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CHANCELLOR’S MESSAGE At Indiana University Southeast, we have an exceptional student body comprised of a diverse population of women and men who are eager to learn and driven to succeed. We have an amazing group of faculty and staff members who are role models for our students in academics, research, and service. We have a loyal community and generous donors who understand our mission and are supportive of our goal to graduate our future community leaders, one student at a time. When I arrived at IU Southeast this past July, I found both a campus and a community on the cusp of an exciting new phase of history. As Interim Chancellor, it is my privilege to lead this campus as we transition into a new era. At the same time, it is my honor to share with you the IU Southeast 2012-13 Annual Report, which highlights the accomplishments of many who have found their place on this campus before me. This Annual Report highlights just some of the students, faculty, staff, and community supporters who have longheld commitments to the ideals of higher education, and who promote the mission of this campus in Southern Indiana and the Greater Louisville region. This report provides a small but powerful example of what matters at IU Southeast, and I am proud to be the messenger. Respectfully,

Barbara A. Bichelmeyer Interim Chancellor

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WELCOME It’s hard to present a year’s worth of campus activity in the limited pages of an Annual Report. There is always more that we want to say than we have room to fit. So, this year, we’re trying a unique approach. The old adage is that a picture is worth a thousand words. In our 2012-13 Annual Report, we want each picture to be worth five outstanding moments from the past year at Indiana University Southeast. These are snapshots of our students, faculty, staff, donors, guests and more. While each photograph is just a small excerpt of the past year, we hope that together they give you the full picture of our incredible campus community, what we do for our students, and the traditions we will carry into the future.

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FACULTY EXPERTS News reports buzzed with research from IU Southeast faculty. Take Professor of Psychology Bernie Carducci, for example: His study on the value of small talk was quoted in US News and World Report and the Wall Street Journal, and he appeared on “CBS This Morning.”

PROUD EMPLOYEES Among the more than 400 faculty and staff who work at IU Southeast is Vice Chancellor Dana Wavle, who was nominated for CFO of the Year, and dozens more who have won national and regional awards in advising, communications and more.

FUTURE LEADERS In May 2013, IU Southeast had the largest graduating class in history, with 1,189 students joining the prestigious ranks of IU Southeast alumni. Those graduates were awarded the most degrees ever – 1,254. Most of the outstanding graduates will become community leaders and stay in our state and region.

HELPING HANDS IU Southeast students are eager to help whenever and wherever possible. Last year, our students logged almost 2,400 volunteer hours with community organizations. Six students qualified for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award by participating in more than 100 volunteer hours.

GREAT SPORTS The IU Southeast men’s basketball team made history in 2013 when they reached the campus’s first-ever NAIA Final Four. The Grenadiers’ 30-5 overall record tied the school record for victories.


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SHOWCASE STUDENTS Students at IU Southeast are multi-talented, a fact demonstrated by fine arts majors. Each year, the students hold shows to debut their art in a variety of mediums.

DEVELOP RESEARCHERS More than 240 students presented work at the Student Conference in April. Themes ranged from invasion and conflict to music and ecology. Computer science students even created a robot that plays Marco Polo to demonstrate how to locate a target based on sound.

TEACH THE COMMUNITY The Sanders Speaker Series brought Oakland A’s manager and “Moneyball” subject Billy Beane to campus. The series aims to bring high-profile speakers to the community to discuss hot-button issues. This year, Beane shared his innovative management style with more than 400 guests.

SUPPORT THE FUTURE IU Southeast strives to be a true partner with our community to achieve our educational goals. Each year, the Ogle Center provides more than 20,000 children with free tickets to shows on campus, allowing them to experience the arts.

HONOR DONORS In May 2013, Millicent and Norman Stiefler gifted the Paul W. Ogle Cultural and Community Center with a $655,000 donation – one of the largest gifts of the last year of the “Shaping Powerful Futures Campaign.” The campaign raised more than $12 million. The Millicent and Norman Stiefler Recital Hall is named in the couple’s honor.


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NATIONAL BOARDS The School of Nursing trains a large number of nurses in Kentuckiana. Some nursing alumni, like Lynn Hundley and Leah PhillipsBlack, spread their skills throughout the country serving on national boards like the American Board of Neuroscience Nursing.

GLOBAL SCHOLARSHIPS Students can expand their knowledge across the globe thanks to generous donors like Jerry Wheat, James and Phyllis Robinson, John Findling, and Judge Carlton and Sue Sanders who all funded endowed International Study scholarships for $25,000 or $50,000.

ELITE PROGRAMS Students in the School of Natural Sciences have attended grad schools across the nation. About 38 percent of our biology graduates and 39 percent of our chemistry graduates – well above the national average – are at graduate schools including Florida State, Oklahoma and Montana State.

ACROSS CYBERSPACE Online classes allow faculty to share their knowledge as far as the Internet will go. About 40 faculty members participated in professional development to create online instruction last year, adding 24 courses to the schedule.

WORLD AFFAIRS Several global professionals visited campus, including Malaysian reporters and a delegation of Turkmenistan officials. Both groups visited campus thanks to a partnership with the World Affairs Council of Kentuckiana.


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AT GRADUATION The School of Education has sent a significant number of teachers into K-12 classrooms in the region. They also lead our graduate programs in terms of degrees awarded, with 154 master’s in elementary education, secondary education, and counseling awarded in 2012.

IN THE RANKINGS Our M.B.A. program is consistently ranked one of the best in the nation. Last year, The Princeton Review named IU Southeast a Top 295 Business School for the eighth time. The school received high marks in cutting-edge classes and computer skills.

AFTER A BACHELOR’S The IU Southeast Graduate Center at Water Tower Square in Jeffersonville opened for classes in fall 2012. More than 670 students enrolled in graduate programs last year to earn master’s degrees in business, education and liberal studies.

DURING CLASS The Graduate Center features the latest technology and classroom design in four classrooms: the collaboration classroom, the Node room, the board room, and the traditional classroom. Each is designed for a different teaching style, including interactive pods and a corporate-style board room.

ON THE JOB According to a 2012 survey for alumni from all IU Southeast programs, 35 percent of respondents received a promotion or a better position within two years of graduating. Another 51 percent received a raise in the same time frame.


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REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE IU Southeast and Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County shared the 2013 One Southern Indiana Partnership Spirit Award for the Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County Student Investment Fund, in which students were given funds for real-world investment portfolio management.

BIG DREAMS In 2012, a group of senior communications students created a marketing plan for the Dream Factory in Louisville. The Dream Factory, whose mission is to grant dreams to critically ill children, was so impressed that the document is now the strategic communications plan for chapters nationwide.

AFFORDABLE LEARNING IU Southeast offers the most affordable four-year degree in the region. In fact, students from six counties in Kentucky can receive in-state tuition to attend IU Southeast. Shelby County was added to the reciprocity agreement in 2013.

JOB PREPARATION Last year, almost 200 students had internships at more than 90 local businesses. More than half were offered full-time positions or a second internship by their employers.

EDUCATIONAL PARTNERS In 2013, the campus partnered with the Purdue College of Technology to host the Entrepreneurship Academy. The academy brought in 25 exceptional high school students from the region to learn how to develop their own high-tech companies. Jay White, dean of the School of Business, was one of several judges.

Total enrollment for the fall 2012 semester was

Those students enrolled in a total of




credit hours.


Nearly percent (2,027) of IU Southeast students took advantage of Indiana’s reciprocity agreement with six Kentucky counties: Bullitt, Jefferson, Meade, Oldham, Shelby, and Trimble.


The percentage of minority students increased to a total of percent (769 students), a 0.6 percent increase over last year.


percent of students living on campus in 2012 were minorities, an increase of about 6 percent from 2011.


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Students at IU Southeast received more than $43 million in financial aid In 2012-13. About 65 percent of the student body shared in the total amount of aid disbursed, which was $43,671,292. About 23 percent of scholarships disbursed in 2012-13 came from private donors including the Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County, Lilly Foundation, James Holt Charitable Foundation, Rice Memorial Hospital and Welfare Trust, and Steel Dynamics Inc. Endowed scholarships that provided $40,000 or more to IU Southeast students included the Gadient Scholarship, Burns-Marshall Scholarship, Paul Ogle Scholarship, Lee Hamilton Scholarship, and Helen Humphrey Scholarship.

