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ARCADE VIDEO GAMES Over 40 of the latest arcade games Redeem tickets earned for great prizes


Delicious Pizza, Salads and Drinks & more!


Jungle Bounce NEW Hours

Tuesday – Thursday Arcade and Inflatable Open Play 4:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Friday Arcade and Inflatable Open Play 4:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Saturday Arcade 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Inflatable Open Play 6:15 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Sunday Arcade 12:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Inflatable Open Play 4:15 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


JUST MINUTES AWAY 1014 U.S. Highway 19 • Holiday, FL 34691


Family Time Sure Has Changed! By Kristin Vogt-Wilson


f you were to open up a time capsule filled with memories of decades passed, it would seem as if you opened a whole other world! Let's take a road trip down memory lane, current reality and speed into possibilities of the future. From stories told from our beloved grandparents, fun of our Boomer generation, to their children, this generation of technology and the high speed rail of the next generations to come! The words and sounds of grandparents, the tails of such a simple life. That ever so famous line of "when I was a child, we didn't have it so easy like you do today". They washed their clothes and hung them out to dry, families would sit around on a front porch or in a living room speaking of how all their days went. Drive in movies and ice cream parlors. The young gentleman would ask permission to take a beautiful lady on a date, he would arrive with flowers and greet her parents, and he would hold the doors for her and treat her as if she was royalty. Even through the depression, war and changes in this, is a generation that bonded together through it all! Then came along the free flying Boomer generation. As times were changing, the free spirit of this generation still had such respect and always carried so much life within. They helped create movements and peace. They also shared some of the most memorable times in history. From live stock, Iron Butterfly, Santana, peace signs, woman with success and of course they created the "Flower Child Generation"! You will always be able to spot


a glowing Boomer from across the room! They carry a sense of peace and tranquility. The Boomer Generation opened so many doors for "The Flower Child" Generation. They lead the way to equal opportunity and empowerment. They taught their children that no matter how you were raised or where you came from... You can be anything you sent your mind to and you can travel any road you dream! This generation had so much more lee way with spirit, style and dreams! From common law marriage, to the heavy metal and rock "Big Hair Days" with Bon Jovi, Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. It was nothing to go through a can of aqua net in a day or two! Women in power and success were on the rise, as their parents and partners supported and encouraged their dreams to the fullest. Now our present generation is the most free willed any of us have ever seen. Technology has taken over and so has this generation. You cannot live or survive in the working world and beyond without a computer in society today. Children don't stop at talk at lockers anymore, they text on their cell phones on their way from one class to the next. As for passing letters in class, that is now extinct. Home phones, stationary, text books and opening up a newspaper or magazine to catch up on the world today is becoming a time of the past for our children today. Crime and loss of respect seems to be on the rise. Classrooms in schools sure don't have the same home away from home feel and the youth for some reason do not have the same level of fear in their eyes today.

It makes us wonder what is to come for generations to come. Trains will be the times of the past and replaced with high speed rails. Will cars even look like cars anymore or will they look like space shuttle endeavor? Will schools even exist or be replaced with online classes for all? Seems as if parents cooking a home cooked meals and sitting down as a family will be replaced with the household robot. At the rate of the high speed generation it looks as if we are heading to the world of "The Jetsons"! Sometimes I sit on my front porch and think of times past. As I rock slowly in my rocking chair and listen to the calming sound of the rippling

water flow, I wish I can go back in time. When your parents chose if a young man was worthy of their princess. When The Boomers filled the world with peace, love, laughter and togetherness. Where children would run, play, explore and just had to be home by the darkened night moon. When you would tip your hat and thank an officer for making the world a safer place. A time where cell phones, computers and technology were a time of the future. This summer take a family vacation on a high speed rail back in time and relive the generations of the past within your very own family!


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Cosmetic • Restorative • Preventative Care & General Dentistry

The Finest

In Family & Cosmetic Dentistr y in A Spa-Like Atmosphere Honesty, Integrity & Quality Family Practice Since 1978


Good for initial exam, cleaning and full mouth radiographs.

$202.00 Value Patient will pay only $102.00 for all initial services listed. Codes: D00150, D01110 & D00210 New Patients Only • Offer Expires 7/15/11

727.372.0550 10733 Maplecreek Dr., Ste. 102, Trinity

david w. dempsey, d.d.s. the art and science of dentistry Provider For Many PPO Dental Plans!





amily is what fills the heart with warm memories of home, happy thoughts of childhood, dreams of the future and a very special love that is passed on from generation to generation. I am honored to grace the cover with my grandmother, Dolly; mother, Kay; daughter, Kristy and granddaughter, Karter. Five generations of inspiration, respect, wisdom, hope, love and a positive attitude that my grandmother has believed in for 97 years. My grandmother’s favorite saying is, “Not to worry!” Nanny is right, she is always right; together we have made it through life with many joys and challenges. The women in our family share a close bond, lending a helping hand and always offering words that say, “I understand”. “Our Family is a circle of strength and love. With every birth and every union the circle grows. Every joy shared adds even more love. Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger.” My mother shared this quote with me, although we are not sure who wrote it, the words have such meaning. I treasure the special closeness that each of share--faith, support, patience, understanding and a love that never ends. We have all made such a difference in each other’s lives in so many wonderful ways. There is nothing more rewarding than watching the smile on my grandmother’s face as she looks into my grandaughter’s eyes. We all know what “Nanny” is thinking, it’s the same look she gives all of us, Karter knows that she too is truly loved.


Volume II Issue 3

Family Issue 2011

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Mailing Address:

I love you all, Nanny, Mom, Kristy and Karter ~ together we make the circle of love!

Debbie Dawson

2334 Mountain Ash Way Trinity, FL 34655 727-709-9541 727-947-4199 Fax Digital Online Version of IT’s YOUR HOME at


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Individual or Group Training

Advanced Lessons for All Ages

Introduction to Baseball Ages 2-5 Lil Sluggers is a child development program created to introduce children ages 2-5 to the game of baseball. Lil Sluggers classes develop important baseball skills such as throwing, catching, hitting and base running. Developmentally appropriate equipment and games are used to teach your child the game of baseball in a fun, exciting and positive environment. We are serving the Tampa Bay area, so please call us to find the nearest location for your convenience.

Maximum 6 students per class All classes are held indoors Classes are based on availability Make up classes are available We do private group classes

A Beautiful Lady Photo by J. David Flowers By Jenny




Florida is the “Sunshine State”, but did you know there is a dark side too?


id you know that Florida has some of the highest rates in the nation for incidents of swimming pool accidents and deaths? The amount of children that die from a swimming pool accident can fill up to four to five classrooms. Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death in children under the age of five! May is National Water Safety Month and boy was it a busy month. The Katelyn Foundation received a National award ~ “Community Lifesaving Award” from the NDPA (National Drowning Prevention Alliance) for the Southern Region of the Country. I also started my free swim lessons in my backyard and finished my first session this past week. I had 19 kids total sign up for the program and was so amazed in three weeks the difference a child can make just learning how to tread water. I have learned that once these children gain your trust they can almost “walk on water!” (well, at least they think they can). New sessions will begin each month until September. Please email KatelynFoundation@ for more information. The Katelyn Foundation had its 2nd Annual fundraiser “A Night In Naples-In Trinity Florida!” and it was a huge success. I am so blessed to have such awesome support from this wonderful community. What a Fantastic night! Girl Scout Troop 347 donated all kinds of swim lesson material such as kick boards, noodles, floaters and goggles to The Katelyn Foundation to help me teach the children in my backyard. What a treat that was. Thank you Troop 347 for a much needed donation.


