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Mexico 's war on drugs : 5 years on In recent years Mexico has increased the level of violence we have seen every day, appear in many news ecenas of violent crimes committed in our country Mexico , as the government was implementing major public policies on the subject of drug trafficking was the largest increase in violence , and according to reliable sources it is mentioned that there is a war between drug traffickers in Mexico . Nearly 45,000 people have been massacred during these 5 years , so the government has taken more drastic measures , such as aumeto penalties for those who are involved in these issues. The government of MĂŠxxo works with the United States , because in several states in this country too many firearms that are used by groups cirminales and drug traffickers are marketed , so as in this country one of the states largely influenced this phenomenon is Texas , a place where the government has also implemented increased penalties for drug traffickers and arms mainly. Recently the U.S. government has identified several influyententes people in the drug trade in Mexico, sometimes managing to capture, as in the case of the husband of one of the daughters of Ociel cardenaz Guillen.

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