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Toby and his chief walking companion Cosmo enjoying a rare day off during August //Toby y Cosmo, su fiel compañero en el camino, en un día de agosto

by Toby Clarke


By Jesse Garrick Photographs Ana Lui

“WHEN I’M NOT WALKING I’M THINKING ABOUT WHERE TO WALK OR KAYAK NEXT ” From an early age I felt connected to Ibiza. I am blessed enough to have been born on the island and I grew up here until I was 10 years old. When I came back 5 years ago I really knew I was back home. It was an amazing thing to be reconnected, because I had the best childhood ever here: mostly consisting of pool and beach parties. I didn’t get the best academic education – I went to Morna Valley school, which was the hippie school on the island back then – but I did get a great deal of life experience. Walking in Ibiza is amazing. There’s a lot


of strong energy here: there’s Es Vedra, the third most magnetic point in the world; and there’s the core of Ibiza, made up of crystal quartz. All this makes the island a magical place for walking. Ibiza is 90% parties, drinking and drugs in the summer, but for people who step outside of that, there is a world of natural beauty out there for them to discover. This island is yin and yang. The island has, for me, everything you could ever want in your life: from the cheapest places where you can have breakfast for €2.50 to places where you can have breakfast

for €100. You can get a beer for €1.75 somewhere and another for €10 – at Ushuaïa for example! In the summer we have something close to 7 million visitors and in the winter you can come here and there might only be 50,000 people. I’ve driven from San Carlos to Ibiza Town and passed two cars in winter! Walking teaches you to be grounded. It might sound obvious, but a lot of people are very much ‘in their own heads’ a lot of the time, and are not connected with mother nature. I found out earlier this year that the Apache Indians have the same word for ‘walking’ as they do for ‘thinking’. When you walk you really do think about your life, about what you’re doing, and about what you’ll have for dinner – everything! The Apache perspective makes a lot of sense to me. I always make sure I pack water, a penknife and a first aid kit. Oh, and sometimes a cigar! When I am not walking I’m thinking about where to walk or kayak next! I tend to relax a lot as well. Walking tires you out, especially in summer when I get a lot of sun, so when I can I make sure I relax, sit around the pool and read a good book. I mostly read books about walking and walking jour-

The ÏU MAG N4 by Ushuaïa Ibiza  
The ÏU MAG N4 by Ushuaïa Ibiza