On a final note, I wanted to remind you that safety is extremely important while around the pool this summer so here are a few tips to live by:

1. An unsecure pool is an unsafe pool! Always make sure your fence is locked at all times.

2. It’s not cool to be alone near a pool! All children under the age of 4 should be within an arm’s length from an adult-known as the “touch supervision”.

3. Have a plan and know what to do should an emergency

occur! Always have rescue equipment on hand and do not use inflatable as rescue items; all caregivers should know CPR and First Aid. Until next time…..Pool Safely!

Sandra Testo-Michaud

“Teaching a child to swim is a necessity, not a luxury!”


Dance Extreme Academy

rand new to the Trinity Community is a state-of-the-art dance studio and boutique, Dance Extreme Academy. Owner, Darlene Jones, has transformed her love of dance and children into a beautiful location in which to share the art of dance with her friends and neighbors who have so generously supported her efforts and that of her team! The super-friendly staff at Dance Extreme Academy is geared toward making sure you and your children have a positive overall experience. “Being able to positively influence the children and their parents is our favorite aspect of this business,” explained Jones. Located next to the stylish and comfortable lobby, parents can sit in the “café” and watch their children through close circuit TV’s, learn many genres of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, and acrobatics. While visiting, parents will want to peruse the dance boutique which offers attire such as leotards, bootie shorts, tights, halter tops and other accessory items for their most enthusiastic dance students! Dance Extreme Academy is located on Davenport Drive, next to Prestige Dentistry in Trinity. They are open Monday-Thursday, 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., and Friday, 6:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m.

For more information call 727.375.JAZZ [5299], or email

TRINITY MUSTANGS PPAL Youth Football and Cheerleading league

Registration Dates! We will be holding parent orientation on July 9th from 10 am -12 pm (you can also register this day) July 11th first day of practice or register online

Tuesday May 31st from 6-8 pm at the 7-11 on the corner of Little Rd and SR 54 Saturday June 4th from 10 am -2 pm at the 7-11 on the corner of Gunn Hwy and SR 54

Saturday June 18th from 10 am - 1 pm at the 7-11 on the corner of Little Rd and SR 54 Tuesday June 21st from 6-8 pm at the 7-11 on the corner of Little Rd and SR 54



Stretching the Family Fashion Budget


n these tough economic times when gas prices are up and everything seems to cost a bit more, spending money on clothes tends to make us cringe. There are a few things you can do to help stretch your budget and get the most from your money. When it comes to your kids, ask around for a "trading buddy" or two. It's all about finding a small network of friends where the older girl passes her clothes to the younger girl or the older boy passes clothes to the younger boy. You just have to be willing to ask! I have posted notes on Face Book about clothes I had to give away and within 30 minutes I had a neighbor at my door ready to pick them up. I have another friend who passed me her daughter's clothes at the beginning of the school year. There were so many outfits that I didn't even need to buy my daughter anything new for school! But since I didn't have any clothes to pass to her kids, I gave her a gift card to her favorite restaurant as a “Thank You” in return. Again, it's just about making those connections.

UltrueImage “Making You look your Hottest from your Face to your Closet!”

Joanne L. Cicora

(727) 514-1431

Shop with me on line for the latest in Skin Care & Body Care with the Hottest Color Cosmetics!

Here are a few more tips! Happy Saving! Organize all of the clothes closets in your house by color so you can see what you have. If you have 25 black shirts, you certainly don't need another one! Or if you haven't worn something in a year, pass it to a friend who might like it. While you organize, make a list of exactly the pieces you are missing to complete an outfit - this includes everyone. Then be sure to list the size that everyone is currently wearing. The goal here is to only shop from the list. This will save you lots of time and money! Compare this list to sales fliers you get in the mail and email. Be sure to be on the email list of your favorite stores - they send lots of coupons! Then when you see an item on your list that’s on sale, that's when it's the best time to buy. Shop any end-of-season close out sales to find clothes for your kids for the next year. Just buy a size or two larger if the price is really great! This means under $5 for a shirt and under $11 for shorts or pants. 12

You can also find great things at thrift stores or consignment shops. You can find brand new designer clothes on the sale rack for the same price or cheaper, so be aware!

The last few tips are easy and well worth it: • Shoe polish is a great thing! Keeping shoes clean will make them last longer. • Hang drying black clothes and some of your soft cotton pieces will make them stay looking like new for much longer. • And last but not least - the one thing I hate doing myself...ironing! However, if you take the time to press all of your woven fabrics they will look so much nicer and their wear will be extended.

I hope these tips are helpful and if you ever need my personal advice, I'm just a phone call away!


Look WhaT’s New aTT

Fine Jewelry & Beautiful Hand Carved Pearl Beads Together at Last! with patented magnetic north/south polarization


The LeviTaTion Queen Bead™ CoLLeCTion

With the Magic of Galatea Mono-Pole™ Magnets Galatea’s Levitation Queen Beads are imbued with a power all their own. Never before have beads been so elegantly and precisely spaced, creating a beautifully modern look with a minimum number of beads. How’s it done? Galatea’s patented Mono-Pole north-to-north facing magnets provide a naturally occurring space between each bead. All magnets have a north and south end, which attract one another. Galatea’s Mono-Pole magnet bead cores are engineered so only the north ends come into contact with one another, providing a natural space as the ends pull away from each other. Available in hand carved pearls, silver and glass. Levitation Queen Beads will always look and perform perfectly on a necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings.

727.375.2992 3104 Town Ave. Trinity Longleaf Town Center

Exclusive Galatea Jewelry Store in Trinity!

25% OFF



Handbags & Purses – Over 2,000 To Choose From Huge Selection In All Colors, Style & Sizes

DESIGNER – Nicole Lee, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Denim, Christian & more!

Unique & Many One Of A Kinds Wallets – Laptop Cases – Bible Verse Purses & Bible Covers Sundresses - Tank Tops – Shorts


Opening Specials! MIX & MATCH

Sundresses & Tank Tops

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Purse Parties! Book a Purse Party

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FREE Merchandise Call for more info and reserve your party now!

727-940-5848 2730 Grand Blvd. • Holiday, FL 34690

Visit our Oldsmar location at the Oldsmar Flea Market on Tampa Rd: Aisle B West 15 &16 or between Aisles E & F and Main Aisle – look for the Big Purple Building next to the fruit stand. 14

Weddings • Graduation • Father’s Day

or Just Because! We Deliver Local and All Around the World!

Tickle Someone Pink!

We've got the bling!



16540 Pointe Village Dr. #106 • Lutz, FL 33558

Flowe B Y

J E N N 2340 Seven Springs Blvd. • Trinity

Next to Carrabba's


The Ultimate Personal Expression Through Your Hair

Cupcakes Delivered to Local Schools

Yummy Flavors Made Daily

Low Sugar Available Birthday Parties Available

Professional Hair Stylists Facials Nail Services Teeth Whitening Hair Removal

ice cream cones Not Your Ordinary Cupcake Flavors

Absolutely Delicious Cupcakes! 8511 Old CR 54 • New Port Richey, FL 34653


"Your Satisfaction is our Guarantee!” 8351 SR 54 - New Port Richey



Salon Tré

he love of being “challenged to be the best,” is the overall consensus of the staff at Salon Tré. They have worked diligently together for nearly three decades, and they claim to be the most experienced staff in the Trinity area.

