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ITU Journal

Spring 2013

The Lasting Gift of Dr. Shu-park chan

1929 - 2013

International Technological University

Volume III, Issue 2, Spring 2013

What’s Inside

A message about our Leader, Professor Shu-Park Chan,

This spring issue features ITU founder Professor Shu-Park Chan and ITU’s Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Accreditation. How long have you been with ITU? Do you know the origins behind the founding of ITU? Inside are two pages on the roots of the University, describing the vision of a family who believed that education could bridge the gap to “balance academic theory with practical application.” Professor Chan played a very important role in the lives of many people. Among these people are Dr. Liz Li, who was inspired by Dr. Chan’s generosity and care. Dr. May Huang considered Dr. Chan a champion to students—he understood their challenges and helped them succeed. Dr. Gerald Cory saw in Dr. Chan a true educator, joining him in improving education. To his students, Dr. Chan was godfather, a person of great distinction, and of great passion. The establishment of ITU accomplished Dr. Chan’s vision of international education. WASC accreditation marks another of his consummate achievements.

“It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives.” - Samuel Johnson Our university recently received the email from Angie Lo, Director of Campus Operations & International Projects, saying “Dr. Shu-Park Chan passed away peacefully Friday, February 22, 2013.” This saddened all of us. People from the US and China attended the memorial service at International Technological University (ITU) on March 15. Many people were present to express their condolences. Professor Chan was a brilliant educator. We look at ITU today, his tangible achievement, and see the plans he had made for his life. Professor Chan was well known as the ITU founder and as the former Dean of the Engineering School for Santa Clara University (SCU). President George Bush, Sr. appointed Professor Chan to be a member of the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship Board, as a result of Dr. Chan’s reputation. The Silicon Valley Business Journal, May 18, 2003, introduced Professor Chan as an “Academic entrepreneur.” Writer Douglas Caldwell wrote, “Shu-Park Chan followed the Silicon Valley tradition in founding his own university.” Professor Chan described how he left SCU after 30 years to establish ITU to provide “high quality graduate-level education in the shortest time possible, at the lowest cost.” Visionary Professor Chan had high goals to achieve: campuses in Beijing, Vietnam and other countries to provide the best education to students. He wanted Engineering, Business Administration and Digital Arts programs that teach current industry developments. Looking at ITU, we see that Professor Chan is still living through his vision. On the same day of his death, ITU received news of their accreditation from WASC. By gaining accreditation, ITU’s education programs maintain quality assurance and improvement standards. Students will see employment benefits from pursuing a degree here— employers prefer graduates from an accredited university. Accreditation is a direct result of Professor Chan’s goals and vision. We pay tribute and give thanks to Professor Chan for his dreams and achievements as our university founder. Amal Mougharbel, PhD Business Administration Department Chair, Editor in Chief, ITU Journal


Volume III, Issue 2, Spring 2013

In Memory of

Shu-Park Chan 3

International Technological University

Volume III, Issue 2, Spring 2013

The roots of the university: a family’s vision community centers throughout the city with reference materials and weekly training seminars free for the public; establishing, expanding and funding the top two Southern Chinese Research Universities, establishing an entire line of vocational technical educational institutions, and building many more elementary schools.

The Warlord’s Charge General Chen sent his sons to study engineering in the US hoping that they would use their knowledge to advance the nation with education and technology. Dr. Shu-Park Chan, General Chen’s 10th son, was tasked with absorbing the best of America’s education system – which Jitang recognized as the best in the world – and infusing the American educational culture to all of China. He often emphasized to his children that the most important developmental tool for any community was education.

Founders Father: General Jitang Chen

The Warlord Father ITU’s story begins with the Founder, Dr. Shu-Park Chan’s father, General Jitang Chen (aka Chi-Tong Chan). General Chen was the Warlord of Guangdong (Canton) Province in Southern China (19281936), one of China’s rare historical figures celebrated by members of the Nationalist and Communist regimes.

Silicon Valley Pioneering Educator Keeping true to his father’s charge, after earning his PhD from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in electrical engineering (EE), Dr. Chan joined Santa Clara University’s (SCU) EE department. In his 30 years at SCU, he became Dean of the Engineering School and the first endowed professor of SCU. Professor Chan proliferated the department from 50 students to 1,200. He taught over 10,000 students, and many founded pillar companies that contributed to the foundation of modern-day Silicon Valley.

