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Volume 2 Transform Your Life Through Sacred Geometry Based on the book ‘Transform Your Life Through Sacred

Geometry’ by Ivan Rados

published by Namaste Publishing 2010

Concept, design, production by Ivan Rados ABOUT Ivan Rados ’Ivan Rados’ ‘Awakening Calls’ or ‘Thoughtless Thoughts’ are the invitation from timeless truth that can radically transform our perception, understanding, and our way of being in the world. We are all experiencing chasm between our humanity and our divinity, as though the lower and higher self were divided through constant struggle into two separate pieces. The Awakening Calls can help sew our two selves back to Oneness, and reawaken us to that which we already are. It is just a matter of perception. “This life is the only life, and this moment is the only moment of life. We are involved in eternity. We have been here and now since the beginning, and we will be here and now to the very end, if there is any beginning and any end. In this space of here and this moment of now, we are all called to change. The basic change is going to be in each one of us, individually and then everything else will follow.”

A true master of both himself and his life, Ivan Rados asserts that he heals no one but simply helps people heal themselves through the power of Infinite Consciousness. His journey reads like a book of miracles, which he modestly labels “ordinarinesses.” Ivan is aligned with no particular healing methodology, spiritual movement, or tradition. The wisdom he shares comes from his deep roots in the One Self, the source of everything. Born in the former Yugoslavia, lived in England, Ivan moved to Vancouver, Canada, in 2001. He now travels extensively, sharing his insights around the world, facilitating classes, seminars, and retreats.

For more information about the author and his publications see: All material is copyrighted by Ivan Rados

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Book Excerpt - Transform Your Life Through Sacred Geometry by Ivan Rados

Volume2, December 2011

A Deck of Wisdom by David Robert Ord

A Deck of Wisdom These Full Color Presence-activating Cards Are Like No Others The term “mantra” is widely used and understood. Not so many of us are aware of what a yantra is. One of the greatest gifts ever presented to the human species is surely Ivan Rados’ insightful set of 52 colorful yantras, which do via the eye what a mantra does through silent vocalization— and so much more. The effect of the yantras is beyond measure and just has to be experienced. Because of their exquisite design, utilizing gorgeously colorful patterns that speak to the inner being in a powerful yet worldless way, author Ivan Rados — an internationally known artist and healer — refers to this boxed set of wisdom as transformation through sacred geometry. Written in clear, straightforward language that anyone can understand, each of these yantras invites us to see an aspect of life through the eyes of consciousness, awakening us to the one Presence that’s not just the heart of our own being but is manifest in the whole of reality. Beyond just a stocking stuffer, this is a gift that’s beautifully presented, bringing you unparalleled life-changing insight and practical wisdom.

David Robert Ord, Editorial Director for Namaste Publishing - publisher of books by authors including Ekhart Tolle, Michael Brown, Ivan Rados, Lee Gerdes, Ron Garner, Shefali Tsabary and others whose works that focus on present moment awareness. He is also the author of ‘Your Forgotten Self’ and ‘Lessons in Loving - A Journey into the Heart.’

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Book Excerpt Ivan Rados -

Transform Your Life Through Sacred Geometry

Part I Introducing Meditation with Sacred Geometry Yantras Everyone has the capacity to reach enlightenment, which is a state of freedom from our illusionary egoic mind. This capacity is realized not by following rules, performing religious rituals, or imitating enlightened masters, but by bringing awareness to the mind’s attachments. In other words, we are asked to become watchful of our thoughts with non-judgmental attentiveness. Whenever we watch our thoughts, we are actually meditating. In fact, our essential being is always in a meditative state, though we aren’t aware of this because we are so attached to our egoic mind. However, the moment we disconnect from our ego, we are instantly in meditation and become an open portal for the flow of infinite consciousness. I call infinite consciousness our One Self because the center of our being is also the center of All That Is. To be centered in our being is to have the capacity to see life as it is. It is to experience life’s deeply mysterious nature, especially its playfulness and joyfulness. To be in meditation is to be part of a great adventure. This adventure involves delighting in our life every single step of the way. The ultimate method of all methods for liberation from our egoic mind turns out to be what I have dubbed a “methodless method.” The ultimate technique of all spiritual and meditative techniques is to become nontechnical, irrational, illogical, absurd, foolish, and yet innocent! If there is any effort required in this, it’s only the effort needed to attain greater silence, deeper consciousness, and increased awareness. Nothing is necessary other than our awareness in this moment, now. The effort of our egoic self is usually a huge waste of energy, taking us further and further from the now. Only when the energy that supports our egoic effort is spent and we are worn out do we generally become open to the experience of “effortless effort” associated with awakened energy. When we practice meditation without any preconceived ideas or goals, the emptiness of our One Self comes into view, full of life-energy, while our sense of “me” disappears. Yantra meditation is a peaceful practice that has no goal and seeks to achieve nothing. By leading us into a state of emptiness, it introduces us to the self-fulfilling life energy of the divine. All that’s required for this to happen is for us to steadily penetrate our consciousness and cleanse our vision. Yantra meditation doesn’t require understanding. Quite the opposite, it leads us to the realization that we don’t and can’t understand infinite consciousness. Indeed, the effort of trying to understand blocks

the flow of our One Self. Yantra meditation is a process of entering the space of not knowing. In the pursuit of knowledge, every moment something is added, whereas in the pursuit of meditation, every moment something is dropped. As soon as we let go of ideas, thoughts, atti-tudes, and beliefs, the divine emerges into view and our internal vision becomes clear. We be-come open, receptive, spontaneous or, in a word, innocent. Innocence is real freedom. The point of Yantra meditation is to bring innocence back into our lives. Meditation is a process of witnessing everything that comes and goes, without trying to control it or fight it, but simply allowing everything to pass freely. As we increasingly experience the no-thing-ness of the present moment, and our awareness becomes more intense and lasts longer and longer, we find ourselves moving through life free of all urges and completely without effort. We realize that nothing is missing in our life and that the whole of existence belongs to us. Yantra meditation helps us clear the content of our consciousness so it can become a pure mirror, reflecting without interpreting. All That Is exists infinitely in this emptiness, this no-thing-ness. When the mirror of our consciousness is left without any content, this is enlightenment.

The World of Being Is the Real World Sacred geometry yantras are the entrance into another world, the world of essence or spirit. Once we have entered this world, there is no way out, no exit. It’s neither a state of mind nor a mood we can go into and then return from. Rather, this inner world is our essential being, our intrinsic nature. This world is us. The explanations that accompany the yantras aren’t like a simple work of fiction that we can read and be done with. They contain layer upon layer of meaning. When we read one for the first time, we will likely initially encounter a superficial meaning. After meditating on the yantra for a few days or even a few weeks, a deeper meaning will reveal itself. Each image and each explanation contains a multiplicity of meanings. As we allow ourselves to be transformed, the meaning of the yantra and its explanation changes. The layers of meaning are inexhaustible. Through sacred geometry, our life moves into higher vibrations. Meditating on the yantras helps us rediscover our essence. In other words, what we see and what we read create us. The mystery of sacred geometry makes us feel truly alive.

What Is Sacred Geometry? Physicists have shown that, rather than the universe being made up of objects existing separately in space and time, the whole of existence is the manifestation of a single reality. In other words, our being isn’t separate from the infinite universe, despite the fact our mind imagines us to be separate. All life emerges from the same source: intelligent, unconditionally loving, infinite creativity, represented by the universal language of sacred geometry, which is recognized on a cellular level by all beings. It’s the language of consciousness, a language that speaks of the undeniable oneness of all things. The universe is a single vibration that expands in all directions, creating an unlimited variety of vibrations. Sacred geometry corresponds to these vibrations. Hence meditating on a sacred geometry symbol imprints a higher vibrational signature in our consciousness. This is because a sacred geometry symbol acts as a portal, a passage to higher aspects of infinite consciousness.

Since the symbol’s vibration resonates at a high frequency, when we focus our attention on a specific symbol, our mind opens to the resonance of that particular geometrical archetype, thereby training our awareness to resonate at a higher wavelength. The energy doesn’t emanate from the sacred geometry yantras, but from infinite consciousness itself, which communicates through the symbolic form. The meditations lead us into the unknown, where mind becomes no-mind, form reveals its ultimate formlessness, and thingness reveals its inherent nothing-ness. In other words, sacred geometry meditation works by tuning us to the vibration of our One Self. In this way, the meditations facilitate our transcendence. Sacred geometry meditation is a process to be enjoyed, not a goal to be achieved. The images prepare us for deep meditation. As they guide us in surrendering our illusions, they enable us to recognize the truth of our One Self, which is found in the silence within us. Sacred geometry meditation is a powerful tool that can trigger awareness and accelerate both our healing and our evolution a process of rediscovering our One Self and becoming the pure infinite consciousness we really are.

The Dot

Each symbol of sacred geometry consists of two parts. There is the inner aspect, which is represented by the dot and serves as the seed of all shapes and forms. And there is the outer aspect, which consists of various patterns created by an infinite number of appearances of the point. The dot, or point, symbolizes the seed, sperm, or drop that we might think of as the starting point of creation. The optical focus point of any sacred geometry symbol is always its center––the point of origin, the supremely creative nucleus, the holder of unlimited potential from which etheric lines radiate outward into countless manifestations. The central point corresponds to the one vibration that is infinite consciousness. It’s through this point that each of us is connected to consciousness. The periphery represents a collection of information from other levels of consciousness, depending on our current state of receptivity and intent. Together, the central point and the periphery guide us toward the experience of oneness, which happens when we are present in the now.

The Line The line appears to consist of two connected end points, but it’s actually made up of a single point moving through infinite positions in the now. The end point, or second point, is a reflection or expression of the first point, which is ultimately the only point. In a line, the principle of movement is born, and thus tension develops between apparent opposites. For this reason, in sacred geometry a line represents the illusion of duality we think we observe in creation.

