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March • 2023

News of IUE-CWA Local 717

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Published by the IUE-CWA Local 717 in the interest of its membership, to further the aims and programs of Local 717 and to promote the policies of the International Union of Electrical Workers. “Local 717 Union News” is printed with pride by the members of the Meadville Graphic Communications Workers Local 338 C

Michael Kish President

Joseph Ferradino Vice President

Brian Lutz Shop Chairman

Gary Tillman Financial Secretary

Michael Martin Treasurer

Veronica Dawkins Recording Secretary

Jeff Cleer................................................Floor Guard


Troy Butcher

Bill Eaton

Mark Graczyk

Clinton Plott

Ed Ringer

Dennis Thompson

Heidi Mindek


Jennifer Daniszewski

Kim Rock

Sonya Brown


J J Scarmuzzi


Melany Kish


Michael Kish Editor-in-Chief

Our Editorial policy

This paper is the voice of your Local and International Union, it provides information and opinions relative to the policy and programs of the International as well as the views and actions of our Local’s leaders and committees

Local 717 Union News welcomes articles from the members of Local 717 All articles should be constructive and contribute positively to the welfare of the entire membership.

The views and opinions expressed by the writers are their own and do not reflect the opinions, views or policy of the editorial Staff of IUE-CWA Local 717

Local 717 Union News reserves the right to edit any material submitted for publication and to reject any article deemed not in the best interest of Local 717.

All Advertisements that appear in IUE-CWA

Local 717 Union News do not signify and endorsement of Local 717.

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N.A. Inc. phillip A. Gargoline, president P.O. Box
Hubbard, Ohio 44425 For Advertising Information Call (330) 568-1311 M e m b e r s h i p M e e t i n g S u n d a y, M a r c h 1 2 , 2 0 2 3 7:00pM at the Union Hall Calendar of Events March 12, 2023 Monthly Membership Meeting 7:00pm @ Union Hall Agenda Recommendations of the Executive Board Financial Report Committee Reports Unfinished Business New Business Good and Welfare E l m R o a d L a r c h m o n t N . P a r k E x t e n s i o n M a h o n i n g S f e r r a D r. N. River Rd. Plant 11 Plant 10 Seven Seventeen Credit Union Union Hall Divieste Deadline for articles for April publication is March 25, 2023.
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President’s Report

Women’s History Month

In honor of this month, I thought I’d share a brief history of women’s history in the labor movement.

From the Industrial Revolution to the rise of mass production in the early 20th century, women transformed their relationship with the union movement. During the 19th century, women entered factories in large numbers, working fourteen hours a day, six days a week in dangerous jobs for low pay. In response to these conditions, young female textile workers organized America’s first industrial protests, strikes, and reform groups. Despite these efforts, women were generally excluded from the larger labor movement Conforming to the societal view that a woman’s place was in the home, the labor movement advocated for a “family wage” high enough that a husband could independently support his family

At the turn of the 20th century, the rising suffrage movement and the influence of progressives and socialists began to challenge traditional male beliefs of women’s role in society Inspired by liberal ideas and working under unchanging conditions, tens of thousands of clothing workers organized the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. Through unity with their male co-workers, shop floor organizing, strikes, and militancy, women demonstrated that they could secure union recognition, higher wages, and shorter work hours from their employers. For the first time, women became powerful allies in a common cause with their union brothers

Throughout the 20th century, women have worked tirelessly to make gender equality central to the union movement. After losing high-paying union jobs after World War II, millions of women sought new opportunities in the female-dominated sectors: retail, health, education, and service. In these areas, hours were long, wages low, benefits few, and union organization weak These conditions, along with persistent patriarchal views on women in the workforce, gave rise to a second wave of feminism which had a profound impact on labor.