Jenifer Foster & Peggy Cripe offer their guests a comfortable atmosphere and a personalized experience exceeding all expectations in many aesthetic applications for hair, nails, face, teeth, eye lashes, and more! Salon Tré carries popular salon brands such as Redkin, Kenra, Bedhead, Phytoorganic, Nioxin, Dermalogica, Creative, OPI, among others. Jennifer said, “Giving back to the community has been our greatest idea.” The team at Salon Tré actively supports the troops with care packages, children through educational sponsorships, and regular contributions to the SPCA.

Salon Tré is located at 8351 St Rd 54, Ste 104, New Port Richey Hours are 9:00am-8:00pm M-Th; 9:00am-5:00pm Friday; 9:00am-3:00pm Saturday



Turtle’s Nest Largest Selection of Brighton & Vera Bradley in West Pasco

Unique Gifts for All Occasions Complimentary Gift Wrapping 10720 St. Rd. 54, Ste.102 TriniTy Village (Behind Bonefish Grill)


Facebook: Turtle's Nest Gifts

Unger Chiropractic Clinic

$40 per hour $25 per half hour Hot Stone • Deep Tissue • Warm Bamboo No Extra Charge! *#MM22292


2154 Duck Slough Blvd. Ste. 103 • Trinity


Hair • Nails • Massage • Skin “Where Beauty Begins and Never Ends” Book an appointment Mon 9a-6p; Tue-Thurs 9a-8p, Fri-Sat 9a-8p


10720 State Road 54, Ste.100 • Trinity, Located behind Bonefish


Renew the Beauty in You


osmetic surgery is becoming more common daily - for men as well as women. Thanks to advances in technology, it is safer, more pain-free and recovery is faster than ever. Procedures which were unheard of a few years ago are now routine procedures. Gerard Cappiello is a board certified OB/GYN with over 30 years of experience. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. At his new office in Palm Harbor, patients are guaranteed personal attention and Dr. Cappiello will always be the doctor performing your surgery. This is the type of treatment you should expect when you put your trust in a highly experienced surgeon, using the latest equipment and techniques Safety is on everyone’s mind when considering surgery. Unlike most cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Cappiello performs all procedures at his State of Florida approved Certified Surgery Center. The surgical center environment is equal to that of a hospital with state of the art safety equipment, sterilization equipment, anesthesia machines, emergency devices and surgical standards. It also affords a higher degree of privacy and care than procedures performed at hospitals. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to renew the beauty in you with a natural look and feel? It can be done. Dr. Cappiello is the only doctor in this area who is certified to perform the more natural fat transfer breast enhancement procedure. Women here are discovering what women in Europe already know; the natural look is the way to go. For breast enhancement, not only will your breasts look and feel natural, but you have the added bonus of removing fat from other areas on your body where it is unwanted. Risk of infection is almost zero, and the enhancement will not interfere with breastfeeding or mammograms. Fat transfer can also be used on other parts of the body. Other popular procedures are the “mommy makeover”, tummy tuck, vaginal rejuvenation and breast augmentation. Laser lipo is a procedure to melt fat and tighten the skin for all areas of the body, for both men and women. You will be amazed to discover how painless and quick your recovery can be. Dr. Cappiello uses only “tumescent anesthesia” for all procedures.

Dr. Cappiello offers free consultations. He can be contacted at 727-942-7000 or 813-995-6160, Visit his websites and


Stylish Eyeglasses Sunglasses Contacts Eye Health Exams



Maintain a life of wellness through massage therapy

Come in with pain and leave with pain relief! Varilux Comfort Contact Lenses $

Specializing in Therapeutic Massage for over 22 years in the same location!


Gary & Karen Amundson, LMT’s

Licensed Massage Therapist Owners 2330 Seven Springs Blvd. • Trinity, FL 34655


Dr. Sandra Stroud, O.D. Over 21 years at the same location! Lic#MM0001980

PAIN RELIEF...FAST! Unger ChiropraCtiC CliniC 2154 Duck Slough Blvd Ste. 103 • Trinity


FREE Spinal Screening Examination

Dr. Stephen J. Unger, D.C.

Dr. Brandon Delle Chiaie, D.C.

View online video at



Sports Injuries • Neck Pain • Physio Therapy Headaches • Back Pain • Therapeutic Massage #MM22292 Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-6pm



The medicine Shoppe- Your Hometown Pharmacist “Caring Beyond Prescriptions,” is the mantra for “The Medicine Shoppe. Owners, Benjamin & Brenda Benoit take great pride in the personalized service they provide to their customers – patients-- that enter their pharmacy. “Pharmaceutical needs are unique to each individual, and at The Medicine Shoppe, we demonstrate professionalism, trust, and personalized service on a one-on-one basis,” Brenda emphasized. The Medicine Shoppe offers compounds that are “made from scratch,” in lieu of commercially manufactured products. You can be rest assured that The Medicine Shoppe name is synonymous with quality and assurance. Compassion and understanding has generated patient faith for all their customer’s pharmaceutical needs.

The Medicine Shoppe is located at 10720 SR 54, Ste 103, Trinity. 727-375-2502

GOLFING GUIDE Brooker Creek Golf Club


Cheval Golf & Country Club


Crescent Oaks Country Club

727-942-6182 Cypress Run Golf Club

727-938-3774 Dunedin Country Club


East Lake Woodlands Country Club

727-784-8576 Fox Hollow Golf Club


Gulf Harbors Golf Course

Pebble Creek Golf Club



Heritage Springs Country Club

Plantation Palms Golf Course




River Ridge Golf Club



Lake Jovita Golf and Country Club

Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club

352-588-5454 Tarpon Springs Golf Course


Saddlebrook Resort


The Eagles Golf and Country Club

813-920-6681 TPC of Tampa Bay

Lansbrook Golf Club

Seven Springs Golf and Country Club




Magnolia Valley Golf Club

Silver Dollar Golf Club

Westchase Golf Club




Summertree Golf Course

World Woods Golf Course




Meadow Oaks Golf & Country Club


Went entW Worth Golf Club

813-949-0090 Wentworth Golf Club

Wentworth GOLF CLUB By Debra Taylor


hen Bill Place graduated from Dunedin High School in 1978, he did not think that 33 years later he would return to his “stomping grounds” as a local business owner. However, on January 1, 2011, Place purchased the Wentworth Golf Club in Tarpon Springs, a new addition to a golfing business he started 18 years ago. Place quipped. “I never imagined it would be golf and didn’t think the opportunity would be back home. I still don’t even play golf!”

The Finest Semi-Private Golf Club in Pinellas County... $5 OFF Any Round with ad, up to 4 players exp. 08/01/11

Experience the NEW Platinum

Papspallum Greens & the Best Conditions Ever!

Call Now for Tee Times at 727-942-4760

or book online 2990 Wentworth Way • Tarpon Springs, FL 34688

He continued, “The timing was right [following a corporate job with GTE] to start a business, my ultimate goal all along. I chose golf because, having grown up here, I knew that real estate prices only go up—or at least they used to—and golf involved a lot of real estate. I wanted a cash business, because so many of my friends in other businesses always had problems collecting money.” When members and landowners at Wentworth Golf Club agreed to sell their private club, Place saw an opportunity. Public access to the pubs, golf course and country club has already stimulated Wentworth’s growth and profitability. The country club is a beautiful location for hosting parties, weddings, receptions and banquets. Place has begun implementing other changes in order to host larger events to accommodate more guests. Wentworth Golf Club is open seven days a week, and the restaurant is open to the public for lunch. For more information, call 727.942.4760, or visit their website:


Treasures in Historic

Tarpon Springs By Debra Taylor


he oldest town in Pinellas County, Tarpon Springs was once known as “The Venice of the South” due to the number of serene waterways that flow in and around the city. This beautiful treasuretrove of nature, art, culture, and commerce is brimming with history that exceeds 5000 years! Nestled along the banks of the Anclote River and the Gulf of Mexico, the earliest inhabitants were attracted to the area because of the rich and diverse environment. Historical records indicate they buried their dead in earthen mounds along with ornate pottery and other goods. One such mound was discovered in the late 1800s, east of Pinellas Avenue. The “Safford Mound,” contained more than 600 skeletons and a variety of original pottery and other artifacts, many of which can be seen in local museums.

