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Throughout 2015 the School celebrated its Centenary Year with a range of activities including a re- enactment of the first day of the School, Celebration Concerts, a Homecoming Weekend, a Gala Concert and Ball, and announcement of Teams of the Century. The provision of this Community Report, on the activities of Ivanhoe Grammar School during the 2015 academic year including its Centenary Celebrations, forms part of a series of communications with parents and other stakeholders within the School Family to assist them in understanding our operations, achievements and outcomes. The School’s Strategic Plan, completed in 2010, is supported by a detailed Action (Operational) Plan outlining, within key principle areas, objectives and targets in relation to the period of the plan (2011 2016). Measurement where possible and reporting to progress are key features of the Action (Operational) Plan. The School’s Strategic Plan outlines the vision and philosophical foundation covering the period to 2016 and will provide the basis for the continuing provision of outstanding education into our next 100 years of existence. As part of the School’s Strategic Plan, ‘Vision 2016’ provides a forward thinking curriculum structure for the school with an emphasis on continued academic outcomes, the quality of teaching, a commitment to Positive Education and the development of Global Citizens.

Implicit in the Plan are key educational trends and expectations to which the school should respond. These include: •

The need for a broad education that encompasses academic, cultural, physical, international and spiritual goals

The importance of understanding how learning occurs and how to maximise its effectiveness for each individual

The changing role of the Teacher to a Learning Facilitator who helps students understand the process of learning and, through this, develop interpersonal, cross-cultural and teamwork skills

The importance of continuing to build the capacity of staff

The use of technology to enrich the learning environment

The increasing flexible use of time as a component of learning

The need for effective pastoral care in the context of rapid social change

The Board of Governors and I are committed to working in partnership with all stakeholders within the School Family to maintain and strengthen our reputation as one of Australia’s leading contemporary Schools.

Gerard F Foley Principal

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BOARD OF Governors Chairman Mr P T Kempen

Mr R D Fraser



Vice Chairman



BBus, FCA (resigned March 2015)

Mr D M Golden (‘77)

Dr A Caples

PhD, BSc(Hons), GAICD

Mr N T Faulkner

Mr J Dunstan


Mr D Proietto (‘96)

Mrs S Ivory

Mr M J S Lochran

Ms C J Brown

BLaws(Hons), BComm



Mr L C Miles

MBA, BBus(Acc), CPA, MAICD, AIMM, GIA(Cert), GIA(Cert), MAIM

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Education Advisor to the Board Professor J McKenzie AM BSc(Hons), PhD

PRINCIPAL’S Executive Team Deputy Principal/ Head of The Ridgeway Campus

Deputy Principal/ Head of Plenty Campus

Mr G F Foley

Mrs D L Sukarna

Head of Buckley House

Business Manager

BEd, MEdLeadership

BEd, DipEd(PriT), FACEL

Mr R J Feben

Mr L C Miles

Director of Admissions & Community Engagement

Director of Development

BEd, DipT

Mr P J Walsh

DipT, BEd, MA(IntEd), MEd(EdMgt), FEdPlus


Mrs A E Cooper

BSc(Hons), ALGM, FEdPlus

Human Resources Manager Mrs R J Congleton BA(Hons), MAHRI

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Our emphasis on community, mutual respect, support and partnerships is guided by our motto fidelis usque ad mortem (faithful even unto death) and the importance we place on the Ivanhoe Grammar School Family.

Ivanhoe Grammar School will strive to: •

Exist as a co-educational community in which the place of girls and boys, men and women is equally valued

Nurture the School’s Christian values in the Anglican tradition


Be a place where students feel safe, valued and listened to, recognising the role that these elements play in enhancing academic performance

To be a community of learning that develops in students the skills and attitudes that will prepare them for the challenges and responsibilities of adult citizenship and in which the development of individual character and personal achievement by all students is encouraged and celebrated.

Produce a learning environment that sets clear educational expectations for students within our broad offering, based on individual needs

Infuse innovation, creativity and technology into all aspects of its program, while valuing history and tradition

Our Mission is underpinned by our Organisational and Community Values.

Create in students and staff, international consciousness and global competency; critical elements for a successful and fulfilling future in a globalised world

Emphasise the importance of ongoing professional growth for staff, by incorporating it as a measurable outcome within each individual’s development plan

Maintain a leadership culture that allows every member of its community to excel in their chosen area of endeavour.

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We acknowledge the diversity of voices within our community and grant each voice the encouragement and freedom to be heard.


We stress the importance of a responsible attitude to School life. Through responsibility and accountability, respect for others and for the environment, we can truly enjoy a sense of freedom and the opportunities that freedom affords.


We wish to be compassionate and considerate in our interactions with each other, including those from different cultural backgrounds, valuing diversity and understanding the importance of developing an international mindset.


We respect self-discipline, effort and commitment in all pursuits and approach learning with thoughtfulness and curiosity.


We strive for honesty and integrity in all dealings with and between students and staff.


We celebrate the range and variety of experiences on offer at our School.


We will provide a safe working environment without risk to health within the Ivanhoe community.


We commit ourselves to serving our wider community and building partnerships to benefit members of the School Family. We also share a commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and student responsibility through our membership of the Round Square International Network of Schools, whose IDEALS are characterised as Internationalism, Democracy, Environmental Awareness, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

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KEY OBJECTIVES Four key objectives underpin the operation of the School in light of our Strategic Plan. These Objectives are:





Provide a stimulating, caring educational environment within and beyond the classroom where it is safe to take risks and where everyone is open to, and respectful of, the ideas and opinions of others.

The School Family is paramount to the function and operation of Ivanhoe Grammar School. In order to enhance connection to the School Family, we will maintain and strengthen the culture of the School as defined by our values.

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Employ, retain and professionally develop our staff, given their key role in the success of the School’s overall mission.

Ensure the financial strength of the School in order to support sustainable growth, including improvements in facilities and programs.

New Senior Years and Science Centre at Plenty Campus

VALUE ADDED The School’s skilled staff take seriously the commitment to provide a broad and balanced education for all students knowing that on leaving school they will live and work in a diverse global community. An Ivanhoe education begins in the classroom where a love of learning is fostered, personal best is promoted and students are provided with the critical skills to become confident and independent learners. It then moves well beyond four walls and academic excellence, to personal growth, commitment and responsibility. The School’s educational philosophy is underpinned by the ambitious goals of Round Square. As a member of Round Square, a worldwide network of like-minded schools, Ivanhoe offers its students many opportunities that focus on the Round Square IDEALS pillars of: •

International Understanding


Environmental Awareness




We believe that this emphasis, together with full engagement in the academic, co-curricular and sporting program, develops in students the foundation to make valued contributions to the world in which we live. In particular it promotes: •

The mindset to embrace a lifetime of learning

The development of a set of values and a code of ethics

Responsibility, respect and care for humanity

The skills and confidence needed for effective service and leadership

A global perspective on society and the environment

Not all of these elements of our broad and balanced education can be easily measured but through qualitative feedback from students, both present and past, we are confident that an Ivanhoe education adds value.

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Launched in October 2008, Vision 2016 provides a forward thinking curriculum structure for the School. Key features of Vision 2016 are: •

A curriculum centred restructure of the School

A common experience for all Ivanhoe Grammar School students

An emphasis on continuing to improve academic outcomes

An emphasis on the quality of teaching

A continued major international focus

Maximising the benefits of our multi-campus status

The curriculum relationship between campuses is built around a common curriculum at all levels of the School: •

The Senior Studies Program (Years 10 – 12) implemented in 2010 was further refined during 2011 by broadening the subject offerings available to students and includes studies in both the Victorian Certificate of Education and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. All students in Year 10 undertake VCE studies.

The Middle Years Program (Years 7– 9), encompasses the current innovative Year 9 out-of-classroom experience ’A World of Experiences’ and extends to embrace a common and broad Middle Years Philosophy and Curriculum, which was introduced in February 2011.

Common Primary Curriculum (Prep – Year 6) for students on both campuses. An important aspect of Vision 2016 is its emphasis on continued academic outcomes (building on our already strong base) and the quality of teaching. Research shows that in terms of the influence on student outcomes, teachers are by far the most important single influence. Vision 2016 continues to develop the already high standard of teaching at the School through a series of initiatives including effective teacher appraisal, goal setting and targeted professional development.