Percent of Students Receiving Aid 100% 75% 50%










25% 0% 2008-09


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Our campus budget* is comprised of four main fund groups: the general education fund, designated and other restricted funds, contracts and grants, and auxiliary enterprises. In FY 2012-13, IU Southeast’s total expenditures were $75,119,789. Auxiliary Enterprises $4,499,569

Contracts and Grants $380,000

Designated and Other Restricted $12,487,728

FY 2012-13 Budget $75,119,789 General Education Fund $57,752,492

General Education Fund Revenue

General Education Fund Expenditures Student Financial Aid

Other Income


Physical Plant


$ 4,858,954

State Appropriation $21,944,932

Student Fees $34,435,372

Institutional Support $12,810,367

Student Support $3,756,144

Academic Support $6,995,643

Instruction Research $74,502


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*For a detailed budget report, visit



In 2007, IU Southeast embarked on an million fundraising campaign to support student learning, nurture a dynamic campus environment, build legacy and tradition, and advance educational excellence.

The “Shaping Powerful Futures” campaign raised more than million for these initiatives and closed two years early.


2013 brought in more than successful fundraising year of the campaign.


million, making it the most


donors contributed gifts over the full length of the “Shaping Powerful Futures” campaign.


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Chancellor’s Circle

Benefactor ($100,000 - $249,999)

Ms. C. Jane McCullough

Names listed here represent past

Mr. Ronald L. Barr

Mr. and Mrs. Jerrol Z. Miles

Luckett & Farley Architects, Engineers and Construction Managers, Inc.

and current donors who have given

Dr. Everett E. Bickers

Mitsubishi Chemical America

MainSource Bank

lifetime gifts of $10,000 or more.

Ms. E. Ruth Braeutigam

One Southern Indiana

Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Maxwell

Brown-Forman Corporation

Scott Memorial Hospital

Dr. James Y. McCullough Jr.

Philanthropist ($1,000,000+)

Clark Memorial Hospital

Ms. Barbara Simon

MISA Metal Fabricating, Inc.


Community Foundation of Crawford County

Mr. John M. Tower

News and Tribune

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Wheat

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Peters

Fund for the Arts

Mr. and Mrs. John Woehrle

Pillsbury Company Foundation

Geo. Pfau’s Sons Company

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Wolf

Col. and Mrs. William Ryall, USA (Ret.)

The Paul Ogle Foundation, Inc. The Honorable and Mrs. Carlton E. Sanders

Samtec, Inc.

Greater Louisville, Inc. Founder ($500,000 - $999,999)

Hitachi Cable Indiana, Inc.

Patron ($25,000 - $49,999)

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Schmitt

Ms. Ruth L. Bruner

Hughes Group, Inc.

American Contracting & Services, Inc.

Schuler Bauer Real Estate Services

Clark/Floyd Counties Convention & Tourism Bureau

Humana, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert W. Atnip

Mr. and Mrs. Sam M. Shine

Mr. Joseph W. Jacobi, Sr.


Slone Pontiac Buick GMC Truck, Inc.

Community Foundation of Southern Indiana

Ms. Shirley A. Jacobi

Ms. Martha B. Bierhaus

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Smith

Ms. Gayle K. Cook

Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare

Dr. Carol Bishop

Dr. Herbert Smith

Mr. William A. Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Brown

Stults Foundation

Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Cook Group Incorporated

Chester B. Stem, Inc.

Thornton Oil Corporation

Monroe Shine & Company, Inc.

Mr. Stanley Crump and Dr. Claudia Crump

The Honorable and Mrs. J. Terrence Cody

Mr. Blaine H. Wiseman

Norton Healthcare Scholars

Harrison County Community Foundation

Ms. Evelyn B. Ott

Mr. and Mrs. Bayward Cole

Your Community Bank Foundation

Ms. Velma R. Pearson

Colgate-Palmolive Company

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Zoeller, Sr.

Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County

Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Pfau, Jr.

Community Foundation of Louisville

Mr. Malcolm A. Kochert

PNC Bank

Duke Energy

Investor ($10,000 - $24,999)

Koetter Construction, Inc.

Rakich Family Foundation

Duke Energy Foundation

3M Company

Ms. Paula M. Robinson

Mr. James W. Robinson

English State Bank

Dr. and Mrs. W. Jameson Aebersold

Mr. Samuel C. Robinson

Ms. Phyllis A. Robinson

First Harrison Bank

American Production & Inventory

Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Stiefler

Dr. Lillian E. Yeager

First Savings Bank

Control Society

Ms. Dorothy M. Stem

Zeon Chemicals USA, Inc.

Mr. Don C. Garboden

Anonymous Donors

Mr. Richard K. Stem

Your Community Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan K. Griffaw

Arvin Sango, Inc.

Associate ($50,000 - $99,999)

Drs. Linda and David Gugin

Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Bales

American Commercial Lines, Inc.

The Honorable Lee H. Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Barnard

Fellow ($250,000 - $499,999)

Anonymous Donors

Ms. Nancy A. Hamilton

The Barr Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Thelma B. Alford

Arts Council of Southern Indiana

Hamilton for Congress Committee

Ms. Frances C. Beard

Ms. Mary E. Burns

Barry & Mary Bingham Sr. Foundation

Mr. William Hedden

Ms. Sallie Bingham

Dr. James M. Jacobi

Coca-Cola Foundation

Hilliard Lyons, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Chris E. Bjornson

JPMorgan Chase

CSX Corporation

Dr. Kathryn S. Hutchens

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan E. Blankenship, Jr.

Dr. James Y. McCullough, Sr.

D. A., Inc.

IU Alumni Association

Dr. Stephanie B. Bower

Ms. Naomi Rasmussen

Dr. and Mrs. John E. Findling

Ms. Linda J. Jacobi

Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Brodsky

Floyd Memorial Hospital Foundation

JP Morgan Chase Foundation

Mr. Robert C. Caesar

Gheens Foundation, Inc.

Kimball International Habig Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Carlton

Idemitsu Lubricants America

The Kroger Company Foundation

CBS Outdoor

L. Thorn Company, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. George N. Lane

Central Music

Dr. James J. Woeppel


p. 18

Dr. Harold Lacy McCullough, Inc.

Ms. Elsie V. Coleman

Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Cox

Mr. and Mrs. D. Jack Mahuron

Annual Fund Donors

Mr. Stephen W. Bahr

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Crase

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Mand

Contributions received

Mr. David Baird

CSX Realty, Inc.

Ms. E. Ann Maxwell

July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Baker, III

Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. deGraaf

Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Melhiser

Mr. Michael A. Denison

Midwest Tube Mills

Individual Gifts

Ms. Laura L. Ballard

Mr. and Mrs. Welby E. Edwards

Mr. Charles R. Millspaugh

Ms. Deanna T. Ables

Ms. Annie L. Ballenger

Eli Lilly & Company

Mitsuba Bardstown, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Abney

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Balmer

Dr. Marianne V. Felton

Mountjoy Chilton Medley, LLP

Ms. Christine A. Abraham

Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Banet

Mr. and Mrs. Norris E. Garvey

Mytex Polymers

Ms. Cora E. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Barbusch

Mr. Richard L. Goldstein

New Albany Lions Club

Mr. R. Kenneth Adams

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Barksdale

Ms. Sophie Goldstein

Mr. Larry Nix and Dr. Ruth Garvey-Nix

Ms. Carol L. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Barnard

Mr. Roy Goode

Ms. Helen P. Norman

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Barnes, Jr.

Dr. Fay Ross Greckel

Papa John’s International, Inc.

Ms. Mary B. Adams-Morgan

Dr. Wil C. Greckel

Dr. and Mrs. Curtis H. Peters

Ms. Shannon Adkins

Dr. Douglas Barney and Ms. Kristina Wilberding

GT, Inc.

Philip Morris USA

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Aebersold, Sr.

Ms. Jackie L. Barr

H & H Systems and Design, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Phillips

Dr. and Mrs. W. Jameson Aebersold

Mr. Brad D. Bastian

Ms. Claire Hamerly

Primavera Systems, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Aemmer

Ms. Susanna Bauder

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hartfield

Regions Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Alexander

Mr. Gregory Bauerla

The Hazel and Walter T. Bales Foundation, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. John E. Reisert

Ms. Jessie E. Alexander

Ms. Grace L. Baugh Bennett

Mr. James W. Richards

Ms. Barbara Yanney Allen

Mr. Clay M. Bauserman

Dr. W. Brian Hill

Dr. and Mrs. F. C. Richardson

Ms. Sharon C. Allen

Mr. Bart A. Beal

Hillerich & Bradsby Company

Mr. Kyle Ridout and Dr. Susan Ridout

Mr. and Mrs. David Allen

Ms. Stephanie K. Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Hise

Robinson Nugent, Inc.

