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ary Amundson was drafted into the Army. It was not his intention to join on his own, but with the draft in effect, he did not have the luxury of making that decision. However, he did choose to join the combat unit, taking the oath to be a soldier in the United States Military during the Viet Nam war, 1969-1971. Amundson’s father and 11 of his 16 uncles chose to enlist in the US Armed Forces immediately after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. His Dad and some of his uncles joined the Navy. The others became members of the Army. Amundson admits, “I have always been proud that they served and was always thankful that they all returned after the war.”

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Maintain a life of wellness through massage therapy

Gary & Karen Amundson, LMT’s Licensed Massage Therapist Owners 2330 Seven Springs Blvd. • Trinity, FL 34655

727-372-9388 Lic#MM0001980

His feelings about war mirror that of many Americans. He believes war is a horrible thing and hates that so many of our amazing Service men & women have to make the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country to protect the rights and freedoms of this great nation. No matter where he is—the grocery store, the airport, community events—he stops someone in uniform to thank them personally for their service to our Country. Amundson explains, “We take for granted the life we have here because we don’t have foreign troops coming through our backyards with weapons drawn and ready to fire on the first thing that moves.” In as much as he and so many others wish wars never took place, it is a reality that they do because there are people and groups that terrorize and victimize innocent people every day. It takes the strong, brave men and women, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, to fight these battles on behalf of the American people. Unfortunately, many never return to their families, while others return injured--their lives never to be the same again. Amundson proudly states, “I am proud to have served my country when I was called. We do need, as a nation, to stand behind our military and give them the equipment they need to do the job, and the respect for the job they have to do. God Bless America, and God Bless Our Military.” Amundson owns Massage Therapy Center of Florida with his wife, Karen. He truly believes in standing up for everyone in uniform, as he was fortunate like his father and uncles, to return home. He was able to open his own business and continue to live his life with freedom and choices. Many of his buddies were not so lucky. As a community and a nation, we thank Gary Amundson for his service to our country. We thank each and every member of the United States Armed Forces, both past and present, for their sacrifices to keep us free!


is father, Jerry, was an upholsterer. He learned his father’s trade as a young man, and continued to learn as he matured. He married his high school sweetheart, Edith, and as what happened to many young men at the time, Joseph Pagano was drafted to serve his country during the Viet Nam era in 1961. He had no choice, but that was OK. Joe performed his basic training in Ft. Dix, New Jersey and attended Aviation Mechanical School at the base in Ft. Rucker, Alabama. “The best part was flying. I love to fly,” he shared. “I love to be in the air.” Joe was doing something that he truly enjoyed, and when stationed in Kornwestheim, Stuttgart, Germany, he became a Crew Chief in charge of handling single-engine aircraft, specifically the L20Beaver. “Sometimes when they’d go up, they’d let me sit in the co-pilot seat, and they’d let me fly,” Joe recalled.

The two moved to Tarpon Springs 14 years ago, and work together each day at Sunshine Upholstery to make new, fresh and special what is old or out-dated. Dean explains his love of the family business, ”Making old stuff new again and turning junk into beautiful pieces of furniture, that’s satisfying. Then seeing the customers’ faces when they pick them up or we deliver them--that’s nice. If the fabric is fading on your patio furniture or there are worn areas on your favorite easy chair, loveseat, or window seat, consider an update or a “facelift”. Sunshine Upholstery can provide new fabric and everything you need to make a positive change in your decor. If you have selected your own fabric, that works. The Paganos will pick-up and deliver free of charge. They will also provide free in-house estimates complete with fabric swatches from which to select that perfect color and style. It’s about providing excellent customer service, repeat and referral business that keeps Sunshine Upholstery alive and well in Tarpon Springs! You can contact Joe or Dean at Sunshine Upholstery by calling 727.938.7466. Or visit their shop at 425 N Pinellas Avenue in Tarpon Springs. [Four blocks south of the Sponge Docks]

Life was not always enjoyable, though, for he, or his young wife. When Edith traveled to Germany to live with Joe, there were few amenities. They had no hot water, no sink, no commode, no shower, no television, and no heat! Few had cars even though gas could be purchased for only $0.13 per gallon. Many chose bicycles as their primary mode of transportation there at that time. However, Joe managed to save enough to purchase a sporty little two-seater, 1961 Austin Healey, which he still remembers fondly to this day! In 1964, as his service in the military was ending, Joe contemplated reenlisting with the Army. However, he considers himself “very lucky.” His Sergeant educated him about the terms of war, and told him he was headed to Viet Nam. By 1969-1970, 55,000 soldiers had already returned home injured or in a coffin draped with the American flag. “I’m a patriotic guy,” Joe states, and “I’m proud that I wore an American uniform, but God was with me.” Although he experienced challenges selling his sporty, two-seat Austin Healey when he returned home to Massapequa, NY, he and his wife were determined to start a family. They raised two boys--Joseph, Jr., and Dean--before they eventually divorced. Joe continued to work with his father in a business that spanned more than 50 years. He became a master upholsterer, and son, Dean chose to follow in his father’s footsteps, also becoming yet another master upholsterer in the Pagano family.