Building a Hi-Tech Chinese City: Guangzhou City, 1930s Within Jitang Chen’s lifetime, Guangzhou became the city of hi-tech advancement that the whole nation would point to as a model for the modernization of China. Under Chen’s direction, all urban engineering projects were logically planned and scientifically built to the world’s modern standards. Chen’s accomplishments from 1928-1936, include: erecting the tallest building in Southern China; constructing the first mechanical bridge that would raise for the clear passage of shipping lanes; building China’s first “smokeless” or green factory; building water & power plants and over 200 documented light and heavy industrial factories to world standards; establishing and centralizing a social welfare system; establishing

Dr. Shu-Park Chan in his study

Timeline: Dr. Shu-Park Chan achievements 1929: Shu-Park Chan

Born in Canton, China.

1955: Received undergraduate degree

in EE at Virginia Military Institute

1965: Became a Professor, then Dean of the Engineering School at Santa Clara University

1957 - 1962: Earned Master and PhD from University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

1951: Sent to US by father, Jitang Chen


Volume III, Issue 2, Spring 2013 The university hires industry professionals as instructors. ITU instructors are comprised of many global leaders in engineering, business, and digital arts. Many instructors not only have PhD or terminal degrees, but many years experience. They are pioneering working managers in Silicon Valley who lead teams of engineers, create innovations and work with advanced technology.

The Chan Family: L-R (Stella, Yau-Gene, Charlene, Shu-Park)

Sustaining the Family Dream ITU President and CEO: Yau-Gene Chan

Many call Professor Chan the founding father of Silicon Valley hi-tech engineering education. He never forgot his father’s charge and his own dream to infuse China’s infrastructure into the American education system and the developing world.

Three Generations Towards the Same Vision In mid 2005 Professor Chan’s son, Yau-Gene Chan, was appointed Executive Vice President of ITU. Yau recruited Dr. Gerald A. Cory to help continue the tradition of delivering cutting-edge hi-tech education. Yau-Gene Chan is currently CEO and President of ITU. Dr. Cory is Executive Vice President of Asia-Pacific and Dr. Greg O’Brien is Executive Vice President (USA), Dean for Research & Doctoral Programs.

Global University Network Model Professor Chan retired from teaching and in 1994, founded ITU to be the world’s first global network university model. Professor Chan believed that engineering education must bridge the “relevance gap” to balance academic theory with practical application.


Core Competency: Industry-Relevant Education

In 2006, ITU began its quest for accreditation with the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC), one of the six private regional accreditation associations, the most prestigious and powerful in the US. WASC accredits all of the top American universities on the west coast, including: Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, USC and Caltech. On February 22nd, 2013 ITU attained Accreditation status with WASC.

ITU curriculum is intentionally tied to the latest in Silicon Valley hi-tech. ITU had nanotechnology, advanced IC design and quantum device theory courses as regular offerings - all cutting edge areas of Silicon Valley hi-tech development.

1994: Became Professor Emeritus at SCU. Retired from Santa Clara

University, and founded International Technological University (ITU)

1993: Became first Asian-American appointed by President George Bush, Sr. to be a member of the Fulbright Scholarship Board

2013: Passed away on February 22 as ITU gained WASC Accreditation

2010: Succeeded by son, Yau-Gene Chan, as President and CEO of ITU in 2010


International Technological University

Volume III, Issue 2, Spring 2013

Personal Reflections about Dr. Chan Meeting a Generous Giant By Dr. Liz Li

Dr. Shu-Park Chan inspired us with his great generosity. Here’s how I first met him. In1998, a group of delegates from the Central Government of China needed to find a conference room in California to host a meeting for more than100 scholars. We spent days searching, unsuccessfully. Someone suggested that I contact a small private university

L-R: Dr. Chan, Dr. Liz Li, Yau-Gene Chan

My Mentor, My Professor, My Father By Dr. May Huang

Twenty-five years ago, I transferred as a visiting scholar from a university in Wisconsin to Santa Clara University under Professor Chan’s supervision. A few months later, after my first paper was accepted by an IEEE conference, Professor Chan suggested that I pursue my PhD. I’ll never forget the process of publishing my first paper. When I nervously handed Professor Chan my

with highly prestigious scholars, called International Technological University, in Santa Clara. So I went to ITU, and met a handsome gentleman. He told me that we could borrow a big ITU conference room for free. He then told me the history of ITU, and gave me a signed book of his painting collection. At the start of the conference, we were surprised that the room was well prepared for us, and even drinking water was provided for

