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Who we are

Our mission is to raise funds for the development projects in Africa and India, but at the same time to have a positive impact in Europe, as well.

We are fourteen Humana organizations and social enterprises from Europe connected with the International Federation Humana People to People. In 2016, members of the Federation worked in 45 countries on five continents reaching more than 15.5 million people across 1153 development projects worldwide. Therefore, the purpose of Humana Europe is to raise funds through clothes collection and second-hand clothes shops in various European counties: Portugal, Spain, UK, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria. Beside supporting development projects in Africa and India, Humana Europe have a positive impact in different European countries, as well, through projects and activities like 'Cultivating Climate and Community' project in Spain or the environmental impact through the reuse of the used textiles.



cultivating climate and community

Our urban and social agriculture program in Spain and Portugal

Harvesting in 3C Madrid

Humana works towards community development by supporting people, commitment to the environment, social responsibility and sustainability. Through 3C, we seek to combine these values by bringing together a comprehensive program and a field of 2,000 m².

How we are doing it?

        

Obtain a 2,000m² field Select activists Practical and theoretical training 15 activists + family 22 workshops (over 2 years) Individual piece of land of 32 m² Communal area Communal tasks Independent and sustainable team

Group of Activists in 3C Leganes

3C Cultivating Climate and Community

11 projects in 2 countries


activists and participants involved More than

23000 m² urban land used

Now is our 3C Calella

Day 1 3C Calella

Community action at 3C Calella

Production for self-consumption

Sustainable and ecological cultivation

Recovery of urban environments

Optimize local resources

Build strong relationships with community

We provide activists with tools to grow their own healthy and varied food by working together and learning the skills required to maintain an organic garden.


Activities with schools for promoting the respect for our environment through organic farming; responsible consumption; social cohesion and citizen participation

The goal of this program is to work together for a more sustainable world, supporting those who want to build community, integrate into a local project and promote ecological and respectful agriculture.

Other examples of community support initiatives Humana Portugal has an agreement with the municipality of Barreiro to donate part of the income generated through the clothes collection in their area to local solidarity institutions that promote and support the development of innovative projects. Humana Portugal delivers the check to the Social Solidarity Association "Os Reguilas" of the Municipality of Barreiro in 2018 Humana Spain offers to all collaborators in Catalonia, Madrid and Andalusia and the surrounding areas the opportunity to reverse some of the clothes and shoes collected in their municipalities to their own citizens. Through the project Clothing Support Voucher

2054 beneficiaries appointed by the Municipalities have received a gift card worth â‚Ź 30

Humana Italy is already at the third edition of the event Investment in Education in Albano Laziale, Italy. During the event, 51

scholarships were offered to the students from the schools in Albano who finished the semester with the best grade. Humana Italy will continue to invest in education, because it is the right path toward becoming well informed citizens.

CLOTHES DONATIONS There are good reasons for why donating clothing to others in great needs. When you give people access to clothes, you give them more than a protection from the cold. You give them an ability to socialize and feel dignified. Humana Bulgaria has donated clothes to many different institutions in Bulgaria.

Donation to a Institution for men with mental disabilities, Bulgaria

Donations of clothes UFF Finland Every autumn for the past 15 years there has been a popular movement to end poverty in Finland called The night of the homeless. As cold winter arrives to Finland, it is essential to help provide warm winter clothing for the homeless. UFF has donated to this cause in various cities.


Humana Portugal delivered 1,4 tons of clothing and textiles to Artillery Regiment 4 as part of a solidarity campaign that ran from June 23 to 29 to support those affected by the forest fire that broke out in the area of Pedrogao Grande, Portugal

Campaign of collection of clothes, shoes and accessories made by HUMANA People to People Italy for the children affected by the earthquake in Amatice, Italy. The campaign was part of the project ‘Velino for Children’ carried out by employed teams of psychologists and psychotherapists specialized in emergency psychology, management of anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder, which performed various counseling and training activities.

