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Shark fin soup all about it....

Endangered Sharks

Sharks are endangered and cause less threat to humans the humans to them. There only 4 shark speicies which can attack humans which rarely attac humans. And i wonder why humans make such a big deal about sharks danger. There is a bigger chance of you getting hit by a coconut in the head and die from it than getting bitten by a shark and even less chance being killed from it. Shark fin soup meat is so popular right now that millions of sharks are being killed from it. sharks also die from polution. if we dont stop or reduce shark fishing and finning there will be no more sharks which will be a big damage to the food chain.


shark fin soup may be tasty but the fin it self doesn have a taste, and by the way shark fin soup is unhealthy. Beacause it contains murcury.

Most of the shark population is dieing beacause of the shark fin soup. Shark fin soup is very popular in china. People just use the fins not the rest of their body. people use onnly 5 % of the shark which is a big waste. 2673 million sharks are finned early. From 1996-2000 38 million sharks were finned.

Endangered Sharks

The bellow data proves everything. Cause of Death Total Number Shark Attack 4 (out of 57 total attacks) Contact with hot tap-water 26 Lightning 47 Contact with hornets, wasps and bees 66 Intentional self-poisoning 5,462

Hammer head shark left to die on the sea floor after it has beeen finned.........

95% of the body is left :’(

What will happen to the oceans of sharks become extinct? The consequences of the decline in shark populations on ocean life are immense. The large shark species are “apex” predators, they are ecological stablisers, once they are gone, all hell will break loose. For example along the US East Coast where large sharks such as black tip and tiger sharks have been virtually elimated, there have been declines in shellfish numbers and a reduction in water quality (shellfish filter sea water). Populations of small sharks, rays and skates have increased rapidly, consuming shellfish at an unsustainable rate. If you remove apex predators from an ecosystem the result is the same as removing the foundations from a building - total collapse.


Sharl fin soup  

shark fin soup

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