Dr. Chan receiving award

draft, he asked me to close his office door and said, “Now you can explain me your paper, sentence by sentence, in Chinese”. I was so much relieved! In fact, I had written the paper in Chinese and translated it into English. A purely Chinglish article that could challenge everybody’s understanding, including myself! Dr. Chan listened carefully to my explanation, and wrote it down paragraph by paragraph. After he finished, his revisions changed the color from black to red! All the ideas I wanted but failed to express, were flowed out on the paper, accurately and professionally. I still


everyone. I was very touched by his generosity and care. I was taught that “we can tell about a person from little small things and behaviors.” To this day, I remember this wonderfully kind and thoughtful man with deepest respect. This university will continue his legacy; ITU will grow both here and abroad, making the world a better place, due to his vision.

L-R: Dr. May Huang, Dr. Chan

keep this corrected draft. Professor Chan truly understood the weakness in English of his students from overseas. He arranged training for us to build our fundamental competence in professional careers, which benefited us most significantly! As a champion of students, Dr. Chan had many PhD and Masters graduates from all over Silicon Valley, the US, even the world. His spirit of dedication, creativity and honesty has been carried forward by his students. With WASC Accreditation granted to ITU, Dr. Chan can smile in heaven!

Volume III, Issue 2, Spring 2013

uncle park

By Jenny Zhou He was my godfather—I called him Uncle Park. New to the Bay Area and unable to drive, Uncle Park welcomed me into his home. Uncle Park was a great father to a lovely daughter and a smart son. Eventually, we became close as family. Uncle Park was a friend, like a dad, and became my personal and educational mentor. He always asked about my studies, and gave suggestions about my Master’s dissertation paper. He recommended me for an internship, and after graduation connected me to his network when I was looking for a job.

Dr. Chan with Jenny Zhou (right)

true educator

By Dr. Gerald A. Cory I joined with Dr. Chan when this university was in trouble; I taught some classes here. I liked him very much and what he was trying to achieve. After many years in Asia, I thought he had a very noble vision, which I wanted to see succeed. I never expected to go to work again. I was 73 years old --3 years younger than Mr. Chan! But we had similar backgrounds: we had been military trained: both had our doctorate and both

Truthfully, mentoring was routine for Uncle Park. For many years, he served as advisor to PhD students from the Engineering Department at Santa Clara University. He did the same at ITU. Uncle Park included me in his social circle of successful entrepreneurs, politicians, educators, and artists. I also felt like his friend, as he shared personal feelings, family stories and his art collection. The wonderful values he taught are still an ongoing influence in my life. I have seen how Uncle Park modeled his principles in education, work and family and am thankful for what he instilled in my life.

L-R: Dr. Cory, Dr. Chan

liked to get things done. So when ITU came into some rough water (due of many things including the disaster with 9/11) I told him I would be glad to help. I knew he was dedicated to making his vision work. So that was where it all started. He was a true educator. He had his doctorate from the University of Illinois. I had mine from Stanford. We made a great team, both dedicated to improving education in whatever we could, especially in the high-tech area. His students are found in many companies in Silicon Valley and in other places.


my inspiration By Edu Bertrand

I think how crucial to my success were the two years that I spent at Professor Chan’s university. I did more than learn the essential knowledge to gain access to two valuable Marketing internships in San Francisco. I eventually landed in the Client Management department (my dream job) at a top Advertising Agency in New York. I gained a new family of classmates, (with the same hesitations and expectations for greatness that I had) and of faculty members (with an extraordinary amount of humanity and power to inspire the next generations).

Dr. Chan with Edu Bertrand (right)

I realize how many life-defining decisions relate to positive values I learned from Professor Chan during his weekly seminars. For instance, my decision to move to China in November 2007 to learn Mandarin Chinese from scratch. A bold move that led to a scholarship at the Managers Exchange Training Program. Now, after 10 years abroad, I come back home in Barcelona, to embark on an entrepreneurship adventure– another bold move. I am inspired by the colossus achievement of Dr. Chan and his team getting WASC accreditation.