Past and future move on a horizontal line. They are part of time, which is created by the mind. Our desire to achieve, to gain, to possess, and to hold onto moves us horizontally from one thought to another. The present moment, which is a manifestation of the infinite now, moves vertically. It is the now that we perceive and experience as a continuous flow. The eternal can only be experienced in moments in which we are completely free from the motivations that arise from our mental projections.

The Circle The circle represents the creative cosmic process through which objects are expressed. Atoms, cells, seeds, and planets are all echoes of the circular paradigm of simultaneous potential and manifestation. The circle is the three-dimensional expression of unity, completeness, and integrity. It represents an internal revolution, with its rhythms of expansion and contraction and the resulting growth these rhythms bring about. In a circle, all the points on the surface are equally accessible from the center in which they originate, which is the nucleus of all existence.

The Triangle As human beings, we are not static, fixed entities. Each of us is a dynamic, creative process, with unlimited possibilities for how we live our lives. The triangle is a symbol of this evolution of ever-expanding consciousness. In other words, the triangle represents the human spirit in direct connection with infinite consciousness. The upright triangle, with its point upwards, draws our attention to the inner world of action. It signifies an intense spiritual objective. The upper point is the unity of the two lower points, or dualities, which can be expressed as either energy (force) or substance (matter), positive or negative. The diagonal lines pointing toward the sky symbolize movement and the element of fire, while the horizontal base creates a balance between the movement of the upward lines. The downward triangle brings our attention to the outer world of action. It points downward as a symbol of the infinite source of everything, the creative essence of the universe, the generative impulse in nature. The lines pointing downward symbolize the element of water. Two triangles penetrating each other, pointing in opposite directions, represent aspects of the same energy in either fusion or polarity—in other words, in either the static or the kinetic states. When these triangles penetrate each other, which causes them to form a hexagon, they symbolize the meeting between the individual and the universal. The outer self and the inner self meld in the heart, which then becomes the source of love. Once we open our heart to the mysterious power of love, we become available for universal consciousness to express infinite possibilities through us.

The Square The square represents materialized creation—consciousness expressing itself in the three-dimensional universe of finite existence. By experiencing birth in nature, the physical body becomes the vehicle for our essence to express itself. The square, with its four sides, symbolizes the material universe. The corners of the square symbolize the four elemental energies of the universe: fire, earth, water, and air. The horizontal lines represent time, while the vertical lines represent space. The square symbolizes the physical world extended into the four directions of solidarity, the totality of space, the foundation, and material order. The square corresponds to the earthly, or unconscious, aspect of existence. Thus the square’s energy is firmly rooted in our subconscious, which is constantly affecting our view of existence. This energy has a mainly social origin, created by our collective perception of the solidity of concrete physical reality.

Making Miracles The Presence Process - Revised Create New Realities for Your Life The Power of Now (softcover) by Edition (book) by Michael Brown and Our World (book) by Lynn Eckhart Tolle Woodland A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment The Presence Process invites us to Grounded in science and metaphysexperience present moment awareics, MAKING MIRACLES: Create To make the journey into The Power ness as a way of life, a daily approach New Realities for Your Life and Our of Now we will need to leave our to living on this planet. The PresWorld invites readers to bypass noanalytical mind and its false created ence Process makes it possible for tions of a fixed reality and the preself, the ego, behind. From the very anyone to experience Presence and sumed boundaries of space and time first page of this extraordinary book, present moment awareness without (boundaries that science is showing we move rapidly into a significantly having to take the long, challenging to be permeable beyond our wildest higher altitude where we breathe a path most of us usually take imaginings) to create the life they lighter air. We become connected to long for, and at the same time reach the indestructible essence of our Being, “the eternal, ever present One out in loving compassion to every other reader, wherever they happen Life beyond the myriad forms of life to be in space/time. that are subject to birth and death.� Although the journey is challengThe book discusses in 30 simple yet ing, Eckhart Tolle uses simple landetailed chapters everything readguage and an easy question and aners will want to know about how to swer format to guide us. create miracles in their lives. Every segment of the book builds upon A word of mouth phenomenon since its first publication, The Power the next, beginning with the introduction. Each chapter ends with an of Now is one of those rare books exercise and/or an experiment in with the power to create an experimiracle-making. ence in readers, one that can radically change their lives for the better.

Limitless You (Softcover Book) by Health It’s All About Consciousness (book) by Ivan Rados Lee Gerdes The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain Sickness isn’t something that just With the revolutionary brain con- “happens” to us, and neither is health ditioning technology, we can liber- something that can be achieved simate ourselves from our limitations. ply with the right foods, medicines, This advanced technology allows exercise, and mental attitude. the brain to see itself–to recognize where it’s out of balance and not Health and sickness are a reflection of our essential being, and hence the functioning well. potential for health resides in each Once our amazing brain discovers of us at all times. how it has learned to limit itself, it knows just how to readjust itself. As When we are grounded in the unithe brain network comes on line in versal consciousness the author calls the manner it’s meant to exist in, no our One-Self, our entire being is in part of our life remains unaffected. balance, which gives rise to wellness. As our emotions stabilize and our This is because there is no fracturing mental acuity picks up, our health within our One-Self, which knows and physical wellbeing advance also. nothing but well-being. It is whole, or “holy.”

Meditation yantra are an amalgam of three princi- The Symbolic Syntax ples: the form principle, the function principle, and The symbolic syntax of the yantra reveals a ‘universethe power principle. pattern’ of totality of existence, in which all planes The ‘form principle’ reveals the inner basis of the and aspects of the existence form a formless syntheforms and shapes abounding in the universe. All sis. This formless synthesis is allowing the seeker to matter is made up of an intrinsic basic unit, the discover a unity of the world in its diversity, while at atom, so each aspect of the world can be seen in its the same time attain the awareness of its own spiristructural form as a yantra. Matter is basically the tual purpose as an integral part of the whole. condensed energy, the energy creating the form, therefore the yantra can be considered as ultimate The symbolic syntax of yantra can be divided into form-equations of a specific energy manifesting in two specific dimensions - the cosmic and the psychic the perception of the one who is meditating. In its - macrocosmic and microcosmic, or macro-psychic widest application, the form principle refers to the and micro-psychic. inner or hidden form of structure, so that any struc- The cosmic dimension is meaningful only with ture, from an atom, leaf, to a star, has its own visibly awareness of the metaphysical principle of the laws formed yantra. A flower has an outer visible structure and processes governing the universe. which is immediately perceptible, but it has an inner invisible structure, which is generally constructed of The psychic dimensions are mantras, where Sanskrit a blue-print, the skeletal framework in which all lin- syllables act as intuitive thought-forms representing ear forms intersect with the central axis or nucleus. cosmic power within, which exert their influence This inner subtle structure is refracted in gross outer by means of sound vibrations in meditation. The entire world is symbolized in the principle of vibraform - molded and held by the center, the axis. tion born out of unity of duality. Sound is important The ‘function principle’ provides psychological sym- as form in yantra, since in its essence is sound conbols that correspond to the inner state of human con- densed as matter. sciousness through which expression and expansion of psychic forces are possible. This is the central axes Watching something in objective or subjective realholding and molding the consciousness in one place. ity creates a certain situation in you, a certain figure in you. In outside reality everything is vibration Yantra forms shake their dormancy and act together in different forms and aspects, moving and changwith consciousness as emblems of psychic power. ing constantly. Listening to the sound outside, that The yantra moves beyond ‘form principle’ and ‘func- sound hits inside, creating something inside of you. tion principle’, to merge as ‘power principle’ or power Watching the forms in outside reality, the geometry yantra, where the inner and outer merge and trans- of the form creates a form inside of you. That sound form the mundane reality into a psychic one. It is at and form creates a certain vibe. The mind cannot exthis point that the yantra is revealed in meditation. ist without interpretation, so the mind interprets acThe meaning of yantra in outward reality may be rel- cording to its belief and attaches itself to it or rejects atively easy to understand, but it is the inner meaning it as impossible or ignores it as irrelevant. If you are that gives it its efficacy and often times is difficult to in the company of people who are sad, how long can grasp. It is, however, this transcendental part which you remain happy? Or, if you are sad and go out into is beyond both outer and inner that is inconceivable the company of happy, jovial and upbeat people, how because of its ‘beyond self-evident facts’ of psychic long can you remain sad? The situations function experience, which are only gained through intuitive like a yantra, a yantra of sadness or a yantra of happiness. The situations in your life will change your clarity of vision. focus and move you in different directions. The situations are changing all the time, so the yantra-situa-

tions are changing your gear all the time knowingly qualitativeness. Being represents all parts of the or unknowingly. whole, everything that has form and does not have form, as well as incompleteness and super-empirical The psycho-cosmic syntax is the relationship between completeness, everything that is given to experiencouter-cosmic and inner-psychic worlds ambivalently es as well as transcendental infinite no-thing-ness, as resonant in inner-outer synthesis, and is associated the infinite fullness. with the subtle body, the soul and the consciousness. The psychical body is the vehicle for the soul Triad (trinity) - three phases of the cosmic process: and the soul is the subtle body for the consciousness. Emanation, Preservation and Dissolution. Each of The center point in yantra is cosmic when viewed as these three phases assimilates another triad, creating the emblem of the absolute principle; psychological a numerical association to the order of nine. Ninewhen it is related to the inner spiritual center and fold division is an expansion of three. Three divitranscendent when it is viewed as the whole exis- sions which make up the nine points can be viewed tence in infinite consciousness. By aligning these two as phases of creation, preservation and disintegraplanes of awareness, the awareness of the psychical tion. Each division is absolute in itself but each is a body, and the awareness of the non-psychical soul, synthesis of opposite principles. It must embrace an the yantra helps to translate and transcend them into opposite to manifest itself and the third is its resoluinfinite consciousness. Each of these dimensions of tion, a neutral, unity. The whole universe lives beyantra syntax can be equated with all others. All the tween two opposite principles (male/female, static/ syntax dimensions are all mutually inclusive and in- dynamic, etc.) and all creation is held to be a result of tegrated into the infinite consciousness. The separa- the creative play between them, in perfectly balanced tion of elements is kind of an illusion. The medita- tension, synthesis of all. Each principle requires the tion on yantra is to fuse all dimensions into a state of other in order to manifest its nature. Every part in oneness, the infinite consciousness. creation must be the nature of Whole (threefold represented as a triangle). When you achieve a fusion of opposite forces within your psyche, the whole world and every single aspect The first principle is the immense power inherent in of it fuses into yantra-like patterns. Yantra springs the universe, basic consciousness, power and action through the primordial primal inner source inviting as an active force of matter, external stimulus that human compulsion to embody it in entire life as an acts on the mind or spiritual experience of unity. Evarchetypal language. erything in the universe displays a power to transform, to be, to pulsate with the rhythm of life, to exNine geometrical permutations pand its inherent nature from within. Therefore, this first principle is creating, maintaining and absorbing Being is not limited by being either male or female. every aspect of life and every multidimensional exBeing embraces both dualistic principles in the to- perience in existence. tality of oneness. It contains the constant, eternal tendency towards fusion of two principles. Apparent The second principle is the silent seer of all phenomduality cannot be divided because it implies a triad ena in the universe, pure consciousness and static principle, a unity which subsumes the two. It is pre- substratum to all phenomena, the focal point of the cisely this, the all embracing unity in total transcen- subjective One Self. dence of duality. The third principle is beyond subjective/objective reBeing - as a total unity - encompasses all objective ality. The Infinite Consciousness witnessing itself in and subjective, macrocosmic and microcosmic in the nothingness impersonal absolute reality, as pure existence with all quality and in all categories, in the one ultimate