Our challenge is to ensure that the broad curriculum: •

Is academically rigorous and challenging

Fosters personal, moral and spiritual awareness and understanding

Develops a breadth of life skills

Balances essential knowledge with a choice of pathways including the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the International Baccalaureate (IB)

Is underpinned by our membership of Round Square

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The significant focus provided by the School in terms of an international outlook will continue under Vision 2016. In addition to the current initiatives that exist (Round Square, our involvement in Cambodia, increasing internationalising of curriculum content), a number of initiatives such as Australian and Global Perspectives at Year 10, and extending curriculum links to the Round Square

Pillars (International Understanding, Democracy, Environmental Awareness, Adventure, Leadership and Service), the introduction of the Round Square IDEALS Award, the launch of the Ivanhoe Diploma and work towards accreditation with the Council of International Schools were implemented, reviewed and strengthened during the year. Ivanhoe Grammar School seeks to be seen as ‘a National School providing an outward-looking curriculum that is essentially Australian, for a diverse student body’. A number of Reviews took place in the past 12 months and the recommendations will be implemented in the years ahead. These Reviews include the following:

LANGUAGES REVIEW A Languages Review was undertaken in 2015. The scope of this review covered the teaching of languages in both primary and secondary classes, pedagogy and style of learning. Years 5, 7 and 10 students were surveyed to determine their interest and motivation in learning languages, the languages they would like to learn given a free choice and in the case of Year 10, why they had chosen to continue or not with their language, given that it was no longer a compulsory subject. Languages taught in feeder schools were reviewed along with language subject enrolment trends at Ivanhoe Grammar School but also statewide and nationally.

TARGETED TEACHING REVIEW The second review undertaken in 2015 was Targeted Teaching - A Review of Provision for Students’ Individual Differences in Years 7 – 12. This review covered education for students requiring learning support and gifted and talented. The report was broken into several parts so it not only considered current regulations and expectations described in Disability Standards for Education, the Nationally Consistent collection of Data for Students with a Disability and Student Diversity and the Australian Curriculum (ACARA 2013), it also looked at recent research, recommended approaches and other documents such as Aiming High - A strategy for gifted and talented children and young people 2014 – 2019 (DEECD, State Government Victoria 2014). Recommendations were made on our future approach, processes and procedures, learning support, catering for gifted and talented students and professional learning for staff. Teaching and learning in the 21st Century has changed. Combine this with the knowledge that effective teachers are the second most important factor affecting student outcomes and the importance of quality teacher professional learning at Ivanhoe Grammar School becomes paramount. Staff at Ivanhoe Grammar School are fortunate to be well supported with professional learning

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STAFF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT opportunities and as a School, we are well on the way to having a vibrant professional learning culture. To assist Ivanhoe Grammar School teachers with clarity of what good practice is, in 2015 the Ivanhoe Grammar School Professional Teaching Standards were developed. The standards echo the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) National Standards and the Victoria Institute of Teachers (VIT) Standards but also include specific elements that reflect the culture and practice of our School. The standards are deliberately aspirational in nature so all teachers are encouraged to be lifelong learners. One of the most powerful ways to improve teaching outcomes is to give teachers specific and actionable feedback about their practice. Teachers have been shown to learn best when development opportunities are tailored to their individual needs. Recent Australian research has found that successful systems of feedback and appraisal can increase teacher effectiveness by as much as 30 per cent. Given this compelling evidence a process called Appraisal for Growth has been developed for all teaching staff and leaders of our School that incorporates the Ivanhoe Grammar School Professional Teaching Standards. In 2016, the implementation of the Appraisal for Growth has successfully begun with key leaders in our school. All key leaders have also begun formal in house Appraiser training as they will be the vital link if we are to achieve supportive, collaborative growth for our teaching staff. The Appraisal for Growth at Ivanhoe Grammar School will be a key component of enhancing and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement. It will contribute towards creating a ‘place that buzzes’. A thriving community where staff are challenged in how they think and work, where collaborative growth is embedded and the norm. The Ivanhoe Diploma was formally launched in 2015 by Professor John McKenzie. It acknowledges the diverse learning of students at Ivanhoe Grammar School and moves students beyond

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CIS INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION Confirming our commitment to International Education and the development of Global Citizens, Ivanhoe Grammar School committed to, and attained International Certification in 2015. This certification recognises the delivery of high quality international programs in schools around the world which enables students and alumni to be active participants and leaders in a rapidly changing and interdependent world. Staff across the school will continue to work in teams reviewing, improving and refining our International Programs throughout 2016 as we aim to ensure all students of Ivanhoe Grammar School graduate as Global Citizens.

IVANHOE DIPLOMA academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility through activities beyond the classroom. It acknowledges the pillars of the Round Square IDEALS and includes other facets of School life that make an education at Ivanhoe special. The overriding goal of the Ivanhoe Diploma is to provide an opportunity for every student to develop as a whole person, to understand the importance of giving to others, and to develop critical thinking about complex local and global issues. A student who is recognised by being awarded an Ivanhoe Citizenship Diploma has met outcomes in the areas of: •

Creativity; thinking or behaving imaginatively to develop ideas and express something original and of value

Action; building the body and soul through physical activity and adventure

Leadership; empowering others, mentoring, inspiring; leaders reflect on how they lead

Civic Engagement; encompassing service but not limited to it; a combination of individual and collective actions that address issues of civic

or global concern •

Intercultural Understanding; combining Internationalism, intercultural awareness and engagement

The Ivanhoe Diploma was awarded to a number of students in 2014, but will be officially launched at the beginning of 2015. The focus of the Diploma is not on the activities undertaken, but the learning attained. Students must meet a series of outcomes in each key area, keep an e-portfolio of their activities and finally meet with a panel to determine if all outcomes have been met. Fourteen inaugural recipients of the Ivanhoe Diploma were recognised and acknowledged at final awards assemblies at the end of the year.

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All staff members employed by the School are registered in accordance with the requirements of the Victorian Institute of Teaching. A full list of the teaching staff, together with their qualifications, can be found at the end of this document.

The School continues to enjoy strong enrolment numbers with over 2000 students across the three campuses. With most enrolment places allocated in our key point of entry, Year 7 2015, there are still just under 700 students across the campuses who are listed on the Schools’ Enrolment Waiting List for 2017 and a similar number on the lists for 2018, indicating a high degree of parent satisfaction with the School.

During 2015 all teaching staff were involved in a range of professional development/learning programs. Professional development included in-house training, workshops and local, interstate and overseas conferences. The proportion of teaching staff retained at the end of 2015 was 92 per cent, with the average attendance rate (based on the average number of days attended per member of the teaching staff) during 2015 being 97.4 per cent. The School spent $186,051.00 on professional development for teaching staff in 2015 and the average expenditure per teacher was $830.00.

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The external interest in the School has never been greater with record numbers of prospective families attending Open Days on all campuses which is a reflection of the reputation that the School enjoys both within our local community and our wider feeder area. On interviewing students and teachers, a high level of satisfaction is noted in their responses. Exit interviews are conducted with staff and every Year 12 student has a discussion lunch with the Principal and Head of School. Year 12 students are encouraged to undertake the Year 12 Exit Survey. In addition, Principal’s Student Forums are held throughout the year to discuss issues of major.


Buckley Hall foyer extension and new entrance

Quite a number of Capital Works were undertaken during the 2015 school year including the following: •

Completion of the Senior Years and Science Centre at Plenty Campus (image on page 7)

ew entrance and foyer extension to N Buckley Hall

New Curriculum Centre roof

helsworth Park irrigation and sporting C improvements

New Community Courtyard at Plenty Campus

Ongoing landscaping works on all campuses

New Community Courtyard at Plenty Campus

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The average student attendance across all campuses of the School was 93.08 per cent. The proportion of Year 9 students retained to Year 12 was 78 per cent. The enrolment for 2015 Year 12 students was 260 and 203 of these students were enrolled at Ivanhoe Grammar School for Year 9. The proportion of Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students at or above National Minimum Standard can be seen in the tables below.