Greek immigrants settled in Tarpon Springs due to its location near the Gulf. Original sponge fisherman determined that sponge population was plentiful here, and they began setting up shops and restaurants to sell their catches and share their stories. The Greek sponge industry thrived, and families stayed to raise their children and develop the community building homes, churches and schools.

The Sponge Docks is still a quaint little shopping village that has maintained its historical integrity, while evolving into so much more! Museums showcase the history of sponge diving, original art and photography. Deep sea fishing, boat tours and excursions are available to venture off the mainland and experience peaceful time on the water. Beautiful shops which house everything from clothing and apparel, to fashionable jewelry, to unique gifts, wine and spices align the corridors of the The first settlers of Tarpon Springs, A.W. Ormond and Docks. Talented chefs prepare delectable edibles of his daughter, Mary, built a cabin near Spring Bayou. fresh caught seafood or Greek family favorites at some One of their regular guests, Joshua Boyer, of Nassau, of the area’s most acclaimed restaurants and bakeries. fell in love with Mary, built a second cabin on the bayou, and the two were married. It was Mary that In the early 1900s, downtown Tarpon Springs was a determined their small, two-cabin settlement should be major shopping district in this region of Florida. Today, named “Tarpon Springs” because of the large Tarpon the architectural Victorian design has the feeling that frolicked in the waters of the bayou. and flare that reflect the town’s magnificent history. Vintage buildings feature art galleries, specialty shops, Fish are still plentiful in the waters throughout Tarpon restaurants, cafés, and what has been named the best Springs. Residents and visitors alike can experience antique district in Tampa Bay! the great outdoors in some of the most wonderful woodlands in Florida. Tarpon Springs hosts a large Discover the treasure that is Tarpon Springs. This segment of the Pinellas Trail to walk, jog or bike; beautiful, waterfront community offers something for four nature parks; Anclote Key State Park; two public everyone, and truly is a picture of paradise on the West beaches—Fred Howard Park and Sunset Beach— Coast of Tampa Bay. several bayous, and the World Famous Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks on the Anclote River. There are more Many thanks to the Tarpon Springs Chamber of than a few ways to entertain yourself, family and Commerce for their contributions to the content of this friends in this exciting community! story.


Blue Fin Welcome to


"Home of the $5 Breakfast” (includes coffee)


"We Catch Fish" Private Charters Available

On The World Famous Sponge Docks

"DailyTarpon Lunch Specials" 210 Dodecanese Boulevard Springs, Florida 34689

On The World Famous Sponge Docks

On The World Famous Sponge Docks (next to City Marina)

210 Dodecanese Boulevard • Tarpon Springs, Florida 34689

210 Dodecanese Boulevard • Tarpon Springs, Florida 34689

727 934 5222

727 934 5222

727 934 5222


Gift Shop

Welcome to the Happy Store

Simone’s Gift Shop


e named it “The Happy Store” after his stepdaughter, Claudia Schwarz, purchased Simone’s Gift Shop in 2006. It fit, because Peter, his wife, Begnner, and Claudia consistently bring love and happiness into the distinct pink shop on the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks. Unfortunately, Peter passed away on July 20, 2009, following an illness, leaving a void in the hearts of his loved ones and patrons. Begnner and Claudia strive to continue bringing love and happiness to everyone who enters their establishment. “We want to give love to people,” Begnner said. “We welcome the opportunity to share love with people.”

Sunshine Upholstery 727.938.7466 • 425 N. Pinellas Ave., Tarpon Springs

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With everything from the latest jewelry fashions to a magnificent selection of lamps, you will find beautiful, quality merchandise at affordable prices at Simone’s! Plus, there’s one other thing you are sure to find at Simone’s Gift Shop…love!


A Hometown Story By Debra Taylor


Dimitri’s on the Water

he chef behind the open kitchen line delivers a sizzling triangle of sheep’s milk cheese to a server anxiously waiting with a large tray, a wedge of lemon and a shot of brandy. The server promptly approaches the table of guests awaiting this Greek delicacy and pours the brandy over the cheese in the skillet. It sizzles and steams, as a lighter emerges from the server’s hand and the brandy is quickly ignited in the skillet. “OPA!” shouts everyone within view of the server’s engaging performance of flaming cheese. Dimitri quietly comments, “I love the smell of Saganaki,” as the familiar, sweet scent wafts throughout his restaurant. “Born in a bus tub” in Euclid, OH, Demetrios Salivaras, entered life in the Greek culture of restaurants, food and service. The oldest son of Andreas Salivaras and his wife, Renee, Dimitri, has always been involved in the restaurant business, even admitting to dressing in a mini-server uniform while following his father around restaurants as soon as he could walk.

Andreas moved from Greece to Cleveland, OH in 1971, and opened “The Parthenon Restaurant.” From there, his family made their way to Greektown, in Chicago IL. They worked for a man named Petros, “a little man with a big cigar,” Dimitri recalled, at “Diana’s Opaa”, a Greek restaurant on Halstead Street, no longer in existence. Eventually, the family transferred their tradition of excellence in dining to Florida. Andreas, Renee, Dimitri, and his two younger sisters, Sophia and Carla, found a true home in

Tarpon Springs. “It’s different from anywhere else,” Dimitri explains, “It’s a niche…a wonderfully, tight community.” He continued, “Family is of the utmost importance to the Greek culture. Greeks measure wealth by how close you are to your family, how well you communicate and how you interact.” That’s probably why the Salivaras family has been so successful and can certainly consider themselves wealthy! After arriving in Tarpon Springs in 1986, the Salivaras family opened “Mykonos”, on the World Famous Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks. Dimitri never deviated from his father’s passion for serving people amazing Greek cuisine. As he reached adulthood, Dimitri chose to attend the Culinary Institute of America, earning his place among highly acclaimed, certified Executive Chefs in Central Florida. His culinary expertise led him to venture out on his own and capture his place in a lucrative restaurant industry in Orlando. Dimitri’s version of “Mykonos” was ranked on Zaggat’s “Top 40 Restaurants in the Country,” for 18-months consecutively. Scott Joseph, Food Critic with the Orlando Sentinel awarded “Mykonos” the “Foodie Award” in 2000 as “Best Greek” and “Best in Dining,” two very prestigious honors. Unfortunately, his mother, Renee, a hard-working, frugal, business lady, was nearing the end of a six-year battle with breast cancer when Dimitri returned to Tarpon Springs. She encouraged him to purchase an available property across from “Mykonos”, and make it his own. “The joy is in the journey,” she would tell him often.