When federal anti-discrimination laws were introduced in the early 1960s, organized labor, under pressure from the emerging feminist movement, supported sex discrimination prohibitions in both the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

In 1974, the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) united members across all unions and sought to increase female membership and representation in leadership CLUW also advocated for union contracts, laws, and enforcement efforts that address a broad range of issues:

• nondiscriminatory hiring and promotion

• equal pay

• paid family leave

• sexual harassment and violence

• reproductive rights

• child care

Despite significant progress, the struggle for equality continued for the over six million women who made up almost half of all union membership. Today, women serve on every level of organized labor Their constant fight against discrimination has led them to the front lines of the battle for fair wages, benefits, and working conditions that we all fight for on daily basis. (Portions of this article obtained from U of Maryland Dept of Labor and Workplace Studies)

May Elections

At the Membership Meeting this month, I will announce that nominations for Zone, District, and Alternate Committepersons will take place in April. The 2 primary requirements to be eligible are that you work in the district and that you have attended 50% of the meetings held in the previous 12 months. If you’d like more information about these positions, feel free to call my office at the Union Hall at (330) 399-2881 and I can answer any questions you have More information will be posted in next months paper daylight Savings

This year, we “spring ahead” March 12, 2023, the day of our Membership Meeting Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed Saturday night!

IUE-CWA Union Members

IUE-CWA has 6 scholarships worth between $2,500 and $4,000 available for the 2023-2024 school year. the scholarships are available only to IUE-CWA members and their families. For details on eligibility and an application, go on-line to www.iue-cwa.org.

You will find ‘Scholarship’ by clicking on the Scholarship slide on the top of the main IUE-CWA web page or under the ‘Members’ tab. Please note that eligibility requirements vary for the individual scholarships. Applications will only be accepted on-line

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IUE-CWA LOCAL 7 17 Women’s Committee will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, March 26, 2023 at 3pm at the Union Hall, 2950 Sferra Ave, NW, Warren, Ohio 44483.
will distribute sign up sheets in the plants for those who wish to attend.

Shop Chairman’s Report

I hope all is well with all of Local 717’s members and family It is March already and next month begins our annual process of holding our elections of all Zone, District, and Alternate Committeepersons. At the April monthly membership meeting we will begin the nomination process for the elections that will take place in May. I will add the newly agreed to Districting Plan at the end of this article so you might familiarize yourself by knowing which district you belong to In our Local 717 Constitution the Duties of the Zone, District and Alternate Committeepersons is clearly written and it is as follows; The Zone Committeeperson has its own section of the constitution and I will pick that up in section C of Article 6 Section C.

The duties of the Zone Committeeperson within their respective areas shall be:

1 Perform duties as established by agreement with employer

2. Meet with the employer concerning grievances as provided by agreement with employer.

3 See that the contract(s) are enforced

4. Assist District and Alternate Committeeperson in situations that may arise in accordance with agreement with employer.

5 Direct the activities of District and Alternate Committeeperson within their respective areas.

6. Be responsible for the maintenance of grievance records at their level of the grievance procedure

7. Turn over all closed grievances within 14 calendar days of closure and, upon demand other grievances to the Chairperson of the Shop Committee.

8 Zone Committeepersons are not Officers or agents of the Local and their representation of the Local is solely with respect to their grievance functions.

9 Be accountable to and perform such other duties as may be designated by the Chairperson of the Shop Committee.

10. Turn over all grievances and Local 717 property to the Chairperson of the Shop Committee within 5 calendar days of the expiration of term of office district and Alternate Committeeperson Section D.

The number and areas of representation shall be determined by agreement with the employer.

Section E.

The duties of District and Alternate Committeeperson within their respective areas shall be:

1. Perform duties as established by the agreement with the employer.

2 Meet with the employer concerning grievances as provided by agreement with the employer.

3. See that the contract(s) are enforced.

4 Be responsible for the maintenance of grievance records at their level of the grievance procedure.

5 Turn over all closed grievances within 14 calendar days of closure and, upon demand other grievances to the Chairperson of the Shop Committee.

6. District and Alternate Committeepersons are not officers or agents of the Local and their representation of the Local is solely with respect to their grievance functions.

