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EDITORIAL LEARNING IS NECESSARY & ISSN CODE We can’t stop reading new books and magazines. It is our nature to learn even more, always. So this month VS is dedicated to training. We have the Training Departement and the users writing about the importance of the exams, and telling everyone that they must do the exams. IVAO follows the As Real As It Gets principle, so like Real Life, you should study, a lot! I am doing my part: I love the training system from Great Britain / Ireland, at their site, and I’ve already restarted my studies to obtain my GCA there. VS is in favor of expanding the exam’s doctrine, and allow helicopter at PP exams (but only for PP) as will probably see something next edition. And you? Yes, you! What are you waiting for? Come, do the exams, and learn a lot. Don’t be afraid, all examiners had this same apprehension before. And believe me: the more you learn, more fun you will have. Be welcome to our 16th Virtual Sky edition, let’s learn a bit more about IVAO? Last but not less important, VS now have a International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), what means that the magazine can be listed at international list of publications, and be proper mentioned on cientific papers.

Fernando Hippólyto Virtual Sky editor Magazine Team Manager MTL Designer [219971]


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Publisher International Virtual Aviation Organization (IVAO) VZW Editor Fernando Hippólyto (219971) Text revisor Stephen Howarth (305511) John Swaney (449737) Fares Belkhiria (384422) Layout and design Fernando Hippólyto (219971) Front cover picture Vincent Bazillio (138779) Back cover picture David Herrera Lopez (341225) IVAO website Logo designers Stephen Howarth (305511) Splendor Bouman (155904) Disclaimer Any information, suggestions or illustrations published in this magazine are exclusively for use with computer flight simulator. All views expressed in this magazine are the views of respective authors. The publisher does not accept any responsibility for those views. Copyright None of the information in this magazine may be reproduced in any form without prior permission from the publisher. Contact




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NOTAM THE FUTURE OF IVAO Dear IVAO Member, It is because of you that we are the number one flight simulation network with over 25,000 active users composing 62 divisions across 6 continents all using the same specialized servers and systems which are the key in providing the network that we all use and enjoy. As IVAO continues to grow, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of our server network with regular upgrades ensuring network availability and stability for all who enjoy our services. Historically, we relied on donated servers to complete our infrastructure, however, to ensure stability, control, and scalability of the network, we have consolidated our hardware and services into owned servers. Obviously, this is a huge investment in order to achieve our goals and much of this funding is obtained from the generous donations made by our members like you who help fund these day-to-day expenses. IVAO is, and always will be, free of charge to all members, however, to continue with our expansion plans going forward, we need your help with donations. Every donation, regardless of amount, makes a huge difference to our organization whether it be for servers or to help present our network to the world in the form of public relations events. Any amount you feel comfortable with donating to our organization is incredibly helpful and generous. Please visit and help us keep our status as the number one online virtual aviation network. Best Regards

Eric Olson NPO PRESIDENT [101031]


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SENIOR STAFF LOGISTICS The Department The Logistics Department is responsible for the technical infrastructure of the IVAO systems. But what does that mean? Well, as a team we are working to keep all websites running, keep the network running, provide tools, network data and support to the divisions and virtual airlines and help the users with technical issues when using the network. For instance, did you know we are maintaining more than 40 websites? To keep all those systems operational we now have about 15 servers running distributed around several countries, providers and datacenters. All to give you the best possible experience when using the network! Refresh Project Over the last years we’ve been working on the refresh project. Originally the users sponsored almost all of the servers used by the department. Although we are very gratefull for the commitment of these users it did sometimes cause problems with availability, maintenance and capacity. After considering areas for improvement for the stability of the network a budget was made available to the department to be able to rent own servers. After carefull planning a migration path was created and with more than a full year of work behind us we can now finally say the last sponsored server is out of service since

donations all the essential network services are now running on servers fully managed by the department. A big step forward for IVAO! Global Network Servers The global distribution of all IVAO users has always been top of mind in the design decisions made by the Logistics team. In an attempt to further improve the network experience a test with more globally distributed network servers was conducted last year, in the form of a North America server. This test has been running for several months on the operational network and was used to gather statistics and more insight in the operational impact of a globally distributed network. At the end of the test the results were analyzed. Although we know that having network servers in different continents feels like an improvement for the users, we have to conclude that the actual experience is in fact worse. This is due to the way the different servers are prefered in the network clients (IvAp / IvAc). Therefore it was decided not to continue this server at this time and to keep the network servers close to each other instead. That’s why at the moment there are only EUxx network servers in use. Rest assured we will keep thinking about ways to improve the network experience for all our users.

