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FRIENDS! DANCE! LOVE! 28.12.2012. -02.01.2013.


LOCATION: Northern Croatia, on the Sava River, 170 km from the Adriatic Sea 45° 10’ N, 15° 30’ E situated 122 m above sea level TIME: Central-european time (GMT+1) Climate and Weather: continental climate average summer temperature: 20° C average winter temperature: 1° C

Today’s Zagreb has grown out of two medieval settlements that for centuries developed on neighbouring hills, Gradec and Kaptol. Both the settlements were surrounded by high walls and towers, remains of which are still preserved. During the Turkish onslaughts on Europe, between the 14th and 18th centuries, Zagreb was an important border fortress. The Baroque reconstruction of the city in the 17th and 18th centuries changed the appearance of the city. The old wooden houses were demolished, opulent palaces, monasteries and churches were built. The many trade fairs, the revenues from landed estates and the offerings of the many craft workshops greatly contributed to the wealth of the city. Schools and hospitals were opened, and the manners of European capitals were adopted. The city outgrew its medieval borders and spread to the lowlands. Zagreb confirmed its position as the administrative, cultural and economic centre of Croatia. When Kaptol, Gradec and the surrounding settlements were administratively combined into the integrated city of Zagreb in 1850, the development accelerated still more. The disastrous earthquake of 1880 sparked off the reconstruction and modernization of many shabby neighbourhoods and buildings. Prestigious public buildings were erected, parks and fountains were made, and transportation and other infrastructures were organized. In the 19th century the population increased tenfold. The twentieth century brought the Secession style to Zagreb and the city lived with firm links with all the central European centres. With an increase in wealth and industry from the 1960s on, the city spread out over the wide plains alongside the Sava River, where a new, contemporary city has developed.

POPULATION: 790.017 (2011.) Surface area: 650 sq. km. INSTITUTIONS: The University 19 theatres 24 museums 65 galleries and art collections 3

GENERAL INFO EASANYEZAGREB.TUMBLR.COM EASAHR.TUMBLR.COM SKYPE : EASAHR CURRENCY: kuna 1 euro = 7,45 kn (cca) EMERGENCY NUMBER: 112 COUNTRY CODE: +385 (01 for Zagreb) TRAM TICKET: ZG @ 8585 TAXI: 060 800 800 radio taxi 1212 cameo taxi 1414 eko taxi HOSTEL INFORMATION: name: Shappy address: Varšavska 8 phone number: + 385 91 348 8204

FOOD LEONARDO: Since there is no fee there is no catering provided,   however, we have arranged a 20% discount on 12 FEES / PRELIMINARY EXPENCES: different menus in a small restaurant in the center of There is no general fee, but there will be some ad- the city, just 10 min away from the hostel. ditional expences like museum tickets, club entrance The name of the restaurant is “TRATTORIA LEONfees etc. ARDO” located in the Skalinska street, number 6. here you should be charged 7 euro per meal after 28th / day 1 showing your EASA bracelet to the staff. party@jedinstvo __ 40kn (5,5 €) OPEN : MON - SUN: 10 am / 12 pm 30th / day 3 MSU tour __ 20kn (2,5 €) SUPERMARKETS: party@medika__ 20kn (2,5 €) If you are in need of a supermarket, there is a big one in the basement of the “Cvjetni Centar” mall right 31st / day 4 next to your hostel. There you should be able to buy LAUBA tour__10kn (1,5 €) everything from ready-made daily meals, to forgotNYE dinner@MEDO__100kn (14 €) ten toothbrushes or alcohol. NYE PARTY@KATRAN__50kn (7 €) WORKING HOURES : MON - SAT : 7am / 10pm (7pm SUN)   NYE DINNER AT MEDVEDGRAD: To make sure you are all well fed and happy before the last party of the year begins, we have arranged a special dinner at Medvedgrad pub located in Ilica street. There we will be able to start warming up for the evening, during a private dinner from 6 to 8 pm. The food will be “traditional” Croatian and/or Balkan. Drinks not included in the price (100kn) but we recommend you try all of the six special beer brands. 4




Train station Bus station

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Jelacic Square - main square Cathedral - Kaptol Gradec - old part of the city National Theatre Park Zrinjevac Botanical Garden MAIN LOCATIONS SUGGESTIONS Food