Year 3

2015 2014 2013 2012




Grammar and Punctuation


100 95 100 100

100 98 95 100

100 100 100 100

100 100 100 98

100 100 100 98




Grammar and Punctuation


100 98 100 100

100 100 100 100

100 100 98 100

100 100 98 96

100 100 100 96




Grammar and Punctuation


100 100 100 100

100 100 100 100

100 99 99 99

100 100 98 100

99 99 100 100




Grammar and Punctuation


100 98 100 96

95 97 98 96

99 99 99 98

99 98 97 97

100 100 100 100

Year 5

2015 2014 2013 2012

Year 7

2015 2014 2013 2012

Year 9

2015 2014 2013 2012

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CONSOLIDATED RESULTS Students completing their Year 12 studies at Ivanhoe Grammar School in 2015 again performed to an exceptionally high standard. There were over 250 students who completed either the VCE or IB Diploma. Overall 37 per cent of the students scored an ATAR equivalent of 90 or above, placing them in the top 10 per cent of the state.

In addition 58 per cent of students achieved an ATAR equivalent of 80 or above, placing them in the top 20 per cent of the state. Students also achieved 12 perfect study scores across a range of VCE and IB subjects.

Consolidated VCE and IB 2015 Results - 259 students:















95+ 90+ 80+ 50+

22% 37% 58% 91%

18% 34% 53% 91%

16% 30% 56% 94%

16% 34% 57% 96%

15% 31% 57% 95%

13% 20% 42% 91%

Further details, including University destinations, can be found on page 17.

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2015 INCOME &


Class of 2015

VCE/IB REsults

ired Learning Inspired Learning Inspired Learn


















r in



Looking back

at a gREat yEaR In 2015 2015 was a very successful year for Ivanhoe Grammar School students undertaking the VCE and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Students completing their Year 12 studies at Ivanhoe Grammar School last year have again performed to an extremely high standard. In 2015, 255 students completed VCE and IB and the School celebrates the achievement of all students, with many candidates achieving their personal best. Congratulations to the Dux of The Ridgeway Campus, Lucas Yong who achieved an ATAR of 99.95 (a perfect score) and to the Dux of Plenty Campus, Maren Oghanna who achieved an ATAR of 98.7. The Dux of IB Diploma, Tara Tigani achieved an ATAR of 98.85.

ATAR of 90 (top 10% of the State). In addition, 58% achieved an ATAR equivalent of 80 or above. There were 12 perfect study scores in VCE and IB subjects. Ivanhoe is proudly an open-entry school and these results show the hard work and dedication of the students and the support they received from their teachers and families. We celebrate the achievements of all of our students and wish the Class of 2015 every success in the future.

On a consolidated basis (IB, which is offered at The Ridgeway Campus, and VCE results combined), 22% of candidates scored an ATAR of 95 or above, placing them in the top 5% of the State and 37% achieved an

Gerard Foley Principal

2015 VCE and IB Results

Pathways to University

Comprising both campuses, based on equivalent ATAR rank.

Comprising both campuses, based on first round offers.

Australian Catholic University 2%


Private Provider 3% 50

TAFE 4% Swinburne University 5%



Victoria University 1% Melbourne University 21%

Deakin University 8%


Monash University 17%


RMIT 21%








La Trobe University 18%

ni ga







Ta r

f fa




Yo n



Our 97+ students








Perfect Subject Scores in IB

Nikita Bailey


Grace Hall - Chemistry Sl in English

Michaela Bray


Ruby Marslen - Psychology Hl in English

Tiffany Carr


Declan Phillips - Biology Sl in English

Yanlin Chen


Lawrence Rogers - Indonesian AB Sl in Indonesian


Tara Tigani - Biology Hl in English


Tara Tigani - Chemistry Hl in English

Dean Clohesy Madeline Donis Alison Edsell Emilly Edsell


Tara Tigani - Hist.Europe/ME Hl in English


Fiona Ye - Indonesian AB Sl in Indonesian

Aidan Fuller Youssef Gergis Christos Giannopoulos Liam Hales Jessica Huang Jordan Koutsoukos Timothy Lack Catherine Liu

Perfect Subject Scores in VCE 1.

Angus McArthur - Art


Sam Rosella - English


Benjamin Summers - English


Lucas Yong - Physics

Joshua Lui Ashleigh May Angus McArthur Oliver McGillion Ashleigh Nickolaou Maren Oghanna Isobel Pain Mei Ting Rao James Rebellato Luke Rezk Sam Rosella Emmanuel Saka Benjamin Summers Tara Tigani James Van Essen Julia Veliou Andrej Yaksender Lucas Yong Leqi Zhao Jaycie Zhao

2015 was an exceptional year for female students at Ivanhoe with 33% scoring an ATAR of 95 or above, 45% scoring an ATAR of 90 or above and 70% scoring an ATAR of 80 or above.

Lucas Yong

Mei Ting Rao

Tara Tigani

suCCEss suCCEss suCCEss

Mei Ting Rao commenced at Ivanhoe in Year DUX of The Ridgeway Campus, Lucas Yong 7 making her mark as a conscientious and achieved an ATAR of 99.95 which is the enthusiastic student. She was the recipient maximum possible score and places him in of many Academic Achievement Awards the top 0.05% of Australia. In the Senior Years and represented the School in a variety of he received a High Distinction in the Australian academic and co-curricular activities. Maths Competition, a Distinction in the ICAS Mathematics Competition and a Distinction in She showed an aptitude for leadership, was the Australian Science Olympiad in Chemistry. Mei Mei Ting Ting Rao Rao the prestigious Phyllis a prefect and received Lucas Lucas Yong Yong Mei Ting Rao Lucas Yong Lucas also studied Japanese, Music and Mei Ting Rao Knorr Leadership her finalinyear. LucasDUX Yong TingPrize Ting Raofor Rao commenced commenced atinIvanhoe at Ivanhoe Year in Year DUX of The of The Ridgeway Ridgeway Campus, Campus, Lucas Lucas YongYong Mei Mei Ting Rao commenced at Ivanhoe in Year played Hockey. HeCampus, plans to study Bachelor of Mei DUX of The Ridgeway Lucasa Yong Throughout her time at School she took part in 7 making 7 making her mark her mark as a as conscientious a conscientious and and achieved an ATAR an ATAR of 99.95 of 99.95 which which isYong the is the Mei Ting Rao at Ivanhoe inand Year DUX ofachieved The Ridgeway Campus, Lucas 7 enthusiastic making hercommenced mark asShe a conscientious achieved an ATAR ofpossible 99.95 which is the Science at Melbourne University, concentrating enthusiastic student. student. She was was the recipient the recipient Debating, Music, Cadets and Badminton. maximum maximum possible score score and and places places him him in in 7enthusiastic making her student. mark as She a conscientious and Mei achieved anpossible ATAR ofscore 99.95and which is the was the recipient maximum himSenior inYears on andplaces Maths. many of achieved many Academic Academic Achievement Achievement Awards Awards thePhysics, top the 0.05% top Chemistry 0.05% of Australia. of Australia. In the In Senior the Years ofTing an exceptional ATAR of 99.6 and

Dux of IB Diploma, Tara achieved an ATAR of 98.85. Tara embraced all aspects of School life, including her role as House Captain and also represented the School in Swimming and Athletics. In her Senior Years, Tara was Dux of Year 11 IB in 2014, won the First Rhodes Award and the Caltex Award for Best AllTigani Rounder. She received three Tara Tara Tigani Tara Tigani perfect Scores in the IB for Chemistry, Tara Tigani DuxDux of IBofDiploma, IB Diploma, TaraTara achieved achieved an ATAR an ATAR of of Biology and History. Tara achieved an ATAR of Dux of IB Diploma, 98.85. 98.85. Tara Tara embraced embraced all aspects allachieved aspects of School ofan School of Dux of IB Diploma, Tara 98.85. Tara embraced all aspects of ATAR School Continuing on her academic trajectory, Tara life,98.85. including life, including her role her role as House as House Captain Captain and and Tara embraced all House aspectsCaptain of School life, including her role as and alsohas also represented represented the School the School ininto Swimming inthe Swimming been offered a place Bachelor of life, including her role as House and represented theSenior School in Captain Swimming andalso and Athletics. Athletics. In her In Senior her Years, Years, Tara Tara was was Pharmaceutical Science Advanced (Honours) also represented the Senior SchoolYears, in Swimming Athletics. her Tara was Duxand Dux of Year of Year 11 IB11inIn IB2014, in 2014, wonwon the First the First at Monash University. and Athletics. In her Senior Years, Tara was Dux of Year 11 and IB 2014, won the Rhodes Rhodes Award Award and theinCaltex the Caltex Award Award for First for Dux of Year 11 IB in 2014, won the First Best Best All Rounder. All Rounder. She She received received threethree Rhodes Award and the Caltex Award for Rhodes and the Caltex Award perfect perfect Scores Scores in the in IB the for IBChemistry, for Chemistry, Best All Award Rounder. She received three for Best All Rounder. She received three Biology Biology and and History. History. perfect Scores in the IB for Chemistry,