Thijs Houtenbos Logistics Director Software Developer [346186]

June this year. This means that thanks to user NOVEMBER 2015

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TRAINING TRAINING DOCUMENTATION With the ranking system, we have exams which give to every IVAO member the opportunity to go forward inside our ranking system. Each exam requires particular knowledge whether for theoretical part or practical part. Starting the year 2008, IVAO training department had created brefing documents for candidates and examiner guidelines for each rank, work initiated by Hervé Sors (TAD) and Michael Hansohm (TD) and their team with the testing division training staff help. These guidelines have never been done with such detailed work and, it was a great progress for candidates to know all about the tasks to be performed and the minimum requirements for each exam. With this briefing, we got a great progress but, a new member is lost about the amount of documentation available on the internet and it is very difficult to find the answers with the right regulation in order to work IVAO theoretical program alone. Starting in 2012, after some different tries (IVAO Academy, IVAO books), in order to replace old and outdated instruction pack created in 2001, a new training documentation database was started initiated by Erwan L’Hotellier (TDM). For a new training documentation database, the goal is: - Offering to our members the best and easy to read documentation for their theoretical and practical exams Offering to our members documentation sorted in different subject covering IVAO main activities (not limited to training) - Offering to our members free documentation in unique format, downloadable and compatible with all Operating systems.


Virtual Sky


Then, the strategy chosen by training department during the end of the year 2012 is: - Writing short articles covering each one subject, in order to publish each of them when it is ready. - PDF has been chosen as the unique format and it is compatible with many free readers available for all operating systems. - Create a global program covering all ATC and pilot exams - Documentation can be displayed by rank - Documentation can be displayed by chapters covering all ranks The strategy to publish a small document when it is ready was chosen to break the long waiting time of a complete work which trend to frustrate all members due to a long time with no information. Today in a period of near 3 years, we publish 180 different documents in 29 categories/subjects. The total documentation offer planned today is 205. (This means that we release at training department 5 documentations per month since 3 years.) The future : We need to finish our plan with the 15 remaining documentations and work on higher ranks to create new documentations. If you want to find the whole training documentation please use this link which gather at the same place all documents from all IVAO ranks. documentation/index.php?section=all_ ranks If you are motivated, training department is always recruiting highly motivated and high skilled writers.

Erwan L’ Hotellier

Training Documentation Manager Senior Training Advisor Software Technical Advisor Development Operations Support [150259]

TRAINING THE IMPORTANCE OF IVAO’S EXAMS IVAO is a network where users can enjoy the beauty of high-level simulation of aeronautical life from both points of view: Air Traffic Controller and Pilot. In order to enhance the quality of the service provided, and to increase personal skills and knowledge, a full Training Department is there to provide documents, materials and, of course, examinations. The exams can be seen by the users as a definite help to increase their personal aeronautical knowledge and to achieve, in case of ATC, the chance to open higher positions on the network. No tests are mandatory on the network at any level, although some restrictions, particularly for ATCs, can apply. Users are free to decide whether they want to take an exam and when. This exam, once successfully approved, grants to the user the equivalent “rating” which is displayed on his personal page on the network. There are, as mentioned, two types of rating: Pilots and ATCs. For easier recognition, we can divide those ratings in three sub-categories. They are: Basic ratings; Intermediate ratings; and Instructor ratings. The basic ratings are three and starts with the initial one the user gets at the moment of the enrollment to the network. With the increasing hours and a theoretical exam (Multiple choice questions) on the respective software used on the network (IVAP for pilots, IVAC for ATCs), It is possible to achieve the highest rating in the basic category which is “Advanced ATC Trainee – AS3” for ATC, and “Advanced Flight Student – FS3” for pilots. With the increasing experience and knowledge, the user can test himself in a more demanding exams in order to start his career in the high level ratings on the network. All these tests are made

