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a co-educational community

welcome to Ivanhoe Grammar School Ivanhoe Grammar School offers a world of opportunities in every way. With our focus on personal, spiritual and academic development, Ivanhoe students are truly prepared for life beyond school with an awareness and sense of responsibility about their world. It is my pleasure to invite you to discover the opportunities available at Ivanhoe Grammar School and share with you our plans for the future. Our vision is to remain as Melbourne’s leading school in the Northern region. We aim to give every student the best possible learning experience, tailored to meet their individual needs and encompassing innovative academic programs, along with co-curricular opportunities. We aim to go far beyond providing for academic success by preparing our students for a successful transition to life after school. If upon reading this Prospectus you would like to enrol your child, or acquire more information about our school, please visit our website at There you can find out more about our school or obtain information on upcoming campus tours. These tours present a great chance for you to experience our programs and facilities first-hand. They also provide you with an opportunity to meet our teachers and students, and have them share with you our school’s culture, character and vision. I look forward to meeting you and your child at Ivanhoe Grammar School soon. Yours sincerely,

Gerard F Foley, Principal

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The journey so far…


Our vision


Discover our school – The Ivanhoe Campus


Discover our school – The Plenty Campus


A world of opportunities


Providing an internationally minded education


The Primary Years


The Middle Years


The Senior Years

educational opportunities for all students As a co-educational Anglican school, our diverse academic and co-curricular program offers students every opportunity to grow. Our innovative co-educational program prepares students for life beyond school.

The journey so far… “A great school should be more concerned with the building of character than with the attainment of academic excellence…Every child is capable of doing something well and has something to contribute. This must be encouraged and developed to the utmost.” The Reverend Sydney Buckley, Founder of Ivanhoe Grammar School Since our school’s inception in 1915 we have grown from 12 students in a Parish Hall to the leading multi-campus school we are today. Whilst the core principles laid down by our founder, The Reverend Sydney Buckley, remain the same, our school has otherwise seen a great deal of change. The expansion of the Ivanhoe Campus into Buckley House, for primary students, and The Ridgeway Campus, for secondary students, was overseen by his successor, Rhodes Scholar Mr Victor Brown. Our third Head, The Reverend Charles Sligo, expanded the school further with the addition of the Plenty Campus in 1990, which became co-educational in 1992.


Our fourth Principal, Mr Roderick Fraser, completed our school’s

The continued involvement of our Old Ivanhoe Grammarians,

The Middle Years, encompassing Years 7 to 9, provide an exciting,

transition to co-education with Buckley House becoming

from those who are now in their nineties to those who have just

innovative and vibrant environment. Our curriculum aims to engage

co-educational in 1999 and The Ridgeway Campus in 2003.

left the School, tells us that at all times, Ivanhoe was, and remains,

students, foster an interest in learning and be accessible for students with

This helped us deliver on our commitment to prepare students for

a wonderful community to be part of.

different learning styles, levels of ability and cultural backgrounds.

a successful transition into university, work and life beyond school.

Our Vision

Our Senior Years Program, for students from Years 10 to 12,

Our fifth and current Principal, Mr Gerard Foley leads the School

Our vision for the School is to create a community of learning with

into a new era with the firm beliefs that all students have the

an emphasis on academic rigour, exemplary teaching and an

capacity to succeed, that community and caring for others is paramount and that education can provide outstanding opportunities for all who embrace it. Another significant milestone for our school has been our membership of Round Square, an international network

international focus that fosters language and cultural literacy. Through our membership of the Round Square International organisation, the School provides an international approach to the curriculum as well as a rich co-curricular program that offers students a world of opportunities beyond the classroom.

allows students to study VCE subjects or preparatory International Baccalaureate (IB) subjects over three years rather than two. This gives students a clear and consistent framework for achievement in their most important school years. To prepare for learning in the 21st century, our students have access to advanced information technology infrastructure and outstanding school facilities and learning spaces. Our building program continues to provide exceptional facilities that enhance the learning experience of all students.