Dr. Anne Guernsey Allen

Mr. Richard A. Bell

Horseshoe Southern Indiana

Mr. James E. Robinson

Mr. James W. Allgood

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Belles

IU Southeast Student Organization Fund

Rodefer Moss & Co., PLLC

Ms. Susan S. Anderson

Mr. Michael G. Bennett

Rohm & Haas Company

Mr. Tim A. Anderson

Ms. Janice A. Bennett

Rotary Foundation of New Albany

Dr. Virginia S. Anderson

Ms. Ruth K. Bentley

Drs. Edwin and Marcia Segal

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Andres

Mr. Charles J. Bergamini

Mrs. Jane Shine

Ms. Phyllis A. Andres

Mr. Nathan Berger

Ms. Patty M. Shine

Mr. and Mrs. Marlin G. Andres

Mr. Todd Berger

John R. Sisk Dental Practice

Ms. Betty J. Applegate

Mr. Albert L. Berry

Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital

Drs. Aric and Linda Applewhite

Ms. Diann Betts

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Stem

Ms. Maria H. Armbrecht

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Beyerle

Ms. Helen Stephenson

Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney E. Beyl

Stites & Harbison, PLLC

Mr. Kenneth M. Ashbrook

Mr. Ronald Bickett

Stock Yards Bank and Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip G. Asher

Mr. and Mrs. James Biddle, Jr.

Dr. David W. Taylor and Ms. Elizabeth Boesche-Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Toby K. Asher

Mr. Gary L. Billings

Kokoku Kosensaku, Inc.

Mr. Kenneth W. Atkins, Jr.

Ms. Melissa A. Binkley

Ms. Lois A. Kratz

TG Missouri Corporation

Mr. Ronald E. Atkins

Mr. James K. Binkley

Mr. Norman Kratz L & D Mail Masters

Washington County Community Foundation

Mr. Michael S. Atkinson

Mr. Randy Black and Ms. Leah Phillips-Black

Ms. Beverly Lane

Yamamoto FB Engineering LLC

Jaharis Family Foundation, Inc. Japan Polychem Corporation Jeffersonville F.O.P. Lodge #100 Jeffersonville Rotary Club Ms. Mary R. Jennings Johnan America Inc Mr. and Mrs. Melford H. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John D. Johnston Key Communications Service, Inc. Kightlinger & Gray, LLP King’s Daughters’ Hospital

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lanum Ms. Ann B. Lee Ms. Frances G. Livingston Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Ludden

Dr. and Mrs. Claude D. Baker

Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert W. Atnip Ms. Donna K. Atwood Mr. and Mrs. John F. Atz Mr. Desmond S. Avis Mr. and Mrs. David R. Ayers

Mr. and Mrs. Marc L. Blackwell Ms. Jennifer D. Blair Ms. Marilyn W. Blake Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Blake Mr. and Mrs. Mark Blankenship

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan E. Blankenship, Jr.

Mrs. Margaret B. Brown

Mr. Don Cherrie

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Cox

The Honorable Cecile A. Blau

Mr. and Mrs. Bronie Brown

Ms. Nancy Childress

Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Cox

Mr. Bradford S. Bledsoe

Ms. Mary V. Brown

Ms. Kathleen K. Chlon

Ms. Katie L. Craig

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bleemel

Ms. Barbara J. Browning

Mr. Patrick Y. Choe

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Crase

Dr. Bohdan Bochan

Ms. Loretta A. Bruce

Ms. Jacqueline J. Christenson

Dr. Cheryl A. Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Kent E. Bode

Mr. and Mrs. Clark L. Bryant

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron R. Churchill

Ms. Sara E. Crawford

Ms. Joy B. Bodner

Mr. Rodney J. Burch

Ms. Theresa M. Churchman

Ms. Patricia A. Cress

Ms. Vicki Bohn

Mr. Terry D. Burger

Ms. Cindy C. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. John Crider

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice O. Bohrer

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Harold K. Crider

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Boling

Mr. Eric Burnett

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Clark

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Crites

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Boling, II

Mr. Thomas Burnett

Mr. Brian P. Cleary

Ms. Joan S. Crooks

Mr. William F. Bolte

Ms. Vani W. Burns

Ms. Debra K. Clem

Mr. Larry D. Cross

Ms. Kimberly Bonacci

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Burrows

Ms. Kenneth E. Clemens

Mr. Robert L. Cross, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Book

Mr. Stanley Burrus

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Cleveland

Mr. Maurice R. Crowley

Mr. Carl A. Book

Ms. Jennifer L. Bush

Ms. Mary E. Clipp

Ms. Sara Cruse

Ms. Barbara Thompson Book

Mr. and Mrs. John Bush

Mr. Kevin L. Cobb

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cruz

Ms. Stephanie N. Book

Ms. Linda Byland

Mr. Guy W. Cobb

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Cummings

Mr. Charles Booker

Mr. Malcolm Byrd

Ms. Tammy Cobb

Dr.. Donna J. Dahlgren

Mr. Teodoro E.F. Bordador, Jr.

Ms. Julie Cahalan

Mr. William C. Cochran

Ms. Marsha A. Dailey

Mr. Bruce G. Borntraeger, Sr.

Ms. Angela K. Calloway

Mr. Rex C. Cochran

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Davenport

Ms. L. Carlene Bottorff

Mr. Bruce Calloway

Ms. Cheryl E. Davenport

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bourne

Mr. Frederick K. Cammack

The Honorable and Mrs J. Terrence Cody

Ms. Ann H. Campbell

Ms. Kerri S. Cokeley

Ms. Mary E. Davis

Ms. Kathlein A. Campbell

Ms. Rena L. Cole

Mr. Jeffrey L. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Davis

Ms. Virginia K. Campbell

Mr. Clarence E. Coleman

Ms. Laura Davis

Ms. Teresa L. Campbell

Ms. Ramona A. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Dayton

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Combs

Mr. John Dayton

Ms. Barbara A. Cannon

Mr. and Mrs. Billy M. Comer

Mr. Robin D. Dean

Mr. David Cannon

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Conner, Jr.

Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Dearing

Ms. Audrey F. Capper

Ms. Margaret L. Conner

Ms. Ruth E. Deaton

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Carnighan

Drs. Brandon and Pam Connerly

Mr. Ronnel M. Deaton

Ms. Lois J. Carpenter

Mr. and Mrs Carl S. Conrad

Mr. and Mrs. Carey D. Deckard

Mr. and Mrs. David O. Carr

Ms. Pamela Cook

Ms. Kimberly R. Decker

Mr. Evin Carter

Dr. and Mrs. John C. Cook

Dr. and Mrs. Carl A. deGraaf

Ms. Rene Casale

Ms. Gayle K. Cook

Dr. M. Vera Del Grande

Ms. Rachelle L. Cassetta

Mr. Jason D. Cooper

Ms. Mary Ann Delaney

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cassidy

Mr. Christopher M. Copeland

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Deluna

Ms. Cheryl A. Castile

Ms. M. Joan Corbett

Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Denison

Ms. Kathy A. Cathcart

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie W. Corley

Mr. Nicholas B. Densford

Ms. LouAnn Center

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Cornwell

Dr. and Mrs. Frank W. Denzinger

Mr. William W. Chanley, Jr.

Ms. Charmaine M. Corrie

Ms. Lesley Ann Derringer

Ms. Pamela Chapman

Ms. Etta R. Coulter

Ms. Billie J. Dewees

Col. John M. Chastain

Ms. Katie E. Coulter

Ms. Verna Dickey

Mr. Raymond B. Chermak

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coulter

Mr. James M. Dickman, Jr.

Dr. Stephanie B. Bower Ms. Kimberly A. Boyd Ms. Yvonne M. Boyd Ms. Judith F. Boyer Ms. Beth B. Braden Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Brand Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Braun Ms. Merla B. Braune Ms. Lisa B. Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Brewer Ms. Kathleen M. Brewers Ms. Mathias Brewers Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Brewers Ms. Rita S. Brewington Ms. Lindsey N. Brough Ms. Lindsay C. Brown


p. 20

Ms. Christina M. Davidson

Ms. Shelley A. Dickman

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Evans

Ms. Clara M. Fromme

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Grieb

Mr. Russell J. Dieterlen

Mr. Mike R. Everage

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Fuchs

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Griffitt

Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Dillman

Ms. Virginia A. Everdon

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Fuller

Ms. Rebecca Grignon

Mr. Brian M. Dizon

Mr. Gregory Eveslage

Ms. Carolyn S. Fultz-Farmer

Senator and Mrs. Ronald T. Grooms

Ms. Anna B. Dobay

Mr. James E. Eveslage

Ms. Betty J. Funk

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Groskreutz

Mr. Milton R. Dohoney, Jr.