Sunday - Saturday, 11:00 am - 10:00 pm 698 Dodecanese Blvd., Tarpon Springs

727-945-9400 “Only the love of food can lead you here.”™


Dimitri followed his mother’s advice and purchased the establishment across from his family’s restaurant on January 6, 2010, and aptly named it “Dimitri’s on the Water.” Its beautiful location along the south edge of the Anclote River in the middle of the Sponge Docks provides a picturesque backdrop for ambient waterfront dining. On January 18th, less than two weeks after Dimitri began his new joy and journey, Renee succumbed to the devastating disease she had fought for so long. Sophia continued to assist her father with daily operations at “Mykonos”, while Carla stepped into her mother’s shoes to handle the business responsibilities. A young entrepreneur, Dimitri reflects upon his upbringing: “Dad taught me to work hard. Mom taught me to work smart. They both taught me a lot about what it takes to make a dollar, and gave me the respect to understand the value of a dollar.” To this day, Dimitri understands his life lessons, implements his parents’ philosophies, and cherishes the “joy in the journey.” “Mykonos”, Florida’s Authentic Greek Cookery, serves traditional Greek food, always made in house from scratch. “It’s all about the details,” Dimitri explains. “There are no cutting corners. That’s what stands out and sets us apart.” The same can be said of “Dimitri’s on the Water”. However, when dining at Dimitri’s, prepare for “A New Greek Experience.” Infusions of Grecian, Floridian, Latin, and seasonal selections separate many of the menu options between the two restaurants. Both Dimitri and Andreas strive to offer people the ability to experience delicious, original foods they can’t get anywhere else, while providing their guests their own truly unique culinary journey! Let your love of food and family lead you to both classic and nouveau Greek dining experiences at “Mykonos” and “Dimitri’s on the Water”.

Andreas & Renee Salivaras

“ Florida’s Most Authentic Greek Cookery” 628 Dodecanese Blvd Tarpon Springs



Brick Oven



Pizza, Pasta, Wings, & More! Mon.-Thurs. $3.00 Pitchers of Beer w/16” Large Pizza Purchase Tuesday-KIDS EAT FREE

(1 child per Adult Entree Purchase - 12 & Under)

Sunday Summer Hours 4:00 to 9:00

OPEN FOR LUNCH • THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Join the Trinity Brick Oven VIP Club at 727.372.1302 • 727.372.1319

For More Information on advertising in our magazine call Debbie at 727-709-9541

9945 Trinity Blvd. • Trinity Oaks Plaza

To request a media kit:

2 FOR 1 HAPPY HOUR EVERY DAY from Open to Close

Tue, Wed, Thurs, 11am-9pm • Fri & Sat 11am-10pm Sunday 11am-9pm Closed Monday

6818 U.S. 19 • New Port Richey


Delicious Quality

Food at a Fair Price

We Serve One Of The Best Prime Rib In Town


Lunch Specials Everything is HOMEMADE starting at 11am-4pm Mon-Sat 12 Super Early Birds from

Daily All Day!


GIANT SALAD BAR with Over 40 Items including Soup - Fresh Fruit and Dessert Banquet Rooms up to 50 24

All Aboard!

The Clearwater Jolley Trolley By Debra Taylor


most unique mode of trolley transportation exists on the West Coast of California… specifically San Francisco Bay. The same can be said of the residents and visitors of the West Coast of Tampa Bay, because they have the same fun way to shop, dine, and explore their paradise --a “San Francisco Treat”-- if you will: the Clearwater Jolley Trolley! In existence since 1982, the recent expansion of service provided by the Clearwater Jolley Trolley has enabled residents and visitors to visit local areas and experience all of the wonders and treasures that decorate the North Pinellas coast. From Friday through Sunday, arriving and departing locations at hour intervals from Clearwater Beach to the World Famous Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs, the Jolley Trolley is a very inexpensive way to transport you, your family and friends on a journey to new and exciting venues! The trolley runs from 10:00AM to Midnight, Fridays and Saturdays, and 10:00AM to10:00PM, Sundays. If you are an individual or a family who likes to take advantage of savings, monthly passes are available. For a weekend jaunt up the coast, a minimal fee per

passenger is assessed. Children five and under always ride free, plus students and seniors receive a discount. You have no worries about vehicle wear and tear, gas money, parking fees, etc, etc…there are no worries! You can begin your tour from the beach in Clearwater, a fabulous restaurant in Dunedin, the quaint shoppes of Palm Harbor, the antiques of Downtown Tarpon Springs, or the heritage of the World Famous Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks. The Jolley Trolley adheres to schedules and routes, to make sure no one is compromised by inaccurate information and schedules. Everyone is important, and every location is important when it comes to providing excellent service to everyone! The Jolley Trolley is available to charter for any of your special occasions: birthdays, graduations, weddings, reunions, and more! The charm and ambience of the Jolley Trolley can enhance any event! It’s one thing to pay extravagant money for a limo, and another to reserve a one-of-a-kind trolley for the after party! To learn more about the Clearwater Jolley Trolley, find their map, check out their schedule and stops, or for general information, please call 727.445.1200 or visit their website,


Thinking About Selling Your Home? REACH BUYERS LOCALLY AND GLOBALLY!

Market your home in Print, Social Media, Online and on more than 1,000 websites with a monthly audience of more than 20,000,000 visits!

Holding The Keys To

Buying or Selling “Your Home!”

Debbie Dawson, realtor, SFr

727-709-9541 HEALTH & WELLNESS


Florida Luxury Realty

Corporate Office: 1248 Seven Springs Blvd trinity, FL 34655




727-967-1758 David White 727-861-1789 • New Homes • Remodels • Additions • Tile & Marble Experts • Licensed & Insured, Bonded LIC# CRC1328612

Quality Work at an Affordable Price!


Over years of Professional Experience

Seven Springs Self Storage


o you use your garage as storage space for everything but your vehicle? Then it may be time to consider renting just the right amount of space for your precious possessions, and it can be done in as little as ten minutes with no deposit required! Seven Springs Self Storage has exactly what you need to safely and securely store your belongings in a lighted, climate-controlled unit, completely accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This state of the art facility provides that extra space you need to get organized and simplify your work, home or play. Rent just the right amount of clean storage space—affordably —and rest assured everything is safe and secure. Video surveillance and the watchful “eagle eyes” of the caring staff make certain no one has access to your stuff but you! Of course regular facility inspections of all locks, gates and the facility perimeter is another safeguard you can count on. Unlike your garage, your unit will never be left open, unlocked or unattended. Should you leave the door open on your space, it will be promptly secured and locked and you will be notified right away. The professional staff at Seven Springs Self Storage takes pride in their commitment to security.

College Summer Specials Standard 5x5 Four Months for Standard 5x10 Four Months for

$100.00 Pre Paid $158.00 Pre Paid

Climate Control 3.5x3.5 Four months for $80.00 Pre Paid Climate Control 5x5 Four Months for $150.00 Pre Paid Climate Control 5x10 Four Months for $198.00 Pre Paid All prices include Tax and Administration fees. 28

Tame the CLOSET MONSTER before he takes over your garage!

Clean State of the Art Facility 24 Hour Access • Open 7 days per week All Units Alarmed Monitored Affordable Rates • No Deposit Required Boxes • Bubble Wrap • Locks • Moving Supplies

Seven SpringS Self Storage 2858 Seven Springs Blvd. New Port Richey



Florida Water Treatment WWW.flAWATerTreATMenT.cOM

f you have concerns about the quality of your water if you’re worried about why it tastes, or smells so bad or if you’re just tired of paying more for bottled water than gasoline... FWT the solution that will suit your needs.


edge. They offer service in all makes and models of water softening, water conditioning and water treatment systems for both municipal water and well water. They also offer drinking water filtration systems.

