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IvanhoeNews Winter 2017 Issue 132

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IvanhoeNews Winter 2017 Issue 132

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From the Archives Staff member Ken Wright and wife Peg welcome our first international students at Circular Quay, Sydney in January 1941

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Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 3

From the Principal

Global Citizenship Ambassador Train


hroughout the course of 2017, the Board of Governors

In looking to the future, it is important to reflect upon what an

will be developing a new Strategic Plan for Ivanhoe

Ivanhoe education sets out to achieve. In 2011 The Times

Grammar School. From its inception, Ivanhoe Grammar

Higher Education in England initiated a debate around this

School has been built around the key principle of developing young people of character. Our Founding Principal, Reverend Sydney Buckley, made the following comment not long after the School was established in 1915:

In a recent issue of a daily newspaper, “character training was described as a sideline in education. It is not a sideline. It is the very core of education.

In looking at the development of a new Strategic Plan, the School remains committed to this fundamental principle of developing young women and men who have moral character, performance character and civic character so that they can

topic that provides an excellent starting position: The purpose of education is to: • Promote passion for engagement in learning • Grow humanity, empathy and collaborative intent • Stimulate curiosity, imagination and a futures orientation • Develop the skills to become confident, independent decision makers able to shape our future (21st Century Skills – enterprise, innovation, financial literacy) • Build resilience and introduce the ‘joy’ of falling forwards (positive education, mindfulness, growth mindset)

be the best version of themselves. To achieve this, we need to continue to provide a breadth of experiences. We need to tap into the interests and passions of all young people whether it is on the stage, in sporting arenas, in the sciences, mathematics or humanities, or undertaking service learning experiences locally or internationally.

• Induct into different cultures and different worlds. Clearly, quality learning will continue to be a cornerstone of our new Strategic Plan and, as everybody knows, the key school determinant of quality learning is quality teachers. Hence a key focus of our next Strategic Plan will be continuing to grow the capacity of our teachers so that, in an open entry school, they can provide the best possible learning environment and outcomes for all Ivanhoe Grammar School students.

4 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

Annual Cadet Ceremonial Parade

For your Diary 2017 Wednesday 19 July

Student Future Pathways Evening

Wednesday 26 July

The Ridgeway Campus Years 7 to 11 Art and Design Exhibition

Sunday 13 August

Ladies’ Association High Tea

Wednesday 16 August

Piano and Soloists Competition

Tuesday 22 August

Reunion of Long Serving Staff

Wednesday 23 August

Buckley House Showcase

Thursday 31 August

Plenty Campus Primary Musical

Friday 8 September

Friends of Plenty Campus Spring Lunch

Tuesday 19 September

More Than Words Concert

Wednesday 11 October

The Ridgeway Campus Year 12 Graduate Art and Design Show

Monday 16 October

Plenty Campus Visual Arts Exhibition

Thursday 19 October

Plenty Campus Valedictory Dinner

Friday 20 October

The Ridgeway Campus Valedictory Dinner

Thursday 16 November

Buckley House Art Show

Friday 24 November

Ladies’ Association Christmas Lunch

Tuesday 28 November

Cathedral Service, Prefect Induction

Friday 1 December

Buckley House Christmas Carols

educational initiatives for our students and families.

Wednesday 6 December

The Ridgeway Campus Christmas Carols

Gerard F Foley Principal

Thursday 7 December

Plenty Campus Family Christmas Carols

Thursday 7 December

Night of Notables


I look forward to sharing details with you about the ongoing development of the School’s next Strategic Plan throughout the year. Finally, at the Annual General Meeting of the Board of Governors held in March 2017, Mr Peter Kempen retired from his position as Chairman of the Board. In recognition of his service as Chairman for 17 years and Board Member for 18 years, the Board appointed Peter a Life Governor of the School. Peter is succeeded by Board Member Mr Daniel Proietto (’96). Daniel’s association with the School began as a Year 7 Music Scholarship recipient in 1991. A former School Captain in 1996, Daniel continued to be involved in the School as an active member of our alumni community. A partner at Lander and Rogers Lawyers, Daniel has been an Ivanhoe Grammar School Board member since 2010. He brings to the role of Chairman a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the School. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter for his outstanding contribution to the School and to congratulate Daniel on his appointment. We wish Peter well and look forward to working with Daniel in continuing to deliver exciting

Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 5

Board Changes Farewell Peter Kempen Ivanhoe Grammar School has an enviable record of continuity of leadership witnessed by the fact that in its first 100 years we had only four Heads with current Principal, Gerard Foley now our fifth. Likewise over that long journey the School Council, now the Board of Governors, has had only nine leaders. In March this year Peter Kempen retired after 18 years of valuable and loyal service to the School as Chairman of the Board. A great believer of independent education, Peter was also a Director of the Association of Independent Schools of Australia and a Director and Chairman of the Association of Independent Schools of Victoria during his tenure.

Board of Governors with Peter Kempen and Gerard Foley

Peter’s association with the School began in 1989 when he and wife Elaine enrolled their son Kristian in Year 9. Drew followed in 1992. His involvement with the School may have ended in 1997 when Drew completed Year 12, but in 1999 Peter was invited to join the Board of Governors and in 2000 he assumed the role of Chairman. Under his guidance the School has undergone tremendous physical development, all made possible through a respectful and knowledgeable working relationship between Peter and the Board, together with Principals Rod Fraser and Gerard Foley, and senior members of staff. A chartered accountant by profession and Managing Partner of Ernst and Young Corporate Finance Australia when taking the role as Chairman, Peter’s expertise and leadership was invaluable in cementing a strong fiscal foundation to enable the School to undertake major development works over the ensuing years. At The Ridgeway Campus Peter has officiated at the opening of the redeveloped F O Watts Building which incorporated the new Round Square Gallery, the Buckley House Innovations Centre, the rebuilding of the VRC Brown Centre to become the state of the art Middle Years Centre and the complete refurbishment of Locksley House, now ArtsEdge at Locksley, in 2015. At Plenty Campus Peter has overseen the additions of the Sinclaire Enterprise Centre, The Creative Arts Centre, the School Chapel, The Founders’ Centre, a new Administration and Reception Complex and, more recently, The Round. On his watch, The Ridgeway Campus became fully co-educational in 2003 and one of his final, and probably most important tasks, was overseeing the appointment of the fifth Principal of the School. During Peter’s time as Chairman, the School undertook several major fundraising campaigns and he and Elaine were always the first to lead by example in financially supporting whatever the project was. A self-confessed ‘cricket tragic’ The Kempen Family Scoreboard on the South Ground is testament to both Peter’s love of the game and his desire to make things happen. Peter’s energy and drive will be sadly missed but we can be sure that the legacy he leaves will enable his successor to confidently take the School to greater heights in the future. Thank you Peter for all the time and effort you took to assist in making Ivanhoe the School it is today and thank you Elaine for supporting him on that long and fruitful journey! The School family wishes you both well for the future and, as we note there are Kempen grandchildren enrolled and yet to come, we hope to see you at many School events well into the future. Geoff Brown (’62) Executive Officer OIGA 6 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

Daniel Proietto with Peter Kempen

New Chairman of the Board of Governors At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Board of Governors Mr Daniel Proietto, BCom, LLB (Hons), Old Ivanhoe Grammarian, was appointed Chairman of the Board of Governors following the retirement of Peter Kempen. Daniel is a member of the Class of 1996 and was School Captain in that year. He attended the University of Melbourne and graduated with a double degree in Commerce and Law. He spent six years with Minter Ellison before moving to Lander and Rogers where he is now a Partner and Practice Group Leader – Workplace Relations and Safety. His expertise is in employment and industrial relations law. Daniel joined the Board in 2010 and is the fourth Ivanhoe Grammarian to occupy the Chair, following in the footsteps of George Pizzey (’25), Les Knorr (’21) and Ivan Fox (’43). His time whilst at School, and his leadership of the 1996 cohort, has positioned him well to take on this new role as he has a deep understanding of the nature and culture of Ivanhoe. He and wife Alison were part of the Board/Alumni visit to Cambodia in 2013 gaining insight into the School’s involvement in that country and taking part in various community service projects. The School now enters an exciting era with a new Chairman of the Board and our recently appointed Principal, Mr Gerard Foley. On behalf of the Board of Governors and all members of the Ivanhoe Grammar School Family I wish Daniel and Gerard every success as together they lead us into the 2020s and beyond. Doug Golden (’77) Vice President of the Board of Governors

Q&A with Justin Peat We spoke with Justin Peat, our new Director of Student Futures, about what will make an Ivanhoe graduate stand out in a future workplace. What is the main challenge facing students today? Determining your post-school pathway in life has always been something of a challenge. Today’s graduates are navigating a rapidly changing workforce and traditional approaches to careers guidance don’t necessarily reflect this. There has been a swift and significant change in approaches to career and futures guidance elsewhere in the world, particularly in the UK, Europe and North America. Part of my role is bringing some of this global shift to Ivanhoe Grammar School.

We should embrace the “ notion that it’s not always

a specific qualification that leads to opportunities.