Donation of clothes to an Institution for women with mental disabilities , Bulgaria

Other Clothes Donations Clothes for Refugees in:

Clothes for Homeless People in:

Clothes for Disadvantage People in:


United Kingdom










Group Picture of the staff and their family members that participate in sorting the clothes for donations

Donation to a Institution for men with mental disabilities, Bulgaria

Toy donation for children with mental and physical disabilities, Bulgaria

Romania Picture Toy donation for children with mental and physical disabilities, Romania

Romania Picture


FOOTBALL FOR PEACE AND INTEGRATION in Austria We bring people together via sports to compete for integration. The idea is growing and growing and so far we reached the number of 200 players every year. The next step is to organize a World Cup for armatures where people can connect and enjoy sport.

Humana Italy offer economical support to the sport association Briantea 84 in Cantu, Italy who work alongside with disabled persons for promoting the sport as a tool for integration.

Something about UFF Norway and the support for the sport club Picture

Everybody should enjoy sport

Solidarity Tennis, Portugal

HUMANA Culture Raising Awareness by Human Dialogue

Roma-girls dancing on International HUMANA Day

After 30 years of development cooperation, HUMANA Austria decided to demonstrate that Africa with its immeasurable capability has so much more to offer than hunger, disease, poverty and war. To raise awareness for development issues in the Austrian public and make them familiar with the work of HUMANA People to People a new concept was born:

‘Cultural Ambassador’ Karim Thiam Tama and Mary Broadcast, two passionate musicians who come from two opposite corners of the world – Senegal and Upper Austria – met in Vienna through their music. Humana Austria got to know both of them during our event on “International HUMANA People to People Day”. Their power to build bridges between cultures and their determination not to accept inequalities between people quickly made us friends.

HUMANA Culture.

Karim and his musicians from “Voice of Africa” cooperated with Mary on a new music project called "Human Dialogue"

The “Lakatos-Band” from Slovakia on International HUMANA Day

Karim and Mary – HUMANA Day

Friends Forever - the world of "Master Sculptors of Zimbabwe“ Since 2004 Humana in Europe has arranged sculpture exhibitions in many countries and

has met thousands of happy friends and customers, who have fallen in love with either stone sculptures, paintings or stone prints. Once the organizational expenses are covered, the profits obtained after each exhibition are divided into three parts. A third goes to the artists, a third is invested in a health program, and a third is reinvested, for example, in training young emerging talents and organize new exhibitions.


UFF Denmark has shipped until now five 40-foot containers with school furniture, hospital equipment, computers, bicycles to our partner organizations ADPP Guinea-Bissau and DAPP Zimbabwe.

ADPP Guinea-Bissau and DAPP Zimbabwe ensure that the equipment is used to create development in the projects and among the people who receive the equipment. The equipment from the first 5 containers to Guinea-Bissau is used primarily in 24 villages, comprising 4,600 peasants and their families, and has contributed to the start of pre-schools, evening schools and more. The computers from Denmark have made it possible to set up an internet cafe for local people around a vocational school and a teacher seminar run by ADPP GuineaBissau.

Humana Slovenia supported Roma people through donations of computes, furniture and books

Other donations in goods

Humana Sweden donated different useful things to a shelter for abused women in Orebro, Sweden

UFF Finland donated books and skates for unemployed people

Plante Aid UK sent books to Malawi

Humana Portugal sent books to Guinea-Bissau

Students from the Primary School of Simonovce, Slovakia

Humana Austria and Slovakia have donated school furniture for primary schools in Simonovce, Hostice, Pavlovce, Dubovec in Slovakia with majority of pupils of roma ethnicity

Villager from Simonovce helping to unload

The opening – local TV is present


Germany has been one of the main destinations and host country for asylum seekers in

Europe in recent years, admitting approx. 1.5 million refugees between 2014 and June 2017. Humana Germany has been involved in many activities in connection with the refugees, from organizing

welcoming party,

supporting with specific donations (wool and yarn for a knitting club for women) to offering vocational training in the sorting center in Berlin.