Ten yantra energy transcendent (from 0 to 9) is the spiral of Creation that occurs in the continuously manifesting existence.

Yantra is a Sanskrit word meaning to sustain, hold or subdue, to restrain, curb, check and support the energy inherent in consciousness and is represented as a particular sacred geometrical symbol, element, object or concept, process, automata, piece of machinery or anything that has structure and organization. Also, it may refer to any kind of mechanical contrivance which is harnessed to aid an enterprise. Throughout history, the yantra has been used in architecture, astronomy, alchemy, chemistry, warfare, and recreation as a sort of machine or instrument, while in a spiritual context, the yantra has been used as an experiential geometrical tool intended for meditation and to increase awareness. Yantra function as revelatory conduits of ultimate truth, holding the energetic signatures of the infinite consciousness. It provides the balanced, gross forms which evoke the subtle formless energy of inner vision. To use a yantra involves a meditative dialectic in which objective and subjective reality support and drive each other to a higher pitch of intensity where it’s easily and effortlessly transcended beyond to the divine nucleus, the infinite consciousness.

Archetypal Yantras The geometrical archetypal shapes (the point, the circle, the triangle and the square) are individually completed yantras acting as particular energy portals. The connections and the interactions between these primordial shapes are operating as the portal to the ultimate truth. Truth cannot be anything else but ultimate, and cannot be enywhere else but in inner reality of the witness of it. Ultimate truth is self-evident truth, while the objective and subjective truth are always relative. The truth is in consciousness of the witness who is witnessing itself and participating, self-interacting n subjective-objective reality. This is a highly complex process of objective-relative-physical, and subjectivespiritual-non-physical opening, in the process of unity in ultimate, multidimensional diversity. This process is guided and supported by the infinite consciousness. The yantra reveals that timeless truth, which is self-transcendental in the process of ultimate inner awakening.

Buddha was giving a talk, and thousands of followers from India come to listen. Buddha appeared holding up a flower to his listeners. The crowd grew restless and confused, only Mahakashyap laughed. Buddha handed him the flower and address the crowd, “I have the eye of Nucleus, from Latin “kernel,” from nucula “lit- the true teaching. All that can be given with the tle nut,” dim. of nux (gen. nucis) “nut,” from words I have given to you; but with this flower. Proto-Indo-European *knu(k) “lump.” I give to Mahakashyap the key to this teaching.” Yantra is a symbol of nucleus of the invisible in visible, unknowable in knowable. It is a sphere of interconnected lines forming certain archetypal shapes overlapping or penetrating each other, by means of which visualized energies are concentrated and formulated in invisible reality. That condensed energy and its content provides the focal framework for the act of meditation.

We are all part of existence and existence is part of us. There is nothing higher, lower, better or worse in existence; everything is equal, nonhierarchical but unique in oneness. Buddha’s flower processes this vision of unity. It is a sacred symbol of our sacralized universe: existing, breathing, moving and expanding with the simplicity of ONE life in all elements, densities, all dimensions and all aspects of wholeness in

existence. It is the relatedness of all things and possibilities, multiplying itself and forming the no-things in existence, the wholeness in the perfect vehicle, the human body. That one single cell in the womb grows and divides itself until witness of the divine creativity. the whole body is formed. There are 100 trillion The patterns of a flower speak about certain of these self-contained copies of one single cell, proportions and equations; that all things come flowing around in our bodies, each with its own from no-things growing and expanding from digestive, excretory and reproductive systems. a union of complementary opposites in a dy- Your 100 trillion cells are your physical body. namic way. Buddha’s flower was a living form The birth of a single one cell is the entry point, with the essence as the formless; it is the living a portal for your Soul, an aspect of your Infinite geometrical pattern of all things mirroring the Consciousness, to come forward from seeming ultimate truth relevant to every-body and no- nothingness into this dimension. body, every-thing and no-thing in existence. Every cell is a microcosm of the larger organModern man has desacralized existence, at- ism. Every cell is individually completed yantras taching himself to the illusionary socio-egotis- acting as particular energy portals for different tic-mind, fragmenting life, forming collective evolutionary creative process. The connections consensus reality and separating himself from and the interactions between different cells opthe sacred unity of the existential wholeness. erate as the portal to the reunion with the priModern man has lost his original One Self and mordial consciousness, or the wholeness. A the sacred interconnectedness with wholeness sphere of interconnected cells forms a certain archetypal shapes overlapping or penetrating in existence, with All That Is. each other, by means of which visualized enIn order to discover the vital sacred reality, ergies are concentrated and formulated. That ‘modern man’ needs to rediscover the infinite condensed energy and its content provides the consciousness in wholeness again. The yantra focal framework for the act of meditation and holds that key. The yantra expresses this com- the act of creativity in reunion with the ones. prehensive inner vision of wholeness (like a Buddha’s flower), a complex rubric of divine The whole of the Existence is in one cell. Each manifestation from the oneness into the ‘many- cell in your body is a unique, distinct living beness’, and its secret key to return to wholeness. ing with the ability to maintain the total funcIt is essentially a potent and dynamic sacred tions of any part, or organ, in the body, with its geometrical composition which reflects and own immune, digestive, emotional and skeletal arouses the inner One Energy to awaken it to structure. Every single cell has its own memory and every memory of everything within its fullest, to its wholeness again. the Existence. Every single cell is part of a uniTHE ‘LAW OF ONE’ - The Infinite fied multi-dimensional-cellular system, acting as the one system. Perfect health is when Energy of Oneness the multi-dimensional-fractal-cellular system functions in unity and harmony with the multiYour journey through this three-dimensional dimensional-fractal-system of the whole Exismatrix, “material reality,” starts with the birth tence. of a single cell expressing itself through infinite

The whole universe was born from one single cell, the point of origin, the supremely creative nucleus. The One: one inexhaustible source, one eternal potential, one infinite life. Everything in nature develops from the eternal centre. The eternal centre is the moment of now. All seeds grow out from the centre; cells realize their function from the centre. In the atom, the nucleus is the centre of material reality. That is the structural universal law of expansion from the One. Your body was conceived from this one cell and out of that cell; all others were born, as was the entire universe from this one particle. You need only one seed from a flower to populate the earth with its blossoms. In Euclidian geometry, a line is drawn between two points, Point A and Point B. Points and lines are considered as separate elements. The yantra viewpoint is that points and lines are the same. The end point or second point is a reflection or expression of the first and only one point. A line only appears to exist as a line because of multiple appearances of points following each other sequentially in time. So, a line consists of an unbroken series of points, moving independently, giving an apparent length in space. This is supported in physics, where we know that light is sometimes a particle and sometimes a wave, or in other words sometimes a point and sometimes a line. The line represents duality as an illusion moving through infinite positions in the now. In the line, the principle of movement is born, and tension appears between apparent opposites. This supports the first principle of the ‘Law of One’, that the centre is constant and absolute. Outer expressions can be bilateral or dynamic, fixed or well-defined. The expressions of the centre only give the appearance of solidity, when in fact it is only one particle of energy leaping from place to place, appearing simulta-

neously and always now. Two movements can manifest in an infinite number of directions: movement away and movement back. Movements away from the centre, or lines moving outward, give us the world of differentiation. Movements back, or lines moving inward and returning to the centre, represent re-absorption into the realm of infinite potential. These two movements and their two poles or extremes represent polarity in our perceptual reality. In actuality, they represent the extremes of one single motion, perceptible as expansion and contraction. Without appreciating the common ground of all experiences -- the one centre, one moment, one Infinite Consciousness -- all that we experience is a constant struggle between polarities, mirror-phases of the varieties of expression and growth. In truth, all polarities are held together by the instantaneous eternal now, the One. We are defined not only in space, but also by our position in consciousness. Consciousness -- the source, the centre of creativity -- manifests out from its centre like ripples in a pond, in the now. Consciousness contains all possibilities in the material and immaterial Infinite Universe. The Existence is regulated by a single principle: the point of origin of Infinite Consciousness holding infinite collective energy, from which everything is sent out and to which everything returns. Expansions and contractions are regulated and integrated by the centre. This centre is one point of here and now, the most primal light of the Infinite Consciousness.

Oneness If you place very fine sand over the head of a drum, and strike a note with a tuning fork above the drum head, the drum head will vibrate. The sand will start to move in a chaotic way and then start shifting and forming particular geometrical figures corresponding to the particular note from the tuning fork. If you strike another note, the sand disintegrates and creates another geometric figure corresponding to that changed note. Every geometrical form in the universe is the perfect organization of energy created by the One Vibration. The universe is One Energy, and nothing solid exists. A form appears to be solid but it is created by an underlying One soundless sound ‘OM’. Everything and everybody in the universe is musical harmony that has taken on visible form. The visible forms are lower aspects of One infinite, soundless sound. Infinity is manifesting itself in infinite ways. The higher the vibration, the form is losing its visible appearance and taking formless form. Beyond the form is the Infinite Consciousness.