enthusiastic student.Achievement She was theAwards recipient maximum possible score and places himYears in many Academic the tophe0.05% of Australia. InDistinction the Senior and represented represented the School the School in a variety in a variety of of received he received a High a High Distinction in the in Australian the Australianofand plans to study a Bachelor of Commerce at the ofand many Academic Achievement Awards the top 0.05% of Australia. In the Senior Years represented the School in a variety of academic academic and and co-curricular co-curricular activities. activities. he received a High Distinction in the Australian Maths Maths Competition, Competition, a Distinction a Distinction in the in ICAS the ICAS and represented the School in a variety of University of Melbourne. he received a High Distinction in the Australian and co-curricular activities. Mathematics Competition Competition andinand athe Distinction aICAS Distinction in in academic MathsMathematics Competition, a Distinction She She showed showed aptitude an aptitude for activities. leadership, for leadership, waswas academic and an co-curricular Maths Competition, a Distinction the the Australian the Australian Science Science Olympiad Olympiad in ICAS Chemistry. in Chemistry. Mathematics Competition and a in Distinction in a prefect a prefect andan and received received thefor prestigious the prestigious Phyllis Phyllis She showed aptitude leadership, was Mathematics Competition and a Distinction Lucas Lucas also also studied studied Japanese, Japanese, Music andinand She showed an aptitude forinprestigious leadership, was the Australian Science Olympiad inMusic Chemistry. Knorr Prize Prize forreceived Leadership for Leadership her in final her final year. year. a Knorr prefect and the Phyllis the Australian Science Olympiad intoChemistry. played Hockey. Hockey. He plans He plans toMusic study study a Bachelor a Bachelor of aofprefect andfor received Phyllis Throughout Throughout her time her time atthe School atprestigious School shefinal she tookyear. took partpart in in Lucas alsoplayed studied Japanese, and Knorr Prize Leadership in her Maren Oghanna Catherine Liu Emmanuel Saka Tiffany Carr perfect Scores in the IB for Chemistry, Science Science at Melbourne atJapanese, Melbourne University, University, concentrating concentrating Lucas also studied Music and Continuing on her on academic her academic trajectory, trajectory, TaraTara Biology and History. Debating, Debating, Music, Music, Cadets Cadets and and Badminton. Badminton. Mei Mei Continuing Knorr Prize for Leadership in her final year. played Hockey. He plans to study a Bachelor of Throughout her time at School she took part in Biology and History. on Physics, on Physics, Chemistry Chemistry and and Maths. Maths. played Hockey. He plans to study a Bachelor of has has been been offered offered a place a place into into the Bachelor the Bachelor of Ting Ting achieved achieved an exceptional an exceptional ATAR ATAR of 99.6 of 99.6 and and Throughout her time at School she took part in Science at Melbourne University, concentrating Dux of Plenty Campus, Maren Catherine Debating, started at Ivanhoe in School CaptainMei of Plenty Campus, Tiffany received antrajectory, ATAR ofof97.4, Continuing on her academic Tara Music, Cadets and Badminton. Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Science Science Advanced Advanced (Honours) (Honours) Science at Melbourne University, concentrating plans plans to study to study a Bachelor a Bachelor of Commerce of Commerce at the at the Continuing on her aacademic Taraof Debating, Cadets and Badminton. Mei on Physics, Chemistry Maths. has been offered intotrajectory, theinBachelor Oghanna receivedand an ATAR Year 7 graduating in Music, 2015an with Emmanuel achieved and wasplace very involved School Ting achieved exceptional ATAR of 99.6 and an ATAR Monash at Monash University. University. University University of Melbourne. of exceptional Melbourne. ATAR of 99.6 and at has on Physics, Chemistry and Maths. been offered a place into the Bachelor of Ting achieved an Pharmaceutical Science Advanced (Honours) of 98.7. He began as a Year an ATAR ofplans 98.65. 98.6 making life. She represented the School in to study a Bachelor ofofCommerce at him the Proxime Pharmaceutical Science Advanced (Honours) plans to study a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. Accessit. Over his time at at Monash University. 7 student and has achieved Swimming and was appointed as Not only did she excel at Monash University. University of Melbourne.

numerous Subject Competition academically, butLiu she was Maren Maren Oghanna Oghanna Catherine Catherine Liu Certificates and Awards for also a keen badminton player DuxDux of Plenty of Plenty Campus, Campus, Maren Maren Catherine Catherine started started at Ivanhoe at Ivanhoe in in English, Japanese, Mathematics Catherine Maren Oghanna Liu representing the School. An with Oghanna Oghanna received received an ATAR an ATAR Year Year 7 graduating 7 graduating in 2015 in 2015 with Maren Oghanna Liu and98.7. Science along with ana Year Catherine experienced she gained of 98.7. He began He began as aas Year an ATAR an ATAR of 98.65. oforator, 98.65. Dux ofofPlenty Campus, Maren Catherine started at Ivanhoe in Academic Achievement Award in Catherine Dux of Plenty Campus, Maren started at Ivanhoe inover 7 student 7 student and and has has achieved achieved many awards Not only only did she didforshe excel excelwith Oghanna received an ATAR Year 7 Not graduating inDebating 2015 numerous numerous Subject Competition Competition Year 9,began HalfSubject Honour in Year 10 andYear Oghanna received an 7 graduating in she 2015 with academically, but but she was was her time Ivanhoe and also of 98.7. He as aATAR Year an academically, ATAR of at 98.65. Certificates Certificates and and Awards Awards for Award for an ATAR of 98.7. He began as a Year of 98.65. an Academic Achievement also also afull keen aadvantage keen badminton badminton player player 7 student and has achieved took of the Cadet Not only did she excel English, English, Japanese, Japanese, Mathematics Mathematics representing the School. the School. An An 7numerous student and has achieved and Full Honour in Year 11. Maren Notrepresenting only did she excel Subject Competition program receiving The John academically, but she was and and Science Science along along withwith an an experienced experienced orator, orator, she she gained gained numerous Subject Competition was also theAchievement recipient the Award but she was Certificates and Awards forof Award Benson Award. She received an Academic Academic Achievement in academically, in many also a keen badminton player many awards awards for Debating for Debating overover Certificates and Awards for a keen badminton player English, Japanese, Mathematics VCE Unit 3/4 Subject forand Year Year 9, Half 9, Half Honour Honour inAward Year in Year 10 10 also and representing the School. An award in the Australian National her time her time at Ivanhoe at Ivanhoe and and alsoalso English, Japanese, Mathematics representing the School. An and Science alongMethods withAchievement an as aAward an Academic an Academic Achievement Award Mathematical Year experienced she gained took took full advantage fullorator, advantage of in the of Cadet thefinal Cadet Chemistry Quiz and her and Science along with an experienced orator, she gained and Full Honour Full Honour in Year in Year 11. Maren 11. Maren Academic Achievement Award in 11and student. program program receiving receiving The The John John many awards for Debating over year excelled in the RACI Victorian

