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Here is the second issue of the ITU Writing Center online student magazine after a long break we had while welcoming our new students in the School of Foreign Languages. The previous issue was the springboard for gaining student interest this semester, and has lead to a much richer issue reflecting the wide range of student interests at our school. Before the end of this year, our students wanted to touch upon the remarkable lives of two famous journalists, Savaş Ay and Mehmet Ali Birand, who passed away this year. In addition, the issue includes an interview with a member of the Urban and Regional Planning Department and historical insight into a legendary tower of Istanbul in the middle of the Bosphorus, the Maiden’s Tower as we continue our investigation into the departments at our own university and Istanbul. The reader will also find a variety of information including popular TV series, fashion and events orchestrated by our own ITU clubs. Moreover, the issue will be a guide to the schedules for cultural events from exhibitions to concerts. In brief, there is something to appeal to the interests of every reader.

Savaş Ay and Mehmet Ali Birand A Closer Look at One Department, 5 Urban and Regional Planning A Landmark, 7 The Maiden’s Tower The Case for TV, 9 Popular TV Series

The Case for Fashion, 11 H&M – Isabel Marant Events in December Plays, 12 Exhibitions, 13 Concerts, 16 The 19th ITU Sector Days, 19 The Summit of IT, 20 The Social Media Prizes, 21 the cover photo by Yasin Baktır & Umut Ekerdiker

Happy reading. İlknur Karaman

Meridith Paterson

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Two Famous Turkish Journalists


avaş Ay was born on the 26th of March, 1954 to singer Şükran Ay and famous magician Turan Turanlı. He studied at Pertevniyal High Scool and Marmara University. When he was in high school his father, Turan Turan, applied to the court to change their family name to "Ay". Savaş Ay read "Tin Tin" all his childhood and, inspired by these comics, decided to be a journalist.

He began his journalism career in 1974 at Dünya newpaper. After that he worked for Vatan, Tercüman, Milliyet, Sabah, Posta and Akajans. He was a columnist in Takvim. He, who was an international journalist and photographer, worked for Sipa Press. His photographs were used as a magazine cover in Time and Bunte.

In 1984, he started to work as a TV reporter. When he was a journalist and reporter, he won more than 600 awards. The most important award for him was "the journalist of the year" which was given by the Turkey Journalist Association bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine

in 1992. After that, he started to produce "A Takımı" programme which is identified with Savaş Ay.

When he was fighting with throat cancer, his heart stopped and he passed away on the 24th of October, 2013.


ehmet Ali Birand was born to İzzet Birand and his wife Mirvet Birand on the 3rd of December, 1941. When he was 2 yearsold, he lost his father to a heart attack, so rough days began for him and his mother. He completed Galatasaray High School with his uncle's financial support. He studied French at Istanbul University, but he had monetary problems, so he dropped out.

When he was 3 years-old, boiled water spilled on his legs. He had 5 different operations, so he spent 1 year in hospital in total. In 1963, he went to England for his last operation. Meanwhile, he got a job offer from his friend Abdi İpekçi, who he 3

met at Galatasaray High School, to work for "Milliyet" newspaper.

When he returned to Turkey, he met his wife, Cemre Güngören, and they got married. In 1977 his son Umut Ali was born.

He became a famous journalist with the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus. He wrote 6 books. In 1985 he started to produce his own news programme "32. Gün" (the 32nd Day). In 2005, he became a presenter of "Kanal D" news. He won countless awards throughout his life, and he died when he was 71 years-old, on the 17th of January, 2013.

Mertcan Uygun


bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


A Closer Look at One Department


or this issue, we want to introduce you to Urban and Regional Planning, so we interviewed Assoc. Prof. Turgay Kerem KORAMAZ who is also a member of the Faculty Introduction Committee.

How do you define Urban and Regional Planning?

Urban and Regional Planning, which is a department in the Faculty of Architecture, is an area that determines how cities and regions will develop in the future. It is mostly described under the discipline of architecture in Turkey and Europe. This department involves study and research of all kinds like how any kind of settlement will improve in the broader sense, how it will solve problems, and how it will utilize its potential. It has become a field of study that covers various issues including social policies, economic investment and political content in the light of developments in recent years because the planning discipline, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom, introduced important studies in accordance with theories developed by geography and economy theorists. Lessons are being given under the

bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine

geography faculty at some universities in the world. What is waiting for a freshman who starts in this department?

