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There have been a number of famous horses to grace the Preakness. It becomes a question of what makes one great. Is it merely their own wins or that of their children? Is it their ability to win at particular races or all races? Is it their ability to satisfy the Preakness Race bettors? Man O’War is a name known even outside of racing circles. He set a high bar having in 21 starts, 20 wins and only 1 second place. He set multiple records, breaking them often by multiple seconds. While many believe his life as a sire was mismanaged, they had him breeding with his own mares he did produce War Admiral, a Triple Crown winner. Who can forget Secretariat? The year Secretariat won the Triple Crown, 1973, he set course records at both the Derby and the Preakness, not to mention a world record at Belmont Stakes, winning by 31 lengths. His record for 1 ½ miles is still not broken. The first Triple Crown winner in the era of television horse racing, CBS hardly had a lens that could catch the distance between Secretariat and the second place horse, putting every Horse bettor on the edge of their seats. Seattle Slew remains the only undefeated Triple Crown winner. Now, he did come in second in two races and unplaced in one, but those were after his big win. Seattle Slew won the Triple Crown with an amazing 9-0 record. He continued to race through medical problems, stilling winning almost every time. Affirmed, the last Triple Crown winner, 1978, came from a long line of winners. The great-great grandson of War Admiral, and the great-great-great grandson of Man O’War great things were expected of him. This horse had his very own rival in Alydar. He met Alydar 10 times. In the Triple Crown races, Affirmed help Alydar become the only horse to come in second in all those races, a sort of Triple Crown of his own. War Emblem won the Preakness after having won the Derby and was favored to take the Triple Crown. But a stumble at the beginning of Belmont destroyed his chances. As a particularly choosey horse and irritable to boot, he was not able to win after getting behind. He pushed to hard and lost steam at the end. His attitude continues through the breeding process, as he will only breed with chestnut colored mares. And finally, Rachel Alexandra. The first filly to win the Preakness in 85 years. Ridden by a man who won the Derby, she had not been so lucky there. The Preakness proved to be her chance to shine as she beat the odds and took the win away from Mine That Bird, who came in a close second. This upset was a sweet victory for the filly. Flush with history, and a long list of legendary winners makes Preakness stakes betting an event in itself. Get over to now to join in the Preakness betting action.

Preakness Stakes Betting - Famous Preakness Horses  

There have been a number of famous horses to grace the Preakness. It becomes a question of what makes one great. Is it merely their own wins...

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