by a theoretical exams (Multiple choice questions) and a practical exam. For ATCs, the latter is made on different positions in order to test the ability of the examenee to manage correctly a normal amount of traffics with some abnormal situations, whilst for pilots, all practical exams are done with requesting a flight between two airports under different rules (IFR and/or VFR) and with different type of aircrafts. The maximum level that can be achieved, and that will grant a position in the top quality pilot and ATC on the network is “Senior Controller” for ATC, and “Airline Transport Pilot” for pilot. The last, but not least, to mention is the instructor rating that is given by the Training Director and Assistant Director on a special and “on need” basis to those users who are involved in daily training management especially in divisional and Senior staff level. Worth to mention, that although there are some basics requirements in terms of hours and tasks required to be able to take a particular test, divisions are free to add some more specific requirements for their users. This was deemed necessary in order to consider the special needs of some divisions with different rules of the air. “As Real As It Gests” (ARAIG), not everywhere the same rules apply; thus the same happen on IVAO. As a general conclusion to this brief introduction to IVAO ratings, is important to mention that the main ratio behind exams on IVAO, is not the one to try an exam just for the sake to have an higher rating shown on the profile, but rather to take this as an opportunity to increase his level of knowledge and skills.

Niccolò Melchionne Senior Training Advisor Training Advisor - Italy [147676]


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SPIRIT OF IVAO HOW TO CREATE A VIRTUAL AIRLINE (VA) Do you want to create a VA/SOG? So there are a few steps you can take from zero to a VA that worth mention. The first question is: does this VA really need to exist? The second is: are you ready for the HUGE amount of work you will have? If you answer “YES” to both questions, this is a short briefing of what you should do. The first, and more obvious step, is to read the R&R: Hereafter you (or who will be the CEO) needs to be PP or ADC rating, you need to create one site in a own domain (can’t be a free). The VA site must have some parts in English, and you need to get 10 voluntary pilots. With all this, you (the CEO) will fill the registration form, and after a few days you will receive the registration confirmation. Done! The easy part is done. Observe that a VA must flow - for week - 2x pilots/hours. That means, if you have 10 pilots at VA, each week the VA must count 20 flight hours (10 x 2); if you have 100 pilots, it will be 200 flight hours (100 x 2) per week. All flights must be with VA 3 letter code! If your VA do not fulfil these requirements, it will lose the registration. Remember: Some pilots have real life duties and won’t fly their 2h/week, so other pilots will need to fly even more hours. The VA staff must verify this hour count regularly. This rule is extremely important, but only for VA (SOG has other rules). Now you need to access VA System and register all your pilots. For a SOG this use to be enough, but for a VA you need now an ACARS system. Usually first you install the PhpVMS at your site, and after it you need to create on it all routes / flight codes / aircraft / all other pertinent information for you pilots fly. Use this step to define your staff. You can’t stop there. It is important to have a group at googlegroups (or any similar service), that you can use to redistribute emails, NOTAM, etc., for your pilots. But this system, by itself, it is not the only way to communicate, after all you need to keep record from all did and decided. This registry can be done at your site, but the idea is to create a forum (the most common is to use phpBB), because this makes it easier to catalog information, and to allow to pilots post and ask things. And the voice communication? You can request a channel inside IVAO TS2 CC server, but this cause some problems when the pilots enters a controlled zone and need to change frequency to ATC. So the best solution uses to be the creation of a TS3 server, separated from IVAO TS2. Now you need to think on your VA pilot’s career: How many hours a pilot must have to change to aircraft A or B or C? And to be promoted? And which are the other requirements. And now define will be your VA’s aircraft and how pilots should download it.

