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Volume 1 Health It’s All About Consciousness Based on the book ‘Health It’s All About Consciousness’ published by Namaste Publishing 2010 www.namastepublishing.com

Concept, design, production by Ivan Rados ABOUT Ivan Rados ’Ivan Rados’ ‘Awakening Calls’ or ‘Thoughtless Thoughts’ are the invitation from timeless truth that can radically transform our perception, understanding, and our way of being in the world. We are all experiencing chasm between our humanity and our divinity, as though the lower and higher self were divided through constant struggle into two separate pieces. The Awakening Calls can help sew our two selves back to Oneness, and reawaken us to that which we already are. It is just a matter of perception. “This life is the only life, and this moment is the only moment of life. We are involved in eternity. We have been here and now since the beginning, and we will be here and now to the very end, if there is any beginning and any end. In this space of here and this moment of now, we are all called to change. The basic change is going to be in each one of us, individually and then everything else will follow.”

A true master of both himself and his life, IVAN RADOS asserts that he heals no one but simply helps people heal themselves through the power of Infinite Consciousness. His journey reads like a book of miracles, which he modestly labels “ordinarinesses.” Ivan is aligned with no particular healing methodology, spiritual movement, or tradition. The wisdom he shares comes from his deep roots in the One Self, the source of everything. Born in the former Yugoslavia, lived in England, Ivan moved to Vancouver, Canada, in 2001. He now travels extensively, sharing his insights around the world, facilitating classes, seminars, and retreats.

For more information about the author and his publications see: www.ivanrados.com All material is copyrighted by Ivan Rados

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Volume 1, November 2011

Health It’s All About Consciousness Book Reviews By:


It’s All About Consciousness by

David Robert Ord


isn’t something that just “happens” to us, and neither is health something that can be achieved simply with the right foods, medicines, exercise, and mental attitude. Health and sickness are a reflection of our essential being, and hence the potential for health resides in each of us at all times. When we are grounded in our essence, our whole being is in balance, which gives rise to wellness. This is because there is no fracturing within our essence, which knows nothing but well-being. It is whole, or “holy.” To the degree we are in harmony with our being, we enjoy an easy, flowing aliveness and vibrancy. Dis-ease only occurs when this flow is in some measure blocked. There’s no longer an easiness about us, no longer an abundance of energy, no longer a suppleness. Ivan Rados’ insight into how we can consciously reconnect with our essence enables us to address illness at its source—the mind, which through thought and emotional reactivity blocks the flow of our essential being. By clearing out anxiety, delusion, projections, belief in separation, and our sense of

David Robert Ord, Editorial Director for Namaste Publishing - publisher of books by authors including Ekhart Tolle, Michael Brown, Ivan Rados, Lee Gerdes, Ron Garner, Shefali Tsabary and others whose works that focus on present moment awareness. He is also the author of ‘Your Forgotten Self’ and ‘Lessons in Loving - A Journey into the Heart.’

Health: It’s all About Consciousness It’s a Healthy New Age By Barbara Cronin When you meet Ivan Rados you will soon learn that he is a great mystic even though he may not label himself as such. You will read on his website that Ivan “is not associated with any particular healing modularity and methodology, spiritual movement, religion or tradition. Ivan’s deep and authentic rooting in the unknown provides him the insight and ability to be of great service to the evolution of Consciousness in these most transformative of times.” You will also learn he has a deep compassion for the arts and creative people. He sees those who have submerged themselves beneath a weight of difficulties as amazingly creative people. Ivan has shared the bigger the mess, the more amazing they are. He feels we create our own reality so when a person finds their life topsy turvy their powers to manifest must be really ramped up in order to produce one nightmare after another! Rados goes on to state those people are the ones who can spin it all around and totally manifest the complete opposite. Bliss. Once you grasp the incredible range of wisdom and ability Ivan possesses, you will understand why Namaste Publishing was eager to print his latest book, It’s All About Consciousness.” The following is a review by Barbara Cronin of IntheFlowWriting.

What’s with All These Lifestyle Diseases? If you take a look at the people of the world on any given day, week, or month there’s one thing you’ll find; people are sick and getting sicker. This isn’t just in regards to the common cold and other viruses; lifestyle diseases (heart disease, cancers, diabetes, and more) are on the rise dramatically. We seek doctors of one kind or another to heal us from our ills, no matter what they are. In fact a look at the world reveals not just physical sickness but also emotional, mental, and spiritual maladies abound. When we seek “professional” help for whatever ails us we look for answers and healing. We want someone to “do” something to make us better or tell us what to “do.”

Looking Within for Healing

Ivan Rados in his critically acclaimed book health: It’s All About Consciousness expresses how he thinks we are going about healing and being healthy in the completely wrong way. In fact he asserts that the miracle isn’t in curing what ails us; he thinks the miracle is that we’ve avoided seeing the true source of healing for so long. And what, who, or where is this true source of healing we mistakenly pay thousands of dollars to others to get? Within ourselves, of course! Rados believes that we are all One with the infinite source of health, love, and energy and that One of perfection exists within us all. We are perfect in body, mind, and soul. Once we realize this we unlock the key to perfect health; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A native of Yugoslavia, Rados moved to Canada in 2001. Rados credits his parents for allowing him the opportunity to discover his own true path and his own true power (that we all have within us) not by leading by their own example but rather through having their own sicknesses in their souls. Rados believes that these problems we all may have are the gifts from those who are sick to allow us to move to higher areas of enlightenment. The two sacred geometry illustrations shown here are from “Transform Your Life Through Sacred Geometry” Card Deck, one of his previous publications.

Learning the Simple Act of “Being” Rados teaches the reader that the state of simply “being” is all we need to be concerned with today. When we are able to enter the state of “being” on a regular, consistent basis we will unblock energies and heal ourselves. In fact the premise of health: It’s All About Consciousness contends just that; we only need to look within to heal our ailments. Rados believes that when we look for external people to “do” or tell us what to “do” we are missing the point. We don’t need to “do” anything but rather “be” and we will discover optimal health, peace, and happiness. In his 163 page paperback book, health: It’s All About Consciousness, Rados leads you step-by-step to how you can attain this “beingness”and tap into the power to heal yourself.

Connecting to Ultimate Perfection You’ll learn how to release anxieties, fears, and tensions and regain the ultimate health you desire and deserve. Tapping into the Chakras for healing and self knowledge as well as utilizing meditation and “being,” Rados reveals step-by-step how to heal yourself, keep yourself healthy, and finally connect to the ultimate perfection that you are right now, today. This is an interesting, well written book that combines intuitive wisdom of the self with scientific evidence and beliefs to support the ultimate health in all people.


It’s All About Consciousness by

Constance kellough


is the natural result of simply being

Imagine the relief the human species would experience as flu season approaches, especially in view of a possible swine flu pandemic, were the headlines one morning to announce to the world, “HEALTH has arrived!” Here at Namaste Publishing, we’re excited to make just such an announcement. Those of us who have been closely associated with this brilliantly insightful book by Ivan Rados are astounded by the simplicity and elegance of the message he shares with us in Health: It’s All About Consciousness. In a world whose focus is on addressing symptoms, it’s not surprising many people are afraid and rush out to get their shots without giving it a second thought, even though there are some doctors and health authorities who are concerned that attempts to stave off swine flu with a hastily produced vaccine may end up causing more deaths than the illness itself. But with dire warnings of the possibility that millions could die in this pandemic, what is a responsible person to do? In contrast to society’s panicky, fearful approach, Health: It’s All About Consciousness invites us to see disease in a different light. We are asked to see illness as a symptom of something much deeper. When the body’s immune system is compromised, we become vulnerable to illnesses of all kinds. Ivan explains that if we are unconscious in some area of our life, it has repercussions for the whole of our being. When sickness arises, it does so in order to draw our attention to our lack of consciousness in some area of our life. For instance, if we consistently eat junk food, don’t get any exercise, and are

continually anxious, we are behaving unconsciously. Eventually, symptoms will begin occurring, as the wisdom of the body seeks to awaken us to our unconscious ways. It’s not symptoms that we should be so concerned about, but blockages in the body’s flow of energy that disrupt our system’s delicate balance, leaving us wide open to getting sick. Symptoms, rather than being our foe, are our friend, as they alert us to the ways in which our flow of energy is out of whack. Because the source of health doesn’t lie within the human body, restoring and maintaining health isn’t merely a matter of engaging in a continual battle with bacteria and viruses, genetic mutations, and so forth. Such a mentality operates as if we were disconnected and separate from the whole of reality, which is grounded in the divine Presence—or what Ivan calls our “One Self.” Dis-ease, just as the word implies, is a condition of uneasiness and restlessness that arises when we are disconnected from our source.

If we are “ill at ease,” we set ourselves up to become ill with dis-ease. To return to health requires us to restore the natural flow and balance of energy that the body enjoys when we are profoundly connected to our One Self. In other words, instead of engaging in a “war” on sickness, the conscious approach invites us to tune into our essence, allowing our life to flow effortlessly, with grace and ease, from our center. As Ivan explains, “Health is the natural result of simply being.” There are wise, appropriate steps we can take to protect ourselves from illness. But unless we correct the fundamental cause of our vulnerability to illness, health is likely to escape us no matter what steps we take.

Constance Kellough is the president of Namaste Publishing, the publisher that brought us Eckhart Tolle. In her book The Leap, she proposes that consciousness is a reality anyone can enter at any time.

Book Excerpt Ivan Rados -

Health It’s All About Consciousness This book is an insightful attempt to correlate the chakra system of the Great Wisdom Traditions with scientific knowledge of human health. Until recently such a correlation of the two systems would have been hard to achieve because of science’s preference for what is commonly referred to as “mechanism, ” an approach to research that provided machine-like explanations for physical phenomena versus explanations scientists referred to as “vitalism.” Vitalism included all explanations in which it appeared that an outside force, especially a metaphysical or divine force, was invoked as an explanation. Such explanations were categorized as unscientific because they were, in fact, “just-so” stories—that is, they were saying, “It’s true because it’s ‘just-so.’” From a scientific point of view, when conclusions are drawn without scientific testing, this is imagination, not science.

