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Time to break out into freedom…

You age quicker when you have no vision to live for You are younger than you will ever be again Don’t be so close to God, yet so far

Your leader will break out and lead you out of exile, out through the gates of the enemy cities – Micah 2:13 By Prophet Philip Banda


f you are in a shaky situation, you are just on the other side of a great calm. Oh, how promising freedom feels when you are here! The key to breaking through is to break out and go for it. You can only break out once you are frustrated enough with staying the same. You surely need a break to become somebody and to do something with yourself. But how many of you know that before you can have a break in life you first need to break out of yourself? I mean to break out of negative thoughts, selfimposed limitations, insecurities, fears, past failures, depression, hopelessness, and selfdefeating mentality that says ‘nothing is ever going to change in my life’. You have to reach a point where you say, “I don’t care what the history of my life says, or what people say, all I know is that God created me for a purpose. He wants me, needs me and loves me. And He has a promise for my life.” If you want your life to make a difference, establish new territories, break barriers. You need to break new ground on your mind. Your old way of thinking can no longer get you to a better place than the worse place it put you in. Don’t let your

past and its mistakes to lord over you. If anything is going to change concerning you, you have to do something about it personally. Change the way you look at yourself and life. Turbo charge your mind. Think differently, think positive, think possibilities. Avoid beginning with the ‘I can’t’ approach, because you can! If you are limited, you are limited by nobody but yourself. Break out of yourself.

If you are in a shaky situation, you are just on the other side of a great calm You cannot afford to be always blaming people for your own failures and misfortunes. It’s time you take responsibility for your own life from other people. You need to start by breaking out in your own mind, and in your own faith. The Lord wants you to break out, and He will give the breakthrough. When His breakthrough comes, it means that your enemy lines of defense have been broken down for you to walk free. The

breakthrough has to do with your unseen adversaries, but the breakout has to do with you. Don’t allow fears or failure to torment you. No matter how serious the situations you are passing through, you still have cause to glorify and praise God. Your future is not neutral. It is either success or failure; positive or negative - it depends on how you live your life today. You cannot live life in the vacuum. If you cannot control circumstances you should be able to control your attitude. No matter how serious the crisis, it cannot break one who depends on God’s strength. Whatever you hear, see, or feel should not dictate your actions and conclusions. Present everything before God. Your situation does not have to remain the same or worse. Even the weather changes, the sun rises and sets, the moon comes and goes. You too must have a breakthrough. You are not getting any younger. God’s blessings in your life are supposed to be increasing daily, because it is His promise for you. You begin to change when you move towards God.

As the earth revolves around the sun, so should your life also revolve around the Son of God You are fortunate because regardless of where you live, you are in the geographical centre of the world You can go from where you are to anywhere you want to go




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If you cannot control circumstances you should be able to control your attitude


Time to break out into freedom  
Time to break out into freedom  

Time to break out into freedom