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A new way of thinking

This is the confidence we have that God does not look at where you are coming from to determine where you are going

Let go of all your yesterdays, whether your yesterday was good or bad. You cannot enter your tomorrow as long as you hold on to your past. Yes, your past holds brokenness, disappointments and scars from life’s tragedies. But, please, don’t hold on to them. Don’t be afraid to enter the future just because it is unknown and unfamiliar to you. Give your past a graveyard burial and never ever resurrect it. Your tomorrow does not have to be like your yesterday. Where you are coming from does not determine where you are going. This is truly good news for all of us. Do not predict your ending based on your beginning. Allow God to interrupt your life and change the course of history for you for His goodness’ sake. You are where you are today because of the choices you made yesterday. You have already experienced your past and now you realize you didn’t like it. Your choices carry tremendous power, for things to work for or against you. What will your choice be today? How will it be different from all the wrong choices you made in the past? If you keep on doing the same thing, you will keep on getting what you always got. When you change the way you think, you change the way you choose. This is the confidence we have that God does not look at where you are coming from to determine where you are going. God does

not need to consult your past to determine your future. So you can change. Your yesterday is in the grave, your tomorrow is in the womb – waiting to be birthed and discovered by you. You are not the victim of your past. God does not change His mind when He calls a man or a woman. If God is for you, who can be against you? Stop holding yourself prisoner to your past. Do not allow people in your life to constantly remind you who you once were and where you are coming from. You must be free from the opinions of others. Again, do not allow anyone to hold you to your past. Do not give anybody that opportunity. As long as you remain concerned about what people think of you, you will never be free to become who God wants you to be. It is a lonely walk on the water, but keep walking. You have a better and brighter tomorrow. Believe God and do what He says.

Prophet Philip Banda


ll saving faith involves obedience. God instructs us in His word to be transformed - and transfigured - by changing the way we think. You cannot get the promises of God without dealing with your problems. To move into the promises of God you have to learn to trust Him. God is faithful to fulfill every promise He has given you. All His promises are inherited through faith and patience. If God has promised you something, it will come to pass. There might be a waiting period, but it will surely come to pass. Is your behavior lining up with what God’s word says? If not, the problem is not on God’s side but yours. God wants you to have a rich, abundant and satisfying life. Why don’t you have it? Your concept of faith might be wrong. You are treating faith like hopeful wishing. Perhaps what you call faith is not faith at all, but high expectation based on wrong information and knowledge. Faith is the word of God. No word, no faith! Faith believes, acts and receives now. Faith is not in the past or future, faith is now.

If you keep on doing the same thing, you will keep on getting what you always got

To know life’s purpose is to know the Creator of life. When you know the purpose of life, the opinion of others about you cannot change you. When you know your purpose, you don’t despair in times of uncertainty. Life is not fun and games, it is much more serious and full of challenges. Life is a warfare, only the serious minded are victorious. One who knows God is not moved by the ups and downs of life.


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A new wayof thinking  

A new way of thinking

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