You will get lessons from various departments. Your theoretic lessons will consist of a wide range of disciplines such as geography, economy, sociology, architecture, geomatics engineering and geometric engineering. On the other hand, you will get vocational courses such as residences, conservancy areas, industrial areas and green areas.

What abilities are you expecting your students to have?

There are two important qualifications. The first one is thinking analytically. Students should have creativity and abilities of looking and seeing. For example, they should have the ability of thinking analytically in order to relate to something with all its dimensions. However, it is not an ability to have before starting education in the department because I think it is a kind of ability that people can gain over time.

The second one is being a rationalist. Reasonable proposals and solutions in accordance with planning ethics and universal values should be put forward. Of


course, creative thinking, satisfying diversities and being original follow it. The Urban and Regional Planning Department at ITU requires the highest score compared to the same departments at other universities in Turkey. What do you think the reason is for this?

I believe all universities should give a certain quality education. However, requiring the highest score shows that ITU is preferred by a high population. ITU has always tried to give education at a certain level of quality. I think the young population has a remarkable achievement and this ensures the progress of ITU.

How much do graduates of urban and regional planning earn? The salary which the Chamber of Urban Planners offers for new urban planners is 2500 Turkish liras. The Ministry of Development pays 4500 Turkish liras, but it requires ten years experience. The salary that is paid to urban planners is 3500 Turkish liras in municipalities

Burcu Canavar

BĂźĹ&#x;ra Merve Duman

Where can urban and regional planning graduates have the opportunity to work?

There are three main sectors. The first one is public institutions. We have a lot of graduates working for ministries, development agencies and especially municipalities. Another important sector is the real estate industry. Construction companies and many private companies dealing with real estate values and project development usually prefer employees graduating from the department of urban and regional planning. The third alternative is other sectors that make use of urban planning skills. For example, civil associations, the press or your own office can be the most popular.

bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


The Maiden’s Tower The Legend in the Heart of the Bosphorus


he Maiden’s Tower, also known as The Tower of Leandros, was built in 24 BC by the Byzantine Empire. Though its mission changes frequently, its beauty has stood the same through centuries. It has been used as a cemetery, customs station, show platform, military facility among other purposes. The rulers of that age set a chain between the tower and the European shore because it was useful against the enemy ships. Also, it made it necessary for the trade ships to pass between Maiden’s Tower and Üsküdar, so the government could keep them under control more easily.

Since the building is so ancient, it has many legends connected to it. The most known one is the legend of Hero and Leandros. There was a temple which was dedicated to Aphrodite on the shores of what is now known as Üsküdar. Hero was a priestess in this temple. Her duty in there was to take care of the doves. Every spring people used to do ceremonies for the wakening of nature. Those who hadn't found love came to these ceremonies and prayed to Aphrodite to find love. In one of these ceremonies, Leandros came to this temple and saw Hero. They fell in love at first sight. Though all they wanted was to be together, there was one obstacle standing between them, marriage was bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine

forbidden for Hero since she was a priestess. One day Leandros was sitting on the other side of the Bosphorus and looking at the other side with dreams of his sweet love. Then he saw the light of a torch coming from the Maiden’s Tower. He understood that this was his love calling him to the Tower. He swam all the way because he was a good swimmer. That night Hero broke her oath and they made love. In the morning he and she went their separate ways, but they never stopped meeting. Every night Hero climbed to the top of the tower with a torch and Leandros swam there using her guiding light. At the end, one night a great wind appeared and put out the light, therefore Leandros lost his way in the Bosphorus. In the morning of that night, they found his body on the shore of the other side of the tower. When Hero found out that he had died, she decided that she could not live without him and threw herself from the top of the tower to the cold waters of the Bosphorus.


There are actually many more legends about The Maiden’s Tower such as the one with Nazım Hikmet or Battal Gazi or the one with the snakes. Their truth is open to argument since they’re not historical facts.