10 Virtual



SPIRIT OF IVAO Did you create your VA email? At least you created the basic to your VA be operative. And always remember the requirement of “2x pilots / weekly flight hours”. The strange logic: now you have costs (to maintain domain, server, ACARS, TS3, buying some aircraft, etc.) but you can not charge anything from your pilots! And while this, always remember the “2x Pilots / Hours / Week” rule. If you are creating the VA of a real life company, ask the company permission to create the VA with their name, or else you may face a legal suit. Remember to post on your mail that VA are non-profit organization. After all this, comes the “cosmetic” part: you need to create the aircraft liveries (paintings). Here is important to use standardized planes - you paint them only once, and send the livery to every pilot. If you want to create a new painting, you need to find the paintkit and a proper image editor. A few list: Adobe Photoshop, Abacus FS Repaint v2, Gimp (freeware), ModelConverterX (freeware) or other. You may need DXTBmp (freeware) to convert liveries to DXT1 format. Take advantage from all work you had, and prepare the livery to MTL; see the MTL FAQ here: http:// And remember! “2x Pilots / Hours / Week”! After all you don’t want to have all this work and get your VA cancelled. To close your job, you can create special hangars to your VA’s aircrafts, as it happens at real world. I prefer the 3DS Max (due Lookheed Martin Prepar3D’s SDK plugins), but you can use GMax (freeware, with tons of tutorials at YouTube). To get these structures to Flight Simulator, you can use FSX/Prepar3D SDK (freeware both) or Airport Design Editor (ADE, best software in my personal view). If you want to create photo-scenery, use the SBuilderX. Remember to always see FSDeveloper forum and YouTube: they will help you a lot. And remember again: “2x Pilots / Hours / Week”!!! This is a little brief of what you should to. And - AFTER ALL I WROTE - if you ask me “It is a lot of work. Does it worth it?” I will gladly answer you, after creating a SOG: Creating a VA/SOG worth every second expend! And remember: Do not modify any aircraft / scenery without author’s written permission. If you are new at this VA world, start with a small virtual (not based on real life) company, motivate people, ask their help. Without doubts, the success is to persist. Get know-how creating a small company (to learn) and, if you can take it further, try a bigger one. I wish you all happy flights and happy VA!

Fernando Hippólyto

Founder, and former CEO, of Virtual Brazilian Coast Guard (GCB) - Magazine Team Manager MTL Designer [219971]


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IVAO NUMBERS (until November 1st)

IVAO Belgium is currently going through some major changes. We are hard at work at what we call internally, IVAO BE 2.0. Let me talk to you about some of the more important tasks we’re working on. IVAO Belgium is hard at work for a new website, which is more comprehensive and accessible. Next to the website we are reforming our Events Department. We are striving for at least one unique event per month, stepping away from the classical air bridges and our main national airport. The regional airports will have a chance to show their charm too. Our training department is doing their best to keep up with the training and exam requests. In the meantime the complete Staff is busy with creating new documents and procedures which are intended to help new members feel more comfortable and can easily find their way throughout the network. Last but not least we intend to bring ourselves closer to our members. We have created our Division Support Team in which regular members can help us out with their skills and ideas. We are also hard at work to organise several real life meeting opportunities with our members to close the gap between staff and members and involve them in the division. That’s in a nutshell what’s going on in IVAO Belgium. If you want to know more, follow our forum and social media. In name of the complete Belgian Staff,

Jessy Stas

Active members Pilots: 24,443 Students: 20,763 PP: 2,212 SPP: 762 CP: 634 Higher: 72