Ivanhoe he represented Captain ofCarr the Firsts Netball Team. Emmanuel Emmanuel Saka Saka the Tiffany Tiffany Carr School in Basketball, Soccer, Besides the numerous Premiership School School Captain Captain of Plenty of Plenty Campus, Campus,Tiffany Tiffany received received an ATAR an ATAR of 97.4, of 97.4, Tennis, and Debating. Awards andCarr Trophies, Tiffany Emmanuel Saka Tiffany Emmanuel Emmanuel achieved achieved an ATAR an ATAR and and was was very very involved involved in School in School Emmanuel Saka Tiffany received a Carr Full Blue for Netball, Emmanuel received numerous of 98.6 of 98.6 making making himofhim Proxime Proxime life. She represented represented the the School in 97.4, in School Captain Plenty Campus,life. She Tiffany received anSchool ATAR of Half Blue for Swimming andofa97.4, School Captain of Plenty Campus, Tiffany received an ATAR Accessit. Accessit. Over Over his time his time at at Swimming Swimming and and was was appointed appointed as awards including Academic Emmanuel achieved an ATAR and was very involved in as School Ivanhoe Ivanhoe he represented he represented the Captain Captain of Blue the of Firsts the Firsts Netball Netball Team. Team. Junior forinvolved Volleyball. Emmanuel achieved anthe ATAR and inTiffany School Awards, Junior ofAchievement 98.6 making him Proxime life. was She very represented the School in School School in Basketball, in Basketball, Soccer, Soccer, Besides Besides the numerous the numerous Premiership Premiership of 98.6 making him Proxime life. She represented the School in also received numerous Subject Accessit. time at Swimming and was appointed as Honours,Over VCE his Awards, Full Tennis, Tennis, andOver and Debating. Debating. Awards Awards and and Trophies, Trophies, Tiffany Tiffany Accessit. his time at Swimming and was appointed as Awards and in 2014 she received Ivanhoe represented the Captain ofFull the Firsts Netball Team. Honoursheand Rhodes Awards. received received a Full a Blue Blue for Netball, forNetball Netball,Team. Emmanuel Emmanuel received numerous numerous Ivanhoe hereceived represented the Captain of the Firsts the Proxime Accessit and First School in Basketball, Soccer, Besides the numerous Premiership Heawards was a including support to many and Half Half BlueBlue for Swimming for Swimming and and a a awards including Academic Academic School inand Basketball, Soccer, Besides the numerous Premiership Tennis, Debating. Awards and Trophies, Tiffany Rhodes Award. She was a CUO Junior Junior Blue Blue for Volleyball. for Volleyball. Tiffany Tiffany was awarded the Old Ivanhoe Achievement Achievement Awards, Awards, Junior Junior Tennis, and Debating. Awards and Trophies, Tiffany received a Full Blue for Netball, alsofor also received received numerous numerous Subject the Cadet Unit and aSubject School Emmanuel received numerous Honours, Honours, VCE VCE Awards, Awards, Full Fullfor Grammarians Lodge Prize received Full Blue for received Netball, Emmanuel received numerous Awards Awards and ina2015. 2014 inSwimming 2014 she she received Halfand Blue for and Prefect in She plans to a Honours Honours and and Rhodes Rhodes Awards. Awards. awards including Academic Service to the School, an FO Half Blue forAccessit Swimming and a the Proxime the Proxime Accessit and and First First awards including Academic Junior Blue for Volleyball. Tiffany He was He was a support a support to many to many and and Achievement Awards, Junior study Media andVolleyball. Communications Watts Prize and First Rhodes Junior Blue for Tiffany Rhodes Rhodes Award. Shenumerous She waswas a CUO a Subject CUO Achievement Awards, Junior alsoAward. received was was awarded awarded the Old the Old Ivanhoe Ivanhoe Honours, VCE Awards, Full at RMIT. also received numerous Subject Award. Emmanuel plans to study for the for Cadet the Cadet Unit Unit and and a School a School

Academic Achievement Award in the many awards for Debating over was also also the recipient theinrecipient of10 the of Year 9,was Half Honour Year and Benson Award. She She received received an an herBenson time atAward. Ivanhoe and also Maren has represented the School Titration Competition and has Year 9, Half Honour in Year 10 and VCEVCE UnitAchievement Unit 3/4 Subject 3/4 Subject Award Award for for her time at and also an Academic Award award inIvanhoe the in Australian the Australian National National took fullaward advantage of the Cadet an Academic Achievement Award inMathematical Soccer and Tennis, a tookChemistry been accepted into the Mathematical Methods Methods as aas Year a Year fullChemistry advantage of and the Cadet Honours, VCE Awards, Full QuizQuiz and intoJohn her in final her final Grammarians Grammarians Lodge Prize Prize for for and Full Honour in Year 11.achieving Maren Awards and in 2014 she received program receiving The Honours andLodge Rhodes Awards. 11 student. 11 student. Prefect Prefect 2015. inand 2015. She She plans plans to received to and Full Honour in Year 11. Maren Awards inAccessit 2014 she Junior for Soccer Pharmacy Scholars Program a Bachelor Medicine of year year excelled excelled in the in RACI the RACI Victorian Victorian Honours Service Service toand the toof School, the School, anAwards. FO an FO receiving The John Rhodes was also theBlue recipient of thein Year 10. program theinProxime and First Benson Award. She received an He was a support to many and study study Media Media and and Communications Communications was also the recipient of the the Proxime Accessit and First Maren Maren has has represented represented the School Titration Titration Competition Competition and and hasan has Watts Watts Prize Prize and and Firstto First Rhodes Rhodes Maren will be studying double at Monash University. Surgery (Honours) (MBBS) Benson Award. She received He was a support many and VCE Unit 3/4 Subject Awardathe for School Rhodes Award. She was a CUO award in the Australian National was awarded the Old Ivanhoe at RMIT. Award. She was a CUO VCE Unit 3/4 Subject Award Rhodes in Soccer in Soccer and and Tennis, Tennis, achieving a been been accepted accepted into into toNational the to the Award. Award. Emmanuel Emmanuel plans plans to study to study at RMIT. in the Australian was awarded the Old Ivanhoe degree at Monash University in a award at Monash University. Mathematical Methods as achieving a for Year for the Cadet Unit and a School Chemistry Quiz and in her final Grammarians Lodge Prize for Junior Junior Blue Blue for Soccer foras Soccer Year in Year 10. Chemistry 10. Pharmacy Pharmacy Scholars Scholars a Bachelor a Bachelor of Medicine of Medicine of offor Mathematical Methods ainYear for the Cadet UnitShe andplans a School Quiz and inProgram herProgram final Grammarians Lodge Prize 11 student. Prefect in 2015. to Bio Medicine and Engineering. year excelled in the RACI Victorian Service to the School, an FO Maren Maren will be willstudying be studying a double a double at Monash at Monash University. University. Surgery Surgery (Honours) (Honours) (MBBS) (MBBS) 11 student. Prefect in 2015. She plans to year excelled in the RACI Victorian Service to the School, an FO study Media and Communications Marendegree hasdegree represented theUniversity School Watts Prize and First Rhodes at Monash at Monash University in inTitration Competition and has at Monash at Monash University. University. study Media and Communications Maren has and represented the School Titration Competition and has Watts Prize and Firstplans Rhodes at RMIT. in Soccer Tennis, achieving a been accepted into to the Award. Emmanuel to study Bio Medicine Bio Medicine and and Engineering. Engineering. at RMIT. inJunior Soccer and a been accepted into toProgram the Award. Emmanuel plansof to study Blue forTennis, Soccerachieving in Year 10. Pharmacy Scholars a Bachelor of Medicine Junior Blue for Soccer in Year 10. Pharmacy Scholars Program a Bachelor of Medicine of Maren will be studying a double at Monash University. Surgery (Honours) (MBBS) Maren studying a double at Monash University. Surgery (Honours) (MBBS) degreewill at be Monash University in at Monash University. degree at Monash University in at Monash University. Bio Medicine and Engineering. Buckley House The Ridgeway Campus Plenty Campus Bio Medicine and Engineering.

Buckley Buckley House House The Ridgeway, Ivanhoe 3079 VIC The The Ridgeway, Ridgeway,Australia Ivanhoe Ivanhoe 30793079 VIC VIC Australia Australia Centre Co-educational Early Learning Co-educational Co-educational Early Early Learning Learning Centre Centre to Year 6 to Year to Year 6 6

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The Ridgeway, The Ridgeway, Ivanhoe 3079 VIC Australia Ivanhoe 3079 VIC Australia Co-educational Early Learning Centre Co-educational Early Learning Centre to Year 6 to Year 6

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The Ridgeway Campus The Ridgeway Campus

The Ridgeway, The Ridgeway, Ivanhoe 3079 VIC Australia Ivanhoe 3079 VIC Australia Co-educational Years 7 to 12 VCE, Co-educational Years 7 to 12 VCE, International Baccalaureate International Baccalaureate

Plenty Plenty Campus Campus 730 Bridge Inn Road, Mernda 3754 Australia 730 730 Bridge Bridge Inn Road, InnVIC Road, Mernda Mernda 3754 3754 VIC VIC Australia Australia Co-educational Prep to Year 12 VCE Co-educational Co-educational PrepPrep to Year to Year 12 VCE 12 VCE

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STAFF LISTING2015 Board of Governors