Form - Formless – Consciousness. The higher and deeper you go, you transcend form and formless and you attain Nothingness. Nothingness cannot be attainable, but Re-attainable. Nothingness contains every form and formless energy. That is the One Energy of the Infinite Consciousness in the Infinite Oneness. Oneness means to be omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. It is the experience of now as interdependence. It is the experience of here as mutuality. It is the responsiveness and totality of freedom. Every living being in the Infinite Universe acts as Oneness and every living being comes under these three laws: 1. ‘Om-nipotent’ means you are the One who is absolutely potent, having virtually unlimitedpower within. 2. ‘Om-niscient’ means you are the One who is

infinite awareness, possessing universal knowingness, understanding, and insight; you have seen the OM, the Whole. You can see only your own centre. Your centre is the centre of the Whole. 3. ‘Om-nipresent’ means you are the One who is present in OM, present in all places, in all directions, in all things and beings at all times, present from here to now.

grow within. You will experience Oneness.

Mind is the noise. The Infinite Consciousness is silence. The Infinite Silence is you. The whole of existence is vibrating and pulsating energy. We are filled with the soundless sound vibration of OM. It is the original and primordial soundless sound which brought the universe into existence. OM is also known as the “Unstruck Sound”. It was not created by the clash of two The English words ‘Omnipotent’, ‘Omniscient’ things coming together but rather, it is beyond and ‘Omnipresent’ are a derivation from the duality; it is the sound of Oneness. sounds OM. The soundless-sound OM does not exist outside of you. You are the One who If you observe the nature of sound, you will is experiencing it. You are the One who is creat- discover that sounds are created by two things ing it. The sound can only exist if there is some- striking together – a bow against strings; a stick thing there to create it. The mind creates the against drums; waves against the shore; wind sound you can hear by your hearing sense. The against the leaves, etc. Sound is produced by mind is the instrumental sound. Sound is the the visible and invisible, either striking each property of the mind; but no-mind is filled with other or vibrating together in duality. The reOM, soundless sound. OM is the real nature of sult is pulsating waves of air molecules, which no-mind nature. The world is existential non- we interpret as sound. The primordial sound of existence. OM is soundless sound. OM contains all sounds and vibrations within itself. Listen carefully. Can you feel the presence of the Divine in the noise? Can you hear silence When the sound OM disappears from your in sound? Every sound comes from silence and body, your body dies. When the sound OM bewill return to silence. Without silence, there comes disturbed, your body becomes ill. Illness would be no sound. Silence is the un-manifest- happens when the noise in the mind disturbs ed part of every word, every noise, and every the sound of OM in your being. You are pollutmusical note. Infinite Consciousness exists in ing your health. the silence. Meditation is a journey into silence. When all While meditating on yantra, pay close atten- noisy sound in your mind dissolves into soundtion to the inner silence; not the sounds. Inner less, no-mind, when there is no duality, when silence can also be created by paying attention there are no two separated things striking toto the outer silence. In your daily activities, be gether – then you are totally of the “Unstruck aware of the silence during a conversation, to the Sound” of soundless. OM is in Being Consilence during traffic noise, to the silence during sciousness. children playing or birds singing. Be aware of that gap where silence is hidden. The more you Love is in your OM. are aware of the silence both inside and outside of One-Self, the more stillness and silence will

The Optical Focus of YANTRA The optical meditation of the yantra is always its center, the center of a supremely creative nucleus from which one energy expands into dualistic energy-lines in outward infinity and dissolves in the outer circumferences, expressing itself as matter, or the mind. The center point of yantra is the divine expression of itself, inviting you for inner focus of consciousness. The mathematically extensionless dot is a ‘Whole’ or the fullness in nothingness, the undifferentiated, all-embracing reservoir of infinite life. It is a cosmic womb of multidimensional universes, the creative matrix representing the unity of the static and kinetic principle of existence, which expand in infinite forms and formless aspects represented as matter and energy, or body and spirit. The central quest of meditation with yantra is to attain the symbiosis of all aspects of our being in oneness, which is to attain the unity of the one. Once you are introduced to the yantra, and once you start meditating with it, the meditation will direct you to the summit. In essence, whether we are being driven by spiritual instinct, or stumbling on the path or turning away, we are all essentially gathering intuitive knowingness that all of our movements will inevitably lead us back to the starting point, the one moment of the All-point, the beginning of our infinite being. Awakening one’s inner center implies gathering the energy of One-Self into a single creative point by gazing at it with awareness and integrating and balancing its expansion into a totality. To gather One-Self and center it into consciousness is essentially a way towards inner awakening. This quest is the pivot around which yantra revolves. Yantra mark a multitude of different stages in an individual’s spiritual quest. It provides a halting place, a place of rest, contemplation and insight where the seeker attains an awareness of their own center of being as the center of the infinite universe in its totality. The meditation on yantra stimulates the exploration and reveals the link between the individual and the universal being.

The Middle Point of Sacred Geometry Yantra The Transcendental Power Of The Middle Point

you are here and now. When time and space are both immaterial, you will be touched by truth - the There is nothing else than now. Space and time are transcendent immortal middle point. two faces of the same reality. The present moment of now is not part of the ordinary ‘mind’ time. We The Power Of Perfection From Moment To Moare all told that time has three aspects, three tenses: ment past, present and future. Past and future are a part of time, two dimensional realities in space. Past and The existence is wholeness in perfect One Self. future belong to the mind; it is finite reality, while Only perfection comes out of perfection. Perfection the present moment is the consciousness, the in- is not static; it goes growing infinitely, from perfecfinite moment of now. Past and future belong to tion to more perfection, from one moment to the the world of relative circumstances, the world of same one moment. In perfection, imperfection is change. Between the two, the third exists express- impossible. Existence is perfect in every moment ing itself as beyond, the transcendental. of now, always moving in the moment and never arriving, because there are no destinations. Logic Now is the infinite, essential, the heart of eter- cannot comprehend these statements; it cannot vinity. There is nothing to existence than this life in sualize it, describe it, or reach it. Existence is life of the moment now. When time and space are left the moment to the moment in perfection. Existence behind, you are in transcendental. In transcen- is Right Now in the Middle Point. This moment is dental, the space is spaceless and time is timeless; infinite, and because of this moment, everything IS. it is not affected by the time change, not affected This moment is the moment of transformation and by the tension between past and future, nor with perfection. objects projected in space. Real ‘spaceless space’ is life as infinite meditative-love. If you are afraid The Experience Of The Infinite Energy Of Oneof life, you become an artificial ticking clock. You ness become trapped in the mind space of causes and consequences; you become stuck in past and future. With the realization of awareness through the witThen, you are in the space of the mind filled with nessing All That Is, there is the experience of, “Evobjects, and every object is objecting your being. erything around is permeated with the emanation With no-mind, you are simply left as emptiness, as of this divine energy”. This emanation is dispassion, an inner infinite ‘spaceless space’, boundless whole- equality of vision, and knowingness that the same ness. flame burns in every aspect and every Being-Consciousness in the existence. Awareness is the pure “Spaceless Space’ is just a metaphor, the same as ‘go- form of compassion, because it is coming from the ing inside’. What is in-going? It is not going outside ultimate source and it is the act or an instance of in space and time, and not going with your mind emanating from the moment of now. thoughts inside. There is no space inside where you can go and explore - no ticking clock moving. In- Re-Actualization Of The Middle Point. side is limitless. Stop going out or in, and you are automatically in ‘spaceless space’, ‘timeless time’, We are all searching for ‘home’ and think it can be

found in external dwellings. Yet our real home lies within. We won’t discover it on the outside. Only those who accept and re-actualize One Self will find ‘home’. The definition of our real home is ‘that which is Infinity’. Consciousness is Infinity – everything else is a temporary, holographic illusion. We are separated by parts. Beyond the parts, we are One with One Self, with the Whole.

here to learn how to be, now. ARE YOU ready to take that “impossible” step, and enter ‘what is.’ IN takes only one step through the entrance. That’s it. You will then be united, forever. You have to totally surrender and trust, otherwise that step cannot occur. You can only re-actualize that which has always been within One Self. It is a process of absolute aloneness. There is nothing to see, no knowledge to learn, no ripples or vibrations. It is only the present moment, now. It is your Infinite Consciousness unobstructed in an infinite flow right now, in infinite directions from here. This is re-realization, re-actualization of the middle point..

Everything and everyone is an aspect of the same phenomenon, the One Consciousness. Body/Soul/ Consciousness cannot be divided. It is One. The body affects the Consciousness, and the Consciousness affects the body – the Soul acts as a bridge. The body is the dimension that extends outwards, the Consciousness is the dimension that extends inwards, and the Soul is the movement. There is only “Being The Middle Point” by Ivan Rados 2011 Oneness. Although matter is perceived as external reality through the senses, and non-matter is perceived as reality from within the inner senses, both are acting in unison to manifest Oneness You have entered this physical world many times before. It is your decision to enter life through the womb. It is also your decision to exit life. The entrance and exit are not different; they come from the same point. Birth is the entrance into the world from no-thing-ness; death is the exit from the world back into no-thing-ness. Life lies between these two no-thing-nesses. Birth and death are the same energy. However, we believe that death is negative and life is positive. Entrances and exits are constantly being created. Every moment is dying as the next moment is being born. Every moment is leading into the next. It is like a procession; there is a flow. Right now is here, and here is right now. You are dying in this moment and being reborn into the same moment. It is a continuous and infinite experience. Life can be only the expression of that experience. Once you enter, you cannot be “out of your being”. This is what the mind fears the most, the entrance to your being. It is not a space where you can come and go. It is your very existential nature. You are

The German Philosopher Johann Von Goethe once said “There are none more hopelessly enslaved, than those who falsely believe they are free.”

and included his family names as some of the months, i.e. Augustus (August) and Julius or Julie (July) – (egocentered calendar). The artificial 12:60 timing frequency is arbitrary and irregular, lacking any correspondence to actual cycles of nature. It does not recognize or acknowledge any higher authority than itself. The time starts to exist outside the consciousness, in objective reality, that it can be recorded and tracked by a machine. We are able to watch it in a linear, containable, and separate fashion; far apart from the flowing process of life or the ‘true time’ - the moment of now. Living and being under this time, we come to view existence as irrelevant and flawed, and from this flawed perception we attempt to progress ‘beyond the limitations of nature.’ The devotion to the artificial machine ticking in the mind of the observer is the greatest obstacle, not allowing the moment of now to flower in the consciousness. “Time is money” conditions the human consciousness to believe that Nature is irrelevant and that “Man must conquer Nature” for the sake of survival.