ATC: 15,400 Students: 13,230 ADC: 1,244 APC: 510 ACC: 375 Higher: 41

Multiplayer Traffic Library Current Available: 6,403 liveries

2015 updates (until november 1st) Liveries added: 450

Director - Belgium Special Operations Coordinator Belgium

Liveries updated: 90


New aircraft: 15

Liveries deleted: 87


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THE BEST OF IVAO: THE USERS! HOW WAS YOUR FIRST PP/ADC EXAM? Many moons ago, ADC exams were called C1 exams! IVAO was different during that time: few users, little traffic, no training - just exams available. During that time (nearly 14 years ago) I was used to sitting several hours on a local airport in Germany with no traffic, and was extremely happy if during a 4 hours session, 2 pilots arrived. The responsible FIR-CH recognized that and somehow “forced” - or let’s say convinced - me to do the C1 exam. So after some persuasion, I did the theoretical thing, passed it on the second attempt and thought the practical part would be more easy, as I was used to the very low traffic situation. When the exam started, I was nervous but that was gone after a few minutes, as there was only one aircraft. But suddenly some flightstrips appeared in the ProController software and they indicated 5 inbound traffic approaching at the same time. I was shaking due to flurry, but did my “job” and issued one clearance after each other and at the end, already 2,5 hours had passed and the examiner told me to close the connection and to join a different channel for debriefing. I was worried, because I recognized several mistakes I had made, and I still remember the words of the examiner as it would have been yesterday: “Do you agree with 79 points?” As I knew 75 were required to pass, I of course replied “yes”. He complemented me and the exam was done. Max Schmidt

Executive Assistant Director - Germany [115243]

I recently took my PP exam. I was nervous for about a week before, and had considered cancelling the test. In addition, I had confused UTC time and had to reschedule, making me feel like a real idiot right from the start. The examiner was kind, but professional. There were one or two questions where I had to say “I just don’t know” and he explained the answers for me, so I probably should have studied a bit better. I could have flown better if I hadn’t been so nervous, but in the end it worked out OK and I passed. After that, I was glad that I had stuck to it and taken the test. Christopher Barnes [492959]

14 Virtual



MONTHLY INQUIRY I’ve been flying for quite some years now, but only recently I took my PP exam. The actual exam was long and pretty nervwrecking. The reason? I was overprepared. I failed to trust my excelent training I received training with the (free) virtual flight academy. Guys who spend their time and talent to teach guys like me really well. Nevertheless I still overprepared for the PP and during the flight I checked and doubblechecked everything.What I should have done was trust the guidance and training I had before. So 4 grueling hours later I was done and passed. Thanks Joeri for your patience and great teaching. We train now for SPP. To be continued. Dennis Boetes [320231]

So at my ADC and PP exams I was so nervous, it was very important to me to be rated with it both ratings, because I knew that if I pass I was moving to a new level! It stop when the exam starts, tasks to do, airplanes to fly, instructions to comply, traffic to control, and I only restarted thinking about it when the examiner said: “It is finished”. Anyway for me the best thing I can hear in an exam is “It is a sucess”, I think that everyone who requests an exam dreams with these words from the examiner. It is also a passport to new exams, new knowledges and new experiences. Keep up that spirit! João Saloio [421625]

I recently took my PP after one month of preparation and two trainings. I was nervous at first but the exam went well with marginal errors and the examiner was very nice and quite! Now , I’m preapring my ADC exam and I hope to pass in the next months. See you on the frequency! Ilyes Sayad [446214]


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David Herrera Lopez 341225

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Guillaume Bourienne 420946


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United Kingdom & Ireland Division

The United Kingdom is an island of the northwestern coast of the European mainland. The UK consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Back in 2014, IVAO Ireland merged with IVAO United Kingdom to create the division as it is today. This consists of the island of Ireland lying of the western coast of Great Britain. For flying the United Kingdom and Ireland offer numerous opportunities with mass international links from the large airports in the south, to great scenery and mountainous terrain in the north. This makes it ideal for the IFR or VFR pilot. Along with the mainland’s, the coastal islands offer great flying experiences such as: The Isle of Harris, Isle of Man, Aran Islands, Isle of Wight… to name a few.

Tours The United Kingdom and Ireland have numerous tours that allow you to experience the countries. We have both VFR and IFR tours all over the division’s area.

Destination Guide London Stansted (EGSS) London Stansted is one of the more popular airports in the United Kingdom for Air Traffic Control, so it is rare to see it unoccupied. It is one of our training airports for both AD and AP rating. ICAO: EGSS Runways: 22/04 – 3,049metres Elevation: 348ft IFR: Yes VFR: Yes ILS: CAT II London Heathrow (EGLL) London Heathrow is the busiest airport in Europe and fifth in the world, making this a major international airport for cargo and passenger flights. This is also home of our annual RFE. ICAO: EGLL Runways: 09L/27R – 3,902metres 09R/27L – 3,660metres Elevation: 83ft IFR: Yes VFR: No ILS: CAT II Dublin (EIDW)

Annually, the United Kingdom and Ireland division host their very popular Real Life Event, “The Real Heathrow”. In 2016 we are doing something different. Instead of the normal 6 hours, we will be controlling from our vACC in Milton Keynes for 12 hours! We expect this to be our biggest event in history with a large amount of pilots flocking to Heathrow and controllers in a real life location! For more information visit the IVAO GB & IE forums.