The Maidens’s Tower in the 21st century has a different purpose. From now on you can eat your dinner there while enjoying the gorgeous view of the Bosphorus. Furthermore, transportation to the Maiden’s Tower is simple. There are boats sailing to Maiden’s Tower from Salacak and Üsküdar.

Umut Ekerdiker

Yasin Baktır


bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


Popular TV Series


e all grow up watching Hollywood films. We watched them on TV and in theaters. I can remember the times we rented movies from stores to watch, but that all went away since the Internet became more popular. Now we are able to watch films on our computers by downloading them. Besides, the rise of the Internet brought us other benefits. We can all watch the American and European series easily. I believe it affects us more than films for those who follow more than one series loyally because we watch them every week. Sometimes we can even watch series that aren’t airing anymore. These series give us the opportunity to improve our English skills as well as the chance to be entertained.

Nowadays, some of these series have become very popular. We can split them into two categories. One is approximately 20 minutes per episode. These kinds of series are usually sit-coms, such as “How I Met Your Mother”, “The Big Bang Theory” and so on. There are also some sit-coms bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine

that have finished, but are called legends, such as “Friends” or “Seinfeld," by their former audience. The other kind has more types of series actually. They are usually 45 minutes per episode and they can be fictional, tragic or many other genres.

In the fictional category, “Game of Thrones” is the most popular one. It takes place in a fictional world and tells about the intrigue between four families who want to possess the “Iron Throne”.

We can also mention “The Walking Dead” as a fictional series which tells the story of a sheriff, Rick Grimes, and his group’s life during a zombie apocalypse. “Supernatural” includes the story of two brothers fighting against monsters, devils, vampires and even angels to save humanity and take their vengeance for their parents.


The other series that just finished is “Dexter”. It tells the story of a serial killer named Dexter, who only kills other killers.

There are also other series which are not fictional, such as “Spartacus”. It’s the story of a gladiator who lived under the shadow of Rome. However, he couldn’t accept slavery as an option and he started a riot against the empire. Its story is based on some true events. History books call him the first revolutionary.

Another non-fictional series is “Breaking Bad”. It finished not long ago. It is the story of a chemistry teacher who learns that he has cancer and he will have a baby soon, so he decides to cook methamphetamine, which is a drug, to leave his family a large amount of money. When he starts cooking, it appears that he can produce the purest meth and he makes tons of money as the Heisenberg.

Possibly the biggest legend because of its age is “Doctor Who”. This series is about an alien who has a ship called “Tardis” which is able to travel through the space and time. This series has been going on since 1963. “The Doctor” has changed 11 times.

These series can be chosen according to the tastes of the audiences. There are many series and that means many options which give us an alternative to films. You can choose and enjoy according to your tastes

Yasin Baktır

bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


Anticipated Collaboration: H&M and ISABEL MARANT


s we all may agree, fashion has become a big industry even though it targets people with high incomes. However, there are still many options out for people with modest budgets since there are many very fashionable, yet reasonably priced brands. One of these is H&M. H&M has grown from a local clothing shop to a worldwide retailer, and their latest collaboration with one of the biggest names of Paris has created a tremendous impression over many pursuers of fashion. Has this bonding step between high-end consumers and middle-income people been successful and lucrative?

What this collaboration aims to achieve is to share the prosperous collection of Isabel Marant with a wider and more diverse public. We can interpret this from Isabel Marant’s words, “This collaboration with H&M was a very nice opportunity to redo what I love in my collections and share this love with a wider public.” Marant’s signature ethnic beaded cardigan tops are at the most $400, but most of the 53 pieces range between $50 and $200. This price range seems to be totally ideal for modest budgets of people who want to look simply elegant. It is a great opportunity to have some tasteful clothing in our wardrobes with reasonable prices. bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine

To continue with some more specific details on the collection, it is elegant but also original as a result of Isabel Marant’s initial style and perspective of fashion. Black and white colours are predominantly used on all 53 pieces. In addition, a voluminous style is chiefly used. Slim pants and tights are often used in combinations for men. Ethnic and partly ethnic designs are preferred. These properties align with Isabel Marant’s usual style of fashion, so it is impressive to see these valuable artful pieces in nearby H&M shops.