Our emphasis on student wellbeing, underpinned by a Positive

of schools which share our founding principle that education

Psychology approach, means our students feel valued, safe and

should consist of more than academic achievement alone.

confident with a supportive pastoral care system and a shared set

Ivanhoe Grammar School has remained focused on providing

of values.

leading educational opportunities to all of our students.


discover our school

The Ivanhoe Campus

Buckley House and the Early Learning Centre Early Learning to Year 6 Our Early Learning Centre (ELC) offers three and four year olds a positive and happy transition from home to school. The ELC has its own bright, friendly rooms and playground but also offers the children access to Buckley House’s specialist facilities for Music, Physical Education, Japanese and Library.

Buckley House and The Early Learning Centre at Ivanhoe Grammar School

After the Early Learning Centre, children continue their educational journey into Buckley House, which houses our Prep to Year 6 students. In addition to a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, Buckley House students enjoy activities that include Music, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Japanese, Public Speaking, Service Projects, Dance, Art, Science, Library and Enrichment Programs. Outstanding facilities include the Innovation Centre which houses the Science facility, Years 5 and 6 classrooms as well as an open forum performance and presentation space. The Marjorie Gregory Library links seamlessly into the Innovation Centre and provides literacy links to the classrooms. Students also enjoy the adventure play areas, as well as a synthetic all weather sports field and have access to The Ridgeway Campus swimming pool. Throughout their time at the Early Learning Centre and Buckley House, students are encouraged in their academic endeavours in a fun and


supportive environment.

Rich in history and yet thoroughly vibrant, diverse and innovative, The Ivanhoe Campus provides a wonderful environment for students from Early Learning Centre to Year 6 at Buckley House and Years 7 to 12 at The Ridgeway Campus. The Ridgeway Campus

Students are encouraged to reach their full potential academically

Set in magnificent grounds, the Campus has a new Middle Years

Years 7 to 12

and develop their individual talents while pursuing a wide range of

Centre, a new ArtsEdge at Locksley Creative and Performing Arts

interests and co-curricular opportunities. Senior year students have

Precinct, Food Technology Centre, TR Lee Science Building, a

the option of choosing the International Baccalaureate Diploma

synthetic all-purpose playing field, The Ridge Cafe as well as

Program (IB DP) as an alternative to the VCE.

sports ovals, established gardens and lawn areas and an indoor

Ivanhoe Grammar School’s original campus at The Ridgeway is known for its welcoming environment and capacity to provide students with a diverse range of opportunities.

heated swimming pool.

It offers students every opportunity to grow through a diverse and exciting range of opportunities including performing and visual arts, music, sport, adventure, local and international community service programs.

The Ridgeway Campus at Ivanhoe Grammar School


discover our school

The Plenty Campus at Ivanhoe Grammar School


The Plenty Campus

The Plenty Campus in Mernda offers students from Prep to Year 12 a warm and welcoming environment, where the individual talents and achievements of students are nurtured and recognised.

The Plenty Campus gives parents and students in the Northern region easy access to one of Melbourne’s leading schools. Plenty Campus enjoys a vibrant community spirit with small class sizes where students from Prep through to Year 12 interact and support each other. Students are taught in a fun, respectful learning environment that nourishes individual strengths and celebrates achievement. The Primary Years

At the Primary level, small class sizes ensure individual attention for every student and learning is enhanced with enrichment and support programs. We provide students with a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy, teaching through encouragement and inspiring a love of learning. Specialist subjects are offered in areas including Science, Physical Education, Japanese, Art, Music, Instrumental Programs, Public Speaking and Information Literacy with dedicated teachers and specialist learning environments to ensure every student has access to a wide range of opportunities. All primary students have the opportunity to participate in the primary musical production which is a spectacular display of colour and talent. The Secondary Years

At the secondary level, students are encouraged to reach their full potential through an innovative curriculum, in a technology-rich learning environment that supports success. At the senior level, a wide range of VCE subjects are offered. There is a strong performing arts culture at the Campus and the annual School musical is an event not to be missed. In addition, students can pursue a wide range of other co-curricular opportunities and activities including Sport, Music, Leadership training, Debating, Performing Arts, Outdoor Education, Cadets, Snowsports, Kayaking, Equestrian pursuits, service projects and student exchange programs. Facilities include a new Senior Years and Science Centre, state-of-the-art Creative Arts Centre, a Food Technology Centre, multi-purpose Founders' Centre, junior and senior libraries, primary adventure playground and extensive sports facilities including an Equestrian Centre. The building program continues at Plenty Campus with more new and exciting developments planned over the coming years.


