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Poker tells are not easy to spot online since you cannot see your opponent. But when dealing with average players there are some sure sign tells as to what they are probably holding. Here are a few easy to remember betting patterns in online poker. Reraising all in preflop after someone makes a typical size raise. This is usually a sign of strength combined with weakness. A hand like AK, AQ or JJ are strong hands but vulnerable to an unfavorable flop, which is their weakness. And this type of bet is typical of such a hand, in online poker rooms. A player reraising an amount preflop that would pot commit them. For example if everyone has 1500 chips, blinds 25/50. I raise to 225 with QQ and someone reraises to 600. More than likely this player has a true monster like AA or KK. Raising and reraising back and forth postflop (no limit only). You can be assured this player holds a very big hand like a set or better. For example everyone has 1500 and 4 players see the flop, pot 200. There is a bet of 150, raise to 300, reraise to 450 and again to 600. Taking an exaggerated amount of time to act then reraising a large amount. Typically a player doing this has a hand of serious strength and is trying to act weak by taking this long to decide, most typically on the river. As with any case it is not 100% but should at minimum be a warning sign. Someone in the blinds takes longer than normal to check the flop in an unraised pot. This player typically has a decent draw or marginal hand like middle pair. They are taking extra time to check either because they are unsure how to continue, to discourage someone from betting, or both. Note that none of these tells work well with super bad players. They have no idea what they are doing so it makes them hard to understand or read. And they are especially not going to work in freeroll or play money games. Also note that when using online poker tells you must take into account the possibility that someone may be playing multiple tables. Therefore taking a long time because they are involved in another hand. Or going all in because they have just taken a bad beat at another table and on tilt. Try to balance in these possibilities when reading opponents.

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