20 Virtual



Dublin is an international airport to the east coast of Ireland. It has numerous European routes from it and is hub to popular airlines such as: Aer Lingus and Ryanair. ICAO: EIDW Runways: 10/28 – 2,637metres 16/34 – 2,072metres Elevation: 242ft IFR: Yes VFR: Yes ILS: CAT I & II


NOVEMBER 2015 Sunday










































[TR] Real Flight Event Istanbul Melbourne Cup Fly In [AR+BR+CL] Argentina Division Day

[AU+ID] Indonesia and Australia Airbridge [HK] Checkerboard Challenge

[BR] Proclamação da República [DE+IT] Cargo Event 2015 [XN] The Nordic Heavy Event

[PL] Warsaw Overload

[AE] Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix [BR+SN] Atlantic Crossing

[GR] Hellas online day [AT] Austrian Division Onlineday

[AT] Austrian Division Onlineday [GR] Hellas online day

[GR] Hellas online day [AT] Austrian Division Onlineday

[GR] Hellas online day [AT] Austrian Division Onlineday

[GR] Hellas online day [AT] Austrian Division Onlineday

[ES] Spanish Online Day [HU] Online evening [RO] Romania Online Evening [DE] German Onlineday [CZ] Czech Online Tuesday [NL] Netherlands Online Evening [03NOV] 19z-22z | [NL + GB/ IE] Airbridge Rotterdam Edinburgh [FR] French Online Day [ES] Spanish Online Day [HU] Online evening [RO] Romania Online Evening [DE] German Onlineday [CZ] Czech Online Tuesday [NL] Netherlands Online Evening [ES] French Online Day

[ES] Spanish Online Day [HU] Online evening [RO] Romania Online Evening [DE] German Onlineday [CZ] Czech Online Tuesday [NL] Netherlands Online Evening [FR] French Online Day [ES] Spanish Online Day [RO] Romania Online Evening [HU] Online evening [DE] German Onlineday [CZ] Czech Online Tuesday [NL] Netherlands Online Evening [FR] French Online Day

[GR] Hellas online day [AT] Austrian Division Onlineday

[XN] The Northern Online Day

[XN] The Northern Online Day

[TH] Loy Krathong Day Celebrations [XN] The Northern Online Day

[RU] Russian Online Day [RO+HU] Bucharest - Sármellék AirBridge

[RU] Russian Online Day [RO+HU] Sármellék - Bucharest AirBridge

[RU] Russian Online Day

[RU] Russian Online Day


[ID] RFE Hasanuddin 2015 [AE] Emirates Online Evening [DZ] Algerian Online Day [NC] New Caledonia Online Day

[CZ] LKAA FIR 30HRS ONLINE 2015 [AE] Emirates Online Evening [DZ] Algerian Online Day [NC] New Caledonia Online Day

[AE] Emirates Online Evening [DZ] Algerian Online Day [NC] New Caledonia Online Day

[AE] Emirates Online Evening [DZ] Algerian Online Day [NC] New Caledonia Online Day

[NRJ Music Awards 2015 ! [RU+AE] Airbridge URMM - OMDB [DZ] IVAO ALGERIA SPEAK ENGLISH Israel Online Day [HQ+XA] North America Region Opening Airbridge - CYYZ<->KJFK [EG] Egypt Online Day [CL] Chile Online Day

[CZ] LKAA FIR 30HRS ONLINE 2015 [IL] Israel Online Day [DZ] IVAO ALGERIA SPEAK ENGLISH [ES] 85th Anniversary of first flight Peninsula Islas Canarias [EG] Egypt Online Day [CL] Chile Online Day [DZ] IVAO ALGERIA SPEAK ENGLISH [IL] Israel Online Day [EG] Egypt Online Day [CL] Chile Online Day

