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Profile of Undaan Tengah village, Undaan Sub-district of Kudus District Undaan Tengah village is located in Undaan sub-district of Kudus district. The total area of the village is ± 622 Ha. It is about three kilometers (about two miles) from the downtown area of the subdistrict and 10 kilometers (about six miles) from the downtown area of the district.


The topography of Undaan Tengah is very flat and most of the area is used for rice cultivation (537,673 ha). The remainder is used for housing (49,700 ha) and other purposes (34.627 ha). Total population of the village is 4,525 people or 1,430 households. The population is distributed into three administrative units (RW) and 15 neighborhood units (RT). The majority of the population in this village works in the agricultural sector (primarily as rice farmers). There are 957 people who work in their own rice fields and 405 people who work as farming labor. Another 1,055 people work as construction and industrial labors. The majority of the population (2,296 people) has an elementary school education.

Kondisi lingkungan permukiman warga Gang 3 RT 03/ RW 01, Desa Undaan Tengah, Kecamatan Undaan, Kabupaten Kudus.

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Condition of Water Supply and Sanitation in Undaan Tengah village In Undaan Tengah only 30 percent of its population has latrines at home. Thus, it might be partly responsible for high rates of diarrheal disease and dengue fever. Currently, there is a high demand for improved sanitation facilities. Therefore, assistance in promotion and understanding of available and appropriate technologies is required. In terms of water supply, there is around 70 percent of Undaan Tengah households who have piped water connections from the local water utility (PDAM). The remaining households rely on shallow and borehole wells that have low quality water due to high turbidity, salinity and cross-contamination with septage caused by improper wastewater disposal. Despite high number of households that require piped water connection, they are severely inhibited from gaining one due to relatively high initial cost of connection installation. Thus the micro credit program, which is implemented under a partnership betweenTirta Makmur Cooperative, Water Utility of Kudus District and Bank Syariah Mandiri of Kudus offers the possibility of spreading the installation cost over a period of one to two years, represents a major source of support. IUWASH will continue working with Undaan Tengah in ‘water for the poor’ issues through the micro credit partnership and may expand its work to assistance in sanitation programming.

Profil desa undaan tengah kudus en  
Profil desa undaan tengah kudus en