7. Be accountable to and perform such other duties as may be designated by the Chairperson of the Shop Committee

8. Alternate Committeepersons shall act in the absence of the District Committeepersons, assist him/her in the performance of their duties and succeed, if willing, to the position of District Committeeperson in the event the position becomes available.

9. Turn over all grievances and Local 717 property to the Chairperson of the Shop Committee within 5 calendar days of the expiration of term of office

I hope all will familiarize themselves with these positions prior to running for them. Local 717 will hold a training class for all newly elected Zone, District and Alternate Committeepersons as soon as is possible after the conclusion of all elections. In the past we have utilized the International to perform this very important training but for reasons outside of Local 717’s control, the International’s training programs do not line up with our election cycles, so this will be the 2nd year of Local 717 training our own newly elected Committeepeople. I will end my article with one last thought. these very critical representation positions are the very first level of Union Representation per the agreement and as such they are the most important positions within Local 717 regarding the grievance procedure. I hope to see everyone at the meeting!

In Unity!!

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Recording Secretary’s Report

Membership Meeting • Sunday, February 19, 2023

President Mike Kish called the meeting to Order

He asked everyone to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance

He reminded everyone to sign the registration book and to please silence their cell phones.

Reading of the minutes of the January Membership meeting.

Motion to Accept Minutes with by Ron Bagaglia 2nd: tony Cipriano M/p

Recommendations of the Executive Board

• To move April Membership Meeting to April 16, 2023

• To approve hiring of Shelley Bellomo as Bookkeeper

Motion to Accept Executive Board Recommendations by Heidi Mindek

2nd: Heather perez M/p

Financial Report

Financial report for January given by Gary Tillman

Motion to Accept december Financial Report by Melany kish 2nd: Mark Graczyk M/p Committee Reports

Shop Committee - Brian Lutz

• Schedules in Plant 47 are low at 138 million pieces produced last month February is still low at 37 million pieces per week with March schedules looking to be slightly higher. Management informed us that they will be adding 10 more people to the plant, spread out over several different classifications. In addition, Line 4 will fire back up which will result in populating a couple extra positions as well. Twenty-seven new tools are slated to come to Plant 47 this year (7 are capacity tools and 20 are new project molds). There is the potential for additional tools coming as well, later in 2023. OSHA recently visited the plant due to an anonymous call concerning malfunctioning rolling stock The OSHA agent spoke to several Utility employees, requested maintenance logs and left the plant a short time later. Management is currently reviewing all classifications’ work instructions to make sure they are updated

• Plant 10 schedules are very low at less than 10 million feet per week. March volumes look to increase to 14 million feet/week. Several areas of the plant have continuing projects going on – Line 37 upgrading to an NPS and the Mecca E-Beam moving towards completion with the addition of Let-Up and Take-Off.

• Plant 11 schedules are at about 46 million pcs/week in January Schedules for March look huge at 66.5 million pcs/week. Management informed us of several problem-solving projects that are ongoing throughout the plant. The first project involves updating the lighting in the presses Press 1002 is complete and the lighting has been ordered for all the new presses. Other projects include the Inspection Process and Die Revisions and Print Updates The Plant Superintendent stated that this was just the beginning of joint problem-solving projects in the plant.

• Plant 7 will be transitioning back to a Traditional shift pattern effective February 27 Some employees in Plant 7 may be excessed to Plant 47 to fill job openings there. We were informed that all Maintenance Skilled Trades operating in Plants 11 and 7 will be on one central equalization

effective on February 27 as well Management stated at the Plant Unit that they should be able to perform most of the repack in Plant 7 instead of on the dock in Plant 47 The current situation has caused numerous issues for the Utility classification in Plant 47

• Management intends on indenturing 6 new apprentices very soon. Look for postings in the plants or see JJ Scarmuzzi for further information about signing up for the test

• The Profit Sharing for 2022 failed to generate a pay-out, as I wrote in this month’s Union paper As you know, to trigger a pay-out, the Corporation needed to achieve 75% of the EBITDA goal In 2022, they achieved 67.35%. Management also shared the EBITDA target for 2023 at 15.79%.