In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII established the 12-month calendar system as well as the ‘perfection’ of the 12hour 60 minute mechanical clock in 1600. Today, that calendar is called “the Gregorian calendar”. From that point on, the mechanical clock has been evolving for centuries and it has become the heart of all machine technology today. The establishment of this mechanical measurement of time can be seen as ‘‘The Materialization of the Consciousness’. The 12:60 (12-month, 60 minute) Time = money frequency was what manifested humanity’s “error in time” or “separation from now”. This artificial instrument of time, or linear perception of reality through causes and consequences, served only one purpose; the separation of consciousness from the existence. It created individual and global enslavement and global ignorance. We became misinformed, misguided and our true connection with ‘true time’ became hidden in our unconsciousness. The Gregorian calendar denies and covers up the true annual human biological cycle conserved in the female body. The pattern of a woman’s fertility cycle averages the 28-day, 13 moon ratio. Actually, the Gregorian calendar is a product of its predecessors - Julius Caesar’s calendar and the earlier Roman Empire calendar. In 46 BC, Julius Caesar changed the calendar from the 13month system to his newly adapted 12-month version

Our most basic of biological functions are programmed by the clock! We wake up by the clock, eat by the clock, and live by the clock. When we program and structure our lives by the artificial rhythm of the clock, we expose our being to the frequency of a machine. But if we wish to produce harmony, we must use harmonic tools.

The Law Of ‘True Time’ By following the Gregorian calendar, we find there is no pulse, synchronicity, harmony or rhythm that relates to the phases of the moon; therefore these phases appear to have no relevance to our lives. This makes the calendar an artificial model of reality. (In Perfect Peri-

odicity, every time the Earth goes around the Sun, the Moon goes around the Earth 13 times). The Law of ‘true time’ is rooted in the knowledge of the Mayan civilization which had the most incredible mathematical calendrical astronomical system on Earth. Their mathematics were based not on the tendecimal - but on the twenty-vigesimal system. For Mayans, time was their universal factor of synchronization for they understood that synchronicity was the actual

nature of the universe. Through the use of at least 17 different calendars, they were able to simultaneously take measurements of synchronicity in galactic bodies, the Earth, the moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, the Pleiades, Arcturus and Sirius… which was a radically different theory from the Gregorian concept of time. The Mayans had a very precise understanding of our solar system’s cycles and believed that these cycles coincided with our individual consciousness and col-

Galactic Butterfly (Hunab Ku)

lective unconsciousness. The entire universe, including our solar system, has its own seasonal cycles that begin and end like day and night. Our solar system spins on an ellipse which brings it closer and further from the heart of the galaxy. In other words, our Sun, as the center of our solar system, rotates in cycles in relation to the center of the galaxy or Hunab-Kú. For our solar system to make one cycle (called a Galactic Day) on this ellipse, it takes 25,625 years. The cycle is divided into two halves. The half closest to the central light is our solar system’s ‘day’, or cosmic breathe in, or the feminine aspect of the Galactic Energy. The half furthest away is its ‘night’, the cosmic breath out, or the masculine aspect of Galactic Energy. Each day and each night lasts 12,800 years. Furthermore, every grand cycle has its minor cycles and one galactic day of 25,625 years is divided into five cycles of 5,125 years. The first cycle is the galactic morning, the second is the mid-day, the third is the afternoon, the fourth is the late-night and the fifth is the night before dawn. (This last cycle we are currently coming out of will give light to the entire galactic existence once again). Every 5,125 years, the central sun emits a wave of light, Galactic Light, or ‘Hunab-Kú Compassion’, that is so brilliant that it illuminates and synchronizes everyone and every-body in the galaxy. This Galactic Light, also known as the heart pulse of the galaxy, or ‘Brahma’s Heart Beat’, synchronizes with every other galactic heart in the known and unknown Infinite Universe (lasting 20 years, a Katún), while it beats once every 5,125 years. The 260-Day Cycle Applies To Celestial, Biological, And Conscious Processes. While this module is infinitely more than a calendric tool, we are empowered by this multi-faceted Module to live in the Synchronic Order of The Law of Time by using it as a day-to-day count of energies which harmoniously overlay upon the simple foundation of the 13-moon yearly calendar. For the Mayans, there is a natural timing frequency with the ratio constant of 13 to 20. 20 years, a Katún, 20 fingers and toes - digits with which to measure the universe. The Tzolkin, the sacred calendar, is based on this 13:20. 13 x 20 is the 260-day cycle. The Maya used several cycles of days, of which the two most important were the Tzolkin, or Sacred Round of 260 days, and the approximate solar year of 365

days, or Haab. The “Tzolkin” by the ancient Yucatec Maya, the matrix of 260 energies, is also known as the “Harmonic Module.” The Sacred Round combined the repeating cycle of numbers 1-13 with 20 day names.... so that any particular combination would recur in 13 x 20 or 260 days. The Haab (Maya calendric system) was the version of the 365-day calendar which approximated the solar year. The Haab comprises 18 “months” of 20 days each 18 x 20 = 360, plus an additional period of five days (“nameless days”) 18 x 20 = 360 + 5 = 365 at the end of the year known as Wayeb. The 260 day cycle ran concurrently with a 365 day vague solar year. These two calendars intercalate to produce a unique name for each day during each 52-year cycle. “Tzolkin is the ‘key’ to both terrestrial and celestial processes. It’s kind of the common modulator or common denominator of the two realms. This is how we can understand Mayan astrology. They discovered the numerical and ritual key. Most important in the astrology is the reference to the human gestation period of approximately 260 days. As such, our own basic and shared rhythm of unfolding is seen to be intimately related to the cycles of the planets, moon and sun. This is more than just planets “influencing” us - rather we share the same rhythms of unfolding that the planets do because, ultimately, everything springs from the same source. Everything, on some level, has been imparted by the same rhythm of unfolding and is therefore related by a form of synchronistic correspondence.” Author John Major Jenkins This 260 days is a model of harmony, or a universal expression of existential perfection, unifying our solar system with other star systems, and with the emanations of One Energy from the central sun, Galactic heart Hunab-Kú itself. This 260-day cyclical model of harmony does not correspond to any known astronomical period, yet the 260 days function as the key factor of all the planetary periods, synchronizing and synthesizing the cycles of the planetary bodies in our solar system with other systems in our galaxy. The 260-day cycle also corresponds to the human period of development in the uterus from conception until birth, a period of approximately 9 months. Also, the 260 days in macro cosmic cycle corresponds to the period as equinoxes. After a period of about 26,000 years the equinoxes and poles lie once again at nearly the same points on the celestial sphere.

I Think Therefore I Am ‘Not’ The Cartesian Coordinate Rectilinear Grid System (The scientific models of the universe that still prevail in our century are derived from a space mathematically formalized by Rene Descartes around the year 1637) established the platform for all modern math and science. However, this concept limited the conscious perception and only validated the reality of the physical space. Rene Descartes’ famous quote, “I think therefore I am”, became the final establishing point for total separation from existence. At that point, the moment of now became reduced from its qualitative essence to that of a quantity. If something cannot be seen, touched, or proven with measurements, it does not exist. Still we exist and operate with these limitations in place. Existence has become reduced to pure quantifiable resources - no longer a living qualitative aspect of consciousness, but now something outside of One Self which we analyze, rationalize and ultimately come to replicate, manipulate, dominate, and even destroy. We place Consciousness outside of us. Gerard J. Milburn reveals, “The aim of modern science is to reach an understanding of the world, not merely for purely aesthetic reasons, but that it may be ordered to our purpose.” The Cartesian grid became a doctrine, an unquestioned framework through which the entire world came

to be viewed, analyzed, rationalized, dissected, categorized and catalogued into the mechanical parts of the cosmos which came to be viewed as a vast machine. It creates a mental focus that is toward analysis with its endless and absurd specialization, compartmentalization, dissection and fragmentation, but not toward synthesis.