[DZ] IVAO ALGERIA SPEAK ENGLISH [IL] Israel Online Day [EG] Egypt Online Day [CL] Chile Online Day

Virtual Sky 21

Photo of the month

Enjoy the Bahamas from a Cessna 172

Vincent Bazillio 138779

DEMISTIFYING SPECIAL OPS SO EVENT: DESERT STRIKE “FALCON01 tally on target, 2 tanks”. I have just taken off from Holloman Afb, US for the air-to-ground event over the New Mexico desert called: Desert Strike. The goal of the event is to train air-to-ground (A-G) operations at the White Sands Missile Range. It is one of the biggest bombing ranges in the world, which includes a fake airfield to train for large scale A-G operations. “FALCON01 IN”. I’ve just told the Joint Terminal Attack Controller on the ground I’ve past my initial point for an A-G attack on 2 tanks. This is an emergency ‘close air support’ mission to help simulated troops in contact. “FALCON01,cleared hot! FALCON01, GBUs away”. My JTAC just told me to drop my laser guided bombs, which I did. “FALCON01, good hit, targets destroyed”. The ‘Desert Strike’ event was organised by HQ SOD to demonstrate the new possibilities for SO events since the new SO Directive was implemented at the beginning of this year. The scenery created by HQ SOD, contained over 200 objects divided over 2 bombing ranges. The SO Directive provides the SO community with the necessary tools to fly their military aircraft the way they are meant to be flown. It gives people the ability to utilize their weapons, radar and avionics addons to their fullest potential. Rather than having to stick to pretty standard missions like intercepts, escorts, search and rescue etc, people are now able to take Special Operations to the next level to provide a challenging and above all fun environment for people to enjoy IVAO to its fullest. The SO Directive opened the door for organising event like air-toair operations, dogfights, air-to-ground operations etc. As with any IVAO SO event,

24 Virtual



teamwork, spirit and respect are the key words for all pilots and ATC participating. Above mentioned type of events fall under so called ‘category B events’. Though it is now possible for SO staff to organise Cat B events, a very strict set of rules will need to be adhered to. Any member or Special Operation Group (SO variant of a VA) flying on the network on any given day, are not permitted to perform these Cat B exercises. Cat B operations are only permitted to be excuted during HQ SOD approved events, in a segregated training area away from civillian traffic. The only targets should be military targets (like old, rusty tanks). No civillian targets are permitted. The goal for such events is to provide all SO pilots with a more realistic and fun experience on the network. The goal is not to simulate any (act of) war or acts of agression. It has been a long lost wish by most SO pilots to be able to utilize their aircraft the way they are meant to be flown. SO pilots have proven in the past that they are capable of handling this responsibility well. The atmosphere and spirit are absolutely fabulous, so if you’re looking for a very fun and great atmosphere with lots of interaction with likeminded pilots and ATC, be sure not to miss the next SO events!

Fabian de Jong

Special Operations Assistant Director Special Operations Coordinator – The Netherlands Training Advisor – The Netherlands [406776]

GENERAL AVIATION FROM FS TO PP: THE EXAM Everyone has ever asked the question, what is expected from the pilot at PP. Any pilot who wants to achieve this rank, should be able to know and meet a few basic requirements. They include the right of communication on the frequency, how to obtain clearance, move on the airport runways, movement in the air, solving nonstandard situations and behavior in case of emergency. At the same time for it to be possible given the practical part of the exam to take, it needs to have at least 50 hours, and successfully pass a theory test, which consists of features IvAp knowledge and skills of flying. And how to be best prepared for the exam? The most important point of the test is properly mastered pre-flight preparation. The main stumbling block is the small amount of hours flyed on a specific aircraft type. In case that a suitable aircraft type is selected by pilot, it may begin to entertain itself issue flight. The first step in flight planning should be a right choice of airports when examinee can choose the airport and it’s not given by examiner. It’s good to go from the airport to which we are well known and also meet the requirements for compliance exam. The next step is to plan the routes flown to / from the airport. In any case, it is necessary study maps of the airport and get familiar with its specifics. It needs to rethink the activity carried out in the airport area. The choice we have several options such as circuit flights, exit and entrances to the airport (ATZ, CTR), the activity of the prohibited areas. It is also necessary to find out what the designated areas are activated, or whether they occur along your planned route areas prohibited to prevent their accidental disruption during the test. It is also a good idea to find out whether around the track are radio navigation aids such as VOR and next. The exam part is also fly radial to the equipment. During the initial