Sunshine Upholstery 727.938.7466 • 425 N. Pinellas Ave., Tarpon Springs

Free estimates

Custom Upholstery • Window Cushions Selection of Custom Fabrics Ottomans • Drapes • Cornices Residential • Commercial • Marine FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERY

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8 Quick Fixes to Increase Value

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A Hometown Story Trinity Marine, Corporal Justin Gaertner



Florida Water Treatment

f you have concerns about the quality of your water if you’re worried about why it tastes, or smells so bad or if you’re just tired of paying more for bottled water than gasoline... FWT the solution that will suit your needs.


edge. They offer service in all makes and models of water softening, water conditioning and water treatment systems for both municipal water and well water. They also offer drinking water filtration systems.

Florida Water Treatment has been providing quality water treatment since 1951. The longevity is its own testimonial to their business. Matt and Jori Zarra are the owners of the only location on Main Street. They build and manufacture their equipment based on each clients watering needs. Customers always come first and service is second to none including 24/7/365 emergency service where the client will always be able to reach a person. FWT stands behind their equipment; it has longevity, that is what gives them the

FWT is all about the customer and giving them the best service and the highest quality at the best price. For Matt and Jori their favorite part of having their business is being able to interact with their customers, and being able to provide a product that makes a difference in their lives. “Choosing a water treatment system can be a daunting task. Trusting the business you buy it from can make it so much easier.” Florida Water Treatment provides “custom” solutions; not the OneSize-Fits-All approach of national vendors.


$50 OFF ENTIRE SERVICE CALL WITH THIS ARTICLE *Cannot be combined with any other offer/Present at time of service *Expires 8/30/11

• Salt delivery service available - call for details • Family owned & operated since 1951 • Custom built water treatment solutions for every budget • Factory certified technicians servicing ALL makes and models of water softeners, reverse osmosis systems and well treatment equipment

727.736.2747 • 1398 Main St. • Dunedin




alute America! I am so proud to be an American and so proud of our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers that are serving our country today. They protect us so that the fight does not come to our hometowns. I was amazed to find out how many of our neighbors serve and have served our country over the years. Some are currently in the United States Armed Forces, while others have served in the past. They all have a common thread, they are all proud to be Americans! You’ll get a chance to meet some of our epic hometown service men and women. Many are your family, friends, neighbors and local business owners. It might be the brave man that gives you a massage to relieve back pain (pg. 2), or the courageous man that is a master craftsman upholstering your furniture (pg. 3), or the valiant “Team Mom” at your child’s softball game (pg. 11). Or perhaps the heroic student you went to school with (pg.36), It might be your Dad, who you love with all your heart (pg. 6). This only names a few. My Dad, Bill Dawson served in the United States Air Force during the years 1956-1961. My brother and I were born U.S. citizens while our father served at Scott Air Force Base in Ruislip, England. As I was writing this, I found out that my Dad was trained for “Crypto”, or teletype messages in code. No wonder he continued to take on the position of Chief of Communications for the Associated Press. To me, he was just my Dad whom I loved with all my heart. I encourage each and every one of you to say a special thank you to our service men and women--past and present-- who make our community a wonderful, safe place to live. May God Bless each and every one of them and their families, and may God Bless the U.S.A.

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8 Quick Fixes to Increase Value


o attract buyers, sellers must up the ante to convince them that their property offers what many want most — top value for dollar expended. Here are eight fast fixes:

1. Buff up curb appeal. You’ve heard it before, but it’s critical to get buyers to want to look on the inside. Be objective. View listings from the street. Check the condition of the landscaping, paint, roof, shutters, front door, knocker, windows, house number, and even how window treatments look from the outside. Add something special — such as big flower pots or an antique bench — to help viewers remember house A from B.

architecturally compatible. For ceilings nine feet high or higher, add dentil detailing, small tooth-shaped blocks used as a repeating ornament. It’s all in the details, after all.

5. Screen hardwood floors. Buyers favor wood over carpet, but refinishing is costly and time-consuming. Screening cuts dust, time, and expense. What it entails: a light sanding, not a full stripping of color or polyurethane, then a coat of finish. 6. Clean out, organize closets. Get sorting — organize your piles into “don’t need,” “haven’t worn,” and “keep.” Closets must be only half-full so buyers can visualize fitting their stuff in.

2. Enrich with color. Paint’s cheap, but forget the adage

7. Update window treatments. Buyers want light and

that it must be white or neutral. Just don’t let sellers get too avant-garde with jarring pinks, oranges, and purples. Recommend soft colors that say “welcome,” lead the eye from room to room, and flatter skin tones. Think soft yellows and pale greens. Tint ceilings a lighter shade.

views, not dated, fancy-schmancy drapes that darken. To diffuse light and add privacy, consider energyefficient shades and blinds.

3. Upgrade the kitchen and bathroom. These make-orbreak rooms can spur a sale. But besides making each squeaky clean and clutter-free, update the pulls, sinks, and faucets. In a kitchen, add one cool appliance, such as an espresso maker. In the bathroom, hang a flatscreen TV to mimic a hotel. Room service, anyone?

4. Add old-world patina. Make Andrea Palladio proud. Install crown molding at least six to nine inches in depth, proportional to the room’s size, and


Hire a home inspector. Do a preemptive strike, since busy home owners seek maintenance-free living. Fix problems before you list the home and then display receipts and wait for buyers to offer kudos to sellers for being so responsible. Sources: Ernie Roth, Roth Interiors, Los Angeles; Angel Petragallo, ABR, Group One, Boise, Idaho; Melissa Galt, Galt Interiors, Atlanta; Steve Kleiman, CEO, Oakington Realty, Houston; Sid Davis, Sid Davis & Associates, Farmington, Utah, and author of First-Time Homeowners’ Survival Guide (Amacom, 2007); Steve Hochman, Friendly Note Buyers, Roxbury, N.Y.; Margi Kyle, designer and spokesperson for Hunter Douglas.

