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Ben-Gurion/Heraklion Airbridge th

Monday, 20 of January Two parts event in cooperation with the Greek division, flight from LLBG to LGIR and a flight back a week after + a route for GA planes.

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Opening statement

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Gal Mercado IL-MC

2013 is already gone, a long year of achievement and building of the division, a year of remarkable record breaking events, a year full of flights and ATC, and a year of staff expansion, but 2013 is over, and a new year has begun. 2014, the year that IVAO Israel will continue to build and grow, act and lead, and be a leading IVAO division and community. In order to update you in all the changes efficiently, IVAO Israel decided to publish once a month an IVAO Israel newsletter. The editor and publisher of the newsletter is the IVAO Israel Membership coordinator, Gal Mercado, and in the future the Membership assistant coordinator will help him. This issue will be about major updates for the upcoming 2014 and that’s why the newsletter is a bit longer than it would normally be and also written by all the IVAO Israel Staff.

A summary of an era – Year 2013 A few days ago Gal (IL-MC) published a summary for 2013 that is supposed to provide the division’s members details about the division’s actions during the previous year and also referred to the progress of the things that are planned for the new year. We recommend all of you to read the summary, to get impressed from the achievements that IVAO Israel has achieved in 2013, and bits from the plans for 2014, and if you want to propose things for us to improve. The link: Enjoy reading the newsletter, Gal Mercado – IVAO Israel Membership coordinator

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Statement from IVAO Israel director

Daniel Shulga IL-DIR & IL-TC

My name is Daniel Shulga (341522), 21 years old. I’m the new IVAO Israel director and also I’m IVAO Israel Training Coordinator (TC).I started to fly in the simulators seriously at 2009 when I joined the private pilot course of VFS, Virtual Flight School. My first simulator was the combat simulator “Blue Star”, I got it when I was 11! Of course I always dreamt to be a real pilot. Today I serve as a commander of a naval combat unit in the Israeli Navy. After my release from the army I intend to fulfill my dream, and fly to South Africa (or anywhere else that has a sky) and to begin a flying career. When I’m not flying my C130 Hercules, you can find me in a pub with a beer in my hand  During 2013 I was appointed to be the Training Coordinator of IVAO Israel. Since then I was able to have a close look on how the division’s staff’s work and how the division grown and developed. We started to run a lot of projects, for example developing and improving a new ATC training course that included written manuals to the stations adjusting and translating the exams into Hebrew that will ease the exams for higher ranks in the network (i.e. CP, ADC etc.). About a month ago I was appointed to be the new IVAO Israel Director, aside me I will have my assistant, Eden Banim. Both of us see IVAO Israel as a very important tool to represent the state of Israel in IVAO. We believe that it’s in the division’s power to reach very high levels and to equalize to some very strong foreign divisions such as Greece, Great Britain etc. The task won’t be easy and we need your help, the division’s pilots and ATC to help us to continue to excel. We provide some “incentives” for your to continue to fly or control, if it’s our obligation to organize an event once in to month, or the new improvements, and attractions. In behalf of myself and my assistant I would like to use this opportunity to thank the outgoing director, Roven. Who founded the division 2 years ago, the division stated as a OIF but with the help of a lot of Israeli pilots, and Roven’s hard work we proved that there is a need for an Israeli division. Roven created a strong and resistant basis for the division when he focused on building the ATC staff and rules with the help of his experience as a real life ATC. So, Roven, good luck in the future, and we are certain that hen you’ll be tired on doing the real thing, you’ll come back to us, the virtual thing…

I would like to wish a happy new year to all of the division members,

Sincerely, Daniel Shulga – Incoming IVAO Israel Director, P.S: see you in the sky (you better…)

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Pictures of the month Every month we’ll choose some pictures that were posted in the various forums that show flights in the Israeli skies. This month’s pictures: Shaked Z. )909093(

Luis C. )094504(

Ron M. )999335(

Yoav B. )010923(

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Training department’s statement

Training Dept' IL-TC & IL-TAC & IL-TA1

In 2013 the division started to provide exams to the IVAO ranks, in a centralized, organized and clarified way, all in Hebrew. Those ranks are available both for pilots and ATC (PP, ADC etc.), and also now there is an option to gain the highest divisional pilot rank! The Commercial pilot exam, that is on an airliner, (first ever in Israeli skies). We recommend to all of you to try to exam, and improve and challenge yourself. The improvement of the level of flight/ATC is promised. Before you apply for a practical exam, you are welcome to try a training session in the exam’s topics and to get as professional as possible, exam, and pass! The goal is to learn and improve! The ranks are waiting for you, good luck! The division’s GCA protocol was updated; all of our GCA’s controllers are requested to read. Every month the division will publish in the newsletter the list of all who passed a pilot exam in the last month. In the first issue we will exceed this, and publish some who passed also a bit before December.

