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ivanka-kate portfolio 2013

wood object #1

study objects “cabbage”

object in NAOMA againt destroying student installations

portraits for SFA project (curated by ivanka-kate) Sergey Glasgo, Sasha Vkrayst, Ien Levin

work for Candice Breitz ”You and I” project

(photo left - Candice Breitz ©) Camera and editing - Ivanka-Kate Yakovyna Idea, style, directing and acting- Ka Mankovska

“Dust Bowl III� music video

Other LIves song - competition

photography project “body”

photography for Mariya Kulykivska “army of clones” project

solo photo exhibition “EDGES”

linocut project “melancholy”

photograms project “accessories”

sketches +380503388557

Ivanka-Kate Portfolio (excluding graphic design)  

my portfolio without graphic design