Debbie Dawson, “Your Hometown Realtor” Florida Luxury Realty

727-709-9541 Reprinted from REALTOR® magazine ( with permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. 8

Thinking About Selling Your Home? reaCh BuyerS LoCaLLy and GLoBaLLy!

Market your home in Print, Social Media, Online and on more than 1,000 websites with a monthly audience of more than 20,000,000 visits!

Holding The Keys To

Buying or Selling “Your Home!”

Debbie Dawson, Realtor, SFR


Florida Luxury Realty

Corporate Office: 1248 Seven Springs Blvd. Trinity, FL 34655




plete C



Tame the CLOSET MONSTER before he takes over your garage!

Joe & Tricia Staltare

te m s I n


“We don’t cut corners, we clean them!” Clean State of the Art Facility 24 Hour Access • Open 7 days per week All Units Alarmed Monitored Affordable Rates • No Deposit Required Boxes • Bubble Wrap • Locks • Moving Supplies

Seven SpringS Self Storage 2858 Seven Springs Blvd. New Port Richey

Their name says it all. Complete Care. That’s what Joe & Tricia Saltare want for their customers. It’s their vision to make sure each customer is completely satisfied with the cleaning service they receive.

The Saltares successfully owned East Coast Cleaning in Long Island, NY for 12 years before moving to Trinity and opening Complete Care Systems two years ago. “We put the customer first. What you are quoted is what you pay. We never sell you a service that you don’t need,” Tricia explains. Complete Care Systems offers a low-moisture, deep carpet cleaning service, along with tile & grout cleaning, pressure washing, and brick paver sealing. The Saltares are active members of Generations Church, and are involved in various community fundraisers. This year they offered a scholarship to a Mitchell High School Senior, which they intend to continue each year going forward.


You can call Complete Care Systems at 364.5158, visit their website at, or email



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Store Hours: Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 6 pm Saturday 9 am - 5 pm


Proudly Serving our Community and Country

Bill and laura dawson, proud parents of three daughters and three sons, are the owners of Best services heating & air conditioning, and equally as proud!


aura is not only a local business owner; she is currently serving our country overseas with the United States Navy. Her youngest child is three years old. This is her second deployment since his birth. She loves serving her country, but she really misses the time she is away from her children. Everyone that knows Laura knows what a great Mom, great wife and great soldier she is. She is dedicated to serving her country and is an even more dedicated to being a Mom! Bill is running the business and has taken over the household duties while his wife is away. “Some days are tough for the kids, but we all have the utmost respect for what she does.” So much respect that their oldest daughter has decided to follow in her Mom’s footsteps. She is heading to college and continuing in the ROTC program. In fact, Becky received “Cadet of the Year” honors from Mitchell High School for 2011. Laura has also served as “Team Mom” for her daughter’s softball team. Her kids miss her not being there, but they understand and know that they have to stay strong for their

“Mom”. All of her kids admire their Mom’s strength and bravery. Best Services is a local full-service Air Conditioning & Heating company and experts in A/C ventilation, A/C repair and A/C installation. Familyowned and operated since 1999 by a proud member of the U.S. Navy, Best Services consistently provides the Best Service, Best Maintenance and Best Customer Relations in the Tampa Bay area! The licensed professionals at Best Services, are pleased to provide their community with honest and efficient Air Conditioning and Heating services through simple, flat-rate pricing and a "no-surprises" approach. Additionally, Best Services' membership in the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association, or RACCA, proves the Best Services on-going commitment to the highest quality of service possible. Pasco/Pinellas 727-773-0151

YOUR A/C & HEATING SPECIALISTS FREE PHONE CONSULTATION WITH TECHNICIAN Best Selection All Makes & Models Best Pricing No Surprises! FLAT RATE pricing Best Financing Zero Down Financing available Best Customer Service

Free Estimates, 2nd Opinions, Extended Warranties, Preventative Maintenance Agreement


727-967-1758 David White 727-861-1789

• New Homes • Remodels • Additions • Tile & Marble Experts • Licensed & Insured, Bonded LIC# CRC1328612

Quality Work at an Affordable Price!


Over years of Professional Experience Experience the

Southern Self Storage Difference…

Keeping You


Offering expert service, installation and repairs for over


Storing your belongings isn’t a decision you should take lightly, and it can be hard if you don’t know the difference from one storage facility to the next. Here is what makes Southern Self Storage unique: • • • • • •

One Month FREE* Rent! FREE* Truck Use With Move In Surveillance Cameras Climate Controlled Units VIP Pricing On Packing Supplies Much, Much More…

Call Today For Your FREE* Rent! *Restrictions apply, call for details. 12

When you find you need more space, the priceless non-essentials can be packed and stored safely and securely at Southern Self Storage in Trinity. Property managers, Mark & Lynn Mattox, take great pride in the modern upscale, “ultraclean” units they provide. Fully enclosed by a fence, the storage areas include freshly painted floors, commercial pest control treatments, specialized latch systems, and are monitored by security cameras at all times. Rent a standard 5’X5’ unit for only $47/month. A similar air conditioned unit is only $55/ month. Right now, receive the 2nd month free with one month’s paid rental. Plus, they offer a free move-in truck with a supply driver and fuel! For your storage needs, contact Mark & Lynn at

Lic. #CAC1814314


Your Possessions Are Priceless.

