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… Oriol, the patience and accuracy of the team, who from hundreds of kilometers away, sent me a mail with an impactful message: “Do you still believe in me?”. It was the first time someone who I’m getting to know with asks me this question. Here comes the impact. …Anna, the constancy and effectiveness, who after a challenging meeting with a partner, stated “I would have been wrong if I had not applied for being part of this team. This experience is helping me to find answers to deep personal questions”. I was only looking for an OCVP meaningful experience. Objective fulfilled. …Clara, the positivism and transparency, who during an OC Meeting realized that she was making things happen. It was not about words and utopias; it was about her contribution, growth and experience. …Sheila, the voice of the inspiration and commitment, who decided to give all her passion and effort to put the words into images. Now it’s time to put her personal dreams into action plans, since I think she has already realized she is unstoppable.

…Miguel, the most energetic person in the team. He spent some weeks abroad and when he was back noticed that many things had changed. It was not about the progress and process; it was about the team bonding and team culture. …Carlos, one of the most professional, ambitious and interesting youngsters I have ever met, who asked me, “Ivan, why did you decide to apply for the OC if you had already lived such a life-changing experience within AIESEC?”.

And the response is such easy as YOU. All these MAKERS! already mentioned had an impact on me. I think we should not only focus on leadership, development or . I consider we should talk about integrity. We cannot talk about responsibility towards the society if we don’t talk about ourselves, if we don’t talk about the selfresponsibility. Dear delegate of KICK OFF Barcelona 2013, make sure you have an impact on the society, make sure your own contribution and experience is more than worth it, but at the same time make sure you live your own life with integrity. Is what you say, think, feel and believe in totally aligned with what you do? At the end it’s all about being a better person. This is, in my opinion, the most real way to make an impact. I encourage you to WAVE YOU UP and I wish you a full of meaning AIESEC journey. A big and warm hug; Ivan Sánchez, OCP

Waves pass by and never come back. Waves are all unique and different, like every person in the world. Waves remove problems, shake minds, bring new challenges. Souls are the waves which make the individual improve and move forward. We should become aware of the amount of energy we’ve got‌ the amount of energy we ARE.

Wave is movement, and move is change. A single wave cannot make the difference, but if it’s joined together with more tiny waves, it can become something bigger, something outstanding and something to follow.

Imagine the walk the wave makes. A lot of force, moving and changing its environment, up to a point in which it crashes into a rock and dies. We are born to die, but also to change our society, to move it and to enhace it to reach higher targets. As waves, we are changemakers.

Wave you up is movement, it’s the energy you have to have in every single moment. The energy to take every opportunity life gives us. Waves are also the Mediterranean sea, the identity that forms part of us and gives us some unique characteristics of which we have to be proud of. Waves are us, are like a way that we should follow, waves are life.

Wave you up is more tan the movement. It’s the people around you, with whom you’ve grown preparing everything. With whom you’ve fallen but with whom you’ve stand up. Waves are the movement, but also the people who make that movement feasible.

Waves are the movement that sustain ourselves; waves are like the engine that promotes our craziest targets; wave is opportunity, opportunity to change, to discover, to experience… AIESEC is the wave.

ESCI (Escola Superior de Comerรง Internacional) is a well equipped business school, located in the centre of Barcelona, being so well communicated.

With nearly 500

students between degrees and masters, this new institution is becoming an important centre for innovation and entrepreneurship in Barcelona.

Alberg Centre Esplai is placed at El Prat de Llobregat and makes available modern for conducting seminars, meetings and conferences.


The Mediterranean and organic cuisine, the modern accomodation and the open space are clear traits of the Mediterranean tradition. This hostel has 280 places available shared in 74 rooms. All these rooms are supplied with a

bathroom, a balcony, free WiFi connection and natural light. Also, there are work rooms provided with high-speed Internet and projectors to make easier the congress; and a beautiful garden to relax yourself.

The OC Team is going to provide you with the transport means needed to reach ALBERG CENTRE ESPLAI from ESCI.

* MEDITERRANEAN VILLAGE Share your traditional dishes and customes with the LCs!

- Bellaterra (Morocco)

- Zaragoza (Turkey)

- Sevilla (France)

- A Coruña (Syria)

- Madrid (Italy)

- Valencia (Israel)

- URL (Greece)

- Málaga (Egypt)

- Bilbao (Malta)

- Granada (Tunisia)

- Valladolid (Cyprus)

- Pompeu Fabra (Libya)

If you had any doubt about the food or customes of each country, please, ask us :)

* KICK OFF OLYMPIC GAMES Show your best skills to be the number 1!!

Price per person: 1€

* WHITE PARTY The most famous party of Ibiza has arrived to AIESEC!!! White clothes are mandatory!

Special DJs, private photographer, cocktails and many more surprises are waiting for you‌

Your traditional customes and dishes from your Mediterranean country.

Money for events (There will be cocktails and beers).

Movitation and energy!

Towels and bed sheets (if not, you will have to pay 2’95€ for it).

Willingness to enjoy learning!

For any doubt or clarification, contact the OC team:

Delegate Booklet  
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