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Your Life! Your Water! World Wide Global Brand HYUNDAI Wacortec, co., Ltd

POU water coolers with optional inline filter system (Clean water for family's health!! Alive water) Model Number : HWJ-110

Listing Description

* Point of Use Water Cooler * Drink safe & Clean water * UF filter system, RO filter system, Nano filter system * by compressor cooling system

* Patented characteristic design!

High quality product exported to over 50 countries

* Luxury Swarovski jewelry design!!

High class Swarovski which has various colors and is active Shiny and beautiful light brings more luxury.

* Excellent water purification effect

It provides clean and pure water which pass the perfect 4 stages water purification system.

* Interior design

Clean and trusty White & Black colors make High quality interior ambience.

* Convenience

Easy to use Cold water and Hot water selectively.

* Prevention of burn

Application of double safety cock prevents a burn by wrong operation of children.

* 2 types of power saving switches

Application of Individual switches for hot water & power supply.

- Water Flow Channel -

POU Water Cooler  

Water Purifier Inline Filter System