727-375-2920 7139 Mitchell Blvd. New Port Richey, FL 34655


or visit their website:

CSC Outreach Is Looking For Senior Citizens In Need Of An Outside ExTREME HOME MAKEOVER! Debbie Humphrey from Home Helpers (chairperson of Outreach) and Sandra Testo-Michaud from The Katelyn Foundation (Co-chair of Outreach) would like to announce their next project coming up in the fall.... Volunteers from CSC Outreach will provide exterior painting, yard work and outside "spruce up" to a senior (65+) in our community. The senior will be selected based on need and application. Applications will be distributed throughout the community by senior organizations and notifications in the local newspapers & publications. 3 applications will be selected by the committee and then the committee will visit each senior homeowner to determine the greatest need. The senior will gain pride in their home and uplift their neighborhood. We are always looking for local businesses to volunteer their time and resources in return they get recognition and exposure. For more information and an application please email the Outreach committee at or PO Box 1045 Elfers FL 34680 ATTN: Senior Spruce Up Committee. Deadline for applicants is August 5th, 2011.



Protect Your Home and Save Money 1. Certified break-in resistant 2. Florida Building Code APPROVED for hurricane protection 3. Cuts the suns heat by 52% 4. Plus – Keep out mosquitoes and vermin.

Authorized window film dealer Prestige dealer network 25 years expert installation

Don’t replace your worn out screen with insect replace screen. Use the Crimsafe Screen System to provide you with security protection, hurricane protection, sun protection and vermin protection.

Or call for a FREE Estimate at

License #CGC1507622


Visit our showroom at 704 Stevens Ave • Oldsmar, FL


Weddings • Graduation • Special Events

or Just Because! We Deliver Local and All Around the World!

We've got the bling!



Flowers B Y

J E N N Y 2340 Seven Springs Blvd. • Trinity

Picture Perfect

Framing & Gallery

Quality & Distinctive Framing with a Creative Touch


ocated at Chelsea Plaza in Trinity offers you a complete showroom of uniquely designed and framed art as well as décor accessories, accent furniture and the latest selection in accent and table lamps. Ranging from classic impressionism to the latest modern pieces of art, Joe Carlucci, owner of Picture Perfect has over 20 years of experience in every aspect of design and framing. Joe’s customer service and quality of workmanship is unsurpassed. He will hand select each piece of art to design your picture perfect framing, always keeping you in mind. Your picture perfect framing is designed using a choice of many unique frames, interesting choices of mats and the most unique moldings designed and manufactured from all over the world. They offer gold and silver moldings, including very simple designs, gold leaf and embossed designs that come in all textures and styles, and the most beautiful ornate moldings with very intricate carvings, inlays, and details. Choose mats to compliment your frame from simple to marble, fabric and faux, each mat comes in a variety of colors to complete all of your design needs.

“Where Your Memories Become Timeless Creations”. 14

Uniquely Framed Art

Picture Perfect

Where Your Memories Become Timeless Creations Home Accessories • silk PlAnts & ArrAngements


1314 Seven Springs Blvd. • Trinity (Located in Chelsea Place)

www .P icture P erfect f raming 1. com


Look WhaT’s New aTT

Fine Jewelry & Beautiful Hand Carved Pearl Beads Together at Last! with patented magnetic north/south polarization


The LeviTaTion Queen Bead™ CoLLeCTion

With the Magic of Galatea Mono-Pole™ Magnets Galatea’s Levitation Queen Beads are imbued with a power all their own. Never before have beads been so elegantly and precisely spaced, creating a beautifully modern look with a minimum number of beads. How’s it done? Galatea’s patented Mono-Pole north-to-north facing magnets provide a naturally occurring space between each bead. All magnets have a north and south end, which attract one another. Galatea’s Mono-Pole magnet bead cores are engineered so only the north ends come into contact with one another, providing a natural space as the ends pull away from each other. Available in hand carved pearls, silver and glass. Levitation Queen Beads will always look and perform perfectly on a necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings.

727.375.2992 3104 Town Ave. Trinity Longleaf Town Center

Exclusive Galatea Jewelry Store in Trinity!


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Handbags & Purses – Over 2,000 To Choose From Huge Selection In All Colors, Style & Sizes

DESIGNER – Nicole Lee, Rocawear, Denim, Christian & more!

Unique & Many One Of A Kinds

FREE Layaway & Gift Certificates Wallets – Laptop Cases – Bible Verse Purses & Bible Covers Available Sundresses - Tank Tops – Shorts - Bling, Bling Hats


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Sundresses 2 for $19.95 Hundreds of Tanks & Tops Variety of Styles

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Purse Parties!

Search Google & Yahoo to visit virtual tour of our store


2730 Grand Blvd. • Holiday, FL 34690 Visit our Oldsmar location at the Oldsmar Flea Market on Tampa Rd: Aisle B West 15 &16 or between Aisles E & F and Main Aisle – look for the Big Purple Building next to the fruit stand.

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The Ultimate Personal Expression Through Your Hair

Professional Hair Stylists Facials Nail Services Teeth Whitening Hair Removal

"Your Satisfaction is our Guarantee!”



8351 SR 54 - New Port Richey



Salon Tré

he love of being “challenged to be the best,” is the overall consensus of the staff at Salon Tré. They have worked diligently together for nearly three decades, and they claim to be the most experienced staff in the Trinity area.