Director of Development

Mrs A E Cooper, BSc(Hons), ALGM, FEdPlus


Mr P T Kempen, FCA, FAICD


Mr R D Fraser AM, BCom, DipEd,

Human Resources Manager

Mrs R J Congleton, BA(Hons), MAHRI


Vice Chairman

Mr D M Golden, BComm, CPA, FCITL, FAICD


Mr N T Faulkner, BBus, FCA (Resigned March 2015)


Mr L C Miles, MBA, CPA,



Dr A Caples, PhD, BSc(Hons), GAICD

Mr J Dunstan, MBL, MRiskMgt, GAICD

Mrs S Ivory Mr M J S Lochran, FAIQS, ARMIT

Mr D Proietto, BLaws(Hons), BComm

Ms C J Brown, LLB, BA, GradDipBA, FAICD

Education Advisor

Professor J McKenzie AM, BSc(Hons), PhD

Principal Mr R D Fraser AM, BCom, DipEd, FACE, FACEL

Business Centre & Administration Finance Manager

Miss J M Smith, ACA, BBus(Acc)

Senior Administrator Mr M J Dorgan, BCom, BEd, TSTC

Risk Manager

Business Manager

Mr L C Miles, MBA, CPA,

BBus(Acc), GIA(Cert), MAICD, AIMM

Deputy Principal/Head of Plenty Campus Mrs D L Sukarna, BEd, DipEd(PriT), FACEL

Deputy Principal/ Head of The Ridgeway Campus

Mr G F Foley, BEd, MEdLeadership

Head of Buckley House Mr R J Feben, BEd, DipT

Director of Admissions & Community Engagement Mr P J Walsh, DipT, BEd, MA(IntEd), MEd(EdMgt), FEdPlus

Executive Officer Centenary

Administration Assistant – Calendar & Planning

Information & Communications Technology

Ms K J Mason

Cadets Administration Miss V M Jones, RFD

Telephonist/ Administrative Assistants

Ms K Rolls Ms R A Blackbourn

Executive Assistant to the Principal

Communications & Marketing Manager

Mrs B R Stewart, CertIIIBusAdmin

Assistant to Principal’s Administration

Mr D G Waugh, RFD, BSc(Ed), BEd, CBiol, MIBiol, MAIBiol, MACE, FACEA(Vic)

Personal Assistant to the Business Manager Ms K Feist


Mrs M L Chessell Ms C M Green

Accounts Assistant HR & Payroll Services

Mr D B Jordan, BBus(Acc), CPA

Human Resources Assistant Mrs S L Naus

Accounts Payable Officer

Calendar, Planning & Events Manager Mr B Swaby


Technical Lead – Ivanhoe Connect Mr D W McCraw, BCompSc

ICT Network Administrator

Mrs L S Davis

Ms T A Kitchen

Mr M P Wojcieszak,


Mac Infrastructure Administrator

Ms M J McKay

International Registrar Mrs T G Lynch

Administration Assistant – Admissions

Mrs S T Moon, AssocDipArts(GrDes)

Communications & Marketing Assistants Miss S L Degiorgio,

BWriting&Publishing, MComms

Miss A H Gilbert,

BAppSc(Consumer Science), BEd(Primary), AdvDipBus(PR)

Ms J L Harris


Director of Systems & Infrastructure

Community Relations Manager

Accounts Payable Assistant

Mr D M Reynolds, BEc,


Database Manager

CAMCertMktg/Comms, DipBDMA, CertIVProfWriting&Editing

Ms R Good,

Collections Manager

Mr S E Brophy, BAppSci(PhysEd),

Ms R M Byrom,

Mrs L M Power

Mrs S L Ispanovic

Director of ICT & eLearning

Mr W A Mattson, DipInfoTech,


BEdSec(EnvSci), TAECert (IV), RMIA

Mr G C Brown

Ms S K Mileto

Ms B L Dooley, MEnvSci,

Ms Y Hayward

Principal’s Leadership Team

Administration Assistant – Events & Logistics


Development Administrator Mrs R J Groenewegen, BEd

Alumni Coordinator

Ms E M Dunstan, BA, DipEd


Mr S G Lamont

Web Application Developer

Mr J J Boyle-Petrie

Plenty Campus IT Coordinator Mr R Rice

Client Support Team Manager

Mrs M J Hawkeswood

Senior Client Support Technician Mr D L Diep, BComp

IT Helpdesk Support Technician Mr M D M Aponso, BIT Mr J P Downing

Audio Visual/ Multimedia Manager

Mr A G Bonnici, DipVocEd&Train

Print Room

Mrs L I Bullock Mrs S M Carroll

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Professional Learning & Development

Academic Staff


Mrs N J Braddy, BEd(Primary) Mrs A E Breteler, DipT, GradDipEd Mrs J M Britten, DipT, BEd(TESOL),

Senior Staff


D M Capuano, BTeach, Director of Staff Learning Mrs GradDipEd Mrs K L Sewell, BAppSc, GradDipEd, MEd

PD & PPD Administrator Mrs P Welham

BUCKLEY HOUSE Senior Staff Head of Buckley House Mr R J Feben, BEd, DipT

Deputy Head of Buckley House Mrs A K Downing, DipEd(Prim), BEd

Early Learning Centre Manager Mrs N Dagley, BEd, DipT, GradDipEdStud (Junior Primary), GradCertEarlyChildhood Teaching

Managers Individual Student Programs Coordinator Mrs H L Page-Wood,

MA(Teaching), BA, DipT, GradDipSpEd, GradDip(Psychology), BSocSc(Psych)Hons

Level Manager (Prep to Year 2)

Mrs K S Leon, DipEd (PT), BEd(Primary)

Level Manager (Years 3 & 4)

Mr A M Parke, BA, BTeach

Level Manager (Years 5 & 6)

Mr T J Braddy, BEd

Level Manager – Specialists

Mrs M J Neilson, BEd, BSc

Instrumental Music Coordinator

Mrs F R Chindamo, BEdMusic


Mr P R Keuneman, BMin, BTheol, DipCWelfWk

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Mrs E J Carroll, BA, GDipTeach(Prim)

Mrs R J Chandler, DipT, MEd Mr J W Coleman, BA, BTeach(Hons)

Mrs M J Crewe, BA, BEd Mrs N D Davidson, BEd(Prim) (Hons)

Miss S M Edwards, BEd Mrs K E Ellis, BEd(Primary) Ms J M Halpin, BA, BTeach Mrs K L Harding, BEd, DipT, TTC Ms A Iles, BEd, DipT Miss S Kennedy, AssocDipSocSc(CCStud), BECStud

Mr D P McClean, Post Grad DipEd Admin, MEd, BEd, Dip Primary Teaching

Mr J W McInerney, BEd, DipT Mr M N Narkowicz, BEd, DipT Mrs M A Packham, BEd Mrs H Swain, BEd, DipT, TPTC Mrs S Tsolakis, BTeach Ms A M Woollard, BEd, DipT

Library Staff Mrs A Consiglio, DipLib&InfoSc Ms G M Molinaro, DipT, GradDipEdAdmin

Support Staff

Deputy Principal/ Head of Campus

Mrs D L Sukarna, BEd, DipEd(Primary T), FACEL

Deputy Head of Plenty Campus

Mrs R L Rowe, BA, DipEd

Head of Plenty Primary Mr D J Gibson, BA, BT


Year 11

Mrs S N Scott, BEd(Sc), MEd(Leadership & Admin)

Year 10

Mrs R H O’Keeffe, BA, BEd, MEd

Year 9

Ms D J Whelan, BA, DipEd, BEd

Year 8

Mr S B Crawshay, BASc(Human

Year 7

Campus Administrator

Years 3 to 6

Mrs K E Horsford, BA, DipEd

Mr P K Kendall, BEd, DipT

Mr L D Dahl, DipEd(Prim),

Campus Operations/ Timetable

Prep to Year 2

Mr A S Wilson, BA, DipEd,

GradDip(PE & OEd)

Ms N Simpson, BTeach(Primary), BEd

MEd(Leadership & Curriculum)

Careers Advisor

Mrs N F McFadden, BEd(Sc), GCertCarEd

Subject & Faculty Heads


The Reverend W A Grant, BMin, GradDipEd

IDEALS Co-Curricular Programs Coordinator Mr R J Summerton, DipT(PhysEd), GradDip (OEd)