The mechanistic approach dominated for some 300 years. Then along came quantum physics, overturning the mechanistic approach. Coupled with a major shift in scientific philosophy pioneered by Sir Karl Popper in the 1970s, which showed that science itself is deductive, the establishment of the quantum universe opened the way for a much wider discussion between the Great Wisdom Traditions and scientific research. Under the new approach to research, the criteria for truth is no longer the illusory idea of “hard proof,” but corroboration and the utility of a hypothesis. After all, the Earth being the center of the solar system was once “proven” by science, as was the “fact” of a stable earth prior to the discovery of continental drift. As a consequence, when predicting how reality may actually work, scientists today can be more adventurous than in the past. For instance, string theory has little empirical proof for the ever-finer levels upon levels of reality that its elegant mathematics predict. Yet subatomic colliders are being built to look for the particles predicted by the theory simply because the mathematics of string theory is so compelling. The seamless fluidity of levels upon levels of “energy” and “matter” characteristic of modern physics,

the “both/neither” and “both/and” typical of modern quantum mechanics, and the elegant predictive mathematics of string theory mean that it’s now possible to consider, in terms at least palatable to modern scientific curiosity, a wider array of considerations of how reality may actually work. This inquiry includes combining ancient insights with the information of modern science. The new dialogue has yielded good examples of the fruits of a more holistic inquiry. For instance, a familiar example of how a formerly impossible discussion between ancient wisdom and modern science eventually bore fruit for medical science is acupuncture. If one examines ancient diagrams and explanations of acupuncture together with the acupuncture meridian system, these diagrams and explanations (built on a primitive metaphysic that included terms like “earth,” “air,” “fire,” and “water”) could easily be dismissed as nonsense simply because of the language. However the primitiveness, and even the outright inaccuracy, of these early explanations of the acupuncture system didn’t impede research into the idea that something beneath this out-dated explanation was quite “real.” Today, acupuncture is widely authorized for legal medical use by social systems east and west, and an entire field of study has emerged around integration of its ancient forms of explanation and those explanations more palatable to science. In Health—It’s All About Consciousness, Ivan Rados asks us to consider that there may be something more going on in the physical body than just chemical and electrical activity. He weaves together an understanding of the oneness of everything—now an established viewpoint of science itself—with the ancient concept of seven centers called chakras, using medical insights to show how these may be linked with the glandular system. The ultimate test of Rados’ approach lies in our individual ability to bring increased health to ourselves through this extremely practical guide that he has provided for us. - Dr Kurt Johnson holds a PhD in evolution, ecology, comparative biology, and systematics, together with 30 years in professional work at the American Museum of Natural History and other institutions, with some 400 publications in that field and one best-seller in popular science.

1 Health Is About Being Everyone wants to be healthy, yet so many of us are repeatedly sick and some of us seemingly cannot get well. We experience illness as something extremely personal––in some ways, one of the most deeply felt personal experiences we ever have. Similarly we tend to think of our health as highly personal, perhaps one of the most personal aspects of our life. Although we experience health in a personal way, when we investigate more closely it becomes apparent that the source of health––which I will explain in a moment––is impersonal. For instance, can you hug your health or kiss it? No, it’s something that arises within the body quite spontaneously and without our controlling it. When we are healthy we are largely unaware of our body, whereas when we are sick the body demands our total attention, to the point we can often think of little else.

We cannot separate our health from our essential being, as if it somehow were a thing we possess, because its source is more encompassing than just the body. This is because, although we were born into the world, we didn’t originate from our physical birth. Each of us is a physical manifestation of an essential being that encompasses far more than our material existence. We didn’t spring just from matter. Consequently our physical body isn’t just a machine whose functioning is entirely dependent on what happens to it in the world of matter. When the body is healthy, we are experiencing not a state of matter but a process we refer to as well-being. The process of experiencing health is a reflection of our essential being. Even the term “well-being” shows us that wellness is an expression of being. Health is the natural result of simply being. Just as health is grounded in being, this essence of who we are is itself grounded in a universal oneness I will call our One-Self. This One-Self is the divine essence of the cosmos that people often refer to as God. It is our true being, the divine love that birthed the universe. As the source of everything that exists––and as the heart and core of our individual being––this OneSelf knows nothing but well-being. This is because, as a oneness, there is no fracturing within the source. Rather, it is whole, or holy. The words “holy,” “holism,” “holistic” and “healing” all carry this root meaning. This wholeness of the universal oneness in which we are all grounded is the source of health. Hence to be healed means to be made whole––to be made holy––which is to experience reconnection with our multidimensionality and interconnectedness. It is to know our One-Self––that is, to experience ourselves as a manifestation of the whole. In contrast, to be unhealthy is to experience ourselves as disconnected and separate from the whole. Just as health is a process of being, disease is also a process, as is obvious when we examine the word. Dis-ease is a condition of uneasiness, which creates an imbalance in the body. For instance we speak of being “ill at ease.” This is in contrast to our natural process which is to enjoy a flowing aliveness and vibrancy. Disease is a state in which there is no longer an easiness about us, no longer an unimpeded flow of energy, no longer a suppleness . Whenever we find ourselves diseased, it means we are doing something to create an energy blockage. Our energy has been diverted from its natural flow and consequently the balance within the whole has been lost.

2 What Healing Is Disease is the result of an energy blockage caused by experiences we haven’t fully worked through, allowed ourselves to feel, and really accepted. In contrast, healing is the result of an aware detachment from those past experiences that have created energy blockages in us. Everything with which we don’t experience completion—everything that isn’t integrated into our life and fully digested for what it’s intended to teach us––will repeat itself until we at last allow ourselves to experience it in its fullness. These incomplete and undigested experiences haunt us, following us

wherever we go, recurring over and over in different forms until we embrace them fully. This is because our mind projects every unfinished experience onto the world around us. The mind dwells on unfinished experiences, clinging to the hope that if we can just avoid facing what’s unfinished in us, we will one day magically feel fulfilled. But the hope of completion “someday” and fulfillment “someday” is hopeless. When so many unfinished situations hang in our unconsciousness, stored in memory, it’s no wonder many of us are alienated, afraid, angry, in pain, and sick. We are like sleepwalkers, going through life oblivious of our real state. We carry a mound of tension throughout our being, but we are unaware of it. To restore the flow of consciousness is to free up our blocked energy and thereby restore health. In other words health arises whenever we remove our dis-ease. It’s like a rock that’s blocking a spring, which when removed, allows the water to once again run effortlessly. Only when we bring awareness to an unfinished experience and accept it unconditionally can it be completed. In the light of our awareness, the tension it generates will evaporate and we will become healthy. Having said this, it’s important to point out that bringing awareness to an unfinished experience is fundamentally different from what society calls “positive thinking” or “having a positive attitude.” Consciousness isn’t a matter of positive thoughts versus negative thoughts because there is nothing either positive or negative in consciousness. Rather, consciousness is an experience of our wholeness and oneness, which we enter into through clarity of perception. I want to emphasize that we need to be wary of “positive” thinking versus “negative” thinking because to attempt to think positively is merely to force anything we consider “negative” into the background, which doesn’t dispense with it at all. Instead it becomes part of our unconscious, which means it will find some way of expressing itself in a destructive manner. Unconsciousness is far more powerful than any positive thinking. So-called “positive” thoughts are merely what are left when we suppress so-called “negative” thoughts. In both cases the egoic mind is in control, not consciousness. For example, if we don’t like a situation we are experiencing, our dislike of it doesn’t cause it to go away. On the contrary it collects in our unconsciousness. So while on the surface we put on a smile because we believe that “positive thinking is the key,” we are actually splitting our well-being into fragments, conditioning ourselves to block the flow of our One-Self. In contrast, when we allow any experience or situation to just be what it is, without regarding it as either positive or negative—with no analysis of, attachment to, or suppression of what we are experiencing—we move into wellness, which is a process of conscious being. The egoic mind, once useful in our evolution, now acts against us. However, we are not our egoic mind,

which was imparted to us by our family, religion, politicians, and society in general. By dropping our attachment to the egoic mind and its thoughts, whether positive or negative, we become conscious. Then, wherever we are and whatever we do is simply a blissful experience of being. The mind functions as it ought to—as a space for our One-Self to come to the fore and express itself as consciousness. To have a thought is essentially different from being aware. Thought—even “positive” thought—comes from the egoic mind. Because of this it tends to be conditioned, repetitive, and unproductive. When the mind is in thought mode instead of functioning as a creative instrument of consciousness, it actually obstructs the natural flow of consciousness. It behaves as a world unto itself instead of as a tool consciousness uses to create. Most people’s thoughts come so rapidly on the heels of one another that the individual can’t feel the interval, the gap, between their thoughts. In this way thought can be seen to cast a shadow or a screen over consciousness, which lies behind thought and can in fact be experienced directly once we learn to access the interval between our thoughts. The interval is always there but we have to pay attention to it. Behind thought lies who we really are, our true being.

3 To Be Our One-Self Is to Experience Health Health is a natural process that flows from consciousness, whereas illness is unnatural and results from unconsciousness. Illness is an indication we are in some measure separated from our essential nature. The separation is always in the egoic mind. The healing process is one of cleansing our egoic mind as the only source of all misery, illness, disease, and suffering. We all hold the potential to recover our well-being so we can again live fully. This is because, despite the constricted, fractured condition we have manifested, our essential being is still grounded in the wholeness of the infinite oneness, the true One-Self of each of us. Once we recognize the truth of our fundamental being, it becomes apparent that it’s a mistake to imagine we somehow need to make ourselves healthy. The issue is simply one of freeing ourselves from the ignorance of the egoic mind which blocks our experience of the wholeness at our center. Simply put, it’s a matter of learning how to allow the health that has always been our true nature to stream forth into every aspect of our life. Once we rid ourselves of mental projections, anxiety, delusions, belief in separation from our One-Self source, and our sense of limitation, the health that’s intrinsic to our One-Self spontaneously floods our life. From the tiniest subatomic particle to the largest star in our galaxy, matter is undergoing an unceasing process of evolutionary transformation, all of it taking place entirely in the Now as one moment of the Now births the next moment of the Now. This limitless process is an expression of the free movement of the infinite energy of the universal oneness. It flows through the one portal, the ever-present moment of the Now. Consequently when we are mentally in any moment other than the Now, we automatically generate dis-ease because we have moved into a mental concept instead of experiencing the flow of

consciousness. Because health is an ongoing process of being, and disease is merely a temporary blockage of the flow, it’s quite mistaken to say we “have” an illness, as if sickness were a “thing” over which we have no control. Illness isn’t “having” something but is a blockage of the moment-by-moment unimpeded flow of consciousness from our One-Self. Consequently we can only be healthy in each moment because consciousness can only be experienced in the Now. This means that to be healthy is a choice we make from moment to moment. It’s the choice simply to be, instead of living our life based on all kinds of learned concepts. To be part of the flow of consciousness involves an ongoing evolutionary unfolding of potential that invites our continual transformation. But as long as we are trapped in a mentality that sees ourselves as separate, limited individuals whose afflictions hold us back, we cannot even mount the first rung of the ladder of the unlimited potential the universal One-Self seeks to express through us. Our evolution demands we realize our true nature, which alone can empower our development. For this to happen requires us to be well. We cannot evolve to our potential as long as we are limited by our attachment to ill health. If we are ill, it’s vital to realize there is no true healing “out there.” In fact we don’t have to do anything to find healing. Health is in us, in our essential being. Only one thing is required for healing and that is for us to be, in the fullest sense of what being means.

