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The island of Ibiza can be covered in just over ten days on foot // La isla de Ibiza se puede recorrer en algo más de diez días a pie



To properly tell this incredible story, which completely changed my life, I first need to go back to where it all started in October, 2010. I remember it was a bright day in September, and I was sitting down having a nice, cold beer in Ibiza Town, when suddenly this crazy feeling came over me and I thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to walk around the entire coastline of Ibiza? I knew I was going to do it and the more I looked into it, the more I realised that the journey I was about to embark on was unique. Other people had done walks around the island, it turned out, but they had gone from town to town, cutting out large sections of the coast where the route is very challenging. THE NIGHT BEFORE The night before I left, a strange feeling came over me. I was trying to work out how much cash and how many credit cards to take. I carefully counted and packed them, but suddenly felt compelled to leave


them, I don’t know why! I tipped them into a drawer, except for one euro. Call me crazy, but something told me I was supposed to do the island walk with only €1, and that’s what I did! A SPECIAL FEELING If I had to sum up the entire trip in one word, it would be ‘trust’. I say this because on the 4th day of the trip, the temperature dropped to around 8 degrees. I had run out of food the day before and I clearly remember waking up and considering using my €1 to call home and ask someone to come and pick me up. I packed my things together and climbed a set of stairs at the edge of a beach. I was looking for a public phone when I passed a man walking in the other direction. He walked on, but after twenty metres or so he stopped, turned and shouted, “Hey!”. I too turned around, and he looked at me inquisitively. “Aren’t you the guy who’s walking around the island?” he asked. I said, “Yeah I am, but God it’s hard! I’m actually think-

ing of going home.” “But have you seen the newspaper?” he replied. “There’s an article in there all about your walk and everyone on the island is loving what you’re doing. You’re an inspiration!” It turned out he was a builder on his way to work and, realising soon enough that I really was struggling, he told me unconditionally that I should take both his lunch and his water and he urged me to continue what I was doing and not give up. Moments like that are permanently etched in my memory and are the primary reason I made it around the island. In 2013 I decided to use my knowledge of the island to put together a group round-theisland walk, just see if I could drum up some interest. 10 people signed up that year and we set off around the same time as I did in 2010. One of the joys of a group trip of this length is the necessary teamwork and interaction. Watching fitter, stronger members of the group encourage others

along the way is a joy. Everyone learns something from each other, and often the weaker members of the group inspire everyone else the most. It’s also beautiful to walk with just the bare necessities: a few changes of clothes, a tent, some food, a first aid kit, and a torch. We limit mobile phone and computer use, which also allows people to detach from their daily lives. THIS YEAR’S WALK Some of the highlights of the walk include the aptly named 5 MFs, which are the first big challenge over Cap des Falco, a series of mountains after Ses Salines; watching sunsets and sunrises from the most amazing locations on Ibiza; walking in areas where you feel like the only people on the island; seeing 180 of Ibiza’s stunning beaches; finding the secret tunnel near Santa Eulalia; star gazing at night; and crossing the finish line to an embracing crowd in Ibiza Town; plus the well-deserved party afterwards!

The ÏU MAG N4 by Ushuaïa Ibiza  
The ÏU MAG N4 by Ushuaïa Ibiza