a world of opportunities


Ivanhoe Grammar School offers a world of opportunities to all of our students. Our community is enriched with a diverse range of students where each child is valued and supported. Students receive an education encompassing much more

adventure camps and outdoor education activities that build individual

Our students have access to advanced information technology

than academic achievement alone. Vibrant programs in areas

and team skills and help students form life-long friendships.

infrastructure and learning is enhanced through notebook computer

such as Performing and Visual Arts, Music, Sport, Adventure, Debating, Leadership training, Cadets and community service

All secondary students participate in sport and a wide variety

help students to discover and develop their unique range of talents.

of choices is on offer throughout the summer and winter seasons

Learning is taken outside the classroom through a wide range of activities, settings and curriculum enhancements, such as the Year 9 program and our activities and community service programs.

including Equestrian, Snowsports and Kayaking.

and iPad programs, a learning management system and elearning support services. In addition, the Old Ivanhoe Grammarians’ Association means opportunities do not end when schooling finishes. There is an

Our Round Square membership means students can attend

extensive reunions program, a dedicated website and online

conferences and participate in student exchange programs

directory and social events that allow former students to keep

and service projects in Australia and around the world.

in touch and develop valuable social and business networks.

Education is tailored to suit the needs and learning style of your child with enrichment and support programs available throughout the Primary and Secondary levels. Our emphasis on student wellbeing, underpinned by a Positive Psychology approach, means our students feel valued, safe and confident. Dedicated teachers, chaplains, school counsellors, career guidance and peer support together with transition programs ensure our students are well supported and well cared for throughout their school life. Students are also involved in a wide range of


providing an internationally minded education An internationally minded education at Ivanhoe Grammar School gives children and young people the opportunity to develop critical thinking about complex international issues inside and outside the classroom. Internationalism Through our membership of Round Square, students gain exposure to the wider world through the sophisticated use of information technology, and participation in international exchange programs, Round Square conferences, and local and international service projects. One of our service projects involves travelling to Cambodia to help communities, teach English and help raise money for teaching aids in schools. Our curriculum also supports our focus on internationalism, fostering language and cultural literacy and giving our students a greater understanding of global issues. In the Senior Years, the Ivanhoe Diploma encourages students to make a difference in their local and international communities and commit to the pillars of Round Square. Our school is founded on Anglican educational principles and we welcome students from all faiths. We respect individual differences and beliefs and give students opportunities to explore their own spiritual understanding through personal reflection and retreats. In today’s global world, we prepare our students to be valuable members of both their international and local communities.



the PRIMARY years


“I love school because I do Science and I learn things at school. I have a buddy and I like going to our buddies’ classroom and all the other things we do at school.� Heath

The Primary curriculum at Ivanhoe is at the forefront of teaching

Programs and Information Literacy. Students are also

and learning in Australia and teachers place a strong focus on

involved in numerous service projects, both locally and in

enquiry learning, teaching through encouragement and promoting


students to think about and understand the concepts being presented to them.

The Ivanhoe Campus offers an Early Learning Centre for children aged from three to four years old. Featuring its

We provide students with a strong foundation in literacy

own rooms and playground, the Centre also provides

and numeracy which is invaluable for their further education and

children with full access to Buckley House facilities.

life. They learn to use and enjoy language through engaging literacy programs and develop important skills needed for reading, writing and oral language. An emphasis is also placed on developing a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards mathematics, ensuring students have an excellent grounding in key mathematical skills. Individual student programs are planned and implemented for those who need support, and those who need enrichment. These programs complement the regular classroom instruction in the key learning areas. A wide choice of specialist subjects is offered in areas including

Students are encouraged to take leadership roles in their final year of primary and opportunities include School leaders, House leaders and leaders in sport, music and service. Campus life is built around a shared set of values and code of respect: care and compassion; doing your best; fairness; honesty, trustworthiness and integrity; respect; responsibility; and understanding, acceptance and inclusion. These values reflect what is important to our students and the respect they have for each other and the School.

