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Bucharest, 4 April 2018

To whom it may concern

I am pleased to write this recommendation letter for Iulia Muraru. Iulia worked for our office from August 2017 to March 2018 as an intern. She joined us after successfully completing her Bachelor studies at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism. As her direct supervisor, I have have seen Iulia working with passion and intelligence. She has been involved in a wide variety of projects, demonstrating her intellectual abilities and her capacity to outface all difficult situations. Among the projects that she worked on, I should mention technical projects for mixed use buildings for Banca Comercială Română (member of Erste Bank Group), where she displayed logical thinking abilities, the ability to work efficiently on tight deadlines, as well as her proficiency in AutoCAD and MS Office. Iulia also helped with the survey of a data center for Telekom Romania. Another project that Iulia worked on was Pache Protopopescu collective housing, being involved in developing the concept, documenting and analyzing a historically protected area of Bucharest, as well as studies on the physical model of the area. Iulia revealed a strong engagement in her work and analytical skills, as well as good skills in physical model making. During her internship, Iulia has also proved to work well and professionally in teams, establishing good relationships with her colleagues and displaying great communication and interpersonal skills. Therefore, I am confident that Iulia Muraru is an outstanding candidate for your internship program and I offer my sincere recommendation.

Kind regards, Arch. Ion - Șerban Patrulius




- project brief location | Lujerului, 6th District, Bucharest, Romania year | 2017-2018 semester | 9th tutors | Arch. Mihail Dan Cocheci, arch. Vlad Eftenie, arch. Mourgka Panteli program | office tower coauthors Cezara Munteanu 6| Iulia Muraru

Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|7

8| Iulia Muraru

From an architectural point of view, the Militari area of Bucharest is reprezentative for the communist years, when tall collective housing have been built along the large boulevards of the city. Needless to say, the buildings lack personality and the whole area definitely needs an accent. Besides, the site is easy to access by all means of transport from all over the city, therefore it has the potential of developing future business centers. Taking all these facts into consideration, an emblematic building would help the area outline its own personality and become an attractive pole of Bucharest. Our studies have revealed that the site currently has several problems that can not only be solved by our proposal, but they can be turned into advantages. The first of them is the old railway that has fallen into neglect, but could definitely be intgrated into a pedestrian green track, including other green spaces of the neighbourhood, like the small park marked on the previous 3D map. Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|9

10| Iulia Muraru

Another important presence is the existing underground passage that is now a residual space. However, we proposed it to become an important part of the project and of the pedestrian track mentioned above. The future building is going to comunicate with the passage through courtyards sunken to the level of the passage with public animated spaces. Moreover, the passaje itself is going to become a public interesting space, under and above ground. At the underground level, work of arts and paintings could be exposes, while above the passage green spaces could become attractive to any passer-by.

Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|11

Office space 2nd floor plan

Skybar Restaurant Restaurant. Kitchen Technical oor


Technical oor

Office space 6th floor plan

Reception Fitness

Office oors

Technical oor

Restaurant 31st floor plan

Office oors

Reception. Coffe shop

12| Iulia Muraru

Hotel 24th floor plan

Skybar Restaurant Restaurant. Kitchen Technical oor


Technical oor Reception Fitness

Office oors

Hotel rooms 25th floor plan

Technical oor

Office oors

Reception. Coffe shop

Restaurant 32nd floor plan

Regarding the shape of the tower, it is meant to be an emblmatic design, bringing a fresh touch to the neighbourhood and to the city, as well. Moreover, the tower seems to be rising from the adjacent building, both looking like an organic unitary whole. Another aspect that has been considered, was the dominant winds direction, twisted towers being well known for their resistent structures. Different from the conventional towers, this twisted one has floors stacked vertically with an increment angle, also decresing from base to top. Each square-shaped floor is different and eficientlly furnished around the central and compact core. The tower includes spaces from public receptions and cafeterias, fitness zone, restaurants, to accomodation rooms and a skybar. Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|13

Skybar 33rd floor plan

14| Iulia Muraru

Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|15



- project brief location | Sf. Vineri Street, Bucharest, Romania year | 2017 semester | 8th tutors | Arch. Mihail Dan Cocheci, arch. Vlad Eftenie, arch. Mourgka Panteli program | cultural center 16| Iulia Muraru

Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|17

The site is located in the historical center of Bucharest, an area with high potential which is yet undeveloped due to a number of problems: heavy traffic and and cars parked chaotically make the sidewalk unconfortable for pedestrians; social issues between different races that occupy the area; damaged historical buildings that need to be rehabilitated. Therefore, a cultural center with expositions and activities related to the city’s history and development would increase people’s awareness of their own environment. Besides, educating the youngsters is an important part of a healthy society, therefore the mixed used complex includes an area dedicated to workshops and learning rooms. The most challenging part of the project has been restablishing the relations between public and private spaces, as well as emphasising the existing building of the “ Sf. Gheorghe Nou “ Church. As far as the main facade is concerned, the perforated brick marks the acces through the gangway, also emphasising the presence of the church in the background. 18| Iulia Muraru

Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|19

20| Iulia Muraru

Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|21

22| Iulia Muraru

Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|23

- project brief -

BOUT IQUE HOT EL | 24| Iulia Muraru



location | Calea Mosilor, Bucharest, Romania year | 2016-2017 semester | 7th tutors | Arch. Mihail Dan Cocheci, arch. Vlad Eftenie, arch. Mourgka Panteli program | boutique hotel coauthors Cezara Munteanu

A recurring issue of Bucharest is the lack of personality and the decay of some central areas. With a history behind and a great accesibility not only for locals, but also for tourists, Calea Mosilor is one of the oldest and most important streets of the city. Hence, it has the power of developing the touristic part of Bucharest and becoming the perfect location for a hotel. Given the unique atmosphere of the area, a Boutique Hotel with a particular design and theme was our choice. The concept of our project developed on the ideea that each room would be unique and created by a local designer . Furniture and design items are also exhibited in a great hall at the ground floor, giving the guests the possibility to admire and even buy them.

A higher volume encloses the central coutyard, creating an intimate atmosphere. On the other side, the volumes are recessed in order to create a dynamic and lively space. Also, the adjacent building was proposed to be converted and become part of the hotel.

Ground floor plan Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|25

26| Iulia Muraru

First floor plan Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|27

28| Iulia Muraru

Second floor plan Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|29

- project brief location | Popa Soare Street, Bucharest, Romania year | 2016 semester | 6th tutors | Arch. Mircea Ochinciuc, arch. Melania Dulamea, arch. Mihai Dutescu program | collective housing coauthors Cezara Munteanu 30| Iulia Muraru

Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|31

Ground floor plan

Located in a residential and central area of Bucharest, the site has double opening to two important streets, Stefan Mihaileanu and Popa Soare, the second being more public, with commercial spaces at the ground floor. The challenge of the project was creating a feasible number of apartments, given the high value of the land, while creating a graduation of spaces, from public to private and an atmosphere closer to the individual housing. The relationship between the interior and the exterior is build by the semi-private terraces accesible from every room of the apartments, doubled by shutters, which bring intimacy. Each family can manage their own exterior space, opening and closing the shutters, as they need. Moreover, the facades of the five volumes create a unitary image of the whole complex, whilst the shutters create interesting shadows throughout the day. 32| Iulia Muraru

West facade

First floor plan

Second floor plan Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|33

34| Iulia Muraru

South facade

Third floor plan

Fourth floor plan Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|35

36| Iulia Muraru

Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|37

38| Iulia Muraru

Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|39



- project brief location | Coltei Street, Bucharest, Romania year | 2015-2016 semester | 5th tutors | Arch. Mircea Ochinciuc, arch. Melania Dulamea, arch. Mihai Dutescu program | urban cultural center 40| Iulia Muraru

Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|41

42| Iulia Muraru

Ground floor plan

Located in a central area of Bucharest, the site is surrounded by several heritage buildings. Unfortunately, many of them are either damaged or even abandoned, which is a critical situation for the center of the city. The target of the project is not only building a completion to the actual buildings, but also to revive the atmosphere of the neighbourhood. In order to achieve this, the issue of the old and damaged buildings needs an urgent solution. Therefore, the program proposed is a heritage preservation center. The first two floors are public spaces: a coffee shop, expositional spaces adressed to the inhabitants of the city in order to increase their awareness. On the upper floors, the spaces are dedicated to vocational courses for people to learn restoration and construction tehniques: a conference room, a workshop room and offices. The building preserves the character of the whole area, with public spaces, opened to the street at the ground floor. North facade Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|43

44| Iulia Muraru

East facade

The new urban infill should not be intrusive in any way to the existent urban block pattern. The volume is a corner building, closing the existent gap and reunifying the street front. The height of the building is consistent with both of its neighbours, completing the blind walls. The new infill is meant to respond to the historical context without replicating it. Therefore, the building develops a modern architectural language, with subtle details. The white brick facade is a discrete presence, while the proportion of the window openings reflect the urban scale of the site. Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|45

46| Iulia Muraru

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Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|47

48| Iulia Muraru

Scanned by CamScanner

Scanned by CamScanner Scanned by CamScanner

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Iulia Muraru|PORT FOLIO|49 Scanned by CamScanner

Thank you for your consideration! You can find me at: +0040725884753

Architecture Portfolio Iulia Muraru 2018  
Architecture Portfolio Iulia Muraru 2018