To sum up, after all the build up, I think the collection has fulfilled our expectations. Even though it may be seen as “too futuristic and modern” from some people’s perspectives, it is worth giving it a shot and at least trying it out in nearby H&M stores.

Alp Eren


Theater Events in December


stanbul is giving us many chances for seeing a play. December will be a very busy month for the theaters. I will give you a few examples. Moda Theater has been opened recently. It is hosting two striking plays; “Hamlet” and “Bütün Çılgınlar Sever Beni”. "Hamlet" is a famous play which was written by Shakespeare. Onur Ünsal, Esra Kızıldoğan, Kübra Kip and İnan Ulaş Torun are starring in this play.

“Bütün Çılgınlar Sever Beni” is a lovely play. Mert Fırat, Aslı Tandoğan and Volkan Yosunlu are acting in the play. They try to tell us about 'Love'. A man who does not trust his wife ruffles their life, so the play is started by the man.

Another one is “Aşk’a 103 Adım” which has been put on the stage successfully for two years by Tiyatrokare. It has amazing acting, too. It stars Özge Özberk, Bülent Seyran, Umran Ertok, Koray Kurt and Suna Keskin. The play, which asks us if marriage kills love,causes gales of laughter. If you want to laugh, you must see this performance. However, don't forget it is not just a comedy. They usually act on the Profilo Stage, but sometimes they stage it at different theaters. It will be on stage from December 8th to January 19th. You can find the tickets on Biletix.

You can see both of them in December. They will start again on the 5th and 7th of December and continue until the end of the month. Ticket prices are 25 Turkish Liras.

bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


IBB City Theaters made a quick start to this year. They put on a lot of new plays on different stages in December. These plays are neither costly nor boring. Many talented and experienced players show their amazing performance during the show. You can view the table and choose the play which you want to attend.

For further information, you can visit: ri/Documents/2013%20Aralık%20Ayı%20 Oyun%20Düzeni.pdf

Exhibitions Anish Kapoor - S.U. Sakıp Sabancı Museum Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM) and Akbank brought Anish Kapoor’s works, which are followed by people all over the world, to Turkey. SSM, which has Kapoor’s first large personal exhibition in Turkey, exhibits statues which have never been exhibited before. In the exhibition, which Akbank sponsors, Anish Kapoor’s works have been exhibited since September 10th, and the last day for this exhibition is January 5th. You mustn’t miss this opportunity.

In brief, you must make time to see these good plays.

Aylin Adsalan

Dates: 10-12-2013, Tuesday 05-01-2014, Sunday Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 10.00-18.00 Wednesday, Friday: 10.00-20.00 Charge: Full ticket: 15 TL Group ticket (minimum 10 people): 12 TL Reduced ticket (for students and teachers): 8 TL On Wednesday: it’s free.

bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


Vicious Circular Breathing

Squares of Life in a Woman's Eye The exhibition which is called “Squares of Life in a Woman's Eye�, which is unique and specific for woman, will gather photography lovers at Metrocity Shopping Centre.

In this exhibition, which is organized for the seventh time by Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik, forty-four works which were placed and were chosen will take part in the exhibition. The exhibition is in Metrocity Shopping Centre from th th November 30 to December 14 .

The focus of this exhibition of new and recent work by Rafael Lozano Hemmer is a particular thread of his practice that explores the very personal and emotionally evocative nature of his art that embodies and activates signs of life. All of the installations are conceptually rooted in decidedly core human physical labors that include the beating heart, the breathing body and the keystone of human communication, the voice.

The work is produced with technologies both high and low including biometric sensors, LED lights, custom software, robotic searchlights and motorized mechanics... Not to mention air, paper bags and people.

This exhibition is in The Haunted Mansion from September 14th to February 16th. bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


I Still Remember – Akillas Millas The Museum of Islands goes on making the islands alive with rich and varied exhibitions in 2013. The second of the exhibitions which shows the life of the writer Akillas, who is from Büyükada, with photographs, pictures and writings is "I still remember." Besides, there will be a presentation of the "I still remember" documentary. It includes the documents of Akillas, who was born in Istanbul in 1934 and spent his childhood and youth in Büyükada. The exhibition is free. You can see it all year from the 29th of June.