Ms. Elizabeth O. Fadeji

Ms. Katherine V. Games

Dr. Stacie L. Grossfeld

Mr. John F. Doughty

Ms. Gail A. Fagan

Mr. Jeffrey A. Ganote

Dr. Linda C. Gugin

Dr. John Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley O. Faith

Mr. Don C. Garboden

Ms. Nancy A. Gulley

Ms. Catherine A. Dreier

Dr. Robin L. Fankhauser

Ms. Lea Ann Garbrough

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gunther

Mr. Jonathan J. Dugas

Ms. Beth Ferree

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gardner

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Hagest

Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Dugas

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fessel

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Gardner

Ms. Heather N. Hall

Mr. Carl J. Duggin

Ms. Phyllis A. Fick

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Gardner

Mr. Richard A. Hall

Ms. Carrie A. Durcholz

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Fielding

Ms. Phyllis E. Garmon

Ms. Rebecca L. Hall

Ms. Betty Durham

Ms. Teesue H. Fields

Ms. Mary Geary

Mr. Matthew J. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Durham

Ms. Beverly Fields

Ms. Robin L. Geiger

Mr. Bryan W. Hall

Ms. Jill A. Earley

Dr. and Mrs. John E. Findling

Mr. Matthew Gelhausen

Dr. Samantha M. Earley

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Finkbine

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Gentry

Mr.. Robert L. Hamilton and Dr. Janet Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Easterday

Mr. Jerome K. Finn

Mr. Jerry Gentry

Mr. Jordan M. Hamilton

Ms. Debra A. Eberle

Ms. Barbara J. Fischer

Ms. Leeann M. Geswein

Ms. Margaret D. Hammersmith

Ms. Jacob Eberling

Ms. Diane Fischer

Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Gibbons

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hammett

Ms. Karen Eberling

Ms. Jan M. Fleischer

Ms. Linda Leist Gibson

Ms. Jennifer M. Hancock

Mr. Aulton D. Eddings

Ms. Marsha L. Flock

Mr. Richard Gibson

Mr. Jeff Hand

Mr. Charles H. Edelen

Ms. Marjorie A. Flora

Ms. Margaret A. Gibson

Ms. Denise R. Harbeson

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Ehlers

Ms. Alicia M. Flowers

Mr. Christopher A. Gilbert

Ms. Paula S. Hardin

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Ehringer

Ms. Mary M. Forbes

Mr. Robert Gilewski

Ms. Arlene J. Hargrave

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Eichenberger

Mr. Alan J. Foreman

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Gillenwater, Jr.

Ms. Lorna S. Harold

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Elles

Dr. and Mrs. Kyle Forinash

Mr. John W. Gleitz

Drs. Kenneth and Ranida Harris

Mr. David Ellis

Ms. Beverly J. Forrey

Ms. Susan F. Glordan

Ms. Julie D. Harris

Ms. Amy I. Ellison

Dr. Terry B. Foster

Ms. Marilyn Glotzbach

Mr. Steven Harris

Mr. Edwin W. Ellmers

Ms. Tammy M. Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Goerlitz

Mr. Mychal Harris

Mr. Rowland E. Embry

Mr. and Mrs. Mr. William Fox

Mr. Norbert J. Goetzinger

Mr. Lucas Harry

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Emily

Mr. Clint H. Franklin

Dr. Joanna Goldstein

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hartstern, Jr.

Mr. Norman D. Emily

Ms. Eileen S. Franks

Mr. Richard L. Goldstein

Ms. Kimberly Hassman

Ms. Tracy M. Emily

Mr. Robert O. Franz

Ms. Marcella L. Goodin

Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. Hastings

Ms. Gail E. Emmert

Ms. Kristi Franz

Ms. Lydia R. Goss

Ms. Candice S. Hatfield

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Ems

Mr. Steve Franz

Ms. Kristin Goss

Dr. Elaine K. Haub

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Endler

Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Frederick

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Grannan

Mr. and Mrs. Mike G. Hauer

Ms. Sara L. Endler

Ms. Mary E. Frederick

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley A. Grauel

Mr. James Hawley

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. England

Ms. Laurel J. Fredrickson

Dr. Fay Ross Greckel

Ms. Angela K. Hegewald

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Epperson

Ms. Kathleen W. Free

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Green

Ms. Lara L. Heidorn

Mr. and Dr. Fred A. Ernstberger

Mr. Aaron J. Freed

Ms. Dawn M. Greenawalt

Mr. Carl J. Helmich, Jr.

Mr. Douglas F. Esamann

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Freiberger

Mr. Philip Hendershot

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Estep

Ms. Therese L. French

Mr. John Greenman and Ms. Carolyn B. Bates-Greenman

Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Ettel

Dr. Rick French

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Gregg

Ms. Mary E. Hendricks-Trueblood

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Evanczyk

Ms. Marilyn M. Fried

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan P. Gregg

Mr. James D. Henry

Ms. Lisa D. Henderson

Ms. Nisa A. Hensley

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett D. Hubbard

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Jolly

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Knaebel

Ms. Sarah H. Herberger

Mr. Randy D. Hubbard

Ms. Susan D. Jones

Ms. Linda S. Knies

Ms. Lydia M. Herin

Ms. Martha L. Hubbard

Ms. Phaedra A. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kobe

Mr. and Mrs. Roberto A. Hernandez

Ms. Rebecca A. Hubert

Mr. and Mrs. Lance A. Jones

Ms. Sue C. Kochert

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hershfield

Dr. Stanley R. Hubert

Mr. Dennis C. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne F. Koetter

Ms. Mary Lou Hess

Ms. Carol G. Hudelson

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Konkle

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Heyburn

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Huggins

Ms. Alice C. Jones

Mr. Melissa F. Konty

Ms. Rita Hight

Ms. Melanie E. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Jones

Ms. Rachael Meredith-Swann Koontz

Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Hilderbrand

Ms. Wanda L. Hughes

Ms. Kathlynn T. Kahl

Mr. Chester W. Korfhage

Ms. Stella M. Hill

Mr. Philip J. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kamer

Dr. Thomas D. Kotulak

Ms. Anita G. Hiller

Mr. Randy E. Hunt

Mr. Douglas Kannapell

Mr. John Koumoulides

Ms. Stephanie M. Hilles

Ms. Linda J. Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Kanning

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kovatch

Ms. Sharon Himmelheber

Ms. Janice Hurst

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kapso

Ms. Carolyn L. Kraft

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Hinkle

Ms. Montica B. Husband

Mr. and Mrs. Kent E. Karnes

Mr. Norman Kratz

Mr. Sean M. Hlavaty

Ms. Beth Huss

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kasse

Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Kraus

Mr. Kirk E. Hobbs

Dr. Kathryn S. Hutchens

Dr. and Mrs. James L. Kauffman

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Krauser

Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Hobson

Ms. Kay S. Hutchison

Ms. Anne M. Keehn

Mr. and Mrs. Galen D. Krumme

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hoehn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hutchison

Mr. Dennis J. Keibler

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Kugler

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hoerter

Mr. Lynn C. Hutton

Mr. James P. Keith

Mr. Mark D. La Barr

Mr. and Mrs C. Allan Hoffer

Ms. Janet Ibbotson

Ms. Connie S. Keith-Hardin

Mr. Joseph La Rocca

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Hoffman

Mr. Adam T. Jackson

Ms. Lillian M. Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Lacy

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Hole

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. LaDuke

Ms. Leti C. Holguin

Mr. Paul A. Jacobi

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Kemp

Mr. Christopher N. Lagrange

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Holler

Dr. James M. Jacobi

Ms. Connie L. Kemple

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Lamb

Mr. Ellis F. Hollerman

Mr. Joseph W. Jacobi, Sr.

Mr. Steve W. Kepley

Ms. Johanna G. Lambert

Dr.. and Mrs. Joseph E. Hollingsworth

Mr. Jeff Janes

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Kerr

Mr. Jack Landis

Ms. Diana G. Holman

Dr. Jo Ann Jansing

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin R. Kerr

Ms. Sarah E. Landmesser

Mr. Robert L. Holtz

Dr. Linda L. Jasper

Ms. Charlotte S. Key

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Lane

Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Holtz

Mr. John N. Jeffries

Mr. Charles L. Kiefer, Jr.