What does the new approach to careers and futures look like? With the support of an experienced adult mentor, each student from Years 7 to 12 will start the conversation around futures. Combining traditional academic counselling with personalised mentoring and target-setting, students will identify one or more aspirational academic pathways and then formulate short-term academic goals for each step of the journey. Academic counselling generally refers to trained professionals counselling students on their academic plans, for coursetaking while in secondary school and their relationship to post-school options. Target-setting, which establishes what students will aim to achieve in their courses rather than just which courses they will pursue, takes this form of educational planning a stage further to include the formulation of goals. What is the importance of setting goals? Working with students, alongside their parents and caregivers, to identify their long-term goals and to set out what students need to do to achieve them can have positive outcomes. The setting of achievement targets in individual subjects for individual students makes it clear to

students and their parents/caregivers what level they need to achieve to reach their goals, rather than just knowing which courses are needed. Each student meets with his or her Mentor for two or three academic planning sessions per year. The sessions primarily focus on setting (and subsequently monitoring of) SMART goals, then articulating a plan of action to help students achieve them. Embracing the idea that we are preparing the students for life beyond school, students are then equipped with the all the information necessary to make informed decisions about their future. In what ways can parents support their child’s aspirations? Parents are the key influencers in the career decisions of their children, but parents often seek a linear career pathway for their child, believing this is the way to a secure income and stability in life. However, this isn’t always true; the working environment has changed significantly since they first entered the workforce and is now much more flexible. The concept of a ‘job for life’ is now outdated; these days, Australians are changing careers frequently as new opportunities are forged. This can

be a particular challenge for parents who faced a very different outlook when they were school-leavers. We should embrace the notion that it’s not always a specific qualification that leads to opportunities. To stand out in the job market, it’s the capabilities you grow and develop through your study, combined with other activities including part-time jobs, volunteering, internships, hobbies and more, that make the difference. How is the Futures initiative embracing Internationalism? Alongside technology, a major driver challenging the future of the employee is the effect of globalisation. Whether you acknowledge it or not, we are living in a global society and as a result, our graduates will be competing for jobs in a global marketplace. Ivanhoe Grammar School embraces the concept of Global Citizenship and recognises its unique responsibility in preparing its graduates for success on the international stage. Therefore, the Stanford’s, UC Berkeley’s, and the Oxford’s and Cambridge’s will need to become normalised pathways for students at Ivanhoe. Justin Peat Director of Student Futures Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 7

From the School Captains

We spoke with the School Captains about their experience as leaders at Ivanhoe Grammar School Is being School Captain what you expected it to be? What surprised you? Tess Carolan: Being School Captain has some aspects which I expected, like interacting with teachers and students across all year levels, working as a collective and understanding how issues can be addressed across all facets. I am surprised at how much the role challenges me and I am surprised at the level to which mine and my peers perspectives are discussed and tangibly put into action because we can work so well together. Jack Brenton: I’m really enjoying being School Captain, and to be honest it’s very different to what I thought it would be. Most of my ideas about the job were based on the previous School Captains, but everyone is different. I think everyone makes the role their own, and I’m striving to just be myself as I develop as a leader. The biggest challenge for me is meeting high expectations. Georgia Harper: I think what surprised me most was actually getting the position of School Captain. As well as all the other emotions - happy, proud, nervous - I was also surprised. I’m not sure what I expected School Captain would be like, but being in the role now, it’s been exciting though challenging at times, but mostly I feel it’s a huge honour. Kosta Giaprakis: In many ways it’s been exactly what I had expected, and in other ways nothing like I expected. I have been especially surprised by the amount of new connections I’ve developed, especially those with younger students in the School. Define leadership and what makes a great leader. TC: I think leadership is knowing and understanding the ways which people can make the most of themselves, and encouraging them to take these opportunities. Something that is paramount to this is being able to compromise, knowing you represent others, not just yourself. I think a great leader knows how to find common ground between their values and others. JB: I think leadership is the ability to really empower those around you, and to work well with others to achieve a common goal. A great leader should always put others before themselves and be willing to step-up when necessary. GH: I define leadership as being a positive and influential rolemodel to those around me. Although it’s important for a leader to be confident, I believe a great leader is also authentic, cooperative and develops good relationships. It’s about having your own personality and not altering it because of your title, because that’s what defines you and what people respect. KG: I believe that leadership is the ability to inspire others to achieve something, rather than forcing something on them. A great leader must be warm and welcoming, not cold and intimidating. They must be able to relate well to others and care for those they lead. 8 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

The Ridgeway Campus Captains: Tess Carolan and Jack Brenton Plenty Campus Captains: Georgia Harper and Kosta Giaprakis

Leadership is the ability “ to empower those around you” - JACK BRENTON

What school accomplishment are you proud of? TC: I am super proud of my work with the Cambodia project. It was the first trip where I had to put tangible planning in place and work hard to achieve the fundraising goals we set before the trip. It was a project that was bigger than ourselves and we were able to go above and beyond the goals that we wanted to achieve. The people I met over there were working so hard for their futures and to be even the smallest part of their progress meant so much to me. JB: I’m really proud of helping to start a Friday lunch fundraiser, which began in 2015 and is still occurring every week. All the money goes towards aiding schools and villages in Cambodia, so it’s a really good cause and something which people love to be a part of. Hopefully it continues on after I finish at Ivanhoe. GH: The proudest and most rewarding accomplishment would be winning three AGSV Netball Premierships in a row. As I’m sure the team would agree it’s a highlight of our journey at school, we are so proud because it’s something about winning with as team that makes it extra special and fulfilling. KG: The accomplishment I’m most proud of is my Student of Merit Award during my Corporal Promotion Course. I had originally planned to leave the Unit after my Cadet year, and had gone so far as to hand in my uniform! However, after a long talk about having a growth mindset with my parents, I decided that staying in the Unit was the best option for me. I went on the Promotions Course and was fortunate enough to receive the Student of Merit Award, something I am immensely proud of. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? TC: It might be a bit boring but I think my superpower would definitely be invisibility. JB: I would love to be able to fly. GH: A superpower that I would like to have would be time travel. I would love to be able to travel into the future, and even better, be able to travel back in time, to times such as my childhood to revisit different adventures, holidays and the fun I had as a kid. KG: From a young age The Flash has been my favourite superhero. I even remember dressing up as him when I was a kid, running around the house thinking I was going at super-speed. This is a superpower I’d love to have, because it’s both incredibly cool and extremely practical.

Sustainability Report

Buckley House Sustainability Club with The Ridgeway Campus Environmental Leaders

Sustainability at Buckley House The Sustainability Club began their year by receiving their badges during a lovely ceremony on the mini oval of Buckley House and then the work began. The first meeting consisted of getting to know each other and brainstorming possible causes and events that we might tackle over the year. Some of the ideas included expanding our vegetable garden to include herbs and fruit trees, beginning a compost bin, looking at ways to reduce water and electricity use at the School and sponsoring an endangered animal through a program with Melbourne Zoo. Sustainability Coordinators, Megan Crewe and Kellie Redmond met with members of the JUMP! Foundation to discuss the children’s vision and from this meeting arose two immediate possibilities for cross campus work. The first opportunity was for Environmental Leaders from The Ridgeway Campus to join the Buckley House Sustainability Leaders for our first mass planting in the Sustainability Garden. The second opportunity involved our Year 5 Leaders, joining The Ridgeway Campus Leaders to meet with the Banyule Council to discuss recycling at Ivanhoe Grammar School. It really opened their eyes to some great possibilities. In March, Mrs Crewe and Miss Redmond attended the Steps to Sustainability Conference at Melbourne Zoo and returned full of new ideas and increased passion for sustainability issues at Buckley House. The Buckley House Leaders were incredibly proud to be able to show the big kids how it’s done! The end of Term 1 saw the team continue to water and weed and take care of our growing seedlings. Word spread and many Sustainability Leaders were joined in the garden at recess and

Buckley House Sustainability Club planting vegetables

lunchtimes by their friends, who are developing a great love of gardening too. It is very rewarding to see such School community involvement is this project. Some pruning in the garden revealed that we had a great deal of rosemary and lots of limes to harvest. A group of Leaders spent a lunchtime bundling rosemary and picking limes, and a spur of the moment Sustainability Sale was held after school. We raised $20.40, which will go towards a tumbling compost bin for the Sustainability Garden. Term 2 saw another Sustainability Sale, the potting and selling of succulents in repurposed soft drink bottle terrariums, the introduction of ‘An Hour Without Power’ and the launch of Waste Warriors during National Composting Week. The Sustainability Leaders should feel incredibly proud of the contribution they have already made to Buckley House. Megan Crewe and Kellie Redmond Buckley House Sustainability Coordinators

Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 9

News around the School Here are some highlights from the past six months around our busy School

Early Learning Centre Soccer

The Ridgeway Campus VCE Play ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’