Pictures in a Stairwell Date: 23 May 2013, Thursday - 31 December 2014, Tuesday City: İstanbul/ Sarıyer Place: Boğaziçi University South Campus Category: Architecture

Observatory Date: 28 November 2013, Thursday- 28 April 2014, Monday City: İstanbul/ Fatih / Eminönü Place: İstanbul Modern Art Museum Category: Photo

bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


A Promised Exhibition


Date: 10 April 2013, Tuesday- 5 January 2014

December 15th

City: İstanbul/Beyoğlu Place: SALT Galata Category: Art *It is free. Pianist Tuluyhan Uğurlu continues with “Piano is talking about love, and whirling dervishes are whirling for love.” The audience is taking an imaginary trip with visual aids during this concert. Tuluyhan Uğurlu is telling about love with his piano and the love journey is beginning. The piano is accompanied by whirling dervishes with love to reach Allah in Divan Literature and love in mysticism.

Mystery of Urartu Jewelry Date: 8 November 2013, Friday- 31 July, Thursday City: İstanbul/Fatih Place: Rezan Has Museum

The concert is going to take place on the 15th of December on Sunday in Sirkeci Station historical passenger lounge. Because of Şeb-i Arus, Rumi’s 740th reunion, whirling gains more significance. At the peak of the concert, whirling is beginning on the large platform of Sirkeci Station. In this mystical atmosphere, after the whirling which is accompanied by the piano of Tuluyhan Uğurlu, famous artists invite guests again and the love journey in the piano's tones goes on.

Category: Art *It is free.

Hava Nur Yavaş

bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


December 13th

December 31st

Reunion Night for Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi, Şeb-i Arus will be in Ülker Sports Arena on December 13th

You will say good bye to 2013 in the most exciting way with many musicians

This concert will take place for the second time in Istanbul which is the capital city of love. You can find tickets on Biletix. Be ready for that night!

Ozan Doğulu, Suat Ateşdağlı, Doğuş Çabakcor, Emrah İş, Birol Giray and Emre Arısev will be with you that night at the Hilton Convention Room, İstanbul. Don’t miss it!


December 14th

17.30: Opening 20:00–20:15: İnaugural and informative speech with Ertem Şener’s introduction 20:15–20:50: Sami symphony orchestra




20:50–21:15: Divine duets from Ali Şan and Kutsi 21:15–21:30: Break Time 21:30–23:00: Sema ritual 23:00: Closing

José Fernández Torres, known as Tomatito, whose music is a unique mix of traditional flamenco and jazz, will be in CRR auditorium on December 14th. Tomatito, who has won the Latin Grammy Award twice, creates music defined as unique by critics.

bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


December 28th

You can get tickets at Jolly Joker in Istanbul

Naftalinli Plaklar & Karaoke Party At the Living Room, a memorable night is waiting for you to live a nostalgic night with music from old records. The microphone is yours at the karaoke party. Don’t miss this opportunity.

December 27th

Eren Conkuner Band will be at Living Room with the album “The Long Way” In this concert, he will greet jazz fans with new compositions. Be ready for this performance. Hava Nur Yavaş References:

December 11th: Duman December 12th: Wisdom of Crowds December 13th: Fettah Can December 14th: Mabel Matiz December 18th: Nev December 20th: Cemadrian December 21th: Redd December 25th: HarunKolçak Rock Off December 27th: SonerSarıkabadayı December 28th: YeniTürkü

You can check out the concert calendar at Hayal Kahvesi in İstanbul December 11th: MertTünay December 11th: ÖzgeFışkın December 12th: Piatango December 13th: BirsenTezer December 13th: KorayCandemir December 14th: Ali Biçim December 14th: Soul Stuff December 16th: SelenGülün December 17th: NazdraveEdizHafızoğlu December 18th: GüntaçÖzdemir December 18th: ÖzgeFışkın December 19th: Peyk December 19th: Suzan Kardeş December 20th: Aylin Aslım December 20th: KorayCandemir December 21th: Can Gox December 21th: Soul Stuff December 23th: Zift December 24th: KorhanFutacı-Kara Orkestra December 25th: ÖzgeFışkın December 26th: BulutsuzlukÖzlemi December 27th: Pinhani December 28th: Mehmet ErdemAkustik December 31th: CeylanErtem

bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


The 19th ITU Sector Days: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Sector Days is one of the most popular events of the ITU Industrial Engineering Society, which is the most active business and career society in Turkey. On December 4th, the 19th Sector Days helped us to learn impressive tips about the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector. The Sector Days, which is organized by ITU IES, helps students to learn something about different sectors. University students and managers of remarkable companies come together through this event. Consequently, this event is the biggest meeting of students and managers in Turkey. In addition to meeting managers, students can apply for jobs and internships at the crush room or take an opportunity to talk to managers face to face.

Henkel: Kaya Kurşun-Beauty Care National Accounts Manager. Begüm Nalcı - Recruitment & Training Specialist There is no department or university limit to apply for this event. Moreover, all participants receive a certificate.

For further information, visit the website:

Büşra Kazancı

The 19th Sector Days started at 9.30 a.m. on December 4th and continued with managers of Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Coca Cola Company, and Henkel and Reckitt Benckiser which are the companies leading the FMCG. Participant include:




Procter &Gamble: Mert Bürian-Regional Marketing Manager Unilever: Burçak Dolanay-Sales Director Coca Cola Company: Marketing Director



Reckitt Benckiser: Savan Tüysüz-Sales Director bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


The Summit of Technology (SIT)


The Management Engineering Club at ITU gathers followers of IT industry and company representatives by organizing the Summit of Information Technology (SIT) in the Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center at Maslak campus. The trade practices of Information Technology, which ease work in the management area, production area and our daily life, and the latest technology are discussed at the SIT by Turkey’s leading IT firms, experts and academics of the Internet sector. The Internet, digital marketing, mobile technology, games, investment, social media, place of the IT sector in the world economy, e-trade, and the most strategic “information” are discussed in panels and seminars at the SIT. At the same time, the latest technologies are projected at the SIT by attending firms. Sponsor firms and social media awards continue to determine leading names of the Internet world. The SIT consists of five parts.

services and communicate to participants of the Internet sector.

Workshops At ITU Macka Campus, concurrent workshops are organized in different conference halls by experts.

Interactive Part At the SIT, speed-networking, social networking, likeminded discussions, coffee time and cocktail hour enable participants to communicate with each other.

Social Media Awards The best users of social media, famous names of art, sport, and the business world and campaigns of social media, agencies of social media, and the most successful brands are rewarded by referendum.

Panels and Seminars Technology subjects of Turkey and the world are debated at the SIT by company representatives and the latest names of the Internet sector.

Begüm Yıldıran


IT Area At the SIT, being a fair of Information Technology (IT), firms can introduce the latest technological products, offer bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


The Social Media Prizes (SMP)


What are the Social Media Prizes?


SMP, which was organized by ITU MEC in 2010, was the first organization about social media in Turkey. In previous years, lots of mediums and famous people joined SMP, so it took a place in the Twitter Trend Topics List.

Before the SMP, a lot of agents and internet users propose some candidates and social media experts consider their suggestions. Later, people vote for their candidates who are determined by social media experts. When the voting period comes to an end, winners are announced. In the finishing SIT night, the winners take their own prize.

Social Media is becoming the most important source of information because lots of people easily retrieve information from it and its cost is very cheap. The people write, watch, listen and read whatever and whenever they want. Thus, the entire world uses it for everything.

This year SMP has 12 categories and these categories are below.

Name: Adamlar Yapıyor Twitter: Facebook: ref=ts Web:

Adamlar Yapıyor has 9.579 tweets and 6.286 followers on Twitter and has 6.733 followers on Facebook.

Name: Bal Köpüğü Twitter: Facebook: Web: Bal Köpüğü has 8,559 tweets in Twitter, 8,308 followers on the blog, 323,830 followers on Facebook.

bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


She has 8,924 tweets and 709,559 followers on Twitter and 169,069 followers on Facebook.