The Power of Now (softcover) by The Presence Process - Revised Eckhart Tolle Edition (book) by Michael Brown A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment To make the journey into The Power of Now we will need to leave our analytical mind and its false created self, the ego, behind. From the very first page of this extraordinary book, we move rapidly into a significantly higher altitude where we breathe a lighter air. We become connected to the indestructible essence of our Being, “the eternal, ever present One Life beyond the myriad forms of life that are subject to birth and death.� Although the journey is challenging, Eckhart Tolle uses simple language and an easy question and answer format to guide us. A word of mouth phenomenon since its first publication, The Power of Now is one of those rare books with the power to create an experience in readers, one that can radically change their lives for the better.

The Presence Process invites us to experience present moment awareness as a way of life, a daily approach to living on this planet. The Presence Process makes it possible for anyone to experience Presence and present moment awareness without having to take the long, challenging path most of us usually take

Making Miracles Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World (book) by Lynn Woodland Grounded in science and metaphysics, MAKING MIRACLES: Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World invites readers to bypass notions of a fixed reality and the presumed boundaries of space and time (boundaries that science is showing to be permeable beyond our wildest imaginings) to create the life they long for, and at the same time reach out in loving compassion to every other reader, wherever they happen to be in space/time. The book discusses in 30 simple yet detailed chapters everything readers will want to know about how to create miracles in their lives. Every segment of the book builds upon the next, beginning with the introduction. Each chapter ends with an exercise and/or an experiment in miracle-making.

Limitless You (Softcover Book) by Health It’s All About Consciousness (book) by Ivan Rados Lee Gerdes The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain Sickness isn’t something that just With the revolutionary brain con- “happens” to us, and neither is health ditioning technology, we can liber- something that can be achieved simate ourselves from our limitations. ply with the right foods, medicines, This advanced technology allows exercise, and mental attitude. the brain to see itself–to recognize where it’s out of balance and not Health and sickness are a reflection of our essential being, and hence the functioning well. potential for health resides in each Once our amazing brain discovers of us at all times. how it has learned to limit itself, it knows just how to readjust itself. As When we are grounded in the unithe brain network comes on line in versal consciousness the author calls the manner it’s meant to exist in, no our One-Self, our entire being is in part of our life remains unaffected. balance, which gives rise to wellness. As our emotions stabilize and our This is because there is no fracturing mental acuity picks up, our health within our One-Self, which knows and physical wellbeing advance also. nothing but well-being. It is whole, or “holy.”


Inner Realm Magazine An Interview with Ivan Rados

Inner Realm Magazine is a holistic health magazine dedicated to the comprehensive approach to Body, Mind and Spirit. Blauvelt, New York Barbara DeGraw: For those of our readers who may not know who you are, who are you? Ivan Rados: This is the right question. It all begins with it. I have asked myself this question all my life, finding always wrong answers, because I was not being right. Everything I thought I was, everything I used to identify myself with, everything I believed that I am, was created from my mind; I was unconscious.

If I am not in the moment of now, I am imprisoned in my minds. That is what separation from the right moment is. After so many years of failing to find the right answer, the only way for me was to go within and see what was obstructing the way of my vision. In meditation I would come to my ignorance. From the position of ignorant man I would ask the question ‘Who I am’, knowing well that ‘I don’t know’. The ‘feeling right’ was immediately replaced with ‘being right’. I am who I am, the mystery which cannot be defined and cannot be solved. BD: Why did you write “Health: Its all about consciousness?” IR: In my early twenties, I used to have periodic attacks of terrible pain due to kidney stones. I now know that the stones were a result of a combination of an inherited gene – family history and my unresolved issues. The key issues were my anger with my alcoholic father, resentment to my co-dependent mother, and my feeling of entrapment in my body. I was feeling weak, damaged, inadequate and not worthy of life. Feeling lost and empty, I had a strong urge to find myself, to fill the gap. Looking back, I can see that this was my first conscious pull to find my inner truth. The kidney, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, upper intestinal tract, and spleen are all under the influence of the adrenal glands (called the “fight-flight glands”). These organs normally respond to any emotions or attitudes that activate the sympathetic nervous system through the adrenals or the hormones that arise in those glands. The physical always reflects the mental and emotional states. In my case, the kidney stone was formed by repeated emotions from my mental attitudes of fear, oversensitivity, and anger. Unresolved emotional issues or emotional traumas, which are not processed, acknowledged or allowed to be experienced fully and unconditionally, can obstruct the free, healthy flow of energy in our being. Every organ, every cell, every part of the body, visible or invisible is constantly signaling and communicating with the brain, bio-computer, and other organs in the system, and receiving signals from them via hormones in an infinitely complex, continuous feedback loop. The endocrine system is the link between our emotions and our physical body, and the relationship is circular, more precisely spiral or fractal. The emotions have a powerful physical effect on our body via shifting neurochemical levels, and our neurochemical balance has a powerful effect on our emotions. The emotions are nothing more than the chemical components released from the endocrine glands in confused, alarming state of survival. The attachment to the mind is caused by conditioning. We all have been taught to suppress the consciousness and accept the mind as the master. Through the suppression of the consciousness, the mind projects itself as us. Through the suppression, the mind becomes split. The part of the mind we accept becomes the conscious mind, and denied part becomes unconscious mind. This is not the natural process of division and that is all because of our repression, we go throwing away everything that society did not like about us, or did not agree with, into our unconsciousness. Almost all diseases are caused by repressed emotions, emotions that are not fully experienced and aknowledged. After years of suffering from intense pain in my kidney, my doctor suggested the extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy. ESWL is the most frequently used procedure for the treatment of kidney stones. In ESWL, shock waves that are created outside the body travel through the skin and body tissues until they hit the denser stones. The stone is supposed to break down into sand-like particles which are then passed through the urinary tract in the urine. I decided to give the treatment a try. I was supposed to have ESWL treatment of 15 to 30 minutes once a week until the stone shattered. In my first treatment, after 3 minutes I’d had enough. My body was in horrific, deep shock from this ‘shock wave therapy’. I was emotionally overwhelmed and mentally disoriented, and physically tired. My whole being was tell-

ing me that this kind of “therapy” could not possibly be good for me, and the doctor offered me no other alternative but surgery. (To cut my body open? No, thank you.) I then decided to break the stone on my own. How, I did not know. I just trusted that there must be a more natural, non-invasive solution for my situation. At that time, I didn’t know much about self-healing. I was very much open and in tune to receive the information from whatever source possible. Shortly after I was reading some book about meditation and found this quote from Budhha, “Ignorance is the foundation of all suffering”. I just realized, ‘yes, I have been ignorant about my ignorance. I was in deep meditation when awareness came to me out of the unknown, ‘It is not Health that is missing Ivan; it’s simply undiscovered within you. Health is you, has always been you and it will always be with you. The key for healing is the awareness that you are infinitely healthy. You don’t have to do anything in order to be healthy; the only work from you is to re-member your infinite nature’. From that moment of attainment, my blissful existence became grounded in this moment of now, and everything started balancing in my reality. Just a couple of days later, I passed the stones naturally. When you let go of the concept of ‘impossible’ and allow the consciousness to sink in now, everything becomes possible. That was the real magic of knowingness that is the real alchemy, knowing my miraculous existential healing nature. The’ impossible’ was blocking me from attaining my infinite health. The Bell’s theorem, supported by experimental evidence, postulates that once subatomic particles have been in contact, they always remain connected. A change in one creates a concurrent change in the other, regardless of how distant they might be. Some scientists now believe that these non-local influences underlie everyday events. This is possible because underneath the reality that we are used to seeing, there is a deeper level of existence that extends beyond time and space. Quantum physicists call this reality the quantum field, but I call it a multidimensional reality. Our consciousness is in constant motion with subatomic particles, playing in the quantum field, in multidimensional reality, which is full of infinite possibilities. Subatomic particles are always in contact with existence and are very much engaged in constructing it. With clarity of perception and alert consciousness we can ride the wave of subatomic particles in a creative dance for the purpose of creative expression. The reason I wrote the book Health It’s All About Consciousness is to give people back the power and responsibility. We are all responsible for our creation. In the Infinite Universe there are no limits – there are only possibilities. We, as a spark of infinite consciousness, are a part of the Infinite Universe with all its elements and rights. BD: What is consciousness? IR: Consciousness is the flow of free movement of the one moment through the spaceless no-mind. Consciousness is neither the mind, nor of the mind. Consciousness cannot be in the mind, but it can go through the no-mind. The mind can exist only in unconsciousness. Awakening means to be in full consciousness. Consciousness can only be infinite, ant that is what the truth is. Only the flow of the Infinite Consciousness through the no-mind can reveal the truth. It means to be a continuum, infinitely flowing in the moment of now. Mostly people are asleep, not physically or apparently asleep, but metaphysically as asleep. People dream, desire, think, imagine, project and do everything mechanically. People are conscious only in a minimal way and not all the time. People are only aware in emergency or dangerous situations, for a second or two.