International Technological University

Volume III, Issue 2, Spring 2013

Outstanding Scholar, Great Teacher and Leader

My Encourager By Bin Zou

By Don Dodson

Professor Chan was my godfather. I lived with his family starting in 1999 for over 10 years. Professor Chan taught me a lot and I still vividly remember that he encouraged me when I studied at ITU.

It was a great pleasure to be a friend and colleague of Dr. Chan for many years. I really treasured that relationship, because Park was a person of great distinction. He built his Engineering department into one of the best departments at Santa Clara University - before creating ITU. And, I also cherished Park because he had a high sense of ethics and right and wrong. He stood up for, and fought for what he believed in, even when he had to make some personal sacrifice. That’s something that I’ve always admired and respected about him.

My major was computer science. Studying was very tough for me, but my godfather would always encourage me. He would say, “Bin, don’t be a rabbit. Be a turtle, and step by step someday you will succeed.” So when things were difficult I always got encouragement from Professor Chan. Sometimes I would ask him “What makes you successful? Or how can I be successful?” He would reply: ” Work hard, work hard and work hard.“ Professor Chan’s spirit was very strong. He was also a loving person who would do anything and everything—he’d put his full mind and heart into it. He was giving to all people. And he loved his students just like his children.

L-R: Dr. Chan, Bin Zou

Two things he gave me I still treasure: one is a book of his own watercolors, which he gave me many, many years ago, and the other is a scroll which he had painted. “Park” leaves me with many wonderful memories, and I hope that he rests in peace.

Dr. Alkhatib Hasan shares his memories of Dr. Chan

L-R: Lisa Jiang, Mikel Duffy, Dr. Chan, Yau-Gene Chan

design, hardware and software. He asked me to speak: “with your background and your expertise, will you give a talk to my students?” He wanted speakers, even if there was only one student attending. I think the students were surprised about Professor Chan being so passionate to find real-life scenarios for his students.

A man of great passion By Peter Chang

Dr. Chan was a man of great passion for his students, and was the light of the Engineering graduate school. Before I met Dr. Chan, students from Santa Clara University spoke a lot about him. I was curious about this great man, so I went to say “hello” and become his friend. That was at his old campus, at Wharburton.

The beauty of the course was it gave students information that is not mentioned in textbooks. The speakers were candid about how engineering teams were run and the time crunches.

His class “Seminar course” was mandatory for his students to attend and featured speakers from chip


Volume III, Issue 2, Spring 2013

Congratulations to ITU on WASC Accreditation President Chan Announces WASC Accreditation

Congratulatory note

Dear ITU Community: My late father, Dr. Shu-Park Chan had a life-long dream to bring practical, affordable Silicon Valley education to the entire world. That dream took L-R: Dr. Chan, Yau-Gene Chan a major step forward when ITU was granted accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) on February 22, 2013. Achieving WASC accreditation reaffirms ITU’s commitment to the highest educational standards, and sets the stage for the University’s continued growth in achieving our global mission. ITU embodies a family dream, to create a better world through education, reaching back three generations. That ITU was granted accreditation on the same day that my father passed away is deeply meaningful. Dad was a thorough man, I think he stayed around to make sure it happened before going. Over a six-year period, important aspects of ITU’s educational and organizational performance were reviewed by a highly-qualified team representing ITU’s peer schools in the Western region. This team representing the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) found that ITU meets high academic standards in all its Graduate, Doctoral and Certificate programs. and ITU continually seeks to meet the needs of students, parents, and employers as it delivers a quality education. In the Commission’s action letter of March 11, 2013, ITU was commended for its achievements in leadership development, financial management, faculty adequacy and roles, institutional research, and mission and strategic planning. Ralph Wolff, President of WASC, further stated that, “I particularly wish to acknowledge the significant progress that ITU has made in virtually every area of its operations in the years since you (ITU) first applied for Eligibility.” Dr. Richard Winn, Executive Director of WASC’s Senior Commission commented, “ITU is a very mission-centered institution that is driven towards executing its model of quality industry-linked education. It is a pleasure to see ITU join other WASC accredited institutions bringing quality education to our region and to the world through its outreach efforts.”

