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Press Release

Istvan Czinege 19 th of april, 2012

Istvan Czinege, a Creative Graphic Designer in love with ZEADES... I was born in Budapest, Hungary. The interest in art fills my soul basically since my childhood. Perhaps I didn’t understand it in my early years but the dance and drawing follow me ever since. I have always loved Walt Disney’s characters. Eagerly copied and colored them and after a while when I felt I could draw them myself I made some free hand reproductions. I loved my drawings and to show them to my parent’s Look, how good it has got... Most probably I needed even then the experience of success. As being a boy of course handicraft wasn’t far from me as well. I made little boats, cars, skateboard, button football field, many smaller electrical gadgets, but drawing had never left me. My father was a carpenter and he taught me that it is possible to make wonders out of wood. I drew my favorite character and he made it of wood. It was a fantastic pleasure for me. The dance was part of my childhood as well. I loved to perform stunts before my family and relatives. I always prepared some little performance when they came to our place. The success was sure. Unfortunately my father didn’t see this type of art in me. He wanted me to become a musician. He played the piano, the violin and the accordion very well and he wished that I would follow that path. He tried to do everything to make me learn music but I wasn’t interested in it at all. Maybe because of this or because of my parents were realistic always, the dance and drawing have disappeared from my life. They wanted me to be something else. In the elementary school I got always great marks on drawing classes and in the secondary school also I was excellent at technical drawing. So my passion remained but I lived my life like any other normal teenager and I didn’t deal with the dance and drawing seriously anymore. I was 10 when I gave the lost shot for the dance when the disco age started and dance schools had been living again. I didn’t get on the bus because of a stray thought and I never arrived to start that course. This period of my life had been closed with it and the love of dance limited only in visiting clubs for a long time. The flame of desire to draw and plan flared up again in my age of twenties. That was the time when internet invaded into our nation. I admired the websites that they shared information and the way they communicated. I got an idea and started to deal with it. I liked it so much that it led me to apply for a job at Hungarian Tourism Website ( MIWO ). I took a great risk to give up a secure job for an uncertain one as my little boy was 2 years old that time and I had to take responsibility for him. I spent about a year at that company. I always esteemed myself aspiring and wanted to get a job as a designer at my dream company, one of the leader Hungarian internet company. It has come true in 1999. In 10 years while I worked at GTS Hungary I had been journeying almost the full hierarchy of the company. I worked in the WEB TEAM then I found myself among the programmers, - which is not really a creative work but my technical knowledge proved useful. The next step in that journey was the marketing communication department where I was happy to work for 6 years and performed very nice tasks. However, since my vein of art haunts me since my childhood I knew it wouldn’t be able to satisfy me for long. In 2009 I felt that I couldn’t improve in that position so I left GTS Hungary. I became a freelance creative because I felt that was the only way to achieve my ideas. I started to build my own carrier strengthening the forming image of mine through my works.

My attention turned to the dance again besides graphic and web-design. It happened in 2006 when I saw a TV show... I saw a marvel on the screen in the dance / person of a young dancer ( David Baranya dance artist ). I made a decision at that moment I would be a help for the yound dancers within my possibilities, on my own way. And so that happened. Besides my creative work I started to deal with dance and dancers as a manager. Fate has brought me together with so many people. Dancers, choreographers, directors, producers, mask masters and set desingners. I got to know the artistic elit of Hungary. Even I started an artist manager course ( WERK Academy ) in 2007. My taste had been forming in the meantime and I began to find my own style. As everyone I also got helpers. Two people must be highlighted as I received the most from them about my work. My old friend, Zsolt Lanczok, who is a creative expert ( we created the ( R )evolution free magazin together with him and his spouse for the request of Devergo Jeans ). The other great friend of mine is David Baranya, who is an extraordinary artist with the gift of fantastic taste and intuition. Most of the time I ask for the opinion of two of them about my work and they have a lot to do with finding my own style. I really found myself in art and it seems my son follows the path. He is a graphic artist student of an art highschool. Nearly 16 year old and it is very obvious in his early works that life holds him a lot of success! I carry on working now on several more fronts for I believe in the future, in my future. I am surrounded by an excellent creativ team with which we are able to bring to fruition everything by constituting an artistic and business management. This is also how this fairy tale dreamlike story happened with Zeades. We knew that we wish a photo shooting; I knew we needed a theme. The pictures were great thank to Szandra Mihalovits photo artist. My job was only to see the strength in the pictures and dream something good and Zeades liked the end result very much. Our art management ( David Management ) what has been being woven with dream-yarn for 6 years will achive those goals in the year of 2012 what we have founded it for. We have built a rights protector management for the Hungarian dance community which is able to provide them with a carefree future. Address : H-1132 Budapest, VĂ ci Ăšt 4 / fsz. 3 / b Mobile : + 3620 4806 310 E-mail : istvan.czinege @ Web : and ( management ) Facebook : / ityu1969