Our system of thought is based on language, which contains a false premise that everything is divisible into opposite values, or duality. Consciousness is not divided, and it cannot divide. The mind has reduced experience to yes and no, black and white, paradise and hell, here and there; but the truth is that reality dwells in the vastness between polar absolutes. In fact, we really cannot even talk in terms of consciousness or unconsciousness, only in terms of being more or less conscious. The difference between consciousness and unconsciousness is a matter of degree, not of absolutes. There is no such thing as ‘unconsciousness’, only a lack of consciousness - as darkness is a lack of Light. We cannot be aware of unconsciousness, because to do so we would need to be in a conscious state. All problems in life, all diseases, stresses, conflicts, fears and sufferings are by-product of our unconsciousness, by-product of not living in the moment of now, by not being consciousness. In a conscious state, life becomes a path of light, peace, playfulness, health, joy and love. Unconsciousness is collective, hereditary, it is not yours; it was imprinted in you by others. Unconsciousness is the cause of all wars, all killings in the name of mind-objects/subjects and its contents, thoughts, modes, identifications, religion, nationality, race or gender. Energetically, it is the root cause of ALL conflict, in whatever form it appears. The Consciousness is nothing but What Is; you can call it God. BD: What does our health have to do with our consciousness? IR: The words ‘holism’, ‘healing’, ‘holy’ come from the word ‘whole’. To be healed means to be Whole. Health is a natural process that flows from consciousness, whereas illness is unnatural and results from

unconsciousness. Disease is an indication that we are in some measure separated from our essential nature. The separation is always in the reactive mind. The healing process is one of cleansing our mind as the only source of all misery, illness, disease, and suffering. Disease is a state of uneasiness and imbalance. Whenever you find yourself with disease, that means you are doing something unnatural to create it. Unnatural means the balance with the Whole is lost; you have been diverted from your natural flow and every obstacle is obstructing your natural, healthy flow. Health is an ongoing process of being, and disease is merely a temporary blockage of the flow, a blockage of the moment-by-moment unimpeded flow of consciousness from our One-Self. When you remove the rock blocking the spring flow, the spring will start flowing again. Health is not in rock, the rock was blocking the flow of health. The mind is blocking the flow of health in this very moment now. This means that to be healthy is a choice we make from moment to moment. It is the choice simply to be, instead of living our life based on all kinds of learned concepts. Observe disease. Watch it. Don’t analyze. Don’t interfere. Don’t bring judgments. Just observe. By watching, you are creating the space between you and your mind. Dis- easiness will dissolve and your easiness will allow the energy from the wholeness to harmonize your nature with the whole. In the centre, you are totally relaxed and healthy; at the periphery you are tense and dis-eased. Accept the reality of the centre, and the periphery will be balanced; it will follow the centre, unquestionably. Ill health is a result of not being in your awareness. You were not “at home”. By drawing our attention to the centre of our being we arrive at the consciousness. BD: Our health usually indicates our physical health, but we have mental, financial, creative health, etc. Does our level of consciousness affect our financial, and every other, health too? IR: There is no other health than the consciousness. Be the consciousness and the health will be reflected in every aspect of your life. Health is one, it is not fragmented. Lack of health can be expressed in many different forms - corporal, emotional, cognitive, financial, social, spiritual etc. Whatever the manifestation, the cause is the same - lack of health, lack of consciousness. It’s a bit like that famous Tolstoy’s sentence: “All happy families are happy in the same way, but every unhappy one is unhappy in their own unique way” (or something like that). Similarly, when we are on the periphery and not in the consciousness, not one with all, that manifests as lack of health – whether physical, mental, financial or whatever else. It’s all the same, just different manifestations. The current unhealthy global financial situation indicates very alarming state of the collective unconsciousness on an individual level. The lack of consciousness leads us to choose or resign to the unconscious (thus unhealthy) leaders, who have brought us into this situation by acting out of their non-consciousness driven ego-serving motivations. As a result, we panic (again, out of the lack of consciousness and centeredness), causing even a deeper financial crisis. However, the crisis does not have to be something to fear and be devastated about; it is a perfect opportunity to elevate ourselves to the higher level of consciousness by detaching ourselves from our fear, our projections, our guards and attempts to control life. Then, health will reemerge, in all its forms. BD: Right now a lot of us are experiencing personal financial crisis, how do we raise our consciousness to have a healthy financial life? IR: Let go of the mind. Mind is our resistance to Existence. Consciousness, on the other hand, is nomind, non-resistance, a relaxed state of being, a total let-go, and total acceptance of the Existence. Fear is a form of resistance. People think: “I am in fear of this financial situation. Everyone is affected

by it. I could lose my security, my pension, my life… it’s legitimate to be in fear at such difficult times.” Is it? If you have no resistance in you, the Existence will be open to you. The Whole will heal you, it will give you abundance and the only security you have, the consciousness. If you are unconscious, you are in poverty, and you will be in fear of outside circumstances. Be aware of resistance and repression which interferes with the natural flow of consciousness in you. If you feel much resistance against the mind, deep down in you there is fear that if you accept the change, your old self will die. ‘I have invested too much in my old struggles, in my old habits and old identity and how can I abandon it now?’ You are infinite, infinitely alive in this moment of now. Be in the moment and let go of your fear. Nature must be laughing at us. It’s as if we were trying to say to the flower petals, ‘open and release the fragrance!’ Opening of the flowers is spontaneous and intrinsic. We are not natural; we have forgotten the language of being intrinsic. The very moment you say to the fear of unknown, ‘enough is enough’, you are enlightened. BD: Do we ever fully connect with our One Self? IR: We are always connected to One Self, but we are not aware of it, we are not conscious of it. You just have to remember to drop the factual things in the moment of now, and One Self will be you. Drop the past each moment. Drop the expectation in the future. Don’t try to control the future. That is the way to drop the past. That is the way to allow life to flow through you. That is the way to re-connect to be aware of One Self. Don’t corrupt the moment of now with thoughts. Stop expecting. An expectation to connect to One Self is the obstacle for the real connections. Meditate upon your expectations. Once you disconnect yourself from expectations you have learned to relax, and only in relaxed state of being, does One Self emerge. First, drop the past and the future. Second, one has not to worry about what others are saying about you. Third, ask yourself the question, ‘Who am I’? Fourth, and finally, meditate. In the process of getting to know ourselves the consciousness is the key, the moment of now is the lock and the meditation is the glue. BD: What is one action we can take today to begin to connect to our One Self? To connect with our essential being? IR: It Is Not OneSelf That Is Missing; It’s Simply, Undiscovered Within You. Begin mediating on the question: ‘Who am I in this moment of Now?’ and watch what is happening. Be aware; observe your mind racing to find answers and let go of each of them without judgment, with selfcompassion. You don’t have to see your mind as your enemy; it isn’t. Use it as a tool in self-discovery, with gratitude and detachment. Do not go with the mind, detach from it, just watch it. You don’t have to do anything, watch the mind and bringing the awareness into the moment of Now, where OneSelf exists infinitely. Keep meditating. Barbara DeGraw, editor, Inner Realm Magazine Incredible Book! I have been on my path to reconnecting to my essential self for along time. I encourage everyone who asks to get on their path and your book is now what I am recommending. Thank you for having the courage to bring your work to the world.

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Health It’s All About Concsiousness by Ivan Rados Namaste Publishing recently pulled out the stops with its latest perceptive author, Ivan Rados. His innovative book Health It’s All About Consciousness elaborates precisely on what its name implies. Easy to comprehend, Rados’ philosophical outlook on life and living in the here and now helps readers to realize the potential of simply being in absolute oneness in well-beingness. Bringing awareness to what it means to live in wellness is what Rados does with his soothing and intoxicating dialogue. He writes, “No amount of thinking will produce health; at best it accomplishes only a shifting around of blocked energy. It’s when we separate ourselves from thought that we become healthy and we do this simply by witnessing our thoughts.” How often have you found yourself bathed in sickness only to realize that you have invited dis-ease by collaborating with negative thinking? Our thought patterns can and will affect our frame of mind, our spiritual constitution, and our physical health…but it is not just negativity, as Rados explains, it is in fact the process by which we perceive an illness or disease to be. When we free our egoic mind from the burdens it indulges, and we reconcile with the acceptance that is – and the oneness that is our Divine source, then and only then can we become cognizant of our higher consciousness in relation to wellness. A wellspring of knowledge and enlightenment, Health It’s All About Consciousness is a treasure trove of infinite wisdom that can help individuals see clear through to the foundation of their disease and how to facilitate the energetic flow of the inherent oneness that leads to wellness.

Michael Brown Author of the Namaste books The Presence Process and Alchemy of the Heart

When it comes to Health, we value what we do more than what we are When it comes to transforming our relationship with the experience we call “health,” and hence the experience we call “disease,” the greatest hurdle we face is that we value what we do more than what we are.

with any health malady, we reflexively ask: “What do I do about this? Who do I go see?” We look outward, not inward.

Accordingly, we approach practitioners who are qualified in avenues of doing, hoping they have the We perceive our capacity to “do,” and other peo- capacity to counteract our predicament. They then ple’s capacity to “do things to us,” as our salvation do something to us, and also give us various things from our body’s imbalance. Hence, when faced to do. We trust the people we go to for help because they have moved through years of training in which they were taught what to do by qualified instructors. If what they do and give us to do doesn’t favorably impact our experience, we then seek out someone else who may have a different way of doing things. But what if the wellspring of humanity’s well-being isn’t a “doing?” There’s a great story of a budding seeker who decides to become a Buddhist. He approaches the head monk of the nearby Buddhist temple and asks: “Your Holiness, how do I become Buddha?” The head monk instructs him to take a meditation cushion, seat himself before the large statue of Buddha at the front of the temple, and to meditate upon the form of Buddha to receive the required insight.

“I don’t understand,” says the seeker. “I know,” replies the head monk. “This is be-

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cause what you have come to this temple to receive cannot be gained through understanding. It can only be realized through experience. Since you arrived, you have been doing this and doing that. And where has it led you? Only deeper and deeper into frustration. This Gazing again upon the statue, the seeker no- frustrating experience is your lesson if you are tices Buddha has a shaved head, so every able to receive it. morning he too diligently shaves his head. But after weeks of this procedure, still he makes no “You see, brother, you have mistakenly assumed Buddha is a being who does things and progress. that if you can figure out exactly what he is Turning his gaze upon the statue once again, doing, you can be Buddha. But Buddha isn’t a the seeker notices Buddha is holding a set of being who does things. Buddha is the state of prayer beads in his right hand, so he obtains effortless beingness’ that underlies all our exa set of beads and does the same. Again, no ternal activity. The statue of Buddha is therefore a representation of being, not of a being progress is made. doing something. Now return to your cushion The seeker next notices something he thinks and simply be there, and you will realize yourvery important: Buddha has a half-smile on his self as Buddha.” face. From that moment on, the seeker meditates wearing a half-smile. But even though Only when, through personal experience, we come to value the radiance of our “beingness” weeks pass, still he makes no progress. do we realize the eternal wellspring of wellFeeling humiliated and frustrated by all his ef- being that’s our human birthright. forts, the seeker returns to the head monk and informs him of his decision to turn his back on The subtle yet profound shift of our attention from valuing only what we do when experiBuddhism. encing disease, to valuing our “beingness” in “Let me ask you a question before you leave,” the midst of our discomfort, is the transformasays the head monk in a kindly voice. tion required for humanity to be blessed with real health. “What?” mumbles the frustrated seeker. The moment we truly value being, all our ac“In all the time you’ve been here, what did the tivity becomes healthy—and the consequencstatue do?” es are nothing short of miraculous. This is the new paradigm of healthcare. This, and so “Nothing,” the seeker replies. much more, is the profound revelation delivered to us through the pages of Ivan Rados’ “Very good,” says the head monk, smiling. Health: It’s All About Consciousness. “This is the only teaching from Buddha we require.” The eager seeker follows these instructions. Gazing upon the statue, he sees how Buddha sits in a lotus position, so he too sits in a lotus position, staying in this position for weeks. However, he makes no progress.