flight from the airport to the destination is examinee asked on additional questions. In the second half of the test flight to the final destination can be expected that the examiner will test that the examinee can solve unusual situation. After landing at the airport is debriefing, where examiner discuss with examinee all his mistakes and thinks which was good during whole exam and inform examinee about result. The minimum percentage to pass is 75%, otherwise the test fail. During flight may by situation when is very serious mistake done. This is called Auto Fail. It means, exam is imidietly stopped and declared as fail. Throughout the entire preparation and testing, it is important to take care in particular: Setting transponders, switch the transponder to Mode C, correctly set the altimeter according to QNH, not to be confused temperature and dew point, decoding METAR, taxiing instructions given by ATC, correct position reports in the circuit, timely reporting of entry / exit to the CTR, watch your height (in particular circuit) know the minimum conditions for VFR flight Certainly, it’s good look at: IvAp manual, airspace clasifications, airport maps, communication rules, decoding (METAR / TAF), basic Q-codes (QNH, QDR, QBI, ... QFE), fly testing VFR flight There is lot of programs for flight planning such as PFPX, Plan-G or older procedure for today which is mean ICAO map, ruler, pencil and calculator. As you can see on the exam grade PP it is not entirely trivial, but certainly not the most difficult. Get this rank is one step toward a career of virtual airline transport pilot. So do not be afraid and try to fold it! I wish a good luck to you all!

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Virtual Sky 25

VA HANGAR HOW EASY IS IT TO MAINTAIN A VA? the moment in our VA I custom validation Interesting question, many

PIREPs in the two systems (ACARS and

people think it is quite easy

VA system) and I deal with IVAO relations

to manage a virtual airline. I

besides coordinating my fellow team.

have to say that through my

Obviously we all meet quite often,

experience I learned that this is not true.

on average once a week mostly to solve

Almost every day I have to spend some

problems, make important decisions or to

time to check that everything is in order

collect proposals. Like any “machine”, the

and that everything keeps on; moreover,

VA’s needs to be constantly oiled so that

of course we have lots of meetings

everything works best, but there is always

throughout the month.

something to tweak, edit, address user’s

I think two things are essential to make this work: a good team and organized

needs, but above all you always need to work in order to improve.

work. A good team is essential for many

The fundamental Part of a VA is that

reasons: the most important is the

virtual airline pilots enjoy themselves as

possibility to delegate to a colleague as this

much as possible, and it also depends on

greatly reduces the work of each person

the technical side. I have to say also that

and everyone is an expert in his task, but

this work can give many satisfactions,

especially the social side as well as we work

visiting the web page or seeing on the

also talking on Skype or see us sometimes

webeye your VA pilots makes you proud,

to have a drink or do some spotting.

because you think that this is also thanks

Organization is also important, it is not

to you.

productive to be in charge of the same,

All considered, I think that all these

everyone carries his task and so you avoid

“tasks” would be only sheer work if you

double work or bad results. In our virtual

wouldn’t do it with so much passion, which

airline we have over 80 pilots with a daily

is what keeps us moving in our airline and

average of seven flights, this means having

connect every day to feed our dedication

to stay up to date with everything.

and love for Aeronautics.

Today the team consists of seven people: an operation manager and his assistant, a pilot manager, an web manager and finally one in charge of events and social media, besides myself and my assistant. At

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Virtual Sky - 16th issue  

IVAO Virtual Sky magazine - 16th issue - NOV2015

Virtual Sky - 16th issue  

IVAO Virtual Sky magazine - 16th issue - NOV2015

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