Mr. Wendell B. Lane

Ms. Edna M. Holz

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron C. Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Dan W. Kiel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Lane

Ms. Lindsay A. Horn

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Jenkins

Mr. James C. Kilgore

Mr. and Mrs. Neal T. Lang

Ms. Marla G. Hornback

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jenkins

Ms. Lyndsay R. Kimmick

Ms. Helen Lang

Ms. Yeun-Wen Hou

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Jenkins

Mr. George W. King

Mr. W. Christopher Lang

Ms. Ruth A. Houghton

Mr. Steven W. Jenkins

Ms. Fannie L. King

Dr. Carl E. Langenhop

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Howard

Ms. Mary A. Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. James G. King

Mr. Kent W. Lanum

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Howard

Ms. Paula J. Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen King

Ms. Sherrin Lapsey

Mr. Marcus Howard

Ms. Alba B Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Kingsley

Dr. David S. Lapsey

Ms. Cathy L. Howie

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Jerdonek

Ms. Michelle D. Kiper

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Laramore

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Hoyland

Ms. Susan C. Jewell

Ms. Gretchen Kirchner

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lasher

Ms. Nancy A. Hubbard

Ms. Tajana D. Johann

Dr. Courtney B. Kleber

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Lau

Ms. Maxine Johnson

Ms. Sharon R. Kleehamer

Ms. Michelle L. Law

Mr. and Mrs. Melford H. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kleehamer

Mr. William J. Leachman

Mr. Eric Johnson

Mr. Robert Klinglesmith and Ms. Donna

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Leezer

Mr. Chuck Johnson

McMahel Klinglesmith

Mr. Edward R. Leist

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Johnston

Dr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Knable, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lentz


p. 22

Ms. Joyce D. Lenz

Ms. Belinda J. Martin

Ms. Elizabeth L. McMahel

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Zary F. Lete

Mr. Michael D. Martin

Ms. Shirley A. McMonigle

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Morris

Mr. Michael W. Lett

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. McMonigle

Ms. Sheryl L. Morrissey

Mr. David C. Lett

Mr. James Martin and Ms. Adandra Torres-Martin

Mr. Wendell O. McQueary

Mr. and Mrs. Travis S. Mull

Ms. Joann Leuthart

Mr. David H. Martin

Mr. Michael W. McWilliams

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Muller

Mr. James E. Lewis, III

Mr. Larry A. Martin

Ms. Janice F. Mears

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Mullineaux

Ms. Cynthia Light

Mr. and Mrs. David Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Medlock

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Lincoln

Ms. Carol Martin

Ms. Delores Mertl

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Murphy

Ms. Karen K. Lind

Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Messina

Dr. Gloria J. Murray

Mr. Chris M. Lindley

Ms. Theresa Martinez

Mr. Mark D. Meyer

Ms. Molly H. Myles Bundy

Ms. Kay F. Lindsey

Mr. Michael S. Mason

Mr. and Mrs. Andres J. Meyer

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Nale

Ms. June R. Lindsey

Mr. Thomas D. Massman

Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Middleton

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Lingafelter

Ms. Sueanna I. Masterson

Mr. and Mrs. Darron R. Mikesell

Mr. Ronald Nash and Ms. Susan Marguet

Dr. Robert D. Lipsey

Mr. Robert Masterson

Ms. Rebecca Miles

Dr. and Mrs. Bahman Nassim

Ms. Becky M. Litterst

Ms. Nadine Mathena

Mr. and Mrs. Jerrol Z. Miles

Mr. Joseph W. Naville, Jr.

Mr. Donald L. Locke

Ms. Sharon M. Mathes

Mr. Phillip E. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Lohmeyer

Ms. Janet Matthews

Ms. Rita N. Miller

The Honorable and Mrs. Michael G. Naville

Ms. Demerese A. Lomond

Ms. Carole A. Mattingly

Mr. and Mrs. P. James Miller, II

Ms. Kristin M. Lomond

Ms. Donna Y. Mattingly

Mr. Christopher J. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Longest

Ms. Liz Maupin

Mr. and Mrs. Mose R. Miller

Ms. Amy L. Lorch

Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Maxwell

Mr. Brady K. Miller

Ms. Tricia M. Losey

Mr. Maurice R. May

Ms. Beth Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Lovan

Ms. Myndi May

Ms. Karen S. Milligan

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lucas

Mr. Roger Maynard

Mr. Eric J. Milliner

Ms. Joyce Luney

Mr. Raymond E. McBride

Ms. Michelle L. Mires

Ms. Donna J. Luther

Ms. Shirley M. McCamish

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Mitchell

Ms. Erin M. MacKenzie

Ms. Misty J. McCammack

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Eberhard Mackin

Mr. Timothy L. McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Miville

Ms. Barbara E. Madden

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh V. McGannon

Ms. Karen S. Modisett

Ms. Johanna H. Mader

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McGarvey

Dr. Susan Moffett

Mr. Paul L. Madinger, III

Mr. Terry McGlothlin, Sr.

Ms. Elizabeth Monahan

Mr. and Mrs. D. Jack Mahuron

Mr. Robert F. McGonnell

Mr. Richard A. Money

Ms. Katherine M. Majot

Ms. Wanda M. McGuiggan

Mr. Patrick S. Montgomery

Mr. and Mrs J. Bartlett Makowsky

Mr. and Mrs. B. Duvon McGuire

Ms. Mary E. Moore

Ms. Aebeer J. Mallick

Mr. Daniel J. McHugh

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Moore

Mr. David J. Malone

Ms. Judy A. McIntosh

Mr. Alan Moore

Dr. Lawrence R. Mand

Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. McKechnie

Mr. William L. Moore

Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Manship

Ms. Ashley N. McKenzie

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moore

Mr. Todd Manson

Mr. Lindy L. McKim

Mr. J. Patrick More

Mr. Ghansham M. Manwani

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. McKim

Ms. Jennifer R. Morehous

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I. Marguet

Mr. and Mrs. James F. McKinney, III

Ms. Teresa J. Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Markland

Mr. Edward R. McLane, Sr.

Ms. Sondra B. Morris

Ms. Janet L. Marlin

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. McLaughlin

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Morris

Ms. Tenesha B. Marshall

Ms. Janice S. McMahan

Mr. Leslie D. Morris

Ms. Candace M. Martens

Mr. Donald E. McMahel

Mr. Glen A. Morris

Dr. and Mrs. Bogdan Nedelkoff Ms. Vicki L. Neeley Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Neely Ms. B J. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. James K. Nett Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Nett Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Newbanks Mr. Kyle D. Newby Mr. and Mrs. Garry R. Newby Ms. Sally Newkirk Mr. and Mrs. Trent Nichols Mr. Richard Nielsen Mr. and Mrs. Howell Niren Mr. Charles P. Noon Ms. Tammra J. Nordhoff Mr. and Mrs. William B. Nunn Mr. James P. Ohlmann Mr. Brian L. Okeefe Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Olsson Mr. James T. O’Neal Ms. Carolyn S. Oppel Mr. Christopher R. Orben Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Oster Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Ott Mr. and Mrs. Maurice C. Owen Ms. Nola M. Page Mr. John L. Pait Ms. Angela Parker Ms. Martha Parker

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Parris

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Potter

Ms. Marla J. Richart

Dr. Walter Ryan

Ms. Barbara Passafiume

Ms. Andrea D. Powell

Ms. Patricia L. Richey

Ms. Susan T. Saint-Lockhart

Dr. Thomas G. Patterson

Ms. Myra Wright Powell

Mr. Joshua Richie

Dr. Angela M. Salas

Dr. Sandra Patterson-Randles

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Powers

Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Ricke

Mr. J. Lemoine Patty

Mr. Paul David Prather

Ms. Victoria A. Riddle

The Honorable and Mrs. Carlton E. Sanders

Mr. Todd A. Paxton

Mr. and Mrs. F. Franklin Price

Ms. Tabatha M. Ridings

Mr. Theodore A. Sands

Ms. Judith A. Payne

Ms. Patricia Pickerill Prichard

Ms. Kathleen Ridings

Mr. Jeffrey J. Sands

Ms. Lisa K. Payne

Ms. Vicki L. Prince

Ms. Laverne S. Sarles

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Payne

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Prinz

Mr. Kyle R. Ridout and Dr. Susan K. Ridout

Mr. Joshua Pearman

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Pruett

Ms. Jane E. Riehl

Ms. Mary A. Savage

Mr. Craig A. Peay

Ms. Betty Pruitt

Ms. Rose S. Riehm

Ms. Norma J. Savage

Ms. Shellie R. Pence

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis U. Pry, Jr.