“Transform Your Life Through Sacred Geometry” by Ivan Rados 2010 To see more Yantras and learn more go to: http://ivanradosart.com/?page_id=118

Introducing Meditation With Sacred Geometry Yantras Everyone has the capacity to reach enlightenment, which is a state of freedom from our illusio-nary egoic mind. This capacity is realized not by following rules, performing religious rituals, or imitating enlightened masters, but by bringing awareness to the mind’s attachments. In other words, we are asked to become watchful of our thoughts with non-judgmental attentiveness. Whenever we watch our thoughts, we are actually meditating. In fact, our essential being is always in a meditative state, though we aren’t aware of this because we are so attached to our egoic mind. However, the moment we disconnect from our ego, we are instantly in meditation and become an open portal for the flow of infinite consciousness.

the opposite, it leads us to the realization that we don’t and can’t understand infinite consciousness. Indeed, the effort of trying to understand blocks the flow of our One Self. Yantra meditation is a process of entering the space of not knowing. In the pursuit of knowledge, every moment something is added, whereas in the pursuit of meditation, every moment something is dropped. As soon as we let go of ideas, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, the divine emerges into view and our internal vision becomes clear. We become open, receptive, spontaneous—or, in a word, innocent. Innocence is real freedom. The point of Yantra meditation is to bring innocence back into our lives.

I call infinite consciousness our One Self because the center of our being is also the center of All That Is. To be centered in our being is to have the capacity to see life as it is. It is to experience life’s deeply mysterious nature, especially its playfulness and joyfulness. To be in meditation is to be part of a great adventure. This adventure involves delighting in our life every single step of the way. The ultimate method of all methods for liberation from our egoic mind turns out to be what I have dubbed a “methodless method.” The ultimate technique of all spiritual and medita-tive techniques is to become nontechnical, irrational, illogical, absurd, foolish, and yet innocent! If there is any effort required in this, it’s only the effort needed to attain greater silence, deeper consciousness, and increased awareness. Nothing is necessary other than our awareness in this moment, now. The effort of our egoic self is usually a huge waste of energy, taking us further and further from the now. Only when the energy that supports our egoic effort is spent and we are worn out do we generally become open to the experience of “effortless effort” associated with awakened energy. When we practice meditation without any preconceived ideas or goals, the emptiness of our One Self comes into view, full of life-energy, while our sense of “me” disappears. Yantra meditation is a peaceful practice that has no goal and seeks to achieve nothing. By leading us into a state of emptiness, it introduces us to the self-fulfilling life energy of the divine. All that’s required for this to happen is for us to steadily penetrate our consciousness and cleanse our vision. Yantra meditation doesn’t require understanding. Quite

Meditation is a process of witnessing everything that comes and goes, without trying to control it or fight it, but simply allowing everything to pass freely. As we increasingly experience the no-thing-ness of the present moment, and our awareness becomes more intense and lasts longer and longer, we find ourselves moving through life free of all urges and completely without effort. We realize that nothing is missing in our life and that the whole of existence belongs to us. Yantra meditation helps us clear the content of our consciousness so it can become a pure mirror, reflecting without interpreting. All That Is exists infinitely in this emptiness, this no-thing-ness. When the mirror of our consciousness is left without any content, this is enlightenment.

Five keys for participating in yantra meditation: 1 - Position the yantra so its center is at eye level and a comfortable distance away from you. Sit with your spine straight. If this isn’t possible, find a comfortable position in which you can remain alert. Breathe in and out slowly until your breath flows naturally. Begin with your eyes open, simply gazing at the yantra. It’s necessary to look only at the center of the sacred geometry yantra, focusing on the dot in the middle of the symbol, trying not to blink or to blink as little as possible. Gaze at the center for 15 minutes. The key is to maintain receptive, in an alert frame of mind, without drawing any conclusions, and to be free of concepts or thoughts. We simply gaze at the center with innocent, wonder-filled eyes. When we focus solely on the dot at the center of the yantra, and not pay attention to anything outside of this, our awareness deepens instead of flying off in different directions. The more we gaze, the more we tend to feel weightless and unburdened. As you look at the center of the image, simultaneously observe the “witness” in you that is seeing you seeing the sacred geometry yantra. As you watch, you may find thoughts arising. We cannot control the mind and its thoughts; we can only let go of our thoughts. Allow any thoughts that arise to simply come and go without attaching your awareness to them. By not becoming attached, you will be able to enter into relaxation. You don’t have to create this relaxed state; it will just come on its own. As you feel yourself gathering consciousness, allow yourself to flow with the momentum of this consciousness. In doing so, you will first experience an awakening to the forms and shapes around you. Secondly, you will experience an awareness of your body. Thirdly, you will experience an inner awakening to your thoughts and emotions. Finally, you will experience the one who is experiencing. In other words, you will become aware of your awareness. You will find yourself leaving behind all your experiences and merging with the infinite consciousness of your One Self. 2 - When your awareness begins to shift inward, close your eyes. Now watch the yantra imprinted in your mind’s eye, allowing it to gradually guide you from within. As the imprint absorbs your awareness, you won’t be able to tell whether the symbol is in you or whether you are within the symbol. Watch with relaxed attentiveness and alertness. Any thoughts that arise will dissolve. As this happens, you will become aware of your inner perceptions of reality, but don’t try to hold onto these perceptions. It’s important not to evaluate what comes up, but just to allow.

With our eyes still closed, we will continue to see colors because they are easier to experience than forms. Seeing forms is a more complicated process of perception and the most abstract. What we perceive as a form is actually light. However, pure light is too intense for us, so it has to be separated into colors. The colors and forms of the sacred geometry images reflect something essential inside us. The way we perceive the colors is subjective because colors are associated with emotion and linked with the mind. Consequently, everyone associates different emotional and subjective values with different colors. Just as a prism divides white light into separate colors, the mind divides colors into emotional, mental, and bodily aspects through its patterned reactions and memory, never allowing us to see the whole. During the yantra meditation, this heals. Slowly, the yantra colors, shapes, and forms we perceive with our inner eye disappear, and we enter into a state of detached awareness which there is nothing to see and nothing to search for, just the bliss of infinite consciousness to be enjoyed. 3 - In watchfulness, there is no commentary, evaluation, or judgment, just total relaxation. In this relaxed mode, watch the watcher and witness the witnessing. By watching the watcher, the watcher expands and becomes divine. You will experience a divine silence slowly descending upon you. Do nothing, and you will find yourself participating in pure consciousness without the mind defining it. In other words, you will feel no need to tell yourself such things as “this is the experience I have been seeking” or “this is what people mean when they talk about enlightenment.” 4 - Forget about looking for results as you meditate. When we are in this meditative process, not a single vibration moves into the future. In this conscious state, causes and consequences aren’t two separate things—in the same way that the chicken and the egg aren’t separate realities, but the egg is the chicken and the chicken is the egg. Meditation brings us to a place of sensitivity wherein we experience a great interconnectedness with All That Is. This sensitivity generates a loving intimacy with everything we see, smell, touch, taste, hear, and intuit. Be aware, and you will be sensitive to the whole of reality. Be sensitive, and you will be aware of everything. 5 - Meditation doesn’t bring joy, but joy comes when we are meditative. If we aren’t joyful, it’s because we aren’t in a meditative state, since joy is our intrinsic nature. When you are ready, you may wish to take a deep breath, begin to move your fingers and toes, open your eyes, and become aware of your surroundings once again.

Motivation can spring from two quite different sources: the egoic mind or our One Self. If our motivation comes from our egoic mind, we find ourselves repeating dysfunctional patterns that draw people, situations, and energy to us that cocreate unhappiness. This is because what we believe, think, and feel, coupled with how we define ourselves and how we behave, at-tract experiences that reflect our internal reality. In other words, our physical reality is a feedback mechanism whereby, every moment, we control our experience. Motivation that originates in the egoic mind is a byproduct of neediness, which causes us to form attachments. Whether this motivation feels positive or negative, it’s nevertheless an ex-pression of ego. As such, no matter how motivated we may be, what we go after can’t make us happy, loving, peaceful. It may move us in a certain direction, which may help us accomplish something in the external world, but this can be an obstacle in terms of experiencing our One Self, which is the source of authentic movement in our life. When our motivation is directed outside of our One Self, we require a list of tasks to ac-complish toward a goal. When our motivation is directed inside of our One Self, it helps us learn, experience, and expand. To manifest who we are, all that’s needed is acceptance and a willingness to explore within. There is nothing to achieve, no craving, no greed, no ambition. There isn’t even unconsciousness. Without ambition to reach a goal, we are at home. In the beginning of our search, we are motivated to become more conscious. But to be-come stabilized in consciousness, we must outgrow the need for the motivation that comes from the mind. To be the infinite One Self we already are is all the motivation we require, because to the degree that we flow with our One Self, we are never without motivation. With no ambition, nowhere to go, and nothing we have to do, we live simply in the bliss-ful flow of being.


Without motivation, we would die. For instance, the simple act of breathing is unconsciously motivated by our desire to stay alive. Even when we are asleep, our sleep is motivated by our desire to be healthy.

The reason it’s risky to follow the advice of others is that they mostly project their own thoughts, beliefs, and emotional patterns onto us. This is why we should aspire to be rooted in our own inner knowing. As we become more aware of our One Self, we accept One Self for who we truly are. Love of our One Self, which engenders trust in our One Self, is how our inner guidance system is born. In order that our ability to determine our own path may grow, God offers us learning op-portunities each moment. Indeed, we are given endless opportunities to discover how to create our own life. If we are to receive this insight, we must stop believing in God as something separate from us, and start trusting in the God of One Self, since God is in us and we are in God. The way to seek guidance is to listen to the inner voice of our One Self. Guidance may come as an immediate body sensation or as an intuitive sense, accompanied by a feeling of easy acceptance. This is how we recognize something is truthful. Sometimes this guidance is lost because we allow our mind to rationalize, which confuses us and causes us to doubt ourselves. The trick is to listen for the immediate response without questioning it. In other words, we learn to trust our source within, which is our essence speaking. We follow only our own inner voice, our inner guide. The more we allow ourselves to trust our own guidance, the more insightful our guidance becomes. There is no one like us. There never has been and there never will be another like us. We are original, unique, extraordinary. Because each of us is an exceptional individual, we know our One Self better than anybody else. Nobody knows us the way we do. For this reason, we—and only we—can manifest our unique expression of One Self, which we should do according to our own guidance.