Professor C. N. Chang

Congratulatory Message from C.N., President of Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong Congratulations to ITU! “Yu Man Wan Qu, Ze Pi Shi Lin” ITU’s reputation spreads in the Bay Area, benefiting talents from all over the world!

Congratulatory Message from Hong Kong Tak Ming Alumni Association Hearty congratulations to ITU for earning WASC accreditation! “Zhen Xian Hua Yu, Jiao Ze Hong Fu” ITU’s education quality has reached the highest standard. ITU’s graduates are of integrity with outstanding achievements. ITU’s influence reaches all corners of the world.

I want to thank all of you: students, alumni, faculty, staff and trustees for your hard work that brought about this significant recognition.

Yau-Gene Chan President and CEO International Technological University Hong Kong Tak Ming Alumni Association 2013.


International Technological University

Volume III, Issue 2, Spring 2013

Faculty comments on Accreditation dr. Magdy Hussein:

Hiram Willis:

Congratulations to ITU leadership, faculty, administration and the entire staff. This is a wonderful vote of confidence for a technical/academic non-profit institution.

It has been gratifying to watch the University transform its administration, leadership, and faculty with processes that have focused on excellence. The accreditation validates the integrity and leadership of our administration, programs we teach, and studentoriented processes we support. The accreditation answers at least in part the question of: Are we on the right path? Our University’s objectives, education strategies, and implementation processes, while evolving to meet the changing education market have been validated.

Dr. Frank Aguilera: Students make difficult choices about their education, which affect their careers and their lives. Students factor in accreditation status, because those universities are more likely to offer degrees that employers and recruiters recognize.

dr. Quining Li:

Dr. Tom Tafolla:

When I heard the news, I was happy that ITU was recognized by this well-known organization. After accreditation, ITU will be able to attract more talented students and faculties to ITU. ITU will develop into a more diversified school.

I was elated when I heard the news, but at the same time I found it almost unbelievable. We will now face a host of new challenges: attracting, retaining, and developing quality faculty; broadening student recruitment to get more domestic and local students; achieving diversity in our university population; establishing a commitment to high academic achievement and scholarship; and, making sure that we shorten the gap between academic training and professional competence.

Barbara Arnoldussen: When I heard the news, I thought of it as a deserved and visible reward for all the hard work that the ITU family had put into that effort. To describe my feeling: I like the cliché “The future’s so bright, I’ve got to wear shades!”

Dr. Ramesh Konda:

Patty Wiggin:

I was really excited when I heard the news; I felt that it was a direct reflection of commitment of ITU students, faculty, staff, and leadership to the highest educational standards. WASC accreditation strengthens us. It provides prominent visibility to ITU in the mainstream of Universities. It allows students to explore opportunities in much broader areas. For faculty, it gives more opportunities to collaborate with other Universities and Research.

I’ve been working for ITU since 2008 and have been hearing of the goal and dream for WASC Accreditation. This announcement makes me very excited and proud. I know all the hard work and sincere effort everyone has been making and I’m thankful to be a part of this Institution.

ITU staff, Circa 2008

ITU staff, Circa 2008


Volume III, Issue 2, Spring 2013

Student comments on Accreditation Saumya Suresh:

Sagar Agarwal:

I think it will affect me personally in pursuing my degree at ITU. I am happy and proud to be a part of ITU after accreditation, as my degree will have more value now so I intend to get the best grades. My friends and family are also happy. They know it means a lot to me.

When I joined ITU in the of fall 2012, I was little scared as it was not accredited, though I liked it’s approach on accreditation. Participating in the meeting with WASC representatives in Sept 2012 was a satisfactory one foreseeing ITU being accredited. Personally, I care about the value it gives in its education.

Dhara Gadaria:

Vidhi Shah:

I am very happy that my university is accredited and my degree will have a higher value when I am looking for future opportunities. At some point I was skeptical about pursuing my degree from ITU before accreditation. But now I am happy.

Accreditation to me is the certification and an assurance that I go to a university that has now met the mark of standardization. I am privileged to be part of it. My degree at ITU would be more accountable. I carry forward the watermark of graduating from a renowned university. ITU’s accreditation would actually be my privilege since my academic legacy to graduate from an accredited university continues. It boosts my confidence in the level of education I represent in the real world.