Mr. Richard R. Ries

Mr. Thomas M. Sawyer

Mr. and Mrs J. Gordon Pendleton

Ms. Barbara S. Pulliam

Ms. Anna M. Riggle

Mr. Fred V. Schablik

Ms. Janet Penn

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pyzocha

Ms. Judy N. Riggs

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Schad

Mr. Joe W. Perkinson

Ms. Tia L. Quinkert

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Riggs

Dr. and Mrs D. Eric Schansberg

Mr. William C. Perrine

Dr. Kathleen A. Quinkert

Ms. Julie Riley

Mr. and Mrs. Karl K. Scharrer

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Peter

Ms. Tiffany R. Quinn

Ms. Martha J. Ritz

Ms. Nancy K. Scharrer

Mr. Phil L. Peters

Ms. Anne M. Ragains

Ms. Jo Ann Robbins

Ms. Juanita K. Schickel

Dr. and Mrs. Curtis H. Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Raizor, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Roberts

Mr. Joseph M. Schickel

Mr. William C. Petranoff

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Ramaekers

Mr. Gregory Roberts

Mr. Robert Schilling

Mr. John Pettit

Ms. Dorothy J. Ramp

Mr. Mark B. Robertson

Mr. James M. Schindler

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Petty

Ms. Carolyn K. Randolph

Ms. Paula M. Robinson

Ms. Alice J. Schleicher

Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Pfau, Jr.

Ms. Carolyn A. Randolph

Mr. James W. Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Schneider

Ms. Margaret M. Pfeifer

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk A. Randolph

Ms. Phyllis A. Robinson

Ms. Danielle M. Schocke

Mr. Kurt S. Phegley

Mr. Norbert A. Rawert, Jr.

Ms. Lela H. Roby

Mr. Michael J. Schook

Ms. Oneita S. Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas T. Ray

Mr. Jerry L. Rodgers

Mr. Ralph L. Schowe

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Phillips

Mr. David G. Reazin

Ms. Monique J. Rogers

Mr. Leonard C. Schrank

Dr. and Mrs. Blaine J. Pinaire

Mr. Carl R. Reckelhoff

Mr. James R. Rogge, Jr.

Ms. Angela L. Schroeder

Ms. Traci L. Pirtle

Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Reel

Ms. Lisa A. Romeo

Mr. and Mrs. Phil R. Schroer

Ms. Luise K. Pluskota

Mr. Lee T. Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Rosbottom

Mr. Jason C. Schroering

Ms. Mattie J. Poling

Ms. Jacquelyn C. Reid, Ed.D.

Ms. Sarah E. Rose

Ms. Emily Schuhmann

Ms. Carol J. Poling

Ms. Susan H. Reigler

Ms. Sherell L. Roseberry

Mr. Francis D. Schuler

Dr. Charles L. Pooser

Ms. Elizabeth A. Reilly

Mr. and Mrs. Morris J. Rosenbaum

Mr. Brian A. Schultz

Mr. Michael G. Pope

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Reinhardt

Mr. Richard A. Rosenberry

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Pope

Dr. and Mrs. John E. Reisert

Ms. Anita F. Ross-Parker

Mr. Dave Scott

Ms. Denise M. Popp

Ms. Elizabeth Reisz

Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Roudenbush

Mr. Rodney L. Scott

Ms. Bertita Posey

Mr. Joe E. Renck, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Rowe

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Scroggin

Mr. Dane A. Poteet

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Reyman

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley T. Seacat

Mr. Gary A. Potter

Ms. Barbara K. Reynolds

Mr. Michael Rowe and Dr. Sara Denzinger-Rowe

Ms. Dorothy Potter

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Reynolds

Ms. Elizabeth Rueschhoff

Ms. Lisa M. Seifried

Ms. Mary B. Ruoff

Ms. Sandra L. Seitz

Ms. Carrie Ruth

Ms. Carroll Senior

Mr. Jonathan A. Ruth

Ms. Beverly A. Serbousek

Col. and Mrs. William Ryall, USA (Ret.)

Mr. Aaron T. Setterdahl

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Ryan

Mr. Wayne A. Severson

Ms. Monica S. Richard Mr. Trey Richard Ms. Connie M. Richards


p. 24

Ms. Barbara J. Richards Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Richards

Mr. Todd A. Satterly

Drs. Edwin and Marcia Segal

Mr. Ronald E. Severtis, Jr.

Ms. Shirley A. Snapp

Dr. Louise F. Suleiman

Ms. Margaret L. Vance

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Shaffer

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg R. Snyder

Mr. Ryan Sullivan

Ms. Cynthia S. Vanderbur

Ms. Flower H. Shaffstall

Ms. Mallary Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sutherland

Ms. Julie A. Vanmeter

Ms. Mary K. Shaughnessy

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sodrel

Ms. Megan Sutherland

Mr. Gordon Shaw

Ms. Carol Lynn Somplatsky-Jarman

Mr. Norton Sutherland

Mr. Darin Vaughn and Ms. Anne Keeney

Dr. Catherine A. Shea

Ms. Elizabeth Sosa

Ms. Courtney A. Suyeyasu

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Vernia

Mr. Brian A. Shean

Mr. Diana Spaulding

Ms. Diane E. Swank

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vogt

Ms. Sandra J. Shearer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Spicer

Dr. William E. Sweigart

Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Volmer

Ms. Laura M. Sheets

Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Spitznagel

Mr. and Mrs. James K. Sylvester

Mr. Benjamin T. Vonderschmitt

Mr. Jason M. Shelley

Ms. Debbie L. Tackett

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Vowels, Sr.

Mr. Ronald M. Shelton

Mr. Arun Srinivasan and Ms. Caroline Machado

Ms. Susan E. Talbert

Ms. Cynthia Voyles

Ms. Patricia J. Shields

Dr. James E. St. Clair

Mr. Kenneth R. Taurman, Jr.

Ms. Joellen Voyles

Mrs. Jane Shine

Ms. Mary B. Stallard

Ms. Chelsea Taylor

Mr. John D. Voyles

Ms. Sondra Shinnamon

Mr. S J. Stallings, Jr.

Mr. Samuel R. Taylor

Ms. Luann M. Vuckson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Shireman

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Stamper

Mr. Bryan Taylor and Dr. Kevin Bailey

Mr. John Walczak

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Shive

Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Staton

Dr. and Ms. David W. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Walden

Mr. Walter B. Shively

Ms. Marguerite Stearns

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Tempel

Mr. and Mrs. Jack K. Waldrip

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Shockey

Ms. Connie Steffey

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Templeton

Ms. Donna J. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. William Shrewsberry

Ms. DeeAnne Stein

Mr. Emir Tenic

Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Walker

Ms. Carol R. Shrewsbury

Mr. Nick Stein, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Theriault

Mr. Stephen C. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Sibley

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Steinfeld

Ms. Teresa A. Thixton

Mr. Aaron P. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Stem

Mr. Philip A. Thomas

Ms. Nancy J. Walker

Ms. Theresa A. Simms

Mr. Erich H. Stem

Mr. Walter S. Thomas

Mr. Brad Walker

Ms. V. Ann Dean Simpson

Ms. Nona K. Stephenson

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Thomas

Mr. Dan Walker

Ms. Therese M. Sirles

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Stewart

Mr. Daryn S. Thompson

Dr. Julia W. Wallace

Ms. Patricia G Sisloff

Mr. T. Scott Stewart

Mr. Robert P. Thurston

Mr. Bryan P. Walsh

Ms. Cathy L. Skelton

Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Stiefler

Ms. Mary Elise Tighe

Mr. Kevin C. Walsh

Ms. Anne M. Skuce

Mr. Andrew N. Stillman

Mr. Daniel C. Tingle

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Wanke

Mr. Bob Smalling

Mr. and Mrs. Jay N. Stillman

Dr. Manuel A. Tipgos

Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Warth

Mr. Stephen G. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Stilwell

Mr. and Mrs. Jessie E. Tomes, Sr.