IB Visual Arts Exhibition

Plenty Campus Cadets at Whittlesea ANZAC Day Service

Fifty-Sixth Annual Cadet Ceremonial Parade

IB Awards Ceremony

Nicole Callinan Western Bulldogs AFLW

10 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

Angahook Camp

Melbourne Comedy Festival Class Clowns Competition

Primary Library Book Fair, Plenty Campus

Gembrook Camp

New Zealand Netball Tour

International Women’s Day, Plenty Campus

Carlton Football Club Football Clinic, Buckley House

Students presenting at TeachTechPlay Conference

Prefect Inductions, The Ridgeway Campus

Sustainability Club with JUMP! Foundation

Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 11

Performing Arts

Jesus Christ Superstar Since the last edition of Ivanhoe News, there have been a number of successes to report in regards to the burgeoning area of the Performing Arts. This year kicked off well with Cameron Elliott (one our 2016 graduates) selected for Top Class; a showcase of the best VCE work in this subject area across the state. Jesus Christ Superstar was staged as the 2017 School Musical, revolutionising the look and feel of Buckley Hall. This modernist interpretation was set in the ‘now’, and echoed the day-to-day images of Syria and the troubled Middle East which permeate the 24/7 media cycle. More than once in our modern times we have seen reality television permeate politics and sway populist opinion. Jesus Christ Superstar focuses less on the story of faith and more on the story of politics. The central relationship between Jesus and Judas shows us a mammoth tug-of-war between pragmatism, represented by Judas, and ideas, represented by Jesus. Each of them is missing what the other has. These ideas stamped the excellent student performances in this production. The 52 students in the cast were exemplary in their commitment to creating this theatre work; passionate, inquiring and supportive of one another at every turn. A first-rate team-building experience from Year 7 through to Year 12. Throughout the project we enjoyed the input and involvement from crew on working bees, and with the move up to Buckley Hall, they re-joined us for bump-in, technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals and the all-important performanceseason. This student body, supported by the outstanding forces of Friends of Ridgway Theatre (FoRT) made the entire experience memorable. 12 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

In May, VCE Drama students staged a curriculum production of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ in the Schuster Drama Theatre. This large undertaking is student-driven and represents 60 per cent of the VCE Unit 3 mark for this particular course. Our newest initiative comes in the form of a film. Usually we stage a play in September as a co-curricular offering, but this year, we decided to be adventurous and use the allocated block of time to create an original film. The response from the students has been huge; at the first meeting we had 75 people expressing interest at some level of involvement. During Term 2 students wrote a script, scouted locations, wrote original music and learnt camera techniques. Editors have now assembled the footage into something cohesive that reflects the originality of the project. It’s an exciting time. Add into that mix the many evenings spent seeing top professional theatre, as well as visiting theatre companies who come to the School to present their work and the energy that stamps the growth of theatre across the Campus is palpable. Shaun Murphy Head of Theatre, The Ridgeway Campus

executive, with the guidance of a book ‘How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying’. With a talented cast of over 40 students from Years 7 to 12, many of whom were in their first Musical Production, as well as an impressive 25 piece band, the appreciative audiences were thoroughly entertained by fine acting, singing and dancing. The big, impressive dance numbers ‘The Brotherhood of Man’ and ‘Company Way’ brought spontaneous and enthusiastic applause.

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying Performing Arts at Plenty Campus continues to thrive, with students making the most of the many opportunities to showcase their talent. The Orchestra and Choir as well as ensembles and soloists continue to provide musical items for assemblies, and the Orchestra provided a very moving performance of the Last Post and Hymn for the ANZAC service. In addition, we have informal lunchtime concerts titled ‘Music in the Round’ (referring to the venue) which provide opportunities for students to perform a range of repertoire to an appreciative audience. The main focus for the first part of the year has been the Musical Production ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’. This classic show is one of only eight musicals in the past century to have won a Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and the cast of 40 students brought this show to life with its catchy songs, satiric humour and 1960s flair. Mika Faccinetti as J Pierpont Finch led the audience through the story of his rapid ascent from window cleaner to company

The cast was well supported by students, staff and parents backstage. We were delighted to welcome alumni Patrick Holcombe as our Set Builder, and Year 11 student Ella Primerano designed the choreography while playing the role of Hedy La Rue. Daniel Traicos, Year 12, put in countless hours as the rehearsal pianist and was joined by 8 other students in the Orchestra. With over 30 students and a large team of staff and alumni helping backstage with set building, sound, lighting, hair and makeup, this production was a real team effort. A special thank you is extended to the parents of In Tune who provided meals for the students on the night and coordinated t-shirts and photos. Thank you also to the talented dress designer and past parent, Charlie Sweeney, and her team of parents and alumni who assisted with costumes. They were outstanding! Finally, congratulations must go to our talented Director, Set Designer and Choreographer, James Chappel, for his outstanding creativity, inspiration and leadership. It is wonderful to see the continued growth and involvement in Performing Arts at Plenty Campus, and we look forward to the rest of the year with a sense of excitement! Virginia Creed Head of Music

Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 13

IB News and Growth International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Ivanhoe Grammar School is proud to be an IB World School and is one of only 15 schools which offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Victoria. The well-respected syllabus operates in over 140 different countries. A growing number of Year 11 and 12 students at the School choose to undertake the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme each year as an alternative to VCE in order to expand their options for tertiary education. Available to students at The Ridgeway Campus, the IB Diploma Programme is highly regarded by both Australian and international universities and is recognised as an excellent tertiary preparation course. IB is undertaken over two years with a focus on educating the whole person by combining enquiry-based learning, academic rigour and critical thinking.

IB Awards Ceremony

IB Awards Ceremony

A great match for students who have a broad interest across a number of subject areas, the IB Diploma Programme offers subjects from the following areas: Language and Literature, Individuals and Societies, Language Acquisition, Sciences, the Arts, and Mathematics.

problem-solving and decision making. Students engage with their community and learn through setting personal goals around their activity. These projects are important as they provide a counterbalance to the academic studies in their final years at secondary school.

Additional to studying six academic subjects, students are required to complete a supervised research task and theory of knowledge course. The skills the students acquire through undertaking a personal exploration of a research topic and the opportunity to exercise critical thinking are invaluable preparation for tertiary studies.

The value of undertaking an IB Diploma Programme is based on an education philosophy to develop broad skills, build key characteristics for students, challenge students and better prepare them for university and beyond.

Students also complete a creative, active and service-orientated project. The scope for these projects is wide (past students have undertaken projects like tutoring, coaching, music and sport) the aim being for students to show initiative, demonstrate perseverance and develop skills such as collaboration,

Ivanhoe Grammar School has offered IB since 1996 and in the past two years the number of students choosing the program has grown significantly. With an emphasis on international mindedness, the program suits motivated and independent learners, and reflects our Global Citizenship ethos.


44 32




IB Median ATAR




GROWTH IN IB STUDENTS 14 | Ivanhoe News Magazine



95+ 90+





IB Ceremony

Sinead Kershaw-Ryan with Principal Gerard Foley at the IB Visual Arts Exhibition

IB Events This year has seen a number of IB Programme events and we are pleased to share the following snapshot. International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Exhibition Opening This exhibition, held at the Glen Eira City Council Gallery on Friday 10 February, featured a diverse and exciting range of artworks from the IB Diploma Programme Visual Arts Course, selected from the students’ work examined in 2016. The artwork provided guests with an understanding of the different approaches and the varied work produced in this unique two year study. All IB schools were represented with around 80 works on display including Ivanhoe Grammar School student Sinead Kershaw-Ryan (pictured above right). Our Principal, Gerard Foley, welcomed guests to the official opening and congratulated the many students present on the quality of their work; for most it was the first time that they had exhibited their work outside of their School. International Baccalaureate Awards Ceremony This ceremony is the IB equivalent of the Premier’s VCE Awards, with over 400 guests attending the Ceremony at Deakin Edge, Federation Square on Wednesday 15 February. The ceremony was restricted to graduates who achieved a score of 40 points or more and Ivanhoe Grammar School was represented by a small number of students including the Dux of the Class of 2016, Olivia Leyden, who was amongst just 19 graduates to achieve a perfect score of 45. As host school, it was Ivanhoe’s turn to shine. We showcased current student musicians and performers from The Ridgeway and Plenty Campuses, and finished the night on a high with a performance by past student and former member of the

IB Regional Network Visit

internationally renowned Ten Tenors, Ben Clark (’02). Our guest speaker was Catherine Brock, Vice-Captain and IB graduate from the Class of 2009, who inspired the students to make the most of their IB experience and to aim high. Feedback from other IB schools was that this evening was the best IB Awards Ceremony in years. IB Regional Network Visit The Director General of the IB organisation, Dr Siva Kumari, visited several Australian states and our School was asked to host her visit to Melbourne on Wednesday 3 May. Over 150 IB School Heads, Primary Years Programme Coordinators, Middle Years Programme Coordinators and Diploma Programme Coordinators spent the day at Ivanhoe Grammar School for a series of meetings and updates. Terry Kitchen Community Relations & Events Manager

Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 15

Technology TeachTechPlay Conference During the Term 1 holidays, Ivanhoe Grammar School hosted the second annual TeachTechPlay conference. Delegates from all over Australasia converged for two days of digital learning. For the second year in a row, the conference sold out with over 350 people in attendance. The line up for the conference featured world-class teachers who use technology and innovative pedagogy in their classrooms and schools to impact learning and drive change. The keynotes this year were once again fantastic. Ewan McIntosh from NoTosh, Matt Miller, author of ‘Ditch that Textbook’, Jon Burgess from Kwan and student Digital Leaders from Ivanhoe and Wirreanda Secondary College (Adelaide) captivated the audience with powerful ideas and messages.