Florida Water Treatment has been providing quality water treatment since 1951. The longevity is its own testimonial to their business. Matt and Jori Zarra are the owners of the only location on Main Street. They build and manufacture their equipment based on each clients watering needs. Customers always come first and service is second to none including 24/7/365 emergency service where the client will always be able to reach a person. FWT stands behind their equipment; it has longevity, that is what gives them the

FWT is all about the customer and giving them the best service and the highest quality at the best price. For Matt and Jori their favorite part of having their business is being able to interact with their customers, and being able to provide a product that makes a difference in their lives. “Choosing a water treatment system can be a daunting task. Trusting the business you buy it from can make it so much easier.” Florida Water Treatment provides “custom” solutions; not the OneSize-Fits-All approach of national vendors.


$50 OFF ENTIRE SERVICE CALL WITH THIS ARTICLE *Cannot be combined with any other offer/Present at time of service *Expires 7/10/11

• Salt delivery service available - call for details • Family owned & operated since 1951 • Custom built water treatment solutions for every budget • Factory certified technicians servicing ALL makes and models of water softeners, reverse osmosis systems and well treatment equipment

727.736.2747 • 1398 Main St. • Dunedin




Andy & Maria Tsiouklas

hen it comes to all your flooring needs, whether it be floors in your home to your kitchen and bathroom Trinity Tile & Stone has got everything that you need. Trinity Tile & Stone is both a family owned and operated business in Trinity. Andrew Tsiouklas brought Trinity Tile & Stone to the scene in 1991 and it has been around ever since. Trinity Tile & Stone is your one-stopshop for flooring kitchen and bath needs. They carry an elegant European and Brazilian Tiles, Travertine, Wood, Granite, Marble, Glass Tiles, Laminates and Carpet. There is nothing that you could want that Trinity Tile & Stone doesn’t have. Trinity Tile & Stone made its name by putting its customers satisfaction first and making sure its quality work. Andrew has a dedicated staff of professionals that are there to ensure that their customer is satisfied. When it comes to Trinity Tile & Stone there are no sub-contractors involved. They deal with each client personally to see the job through from start to finish. There is no such thing as a job too small or a job that cannot be done, these guys can handle anything. Trinity Tile & Stone is a community oriented business and has made their name through just that, being involved in the community in any way that they can. They have

worked with builders in the area as well. If you want to take a look at their work check out their showroom. When you walk in there are floors everywhere, each as exquisite as the next. They are very detail oriented and the floors they have done are concrete proof. This family owned business takes care of you as if you are just that. They help you through the flooring process in any way and every way possible to make sure that the customer is thrilled with the results. At Trinity Tile & Stone floors are their passion, not just their work. And they love what they do, it shows in their flooring. Trinity Tile & Stone offer complementary in home design consultations with all installations and will even bring samples to your home or place of business. It is all about the customer at Trinity Tile & Stone and they will do everything they can to make sure that your flooring needs are abundantly satisfied. Trinity Tile & Stone also specializes in bath and kitchen remodels, entryways, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and even pool decks. There isn’t any floor that they can’t handle. So the next time you look at your floor and think it could use a little re-vamp make sure it’s Trinity Tile & Stone on your mind... or on your floor.



10% OFF




Store Hours: Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 6 pm Saturday 9 am - 5 pm




Defend Your Home Against Sun and Storm Damage AND $AVE TOO!


Improve Comfort and Save Energy!


Window Tinting • Solar Screens • Solar Shades

Authorized window film dealer Prestige dealer network 22 years expert installation License #CGC1507622

Visit our showroom at 704 Stevens Ave • Oldsmar, FL

Or call for a FREE Estimate at


Protect Your Home this Hurricane Season


t has been many decades since the Tampa Bay area has taken a direct hit by a hurricane. However, residents of Florida know that hurricanes are a fact of life, and even outer bands of these violent storms can make a significant impact on lives and homes if left unprotected. Home Safety Solutions has been adding layers of storm protection to homes in the Tampa Bay area since 1986. Owners, Russ and Pam Bohen, have made it their life’s work, because they understand the importance of protecting your family and your possessions.


n this day and age, environmental and ecological concerns have many people “Going Green.” In neighborhoods throughout Tampa Bay, recyclable materials are picked up to ad convenience to going green. Government tax credits are given for taking measures to conserve energy thereby lowering energy costs. There is also a business that specializes in green living. Home Safety Solutions provides a variety of great products to help residential and commercial customers capitalize on savings while protecting their assets. From solar screens and shades to 3-M Window Films, energy costs can be reduced by as much as 20%, as these products prevent heat transfer through windows and doors, add a level of privacy and security, all while preventing your carpet and furnishings are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Family-owned and operated for 27 years, Russ & Pam Bohen, take pride in their ability to assess their clients’ needs and offer innovative, custom and cost-effective solutions. The Bohens take great pride in their work, and they stand behind it! Home Safety Solutions has achieved the highest approval rating from the Better Business Bureau and recommendations from Angie’s List. For a full list of products Home Safety Solutions offers, please visit their website:, or contact their Oldsmar location at 813-814-2236.

It’s Time

To find out more about the products offered call 813-814-2236, or to view the video demonstration featuring Simonton Windows, please visit

To Protect Your Home & Loved Ones

ctive Very A dicted on Pre s a e S e rrican


Did you know... Hurricane Shelters Won’t Take Me!

Hurricane Season Specials

Safe, reliable, storm protection is the Bohen’s primary concern. Products like hurricane panels are available in metal, clear and fabric, to offer maximum levels of protection at minimal costs. Wind screens and shutters can be installed and customized—horizontally or vertically—to satisfy individual needs for protection while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of residential and commercial properties.

$50 OFF*

SIMONTON STORMBREAKER PLUS WINDOWS AND DOORS • Built-in strength • Glass that does more than protect • Thermal benefits of vinyl • FBC approved

$50 OFF*


• Easily turns your lanai into a safe room • Compact storage • FBC approved • Easy to install

$50 OFF* ACCORDION SHUTTERS By Croci • FBC approved • European styling • Extra strength lock system for hurricane and security

$25 OFF* FABRIC SHIELD • Code approved • Tough translucent fabric • Easy up and easy down • FBC approved

$50 OFF*

CLEAR HURRICANE PANELS • FBC approved • 40% stronger than other clear panels • Light-weight • Outstanding clarity

$150 OFF* ROLL SHUTTERS • Protection at the touch of a hand • Custom Design • Complies with code • FBC and Miami Dade approved

*Minimum purchase required. Must present coupon at time of purchase. Expires 7/31/11

Protect Your Home and Save Money


Simonton Windows, one of their most popular products, are strong, durable, efficient and beautiful! A video demonstration of the effective ways Simonton Windows protect against even the strength of a wooden post, without penetration of the structure can be viewed on their website. Hurricane season is upon us. When the meteorologist forecasts a spaghetti model of a storm’s potential for impacting our area, rest assured, Home Safety Solutions has what it takes to protect you and your family from the devastating effects of Mother Nature!

Go Green

Visit our showroom at 704 Stevens Ave. Oldsmar, FL or call for a FREE estimate at

813-814-2236 888-999-0663

License#CGC1507622 Authorized window film dealer Prestige dealer network


Florida Luxury Realty 1248 Seven Springs Blvd trinity, FL 34655

FACING FOrECLOSUrE KNOW YOUr OPtIONS Debbie Dawson, realtor, SFr

727-709-9541 5 Star vacation rental villas with private swimming pools or beautiful direct waterfront rentals. Careful attention to detail and comfortable luxury rarely seen in any other vacation accommodation. These gorgeous vacation home have it all.