Time Is Linear. Now Is Multidimensional. In our conceptual reality, time is linear. It moves from 1 to 2 to 3, in a horizontal line. In the East, people have a different concept. To them, time is circular. Everything in existence is circular: the moon moves around the earth; the earth moves around the sun; entire galaxies move around each other… The circle represents an inner revolution, rhythm of expansion and growth, unity, completeness and integrity. It also represents the creative cosmic process through which objects and things are expressed. The circle represents a movement like the ellipse, which is fundamental to our evolution and found in the cosmic rhythms of expansion and contraction. Atoms, cells, seeds, planets ... all echo the circular paradigm of simultaneous potential and manifestation. On a circle, time has no beginning and no end. Every straight line, if drawn to its ultimate conclusion in space, will form a circle. It only appears straight, but it is just a fragment of a greater movement. Straight lines are not possible simply because of the round, spinning Earth, rotating around an elliptical Milky Way,

spiralling in a round universe. The whole movement of energy in existence is circular, whether expanding or contracting. The Mandelbrot Set represents the perfect example of a holographic spiral fractal image of the entire universe. You can zoom into the image and eventually find yourself looking at the same image you started with. This is the primordial fabric of existence, meaning that everything and nothing is one. The true nature of life is always fresh and new, never repeating the sameness, always expanding in infinite directions and expressing infinite possibilities. To draw life as a circle is a two-dimensional perception. Threedimensionally, it is a spiral. From a multidimensional perspective, it is a fractal. In a fractal, from every dot on a three-dimensional spiral, another whole spiral sprouts. From every dot on that spiral, another appears, and so on, infinitely. The circle is the symbol of unity, completeness and integrity, only in a two-dimensional sense. In a multidimensional sense, spiral fractal is the ultimate expression of Existence. This harmonious order is built into our body, as it is built into everything, from a flower to the clouds in the sky, to the solar system and the entire existence itself. We share the same basic pattern processes with ev-

erything in existence, with every breath of air, with every drop of water or bite of nourishment. We share the same consciousness and nothingness with everything in somethingness. Disharmony and disorder is in our mind. With our two eyes we see two images, which are united in the brain into a single three-dimensional stereoscopic image. Also with our two ears we receive the vibration from two opposite directions, which are transmitted through the spiral-shape cochlea of the inner ear and interpreted in the brain (frequency transformer) as stereophonic sound. Our two neocortex brain hemispheres are spiral fractal or fractal labyrinth. The double DNA helix (DNA) is the spiral fractal structure. The red and white blood corpuscles group themselves in double spiral fractal structure. The most basic pattern-forming processes, the sense of relatedness, synchronicity and oneness with All That Is, are expressed with spiral fractal patterns as a symbol of emergence and rebirth. The Consciousness Brings The Integration Between The External And Internal Vibration Our Galaxy is resonating in harmony with the Earth and our individual bodies. An energy change in the Solar System does not simply refer to an increase in the

The Mandelbrot Set

heat level of the planets, or the strength of the magnetic fields, but is in direct relation to consciousness. It is not only the Galactic Light from the central sun that is affecting our consciousness, but our consciousness is affecting the Galactic Light. The consciousness, the inner observer, also has a noticeable effect on the outcome of the observed. One of the basic points of the quantum mechanics model is ‘wave-particle duality’ or the idea that electrons can act as both particles and as waves. This means that if you think something is going to happen, then this very thought can actually determine the outcome. Consciousness and energy are interconnected, the change in the solar system refers to a change in consciousness and a change in consciousness refers to a change in the solar system. The entire Universe is created from the ‘energy field’ of infinite possibilities. Our Galaxy is expanding that ‘energy field’, shining and reaching every piece in it. Every part of the Galaxy contains the same possibility, like the entire Galaxy. The Galactic central sun is emitting Galactic Light to every single body in its being, awakening the consciousness to its primordial state. The planet Earth is conscious, and its purpose is to be a giant “virtual reality yantra” for us to enjoy and explore the possibilities within the energy field of consciousness.

Realigning With The Oneness Through The Consciousness Everybody and everything in this Solar System - and beyond - is synchronizing, transforming, mutating and transcending infinitely. Everything in the universe is in deep harmony between matter and spirit, between that which can be seen and that which cannot be seen. The Infinite Consciousness unites those two realities into one reality. Human DNA is and has been always in the process of upgrading, or reprogramming from the heart of our galaxy, and the galaxy is upgrading from the heart of our known universe, and the universe is transcending itself from the heart of the oneness in nothingness, and nothingness is in our own DNA. DNA has a receptive quality; it is a resonant antenna for consciousness. So, when the consciousness increases in frequency, the antenna itself changes; if the antenna changes, due to the external influences the consciousness have change as well. DNA is not a static, fixed structure; it a spiral fractal, containing the wholeness in itself, able to receive conscious information and be re-written by re-arranging itself within a living embryo and creating a complete metamorphosis of

species. The human body is composed of many crystallite substances. The bones, blood, and DNA are crystalline in structure, as well as the liquid crystal-colloidal structure of the brain. On a molecular level, our cells contain silica, which balances our electromagnetic energies. Crystals can store information, and information appears to be stored in the body’s crystalline structures. The whole body acts as a memory storage archive, going back to the very beginning of evolution. Evolution is an immensely long journey of consciousness; learning, developing, evolving and expanding through many lives in many densities and in many forms. Memories of our recent past from this life on Earth are the most superficial layer of our personal unconscious mind stored in the body tissue and muscles, but the collective unconscious mind also holds memories from other life times, which are stored in the body’s crystallite substances, bones, blood and DNA. With deep relaxation and ‘precision awareness’, along with a ‘feeling-sense-awareness’ of inner witnessing, one can allow the body to speak, to reveal the hidden information and to heal. In order to break through the barrier of biological bondage, consciousness needs to penetrate the abysmal depths of the human collective unconscious mind. This collective unconscious mind is written in the very genes of every human cell, in every drop of blood, and in every large or small bone in our body. Once the causes of dysfunction are removed, the body is then capable of restoring its fluidity and resonating with the whole existence in harmony. When the conceptual beliefs, the attachment, the trauma, all the repressed experiences stored in the body and controlled by the mind are removed, the free body, as a self-healing energy field, is capable of restoring its original harmonious function. By bringing the consciousness into all that is unconscious - you are performing a divine miracle. Without meditation, no transformation can ever happen. In order for transformation to happen, one needs to break through the biological bondage. By bringing consciousness to unconsciousness, you prepare the body to withstand the intense vibrations of Infinite Consciousness. ‘Meditation With Sacred Geometry Yantra’ by Ivan Rados



- Position the yantra so its center is at eye level and a comfortable distance away from you. Sit with your spine straight. If this isn’t possible, find a comfortable position in which you can remain alert. Breathe in and out slowly until your breath flows naturally. Begin with your eyes open, simply gazing at the yantra. It’s necessary to look only at the center of the sacred geometry yantra, focusing on the dot in the middle of the symbol, trying not to blink or to blink as little as possible. Gaze at the center for 15 minutes. The key is to maintain receptive, in an alert frame of mind, without drawing any conclusions, and to be free of concepts or thoughts. We simply gaze at the center with innocent, wonder-filled eyes. When we focus solely on the dot at the center of the yantra, and not pay attention to anything outside of this, our awareness deepens instead of flying off in different directions. The more we gaze, the more we tend to feel weightless and unburdened. As you look at the center of the image, simultaneously observe the “witness” in you that is seeing you seeing the sacred geometry yantra. As you watch, you may find thoughts arising. We cannot control the mind and its thoughts; we can only let go of our thoughts. Allow any thoughts that arise to simply come and go without attaching your awareness to them. By not becoming attached, you will be able to enter into relaxation. You don’t have to create this relaxed state; it will just come on its own. As you feel yourself gathering consciousness, allow yourself to flow with the momentum of this consciousness. In doing so, you will first experience an awakening to the forms and shapes around you. Secondly, you will experience an awareness of your body. Thirdly, you will experience an inner awakening to your thoughts and emotions. Finally, you will experience the one who is experiencing. In other words, you will become aware of your awareness. You will find yourself leaving behind all your experiences and merging with the infinite consciousness of your One Self.


- When your awareness begins to shift inward, close your eyes. Now watch the yantra imprinted in your mind’s eye, allowing it to gradually guide you from within. As the imprint absorbs your awareness, you won’t be able to tell whether the symbol is in you or whether you are within

the symbol. Watch with relaxed attentiveness and alertness. Any thoughts that arise will dissolve. As this happens, you will become aware of your inner perceptions of reality, but don’t try to hold onto these perceptions. It’s important not to evaluate what comes up, but just to allow. With our eyes still closed, we will continue to see colors because they are easier to experience than forms. Seeing forms is a more complicated process of perception and the most abstract. What we perceive as a form is actually light. However, pure light is too intense for us, so it has to be separated into colors. The colors and forms of the sacred geometry images reflect something essential inside us. The way we perceive the colors is subjective because colors are associated with emotion and linked with the mind. Consequently, everyone associates different emotional and subjective values with different colors. Just as a prism divides white light into separate colors, the mind divides colors into emotional, mental, and bodily aspects through its patterned reactions and memory, never allowing us to see the whole. During the yantra meditation, this heals. Slowly, the yantra colors, shapes, and forms we perceive with our inner eye disappear, and we enter into a state of detached awareness which there is nothing to see and nothing to search for, just the bliss of infinite consciousness to be enjoyed.


- In watchfulness, there is no commentary, evaluation, or judgment, just total relaxation. In this relaxed mode, watch the watcher and witness the witnessing. By watching the watcher, the watcher expands and becomes divine. You will experience a divine silence slowly descending upon you. Do nothing, and you will find yourself participating in pure consciousness without the mind defining it. In other words, you will feel no need to tell yourself such things as “this is the experience I have been seeking” or “this is what people mean when they talk about enlightenment.”


- Forget about looking for results as you meditate. When we are in this meditative process, not a single vibration moves into the future. In this conscious state, causes and consequences aren’t two separate things—in the same way that the chicken and the egg aren’t separate realities, but the egg is the chicken and the chicken is the egg. Meditation brings us to a place of sensitivity wherein we experience a great interconnectedness with All That Is. This sensitivity generates a loving intimacy with everything we see, smell, touch, taste, hear, and intuit. Be aware, and you will be sensitive to the whole of reality. Be sensitive, and you will be aware of everything.


- Meditation doesn’t bring joy, but joy comes when we are meditative. If we aren’t joyful, it’s because we aren’t in a meditative state, since joy is our intrinsic nature. When you are ready, you may wish to take a deep breath, begin to move your fingers and toes, open your eyes, and become aware of your surroundings once again.

The wise path is never to seek inspiration from anyone else. Our intent must be to listen to our own inner truth and to trust our One Self to provide for us the inspiration we need. If we don’t trust our One Self, we’ll tend to look outside of ourselves for inspiration in the experiences and teachings of others. But being inspired by someone is a form of external programming and tends to cause us to be hypnotized by their ideas, which has a way of creating a slavish dependency. We end up following them and imitating them, which turns us into a clone. It’s important not to try to be someone else or even to follow someone else. We can listen to others who may have something to say that can assist us, but we should never follow them or try to become them. This is because wherever there is imitation, the other lives but we don’t. Our own inner life has been co-opted by the ideas and agenda of the other. Whenever we relate to others, we can be open to learn from them and be touched by them as they share their experiences and realizations. Indeed, we should enjoy every person we meet. But it’s imperative we examine their experiences and views. We never follow or copy others be-cause to do so would be to deny our own source, our original being. We can only be truly inspired by our One Self because true inspiration, which is to be “in spirit,” arises only from our inner being. Inspiration is an inner flash of originality that produces authentic new life, a new perspective, and new understanding, which in turn allow our being to blossom with creativity. Such inspiration is ever new, creating and continually recreating our ex-istence. When we trust our One Self, we become a light to ourselves. We are already blessed with all the inspiration we require. As we become aware of this and relax into it, we experience our own being as our source of inspiration.