If we are fearful of moving into an unknown situation and feel we need outside guidance, such guidance should be temporary. Once we have transitioned to the new territory, the guidance of others is no longer helpful, and we are ready to take our next quantum leap.

We have been conditioned to believe that to love, we need somebody else. In other words, we think love isn’t about us but about the other person. Contrary to popular belief, love isn’t primarily about the other person. It’s about finding the love in ourselves—and that’s something no one else can do for us. Love always comes from our own center. We are the necessary ingredient for love in our life.

Once we start loving our One Self, the love energy within us expands to all human beings and to existence itself. Once we are in a state of delight, the whole of existence is delightful. To love, all we do is share with others our delight in ourselves and in life! For this reason, we should look within our One Self for the love we seek, not on the out-side. Everything we need is there for us to learn, to expand, to grow, to create peace and bliss in our unique way. Only we can be our unique One Self. We don’t need to be like anyone else. For this rea-son it’s crucial not to abandon our One Self for the sake of keeping an outer love that asks us to give up being our One Self. When we love our One Self unconditionally, we accept every part of ourselves. We ac-cept our egoic mind with its turbulent thoughts. We accept parts of us we disowned long ago, even those parts we dislike. Compassion for ourselves is the door to our inner treasure. We accept everything we experience in ourselves totally. It’s important to learn to enjoy being our One Self because we will spend the rest of our life with One Self, even though we may walk down the path side by side with another. From this relationship, we are in relation with All That Is. By finding love within our One Self, we find God, for God is infinite love. We are one with that!


Love is about our relationship with our One Self. How strange then that it’s widely be-lieved that to love One Self is selfish! People even think it’s egotistical to love One Self. Howev-er, when we understand who we are, we realize it’s imperative to love our One Self if we are ever to experience a fulfilling relationship with another.

How We Can Live in Harmony with Our One-Self

Our natural purpose is to live joyfully in harmony with our One-Self. This involves a vital symbiotic relationship between the chakras and the endocrine system. Infinite consciousness expresses itself through the human biocircuitry, triggering signals that stimulate the endocrine glands. The flow of information is dependent upon the number of circuits connected and the endocrine system’s ability to interpret and use its signals to deliver this coded intelligence.

The chakras are lynchpins in this complex system. In summary, here is what each chakra regulates:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5, 6. 7.

Root chakra: adrenal glands Sacral chakra: the gonads and lower belly Solar plexus chakra: thymus gland Heart chakra: thymus gland Throat chakra: thyroid gland Third eye chakra: pituitary gland, pineal gland and hypothalamus Crown chakra: pineal gland

The lower three chakras have to do with sexuality, pain and suffering, death and power. They respectively represent the dynamics at play in the collective unconsciousness responsible for humankind’s drama. The upper three chakras represent vision, will, and completion––in other words, attained consciousness. We are called human beings. Human stands for the animal aspect of us, represented by the lower three chakras. Being stands for the divine, represented by the upper three chakras. The fourth chakra lies between our animal aspect and our divine being. This chakra is the heart chakra, which generates the love that forms the bridge between sex and compassion. Because the chakras work together as a system, a block in the functioning of one chakra may affect the activity of another. When the spinning of the chakras is slowed, illness sets in because the flow of energy is obstructed. If a stressful condition continues for a long time, the chakras may close and the person will die. This almost happened to Father Aleksey, who came to see me after being diagnosed with lung cancer and given up to three months to live, having refused chemotherapy and other forms of palliative treatment from the oncologists. He was on oxygen, with unbearable pain in his lungs, and was unable to stand on his feet for more than two or three minutes. Father Aleksey was a Russian Orthodox priest who was devoted to God and loved by his congregation. His normal and routine life had ended abruptly several years ago when he and his only son were in a car accident. Though he survived with only a broken rib, his son died in the accident. Father Aleksey’s wife, who couldn’t bear the pain and grief of this loss, died later that year from a simple case of the flu. To escape from the unbearable pain of these tragic losses, Father Aleksey emigrated from Moscow to Canada, where he was assigned to the Vancouver area. Soon upon his arrival, he was involved in another car accident that left him with a badly injured knee, with the need for numerous surgeries and the installation of a metal plate in his knee. During the course of the next two years, he was in an unsuccessful battle with the insurance company, leaving him unable to pay for the expensive treatments for his knee. More accidents followed, together with numerous other stresses and traumas. Two years later he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Father Aleksey came to my healing practice wanting me to help him heal his lungs of cancer. Actually, what really needed healing was his blocked, painful heart and damaged thymus gland. Even though he taught his congregation about love and faith, he lacked heart for himself. It was clear to me that, unconsciously, he wanted to join his lost family. Not only had Father Aleksey’s body suffered severe damage, he was also emotionally fragile. Trauma after trauma had effected all his chakras and depleted his life energy, consequently having an impact on his adrenal glands. He had been fatigued for years and severely depressed. When we experience trauma, all our chakras become temporarily blocked, which means there’s no communication between them. Equally, the mind becomes traumatized, fragmenting our focus. As a survival strategy, the mind hijacks a shocked consciousness, leading it into a traumatized past, personal and collective stress, and countless difficulties. Such trauma has an effect not only on the physical body, fragmenting the flow of energy, but also upon the brain, so that the person has no ability to process what’s happening to them. As a result, the brain takes the raw pain and stores it unprocessed in the primordial brain where it simply feels terrifying, enormous, and meaningless. It sits there like a psychological cancer, poisoning the brain, the body, the mind, and the emotions.

In such a situation, the trauma holds the person’s entire being in a permanent state of stress, constantly

blocking their access to consciousness. In Father Aleksey’s case, the fragmented chakras affected all his glands, which produced an imbalance of hormones. Since hormones are a physical aspect of emotions, the mind then interpreted this imbalance as intense emotion. Needless to say, the most damaged chakra was Father Aleksey’s solar plexus, the chakra concerned with the emotions. The blocked energy from this chakra dragged down the energy of his heart chakra, the chakra of acceptance and love for One-Self. Through his faith and his sincere devotion to God, Father Aleksey had, prior to the tragic loss of his son, raised his kundalini to his heart chakra. Now his heart chakra was no longer vibrating. In fact it was completely stale, which meant he experienced a hollow, a void, instead of a heart full of love. In fact he complained that his heart felt “empty.” All this time, Father Aleksey continued to work as a priest, talking about love and faith while being emotionally blocked. He had a complete absence of trust in his life and a lack of love for his own being. Yes, he mentally believed in God and God’s love for him, but he had no actual love for One-Self. Though Father Aleksey continued to pray daily, the energy he gained from this didn’t reach his heart because it was blocked by his anxious Christian Orthodox thoughts which had hijacked his emotional chakra. Frequent panic attacks, nightmares, shallow and uneven breathing, stress upon stress, and finally an unconscious choice to end his life provided fertile ground for lung cancer. After all his “failed” attempts to end his life with accidents, this was his last unconscious attempt to stop his misery. Throughout all of this, the small flame of consciousness knocked persistently on the door of Father Aleksey’s being. This is what finally brought him to me. After six months of attending healing sessions with me, Father Aleksey was on his feet again, healthy, breathing normally, taking long walks, and cancer free. My main focus had been his heart chakra—not his solar plexus chakra (which might seem like the logical focus, as it was presenting itself as the main problem, and as many healers would have assumed it to be). Had I addressed the emotional chakra, I would have been tricked by his mind, which would have taken me away from the real problem. Instead I guided him to the place where his consciousness wasn’t obstructed by his damaged egoic mind, directing his attention to his wounded heart, placing his awareness in the emptiness of the heart chakra. The process involved asking him to breathe all his stress, pain, worry, grief, and fear into his heart area, then to breathe out compassion for his entire being. Sometimes I breathed his pain into my own heart, pouring out acceptance and love for him. At times I instructed him to just listen to his heart rhythm or watch his breathing while I “preached” to him about real love, acceptance, letting go of all that wasn’t serving him any longer, and the miraculous healing power of consciousness. Father Aleksey was receptive to my unorthodox healing because it was obvious to him that his current view of life was inadequate. This is what pushed him to begin accepting the idea that consciousness is the essence of all that exists. I intuitively felt Father Aleksey’s final turn toward wellness when I started translating my inner “knowing” into his orthodox Christian language, explaining to him the meaning of the symbol of the cross, which he had been accustomed to kissing every few minutes. I told Father Aleksey that God loved him infinitely because God loves God’s own being infinitely. This divine love for all creation is represented by the vertical line of the cross, while the horizontal line represents an

individual’s own love for themselves as the creation of God. Next I expained that his part of the cross, the horizontal beam, was out of alignment—that the cross in his life was under a “curse” because he, Aleksey, loved God infinitely but didn’t love himself, didn’t trust himself. In other words his conscious connection with God was broken. I assured him that the cross would be a powerful form of reconnection, which would result in healing when he completed his part: loving One-Self and accepting everything that happens to him because everything is a manifestation of God. During this session, I felt Father Aleksey’s heart truly opening, for he had really started listening. Every day after this, he breathed into his life more and more fully, becoming increasingly well and complete. Father Aleksey’s story reveals how, when individual chakras are harmonized with the other chakras, energy flows freely and contributes to the health of the immune system and the body’s ability to heal itself. But when a chakra is closed, energy can’t flow throughout the body in a balanced manner. When any of the chakras are blocked or out of balance, the endocrine glands are also out of balance and the immune system suffers. Disease follows, manifesting in symptoms of disease. Such symptoms serve to communicate to us what we have been doing to ourselves. We open and close these energy portals by the way we define ourselves and the reality we live in. It’s always our choice to accept only those parts of our grander being, the divine within, with which we feel safe, or to accept our One-Self wholly and unconditionally. Life then provides us with plenty of experiences to help us accept those parts we have been unable to embrace, with ill health being a means of bringing this lack of acceptance to our awareness. Excerpt from the book ‘Health It’s All About Consciousness by Ivan Rados

Can You Love Your Cancer About two years ago, Susan knocked on my office door, sneaked inn, and immediately started talking without noticing, or acknowledging me. “I thought that I’d won,” but obviously I didn’t. Now I have only one month. They told me that my survival odds are ‘0%. Imagine that — 0%. I am a walking Zombie. They gave me one month. I followed everything they told me, I listened to every f… expert, and after three years they told me they can’t do anything else for me. Now, I have one month to live. I am totally stuck…” She was talking for almost half an hour with no stopping, full of anger, fury, disappointment, hate… all mixed with self-pithy. I was listening to her, while witnessing her breathing. She was not breathing in! She was furiously throwing her breath out, together with all the thoughts of conflict, confusion, suppression, fear for life, feeling stuck…, but not one breath inn. I was stunned. Is this possible that she can talk without oxygen in her lungs? At one point, out of blue, she stops talking, takes a deep, deep breath inn and said: “You are not listening to me”.