16 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

Students Emilie McKenna and Abbey Hines designed and developed the conference app

A key component of last year’s conference was the involvement of Ivanhoe students. This year that involvement increased significantly. Two students, Emilie McKenna and Abbey Hines designed and built the conference app (pictured above). The app was downloaded over 350 times, giving delegates access to session information, the conference Twitter feed and speaker biographies. Six Year 7 students from the Ivanhoe Campus worked with Wirreanda Secondary College students and the NoTosh team to complete a two-day design thinking challenge. This culminated in a student keynote to round out the conference. Key highlights from the keynote were the 300 person Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament and the world’s largest game of Kahoot. To help build community throughout the conference, four Buckley House students worked with the JUMP! Foundation. The students helped to connect teachers through icebreakers and session warm-ups.

on display. The Microsoft Hololens, the first self-contained, holographic computer provided delegates an opportunity to experience mixed reality. Mixing reality with augmented reality, the Hololens provided a glimpse of what school might look like in the future. 3D printing was a key feature, with delegates being able to print keepsakes, prosthetics and even pancakes. The 3D printed prosthetics that Ivanhoe Year 7 students have been building in conjunction with the e-NABLE Foundation were on display and sparked plenty of media interest. Channel 7 and the ABC ran stories about the conference and the 3D printed prosthetics. Students Joel Alberti and Mia Giannopoulos spoke beautifully about the impact that the program has had on them and about the possibilities of technology to help humanity.

Being a technology conference, there was plenty of cutting edge technology

Steve Brophy Director of ICT & eLearning

The TeachTechPlay conference was a resounding success and will be back at Ivanhoe in April 2018.


Wellbeing at Ivanhoe


Throughout Term 1 and 2 we continued to provide learning experiences and opportunities that develop and shape the character and wellbeing of children and young people at Ivanhoe. These experiences that develop character by promoting mindfulness (self-regulation and behaviour), curiosity, courage, resilience and leadership are embedded in the Wellbeing curriculum and the day to day interactions with students.

Mindfulness is being practised in some of our classrooms and the practice is shared and taught with individual students who may be experiencing times of stress or anxiety. Students are taught to regulate their breathing, and pay attention to the present moment; that is, acknowledging their thoughts and feelings without judgment or and purposefully concentrating on what’s happening around them.

As part of our student “Wellbeing program we continue to infuse and embed the ideas and practices of Positive Education.

As part of our student Wellbeing program we continue to infuse and embed the ideas and practices of Positive Education, placing a strong emphasis on the pastoral care and wellbeing of every student, and focusing on fostering character and achievement through a strengths-based approach. We had the pleasure of inviting Sabina Read, a leading psychologist, to talk to senior students about Wellbeing as part of the Year 12 Wellbeing lecture series. We learned that some stress can be useful in keeping us motivated, however during Year 12, and especially during exam time, students may find stress causes a dramatic decline in performance. Year 12 Prefect Amalia initiated a weekly visit from Nick the Greyhound from Delta Therapy Dogs when she recognised the stress of exams was impacting her and her peers.

Some teachers use the Smiling Minds app/Headspace app, others teach students some breathing exercises, simple meditations, body scan, muscle relaxation exercise, mindful movement and mindful eating. Other teachers just allow students to sit still for a few moments, focusing on the surrounding sounds. The practice allows students to learn different strategies to focus their attention, improve their self-regulation skills, build resilience to stress, and develop a positive mindset in both school and life.

WELLBEING/DROP IN CENTRE With the appointment of Kathy Li as School Psychologist, we have re-launched the Wellbeing/Drop In Centre at The Ridgeway Campus The Centre will consolidate and strengthen the Wellbeing programs already being implemented by providing a friendly, welcoming and inclusive place where students can connect with each other and receive support and advice. CHILD SAFETY The protection of children and young people is the responsibility of everyone who works at Ivanhoe Grammar School. We share responsibility for promoting the wellbeing and safety of children. Ivanhoe has implemented and met all the required standards for child safety which fall under the Ministerial Order 870 and will continue to embed these important policies and practices with the schools. These policies can be viewed on the Ivanhoe Grammar School website. Stella Batsanis Director of Wellbeing

Nick the Greyound from Delta Therapy Dogs with the Year 12s

Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 17

Global Citizenship

Global Leadership Centre at Ivanhoe Grammar School We are all citizens of an emerging global community connected through technology and humanity. It is important to be aware of the wider world, understand how it works and have a sense of our role in solutions for local and global issues such as extreme poverty, inequality, the need for peace and environmental sustainability. The concept of global citizenship dates back as far as Socrates who proclaimed himself to be to be ‘a citizen of the world’. Though timeless, never before has the concept been more relevant. Until now, students first engaged with global citizenship ideas at university, focusing mainly on commerce and career opportunities. The time has come to broaden our outlook beyond jobs and engage students earlier so that they can influence the direction of the world they live in. Ivanhoe’s new Global Leadership Centre will do this and more. Officially launched on Monday 29 May 2017, the Australianfirst Centre is run in partnership with the JUMP! Foundation, a not-for-profit social enterprise specialising in youth empowerment, leadership and global citizenship education. The Centre is designed to build staff and student competency and facilitate experience and professional development 18 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

for other schools, teachers and students. It will help educators Australia-wide to embrace global citizenship in their programs and see students run TEDxstyle youth events and partner with local service groups. Locals will be welcome at School events designed to foster a sense of community beyond the school gate, both locally and internationally. Students will develop social entrepreneurship and a global outlook from the Primary Years. Starting with simple awareness activities, it is envisaged that students will run community events, organise public talks, attend service retreats and train in global leadership. They can earn a unique Middle School Global Leadership Certificate, while teachers will be offered professional development in related areas. Run by the JUMP! Foundation’s Aditi Agrawal and Ali Meighan, the Centre will nurture curriculum innovation, cultivate global education links online and in

person, organise community events and host international student conferences. The Centre provides access to global education experts, the latest research, tools and transformative learning experiences to foster: •a  n understanding of global issues and their impact locally, nationally and overseas •g  lobal citizenship skills and attributes - particularly leadership, intercultural understanding and service learning •g  lobal citizen curriculum innovation to enhance student development and inspire educators •a  commitment to engage with global issues and make change • local and international community partnerships. Being a ‘good citizen’ has been a focus at Ivanhoe Grammar School since our inception 102 years ago.

Our Founding Principal, The Reverend Sydney Buckley, described the role of education in developing people of character and developed a model of learning through service and leadership. It continues to define Ivanhoe Grammar School’s ethos.

Principal Gerard Foley with Ali Meighan, Justin Bedard and Aditi Agrawal of the JUMP! Foundation

A great school should be more concerned with the building of character than the attainment of academic excellence… Every child is capable of doing something well and has something to contribute. This must be encouraged and developed to the utmost. - REV SYDNEY BUCKLEY

Since November 2016, JUMP! have involved staff and students in: •e  stablishing a cross-campus and year level student Global Ambassadors group to advocate global citizenship •a  week-long global citizenship festival incorporating global education into the curriculum across all campuses and year levels

Over the last 20 years, service and leadership activities have evolved beyond the local community to international opportunities that encourage students to be good global citizens. Supporting them to develop a global outlook has seen initiatives including: • studying a language from ELC until at least the end of Year 9 • all students studying VCE Global Politics as part of Year 10 Humanities, enabling them to understand Australia in a global context and engage in contemporary global issues • offering internationally recognised VCE alternative, the International Baccalaureate (IB), as a member of IB World Schools • joining the Round Square International Network to share experiences with like-minded schools globally through international conferences, cultural tours and collaborative learning with sister schools in this network.

• s tudent community building initiatives, creating connections across campuses and year levels •w  orking with Amnesty International to test its Human Rights Friendly Schools Program Global Ambassador Training

Continual improvement is a key focus of Round Square schools. To this end, in Term 4, 2016, Ivanhoe Grammar School engaged the JUMP! Foundation to help us understand how we could best educate our students to be the best global citizens they can. JUMP! surveyed teachers, parents, students and key members of the broader Ivanhoe Community. The research confirmed: •o  ur ongoing commitment to global citizenship education is needed •a  demand for Round Square learning initiatives and opportunities for more students • the need to fully integrate global citizenship skills and attributes into daily student learning.

What is a Round Square School? Founded in 1966, Round Square is a not-for-profit network of 180 schools in 50 countries. Round Square Schools share an holistic approach to learning built around six IDEALS: Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service. Round Square schools encourage students to achieve beyond their perceived limits, and to discover and embrace similarities and differences between cultures and nationalities in ways to promote meaningful and lasting understanding, tolerance and respect.