Dr. Tanalee T. Wasson

Ms. Rebecca S. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Stinson

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Totten

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Waterman

Mr. and Mrs. Troy L. Smith

Mr. Rick Stoess

Mr. and Mrs. C. Stuart Townsend

Ms. Mary A. Waterman

Ms. Denise A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Scott S. Stone

Ms. Mary J. Trester

Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Waters

Mr. Stephen J. Smith

Mr. William A. Stoops

Ms. Jill M. Triplett

Mr. and Mrs. James Wathen

Mr. Jerry W. Smith

Ms. Donna R. Stout

Ms. Stephany R. Tucker

Ms. Irma V. Watkins

Ms. Annie G. Smith

Mr. Brett C. Stoy

Mr. Michael V. Turley

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Watkins

Ms. Rosemary H. Smith

Ms. Katherine K. Strebel

Ms. Sherry L. Turner

Ms. Brenda J. Watson

Ms. Alice S. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Stroble, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Turner

Ms. Melissa K. Watts

Ms. Cynthia J. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Struck

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Uhl

Mr. and Mrs. Dana C. Wavle

Mr. Lloyd S. Smith

Mr. Stephen M. Strunk

Mr. Anthony R. Uhl

Mr. Dent Way

Ms. Connie J. Smith

Ms. Darlene M. Stumler

Mr. Harlan F. Uhl

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Wayne

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Smith

Mr. David J. Stumler

Mr. Samuel E. Uhl

Ms. Elizabeth A. Weaver

Mr. Aaron Smith

Ms. Joyce Sturgill

Mr. Dennis G. Underwood

Ms. Janice L. Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Smith

Mr. Jonathon Sturgill

Ms. Amy S. Valimont

Mr. Larry A. Wehr

Ms. Guinever Smith

Mr. Jonathan Sturgill

Ms. Linda M. Van Hook

Ms. Jean N. Weil

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Weimer

Mr. and Mrs. Martin B. Wiseman

Brown Hotel

Emerson Charitable Trust

Ms. Jan L. Weimer

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Wisman

Brown-Forman Corporation

Endris Jewelers

Ms. Melissa A. Weissinger

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Wisman

The Bullpen of KY, LLC.

Essential Oil University, LLC.

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Welch

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Woehrle

Burger King

The Estopinal Group, LLC.

Mr. Dennis E. Welch

Mr. John J. Woehrle, Sr.

Capriole, Inc.

Falls of the Ohio Foundation

Ms. Catherine Wenning

Dr. James J. Woeppel

Care-Pets Animal Hospital, PC.

First Harrison Bank

Ms. Lorna Wenning

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Wolf

Central Music

First Savings Bank, F.S.B.

Ms. Patricia A. Wernert

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Wolfe

Chatham Facial Plastic Surgery

Floyd County Jail Inmate Trust II

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Wert

Ms. Gloria M. Wood

Churchill Downs, Inc.

Mr. Darrell Weslander

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Woodling

City of Jeffersonville

Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services

Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Whaley

Mr. and Mrs. David Woods

City of New Albany

Fountain Woods Homeowners

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Wheat

Ms. Deanna C. Wooley

Clark Memorial Hospital


Ms. Amy R. Whistler

Ms. Sharon K. Wright

Frame It Fast

Mr. and Mrs. James White

Ms. Rhonda L. Wrzenski

Clark/Floyd Counties Convention & Tourism Bureau

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Whitworth

Dr. P. Annette Wyandotte

Clear Channel Communications

Fraternal Order of Police - Lee Deich

Mr. Robert A. Widman

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Yankey

Click Portrait Studio

Memorial No. 99

Ms. Jill J. Wiegman

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Yellina


Frazier International History Museum

Ms. Bonnie L. Wilcox

Ms. Barbara H. Yochum

The Coca-Cola Company

French Lick Resort Casino

Mr. and Mrs. L. Dean Wilder

Mr. Steven Yochum

Cody & Neely

Fund for the Arts

Mr. Charles A. Wiley

Mr. Robert E. York

Comedy Caravan

Dr. and Mrs. Morris M. Wilhelm

Mr. and Mrs. Danny F. Yost

Ms. Kathleen I. Wilkerson

Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Yost

Community Foundation of Jackson County, Inc.

Fuzzy Zoeller’s Covered Bridge Golf Club

Mr. Justin Wilkerson

Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Young

Community Foundation of Southern Indiana

GE Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wilkerson

Mr. and Mrs. Alphonso Young

Conrad Music Service

Ms. Monta S. Wilkins

Ms. K. Jane Younger

George Pfau’s Sons Company, Inc.

Coothbrush, Inc.

Ms. Erin Wilkins

Mr. and Mrs. Kerry V. Zimmerman

Greater SAC AAZK

Core Capital, Inc.

Dr. Diane E. Wille

Mr. Mark A. Zimmerman

Greencraft Corp.

The Courier-Journal

Ms. Gail L. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Zoeller, Sr.

GT, Inc.

Cox Media Group

Ms. Kristina D. Williams

Ms. Donna S. Zutt

Habana Blues

Crowne Plaza

Hama Corporation

Culbertson Mansion

Harrison County Community

Ms. Carolyn H. Williams

Frank C Denzinger FOP Lodge 171

The Galt House Hotel & Suites Genesis Diamonds

Ms. Susan D. Williams

Business and Corporate Gifts

D. A., Inc.

Mr. Gordon L. Williams

Aebersold Florist


Dell Computer Corporation

Mr. Eric L. Williams

Alice J. Schleicher Inc.

Deming Malone Livesay & Ostroff

The Hazel & Walter T Bales Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Cory L. Williams

American Society of Women

Dependable Coatings Corporation

Heaven Hill Distilleries

Ms. Sally A. Williar

Accountants Scholarship Fund

Derby Dinner Playhouse

Hidden Creek Golf Club

Ms. Dulcie A. Willis

Arthur Murray Dance Studio

DJ & W Farms

Hitachi Cable Indiana, Inc.

Ms. Marietta C. Willman

AVI Foodsystems, Inc.

Donald B & Mary B Stallard Trust

The Home Depot

Drs. J. Brad and Kimberlie Wilson

Beef O’Bradys

Dorothy J Ramp Revocable Trust

Hoosier Hills Hoops, LLC.

Mr. Max A. Wineinger

Bennett and Bennett Insurance, Inc. Beta Gamma Sigma, Inc.

Dr. J Brad Wilson & Dr Kim Badell Wilson, Inc.

Hoppenjans Trucking, LLC.

Mr. Jon W. Wiseman

Big Al’s Charity Thrift Store, LLC.

Dr. Restoration, LLC.

Horseshoe Southern Indiana

Big O Tires

Duke Energy Foundation

Hotel Del Coronado

Big Ring Media Team, Inc.

Duke Energy

Hotel Hershey

Bluegrass Kesco, Inc.

Dynamic Management Services, Inc.

Howard Steamboat Museum

Broadmoor Hotel

Eli Lilly & Company

Huber’s Orchard & Winery


p. 26

Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County

IBM International Foundation

Lorch Naville Ward, LLC.

Reisert Insurance, Inc.

Walt Disney World

Indiana American Water Company, Inc.

Louisville Ballet

Republic Bancorp

Indiana University Alumni Association

Louisville Bats

Ricke & Associates

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort

Indiana University Southeast

Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau

Ritz Revocable Trust

Warren D. Volmer Rev. Trust

Institute of Internal Auditors

Louisville Corporate Services, Inc.

River City Winery

Integrity HR, Inc.

Louisville Orchestra

River Valley Financial Bank

Washington County Community Foundation

Indiana University Alumni Association

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

Rodefer Moss & Co., PLLC.

Chapter Louisville, KY/Southern Indiana

Louisville Zoo

Rookies Cookies

IU Southeast Alumni Association

Luckett & Farley Architects & Engineers

Rotary Club of New Albany

IU Southeast English Department

Lumley Enterprises

Scarlet Snow Jewelry

Wooded Glen Retreat and Conference Center

IU Southeast Music & Theatre Department

MAC Construction & Excavating, Inc.


Xtreme Transportation, LLC.

Macy’s Foundation

Schmitt Furniture Co. Inc.

IU Southeast Paul W. Ogle Cultural & Community Center

Yamamoto FB Engineering, LLC.

Main Line Broadcasting

Young’s Shoe Service, Inc.

Majestic Homes

Seabrook Dieckmann & Naville Funeral Homes Inc.

Market Street Inn

Seymour Pediatrics

Your Community Bank Charitable Foundation, Inc.

The Marketing Company

Shall We Dance

Your Community Bank

Ivy Tech Foundation

Marriott Louisville Downtown

Zeon Chemicals USA, Inc.

Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc.

Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.

Sigma Theta Tau International Alpha Chapter

Jasba Jewelry

Mathes Pharmacy

Jeffersonville F.O.P Lodge #100

Memo Investors, LLC.