I was looking at her for a long, long time, without an urge to respond. After a long look at each other’s eyes, I finally responded, “It doesn’t matter whether I am listening to you or not. The question is, do you listen to yourself? A more important question is, do you love yourself?” I could see the shock in her face. She did not expect that response . She was waiting for my apology, or something else coming from my possible guilt. She tried to say something, but her mouth started trembling, and tears started rolling down her face. For another half an hour she was crying. It would be better to say, she was sobbing. I could see in energy field her repressed emotions of separation, abandonment, death-fright, love starvation . Even if I had no ability to see all that, I would have been able to hear her desperate cry for acceptance, security and love.. To feel and understand someone’s need for love, you don’t have to be a psychic. While she was crying, I was witnessing another breathing pattern, and this one was a constant breath inn. I hardly witnessed an exhale. One year prior to seeing me, during a regular annual health check up, the doctor discovered a renal cell carcinoma, which arose from the small tubes within her right kidney. She was diagnosed with cancer. Six month later, after chemotherapy failed to give the expected results, she went into surgery. They removed her right kidney. Another six months later, after another examination, the doctor discovered cancer in her left kidney, and after another immunotherapy (chemotherapy) failed, she was given two options, another surgery to remove the entire organ including the adrenal gland, adjacent lymph nodes and surrounding “normal” tissue, or to face a certain death in one month. “You obviously lost somebody in your family?” I interrupted her crying. “How do you know?”, she said. “My son died in a car accident 2 years before I was diagnosed with cancer, and my husband passed away 2 month later.” “You feel lonely, abandoned, with a sense of disorientation and a short memory loss”. “So, you really are a psychic!”. Susan said with the surprised face. “Susan, I may be a psychic, but this was not a demonstration of that gift. My knowing about your loss comes from my openness to you in total compassion. In that sense we are all psychics, but most of us have lost our connection with that ability because of our feeling of insignificance and smallness. To compensate, we live in a pretend state of being. We are not connected to What Is, not connected to the natural ability of being present in our wholeness, our infinite health within…” “Can you help me to become healthy again?” She stopped me in the middle of the sentence. “First, in order for me to help you, you have to understand what you are asking for. Mind cannot accept reality as it is. Mind can only accept the circumstances of existence, of that what appears as shapes and forms. The existence, by its very nature, cannot have any circumstances. The existence is always within. That inner reality is What Is, eternally healthy. We are not insignificant, small; we are not on circumference of the existence. We are the Whole, infinitely connected with inner infinite health. We exist within the hearth of the existence. That’s where joy, bliss, peace, freedom and health are infinitely present, in the center of the existence, in the center of our being. Our being is not small or temporary; it is infinitely within the existence. What is temporary is the mind’s

imposition upon our free being, upon our unlimited possibilities and potentiality in this moment of now. So, bliss and health is our very nature within. To be blissful is natural; it is a spontaneous act of our being in this moment of now. We don’t have to do anything in order to be what we are, naturally, always – health. No effort is needed to be blissful, peaceful, healthy and full of joy, but it takes a great effort to be in diseases, suffering and misery. That effort is depleting us from the natural source of life force, from the state of infinite health within, and that’s why we look too exhausted, diseased, dying… To be in separation from our blissful healthy nature is a really hard work. The mind is working really hard to maintain that state of separation in order to exist. It is really difficult, hard, and painful to go against nature. Only those who are ready to accept everything in totality are able to accept the moment of now, and that acceptance will realign the individual with the infinite health within. We all try hard to become healthy, to become somebody, recognized, acknowledged, secure, accepted persons, but very rarely somebody will have a courage, the inner guts just to be. To become is ignorance, it is to be the disease; to be is health. Just look around, the whole humanity is ignoring its divine nature in this moment of now, that is why everybody is in disease, pain and suffering. People are ignoring the infinite health in their being. That is the separation — the disconnection from the infinite, healthy existence within.” “I don’t understand” she replayed. “Can you love your cancer?” “Are you crazy? You are asking me to love the monster. How can I love cancer that is going to put me in my grave”. “That “monster” is your own body cellular structure. You are fighting your own body’s healing process. The cancer is an indication that the healing of the great loss that you have suffered is going on in the body. By fighting the cancer, you are fighting your own body. Cancer is not an alien invading your sovereign body; it is a process of healing the conflict you inflicted into your psyche. The whole problem is the thoughts and emotional discharge not being in tune with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. You are fueling the “Monster” by your worries, fear, anxiety, stress, anger and conflict. Can you love your “diseased” kidney? Love is all about acceptance. When you accept everything in your reality, positive or negative, everything that you like or dislike, everything you want and don’t, everything that happens to you and that what might happen to you…, then what is left is you. By accepting everything, you are embracing your consciousness, you are acknowledging your divine nature, you are witnessing your health growing infinitely in the moment of now. You are no more possessed by the mind and its feeling of being separated and insignificant. Once you are not possessed by the mind, which is always about polarities in circumstances of existence, your body will be relaxed, at ease, and naturally, it will realign with the infinite health within. If you are still in stress, conflict, confusion, separation, in the thoughts of loss, feeling of abandonment; then your body will give up and die. If you wish to “be” the health, then hold no opinion for or against. Accept the loss of your son and your husband, and all the painful feelings that arise from it: loneliness, anger, disappointment, sorrow, grief… Be in love with life, not in conflict with life. You are life. Do not be in conflict with yourself. Allow the body to finish the healing. Do not intervene. Be the witness of the whole process. Witness the body balancing itself naturally. Body is divine intelligence capable of giving you a perfect vehicle to experience joyful-

ness in this reality. Love the body, look after it, listen to it, but do not fight it. You can be healthy only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more consciousness to it, a little more joy to it. Basically, accept life as it is in its own totality.” You can go on complaining or feeling pity for yourself, clinging to your misery for lives and you will never be healthy; something or other will remain to be changed. That change is always in circumstances of the existence. Instead, change the unconsciousness into consciousness. That is the essential change. Without the inner changes, no one can give you health. When unconsciousness is transcended into consciousness, everything becomes clear and undisguised. Your son and husband are not with you any longer, and although you feel lonely; you are actually alone. Trust that aloneness. Love that aloneness. The whole existence is all about you. You are the one, alone within the existence. To accept that you are alone is to witness the whole existence within, and that is the greatest transformation that can happen to you. Take life as an easy and spontaneous flow, as fun, not as a burden – Life is health, that’s precisely what it is!” After two hours of energy healing combined with spiritual guidance; she left my office breathing in and out rhythmically. She came for three more healing sessions, and after that I did not her from her for two years. A week ago I intended to write this blog and the memory of healing sessions with Susan came to my attention. I called her immediately. Susan is still alive and well. She was laughing, giggling and vibrating with the energy. She is into healing pets – dogs, cats and horses. “Are you in fear that death will come one day?” I asked. “Just as you taught me, I am dying every day to something, and it is so amazing to witness my inner rebirth every moment I die to something old. I am infinitely healthy”. She said. We are intelligent be-ings, Intelligence is a natural phenomenon, it is the inner seeing; just as breathing is, divine blessing and benediction. Life is blessing, if you bring your intelligence to it. Life isn’t a balance between throwing out and inviting in, like previous Susan’s erratic breathing. Life is all about balance and acceptance. With total, unconditional acceptance of All That Is, you are just being as You Are, infinitely healthy in the moment of now. Infinite health is Infinite Consciousness. Ivan Rados

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Illness Is Not A Problem When we go through a negative experience usually we form a belief as: “I have a problem,” or, “I am not able to make it,” or “I have to run out of it.” If you believe in these statements, you are allowing imprints in your energy field, and they start having a separate life from the rest of your being. ‘Problems’ always trigger intense emotional reactions of being flooded, in between being numb and unable to feel fully alive; it keeps reinforcing non-thriving, untruthful negative beliefs about you and life; it motivates destructive maladaptive behaviors. Then there is not just one problem, there are infinite problems. You become a problem. In appropriate circumstances, due to dangerous and life threatening situations, the mind cannot function, and the mind stops. The mind can think only in non-dangerous situations. The natural reaction of the body in dangerous life conditions is to produce hormones (adrenalin, cortisone and other chemicals), introducing them into the blood stream and thus, increasing blood pressure and affecting heart rate and breathing. The natural reaction to fearful circumstances is to defend or escape, so the body goes into a fight-or-flight response. Whenever the mind assumes that somebody or something is going to attack you, harm, or insult you, the body immediately reacts. This also occurs whenever the mind feels frustration, feelings of failure, anxiety of unknown situations as well as financial worries, resentment, or guilt. The body immediately reacts. The body itself doesn’t have a mind; it is part of the existence, reacting naturally to the flow of any given situation. The mind is taking control and creating a dangerous, stressful circumstance, worries, fear, and anxieties, adding fuel to the fight-orflight response. The body is not able to switch off from that natural response because the mind exists outside of it and feeds itself from it. The body consequently suffers, slowing down or switching off its protective immune system. Look through your own experience. If you could bring awareness into your body when you are angry, you will witness a fight or flight response, the rush of chemicals in your body, blood circulating more, heat, perspiration and trembling. The whole body is in a state of shock. Body takes a certain posture; your face takes a particular expression, you are ready to fight or take flight. Mind sees life as the big problem, so the mind is always in either fight or flight response. To fight, you are with the energy of anger; to run away, you are in the energy of fear. With the fight, you are with the problem; if you run away, the problem will be there following you everywhere and waiting to be resolved. You are in fear running away from fear. Life is not the problem, our mind and its twisted vision – its di-vision, is the problem. Who is going to win in the Armageddon battle? Which part of the mind will possess the territory of your being, democrats or republicans? NONE! The mind is the winner, because the mind is all about winning. Your life energy will simply dissipate, and the mind will be strengthened. Under normal conditions, the body produces thousands and thousands of cancer cells, which are dealt with efficiently by your immune system. From the constant state of conflict, anxiety, and stress in the mind, the energy flow is blocked and the cancer cells may get out of hand. Of course, our body may then get other illnesses and