• the Asia Education Foundation Global Goals Youth Forum to discuss global goals for sustainable development and innovative solutions to achieve positive change •a  ctivities supporting UNICEF’s 17 Global Goals to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice and address Climate Change by 2030. Ivanhoe Grammar School recognises that global citizenship is more than language skills and an understanding of politics and issues. It has worked closely with JUMP! to identify the key attributes and characteristics of Ivanhoe Learners and how we can enhance them. These include innovation, courage, compassion, balance, collaboration, reflection and ethics — all essential in becoming the best global citizens we can. Over the next year, we will implement a program to raise awareness and develop these attributes in our students and the wider School Community. We welcome you all to join us on this exciting journey. The Global Leadership Centre will be open during normal school hours to all members of the Ivanhoe Grammar School Community. Ali and Aditi from the JUMP! Foundation spend dedicated days at The Ridgeway Campus, Plenty Campus and Buckley House each week to ensure an authentic and valuable experience for all.

Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 19

Summer Sports Summer AGSV We came so close to an AGSV/APS Premiership this summer, missing out by a matter of seconds.

AGSV Swimming Grand Final

Although our students may have missed out on a Premiership in the summer season, we got VERY close! Once again our swimmers had to lower their colours to our arch rivals Mentone. The girls went down by just two points, and it took the last swim of the night to decide the winner! In the boys’ competition, the margin was just four points. We congratulate all our swimmers and coaches on a job well done. Our Tennis boys once again had to go through the heartache of a Grand Final loss, losing the final to PEGS, 9 rubbers to 7. This was our fourth consecutive Grand Final, and our fourth loss. Maybe next year! In Volleyball, both teams had fantastic years though each team fell just one game short of a Premiership. The McInerneys (John and Tanya) have provided expert coaching to the students over the course of the last few years and their hard work almost brought them the ultimate prize, which would have been a first for the School in Volleyball.

Boys’ Tennis Grand Final

Both our Cricket and Basketball teams made the semi-finals, with the Basketball team losing to Marcellin and the cricketers falling short in their run chase against Peninsula.

AGSV Representatives Once again, our students featured prominently in various AGSV Representative teams, with three students being named captains. Well done to the following students:

Girls’ Volleyball Training





Joy Lai (Captain) Kayla Sgambellone Aisha Farouque Anny Xie

Claire Candido (Captain) Stella Barry

Lachlan Jepsen

Alex Mirkov (Vice Captain) Ashish Vincent

BOYS’ TENNIS Kris Murthi (Captain) Isaac Law Cooper White

GIRLS’ SOFTBALL Cecelia Baldassarre Maggie Fitzpatrick Brooklyn Hutton Emma Sands BOYS’ CRICKET Jesse King Tom Coulter

20 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

BOYS’ TABLE TENNIS Oscar Li GIRLS’ VOLLEYBALL Cara Eddings (Captain) Elly McInerney Taylor Langford Emily Gallagher

BOYS’ BADMINTON Brendan Wang Darren Qiang

The 2017 AFLW Collingwood team including our very own Ms Christina Bernardi (back row, second from left)

Our own AFLW player 2017 has been a landmark year for women in sport. The fast-tracked introduction of the AFLW, originally planned for 2020, has been met with widespread enthusiasm and support, both in the sporting world and the wider community. The pioneering players in this first season of womens’ football are setting a precedent for young girls coming up through the ranks; not only is football something girls can play, it’s something they can play professionally. One of those pioneers is Middle Years teacher, Ms Christina Bernardi. Christina grew up in the Whittlesea area and comes from a sporting family. Though she played mostly basketball as a kid, she enjoyed playing footy with her brother and decided to join the womens’ team at Diamond Creek in 2012. As plans for an official AFLW league began to materialise, Christina played in her first exhibition match. This match was attended by draft selectors who picked her as having Collingwood potential. Though the Carlton supporter in her railed, she was determined to secure a place on the team. Christina was at the School the day the draft announcements were live-streamed. Between classes, she and some of her fellow teachers took it in turns to listen out for her name during free periods. She was teaching her Year 7s when an uproar could be heard in the Middle Years Office. Her name had been called. Christina Bernardi would be playing in the first ever AFLW Collingwood team alongside pioneering marquis player Moana Hope. Though she expected community support at the launch of the season, the crowd at the Round 1 match against Carlton still came as a bit of a shock.

Celebrating a goal in the Round Six Match against GWS. Photo by Scott Barbour

I couldn’t believe the stands that day. I kept “thinking ‘all these people are here to see us’ ”

Having come straight from a day of teaching, she arrived at the ground to see lines already forming and by the first warm-up the stands were packed. Not everyone made it into the ground that day; thousands were turned away and attendance hit 24,000 smashing records and expectations. Juggling full-time work with AFLW has been challenging, particularly wearing some post-match battle scars. She was knocked out in Round 3 to miss Collingwood’s first win against the Bulldogs in Round 4 and had to attend the School’s first parent meeting of the year with a black eye. Nothing will ever compare to that first game, though. Christina found herself in tears as the siren went — and not because Carlton beat Collingwood by 35 points. Looking into the crowd she saw a small group of girls from her Year 7 class waving a banner and calling her name.

Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 21

News in Sport Equestrian Top 10 finish in the State Championships. Members of the School’s Equestrian team have competed with success in a number of events this year, including show jumping, dressage, combined training and horse trials. It has been great to see the increased involvement of some of our younger riders, and Ella Barker, Zali Vanderwert, Miranda Darby and Alice Davies have proved to be valuable members of the team. Our more senior riders have continued to achieve outstanding success and

Show Jumping at the Equestrian State Championships

have been excellent role models for our younger team members. The team recently competed at the Victorian Interschool Championships at the Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre over the holidays. Over 550 competitors from nearly 50 schools from throughout Victoria rode over the four days in some very challenging weather conditions. Our team placed in the top 10 which was an outstanding effort.​ Alice Davies was our most successful competitor on her pony Roy, winning the Primary Novelty event, placing second in the Handy Mount and third in the

The Equestrian Team at the Equestrian State Championships

Show Jumping. Alice ranked twelfth overall in points including primary and secondary students! I would like to thank the members of the Equestrian Support Group who provide support for the students in so many ways. There is a real sense of team spirit developing amongst students and parents, and it is good to see continued involvement and support at Interschool events. We look forward to continued success throughout the remainder of the year. Virginia Creed Equestrian 22 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

Winners ribbons at the Equestrian State Championships

Kayaking News Olympian brings a creative approach to training. The School’s kayakers are amongst our most committed trainers. Throughout the year they not only complete in regular water sessions you can also find them in the weights room before School starts three times a week. An added bonus for our students is that they are supervised by three times Olympian Warwick Draper. Warwick brings a creative approach to training so that these sessions - focussing on core stability and endurance - are never boring. For our senior paddlers trying out for Australian representation Warwick brings state of-the-art training techniques and his wealth of experience to their individualised programs.

Warwick Draper with the School’s kayakers

IVANHOE GRAMMAR SCHOOL SWEEPS 2017 AUSSIE TEAM SELECTIONS Over the last months many of our paddlers have been seeking selection to Australian Canoeing teams competing overseas in 2017. It is with great pride that our community can now celebrate the following personal achievements. SLALOM TEAM SELECTIONS

Sam Nightingale

Australian Junior Wildwater Team James O’Donoghue-Hayes Sam Nightingale Madi Wilson Junior Team Lachlan Bassett C1 Cameron McLoughlan K1, C1 U23 and Senior Men’s Team Tristan Carter These students and their families have put in significant effort for many years to achieve results that put them at the top of their sport. Of note is Tristan Carter’s selection to the senior men’s group along with Old Grammarian Jaxon Merritt (’09). That makes four paddlers with an Ivanhoe connection in Australian Slalom team, a commendation to the support the School provides. Lachlan has now made his third Australian team and Cameron’s selection to two events (the C1 and K1) are remarkable achievements. We wish these students well as they head overseas and thank them for the inspiration they provide for our juniors planning their own kayaking futures. David Gibbs Kayaking

Tristan Carter

Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 23

Celebrating family The Ivanhoe Grammar School family of current and past students, parents and staff came together for a number of events this year. Here are a few of our recent activities: The Ridgeway Campus Year 7 Family Picnic

South Ground Club BBQ Saturday 4 February The South Ground Club, our parent support group for Cricket, hosted a BBQ at Chelsworth Park on Saturday 4 February for all Year 7 cricketers and their families. Year 7 coaches assessed the ability of the boys, Neil Buszard (Director of Sport) addressed the parents during the break in innings and the sausage sizzle was enjoyed by all. This event was an ideal opportunity for new parents to forge friendships and to get a feel for Saturday morning sport at Chelsworth.

The Ridgeway Campus Year 7 Parents Welcome Function Thursday 9 February The Principal and the Head of Middle Years hosted a cocktail function for all Year 7 parents in The Ridge Café on Thursday 9 February. Deputy Principal, Brendan Kelly, introduced the new Chair of Ivanhoe Parents and Friends (IP&F), Jodie Quick, who gave an overview of our parent support groups and their activities. A number of new parents volunteered on the night to take on the role of Year 7 class representatives to assist in organising social activities for parents and students during the year.