Science, Physical Education, Japanese, Art, Music, Instrumental


the MIDDLE years


“I like Ivanhoe Grammar School because of the endless opportunities I am given here. Wearing the Ivanhoe uniform makes me feel exceptionally proud to be at this school and I am confident that I can achieve great things in this wonderful learning environment.� Sebastian

The Middle Years at Ivanhoe, encompassing Years 7 to 9,

We provide support and enrichment programs to meet

is an exciting, innovative and vibrant environment.

individual student needs and our homework policy

Our curriculum aims to engage students, to foster an

establishes sound study habits.

interest in learning and be accessible for students with different skills and interests, learning styles, levels of ability, cultural backgrounds and gender.

Our exciting Year 9 program, A World of Experiences, provides a diverse range of engaging and challenging out-of-classroom experiences and offers students

We aim to encourage international awareness in young

meaningful learning opportunities that are designed to

people with an emphasis on the skills, attitudes and

develop life-long interests and independent study skills.

knowledge needed to participate in an increasingly

This program includes a university experience at

global society.

La Trobe University, an urban history and city

Students work in whole class, small group, partner and individual activities so they benefit from a variety of learning methods.

experience at our city campus in Richmond, and a careers-based experience with After9. An optional International journey provides an opportunity to explore the culture, education, adventure and environmental sustainability of Asia.


the senior years


“Ivanhoe creates a friendly and supportive atmosphere that makes learning an enjoyable experience.� Micky

The Senior Studies Program allows students to prepare for

Our curriculum supports the School's focus on internationalism, which

Throughout the Senior Years, students maintain their

the challenges of the VCE or International Baccalaureate

gives our students exposure to different cultures and world issues to

involvement in other areas of learning such as Sport,

Diploma Program (IB DP) over three years rather than two.

assist them in developing a deeper understanding of their world.

Music, Adventure, Leadership, Debating, service and

The Ivanhoe Diploma recognises a student's commitment to

Attention to the transition to tertiary education and the

learning and leadership activities, both within and outside the

workplace is a priority, assisting students to maximise their

School, including creative thinking, civic engagement,

success, not only during their time at Ivanhoe Grammar

leadership, physical activity and intercultural understanding.

international communities.

the opportunity to be part of the School Cadet unit). We ensure a wide range of leadership opportunities are available, including school and Cadet leadership

School, but also in the years ahead.

positions. Leadership training also forms part of an

Learning is enhanced through regular assessment and

Ivanhoe student’s Senior Years.

the monitoring of progress. Students have access to course

Our VCE and IB students regularly perform well above

counselling, including careers testing and advice, and support

the state average, giving them access to University

programs are available for students who have English as

placements and courses of their choice.

This gives students the opportunity to be involved in actions that help others and make a difference in their local and

a comprehensive co-curricular program (which includes

an Additional Language (EAL) and other learning needs.

Our emphasis on independent, self-directed learning

Academic enrichment programs, including courses equivalent to

in a co-educational environment helps prepare

first year university studies for Year 12 students, and competitions

students for a successful transition to tertiary

are available for the highly able students.

education and the workforce.



Campus Tours are held at each campus throughout the year. For further information or details on scholarships, please visit our website at or call 03 9490 1877

Buckley House The Ridgeway, Ivanhoe 3079 VIC Australia Co-educational Early Learning Centre to Year 6

The Ridgeway Campus The Ridgeway, Ivanhoe 3079 VIC Australia Co-educational Years 7 to 12 VCE, International Baccalaureate

Plenty Campus 730 Bridge Inn Road, Mernda 3754 VIC Australia Co-educational Prep to Year 12 VCE

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Ivanhoe Grammar School Prospectus 2016  

Ivanhoe Grammar School Prospectus 2016

Ivanhoe Grammar School Prospectus 2016  

Ivanhoe Grammar School Prospectus 2016