Jenifer Foster & Peggy Cripe offer their guests a comfortable atmosphere and a personalized experience exceeding all expectations in many aesthetic applications for hair, nails, face, teeth, eye lashes, and more! Salon Tré carries popular salon brands such as Redkin, Kenra, Bedhead, Phytoorganic, Nioxin, Dermalogica, Creative, OPI, among others. Jennifer said, “Giving back to the community has been our greatest idea.” The team at Salon Tré actively supports the troops with care packages, children through educational sponsorships, and regular contributions to the SPCA.

Salon Tré is located at 8351 St Rd 54, Ste 104, New Port Richey Hours are 9:00am-8:00pm M-Th; 9:00am-5:00pm Friday; 9:00am-3:00pm Saturday


Yummy Flavors Made Daily

ice cream cones

Birthdays, Weddings, Baby Showers, Office Parties, Marketing Clients, The Perfect I LOVE U

Absolutely Delicious Cupcakes!

Coming Soon to East Lake

(Palm Harbor/Tarpon area) 4966 Ridgemoor Blvd Palm Harbor, FL 34684

8511 Old CR 54 • New Port Richey, FL 34653


Turtle’s Nest

the Luxe Lunch Bag

AUGUST 5TH, 2011 – AUGUST 21ST, 2011 FREE this Receive *Curly-Q Coated Lunch Bag absolutely FREE with a single

$100.00 Brighton Purchase.

(Limit one per customer, while supplies last. Purchase total includes merchandise only. Gift Cards and sales tax not included.) *At participating retailers.

10720 SR 54, Ste.102 TriniTy Village (Behind Bonefish Grill)

727-376-1040 AUGUST 5


Facebook: Turtle's Nest Gifts

, 2011 – AUGUST 21ST, 2011




Summertime Glam!

First let’s start with our make up. Using a Tinted Moisturizer with a built in sunscreen is a great light way to even out your skin tone with a light coverage, without the heavy look. And the added bonus is the sunscreen. A Mineral Powder Foundation is another way to achieve a light look with even better coverage. Both of these products hold up great to sweat without giving you make up “run lines” down your face. A key to prevent that is to remember to “blot” your face when it’s hot and sticky rather than wipe. There are also wonderful Beauty Blotter Tissues out there that help take away the extra shine we get in the summer due to our pores being larger from the heat. Those are very absorbent and leave a nice powder finish. Now for color—feel free to use it this summer season! There are beautiful teals, greens, and blues that pair great with sheer neutrals on the eyes. What’s important to know here is how to apply for your eye shape. One thing to remember is that

if you have a hooded eye shape (where you only see your eye lid when it’s closed) to apply those fun colors in the crease as well as the lid so that when you are looking at others they don't get a strobe light of color flashing at them every time you blink. The fun colors of the season really help to glam up your look in a fun way. Just remember to use an Ultimate Mascara for a thick lash look or a Waterproof Mascara for when you’re swimming or plan to out in the sun all day. Finish your look with a Shimmer Bronzer and a Tinted Lip Balm with an SPF and you’ll be looking fresh and in style this season! Now a few tips about what to wear this summer. Skorts are big this season, especially for the flexibility of still looking cute in a skirt while the sensible shorts are attached underneath. Pair them with a fun tank top, layered necklaces, a great chunky bracelet, and jeweled up sandals for a hot sleek summer look. I suggest sandals with a small heel, they glam up the outfit, make your legs look a bit longer and slimmer, and still offer the comfort of a sandal. Who doesn’t want all that! The key to any summer outfit is to hide those areas that we all know need to be hidden like our belly with a thick belt or a loose fitting top. And to make sure your skort isn’t too short for your leg shape. Follow this fun tips and you’ll be looking as hot as it its outside this summer!!

UltrueImage “Making You look your Hottest from your Face to your Closet!”

Joanne L. Cicora

(727) 514-1431

Shop with me on line for the latest in Skin Care & Body Care with the Hottest Color Cosmetics!


hen it comes to summer, especially here in Florida, we automatically think: beach, barbeques, travel, playtime. Then we think: hot, sweaty, sticky, exhaustion. The positives and negatives go hand in hand. Well I want to show you how you can still look cute and also glamorous even in the hot, sticky summer!

If you need any personal help with areas, I’m just a phone call or text away! 18

Hair • Nails • Massage • Skin Book an appointment!

(727) 372-5555 Mon 9a-6p; Tue-Thurs 9a-8p Fri-Sat 9a-5p

“Where Beauty Begins and Never Ends”

10720 State Road 54, Ste. 100 Trinity �Located �ehind Bone�sh� Holidays Gift Certificates & Cabelo Loyalty Cards Now Available KERATIN SMOOTHING SPECIAL

$50 OFF any $300 Keratin purchase

Eye Love You!

Stylish Eyeglasses Sunglasses Contacts Eye Health Exams


hat’s what you will say when you see the great selection of stylish eyeglasses, sunglasses and contacts at Elegant Eyewear.

Stop by and take a look at the great selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses at Elegant Eyewear. So many styles to choose from, you’ll truly leave feeling elegant! You will find that the frames they carry in their Optical department are good quality and affordably priced to service all of their patient’s optical needs and budgets. Varilux Comfort Contact Lenses $


Dr. Sandra Stroud, O.D.