Sunday 5 March

Friends of Buckley House Drinks at Dusk Friday 17 February This popular annual event held on Friday 17 February saw 120 Buckley House parents and staff enjoy drinks and canapés on the terrace of The Ridge Café, a lovely introduction to the new School year.

Friends of Plenty Campus Drinks at Dusk Friday 24 February The Friends of Plenty Campus hosted their event on Friday 24 February, one of the first for our new Deputy Principal/ Head of Plenty Campus, Daniel Brown. Around 100 guests gathered on a balmy summer evening and enjoyed craft beer tastings from Temple Brewery, thanks to OIG owner Nick Pang (’94) and wines by Nilumbik Estate.

The annual Year 7 Family Picnic, held on Sunday 5 March, was organised by Year 7 class representatives and held at Chelsworth Park. It was a very relaxed afternoon, with families encouraged to bring their own picnic and participate in activities organised by All Star Kids thanks to OIG Tim Walsh (’03).

Ladies’ Association Mother’s Day Lunches Friday 5 and Wednesday 10 May Due to overwhelming demand last year, we decided to trial two Mother’s Day lunches in 2017, both held at Va Tutto restaurant in Ivanhoe. The first, on Friday 5 May, sold out in less than a week and the second, on Wednesday 10 May, was also filled to capacity. Congratulations to the Ladies’ Association for these successful events.

Buckley House Thank You Morning Tea Monday 19 June Head of Buckley House Russell Feben hosted a morning tea in June to thank the Friends of Buckley House and the Ladies’ Association for their financial contribution towards the new playground equipment for Years 3 to 6 students. Committee members were delighted to see how their efforts have benefited Buckley House students. 24 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

Walter Mikac with The Ridgeway Campus School Captains Jack Brenton and Tess Carolan

Parents at Friends of Plenty Trivia Night

Walter Mikac inspires at 2017 Principal’s Breakfast Wednesday 22 March Life can seem daunting, but there is always a way forward. That was Walter Mikac’s inspirational message when he shared his journey and discussed resilience and dealing with difficult challenges at Ivanhoe Grammar School’s Principal’s Breakfast on Wednesday 22 March. The audience of students, staff, parents and alumni heard how Walter developed resilience and overcame self-limiting beliefs and fears while demonstrating faith, hope and positive energy amid inevitable change. He drew on all of this and more after losing his wife and daughters, Alannah, six, and Madeline, three, in the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. In 1997, Walter became founding Patron of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, which works to keep children safe from violence. The Foundation’s key objectives are to care for children who have experienced or witnessed serious violence, reduce bullying and other cyber risks and advocate for child safety and wellbeing. Walter told us that he is now more a more measured man who appreciates what he has and tries not to sweat the small stuff. He is also unafraid to try new things and said others should do the same. ‘People avoid doing a particular thing because they’re scared that they’re going to fail,’ he said. ‘I would say, have a go at it.’

Acknowledging our parent volunteers Thank you to our generous Ivanhoe Grammar School parents. So much of what happens across the School is supported by parents volunteering their time and talent. Thank you to all parents for the amazing contribution you make to the life of our School. If you would like to know more about our support groups, please contact

Community Forum: A Guide for 21st Century Parents with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg Tuesday 2 May On the evening of Tuesday 2 May, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg addressed a large audience on the role of parents in supporting and supervising their children when using online technology. Michael explained how the risks of the online environment can be managed and he gave parents technologies and tips that can be deployed to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people. He also discussed how parents can help their children build resilience and how to manage their experimentation with alcohol and drugs.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg with Mr Gerard Foley

July - December 2017 community events for your diary... Student Future Pathways Evening

19 JUL

IP&F Meeting

13 AUG

Ladies’ Association High Tea

16 AUG

22 AUG

Friends of Plenty Campus Spring Lunch

IP&F Meeting and Volunteers Thank You Function

Ladies’ Association Christmas Lunch


14 NOV

24 NOV

Reunion of Long Serving Staff

16 NOV

Plenty Campus Community Forum

Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 25

OIGA News From the OIGA President I am happy to report that the Association is certainly living up to its mission of reaching connecting and supporting both current and past students this year. Thanks to our Alumni Coordinator Elise Dunstan, the flurry of activity with former students returning to the School to talk with and mentor our current students has been incessant! Far reaching topics such as transitioning beyond School, financial literacy, how best to study for the IB, and post Year 12 pathways have all been covered this year with well over 50 alumni coming on campus to date. A special thank you to Peter Royce (’06) for continuing to facilitate community outreach for the 300 Blankets charity every month which involves alumni, students, parents and staff of the School coming together to engage and support those sleeping rough. Thanks to the drive of Nigel Preston (’72), the Old Ivanhoe Law Society has been formed with the expressed desire of providing mentoring opportunities from within the Society for the betterment of our young alum at university. From an OIGA point of view, our Cocktails and Connections networking event in April was an outstanding success with over 200 in attendance and hundreds of connections made. Details on page 29. Our OIGA LinkedIn Group now numbers over 600. If you are not part of it join up today! You can also follow us on Facebook with our other 2,200 strong followers, or find us at our website at The OIGA continues to financially support our sporting clubs and our reunion program. We are delighted to be using alumni-owned establishments for our reunions and these venues have received great reviews from those attending the events. We are pleased to welcome Georgia Newland (’12) to Council this year and I wish to personally thank all councilors for giving so freely of their time to attend specific events, reunions and sporting fixtures. Finally, a big shout out to OIGA Assistant, Alex Bacskos (’13), for his management of the Old Ivanhoe website and also for tracking down lost alumni. Wayne Vanderwert (’89) President of the OIGA

Peter Swain (’75), Allan Swain (’41) and Pauline Swain.

Vale Allan Swain (’41) The OIGA and the School lost one of its stalwarts with the death of Allan Swain (’41) just prior to Christmas. Allan commenced at Ivanhoe as a small boy of four in September 1928 and, when leaving School in December 1941, had been a Prefect, Captain of the First XI and Captain of the 1941 AGSV Football Premiership Team, a team he claimed was the best ever! It was then straight into the Army for Allan where he served for three years in Northern Australia and Thursday Island. Allan had a successful career in accounting which enabled him and his wife Elizabeth to send their four sons, Phillip (’68), Tim (’72), Peter (’75) and Paul (’77) to Ivanhoe and daughter Penny to Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School. He also found time to lead the OIGA as their President from 1970 to 1971. Upon the death of Elizabeth due to ill health in 1985, Allan and the family endowed the Elizabeth Swain Literature Collection in the Lillian Foote Library and Allan remained a consistent donor to School projects throughout his lifetime. Allan had many friends but his best mates were those from School with whom he regularly shared happy times over lunches in the MCG Dining Room or at the Buckley Boys reunions each year. It is sad to say but two of those lifelong friends have passed on since Allan’s death and we also pay tribute to John Backhouse (’42) and Nick Retallack (’41).

A reminder to alumni to let us know when their contact details change in order to stay informed of School and OIG news as well as to be invited to OIG events.

We last enjoyed Allan’s company at the Buckley Boys reunion in late November. He was, as always, in good spirits but that is how we always knew him to be.

Email to update your details.

We will miss him. Fidelis Usque ad Mortem Geoff Brown (’62) Executive Officer, OIGA

26 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

OIGA News Oldest Known Living Old Boys Gordon Alston – born 26 July 1918 Frank Hirst – born 10 June 1919 Gunnie Waddell – born 13 November 1919 Merv Barton – born 29 September 1920 Jack Bacon – born 21 November 1920 Alf Bardsley – born 10 December 1920 Bob Oakley – born 2 December 1921 Jack Down – born 29 January 1922 Stuart Warmington – born 17 February 1922

Australia Day Honours We are pleased to acknowledge and congratulate the following School Family members who were honoured in the Australia Day Honours list this year. John Brumby AO (’69) was made an Officer of the Order of Australia for, among other things, Service to the Parliament of Victoria. John was Premier of the State between 2007 and 2010.

Past parent Phil Pringuer received the Australian Fire Service Medal and is regarded in the Victorian Fire and Emergency Management sector as a leader in information management and technology.

Ron Stott – born 18 September 1922 Harold Plummer – born 9 November 1922 Peter Bethell – 1 December 1922 Jack Cole – born 11 February 1923 Alan Hughes – born 22 December 1923 George Howe – born 3 April 1924

For service to commerce and industry, and to Australian-Arab relations, past parent Roland Jabbour received the Medal of the Order of Australia.

Ian Gillespie – born 13 May 1924 Roy Nixon – born 11 July 1924 Tom Lingford – born 27 July 1924 Bruce Porter – born 4 August 1924 Peter Goad – born 8 October 1924 John Harper – born 25 October 1924

Vale Enid Dodemaide

Ken Pizzey – born 17 November 1924

Many past students will be saddened to hear of the passing

Stuart Reed – born 23 February 1925

in January this year of Enid Dodemaide, widow of our beloved

Stewart Eiseman – born 8 March 1925

Bill. Enid was at Bill’s side at School events for over 50 years

Charles Gahan - born 14 April 1925

until his death in 2007. Our sympathies to Michael (’76), Kate and the family.