• The Bargaining Committee has been meeting with Labor Relations for the purpose of putting together the new contract book We’ve run in to some technical glitches but we should get them fixed and have a new 2022 Contract book for everyone soon

No other Committees reported

Motion to Accept Committee Reports as presented By: Ron Bagaglia

2nd: Melany kish M/p

Unfinished Business

• Delegate to International Convention election not held due to one candidate dropping out Therefore, Ronnie Grubbs is elected by default

• New parking lot lights installed earlier this month

New Business

-Question about EBItdA calculation

-discussion about ongoing safety concerns in plant 47

-Question about Union excusals

Good and Welfare

Veterans Committee is holding a TV Raffle Look for postings in the plant on where to purchase tickets. Drawing to be held at March Membership meeting

Roll Call of Officers and Elected Officials

president Mike kish p

vice-president Joe Ferradino p

Shop Chairman Brian Lutz p

Skilled trades Chairman JJ Scarmuzzi p

Financial Secretary Gary tillman p

treasurer Mike Martin p

Recording Secretary veronica dawkins A

Floor Guard Jeff Cleer p

Executive Board troy Butcher p

Bill Eaton p

Mark Graczyk p

Clinton plott p

dennis thompson E

Ed Ringer p

Heidi Mindek p

trustees Jennifer daniszewski A

kim Rock A

Sonya Brown p

Benefit Administator Melany kish p

Alternate Julianne Mazerek p

EAp Monica dobbs Faulkner A

Alternate dave McBride A

Alternate Heidi Mindek **

Health & Safety JJ Scarmuzzi **

trainer Rick Mercer A

Zone Committeeman Mark Graczyk **

Committeman dist 1 April Reitz p

Alternate Leigh timko p

Committeeman dist 2 daniel Heath p

Alternate William Eaton **

Committeeman dist 3 Gary tillman **

Alternate veronica dawkins **

Committeeman dist 4 Heather perez p

Alternate dennis thompson **

Committeeman dist 5 Jeff Cleer **

Alternate Ron Bagaglia p

Election Committee Julianne Mazarek **

kim Swain A

Women’s Committee Andrea daniels A

Co-Chair Angela Sheppard A

political Action Joe Ferradino **

Social Action Gary tillman **

veterans Committee Bernardo Rivera A


Lord’s prayer dedicated to family of Jody Molina, Dennis Thompson, Jerry Boderick, Jim & Mark Pozzuto, Jeffrey Dotson, Tim Yeager, Bill Woods, Dean Jewell, Durda family, family of Jennie Lewis

Motion to Adjourn: By: Jeff Cleer 2nd: Ron Bagaglia M/p

Page 6 • Local 717

Veterans Report

Hello IUE-CWA Local 717 Sisters and Brothers,

We are selling tickets for the veterans committee to win a 70" Samsung smart TV. $5.00 a ticket or 3 for $10.00. The drawing will be held on April's monthly meeting

I was recently asked a question of what exactly the Veterans Committee does? The annual golf outing I started last year, "The Salute Open", is to help veteran organizations i e , Wounded Warriors, Disabled American Veterans and many others, to help fund the work they do in the veteran community. The raffle for the TV is to help fund the packing list for new enlistees to the military that are current employees, spouses, children and grandchildren of

IUE-CWA local 717 employees.

The reason the veterans committee choose to help these veteran organizations is to honor the great sacrifices these service members contributed to this great country, and to show them we haven’t forgetten what they have done for us!

The packing list fund is to ease the mind of the new enlistees of at least one thing, before they go in to one of their most trying and proudest moments of their lives.

I believe a measure of one's greatest contributions to society, is to look behind them and leave them something better than what was left to us!

If anyone has any ideas what more we can do to help the veteran community I'm here to listen

In Your Service!

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