Picture Perfect

Framing & Gallery


ocated at Chelsea Plaza in Trinity offers you a complete showroom of uniquely designed and framed art as well as décor accessories, accent furniture and the latest selection in accent and table lamps. Ranging from classic impressionism to the latest modern pieces of art, Joe Carlucci, owner of Picture Perfect has over 20 years of experience in every aspect of design and framing. Joe’s customer service and quality of workmanship is unsurpassed. He will hand select each piece of art to design your picture perfect framing, always keeping you in mind. Your picture perfect framing is designed using a choice of many unique frames, interesting choices of mats and the most unique moldings designed and manufactured from all over the world. They offer gold and silver moldings, including very simple designs, gold leaf and embossed designs that come in all textures and styles, and the most beautiful ornate moldings with very intricate carvings, inlays, and details. Choose mats to compliment your frame from simple to marble, fabric and faux, each mat comes in a variety of colors to complete all of your design needs.


“Where Your Memories Become Timeless Creations”.

Quality & Distinctive Framing with a Creative Touch

Uniquely Framed Art

Picture Perfect

Where Your Memories Become Timeless Creations Home Accessories • silk PlAnts & ArrAngements


1314 Seven Springs Blvd. • Trinity (Located in Chelsea Place)

www .P icture P erfect f raming 1. com

DUSTING DIVAS let us cater to you

• • • • • • •

Move In/Out One Time Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly Green Clean Organization Of Home Or Office



My Special Soldier


By Danielle Dawson

y Mom and Dad, Laura & Bill Dawson, work really hard at Best Services to make sure all of their customers stay cool. My Mom just left again to serve our country. When I hear “Mom” or even see Mom’s walking around with kids it makes me think of me and my mom. My Mom signed up for the Navy when she was 17. I am so proud of her because she is strong and realized that I should appreciate her because she is doing what she loves. I busted out in tears when we found out that she is leaving us again for nine months. I miss her and love her. I just wanted to thank all of our soldiers and especially my Mommy for protecting us every day. I am proud of my Daddy too for taking care of us while Mommy is away. “I couldn’t resist printing this story, Danielle is 12 years old and sent us this article so that she could send it her mother overseas. Laura, all of us back home are proud of you too!!!!” ~Debbie


Dusting Divas o you find everyday dusting and cleaning fun? Most people consider it a mundane chore, put off until the dust bunnies gather to taunt and scatter when disturbed.

Nichole Holt, owner of Dusting Divas, believes cleaning is fun and has been providing excellent service to residential and commercial customers for 15 years. Having worked for cleaning companies in San Diego, Nichole relocated to Florida and made the decision to “infuse all the hard work and dedication into creating a residential and commercial cleaning service for the home and office.” “I truly love putting a little bit of myself [Diva], into what I love doing which is cleaning,” Nichole explains. “It gives me great pleasure when a client is happy. When they walk into their home, it looks like a model, it smells great, and it feels warm and inviting.” Cleaning is only one aspect of their business. They are also adept at organizing. “Some people are just busy, or have issues with clutter,” says Nichole. Many clients don’t have time to sort through all of the things that have collected in drawers, closets and garages. Not a problem for the Dusting Divas! Providing excellent, affordable and reliable service, Dusting Divas honestly believe that cleaning is fun and an art only they can offer. Let Dusting Divas cater to you! For more information, please call 813.830.3482, go online to, or email


Best Selection All Makes & Models Best Pricing No Surprises! FLAT RATE pricing Best Financing Zero Down Financing available

Best Customer Service

Free Estimates, 2nd Opinions, Extended Warranties

Preventative Maintenance Agreement





Our furry friends are waiting to become the perfect addition to your family.

Adopt these wonderful pets today! Adoption Hours: Noon - 6 PM, Wed. through Sun

(727) 849-1048

7734 Congress St. • New Port Richey, FL 34653

Consider Adding a Pet to Your Family


esearch has demonstrated that pet owning families have fewer health problems and that pets help reduce stress. After all, who doesn’t feel better after hearing a cat purr or seeing a dog offer his belly for a rub? Pets can also help children learn responsibility and compassion. Some studies have even shown that interaction with pets encourages learning and cognition. Adding a pet to your family is an important decision and you want to make sure your new family member will fit your lifestyle. Cats and kittens can be great pets for families who are busy and away from home a lot, but still want a pet in their lives. Puppies and young dogs will need attention and training before they will become that perfect pet, but the process of working with them can be very rewarding. Adult dogs often come with most, or all, of their house manners and are often the easiest to transition into your home. So if you are looking to find that perfect furry, purry or furry, woofy family member, the SPCA Suncoast is ready to help you out. All of our animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped and up to date on their age appropriate testing and vaccinations. Come by for a visit, Weds-Sun, noon – 6 PM, or call us at (727) 849-1048, ext. 201 for more information. We are located at 7734 Congress St., New Port Richey, FL.

The SPCA Suncoast has been “finding homes and saving lives” in the Pasco area since 1964. As a 501c3 non-profit organization, we depend on the support of the community. With no funding from government agencies or national groups such as the ASPCA, the homeless animals in our care need adopters, donors and volunteers to help us help them.

PET CONTEST - SPAW MAKEOVER Courtesy of Paw Wash Plus of Trinity & IT’s YOUR HOME DOES YOUR FURRY FRIEND NEED A MAKEOVER? Send us a photo with a short story and tell us why your pet needs a little pampering. If selected, your pet will win a free SPAW Package which includes: • SPAW Lavish Your Pet Shampoo & Conditioner Treatment • SPAW Lavish Your Pet Blueberry Facial & Pawdicure Haircut & Style Complete with Bow or Bandana Yummy Bakery Treat to Take Home • Star in the next issue of IT's YOUR HOME in print and online & Featured on Paw Wash Plus Facebook Page & Monthly Newsletter Enter to win: Email your photo and 100 words or less to contests@ItsYourHomeTrinity or stop by Paw Wash Plus of Trinity located at 2319 Seven Springs Blvd. One winner per issue




WashPlu TM

Gentle Pet Passings, LLC

Trinity’s Complete

Peaceful Compassionate Home Euthanasia

Pet Spa Saying goodbye to your beloved friend is a loving but difficult decision.

Visit us online

When Your Pets Deserve the Very Best! Professional Mobile & In-Store Grooming Available Call Today for Prices & Appointment Times

2319 Seven Springs Blvd.

$5.00 OFF

First Mobile Grooming Appointment Cannot be combined with other coupons & discounts. coupon expires 7/1/11

Grooming 7 Days A Week

New Port Richey, FL 34655

727-375-7070 Pet Sitting Services Now Available We Groom CATS TOO!!

“We Supply Everything But The Dirty Dog”

Trinity Pet Hospital Dr. Scott Lamb, DVM has been a trusted veterinarian in Florida for 34 years, 30 of which have been right here in Tampa Bay. Trinity Pet Hospital is centrally located in the Trinity Commons Shopping Center, halfway between East Lake Road and Little Road on Mitchell Blvd. Dr. Scott & Mrs. Kathleen Lamb, along with their caring staff, are able to meet all your pet healthcare needs. Trinity Pet Hospital is a full-service Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital/ER. “Our pride in our service and attention to your pet’s needs is reflected in our expert veterinary skills, professional facilities, and exceptional customer service”. 727-376-0149

Comprehensive Care Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry Pain Management Latest Diagnostics Spotless New Facility

Scott Lamb, D.V.M.

