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Pr o Au Pa i r Au s t r a l i a


Professional Kinder Care Program

Experience life as professional Au Pair! As an Au Pair you will live and work in your host family’s home, which will become your “home away from home” for the duration of the program. You will become a part of the family during your stay, accompanying them on trips, learning to speak English fluently, and gaining valuable experience working in your profession in another country. Au Pairs report that they make friends easily in Australia and enjoy experiencing the “Australian” way of life firsthand. They also enjoy having the opportunity to travel all over the country during their time off.

W!"#$%& '$ A()'*+",ProAuPair Australia, Ltd. Professional Kinder Care Program GPO Box 2467 Sydney 2001 Australia Tel.: +49 (0) 7031 785 3010

European - Australian - American Cultural Exchange Program "Professional Au Pairs"

W E L C O M E T O Pr o Au Pa i r Au s t r a l i a Professional Kinder Care Program We are a young, innovative Au Pair agency that specializes in supporting young people who have found their calling in caring for, assisting, and developing children and youth. We would be happy to find you a wonderful family in Australia, and to help you every step of the way to becoming a “Professional Au Pair.”

The “Professional Au Pair” Program is a Cultural Exchange Program for young, qualified men & women with an education in the medical, childcare, or social services fields, including: ✦

Nurses or pediatric nurses

Kindergarten teachers

Preschool teachers

Elementary School Teacher

Occupational-, physical-, or speech-therapists

Or: ✦

2 years of experience working with children full time

PERSONELL REQUIREMENTS In order to qualify to enter the “Professional Au Pair” program, applicants must be between 20 and 30 years of age and must have an education in the medical or childcare field OR two years of experience working with children full-time. Professional Au Pair candidates should have a basic knowledge of the English language and must be able to provide school diplomas, references, and proof of a clean criminal record. An international driver’s license is a huge advantage for any Au Pair, as good public transport is limited to the major cities. We require proof of at least 200 hours of experience working with children under the age of two in order to care for children under two years old. Because many host families have children under two years old, we recommend that Professional Au Pair candidates gather at least that many hours before their departure. It is very important that all candidates are healthy and nonsmokers. It can be very difficult to find a host family willing to hire an Au Pair who smokes. WORKING HOURS - OFF/ LEISURE TIME

Please contact us at, if you are interested in becoming a professional Au Pair, but your childcare profession is not listed.

Au Pairs are allowed to work up to 45 hours/week and must be given 1.5 days off each week, as well as one full weekend off per month. Au Pairs will also be given two weeks of paid vacation to take during a time agreed upon with the host family.

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OUR PROGRAMS: Depending on your knowledge, level of education and interests we are offering the following programs: 1.) Professional Au Pair Program 2.) Professional Au Pair Programm with Special Needs Qualification 3.) Professional Au Pair Program with Baby & Toddler Qualification

We choose our host families based on a variety of criteria to ensure that they will offer a supportive, nurturing environment for our Au Pairs. We also take a lot of time to understand you and your strengths so that we can match you with a wonderful family that is a fit for you.

W E E K L Y L I V I N G A L L O WA N C E & OTHER BENEFITS The weekly living allowance is currently AU$250 for Professional Au Pairs.Your host family will also provide room and board. ProAuPair will pay your international airfare to Australia, as well as your health insurance for the year.

Enyoing the sightseeing ...

D U R AT I O N O F S TAY All Au Pair exchange programs run for a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 12 months.

Matching Our support team assists Au Pairs throughout the matching process and for the duration of their stay in the Australia. ProAuPair emphasizes individual assistance,

VISA ProAuPair sends our Au Pairs all of the information they need to know regarding the Working Holiday Visa after they have successfully matched with a host family. You will apply for the visa in your home country.

consulting, and picking out the very best host families. We

area within Australia. You will have plenty of time and opportunity to travel and see the country. If you are open to living in any part of Australia you be much more likely to have a good match and a great exchange experience.

Travel and other personally enriching experiences e.g. ‣ Sydney Opera House ‣ Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb ‣ Bondi Beach

recommend that the Au Pair search out the best host family match, rather than trying to be placed in a certain


‣ Sydney Zoo C O L O R C O D E A N D P R O A U PA I R GUIDE ProAuPair provides extensive pre-departure training for our Au Pairs, to ensure that they are fully prepared for the exciting experience ahead. All of our Au Pairs take a personality test called “The Color Code” by TH. Hartmann which helps the Au Pair to realize his/her strengths and weaknesses so that (s)he can develop strategies to grow positively. The test results also helps our Au Pairs to prepare to communicate well with their host family.

‣ Visit the Spectacular Blue Mountains ‣ Wine tasting in the Hunter Valley ‣ Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef ‣ Magical Uluru (❨Ayers Rock)❩ ‣ Outback – Aboriginal Culture

Upon being accepted into the ProAuPair Au Pair program, all of our Au Pairs receive a copy of the ProAuPair Au Pair Handbook “Your Guide for a Successful Year in Australia,” which helps to answer many of their questions before and during their stay in Australia.

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ProAuPair supports our Au Pairs and host families throughout the duration of the program with our “Local Area Coordinators” (LAC).Your LAC will live close to you and your host family and will be available to answer any questions that you may have. Within the first couple of days after you arrive in Australia, your LAC will get in touch with your host family to schedule an orientation for you and your host family, as well as to introduce him- or herself.

You Pay

In addition to your LAC, our team members will be available at our headquarters to ensure that there are no misunderstandings should a difficult situation or conflict arise.

✦ Application

fee: Program fee: ✦ Deposit:

NONE Euro 325* AU$ 400*

*to be paid after positive match

You Get ✦ Weekly

living allowance: Professional Au Pair AU$


Health Insurance

✦ Airfare

Your advantages of being a „Professional Au Pair“: ✦

Expand your educational skills with experiences in a different culture

Get work experience that is specifically related to your field

Learn another language

✦ Travel

and other personally enriching experiences

AU$ 800 - 1.600* Reimbursement of deposit** ✦ Free room and board ✦ LAC - local support near you during your stay ✦ Support prior to and after departure from the ProAuPair headquarters ✦

H E A LT H I N S U R A N C E You will receive basic health insurance coverage through ProAuPair, starting the very first day of your exchange program. Preexisting conditions are not covered under the insurance. We would suggest that you get additional health insuranc,e if you have a preexisting conditions or chronic diseases. The travel month will not be covered through the ProAuPair insurance and you will have top purchase additional coverage for that time period.

* for the 6 month program the candidate will pay her/his own flight home ** your deposit will be reimbursed to you after completed 12 month of the program.


You can find us in the social networks:

Candidates may apply year-round. Depending on how many families are looking for an Au Pair at that time, the matching process can go very quickly or may take a few months. Because ProAuPair works with our host families over a long period of time, we are often aware of upcoming job opportunities and can offer a very personal matching process between families and Au Pairs. We recommend applying within your last year of training or university, or 6-12 months prior to your desired departure date. You can apply for free, which will allow you the flexibility to consider other job offers throughout the application period until a match is made. Register for free at:

Thank you to a! our Professional Au Pairs and Host Familys for the provided nice images .

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