Corporate Responsibility brochure.


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Meeting International Standards & Norms Certificate / Label

What it means

Our achievement

Blue Angel

The Blue Angel is only awarded to products and services that are of considerable benefit to the environment and meet high standards of serviceability, health, and occupational protection.

All Balterio laminate floors carry the Blue Angel label.


BRE (British Research Establishment) subjects products to a full life cycle assessment, that examines the environmental impact associated with the individual stages in a product s life from cradle to grave.

Moduleo and Itec achieved an excellent A+ and A rating.

CE EN 14041:2004

EN 14041:2004 details the requirements for CE marking of textile, laminate and resilient floor coverings.

Balterio s laminate products outperform the proviso for E1 CE-conformity by a factor of 10.

Der Grüne Punkt

The Green Dot (Der Grüne Punkt) is the license symbol of a European network of industry-funded systems for recycling the packaging materials of consumer goods.

Our Spanolux branch can boast the Green Dot label for retrieving and recycling all our Balterio product packaging.


DIBt is by far the most unforgiving interpretation of the European directive for the safe and sustainable use of construction products.

All our vinyl products satisfy the stringent emission criteria as stipulated by the renowned DIBt Institute.

Construction products, decoration and furnishing products to be traded in France for the first time are to be labelled with the Émissions dans l air intérieur classification on the basis of VOC emissions tests.

Balterio, Leoline, Itec and Moduleo carry the green A+ label.


Z-156.603-1054 IVC Design Floors

Émissions dans l air intérieur



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Certificate / Label

What it means

Our achievement


FloorScore® was developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) together with Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) to test and certify flooring products for compliance with the volatile organic compound emissions criteria of the California Section 01350 standard.

Moduleo s luxury vinyl planks and tiles have obtained an excellent FloorScore that qualifies them for use in public spaces such as schools and healthcare facilities.

ISO 9001:2008

The ISO 9000 family standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved. ISO 9001:2008 sets out the requirements of a quality management system.

The IVC Group is ISO 9001 certified in all our production sites worldwide.

ISO 14001

This official seal of approval refers to the international standard in environmental management systems and lets everyone know that a company is actually living up to its ecological promises and policies.

The Environmental Management Systems of Balterio, Spanolux and IVC NV in Avelgem are ISO 14001 certified.


REACH, the Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, aims to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, the promotion of alternative test methods and the free circulation of substances on the internal market.

The IVC Group carefully vets the raw materials we buy and process, making sure that they do not contain suspect or potentially harmful substances.

Recovinyl Plus

Recovinyl works as a neutral mediator between recyclers and converters. Its role is to certify the quality and volume of recycled PVC being put in the market by its recycling partners and to certify the volume of recycled PVC used by its converting partners on new products.

The IVC recycling plant in Avelgem is audited and certified under the Eucertplast Scheme for European Plastic Recyclers. The Recovinyl Plus certificate of compliance is awarded.



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