Sravan Katragadda: Firstly, I want to extend my heartfelt wishes for the ITU accreditation. It is a momentous occasion for the university and we students feel very proud.

Shantha E Daniel:

Ning Zhou:

I believe by having accreditation the degree I will earn will help me in being able to translate my experiences at ITU, and the knowledge I have gained to high quality career options. I believe that accreditation opens doors for me that might otherwise not be open. It also helps me to know that an independent organization has put a quality stamp on the school’s efforts. I can tell family ITU is on par with many wellrecognized and internationally known universities such as Stanford, and Berkeley. I believe I was receiving quality education and experience prior to accreditation. But accreditation lets the general public know that I am receiving quality education from an independent authority. I believe this will only enhance ITU’s image and continue to attract high quality faculty and students.

The accreditation granted to ITU is an achievement for our university that we have great academic quality and great work from faculty, staff and students. It encourages me in pursuing my degree here. I feel honored, and will work harder to gain recognition and achievement as well. I can now tell my family that the accreditation of my university is an important achievement and encouragement for me to study here. ITU is a recognized university with outstanding academic quality and responsible faculty.

ITU’s first campus, Circa 1994

ITU’s second campus, Sunnyvale


ITU’s current campus, San Jose

International Technological University

team Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Amal Mougharbel Manager: Hubert Chang Editorial Board: Barbara Arnoldussen Patricia Wiggin

staff comments on Accreditation Dr. O’Brien :

Accreditation is like a graduation, it represents both a culmination of achievement and a “commencement/beginning” of a new phase of development opportunities for the ITU community.

Angie Lo :

Coordinator: Charitha Valluri

Very proud of our accomplishments and feel that all of our hard work paid off.

Contributors: Special thanks to all our contributors

Xin Zhao :

Designer: Kathia Rubi

International Technological University “Global Development through Silicon Valley Education” 355 W. San Fernando Street San Jose, CA 95113

WASC AT A GLANCE • (WASC) accreditation will mean increased recognition for ITU with other WASC accredited schools in the region, and nationally. • WASC accreditation certifies that ITU meets high standards of academic quality and integrity, and that it possesses the resources necessary to deliver its educational mission. • WASC accreditation will apply to all prospective students.

Volume III, Issue 2, Spring 2013


We have more chance to cooperate with other University or industrial

Mikel Duffy :

The future of ITU is brighter than ever. In the next few years we will see increases in students from all around the world, continually updated curricula with latest industry trends in all departments, new and exciting research to commercialization opportunities, and perhaps a larger permanent campus in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Vivian Lei :

I am proud to work in ITU and hope ITU has better bright future.

Chen Yang:

That’s a really good news. Everything will be changed on ITU. I am feeling extremely happy and proud of that we got WASC accreditation.

• WASC accreditation will apply to students who are currently enrolled at ITU, including those who graduate in Spring 2013.

Please remember to recycle!

Leo Fung :

So happy because the entire ITU staff put in a lot of effort to make it happen.


Dr. May Huang :

With WASC accreditation granted, ITU will focus on the cooperation with industry and contributions to society. We’ll setup joint research with industry and other universities to enable our graduates to be most welcomed in industry.

Sara Javid:

It feels Amazing. Everyone worked so hard towards this goal, and it felt great. We have great programs encompassing and fostering student learning, human growth and development which enables students to become responsible. ITU’s dedicated staff will continue to grow and foster the same educational environment. When I think about the future, I see tremendous growth for ITU.

Alex Pena :

I was working as hard before accreditation as I am doing now. The news made me feel happy because I knew that all my students will have different options when graduating from ITU. I feel my students have possibilities of better job positions or admissions for Doctorate degree in other educational institutions.

Sarah-Lynn Brunner:

As a fairly new employee of ITU, I was happy and proud to be here during this great milestone. I visualize ITU having more on-campus activities and clubs, and increasing the number of workshops that are offered.

Alyssa Rini:

I was thrilled to hear about ITU’s WASC Accreditation! This accreditation will only continue to propel ITU forward. As our admissions representative I plan on doing everything in my power to continue to help grow ITU onward and upward!

ISSN: 2161-8054

ITU Journal, Volume III, Issue II, Spring 2013  

ITU's special Spring 2013 issue which covers the passing of our founder, Dr. Shu-Park Chan; and the official WASC accreditation.