We are all indoctrinated to believe and follow some external authority figure: Jesus, Buddha, the President, the Pope, political leaders, saints, angels, astrologers, and friends. However, if we are inspired by the ideas, thoughts, and beliefs of others, we place ourselves in a potentially limiting situation.

Discomfort is part of growth and is only a negative if we resist from it. Yes, it may be painful to grow, to take a risk and jump into the unknown, but it’s worth it. Growth is the reason our con-sciousness chose to be born in this life and to participate in our particular set of experiences.

Every growth experience moves into the unknown, the indefinable. It doesn’t matter whether we grew yesterday. Neither can we afford to wait until tomorrow to grow more. Growth happens as a consequence of the flow of understanding in the present moment. Only through un-derstanding can we accept it. Only through accepting it does the understanding become part of our being. There is never a time to run from the present moment, even if staying entails suffering. If we run from suffering, we just create another, perhaps greater experience of suffering down the road. When we accept suffering in full awareness, displaying curiosity concerning the lesson of the moment, we become the master of our reality. It’s not possible to grow by trying. Instead, we grow when we engage in a harmonious cooperation with nature. Growth happens through surrender to what is, without conditions, at-tachments, expectations, or hesitation. We simply respond in the ways life asks of us. Difficult moments happen, but when we encounter them without resistance and with awareness, we see that they have contributed to our growth. Those who avoid the pain of growth avoid their own evolution and remain immature. We can only become a fully actualized human being by becoming proactive in our growth, responsible for our growth, which indicates our trust in the unknown. This moment right now is the unknown, and this is where our responsibility needs to be focused. By saying “yes” to the now, the image we have of ourselves in our mind evaporates and we come into our real self, the One Self that is infinite consciousness. Only in the now do we grow, becoming who we really are.


The discomfort that comes with growth is temporary if we are open to the lesson and willing to move forward without holding back or getting stuck in the discomfort.

Knowledge is the limited reality of the mind, which has ready-made answers. These are nothing but labels. Labeling comes out of ignorance.

The statement “I know” kills any possibility of mystery or creativity in our life. Without mystery and creativity, we lack aliveness. We may know a million and one things, but if we aren’t centered in inner awareness, we are lost to our One Self and to life. Of all the things we know, do we know our One Self? Only in the heart can we find our One Self, but the heart has been neglected in our culture because it’s less easily controlled than the head. If we believe we are our mind, it becomes our center of knowledge, memory, and experiences, all accumulated inside the bubble called ego. The head doesn’t like mysteries because it can’t control them. The heart is a mystery and makes us feel uneasy. Love is a mystery, which is why we fear love and everything that goes with something as vast as the heart. When our head awakens, we think; when our heart awakens, we love. Our heart communicates with all other hearts on Earth in the form of electromagnetic pulses. Every single beat of our heart sends out an electromagnetic 360-degree spherical pulse at the speed of light. Yes, the heart’s electromagnetic pulse travels at 186,300 miles per second! Every single heartbeat pulses energy around and through the entire planet and every being on it. When we lie down on the ground with our navel against the earth, we become filled with bliss as our heart synchronizes with Earth’s pulsations, each heart in tune with our heart, each breath in tune with our breath. This kind of transmission cannot happen from head to head. But if we can escape the mind even for a moment and bring awareness to our heart, we will be able to enter this stream of communication. The heart has its own way of receiving information—through inner knowing, feeling, lov-ing, and accepting. It is of great assistance in any kind of healing. Listening to our heart will tell us what we need to do to be healthy and whole again. When we feel and commune with our own heart, we know how to feel and commune with other hearts. Nothing in the universe can resist the heart. The whole world is available to us when we live from our heart. God lives in our heart, beats through our heart, and loves with our heart.


Paradoxically, the more we burden ourselves with outer knowledge and think we know—the more we identify with the mind—the more lost we become. Our consciousness is eclipsed, and we struggle to see the truth.

Featured Workshop Registration

Health It’s All About Consciousness Understanding Consciousness and the Healing Process with Author, Artist, International Healer Ivan Rados


Join Us and Unlock Your Power To Heal! Participants learn how to connect with the infinite source of health using a unique method of released from of intention Ivan calls non-intention intent and can anticipate: Understanding of one’s process of health and the state of disease; tools to achieve health and elevate to higher spiritual levels; instant relief of many, sometimes all physical and psychological symptoms; a greater sense of connection with infinite consciousness; increased happiness and contentment. This workshop will include a hands-on demonstration of the application of non-intentional intent, plus group and individual sessions, meditation, and discussion. Here you will learn the tools to: • • • • •

Achieve Health Elevate to Higher Spiritual Levels Experience Relief from Symptoms Greater Connection with Infinite Consciousness Greater Happiness and Contentment

“ is part of me that I don’t want to lose due to hectic social environment that overwhelms everyday life” says Atza, “this part of me is my deep connection to ancient, mystic, esoteric traditions and transformation of humanity we are experiencing today.” Through traditional pen and ink technique Atza is keeping two worlds connected. Drawings of Mystic Masks are a direct material result of Atza’s interaction with his higher being. Masks could be used for a little shift in perception, we sometimes need to establish a contact with our true nature.

These drawings exist in a form of vibration or energy which is transformed into physical drawing that carries concealed message. Message will be different for every person because we all have our own outlook on life.

Focus on the drawing and try to see and feel something in them, just like looking at the clouds noticing different shapes. Then notice the feeling you are experiencing. Imagine putting the Mystic Mask on and what will that bring into your experience: freedom of expression, changed personality, your real self coming out, seeing the world in a different way? It could be a number of unexpected insights that you could benefit from.

How could Mystic Masks be used for transformation in life? I will be minimal in explaining quantum effects and other influential characteristics we all share in communication with each other and the universe. There are many amazing books, magazines, websites and people to learn from about our own interaction, influence and impact we have on the world . If we are willing to explore a subject of human nature, all sorts of information will be streaming our way to open our eyes, mind and most importantly our heart on the subject. We are amazing creators with the power to materialize anything in a dimension we live in. That is proven through any persons lifetime you research historically; from authors like Jules Verne, scientist like Nikola Tesla to your friends and yourself as well. Even the greatest fantasies we believe in become truths if we stay focused and passionate about them. Heart plays a major role in the creative process as a conductor orchestrating all the instruments necessary for the sounds of music to come together in a masterful piece of art. Jules Verne was writing about submarines, spaceships and other fictional subjects unheard of in his time and everything became possibility and part of everyday life. Nikola Tesla had such a strong focus in his heart and mind that all his inventions he imagined became reality in shortest possible time even they were out of this world in nineteen hundreds (sending electrical power to a great distances, remote-controlled devices, to name a few). So possibilities are only limited by our imagination and belief we hold against them.

Use Mystic Masks as a point of attraction, key to the door to your higher self where you will find a field of infinite possibilities. Focus your attention at the details of the mask and stay with it for a period of time that feels comfortable for you. You could use them in the same way as Mandala to relax and bring insights to your conscious presence. Mystic Masks are wise as your infinite being is. Become conscious of your importance and truths you hold in your heart. Art has the power of a healer, sensibility of inspiration, universality of creation, passion for the unexplored and enormous love for diversity. That is why Atza consider Art to be the initial spark for every human step towards exploration of the universe and evolutionary transformation. To beloved co-creators, with light and love, Aleksandar ACA [atza] Visnjic, MA.I.D., +

Create the Earth, is about awakening to and expressing our essential interconnectedness with the Existence through Creativity, so that we can extend our reality and heal. It is about remembering who we are, about becoming part of the whole again, a member of the Family, the Infinite Universe, Infinite Existence, with yourself, with the source of your being. Re-Member - to become a member again, a member of Global Consciousness.


Everything we experience is just another aspect of us The Earth faces a tremendous crisis today, it’s “dark night of the soul”. As the fragmented, alienating old structure of human consciousness is collapsing and increasingly more people are awakening towards the state of global consciousness; the dark forces are hitting harder, frightened (legitimately so!) of losing their destructive power, they are creating more horrid wars, attempting to control the humankind even more tightly (slowly, but steadily creating a global fascistic state, with a centralized army, police and bank; microchiped population etc). This all, as terrible as it is, is only pushing the race to kick back - more and more of us are aware of all this and aware of the infinite, but latent power of global interconn interconnectedness.

Sacred Geometry Yantra by Ivan Rados, Stein River, British Columbia 2011


Sacred Geometry Yantra by Kai Rados, Nahatlatch River, British Columbia 2010

Geometrical forms and shapes with our intention and awareness can raise the vibration of our consciousness and that can affect our immediate environment and help the planet Earth and everything on it and beyond. Great coherence arises when people are all engaged in the same creative event, sharing consciousness and the same intent. The coherence creates a liberating ‘information field’ penetrating the stiff and concrete energy of fear. When we create - we transform; as we transform - our communication with others deepens and broadens; our greater communication with others transforms us even further… it’s an ascending spiSacred Geometry Yantra by Kai Rados, Nahatlatch River, British Columbia 2010 Just like my son Kai, you can use a tray and with collected stones, sand and anything from nature, you can heighten the vibration of your infinite consciousness. Playing with geometrical patterns and objects from nature can help you to understand and feel the interconnectedness within the Infinite Universe.

