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WALL ART Ordering Guide Trade Clients Only

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Isobel has a passion for porcelain; she creates contemporary art, lighting and interior decorations. Working with porcelain paper clay has allowed Isobel to explore the boundaries of design. Her unique pieces are inspired by the world around us. They appear simple but, on closer inspection, reveal a stunning use of form, texture and depth.


15 leaves sketch for installation

Recent Hotel Wall Installation

30 leaves condensed formation for installation

Leaves 15 leaf installation £3200 (Trade price £2720)

20 leaf installation £4180 (Trade price £3553) 30 leaf installation £6125 (Trade price £5200)

Assorted sizes, colours and finishes available to commission. As quoted: Small 12cm x 7cm Med 15 x 9cm Large 21cm x 13cm

Lilypads 15 Lilypad installation £4875 (Trade price £3900) 25 Lilypad installation £8000 (Trade price £6400) 50 Lilypad installation £15750 (Trade price £12600)

Assorted sizes, colours and finishes available to commission. 5 sizes as quoted: XLarge 28cm diameter Large 22cm diameter Medium 19cm diameter Small 15cm diameter Xsmall 12cm diameter

Ceramic Installation proposal, 110 elements, matt porcelain with gold lustre edges, 5 smaller elements in matt gold

Recent Hotel Wall Installation

Ruffles 15 Ruffle mixed size installation £4375 (Trade price £3500) 25 Ruffle mixed size installation £7250 (Trade price £5800) 50 Ruffle mixed size installation £14375 (Trade price £11500)

Assorted sizes, colours and finishes available to commission. 3 sizes as quoted: Large (double ruffle) aprox 20-22cm Medium (double ruffle) aprox 15-17cm Small (small ruffle) aprox 10-12cm




Elizabeth is a British ceramicist based in Manchester. Her distinctive style emerged as she was studying fine art, where she specialised in wall sculpture and installation. Whilst developing her unique range of stoneware and porcelain pottery, she pursued a successful career as an interior designer, dealing with contemporary living spaces in some of the North West's most prestigious residential addresses. Elizabeth has combined her love of retro, vintage and antique decoration with cutting edge modern design, to create a range that will stand the test of time. From small pottery bowls to larger scale porcelain artwork, her exclusive range is perfect for the style-conscious home.


Grace Flowers Ceramic pieces, colour combinations customisable 3 pieces, £560 (Trade Price £450) 6 pieces, £1125 (Trade Price £900) 15 pieces, £2800 (Trade Price £2250) The largest measures approx 12 cm and the smallest approx 8 cm

Swallows Ceramic pieces, colour combinations customisable 6 pieces, £420 (Trade Price £330) 18 pieces, £1250 (Trade Price £1000) 24 pieces, £1650 (Trade Price £1350) Each piece measures approx 15 - 16 cm

Monika is a passionate ceramicist based in London.


Ceramic Tulips

15 pieces, £2500 (Trade Price £2000) 20 Pieces, £3125 (Trade Price £2500) Colour shades can be commissioned Cluster of 5, 7 and 10cm diameter sizes

Flower Discs 20 pieces, £1900 (Trade Price £1500) 50 pieces, £4700 (Trade Price £3750) Sizes: 12cm diameter 7cm diameter 5cm diameter

Flowers 13 pieces, £4550 (Trade Price £3640) 20 pieces, £7000 (Trade Price £5600) Sizes: 5 – 18cm

Sunflower Ceramics and fused glass Green and blue colour shades on the inside

Cluster of 160 pieces as arranged here in 100cm diameter, mounted on board Each piece is around 22cm long ÂŁ8125 Trade Price ÂŁ6500

Michelle is an artist working in the unusual medium of woven metal: Stainless steel, Copper and Brass The metal sculptures themselves are transitory brought into being to stamp their presence on an instant in time and then immediately deconstructed.


Woven Metal Pieces Stainless steel, Copper and Brass 20 pieces, £1000 (Trade Price £800) 45 pieces, £2250 (Trade Price £1800) 120 pieces, £6000 (Trade Price £4800)



Large shapes 26cm Medium 21cm Small 18cm 1/3 of shapes are double layered Sizes and colours are customisable


Maple Leaves

Ginko Leaves


Claire lives and works in London, but started life in the semi-rural county of Lincolnshire. She is a multi-disciplinary artist working in paper, metal and painting. She exhibits her work nationally and internationally, showing regularly in London, other parts of the UK, USA and Europe. Her work has been published in many magazines including: The Audubon Society, Fresh Paint Magazine, Elle Decoration, Elle Deco, Vogue (UK and Greece), World of Interiors, Inside Out and was featured in the book “Paper: Tear, Fold, Rip, Crease, Cut” (Blackdog Publishing 2009). Claire’s work is included in many private and public collections including: The National Wildlife Museum For the USA, The Emirati Royal Family, The Twitter Art Collection, The London Transport Museum, The Corinthia Hotel, London, The Hayatt Hotel, New Orleans. Claire Brewster is an inaugural member of the Perrier Jouet Art Salon and Prize and a workshop leader at The Victoria and Albert Museum London.


Private Property Installation, 2019

Ethereal Flock Acid Etched Nickel silver

25 birds, £3125 (Trade Price £2500) 50 pieces, £6000 (Trade Price £4800)

15 – 25cm sizes

Lisa is a contemporary abstract artist. Sharing her time between North London and North Yorkshire. “Although I have A ‘levels in Art and History of Art, I am mostly self taught. My speciality is acrylic and mixed media and I take my influence from the patterns and textures of our amazing world.” “I love the feeling of freedom and energy that the use of different mediums allows. Often, something as simple as a variation in texture or direction can create something totally unexpected. Each of my paintings reflects the different layers and adventures in life that create our own unique individuality. It is for this reason that I leave it up to the owner of the painting to decide which way it should hang.” “We all see something different!”


Handmade butterflies Paper, resin and gold leaf Sizes: from 2cm to aprox 12cm

12 mixed sizes butterflies £750 (Trade Price £600) 18 mixed sizes butterflies £1125 (Trade Price £900) 24 mixed sizes butterflies £1500 (Trade Price £1200)

OWNERSHIP OF ARTIST RELATIONSHIP You agree that the business relationship between the Artist and Us is entirely owned by Us. You will not approach the Artist directly or correspond with the Artist in any way, except with express written authorisation from Us regarding their Artworks.

COPYRIGHT All works are subject to availability. Copyright to all material and/or works of art comprising or contained within this brochure is held by Luminaire Arts and/or other copyright holders. It is prohibited to reproduce, modify, adjust or otherwise use any of the images or information in any manner or form without the express written permission of the copyright holder. For further information or details of any of the works listed please contact us.

PRICING POLICY UPDATE As new company policy we are only able to hold quotes on custom artworks for 30 days. This is due to an increase in demand for artists, and in material costs, especially for sculptors.


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A guide to Ceramic and 3D wall art styles, sizes and pricing. The flexibility you have to create wonderful wall art, across either small or...


A guide to Ceramic and 3D wall art styles, sizes and pricing. The flexibility you have to create wonderful wall art, across either small or...

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