7813 Mitchell Blvd * Trinity, FL 34655

727-376-0149 Appointments Preferred

Visit us online at

Circumstances are often too stressful for either you or your pet to make the trip to your veterinary clinic. Now those final precious moments can be spent with your pet in the comfort and familiarity of their home surrounded by all that they love.

Dr. Gayle Burrell 727-420-7424

Don’t Forget Your Pet This Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season starts June 1st.

Make sure you have a plan for your pet in case of a storm. You don’t want to run out of food or pet essentials. Do not leave your pet home alone, bring your pet with you if you must evacuate. Do your homework and find a pet-friendly emergency shelter ahead of time.

SEVEN DAY PET SURVIVAL KIT CHECKLIST Food & Bowl Bottled Water & Bowl Medication Pet Crate or Carrier Collar and Leash Medical Records Vet’s Phone Number Rabies Certificate County License Info Tattoo or Microchip Numbers Photo of You and Your Pet Cat Litter



Simple tips for Better Home Showings 1. Remove clutter and clear off counters. Throw out stacks

10. Buy a flowering plant and put it near a window you

of newspapers and magazines and stow away most of your small decorative items. Put excess furniture in storage, and remove out-of-season clothing items that are cramping closet space. Don’t forget to clean out the garage, too.

pass by frequently.

2. Wash your windows and screens. This will help get more


light into the interior of the home.

3. Keep everything extra clean. A clean house will make a

strong first impression and send a message to buyers that the home has been well-cared for. Wash fingerprints from light switch plates, mop and wax floors, and clean the stove and refrigerator. Polish your doorknobs and address numbers. It’s worth hiring a cleaning service if you can afford it.

4. Get rid of smells. Clean carpeting and drapes to eliminate cooking odors, smoke, and pet smells. Open the windows to air out the house. Potpourri or scented candles will help.

5. Brighten your rooms. Put higher wattage bulbs in light fixtures to brighten up rooms and basements. Replace any burned-out bulbs in closets. Clean the walls, or better yet, brush on a fresh coat of neutral color paint. 6. Don’t disregard minor repairs. Small problems such as sticky doors, torn screens, cracked caulking, or a dripping faucet may seem trivial, but they’ll give buyers the impression that the house isn’t well-maintained. 7. Tidy your yard. Cut the grass, rake the leaves, add new mulch, trim the bushes, edge the walkways, and clean the gutters. For added curb appeal, place a pot of bright flowers near the entryway.

11. Make centerpieces for your tables. Use brightly colored

fruit or flowers.

Set the scene. Set the table with fancy dishes and candles, and create other vignettes throughout the home to help buyers picture living there. For example, in the basement you might display a chess game in progress.

13. Replace heavy curtains with sheer ones that let in more light. Show off the view if you have one. 14. Accentuate the fireplace. Lay fresh logs in the fireplace or put a basket of flowers there if it’s not in use. 15. Make the bathrooms feel luxurious. Put away those old towels and toothbrushes. When buyers enter your bathroom, they should feel pampered. Add a new shower curtain, new towels, and fancy guest soaps. Make sure your personal toiletry items are out of sight. 16. Send your pets to a neighbor or take them outside. If that’s not possible, crate them or confine them to one room (ideally in the basement), and let the real estate practitioner know where they’ll be to eliminate surprises. 17. Lock up valuables, jewelry, and money. While a real estate salesperson will be on site during the showing or open house, it’s impossible to watch everyone all the time. 18. Leave the home. It’s usually best if the sellers are not


at home. It’s awkward for prospective buyers to look in your closets and express their opinions of your home with you there.


Debbie Dawson, “Your Hometown Realtor”

Patch holes. Repair any holes in your driveway and reapply sealant, if applicable.

Add a touch of color in the living room. A colored afghan or throw on the couch will jazz up a dull room. Buy new accent pillows for the sofa.

Florida Luxury Realty


Reprinted from REALTOR® magazine ( with permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.



The Legend of “Tango Man”

By Barbara Marville-Kelly


ennis Kelly has a personal mantra by which he lives his life and serves others: “If only one life has breathed easier because he has lived.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Barbara Marville-Kelly Television Host Mind/Body/Spirit Coach Author:”Chasing Rainbows of the Heart”

As a boy, Kelly was plagued with negative feedback by practically everyone in his life. His stepfather told him he wasn’t worth two cents and would never amount to anything. His coach was overheard saying, “Kelly is the worst athlete, but I gotta play him.” Still, one of his most humiliating experiences came when his girlfriend broke up with him because he couldn’t dance. These personal slams would be enough to burst anyone’s balloon, but not Kelly’s! He made a choice to take the negative “false data” and turn it into positive life experiences for himself, thereby disqualifying the hurtful comments from his past. Kelly became driven to improve upon his weaknesses while discovering his innate strengths, and developing an even stronger level of character. His former girlfriend would be surprised to learn that Kelly may not have known how to dance as a young man, but he certainly honed this talent based on being named a World-Champion ballroom dancer. Furthermore, she would undoubtedly be shocked to know he was honored with five World titles in Martial Arts Menes Fighting, the oldest man ever to do so. But that’s not all this accomplished man has achieved.

Defying Age, Inc. Dennis Kelly Author “The Six Steps to the Fountain of Youth” Certified HeartMath Peak Performance Coach, Sport Nutritionist, Grand Master Tai Chi Kung

Kelly has written a book and screenplay of the same name, “Tango Man,” which shares his secrets of becoming a “Winning Warrior,” based on his self-proclaimed “wisdom of the ages,” exemplifying his success through the power of human synergy and passion. He explains, “We all have a ‘Winning Warrior’ inside us: a champion waiting to be born. It doesn’t matter if you’re a corporate CEO, a stay-at-home Mom, a student, or a “Boomer” embarking on a new life’s path. When you just let go of “false data” and show

up in life with gratitude as your authentically true self, it’s impossible not to realize we were all born to be great!” Kelly definitely personifies success. At the age of 73, he stepped out of retirement for the second time since 2007 and back into the fighting ring to prove the theory that “age is only a number.” Already a five-time World Champion, Kelly took third place in the nationally-sanctioned Men’s Full-Contact Point Fighting competition at the Gator Nationals in Daytona, May 14th. What makes this even more of a feat? There was no “70-year-old and up” competitor division. Kelly competed in the 50 and up age group! As a member of the “Baby Boomer” population, Kelly attempts to live the best life he can lead, in spite of the many challenges often faced by he and his peers, simply based on the choices he makes. These choices involve relationships, careers, retirement, and healthcare and can be overwhelming at times. Yet Kelly and others believe it is never too late to make even the most difficult choices if it means living the wonderful life you deserve. With this in mind, Kelly has teamed with Debbie Dawson to create “BoomerZ Network,” where like-minded individuals--regardless of age--step into the “ring” together, committed to sharing their own life’s experiences for the betterment of others. Meetings are slated to be held at Dreamer’s Havana Café in Trinity, and will always include discussions regarding “FunRaising” and more! Watch for more information in upcoming issues of It’s Your Home Magazine for meeting dates and times. In conclusion, Kelly would like it said, “Remember to follow your heart, never ever give up, and know that there are miracles that await you. Keep the dream alive! You, too, have what it takes to be a ‘Winning Warrior’!”


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