Mrs D Collier

ELC Assistants

Mr C D Caracella,

Senior Support Staff

V Creed, BMus(Perf), Personal Assistant to the Mrs GradDipEd, GradDip Public Relations, M.A.C.E Head of Buckley House/ Buckley House Secretary Primary Sport Ms C A Elliott Coordinator L D Dahl, DipEd(Prim), Administration Assistant Mr GradDip(PE & OEd)

Mrs J E Walker

Year 12

Movement), BSc(Mathematics), DipEd

Head of Music

Sick Bay Attendant/ Administration Assistant

Level Managers

Secondary Sport Coordinator


Mr G E Hodges, BEc, DipEd


Mrs C J Richmond, BA, BEd

Faith, Ethics & Attitudes

Ms P C Lidgett, BA, GradDipEd


Mrs A M Burton, BA, DipEd

Health & Physical Education Mr A S Luscombe,

BAppSc(HumanMovementStudies – Education), MAppSc(Sports Coaching)


Ms K J Hibbert, BSc, DipEd

Ms J L Bellamy, BA, DipEd

VCE Coordinator


Mr G R Place, BSc, DipEd, Mrs F P Baya Casal, DipChildServ GradDipCompSc Ms J E Siddiqi Individual Needs Mrs O Webster, BEd, DipT Coordinator Mrs S M Wynne, Dip(Children’s Services) Mrs J M Kane, DipT

ISP Coordinator

Mrs J A Vanderzweep, DipT(Prim), BEd(SpecEd)

Ms K McLay, BA, DipEd


Mrs T J Ferraro, BSc, GDipEd, PGCertEd


Mr A N Hoogenraad, BSc(Hons), GradDipPhys&Ed

Visual Arts

Mr L G Dalton, BEd(Visual Arts)

Academic Staff Mrs V Baldwin, BTeach, BEd Mr A J Burton, BA Hons, PGCE Mr J L Capuano, MEd, BEd(Sc), GradDipBus

Mrs C Cassandro, BSc, DipEd(Biology/French)

Mr J L M Chappel, BA(Music Theatre), MTeach

Ms K Y T Cheng,

BEdHons(Primary), DipModernLanguages (Japanese)

Mrs S N Cracknell, BEd Mrs R J Creedy Mrs M Delaney, BA, GradDipEd Mrs J M Driscoll, BEd(EarlyChildhood & Primary)

Miss K S George, BA, BTeach Ms K J Jackson, BA, DipEd, CertLA, Cert IV

Ms A Jones, DipEd, BEd(Primary), CertEarlyChildhood

Ms D Kalatzis, DipT, CertA Ms A Luberto Ms S A MacEwan, DipEd, DipPerfArts, PostGradMvt&Dance

Mr A C Ratskos Ms P A Russell, BEd(Primary), MEd Mr T Y Shen, BEng(Hons), GradDipTeach

Ms R J Smith, BSc(Hons), PGCertEd Ms H A Sommer, BMusT(Hons) Mrs P A Swain, BScEd Ms H L Swift, BFineArt, GradDipArt, Craft & Design, GradDipTeach

Ms N Ventrice, BEd, DipT Mrs M C Wels, BSc, DipEd Mrs J C Wheeler, DipEd Mr G A White, BA, DipEd Miss J L White, BA, BAEd Mr K W Whitechurch, BEd, DipT Mrs K A Yeats, BAppSc (Hons), BEd, GradDipPsych

Library Head of Library Services Ms C E Norwood, MEd, BEd(Lib)

Library Staff

Ms S B McLaughlin, DipSocSc(LibInfo)

Ms J Simpson, CertAppSocSc(LibTech)

Support Staff Personal Assistant to the Head of Campus Ms H Clarkson

Senior Staff

Secretary to the Head of Primary/Head of Secondary

Deputy Principal/ Head of Campus

Ms S L Whitehead Administration Manager

Mrs J M Harrison, BA (Lib), Grad Dip Bus Mgt

Academic Secretary/ VASS Administrator Mrs J M Villanti

Music Secretary Mrs R Barker

Health Centre

Mrs G Angelovski, Registered Nurse Div 1

Mrs D A Strauss, Registered Nurse Div 1

Receptionist/ Administration Assistant

Ms L K O’Brien Ms H L Smith, AssocDipBus

Senior Laboratory Technician Mr F M Rowland,

BAppSc(MedLabSc), GDipEd(Sec)

Ms D Tosevska, AdvDipAppSc(Lab Tech)

Grounds &

Maintenance Grounds & Maintenance Coordinator

Mr G R Thomas

Facilities Coordinator

Ms N Simpson, BTeach(Primary),

Miss A C Motschall

Mrs C Tolley

Grounds & Maintenance Staff


Psychological Services Ms C M Tighe, BEd(Sec),

GradDipBehHealthCare, MPsych(Clinical), MAPS, Registered Psychologist


Mr R W Patterson Mrs M R Truefeldt

Mr G F Foley, BEd, MEdLeadership

Head of Middle School/ Deputy Head of Campus Mrs V Arnas, BPA, GDipEd(Sec), MEd, PGCertEd

Head of Senior Years/ Deputy Head of Campus Mr T D Byrnes, BEc, DipEd,

GradDipArts, CertAdolescentCounsell

Senior Support Staff Head of Operations

Mrs A Di Ciocco, BEd(Maths)

Manager – TRC Operations Mr R H Grant, BSc(Hons), DipEd

Daily Organiser

Mrs J M Scanlon, BEd

Director of Wellbeing Mrs S Batsanis, BA, DipEd, CertMiddleYearsLeadership, CertCounsellingSkills

Director of Sport

Mr N R Buszard, DipEd,

IB Coordinator

Mr P J M Hodge, MSoSci, BSci(Hons), DipEd

Head of Co-Curricular Programs Mr C Zois, BEc, DipEd, MEd

Head of Music

Mr S G Carpenter, BMusEd, MA(Hons), AAC, MACE

Head of Theatre & Drama

Mr S B Murphy, DipT, ADPA

Head of Sport

Ms A M Geoghegan,

BSc(OutdoorEd&Sport), PostGradCertEd


Mrs K J Winkett, BA(YAf), GDipTheol

Lay Chaplain

Mr A C Fox, BCom, DipEd, DipTh

Executive Officer IP & F Mr R J Prince,

GradDipInfo&CommTechEd, GradDipSecStudies, DipEd, BEc

Careers Advisor

Mrs M Staikos, BA, DipEd

House Programs Coordinator

Mrs M S van Beek, BAppSc(PE)

Learning Facilitator – Year 9 Program

Ms H E Marotta, BEd(BusStud)

Transition Coordinator Mrs F Burgess, BSc, DipEd


Director of Research & Innovation

Ms M J Supple, BSc, DipEd, MEdSt

Director of Special Education

Ms A Gleeson, BA, PG DipEd, MEdSt

Dean of International Students

Ms L Bruhn, DipT, DipEd(TES OL), MEd(AppliedLinguistics), PostGradCert (Managing a Language Program)

Senior Years Curriculum Coordinator Mrs C V Fry, BSc (Ed)

Middle Years Curriculum Coordinator Ms A Cross, BASc, DipEd

VCE Coordinator

Mr E Pearson, BEng, DipEd

Level Managers Year 9

Mr M G Horsford, BAgSc, DipEd,


Year 8

Mr D T Voss, BSc(Physics), GradDipEd

Year 7

Mrs O Rothnie, BA, DipEd, GradDipEdAdmin

Heads of House Athelstane

Ms K M Wilson, BA, DipEd, MEd(EdMgt), ProfCertAdolCouns


Ms C M Allen, BA(Hons)EnglishLit, PostGradCert(Ed), ProfCertAdolCouns

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Mr J A Doman, BA, DipEd


Mr D Naude, BA(Ed), ProfCertAdolCouns

Subject & Faculty Heads Art & Design

Ms J M Patterson, BEd, GradDipGrComm, MEd

Commerce (SY)

Mr E M Smithers, BBus,

GradDip(Industrial&Employee Relations), GradDipEd

English (SY)

Mrs L M Johnson, BA(Hons), DipEd, PostGradDipArts(Eng), MA(Lit)

English (MY)

Mrs V K Buzzard, BA, DipEd

Faith, Ethics & Attitudes Mr I Anderson, BAppSc(PE)

Health & Physical Education

Mr C Branigan, BAppSc(PE)

Academic Staff Ms S Andreevski, BA,

DipEd(English/LOTE), GradCert(TESOL)

