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chrysalis veils

Mystery remains dormant in Ivana Larrosa’s photography; in every scene an enigmatic veil rest placidly awaiting its awakening. Everything is in the air: gazes, breaths, words, drops transitioning to a different state... Her characters -most of them hiding their faces, lost in thought or absorbed- evoke intimate common moments, confidences. We can feel something has happened or is about to happen, but it is up to us to figure it out while these characters remain silent. Silence and darkness are some of the qualities suggested by these images that contribute to an intense intriguing feeling. The photographs are bathed in a homogenizing semi-darkness patina that alludes to the relationship between mystery and that which is hard to see, what appears impenetrable on a first encounter. The work of Ivana Larrosa is far from what you will expect, far from a utopian trip through Ethiopia. There is no exoticism, no saturated color or tradition, no emphasis on the cultural differences with occident. Instead she offers us a world of unpredictable and quiet suspense. Like in T.S. Eliot poem, in Ivana’s photographs the shadow falls between the idea, and the reality, between the motion and the act. Juan Manuel Castro Prieto

Chrysalis Veils, by Ivana Larrosa  

Ethiopia is an ivory tapestry floating in the air. Her night is a pale blue dream full of souls that vibrate when the earth makes her way to...