Raz Aran


For passing the Private Pilot exam

Shaked Zuchovichky


For passing the Private Pilot exam

Ofir Banim


For passing the Private Pilot exam

Yoav Bronstein


For passing the Private Pilot exam

Gilad Ben Ami


For passing the Private Pilot exam

Omer Nizri


For passing the Private Pilot exam

Congratulations to the pilots who passed! We hope to see the list getting longer next month! Also we would like to congratulate Gena that joins the division’s staff as a training advisor (ILTA1). Gena is the one in charge of the commercial pilot exams; you can contact him with any question via email. Every pilot that has a senior private pilot rank more than 60 days is eligible to apply to the commercial pilot exam that is on an airliner (i.e. B737, A320 etc.). , ,

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Eden Banim IL-EC & IL-ADIR

Event Department update

As every year, every January the last year’s tours are closed and the new year’s tours are opened, the world ones and also the divisional ones. As from January 4th, the new Israeli tours will be opened for the first time! The “white and blue” tours. This year, because it’s the first non-experimental Israeli tours, they will be based on a unique story for each tour in order for you to feel like a real pilot who got a job to move a plane from point A to B or just to fly passengers abroad. After you’ll complete all legs of the tour, you’ll receive a medal so you’ll be able to show your achievement. There are several tours available: CVFR – A tour that will review the life of a pilot that just received his private pilot license. Classic IFR – A tour that will review the life of a pilot that transfers planes, you will not just fly in Israel but you’ll have a chance to explore the Greek skies (and lovely yogurt…). Ultralight – If you are not fully familiar with Israel is welcome to join this tour. El Al – Did you ever dream to be an El Al pilot?! This one is for you! You’ll fly to many El Al destinations. Additional tours will be published during the year, we will be more than happy to get comments via email. Learn more Events: We hope that you enjoyed our big events that we had in the last two months… On January we will have a double event in cooperation with the IVAO Greece division, An “Air Bridge” event from Ben Gurion airport to Heraklion airport and back. Additionally we will have a route for GA planes with a stop in Cyprus. The first leg will be on January 20th (Ben Gurion to Heraklion for airliners and Ben Gurion to Paphos for GA). The second leg will be on January 27th (Heraklion to Ben Gurion for airliners and Paphos to Heraklion for GA). Stay updated, there are more events on the way (Schiphol Air Bridge etc.).

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Eden Banim IL-EC & IL-ADIR


The IVAO Israel division HQ is looking for new people to fill key roles in the division, people that will help develop and improve the division and mainly – continue its growth. “Tenders” will be opened soon and an announcement will be posted on the divisional Facebook page, the divisional website etc.. at least 3 tenders are expected to be opened; the minimal requirements from the candidates will be posted in the tender. The minimal requirement from all divisional staff members are to be at least 18 years old (exceptions can be made), with PP or ADC rank, being an active member for at least 4 months in the division, and having an interview with the division HQ. Keep updating.

Virtual Flight School – VFS, virtual flight school that operates within IVAO network will publish from time to time in the newsletter some news about its activity. In the school most of the division’s pilot was trained, and the division’s entire pilot who didn’t train there are more than welcome to come, learn and improve in one of the courses! The school operates a large scale of courses: Private pilot course, Instrument course, Military flight course, ATPL course and many more. The school operates with cooperation with the IVAO Israel Training department and will help every pilot to improve and learn, and even prepare you to your IVAO flight exams. For the January 2014 issue we would like to update you with the following things: Congratulation to the entire 58th private pilot course that passed the traffic pattern solo flight, especially to the excelling student, Shalom. In these days they are on the finale of the course and preparing for the final navigation solo flight, we will wish them best of luck on their theoretical exam and final solo flight. The 59th private pilot course will be opened soon, and you are welcome to update on the VFS website. The 8th ultralight course passed their exams lately, congratulations to all the ones who passed, especially to Amit (436455) and Ben (434467) who exceled! Also, the VFS TeamSpeak server (that hosts IVAO Israel as well), has a new rules and regulations, you are requested to read it on (link). See you in the sky, Ziv Abutbul – PPL (CVFR) course director in VFS.

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All the background pictures were taken by Shaked Zuchovichky (390936) Copyrights © All Rights Reserved

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1st Issue - January 2014 ENG  
1st Issue - January 2014 ENG