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Fashion Design Styling Kottbusser Damm 9 10967 Berlin, Germany

Speculating with Architects Graduation project based on the parallel practices between fashion and architecture. The design process started with a descriptive text of an imaginary place: Dealing with the past, covering it’s aftermath, covering empty. Amending the breaks, we can see the construction of a process that begins and has a vision of something promising. This short text was given to 3 architects to be interpreted and to give back a rough sketch of a blueprint for a building made upon the text, the blueprints that were given back were overlapped and then used as patterns for the garments in an experiemntal process to see how this architectonic patterns would fit on the human body.

Collection presented on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Mexico City Pages Process, Lookbook, Editorial Photographer: Tania Franco

Adrien 5187 Chemise Garcon 5236 Longsleeve sari unique colormix 3044 Pleatbermuda bluered checked N° 18 belt black N° 42 vS15 Weaver short natural

Andrew 5187 Chemise Homme KA Knitted sweater sari colormix 3040 Ultrawidepleated black

Anna N° 46 The MNZ Jeansjacket dk blue, lightblue 5151 Neckerchiefer denim 3080 SMLXL long denim

Cécile 5236 Longsleeve sari unique colormix 6009 Scheich yellow, colormix 2011 Zwickelrock yellow vA132 Garp socks beige, black

Elisa 1045 X-mixdress sari colormix vA132 Garp socks red, beige

Emile 5187 Chemise Homme 3050 Pleatedbrother black vB17 Plainbelt black, gold

Etienne 4106 Ponchopolo nightblue 3044 Pleatbermuda black

Eugénie 5236 Longsleeve sari unique colormix 3050 Pleatedbrother redstripe

Evelyn 1041 Neckerchiefer vest print 8021 Dungarees print N° 42 vS15 Weaver short natural

George 5236 Longsleeve sari unique colormix 4080 Tankscarf skyscraper

Gloria 5207 Extended top checkered rose olive 3087 Jeanspleatfront apricot, blue

Jean-Christophe 5187 Chemise Homme 5236 Longsleeve sari unique colormix 3087 Jeanspleatfront dk blue, light blue vB17 Plainbelt black, gold vS22 Sandals black

Leslie 8025T Gymnastic top print 4103 Sakko shirt redstripe 8025L Gymnastic leggings print 3081 SMLXL short redstripe vS22 Sandals natural

BLESS Internship and assistant in product development for Bless in Berlin, Germany. Images from Mark Borthwick, Bless website and Uslu Airlines website

Lili 1040 LOVneckdress print 5240 Carpetlining knit vA132 Garp socks beige, rouge

Linda 1044 A-mixdress sari colormix 3088 Pyjamapants redstripe vS22 Sandals natural

Lisa vA187 Plisseetop sari colormix

Manuel 5071 T-shirt sari unique colormix 5187 Chemise Homme 3087 Jeanspleatfront dk blue, light blue vB17 Plainbelt natural BLESS advanced Chaincheers

Marlene 4059 Kimosakko denim black

Martha 1042 T-shirtdress dk blue checked vS22 Sandals natural

Min 5231 Holidaycity 4080 Tankscarf skyscraper 5240 Carpetlining knit vS22 Sandals natural

Nicolas 5187 Chemise Homme 5236 Longsleeve sari unique colormix 3088 Pyjamapants skyscraper

Pasha 5187 Chemise Garcon 3050 Pleatedbrother dk blue checked vA188 Plisseechain

Pia 5231 Holidaycity 2011 Zwickelrock print vS22 Sandals natural

Robert 5234 Polo-air nightblue 3091 Plaidfront jeans black, blue

Sybille 5217 Roundneck knit checkered turquoise beige 3040 Ultrawidepleated jeansmelange

Wladimir 5071 T-shirt sari unique colormix 3087 Jeanspleatfront apricot, blue vA132 Garp socks beige, black

I’ve seen that face before Editorial for MBFW Mexico SS15 Photographer: Fernando Etulain

Assistant designer and art direction for designer Scarlett Smith in San Francisco USA. Photographer: Claudia Goetzelmann

SAMPLEBOOK SILHOUETTE The collection is inspired on pictures taken on a vacation to San Francisco, California. Experimenting with the pattern construction and silhouettes, compiling a wide selection of textiles with different weights and textures into a single garment with the intention to create a palette of moods and emotions experienced in this time spent there. Photographer : Tania Franco

CROSS-POLLINATION: MASTERPIECES OF THE COLLECTIONS Project developed between New York and Mexico City by the museum at Fashion Institute of Technology. Inspired by the work of David Alfaro Siqueiros the purpose of the project was to create experimental garments based on the ideology and artistic work of Siqueiros. I used the map where some of the most iconic paintings of Siqueiros can be found, as the pattern for the garment I developed exploring the concept of patterns in garments. This project was presented at the Siqueiros Public Art Hall in Mexico City and at The Cervantes

Photographer: Daniel Zanco

B Scarves Comissioned by Zona Maco Contemporary Art Fair in Mexico City inspired on the pieces “I will not make any more boring art” and “Quality material” by the artist John Baldessari.

Drives to Crash Collection to be made inspired on the movie Crash from David Cronenberg. The collection is based on what I think would be the aftermath of a car crash and the effects it has on the human body, integrating sensuality, fetishism and orthopedic devices

Portfolio Ivanna Heredia 0618  
Portfolio Ivanna Heredia 0618