The Most Famous User Name: Buse Terim Twitter: Facebook: Web: She has 20.147 tweets and 378.114 followers on Twitter. Name: Erol Köse Twitter: Web: He has 15.054 tweets and 1.138.790 followers on Twitter. Name: Maritsa Twitter: Facebook: Web: She has 236 tweets and 1,184 followers on Twitter, 12,651 followers on Facebook.

Name: Pucca Günlük Twitter: Facebook: Web: http://passiflorarapunzel.blogspot...

bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine

Name: Hilal Cebeci Twitter: Facebook: Web: She has 62.078 tweets and 1.190.387 followers on Twitter and 39.442 followers on Facebook.



Name: Nihat Doğan Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has 17.567 tweets and 384.548 followers on Twitter

Name: Ahmet Hakan Coşkun Twitter: Facebook: He has 31.061 tweets and 964.424 followers on Twitter and 70.458 followers on Facebook.

Name: Sinan Akçıl Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has 18.339 tweets and 1.491.340 followers on Twitter and 561,117 followers on Facebook.

Name: Ayşe Arman Twitter: Facebook: She has 5.714 tweets and 359.902 followers on Twitter and 137.112 followers on Facebook.

Name:Yılmaz Morgül Twitter: Web: He has 663 tweets and 168.643 followers on Twitter. bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine



Name: Banu Güven Twitter: Facebook: Web: She has 2.141 tweets and 500.022 followers on Twitter.

Name: Ceyhun Yılmaz Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has 52,837 tweets and 800,853 followers on Twitter and 552.452 followers on Facebook.

Name: Cüneyt Özdemir Twitter: Web: He has 22.663 tweets and 1.435.814 followers on Twitter.

Name: İzzet Çapa Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has 21,426 tweets and 191,929 followers on Twitter.

Name: Mehmet Demirkol Twitter: He has 1.120 tweets and 132.384 followers on Twitter. bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


Name: Metin Uca Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has 5,441 tweets and 881,120 followers on Twitter and 33.369 followers on Facebook.

Name: Saba T端mer Twitter: Web: She has 3,277 tweets and 1,886,636 followers on Twitter.


Name: Birol G端ven Twitter: Facebook: Name: Okan Bay端lgen Twitter: Facebook: Web:

He has 15,749 tweets and 404,480 followers on Twitter and 2.391 followers on Facebook.

He has 2,360 tweets and 2,846,491 followers on Twitter and 441.052 followers on Facebook.

bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


Name: Erdil Yaşaroğlu Twitter: Facebook: Web:

Name: Metin Üstündağ Twitter: Facebook: He has 1,153 tweets and 568,467 followers on Twitter and 3.648 followers on Facebook.

He has 4.227 tweets and 1.204.242 followers on Twitter and 408.019 followers on Facebook.

Name: Kaan Sezyum Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has 10.102 tweets and 396.891 followers on Twitter and 11.723 followers on Facebook.

bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine

Name: Selçuk Erdem Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has 7.206 tweets and 1.153.646 followers on Twitter and 516.054 followers on Facebook.


The Woman of Music

Name: G端lben Ergen Twitter: Facebook: Web: She has 34.845 tweets and 2.820.948 followers on Twitter and 246.913 followers on Facebook.

Name: Hadise Twitter: Facebook: Web: She has 5.011 tweets and 1.405.464 followers on Twitter and 2.116.663 followers on Facebook.

bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine

Name: Hande Yener Twitter: Facebook: Web: She has 53.205 tweets and 2.143.252 followers on Twitter and 1.522.620 followers on Facebook.

Name: Nil Karaibrahimgil Twitter: Facebook: Web: She has 3.315 tweets and 2.203.035 followers on Twitter and 442.022 followers on Facebook.


Name: Sıla Gençoğlu Twitter: Facebook: Web: She has 1.022 tweets and 1.495.459 followers on Twitter and 3.386.162 followers on Facebook.

Name: Fettah Can Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has13.302 tweets and 437.203 followers on Twitter and 366.176 followers on Facebook.

The Man of Music

Name: Murat Boz Twitter: Facebook: Web: Name: Can Bonomo Twitter: Facebook: Web:

He has 781 tweets and 2.529.062 followers on Twitter and 2.341.849 followers on Facebook.

He has 98 tweets and 795.389 followers on Twitter and 592.580 followers on Facebook.

