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The poet uses some poetic techniques in order to catch the reader’s attention, these include repetition. In the poem, examples of repetition are “scruff”, “trooth”. He also uses a bit of alliteration, as most of the words in the poem are not spelled correctly, but are spelt on how they pronounced. I think this is intentional because the poet wants to express himself that he is being discriminated just because of his accent. Many people discriminate others due to their accent, therefore not taking them seriously. Thats why the poet mentions about the “6 o clock news” and “BBC Accent”. English people pronounce them normally, while the poet pronounces it as “six a clock nyooz”. The 3 most significant affects are “scruff”, “trooth”, and “nyooz” as it resembles that most people don’t take him seriously. “Nyooz” because people will not believe him if he were to report from the “six o clock nyooz”. “trooth” because if he were to tell the truth, people would think he is lying because of his accent, and “scruff”, to resemble his accent. In conclusion, this poem is an expression by the poet about discrimination about accents. Most people judge others by their accent, and most people only listen to those with the same accent as themselves. So a foreign person visiting a country will not have a voice, and while native or local people have the only voice there, and in other words, the foreign people don’t have any power, while the local and natives have the power to express themselves.

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