Elegant Eyewear focuses on comprehensive eye and contact lens exams. Dr. Sandra Stroud, O.D., owner of Elegant Eyewear has practiced as an Optometrist since 1995 in Pasco and Pinellas County. Dr. Stroud performs eye health examinations, diagnoses and treats ocular pathologies, prescribes eyeglasses and contact lenses. Two locations to serve you: 2024 Little Road, Mitchell Ranch Plaza in Trinity and 41272 US Hwy 19 at the corner of Tarpon Ave in Tarpon Springs.


Beautifully Fresh, Up to Date and Revitalized


he elements of beauty are defined in the name “Aquaterra”: water and earth. Enter and be embraced by the tranquil atmosphere. Exit and feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated having taken advantage of any number of the professional services offered at Aquaterra. Owner and Stylist, Bob Yesko, and his experienced staff strive to provide a unique and truly special experience for each individual, male or female. The focus is you, your wants and your needs. Expect a detailed consultation to explore the possibilities that await you. Relax and indulge while your vision and their talents unite to create flawless images of beauty! The impressive team at Aquaterra has 100 years of experience, collectively. Besides Bob, there are six other stylists to serve you: Romeo Garcia, Cheryl Molennor, Sherry Semsedin, Ashlee Tew, Ashley Lucas, and Barb Porter. Theresa Pravato is the resident nail specialist. Colleen Byrd is the massage therapist/aesthetician. Commanding front desk operations

is Jean Tolisano and Sarah Taylor as evening receptionist. Each brings to the team their own education and experience to share expertly with their clients, who consistently remain loyal to their beauty coaches. Aquaterra, in turn, remains loyal to the Trinity community helping numerous non-profit organizations by sponsoring “Cut-A-Thons.” Charities which they contribute to include Pasco Kids First, Pasco County Foster/Adoptive Parent Association, Fill-A-Heart Group, Inc., Gold Shield Foundation, Histiocytosis Association of America, and Locks of Love, whose mission is to return a sense of self confidence and normalcy to children suffering from medical hair loss, regardless of the diagnosis. While giving back to the Trinity/Pasco community is very important to the Aquaterra family, it is essential to reiterate Aquaterra’s passion to serve their clients’ needs, providing the highest quality

products and services. Only the best will do when it comes to you! Products that are leaders in the beauty industry are available and applied at Aquaterra. CHI, Redken (for men and women), Matrix, OPI, Creative Nail Design, Pureology, Image Skin Care, Farouk Systems/Semi Di Lino Oil, Prana Skin Care and more! The entire package of services includes not only hair styling and coloring, manicures and pedicures, but the ultimate in skin care, body treatments, waxing and massage. You are cordially invited to experience the many elements of beauty at Aquaterra Salon and Spa! Located at 7813 Mitchell Blvd., Suite 110 in Trinity, Aquaterra Salon and Spa is available to serve you Tuesday-Thursday, from 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM; Friday, 9:00 AM –6:00 PM; and Saturday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. To schedule a consultation with an Aquaterra professional, call 727.372.8676, visit their website at, or email

The Elements of Beauty YOU…A Work Of Art WE…The Artists

Together We Create

A Masterpiece Beautifully Fresh Up To Date and Revitalized

Hair Nails Skin Massage Waxing

Aquaterra Salon & Spa

7813 Mitchell Blvd • Trinity


Spa Dentistry

Relax &

Rejuvenate Your smile Gift Certificates

Available for Purchase

Call us Today!

Cosmetic • Restorative • Preventative Care & General Dentistry

The Finest

In Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in A Spa-Like Atmosphere Your Home For Comfort and Excellence in Dentistry!

$100 GIFT CERTIFICATE Good for initial exam, cleaning and full mouth radiographs.

$202.00 Value Patient will pay only $102.00 for all initial services listed. Codes: D00150, D01110 & D00210 New Patients Only • Offer Expires 09/1/11

727.372.0550 10733 Maplecreek Dr., Ste. 102, Trinity

david w. dempsey, d.d.s. the art and science of dentistry Provider For Many PPO Dental Plans!



Pain Relief…FAST! “Chiropraktikos” is the Greek term meaning ‘done by hand.’ Dr. Stephen Unger and his partner, Dr. Brandon Delle Chiaie stay true to the meaning of their profession by doing hands-on chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and rehabilitative procedures that are specific to each patient, addressing their individual needs and concerns. To that end, they cap the volume of patient visits in their practice at 35 patients per day so everyone receives exactly what it is they need and the doctors remain handson. Dr. Delle Chiaie explains, “This is not a cookie cutter practice where it is ‘us for us’. We offer a full regiment specifically designed for each patient that includes head-to-toe exercises for balance and core strengthening. Active care in this office involves problemfocused rehab for strengthening and stretching over-tight muscles, as well as programs to increase balance and coordination.” All exercise is functionally based to aid in the patient’s recovery and enhance an individual’s performance on the job or doing activities of daily living. This family-oriented practice is certainly no “stale” doctor’s office. The patient waiting area is designed to be comfortable and inviting like home. The walls are adorned with patient education posters to stimulate discussion and offer information about health, functionality, and proper nutrition. The Unger Chiropractic patient base includes pediatric cases as young as five-years old to seniors in their 90’s. One success story