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Actress and Actor

Name: Murat Dalkılıç Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has 3.536 tweets and 1.257.051 followers on Twitter and 777.457 followers on Facebook.

Name: Ezgi Mola Twitter: Facebook: Web: She has 7.211 tweets and 545.754 followers on Twitter and 18.730 followers on Facebook.

Name: Soner Sarıkabadayı Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has 4.562 tweets and 545.561 followers on Twitter and 1.972.471 followers on Facebook

Name: Gonca Vuslateri Twitter: Facebook: Web: She has 19.136 tweets and 193.600 followers on Twitter

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Social Video

Name: Gupse Özay Twitter: Web: She has 2,811 tweets and 261,120 followers on Twitter.

Name: Alper Sarı Twitter: Facebook: Web:

He has 115.162 tweets and 49.159 followers on Twitter.

Name: Mert Fırat Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has 232 tweets and 64.143 followers on Twitter and 60.043 followers on Facebook. Name: Can Çekin Twitter: Facebook: Web:

Nama: Sarp Apak Twitter: Facebook: Web:

He has 2.145 tweets and 34.571 followers on Twitter.

He has 11.576 tweets and 909.460 followers on Twitter and 9.904 followers on Facebook. bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine


Name: Erkan Aker Twitter: Facebook: Web:

He has 931 tweets and 33.044 followers on Twitter and 58.787 followers on Facebook.

Name: Nejat Uygur / Sina Ă–zer Twitter: - ... Facebook: Web: ... Nejat has 180 tweets and 12.543 followers, Sina has 2.533 tweets and 13.687 followers on Twitter and they have 6.059 followers on Facebook.


Name: Hakan Hepcan Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has 19.492 tweets and 233.125 followers on Twitter and 145.163 followers on Facebook.

Name: Burcu Çetinkaya Twitter: Facebook: Web: She has 7,969 tweets and 21.065 followers on Twitter and 43,506 followers on Facebook.

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Name: Gökhan Gönül Twitter: Facebook: Web:

Name: Naz Aydemir Twitter: Facebook: Web: She has 6.587 tweets and 58.316 followers on Twitter and 114.11 followers on Facebook.

He has 114 tweets and 1.011.019 followers on Twitter and 15.470 followers on Facebook.

Name: Mehmet Okur Twitter: Facebook: ...

Name: Wesley Sneijder Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has 1.118 tweets and 2.220.167 followers on Twitter and 1.771.398 followers on Facebook.

He has 12.539 tweets and 123.750 followers on Twitter and 28.130 followers on Facebook.

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The Phenomenon of the Social Media

Name: Acımasız Tweet Twitter: Acımasız Tweet has 1.973 tweets and 143.407 followers on Twitter.

Name: Beyinsiz Adam Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has 822 tweets and 388.467 followers on Twitter and 58.792 followers on Facebook.

Name: Argostroloji Twitter: Facebook: Argostroloji has 11.569 tweets and 524.129 followers on Twitter and 181.799 followers on Facebook.

Name: Taci Kalkavan Twitter: Facebook: He has 3.144 tweets and 218.087 followers on Twitter and 10.897 followers on Facebook.

Name: Meriç - ÖtekiDünyalı Twitter: She has 3.484 tweets and 121.031 followers on Twitter and 22,215 followers on Facebook. bee writer ITU Writing Center Student Magazine



Name: Can DĂźndar Twitter: Facebook: Web: He has 573 tweets and 172.040 followers on Twitter and 445,870 followers on Facebook.

Name: Elif Ĺžafak Twitter: Facebook: Web:

She has 6.141 tweets and 1.290.878 followers on Twitter and 792.075 followers on Facebook.

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Name: Enver Aysever Twitter: 2 Facebook: Web: He has 12.849 tweets 257.024 followers on Twitter and 28.051 followers on Facebook.

Name: Murathan Mungan Twitter: Facebook: . Web: He has 1.536 tweets and 326.484 followers on Twitter and 123,178 followers on Facebook.


Name: Sunay Ak覺n Twitter: Facebook: ay.akin... Web: He has 2.318 tweets & 276.269 followers on Twitter & 368.411 followers on Facebook.

Damla Demirler

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