Vale The President and members of the OIGA sadly regret the passing of the following former students of the School: Sid Coombe 1947 Buckley Boy Allan Swain 1941 Buckley Boy John Backhouse 1942 Buckley Boy, School Captain 1942

Craig Hutchinson (’50) Buckley/Brown Era, School Captain 1950 George Bissett (’77) Brown Era Stephen Livett (’81) Sligo Years

Laurie Baker (’46) Buckley Boy, Yea Boarder

John Paul (’73) Brown Era

Nick Retallack (’41) Buckley Boy

Glen Burnell (’53) Brown Era

Cameron Leopold (’88) Sligo Years

Neville Wilkie (’54) Buckley Boy Fidelis Usque ad Mortem

Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 27

OIGA News Old Ivanhoe Law Society This ‘Society’ emerged following the OIG La Trobe University Coffee catchup held at the Bundoora campus in late 2016. Since then, Nigel Preston (’72), Simon Chiarelli (’05), Jack Fry (’12) and Elise Dunstan (’01) established a set of objectives which are in line with the OIGA’s Mission (to reach, connect and support current and past students) but with a focus on those within the legal sector. In particular, the Society has been focused on bridging connections between current School students, those studying at universities and those who

are established in their careers to create mentoring opportunities. The Society has held an informal introductory session on campus first and second year tertiary students to learn about the industry and its future landscape from a Corporate Lawyer from BHP Billiton. Having gained traction quite quickly through the Old Ivanhoe Law Society LinkedIn Group many of the 55 online members met in person at the Principal’s Breakfast in March, which showed that the concept of the Society had resonated with and gained support

Simon Chiarelli (‘05), Nigel Preston (‘72), Elise Dunstan (‘01) and Jack Fry (‘12)

Chris Moshidis (‘89), Ben Davis (‘96), Anthony Oates (‘96), Judge James Parrish (‘70) and David Gurman (‘07)

28 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

from alumni ‘young and old’ — Judge James Parrish (’70) to Caitlin Dagher (’16)! Given the positive response and activity within this industry-specific group, and strengthened by the major OIG networking and mentoring evening, we hope to see this Society continue to grow and other industry-specific groups to form to connect and support one another now and into the future.

Caitlin Dagher (‘16) and Stephanie Hardy (‘99)

Nigel Preston (‘72), Tom Smalley (‘10) and Rumesh Gnanaseelan (‘10)

Old Ivanhoe Cocktails and Connections Sponsored by the Old Ivanhoe Grammarians’ Association, this major event was held in Buckley Hall on Thursday 27 April, with the intention for alumni of all ages and interests, working or studying in various industries, to meet and connect. Approximately 200 OIGs came together to fill the Hall with warmth, fruitful conversations and a genuine will to reach, connect and support each other in a variety of ways. The night also enabled the opportunity for alumni to have a professional photograph taken which could be uploaded as a new LinkIn image. We also paid homage to Past President Peter Swain (’75) for his outstanding leadership of the Association. It was great to see alumni utilise the OIGA LinkedIn Group prior to the event and especially to learn of the many stories of connection in person and online since.

Pre-event drinks in Buckley Hall foyer

Philip Green (‘81), Geoff Brown (‘62) and Mark Colson (‘81)

We would like to thank and endorse the following OIGs who collectively contributed to ensuring the success and positive ‘feel’ of the night: • Comedic MC – George Dimarelos (’04) • Musicians - Blasko Taleski (’07) and Mathew Foudoulis (’07) • Photographer - Josh Boland (’14) • Creative Designer - Grace Cooper (’14) • Catering - Mark Longmuir (’84) and his Spitting Image team • Bicycle Beers - Temple Brewing Co – Nick Pang (’94) • Old Mate Beers - Moon Dog Brewery – Josh Uljans (’02) and Karl Van Buuren (’02)

Lauren Chan (’07), Michael Bacskos (’09), Lauren Burge (’09) and Ryan Pearce (’01)

• Bottles of OIG branded water – James Loganathan (’12) Elise Dunstan (’01) Alumni Coordinator

Grange Wallis (’01), Grace Cooper (’14), Georgia Newland (’12) and Kade Taylor (’98)

Elyce Cinerari (’12) and Elizabeth Stavrakis (’12)

STAY CONNECTED ONLINE OIG Official Facebook Old Ivanhoe Grammarians’ Association LinkedIn Group OIGA Website

Richard Tolliday (’02), Geoff Golden (’02) and Daniel Royce (’02)

Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 29


Greg Bennett (’66), Ian Bennett (’69), Geoff List (’57), Ian Wright (’72) and John McKenzie AM (’66) at the Buckley Brown Lunch

Stephen Cropley (’74), Peter Fraser (’77), Peter Pearce (’74), Greig Wanless (’75), Neil Crouch (’75), Wayne Motton (’77), Don Armstrong (’77), Scott Moir (’74), Peter Mery (’75) and Neil James (’74)

Buckley/Brown Era Lunch

John Knorr (‘52) leads the Grade 2s in the School War Cry after the Buckley Brown Boys had been to Chapel

As always it is a pleasure to welcome back to the School our older alumni who now constitute both the Buckley and Brown eras. 110 Old Ivanhoe Grammarians, some with partners and carers, joined Principal Gerard Foley at the traditional Chapel Service and then lunch in Buckley Hall. Six of our attending alumni were over 90 and our long distance travellers were Graham Hawke (’44) and Graeme Adamson (’55) from Queensland, Hux Carver (’47) from Adelaide and Ian Watson (’61) from Sydney. Peter Harper (’79) even used the occasion to celebrate his birthday! Thanks go to Neil James (’74) who organized his schoolmates from the mid 70s.

Sydney Events Principal Gerard Foley and wife Anne accompanied by Vice President of the OIGA, Peter Swain, recently attended two reunions in Sydney. On Friday 19 May the wet weather did not dampen the OIG spirit and an enjoyable time was had by all at

Drinks in Sydney

The Pavilion, Coogee. Most were there by

50 Year Reunion

6.30pm and enjoyed catching up in a truly relaxed atmosphere. At 10.30pm when your correspondent called for a cab, the younger brigade decided that the night had just begun and, no doubt, partied on into the night! On Saturday it was off to Chatswood

Nick Clarke (’03) and Kathy Clarke with Peter Swain (’75) and Principal Gerard Foley at Sydney Drinks

where, dare I say, our older alumni met for a delightful lunch at the Thai Naan restaurant. For them it was the first opportunity to welcome Mr Foley to Sydney as Principal, and it proved to be a very pleasant introduction indeed. Peter Swain spoke about OIGA matters and Mr Foley informed them about the School and his plans for the future. 30 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

Peter Swain ‘75, Ian Rule, Grand Colwell, Lee Padbury, Ross Baker, Colin MacEwan, Barry Patterson, Nigel Kendall

Chris Venn-Brown (’60), Ian Watson (’61) and Principal Gerard Foley at the Sydney Lunch

The passage of time did not deter six members of the Class of 1967 gathering mid-March for a tour of the School and lunch in the Boardroom. Life Governor, Vice Captain of School from that year and founding Head of Plenty Campus, Ian Rule was in attendance together with Grant Colwell, Colin MacEwan, Barry Peterson, Ross Baker and past parent Leigh Padbury. The tour was a real eye opener as so much had changed since School days but the stories over lunch soon had them back in the 60s reminiscing about old times! Thanks go to former Deputy Principal Nigel Kendall for coming and Peter Swain, VP of the OIGA, for representing the Association.

Class of 1997 20 Year Reunions The Plenty Campus reunion was held on Friday 12 May at Moon Dog Brewery and The Ridgeway Campus reunion was held on Friday 5 May at The Rum Diary Bar. Both venues are owned by alumni.

Daniel Esslinger and Mayo Theivendran

Suzanne Hevey and Graham White

Rohan Smith and Drew Kempen

Plenty Campus Alumni at Moon Dog Brewery

Georgina McEncroe and Lucas Gillard

Ben Clark, Joel Keane, Mitch Powell and Leigh Petridis

Robert Presta, Con Kalavritinos, Frank Catalano and Andrew Fox

Katherine Crouch and Mike Moreira

Hamish Goonetilleke (’00) owner of Rum Diary Bar

Ken Whitechurch, Carla Warren and Peter Kendall

Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 31

Have You Heard?

John Forbes (’59) John and wife Fay recently attended the unveiling of the John Forbes Collection (his sporting memorabilia) at Rochester. The new Rochester Sports Museum, a financial collaboration between the local community and the MCG (in Melbourne) – John has done a lot of fundraising to get the sports centre happening! – will house his collection which takes up an entire room in his home. In the past he has opened his ‘sporting museum’ to the public, but now he has a spare room at home!