they proudly share involves a patient with Parkinson’s disease who simply wanted to be able to walk to his mailbox to retrieve his mail. Now the patient can not only walk to his mailbox, but he walks completely around the block! Other victories include elimination of symptoms, patients being able to bend and tie their shoes, and even sleep better. Massage therapy is another facet of Unger Chiropractic that benefits patients in their healing, as well as clients seeking the expertise of a talented masseuse. Three massage therapists, including Dr. Unger’s wife, Yanira, are specialists in deep tissue, warm bamboo and hot stone massages. With some of the most competitive rates in the area, you pay only $40 for one full hour, or $25 for half an hour. Both doctors go out of their way to support many local charities and causes. Moreover, they both are active in the American Chiropractic Association and the Florida Chiropractic Association, in which Dr. Unger serves as President of the North Suncoast Chapter. Both also volunteer as team doctors at the local schools and provide complimentary physicals for students. Philanthropically, they participate in and sponsor fundraising events for Autism and Cancer Research, just to name a few. “This is a young, growing, vibrant community with people who want to be fit, active and healthy,” adds Dr. Delle Chiaie, “and we truly enjoy practicing here in Trinity.”

Unger Chiropractic Clinic

Unger ChiropraCtiC CliniC 2154 Duck Slough Blvd Ste. 103 • Trinity


FREE Spinal Screening Examination

$40 per hour $25 per half hour Dr. Stephen J. Unger, D.C.

Dr. Brandon Delle Chiaie, D.C.

View online video at



Hot Stone • Deep Tissue • Warm Bamboo No Extra Charge! *#MM22292


2154 Duck Slough Blvd. Ste. 103 • Trinity

Sports Injuries • Neck Pain • Physio Therapy Headaches • Back Pain • Therapeutic Massage #MM22292 Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-6pm




Affordable, Dependable Non-Medical In-Home Care Ask about our personal emergency monitoring system!

Dr. Halima Ghafoor M.D.

Internal Medicine

Adult Primary Care Is Now Accepting New Patients Experienced Female Physician

Speaks English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu


Most Insurances Accepted

Little Rd


z Trinity Pkwy

2051 Little Rd • Trinity


• For Seniors, new mothers and more! • FLEXIBLE to fit your needs 24/7. • Caregivers are screened, bonded and insured. Call now for your complimentary consultation!

(727) 772-6400 727-942-2539


Ask about our personal emergency response system.

Pamper Your Loved Ones in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Humana • Cigna • Aetna • Blue Cross Freedom • Wellcare • Molina • United BCBS • PUPS • Medicaid • Medicare • Blood Pressure • Blood Draws • Pap Smear • Vaccinations • Ear Canal Wax Removal • Skin Biopsy • Weight Loss Counseling

Transportation Companionship Meal Preparation Light Housekeeping

w w w. h o m e h e l p e r s . c c

Helen Ellis Hospital, Bayonet Point Hospital, Community Hospital & The New Trinity

• Hospital • Wound Care • Physicals • Diabetics/Foot Care • PROTIME/NR • EKG

HCS #230295

• • • •

(Located In Premier Medical Center)

As a Certified Senior Advisor, Debbie Humphrey and Home Helpers Pasco have a mission to “pamper” your loved ones and assist them with the same type of care that they would receive from you. They understand the importance of home, family, friends and community in sustaining a quality life for anyone who may need that little extra helping hand at home. Home Helpers of Pasco provides a variety of services to seniors, care givers, and new mothers creating the comfort zone you need to be safe, independent and happy in your own home! Call for a FREE In-Home Consultation.

2144 Welbilt Blvd. • Trinity, Florida 34655 • 727-859-4100

Specialized Rehabilitation The Medicine Shoppe- Your Hometown Pharmacist

Inpatient & Outpatient Programs • Diathermy • E-Stim Therapy • Ultrasound Therapy • VitalStim Therapy • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

“Caring Beyond Prescriptions,” is the mantra for “The Medicine Shoppe. Owners, Benjamin & Brenda Benoit take great pride in the personalized service they provide to their customers – patients-- that enter their pharmacy. “Pharmaceutical needs are unique to each individual, and at The Medicine Shoppe, we demonstrate professionalism, trust, and personalized service on a one-on-one basis,” Brenda emphasized.

Come… Be pampered in our spa! Taste the delicious food in our Roof Top Café!

Call for a Tour Today! 727-859-4100

The Medicine Shoppe offers compounds that are “made from scratch,” in lieu of commercially manufactured products. You can be rest assured that The Medicine Shoppe name is synonymous with quality and assurance. Compassion and understanding has generated patient faith for all their customer’s pharmaceutical needs.

The Medicine Shoppe is located at 10720 SR. 54, Ste 103, Trinity. 727-375-2502




PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN By Barbara Marville-Kelly

BarBara marville-Kelly Television Host Mind/Body/Spirit Coach Author:”Chasing Rainbows of the Heart”

n the “land of the free and home of the brave,” yes, we are truly proud and honored to be Americans in a country we love so much where we have open opportunities to pursue life, liberty, and happiness!


We are blessed to stay “tuned in, tapped-in, and turned on” by life, everyday, in every way. We are blessed to be able to look back over the years, and know we have made a difference.

As Americans and small business owners of Defy Aging, Inc, we are extremely blessed. We are blessed to be able to live our life doing what we love and loving what we do in service to others.

This is to have lived and to have truly succeeded!

We are blessed to live abundantly in health, wellness, and happiness. We are blessed to live with passion and excitement! We are blessed as we strive to leave this world a better place because we have lived in it. We are blessed to live each day to its fullest, as if it could be our last. We are blessed to walk our walk in gratitude and appreciation, even when the world can seem so volatile. We are blessed to share peace, harmony, love, and forgiveness.