Humana Integra is a labor insertion company linked with Human Spain that train people who need a professional opportunity, and are at serious risk of social exclusion.

The objective is to train and accompany people in a process of theoretical and practical training that allows them to acquire the training and experience necessary to work with ease in the labor market.

We need some more pictures about social inclusion activities

Sweden and Slovakia:

Same more pictures about Social Inclusion

SCHOOL PROGRAMS Humana Italy believes strongly that the education is a driving force for social changes and for this reason promote a school program called Education for Global and Environmental Citizenship. The objective is to raise students' awareness about the big issues of today such as sustainable development, social justice and environmental protection.

The training offered is organized around five topics: 1.

2. 3. 4. 5.

‘Clothes Recycling’: about the clothes path and the chain of reuse and the environmental and social benefits linked to it. ‘A well would be enough’: access to water, disparity in the distribution of water resources and limitation of consumption. ‘Down with the waste’: access to energy and human development between sustainable practices and low environmental impact ‘The school of Rights’: children’ rights and the differences between the North and South of the world. ‘Food for all’: the right to food and the food question are treated from a comparative North / South perspective.

Picture from Italy connected with the School Program


Workshop for painting on recycled t-shirts under themes associated with the environment and its preservation This activity enabled children to approach the idea of a greener world and to put into practice the principles of design and painting, thus instilling in their minds the importance of waste prevention and the reuse of used clothes, and their relation with global sustainability and environmental protection.

‘Grow Healthy’: Pedagogical Fair with the participation of Humana Portugal The awareness activities promoted by Humana Portugal, with a series of educational and playful initiatives, aimed for the youngest ones to acquire more environmentally friendly practices associated with the theme of the event and the importance of textile reuse

Humana Spain Education for Development Environment, Climate Change, Recycling, Development through the knowledge of the Millennium Development Goals or North-South gap are the main topics of the Education Programs of Humana

Spain. The programs are directed mainly to the primary schools students and their families. Part of the funds raised through clothes recycling are used to create the awareness for the public with the help of educational programs:

Another picture from Spain

‘You make the World’:

based on meetings and

workshops for children from 7 to 12 years and their families, teachers and associations of various kinds.

‘Sustainable Puppets’: targeting children aged 7 to 12 to develop their creativity through the confection of puppets from recycled materials and to make them to reflect about small actions that the people can make in order to contribute for a sustainable development and to the progress of the community.

‘Reuse Center visit Program’. The objective is to inform society about our preparation work for the reuse of used textiles. The visits consist of planned routes that seek to transmit the transparency of our actions and strengthen relations with other collaborating institutions and companies.


Our volunteers are a fundamental resource for our activities and projects The volunteers can: •

• • • •

participate in our campaigns to promote solidarity and sustainability participate and organize events promote in local media our projects and initiatives be one of our cyber-volunteers involve local partners, cultural associations or clubs in organizing events to support our projects

Solidarity Holidays in Mozambique Humana Italy Solidarity Holiday is a perfect opportunity to combine solidarity, volunteering, discovery and relaxation.

Solidarity Holidays is an authentic experience of sustainable tourism in Africa, which allows to volunteer in summer at the development projects that HUMANA manages on site, getting in touch with the locals and their daily life and culture.

Volunteer Program in Humana Spain Humana Spain gives the opportunity to collaborate with the organization and becoming a Volunteer, thereby helping to promote the textile recycling, development cooperation and social support. The minimum commitment to participate in the Program is 3 months. In the case of awareness campaigns on the occasion of special events the period is flexible. You can develop your work as a volunteer of Humana in Madrid and Barcelona.


Tree Planting in Corby, UK Planet Aid UK held a volunteer treeplanting day in an agreement with the landowner of the Bulwick Estates. The day was a great success with approximately 1,000 trees being planted by over 50 people attending the day, many of whom live locally.

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