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How to Survive Your First Year in IT  

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 26, 2012

10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT

Duration: 2 Hours

Instructor: Sid Adelman

Location: Online

Price : $345.00

(for one participant)

Overview: The office is not like your dorm room, the college study hall, or the workspace in your parent’s house. The office has etiquette rules that are unwritten, unstated, and rarely spoken of but they will be key to your survival. And then there's the actual work you will be expected to accomplish. This section will focus on your assignments, prioritizing, getting the training you need, how to act in business meetings, the quality of your work, and issues related to the computer you will be given and, of course, the actual work you will be expected to complete. The most important determinant of your success on the job is the relationship with your boss. Each boss will be a little different in how they manage you, what expectations they have of their subordinates, and how they evaluate you. This section will suggest the appropriate interactions with your boss, how to keep the boss



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Instructor Profile: Sid Adelman President, Sid Adelman & Associates Sid Adelman is a Principal in Sid Adelman & Associates, an organization specializing in planning and implementing data warehouses and in establishing effective data architectures and strategies. He consulted on data warehouse with banks, distribution companies, utilities, governmental authorities, manufacturing companies, insurance, and the health care industry. Sid has been involved with data warehouse and its predecessors before the term itself was coined. ...more

informed, what problems to bring and which problems to handle on your own, preparing for a performance review, and how to deal with Suggest a Topic a dysfunctional boss.   You will not be working by yourself nor will your only contacts be with your boss. You will normally have coworkers who will be your primary contacts and your primary source of information about how to do your job. This must be a successful relationship if you are to succeed on the job.

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Areas Covered in the Session:


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How do I establish a good working relationship with my boss without appearing to suck up? How do I find and effectively use a mentor? What kinds of problems should I bring to my manager? When is the right time to ask for a raise? How do I prepare for a performance review? How do represent my accomplishments? How much information should I share with my coworkers? How do I avoid dead-end assignments? How good does my work product need to be?

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How to Survive Your First Year in IT