Anything we can imagine is possible for us to experience. Anything we experience can transform us. One transformed consciousness can transform humanity. Sacred Geometry Yantra by Ivan Rados, Stein River, British Columbia 2008

Sacred Geometry Yantra by Ivan Rados, Thompson River, British Columbia 2010


Be creative, that is the only secret. Create Sacred Geometric Forms and Symbols using any materials found on the ground- leaves, branches, stones, seeds, and fallen flowers…anything you find, while respecting the life of the nature - don’t destroy it. Create a Sacred Geometry project in your garden, local park, on the beach, in your local community... anywhere you can stretch your imagination. Spread the word and involve as many people as you can. Your awareness, conscious intent and creativity will heighten the vibratory frequency of your being for the benefit of yourself, oth-

Sacred Geometry Yantra by Ivan Rados, Dead Man River, British Columbia 2010

ers and the planet Earth.

Everyone can produce a Sacred Geometric form. You don’t need to be highly spiritually educated or artistically talented to be creative, because you already know it all, even if you have never thought of it yet. Creativity is human nature and Sacred Geometry Yantra is it’s Crystalliza-

Sacred Geometry Yantra by Ivan Rados, Nahatlatch River, British Columbia 2008

tion. Your intention to produce will guide you to do so. A Sacred Geometry alone represents nothing, only when it is awakened by the right intent and awareness, will the process of RESONANCE appear and the beneficial macrocosmic energies will manifest themselves in the person’s MICROCOSM. From that point one will have direct communication links with oth-

Sacred Geometry Yantra by Ivan Rados, Nahatlatch River, British Columbia 2011

Sacred Geometry Yantra by Ivan Rados, Nahatlatch River, British Columbia 2011

Creativity can liberate

Let us come together in Creativity and common intent to heal ourselves and the world, celebrating love and beauty, consciousness and unity.


Ivan Rados

Labyrinths belong to the family of “Mandalas” (sanskrit for “circle that contains the Essence”). A Mandala activates and amplifies personal, psychological and spiritual energies. The labyrinth serves as a link from the mundane to the divine. To walk the labyrinth physically or visually is to create balance within your brain, to unite the logical-left side with the creative-right side - total participation from the centre, from one’s being. The soul seeks to restore balance within the duality of its creation - the electromagnetic polarities of its physical experience. Like mandalas, the labyrinth is an archetypal collective symbol grounded in consciousness itself, a journey into your own One Self. The labyrinth experience is a potent practice of Self-Integration as it encapsulates the spiralling journey in & out of incarnation. It represents a journey to the micro-universe and back out to the macro-universe. The way in is the way out. We are all on the journey to the centre of our deepest self and back out into the world with a broadened understanding of who we are.

Empty approach Clear your mind of any expectations. The emptier the mind, the more balanced the journey will be. Look at the centre of the Labyrinth as long as you can. Close your ayes and the labyrinth will automatically be placed in your mind’s vision. Travel the Labyrinth with your awareness. The walls of the labyrinth are keeping you on the path. When you reach the centre of the labyrinth, you have gone half the distance – you now need to turn around and walk back out.

The ‘threefold’ approach - Releasing, Receiving, and Integrating. This is one path in three stages; this approach is different for everyone. 1. Releasing - From the entrance to the centre is the path of “letting go.” There is a release of worries, concerns, anxieties, stresses… 2. Receiving - At the centre there is inner-perception, insight, clarity, and focus. You are in a receptive, calm, meditative state. 3. Integrating – Empowerment. From the centre outwards is the path of becoming grounded and integrating insight. You are energized and will receive an appropriate manifestation in your reality.

Troubled Issues approach Enter the labyrinth and walk to the centre with the mind on resolving troubling issues and concerns in your life. Bring awareness into the mind. Do not get attached to the thought. Be in the mind and at the same time detach yourself from the mind. Travel and witness sensations in your mind. Just watch and do not accept the invitation to travel with the mind in past or future. Remain present in your awareness. When you reach the centre (you will know when you have arrived), intentionally ask the labyrinth to assist you in becoming receptive to the insight. As you walk out of the labyrinth, trust that your intent is already manifested.

Building the Labyrinth You can print, photocopy or draw the labyrinth; you can color or decorate it and/or use it in your meditation. You can also build your labyrinth in a garden, park or in wilderness. Use the material found in nature: stones, leaves, branches…When you finish the labyrinth, you only have to enter and follow the path. By walking a labyrinth you are impregnating it with power and meaning. The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes and the more transformations happen. Use some of these approaches to walk your labyrinth.

The MAGIC and MYSTERY of the Labyrinth Written by Rev. Irma Haggith - Labyrinth Emissary, writer, speaker, coach. Akashic Record Reader and Release, Reiki Master, and radio host.

Most people when hearing the word labyrinth immediately think of a maze. A maze like the hedge maze in the Harry Potter movies, or pictures they may have seen of hedge mazes in the UK.

A labyrinth is a unicursal path (one path in to a centre, then out again). When one walks a labyrinth, the right brain is engaged as the meandering left and right turns lull the walker into a meditative, reflective state. The labyrinth provides us with space to solve problems, instead of being a problem to solve.

A maze is a multicursal (many paths) path full of blind alleys, wrong turns, and dead ends. The walker has to retrace their steps using their left brain to problem solve Where did these amazing paths called labyrinths come their way out. from? Let me ask you this. How many spirals from nature can you name? What comes to mind? Here are some examples for you, the centre of a sunflower plant, the spiral of a nautilus shell, how about the spiral of our own galaxy-The Milky Way? Ancient man looked to nature for inspiration, spawning the design of ancient labyrinths around the world. The original labyrinth designs were simple spirals with from 3 to 5, to seven circuits or paths. Over time this the spiral design evolved into the Labyrinths that we now see all over the world in made in many shapes, sizes with various numbers of paths or circuits. How does this relate to sacred geometry? All of nature, all of what is living on this planet is based on Sacred Geometry. The base of which is the spiral, which repreChildren in Mexico using a left and right handed Laby- sents the unfolding of life itself. The best example of this would be the double helix of our own DNA. A gentle rinth board courtesy of Kay Kinneavy spiral that contains the blueprint that becomes each of

Robert Ferre left, myself centre, his wife Ruth (passed on) in the Labyrinth in Chartres us. In short sacred geometry is the union of science and spirituality.

tres Cathedral, for example. And its labyrinth. Numbers aren’t just for counting, nor are they just symbolic. They are the actual essence of everything that exists.”

As I am not an expert on Sacred Geometry I have added my mentor Robert Ferre`s quote from the Labyrinth Alex Champion’s Definition* Society`s website. I also like Alex Champion`s and Sig Lonegren`s definition as well. Sacred geometry is the contemplation and utilization of the archetypal geometric patterns of Nature for the pur* poses of spiritual communion and healing. Robert Ferré’s Definition*

Sig Lonegren’s Definition*

“Sacred geometry is the act of studying the divine act of creation and then using that knowledge to create in the same way. By studying nature, we find that the basic building blocks of creation are geometric. Since a divine hand is responsible for originating the numbers and proportions of the manifest universe, that geometry is sacred. Studying sacred geometry leads us to truth and self-understanding. All societies use sacred geometry to construct their temples, sacred places, and art. Char-

In a nut-shell, Sacred Geometry is, “The use of a handful of ratios to create forms that help the seeker to resonate properly to achieve their desired spiritual goal.” The most famous labyrinth is in Chartres France. This design has 11 circuits or paths with a 6 petal centre. I love using this design as a coaching tool for clients. The centre represents our perceived goal/goals. The circuits/paths in are deceiving. Not long after starting

out it seems as if we are reaching our goal only to be taken away from it on the next turn. This is what life is like. We have obstacles, and roadblocks along the way to where we want to go. It seems like we are making headway only to realize that we need to reboot or retool to be able to once again set out towards our goal. The many left and right turns of the labyrinth force us into a state of calmness or meditation. In this softer more reflective state, we are more open than normal to receive messages from the Universe, or our higher self. We are more connected both with source and ourselves. In this state of oneness or present moment, we can just BE!

have something in mind that you want answers about. At the exit before leaving the labyrinth turn and thank the labyrinth for what you it gave to you.

Yes, there are rules of the road so to speak for labyrinth walking. But if you have never walked one before, please just walk it and enjoy it. In my workshops I talk about the `3 R`s of a Labyrinth walk. On the way in you release and let go, in the centre be open to receive, on the journey out you are renewed. Be in a state of gratitude as you come back to the surface on your journey out. The space of the labyrinth is sacred as is the entrance and exit. At the entrance set your intention, or

Labyrinths give us the space to do just this. We can let go, grieve, dance, sing, and receive answers to problems we were having difficulty with.

Amien Cathedral Labyrinth

In today’s high speed, multi tasking world we live in, it is more important than ever to take the time to have a ‘TIME IN’ with ourselves. (I believe Rev. Lauren Artress coined this phrase)* *Reverend Lauren Artress. President and Founder Veriditas, The Voice of the Labyrinth Movement San Francisco, California

So find a labyrinth near you and walk it today, letting go of your stress along the way. The walk is not about the destination, it is about the process of getting there. Enjoy the journey.

Irma Haggith is a Labyrinth Emissary and coach. Her new business, A MAZE YOUR MIND LABYRINTH SOLUTIONS mission is to bring portable Labyrinth left and right handed finger walking boards to schools, hospitals, retirement homes, corporate executives, and the public in general.These Labyrinth boards are made from solid surface material which is heat, scratch, stain, and bacteria resistant. Services provided are the making of temporary Labyrinths for special events, and facilitating powerful insightful and enlightening Labyrinth walks. More from Irma Haggith the Labyrinth Emissary and Life Coach at the following: Self web based networking Irma/Open Road Article about the Labyrinth By just watching how your finger walk a Labyrinth board, Irma can tell you what your personality is like. Do you know that the simple act of walking a Labyrinth will actually increase your AURA or energetic field? To learn more about Labyrinths in your area there is a book available on Amazon written by a lady I met at a Labyrinth Conference in Oregon. F8&qid=1320345684&sr=1-1 You can also visit the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator My friend Kay Kinneavy is amazing at keeping people updated with what is going on in the Labyrinth community out west.