Grace Cooper (’14)

Lana Murphy (’10) Lana is a video Journalist at Nine News based in regional Victoria. At Shepparton’s Nine News, Lana produces news and sports stories for the nightly bulletin. Lana has been nominated for a Quill Award and a Walkley Award and has won various PANPA and VCPA awards in print and photography.

The MCG was recently renamed The John Forbes Oval according to the Herald Sun. However it was soon discovered that it was the Mitiamo Cricket Ground, in John’s beloved home town, that now bears his name!

Fashion designer Grace Cooper won first place in the RMIT Student Floral Fashion Design Competition at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Bob Hill (’48)

Robert Mackenzie (’93) Robert is our first alumnus to win an Oscar! He won this for his sound engineering work on ‘Lion’ and ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ (both 2016), but we also credit him for his work on other films.

On a recent Probus trip to King Island, 1948 School Captain Bob Hill, caught up with Island resident Ian Button (’49). Though they hadn’t met for almost 70 years, Ian recognised Bob immediately and memories of School days were recounted. David Kerr (’61) is also an Island resident and former Infant Coordinator at the Memorial Junior School, now Buckley House, Brenda Lyon (nee Corstorphin) also made the trip.

Ayden Hurst (’15) Ayden accepted a scholarship to play college Rugby Union in the USA for Lindenwood University, Missouri.

Steve Beck (’97) Steve has co-written and illustrated the children’s book The Adventures of Cloud Girl published under his business Left Shoe Lost. Left Shoe Lost is a creative incubation business, focused on creating inspiring content for kids. 32 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

Whilst playing high level sport, Ayden will also be studying Advertising, there for four years.

Adem Karafili (’95) Victoria is bidding for the 2030 Commonwealth Games and former Swisse Wellness Managing Director Adem has been appointed Chairman of the Committee.

Akshaya Ravi (’08) Congratulations to Akshaya Ravi who was recently named a finalist for the Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 Awards. Akshaya is an Associate at Macpherson Kelley and the award recognises her work in Commercial Law.

Nathan Riali (’09) Nathan has been running since he was seven years old, but started taking athletics seriously in 2013 and decided to get some coaching from old boy Scott Rowsell (’93). We congratulate Nathan for coming second in this year’s Stawell Gift at 12.27 seconds.

Supporting Ivanhoe The Ridgeway Club Grant Nichol, a Plenty Parent, has assumed the role of President of The Ridgeway Club for the ensuing two years. His father Daryl was a founding member of the Club in 1989. Grant and his wife Julie have been instrumental in encouraging interest from Plenty Campus.

Nate Swain (’07) School Captain in his graduating year at the Plenty Campus in 2007, Nathaniel (Nate) Swain recently competed in the University of Melbourne’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT). After working as a Speech Pathologist for a year, Nate became a PhD candidate and National Health and Research Council post-graduate scholar. His research looks at ways that a speech pathologist could make a difference in the communication skills of boys in the youth jusice system. In aid of this, he shared his findings by entering the University’s Three Minute Thesis competition. He won, and flew to Brisbane for the Asia Pacific contest where he placed runner up.

Boardroom drinks: Julie Nichol, Linda Gregson, Irene Giaprakis and Fiona Lennnox

Market visit: Dan Brown, Pauline Swain and Julie Nichol

This year the Club has had its welcoming cocktail function in February and an early morning visit to the Melbourne Wholesale Market. It is testament to Grant’s leadership that he convinced 21 starters to join him at 5.30am for the tour. It was also great to see the new Deputy Principal and Head of Plenty, Daniel Brown, attend the tour. This year the Club will fulfil its $50,000.00 commitment to support the Student Enterprise Centre at The Ridgeway Campus and fund improvements to the Drama Space at Plenty.

The Gift of Education

Mark Squirrell (’89)

Members of the OIGA are currently supporting four Cambodian village teachers from Peak Sneng to receive a tertiary education at the University of Siem Reap which is about 40km south of the village. The teachers will be studying for four years on weekends to improve their teaching skills which will be felt far and wide in the local community.

Three generations of Squirrells trekked to Everest Base Camp Mark Squirrell along with his 75 year-old mother, Jane, and nine year-old son Oscar, shared an incredible experience together in debilitating conditions.

The first year of tuition fees are covered for each of the four teachers through gifts already received. Support is now being sought to ensure that the OIGA’s four year commitment can be honoured. Gifts can be made through the OIG website


One of the teachers who is benefitting from our gifts is Nom Nov (pictured), aged 28 and a father of two. Nom has been a teacher at the Village School since graduating from Teacher Training College in Siem Reap.

We want to know! Send us news of your accomplishments and life changes to:

‘I am so excited and thankful that you are giving me this opportunity to pursue a higher degree in Khmer Literature at University where I have always wanted to go’ - Nom Nov

Winter 2017 - Issue no. 132 | 33

Supporting Ivanhoe Supporting Ivanhoe enriches the School’s diverse, engaging and dynamic community.

Peter Huxley

Peter Huxley Lunch: Mark Hoysted (’76), Ken Lee (’74), Wayne Motton (’77), Peter Hannah (’76), David Waugh, Daniel Proietto (’96) and Michael Gorton AM (’76)

Peter Huxley Scholarship

As well as being an inspirational English

Peter Huxley was a wonderfully eccentric man who possessed the finest qualities a teacher could have in communicating the beauty of the English language to his students. Peter gave the School 24 years of loyal and dedicated service between 1972 and 1996. Countless students give credit for their academic success to his teaching of English.

School plays and musicals, and the

master, Peter was the producer of many coordinator of Debating for many years. Peter took many of our Debating and Greenway Cup teams to victory. Past student and well known debater, Michael Gorton AO (’76), has agreed to chair an Appeal to raise funds to create a ‘Peter Huxley Scholarship’.

involved in aviation related fields either commercially or recreationally including the Military, Airlines, Emergency Services, Air Traffic Control, Aerospace Engineering, Airport Management as well as Private and Sport Aviation.

Greig Wanless (’75)

Wanless Family Aviation Scholarship In 1994 an Aviation Studies program was set up at the School aimed at giving students who were aspiring airline pilots a head start towards a flying career. During the following 15 years almost one hundred students were involved in the program and around half of this number are still actively 34 | Ivanhoe News Magazine

In recent years however, the costs associated with learning to fly have risen substantially. In order to encourage and assist our next generation of Aviation professionals, the Wanless Family Aviation Scholarship has been established as an opportunity for one student per year, aged at least 16, to undertake a training course within any form of aviation discipline. The Wanless family hope that this Scholarship will help to provide a stepping stone for a student who may not otherwise have the initial finances to allow them to realise their dreams and aspirations within an aviation setting.

The perpetual scholarship will provide 50 per cent fee relief to a deserving student whose family do not have the financial capacity to afford an Ivanhoe education. The first in a series of lunches was held in the School’s Boardroom during February and attended by past debaters and thespians who collectively support the notion of a Huxley Scholarship. Many hilarious memories of times with Mr Huxley (aka ‘The Penguin’) were recounted on the day. A second lunch is scheduled in July. For further information about supporting this scholarship or attending a lunch please contact Astrida Cooper on or (03) 9490 3886.

Learning to fly whilst still at school not only provides a student with the head start advantage, but also provides a career focus in an exciting, challenging and disciplined environment. The School is grateful to the Wanless Family for providing this exciting scholarship.

DONATIONS TO THE ANNUAL APPEAL Some projects the Annual Appeal has supported in the last few years include: • OIGA recording studio • Multi media room • Exercise equipment • Middle Years furniture • Resource materials in our libraries

Every Gift Counts Our current students are the beneficiaries of past philanthropy as well as ongoing support from current and past parents, past students, staff and friends of the School who have given generously to provide facilities for future generations of Ivanhoe Grammarians. Thank you to those who have supported our current appeal ‘Every Gift Counts’. The Annual Appeal provides all members of our community an opportunity to support Ivanhoe’s vision of building the foundations for life-long independent learning through our educational facilities and programs.

Hamish Alexander Year 8 with Elizabeth Jones and Michael Smith (’69)

For over 100 years, our students have extended their education, immersed themselves in new programs and received essential resources and support all thanks to gifts to the Annual Appeal.

A Musical Gift Michael Smith Class of 1996 and OIGA Council member and his sister Elizabeth Jones visited the School to meet Year 8 student Hamish Alexander, the first student to benefit from the new Oscar Adler bassoon; a gift of the wider Smith Family in memory of their late father and Life Governor, Bruce Smith (’42).

interest in the education of students. The quality German-made bassoon will improve the School’s musical groups’ repertoire, versatility and depth.

Bruce had a lifelong love for Ivanhoe, a passion for music and a committed

As the plaque on the bassoon case states... may the music continue.

By working and giving together, we ensure our students have the best possible facilities and programs for their all-round development and enrichment, providing the best start for their life beyond Ivanhoe Grammar School.

Hamish is a worthy inaugural custodian as he is very involved in the School’s co-curricular programs, including sport, music and the charities’ committee.


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Ivanhoe News | Winter 2017 | Issue 132  

Ivanhoe News Winter 2017 featuring the launch of our new Global Leadership Centre.