Southern Indiana Realtors Association, Inc.

Joe Huber’s Family Farm & Restaurant

Merck Company Foundation

Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital

John G Shedd Aquarium

Michael and Janice Bennett Trust

Southern Wine & Spirits of Indiana

Joseph W and Shirley A Jacobi Trust

Midwest Systems & Services, Inc.

Spectrum Graphics

Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana Inc

Monroe Shine & Co., Inc., CPAs

Squire Boone Caverns

Kaiser Tobacco Store

Morton’s Auto and Truck Repair

State Auto Insurance Group

KAT Construction, Inc.

Mountain City Audio

Stites & Harbison PLLC.

Kathleen A. Quinkert Living Trust

Mountjoy Chilton Medley, LLP.

Stock Yards Bank & Trust

Keg Liquors

Mr Kleanzit Cleaning Services

Sweet Stuff Bakery

Kenneth R Taurman Jr., Attorney At Law

Mytex Polymers

Target Stores, Inc.

Nance Floral Shoppe

Taxexpress Center, Inc.

Kentucky Derby Museum

Techshot, Inc.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau

Kightlinger & Gray, LLP.

Network for Good

Kiwanis Club of New Albany

New Albany Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical, Inc.

IU Southeast School of Business IU Southeast School of Natural Sciences

Koch Family Children’s Museum of Evansville

Signature Mortgage

Texas Roadhouse, Inc. Todd Coleman’s Classic Furniture Todd Paxton, Inc.

New Middletown Lions Club

Tradition Title Agency, LLC.

Koerber Fine Jewelry

Norton Healthcare

Trustees of Indiana University

Koetter Construction, Inc.

Oates Flag and Specialty Co, Inc.

Tyrus L Kaufman Living Trust

Koetter Woodworking

Orthopaedic Specialists, PLLC.

Ulrich and Vidra LLC.

Kratz Sporting Goods, Inc.

Palmer Roofing and Sheet Metal

United Community Bank

L&D Mail Masters, Inc.

Paoli Peaks, Inc.

Ursuline Sisters Motherhouse


Paul Ogle Foundation, Inc.

Ursuline Sisters St. Ann’s

Leadership Southern Indiana

PC Building Materials

V.G. Reed & Sons, Inc.

LG&E and KU Energy, LLC.

PNC Bank Indiana

W M Kelley Company, Inc.

Libs Paving Company, Inc.

Pure Chic Salon

Walnut Ridge Greenhouses, Inc.

Rauch, Inc.

Walt Disney Company Foundation

Wash-O-Rama Wick’s Pizza Parlor Women Aware, Inc.

IU Southeast is one of eight campuses of Indiana University. In 2012, the beautiful 180-acre campus was the academic home to more than 6,900 students and more than 400 staff and faculty members. Six schools make up the academic core of IU Southeast: Arts and Letters, Business, Education, Natural Sciences, Nursing, and Social Sciences. With more than 50 degree programs and concentrations, IU Southeast is one of the largest institutions of higher education in the Greater Louisville Metropolitan region. The campus was founded in 1941 as the Falls City Area Center, an extension of IU Bloomington. It operated out of Room 33 at Jeffersonville High School, and IU classes were offered in classrooms at area high schools. By 1968, the name IU Southeast was adopted. In 1972, IU Southeast moved from Jeffersonville to its present campus on Grant Line Road in New Albany.


p. 28

FEATURED: Bernardo Carducci, p. 4

Heather Taylor, p. 8

Bernie is a Professor of Psychology and Director of the Shyness Research Institute. His research has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, and CBS This Morning.

Heather is a senior from New Albany, Ind. She is majoring in geosciences with a concentration in geology. She works with volunteer programs and with the Office of Campus Life.

Dana Gohmann, p. 4

Graham Gohmann, p. 9

Dana is an academic advisor for the School of Social Sciences. A Louisville, Ky., native, she has worked at IU Southeast for six years.

Graham is a graphic designer in University Communications. A New Albany, Ind. native, he has worked at IU Southeast for six years.

Roger McClellan, p. 4

Ryan Malone, p. 9

Roger is a Desktop/AV Technician with University Information Technology Services and a student at IU Southeast.

Ryan is a junior from Merrillville, Ind. He is majoring in psychology. He is an orientation leader with Crimson Crew and works in Campus Life.

Micaela Dale, p. 5

Joshua Crase, p. 10

Micaela is a senior from Louisville, Ky. She is majoring in business with a concentration in marketing. She is the senior orientation leader for the Crimson Crew.

Uzma Syeda, p. 6

Kimberly Jamros, p. 10

Uzma is a freshman from Jeffersonville, Ind. She plans to major in psychology and is a graduate of Jeffersonville High School.

Kim is a senior from Sellersburg, Ind. She is majoring in business with a concentration in accounting and works in Accounting Services on campus.

Alan Laffoon, p. 6

Richard Madley, p. 11

Alan is a senior from Louisville, Ky. He is majoring in computer science and is a member of the IU Southeast Autonomous Robotics Laboratory.

Richard is a senior from New Albany, Ind. He is majoring in geosciences with a concentration in geography and is president of the Student Alumni Association and a student veteran.

Emma Pollard, p. 6

Isaac Jackson, p. 12

Emma is the 4-year-old daughter of IU Southeast student and Office of Institutional Research and Assessment employee Taryn Goller.

Isaac is a sophomore from Trafalgar, Ind. He is majoring in business with a concentration in economics, public policy and finance. He is a member of the men’s tennis team.

Millicent Stiefler, p. 7 Millicent is one of IU Southeast’s greatest supporters. Along with her husband, Norman, she has generously donated funding for student scholarships and the Ogle Center.


Josh is a junior from Sellersburg, Ind. He is majoring in biology and is in the Student Alumni Association. His father, Dr. John Crase, B.A. ‘91, is a member of the IU Southeast Alumni Board.

Morgan Heldt-Davis, p. 12 Morgan is a sophomore from Francisco, Ind. She is majoring in biology and is a member of the Honors Program. She is a Community Advisor in the IU Southeast Lodges.

Norman Stiefler, p. 7

Jansen Foster, p. 13

Norman is a member of the IU Southeast Board of Advisors and one of IU Southeast’s biggest supporters. Along with his wife, Millicent, he has generously donated funding for student scholarships and the Ogle Center.

Jansen is a senior from Eckerty, Ind. She is majoring in business with a concentration in human resource management and recently completed an internship with Steel Technologies in Louisville.

Meaghen Tompkins, p. 8

Jay White, p. 13

Meaghen is a junior from Louisville, Ky. She is majoring in nursing and is a member of the IU Southeast volleyball team.

Jay is the Dean of the School of Business at IU Southeast and served as a judge at the Entrepreneurship Academy this summer.

p. 30

STAFF & ADMINISTRATION: Erica Walsh, Editor and Writer

Barbara Bichelmeyer

Erica is the Public Relations Specialist for University Communications.

Barbara is the Interim Chancellor of IU Southeast.

Graham Gohmann, Designer

Uric Dufrene

Graham is the Graphic Designer for University Communications.

Uric is the Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at IU Southeast.

Bob Corum, Art Director

Dana Wavle

Bob is the Senior Graphic Designer for University Communications.

Dana is the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs at IU Southeast.

Pat Pfister, Photographer

Jason Meriwether

Pat is the owner of Pfoto and a longtime photographer for IU Southeast.

Jason is the Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at IU Southeast.

Jenny Johnson Wolf

Jerry Wayne

Jenny is the Director of University Communications.

Jerry is the Interim Vice Chancellor for Alumni and Community Relations.

SPECIAL THANKS: Rebecca Barnwell Chris Crews Emylie Cox Ken Eberhart Donna Harvey Monica Haynes Brittany Hubbard Trey Lewis Lark Mullins Thomas Sawyer Tanlee Wasson Melissa Weissinger Patricia Winlock

HOW TO GIVE With your help, we can improve the education of our community now and for future generations. Make a difference by making your gift today. Gifts by Mail Make checks payable to: IU Foundation Mail to: Indiana University Southeast Office of Development 4201 Grant Line Road New Albany, IN 47150 Online Giving Use your credit or debit card to make a gift to IU Southeast through the IU Foundation’s secure website at Click “Give Now” at the top of the screen and follow the instructions below. Online gifts via credit card are processed through the IU Foundation in Bloomington. For more information, please visit our website at You can also contact the Office of Development at (812) 941-2464.



Indiana University Southeast, Annual Report 2012-13


Indiana University Southeast, Annual Report 2012-13