Mr E C Armstrong, BA, BMedia&Comm, GDipEd(Sec)


Miss J S Ranasinghe, BSc,


Ms L Brown, BA, BTeach Mr R K Bullen, DipT, GradDipTeaching(Art)

Ms W S Chaidir, BEd, MEd Mr G N Chapman, DipT, GradDipEd(CompEd)

Mr P E Cherry, BA(FineArt), DipEd Mrs J L Cracknell, BSc, DipEd Mr N J Cracknell, BA, DPE, TSTC Miss C J Dunstan Ms L Engblom, BEd(Eng/Drama) Ms L O Entwisle, BA(Hons), BSc, GradDipEd

Mrs K H Filbey, BAppSc, HomeEc, PostGrad, BEd(Pri&Sec)

Mr D H Fowkes, Dip(FA), BEd(Art&Craft), GradDip(Tech), GradDip(Eng/Jewellery)

Mr A D Gibbs, BBusStud, DipTh,


Mrs K van Leest, BSc (Hons), DipEd


Mrs W L McCarry, BSc(Hons), BEd, MA(Ed)

Performing Arts

Mr S G Carpenter, BMusEd, MA(Hons), AAC, MACE

Science (SY)

Dr V Ellis, BPharmChem, BSc(Hons), GradDipEd, PhDChem

Science (MY)

Ms S M Wayth, BSc, BScEd


Mr D Atkinson-Buck,

BComp(InfoStud), DipEd, CertIVWorkplace Training&Assessment, GradCert(Maths Studies)

AdvCert(Art&Design), BA(Advertising Creative), DipEd(Sec), GradCert(RE) DipEd, FAII

Mr M P Gill, BEd(PE&Biol) Mr R F Gill, BEd(PE) Miss G M Grant, BA, BEd Miss J S Green Miss K L Griffin, BA(Hons) Mr D E Harris Mrs N F Hawthorn Mrs A V Height, BA(Hons), DipEd, MEd

Mr P A Hogg, DipT Mr B L Ingleton, BEd Mr S T Johnson, BA, BTeach Mr W R Johnson, BA, DipT(Sec) Ms S L M Khalanski Miss C T Lennon, BA, PostGradDipEd

Mr I B Le Page, BA(Hons), DipEd,

Ms P V Rao, BA/LLB,

GradDip(Secondary Teaching), MTeach(Sec)

Mr R J Rizzo, BSc, GDipEd(Sec) Mr M P Robertson, BA(Hons), GDipEd(Sec)


Mrs G Shadbolt, BScEd, GradDip(MathsEd), MACEA


Ms R Tascone, BA, DipEd,

PostGradDipApplied(Japanese Linguistics)

BA(Media&Comm), GradDipEd(Sec)

Personal Assistant to the Deputy Principal/ Head of The Ridgeway Campus Senior Years Secretary Mrs S A Wearne

– Middle Years

Mrs J Pennacchia

Music Secretary

Mrs P E Turner, BA, DipEd Mr S C Underwood, BSc, BSc(Ed) Mrs M L Vallury, BA, GradDipEd Mr D A Verrocchi, BA, BEd Mr G R Wade, BEd Mr R B Wallach, BEc, DipEd,

Senior Academic Programs Secretary


GradDipLegalStudies, MACE, AIMM

Mr G A Wanless, DipT(Tech), CertTT Mr C N Ward, BAppSc(AppPhys), DipEd

Mr P K Wayth, BA, DipEd, GradDipComp, MEd(Admin)

Mrs D A Parke

Ms A S Dowden

Academic Secretary/ VASS Administrator Ms A M Collacott, DipEd, DipBusSt

Co-Curricular Programs Secretary

Ms R M Norman Mrs W L Wilkinson, BA, DipEd Mr A Williams, BSc(Hons), PGCertEd Sports Secretary Ms K J Williams, BEc, DipEd Ms F Ellis Miss L M Young, BSc, BTeach Administration Assistant Ms Y Zhang, BCom(Hons), LLB(Hons), PGDipTeach


– Outdoor Education Mrs S M Carroll

Laboratory Manager Mrs J A Kelly,

Head of Library Services GradDip(Information Services)

Ms T Bruhn Mrs M D Canals, AssocDip SocSc(Lib&InfoSc)

AssocDipAppSci(Laboratory Technology)

Laboratory Technician Mrs A S Gokhale, BSc, GDipEd(Sec)

Food Technology Assistant

Mrs S J Lowe, BA, DipEd, MEd, MEd Mrs G E Gilham (Teacher Librarianship)

Ms R T Phung, BEd(Sec) Mrs M L Ritchie, DipLibInfoServ Ms D M Tannock, BA(Lib&InfoSc), AssocDipSocSc(Lib & InfoSc)

Miss S L Wilsdon, BA, MTeach(Prim), CELTA

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Support Staff

Ms D Tims, BA, BTeach Miss L J Towse, BA(Hons),

Library Staff

Mrs J E McCrystal, BEd(Sci) Mr J D Mestrov Mr S Miyazawa, PGDipTeach Mr C J Moore Miss M A Nicholls,

Mr M J Savage, DipEd, BMus

Mr C W Shallcross, BEd Middle Years Secretary Ms L Spencer Mrs H A Cooper Mr D H Symons, GDipEd Miss E C Tallent, BOccThy, MTeach, Administration Assistant

Mrs W C Logan, DipT,


BMusEd(Hons), GradCertCathStud

Mrs M Safari, BSc, GDipEd(Sec) Ms C Foster Ms H A Seadon, BCom, BSc(Hons),

Dr H Y Li, BA, DipLOTE/TESOL, PhD Mr A-H Lim, BA, DipEd Mr L M Lochran, Ms A C Madden, BSc(Hons),

Ms R C Burke, DipMusic, DipEd Ms W J Campbell,

GradDipEd, MTeach


BAppSc(Phys Ed)

Music Staff

PostGradCertBus&IT Ed, BA(Hons)BusAdmin, Mr D Kolosov, BMus, MMus(Instrumental Viola&Violin) HigherNatDipBusFinance

Mr E J Beck, BEd(Sc) Miss C L Bernardi Ms J V Boer, BA(Hons), GradDipEd Mr P H Bowers, BEng, MTeach,

Humanities (MY) MEd, MACEL

Mrs F Petroulias, BCom, DipEd Mr D A Plumb,


Mrs N S Fowkes,

Ms T C Deguara, BA, GradDipEd,


Miss S Aziz, BA(Hons), PgCertEd Mr S A Pratt, BA, PostGradDipEd Mr S C Ballantyne, BA, DipEd(Sec) Mr R J Prince, BEc, DipEd, Ms J M Banks, BEd(HEco/Text), GradDipSecStudies,

Humanities (SY)

Mrs P A Shire, BA, DipEd, BEd

Mrs M M Nolan, BA, DipEd Miss C Parodi, BHumMvmt Mrs H Perrone, BAppSc(AppChem),

Studio Assistant Ms K J Buck

School Receptionist

Mrs M J Spiteri, DipBusAdm

Health Centre

Mrs R M Dawe, Nurse in Charge, Registered Nurse Div 1

Mrs K M Maule, Registered Nurse Div 1

Ms K Fyvie, Registered Nurse Div 1

Grounds & Maintenance Property Manager Mr J W Atherton, DipCivEng

Grounds Manager Mr B M Geraghty

Maintenance Manager Mr S L Testolin

Grounds & Maintenance Staff Mr D B Andersen Mr T W Fahey Mr S Pachis Mr J Sinadino Mr M Schoen

Catering Coordinator Mrs K J Burns

Catering Assistant Mrs A Stone

Staff on Extended Leave Mr A Bosua, BA(Maths), HED(Maths), BEd, LTCL, LRSM, UPLM, FTCL

Mrs J E Boyle, BBSci, GradDipEd(Sec), MEd

Mrs C P Bruns, BA(Hons), MTeach(Pri)

Mrs A B Moravski, BEdECP Mrs K J Parton, BEd (Primary), BAppSpSc

Mrs K M Pearson Mr J D Pollard, BSc(Ed), BSc(Hons) Mrs A J Stock, BSc, BTeach Mrs S M Young, DipT, GradDipEd, MEd(Applied Linguistics)

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Ivanhoe Campus

The Ridgeway, Ivanhoe 3079

Plenty Campus

730 Bridge Inn Road, Mernda 3754 +61 3 9490 1877

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2015 Community Report