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Visitor Center for the BAUHAUS in Dessau Kornhaus 1929-30


Concept Description

Bauhaus 1925-26

One of the peculiarities of the site is that it is the location of one of the listed building which was restorated recently. The ground floor is used as a picture gallery. The other three floors are residential but currently uninhabitant. As the building dates back to a later period than The Bauhaus and represents traditional architecture, it was included into a concept to underline the innovativeness of the Bauhaus. According to the program, which determines all the required spaces, the overall area of the visitors' center is 2600m2, 2000m2 of which is an exhibition area dedicated to the Bauhaus. According to the concept the exhibition space will be arranged in the form of timeline. The timeline will start from the period of Enlightenment showing the modernity of Saxony Anhalt, then it will give an introduction to the Bauhaus and will go up spirally to the year 1932, when the Bauhaus school was forced to leave Dessau. This time will be exhibited in the existing building, as was built in that period.

Master Hauses 1929-30

Laubengang Hauses 1929-30

Torten Estate 1929-30

Site Description The site is located on the corner between Gropius Allee and Pushkin Allee. This place is a junction between five streets, four of which lead to the main locations of the Bauhaus period: The Bauhaus itself, Master Houses, Laubengaug Houses and Cornhaus. The fifth leads to the city center and is the direction to Arbeitsamt and Torten Estate.

1-st Level 1919







First Information Bauhaus (1919-1931) Bauhaus (1932-1933) Movement of Visitors

2-nd Level

4-th Level

3-rd Level -1Level

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Section 2-2

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Ivan Aristov 4053688

Visitor Center for the Bauhaus  

Visitor Center for the Bauhaus in Dessau-Rosslau, Germany

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