Life is not the problem, our mind and its twisted vision – its di-vision, is the problem. diseases. If it is our choice to create health, we can choose to come to terms with circumstances, situations, and conditions in our own perception of Self. There are no justifications for our negative attitudes, beliefs, definitions, and behaviors towards One-Self. You are your own creator or destroyer. Illness Is An Opportunity, It Is Not An Enemy; It Is A Friend. Illness is different from disease. Illness is warning you, talking to you, pointing a direction you have to take; asking you for your acceptance, for your expression, for the transcendence, for your awareness, your consciousness. If you are not listening, if you are not in tune with nature, you are repressing your consciousness, which is creating the experience of the dis-ease. You are avoiding the warning and repressing One-Self. There is nothing wrong with being ill. Sometimes it is very good to fall ill. A healthy person has to experience illness sometimes, to pass through it to attain health again; new freshness, new rejuvenation, greater wellness. Existence is always going through the opposite poles in this moment of now, but it is not attached to any part of it, always changing, never staying the same. Everything that changes is alive; everything that becomes stagnant dies. That is the nature; always flowing, changing, and moving from one side of the extreme to the other. Going through opposites, without attachments, always gives fresh-ness, bliss-fulness, healthful-ness. If you fall ill and have to go to bed, take it as a blessing from the Universe. Take it as the opportunity to cleanse and harmonize One-Self again. Rest your body on the bed. Meditate. Meditation is medicinal. Close your eyes and look at the illness. Watch the illness, the pain, the body imbalance, and don’t try to analyze or project. Do not attach to the illness or pain. Do not identify with it. You are not the illness and you cannot be in pain. Do not attach to the thoughts. Just watch. Do nothing. The whole body might be tired, in pain, tensed or feverish, but do nothing, just watch. The more you watch without attachment and identification either to objective (your feverish body sensations), or subjective (tensed thoughts and overexcited emotions), you will become aware of a peaceful, calm, and healthy point within you. The fever might be around, but you are grounded in your inner centre, in the moment of now. Your inner centre is the one centre of All That Is. Your innermost centre is a portal for the Infinite Energy of Oneness to overflow the body with Infinite Joy for simply being. The body will harmonize naturally. Ivan Rados

GRATITUDE CAN HEAL Gratitude is the heart of the Infinite Universe filled with love. Love is the feeling of gratitude in the field of consciousness. Every single moment in your life exists for your spiritual involution and conscious evolution. Once you become aware of this, you start accepting and loving every situation in life with deep thankfulness and gratitude. What is gratitude? It is being thankful for everything in life, grateful for all existence without judgment, complaints, misery; feeling grateful for everything perceived either as positive or negative, for things that could have been done but were not done. No matter what the circumstance, if you can accept the situation and be grateful, you can free yourself and move forward in your spiritual growth. Once you learn to love your experience, you are automatically in Gratitude, but as long as you continue to give power to a complaining mind full of hate, judgment, and resentment, misery will intensify as it mirrors everything you dislike about your experience. Remember, every situation in life is for you to learn and grow from. Growth is not always easy; it can be very painful. Growth is a blue-print of the inquiry into truth. There are a multitude of lies, but there is only one Truth - YOU. The ultimate growth is to say ‘yes’ to One Self - ‘yes’ with freedom and love, with no conditions, no attachment, no hesitation, pure and simple, ‘yes.’ ‘Yes’ is life in harmony with deep Gratitude. Gratitude is Yes to Life. The more you are grateful to life, the more life is happening to you. Gratitude draws the consciousness into the center of creation where everything is possible, where everything blissful comes to you. Gratitude balances your judgmental mind and brings you into closer harmony with the creative energies of the Infinite Universe.

Gratitude is the Real you. Remember, your physical reality works as a feed-back mechanism. Every moment, every day of your life, you are in control of every aspect of your experience. People who accept themselves as they are live life as an organic unity; This is a key reason why a person with awareness is far less likely to become sick. If you are at peace with One Self, you will be at peace with your immediate surroundings and you will be less likely to have serious illnesses like those people who are not. Unawareness is simply ignorance or the murkiness or heaviness of not knowing. With lack of awareness, either you don’t know something or you understand something incorrectly. You become sep-

arated from One Self, you are apart. With awareness you are connected with everything, you are whole. With awareness or consciousness, you accept yourself as you are. That does not mean that there is no need to change or to improve; on the contrary, it means that you accept the basis of growth, but this growth is not going to require any effort; it will not even be a matter of choice any longer. That growth is going to be a total surrender, or letting go of all mental, emotional, and behavioral conditioning. Unawareness is not going to have a role in you and your life. Then the energy will flow without effort. When you unreservedly say YES to One Self, then the idea of separation disappears from your perception, and you will meet One Self in consciousness. In Consciousness, you are inviting the deep energy within you – your essential Infinite One Self – to connect you to All That Is. You become Holy.

Gratitude Affirmation

I am Grateful to the Wholeness for providing me with every opportunity to have an Experience and learn from it. I have a visible and invisible means of support to create inspiring times in my life, with the flow and ease to welcome and love One Self. Gratitude is the core me, heartfully centered in Infinite love with all its possibilities. I place gratitude at the centre of my relation with the Infinite Universe, with the Infinite One in the centre of my being. Energy flows where your attention is. If your attention is in your limitation or denial of Infinite One Self, then you are resisting. You are resisting the full awareness and total acceptance of who you are; you are resisting growth because growth has historically meant separation. You become ungrateful for what you are. You become separated from the Oneness - separated from You, your Consciousness, your Infinite One Self. When you resist, your soul starts longing; longing creates frustration, manifesting as disease, depression, or obsession. Frustration can suppress the energy system of the body/mind/ emotional network. Being released from frustration is a very difficult task. Only by accepting all of the energies within you are you able to be free and connect to One Self. The first step of acceptance is very difficult. To accept your anger is very difficult; to be angry is very easy; to accept your weaknesses is very difficult; but to be egoistic is very easy. Why? You can go on forever being angry, being possessive, being selfish, being this and that, but never accepting. Whatsoever you do, whatever you feel, whatever you think is just on the periphery. In the centre, you remain you. Stop being in love with your own ego-mind, with your defenses, and start loving One Self, truly, fully, and unconditionally. Accept One Self. Accept your ego-mind. Accept everything in you, in you life. By accepting you are allowing change. By allowing, you are being grateful for the Existence. Don’t believe in One Self – Trust One Self. The more you trust One Self, the more you love One Self, the more you are in infinite energy of gratefulness; you are changing and connecting within infinite health. Like a river, health is always moving. When you love One Self, you will automatically start loving all human beings and all life. Once you start loving yourself your love energy is released to all. Now, you can love the whole world. The healthier you become the healthier the world becomes. Ivan Rados

Suffering may serve as a teacher What is suffering? Suffering is a state of mind. It doesn’t exist outside of it. Suffering depends upon the way you perceive things and react to them. People suffer differently under identical circumstances because of their beliefs, personality, egoistic knowledge, conditioning, attitudes, delusional thinking and interpretation of the experiences, reacting to it in a particular conflicting manner, or by forming opinions about them. The mind’s thinking and its attitude towards suffering develop into a familiar pattern over a period of time, and we learn to accept it as a natural and integral part of our life. Suffering is self-created. Suffering arises out of mind actions, inactions, reactions, thinking, attachment, conditioning, desires, beliefs, attitudes, or associations. Nobody is responsible for it. Yes, others may play a role in it or contribute to it, but the suffering is our own creation only.

Do you suffer when you do not get what you want, more or less than you want, or do not want, when you are in the contact with what you like or dislike, when you see others in suffering, or when you see someone who is happy or unhappy? We suffer when we disconnect One Self from the Whole, doing things against the harmony, being unnatural and identifying with non-existential.

or dislike, what we agree or disagree with, our opinions, our actions and reactions, our fantasies, dreams and desires, our anxiety, fears and concerns… all of that and more stem from our attachments. When we are attached to things, the thing we are attached to becomes us. So many vices like, hate, greed, anger, selfishness, or envy arise out of our desires and our desires in turn arise out of our attachment to things. With the mind we are all chasing our own tail.

Suffering is Mistaken Identity.

Suffering may serve as a teacher.

We believe that we are the body and the mind, that we are mortal, the subject to the process of births and deaths, that we are defined by how we look, what we do with our bodies, what we possess and what we can or cannot do; believing in physical reality, mental personalities, scarcity, unfairness, or injustice. When you identify One Self with unstable and impermanent things, you cannot live in comfort with that feeling of vulnerability, and you suffer from fears, stress, diseases, pain and anxieties.

The solution to suffering lies in our awareness and in understanding of its underlying causes and resolving them effectively through inner transformation. Suffering can be seen as a gift delivered in a negative package, with a hidden message to warn us that we are out of our inner harmony, teaching us about truthful way to exist, guiding us to accept the challenges with courage, responding appropriately to each situation using necessary skills, intelligence and talents within our being, and helping us to open our eyes to new possibilities and the divine nature of the Existence.

Suffering is Attachment.

Suffering is asking us to accept whatever value it has Attachments are at the root of our unconscious be- to offer, and instead of fighting with it, to learn from havior, coming from a strong mental connections it, through a process of detachment, mindfulness and with our past actions or reactions, unlived, trauma- heightened awareness. The way to transcend suffering tized or pleasurable experiences we like or dislike, im- is by not resisting it or escaping from it or intensifying prints, sensations, and sensory experiences compared it, but by understanding it and embracing it uncondiand judged by our knowledge and beliefs what is real tionally. and what is not real, what you want to become or not, what you intend to do or not, how you see things, how The meditation is the method to cut through the sufyou define things, where you are in your current situ- fering and diseases, to cut through the projected state ation…, all and more depends upon our attachments. and be in touch with our essential healthy being. If there is more consciousness in meditation – there will We are attached to things from the time we are born be more being in our life. and as we grow we become attached to more and more things. The first attachment is with the mind, Ivan Rados the big “I”, then what we have, what we think, what we believe, what we know, and what we do; what we like

Performance Art ‘Metamorfosis’, Bury Art Gallery & Museum, Bury, Greater Manchester, UK 1995

Performance Art ‘Wings Of Illusions’ Documentary Film About Ivan Rados Art by GranadaTV, UK1995

Transcendental Art can happen anywhere and nowhere, in any venue or setting and for any length of time or beyond the time in timeless. Transcendental Art may be entertaining, amusing, shocking or horrifying, because it is ‘Happenings’,’ Events’ or ‘Fluxus’. Transcendental Art is live, in the moment, with no rules or guidelines, with an artist being present now and absent here. Transcendental Art is divine act of an artist at a particular moment in the timeless reality. It is art because the artist says it is art.

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Awakening Calls - Health It's All About Consciousness  

Ivan Rados’ insight into how we can consciously reconnect with our One Self enables us to address illness at its source—the mind, which thro...

Awakening Calls - Health It's All About Consciousness  

Ivan Rados’ insight into how we can consciously reconnect with our One Self enables us to address illness at its source—the mind, which thro...

Profile for ivanrados