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Leonardo Restaurant Cookie Factory 24/7 Bakery Kapuciner Restaurant Takenoko - Japanese Restaurant Pizzeria ‘6’ Lari Penati - food stand Green Point - vegetarian Bagels Good Food - burgers and salads Pingvin - favorite sandwich spot Ribice i ... - sea food restaurant Tri Prascica - wine and snacks

Shopping 1 2 3 4 5 6

Prostor - concept store and gallery Britanac - Sunday antiques fair Kota UPI 2M - architecture books and coffee Modus - design shop Natura Croatica - traditional beverages etc. Ulicni ormar - vintage clothes

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Hostel Shappy, Varsavska 8 Mojo Bar, Marticeva 5 DAZ, Jelacic Square 1 AKC Medika, Pierottijeva 11 Medvedgrad Pub and Restaurant, Ilica 42 Katran, Radnicka 27 Creative Dimensions, Drzislavova 12

Bars and Cafes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Sedmica - favorite architects’ bar Studio 13 - nostalgia place Velvet - cafe which comes in black or white Kino Europa - cinema, bar, shop Boja - intimate cafe Kolding - busy bar with a print studio Krolo - small but great Cica - best rakija in town Divas - artsy cafe Booksa - concerts and coffee for book lovers Krivi Put - always crowded alternative bar

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Museum of Broken Relationships Zagreb Museum Greta Gallery Comics Gallery Museum of Arts and Crafts Modern Gallery Art Pavillion HDLU - Artomat Christmas Fair 7

FRI, 28.12. 12:00


13:00 14:00

SUN, 30.12.


15:00 16:00


17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00




22:00 23:00 24:00 01:00





MON, 31.12.


TUE, 01.01.

WED, 02.01.






DAZ, Jelacic Square 1 29.12./ 18:00

EASA 2002: SENSES Year 2012. is a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the first, and only, Easa in Croatia. Guest lecturers are former participants. Expect some interesting blasts from the past!

LANA CAVAR: THANKS FOR THE VIEW, MR. MIES Graphic designers Lana Cavar (Zagreb), Danielle Aubert (Detroit) and Natasha Chandani (Brooklyn) have recently published the book Thanks for the view, Mr.Mies. In a simple and unpretentious way, this book tells the story about how people really live NUMEN in architecture, or, to be more precise, in the biggest, yet least known architectural complex designed by reNumen/For Use is a Croatian-Austrian design collec- nowned architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.Thanks tive working in the fields of scenography, industrial for the View, Mr. Mies examines the way that Laand spatial design and conceptual art.The group first fayette Park residents confront and interact with this formed in 1998. as a collaborative effort of industrial unique modernist environment. designers Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic under the banner For Use. In 1999. they establish Numen as a collective identity covering all projects actualised outside the sphere of industrial design. From 2004. onwards, after setting up a large scale site-specific project for the production of “Inferno� in the National Centre for Drama in Madrid, Numen/ For Use become intensely involved with scenography. Further realisations in theatres across Europe ensue. Since 2008. the collective turns its focus towards configuring objects and concepts without a predefined function, an activity resulting in the more hybrid and experimental works . 10



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WELCOMING PARTY Mojo Bar, Marticeva 5 28.12./ 20:00 Starting With A Bang! Rakija at Mojo and concerts at Jedinstvo.

PUB CRAWL Sedmica Studio 13 Kino Europa Krolo 29.12./ 22:00 Living The Life Walking Tour! 4


ŽIVA MUZIKA AKC Medika, Pierottijeva 11 30.12./ 22:00 BYOB PARTY with our favorite DJ friend, Ivna /, VJing by Iva and Dario!



NEW YEAR’S EVE Katran, Radnicka 27 31.12./ 22:00 After a good meal at Medvedgrad, we go to one of the hippest party places in town! Dress code: GOLD.


MOVIE DAY AND NIGHT Creative Dimensions, Drzislavova 12 01.01./ 16:00 Team Jacob Forever! And a lot of cheesy hangover pizzas.


GUIDED TOURS MSU 30.12./ 13:00 LAUBA 31.12./ 15:00

LAUBA Lauba is a place for experiencing, learning, entertainment and social interaction. It is a new type of gallery with always changing exhibits from some of Croatia’s youngest and most talented contemporary artists.

MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART Museum of Contemporary Art is the most important cultural institution in Zagreb. It’s important not only for its great collection but also for revitalizing the often forgotten part of the city. Current exhibition is of Mladen Stilinovic’s work, one of Croatias’ finest. 14


Gradec’ Palaces

St. Blaise Church

St. Catherine’s Church


WALKING TOUR 29.12./ 12:00

National Theatre Art Pavillion

Dance Centre



Museum of Broken Relationships

Like the name says, this beautiful little museum is filled with artefacts from former relationships donated by people all over the world. Each piece tells a story and is filled with heartbreak, melancholy and often laughter.


Modern Gallery

Modern Gallery contains the largest collection of Croatian art from the 19th and 20th century. Here you can see the truly greats.



Cookie Factory

Tasty desserts and much more! We recommend hot chocolate brownies with ice-cream.

11 Pingvin - favorite sandwich spot Popular late night snacks. Open untill 3 a.m.


Britanac - Sunday antiques fair

Always crowded and colorful, here you can find some good books, jewelry or taxidermied animals.



MONEY The Croatian currency is KUNA. 1 euro = 7,45 kn (circa) You can exchange money in any bank, of which one is located 2 min from the hostel, PBZ BANK at the Cvjetni trg (square). Bars and coffee shops and bakeries do not accept credit cards.


INFORMATION All information you might need during you stay can and will be provided by: - the info desk at hostel Shappy - considering the city and travel information the MOBILE EASA 24/7 INFO POINT PHONE - number will be given to you upon arrival (EASA stuff) - organisers and helpers - list of names/phone numbers/duties will be provided upon your arrival and hung up at the hostel’s info desk (EASA stuff and PHONES other) All those who wish and/or do not have a smart phone - anything else you might need will be given a Croatian prepaid phone card at their feel free to e-mail us at own expense. Others may contact organizers via Viber/Skype. (Numbers provided upon arrival.) BRACELETS Upon arrival you will be given a white EASA bracelet TRAVEL (by our sponsors) We will try to pick you all up at the airport/bus stawhich you will have to wear. tion/train station. Please send us the correct time/date With them you can enter the hostel even if you are of your arrival and departure if you haven’t already not sleeping there, done so. get the discount at the restaurant Leonardo, eenter If you wish to surprise us and come alone, the hostel Medika club (private party) address is VARŠAVSKA 8. and be recongized/recognize other EASA people/ helpers/organizers GETTING ARROUND that don’t know you or don’t know you. You will be provided with 3 differnt maps of the city the map provided in the participants pack PHARMACIES the official tourist map of Zagreb There are two nearby pharmacies, walking distance the architectural map of Zagreb from the hostel. The pharmacy on the main square All tours and EASA events will be arranged and guid(Trg Bana Josipa Jelacica) is open 24/7. For more ed by helpers/organisers. information consult the map provided. TRAMS Trams run day and night. Most routes you might need to use stop at the main square - TRG BANA JOSIPA JELACICA, 7min from the hostel. The ticket price is 10kn, for a duration of 90minutes. You can buy the electronic pay card (prepaid) and / or the daily travel card (40kn) at TISAK and iNovine kiosks. Map of night trams and the schedule are on the last page of this booklet. 21





GUESTS Alba Minguez Ana Perković Ana Šulkić Bhavika Mistry Dani Guerra Daniel Fuchs David Lukacs Eva Logonder Gema Florido Hugo Pointillard Ivana Rajkovaca Jakub Ulbrich Javi Diaz Garrido Kerstin Pluch Kristina Potkonjak Ksenija Zdesar Lana Lončar Lena Kohlmayr Lise Barbry Ljubica Arsić Marko Salapura Miguel Setas Nataša Jukić Nataša Radaković Nina Eminagić Robert Hanson Romea Muryn Shi Yin Srna Ignjatović


TEAM HRVATSKA Aleksandra Poljanec Ana Lisonek Andrej Vuk Dario Dević Dino Belamarić Dorian Mandžukić Frane Dumandžić Goran Jovanović Hana Grebenar Hrvoje Spudić Igor Sladoljev Iva Maria Jurić Maja Lešnik Maja Merlić Maja Roić Marija Rupa Marta Lozo Matija Gold Mladen Majstrović Nina Čikeš Pero Vuković Sven Sorić Tvrtko Šošić Vjekoslav Osmann 25



Oris Magazine

Architects Associations: UHA and DAZ


Easa NYE  

Easa Newsletter/ Zagreb 2013/ Iva Maria Juric

Easa NYE  

Easa Newsletter/ Zagreb 2013/ Iva Maria Juric