Defying age, inc. Dennis Kelly Author “The Six Steps to the Fountain of Youth” Certified HeartMath Peak Performance Coach, Sport Nutritionist, Grand Master Tai Chi Kung

We are blessed to recognize the treasures and gifts we have received. We are blessed to pay it forward, expecting nothing in return. We are blessed to show great respect for ourselves, others, nature, wildlife, and our planet.

What better way than to share some nuggets of our wisdom through the ages via our featured articles, classes and seminars. We extend an invitation to you with no expiration date. Simply RSVP if you are interested in living the best quality of life possible! One of the things we focus on is learning how to heal our bodies using as many natural, alternative options as possible. Everything we need is within us and on our earth, naturally. We just need to seek them out. We must continue learning how to handle the number one cause of dis-ease, and premature death: STRESS! Once we learn how to calm the body, we automatically calm the mind, which allows us to focus, concentrate with more clarity, and make better decisions in both business and personal situations. Allowing our minds to remain open like a parachute for self-healing through prayer, meditation, guided affirmations, imagery, and the universal laws of God’s creation in order to take direction and see purpose in our lives, is one of our seven “master keys” to success. “Chasing Rainbows of the Heart” helps us get into an empowered, “heart-based” place, which is guaranteed to change your life. Another important factor upon

which we focus on a regular basis is not only healing the energy of our bodies, but the energy of the “sacred space” in our homes. Harmonious surroundings with peaceful energies, scents and sounds, allows your home to become your own personal oasis to which you can retreat every day! We look forward to sharing more in-depth wisdom we have discovered, and hope you will join us in a complimentary Tai Chi/Chi Kung Class in your area. If you are looking for work and might consider becoming a professional Tai Chi instructor, we can help you with that as well. We can provide you with the training necessary to earn professional certification. We are transformational speakers and authors, and are available for workshops, seminars, group or private sessions, and telecoaching, all designed to help you during even with tough economic times. Upcoming seminars include: Singles and Singles Again, How to Live Healthy in an Unhealthy World, How to become a Warrior instead of a Worrier. As proud Americans and small business owners, we can be reached at 727-945-9223, or visit us at www.barbarmarville. com or Remember: “It only takes one person to make a difference in this world. Make a present of yourself and pass it on” Kudos to Debbie Dawson in making her dreams come true with It’s Your Home Magazine!



Enjoy Great Food and Great Times at AlliGators


ver ridden a mechanical bull? Do you want to? Now’s your chance at AlliGators Florida Grill & Bar where Rocky the Party Animal is ready for you to saddle-up and have some fun! Pasco County’s only mechanical bull is available to kick it up a notch at AlliGators! Children and adults alike are encouraged to take a ride on Rocky in his completely safe bullpen. The floor and walls are air-inflated up to seven feet high for your protection. Get bucked-off, and it’s like falling onto a big pillow! If the kiddos meet a certain height requirement, they can ride, too. But if they come up a bit too vertically challenged to ride, Rocky makes a great photo op for even the tiniest tot, Mom & Dad. The newest addition to AlliGators, Rocky is available to ride every night. Why not invite Rocky the Party Animal to your next special event? That’s right, Rocky the Party Animal is mobile. AlliGators is available to cater your special event and add new life to your party! Rocky’s not the only exciting thing happening at AlliGators of Trinity. Not only can you select their famous Gator Bites from a diverse menu of favorite dishes, but you will discover

one of the hottest venues in Trinity for night life action! Watch your favorite sports teams on their three 10’ screens and 15 flat screens. Sing your favorite Karaoke tunes on Friday Nights. On Fridays and Saturdays kick up your heels and dance the night away on the huge dance floor as a Live DJ spins classic and contemporary hits. Do you enjoy showing off your knowledge of trivia? Quizmaster Joe will test you and your trivia bank each and every Wednesday night from 9:00-11:00. But that’s still not all! Sink or Swim on Saturday nights when $10 buys all you can drink well drinks and draft beer from 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM. All of these specials and amenities along with the delicious cuisine make AlliGators a great place for your next girl’s night out, party, or business event! AlliGators is located at 3523 Little Road just north of Walmart SuperCenter. Hours are Sunday-Thursday, 11:00 AM-11:00 PM, Friday-Saturday, 11:00 AM - 2:00 AM. For more information call 727.376.3867.

TUESDAY NIGHT Hospitality Night Kids Eat FREE Ride Rocky FREE

WEDNESDAY NIGHT 9 PM - 11 PM Live Team Trivia with “Quizmaster Joe”


Karaoke w/ Live DJ Men’s Night All You Can Eat FISH & CHIPS



10 pm - Close $10 All You Can Drink Well & Draft




To request a media kit:

The Stadium Restaurant

24 screens! Variety

of Sports Networks including MLB package and Big 10 Sports

When Pat McHugh, a Viet Nam-Era veteran and resident of New Port Richey, purchased The Stadium Restaurant nearly five years ago, he and his son, Liam, knew they had a real project on their hands. This “work in progress” has resulted in a sports bar and grill which translates into fun for the entire family!

Sports Bar and Grill

2349 Seven Springs Blvd • New Port Richey, FL 34655

They have diversified the menu and “cleaned it up.” They offer 24 screens to capture all of your family’s favorite sporting events, including the Major League Baseball package, Big 10 Sports and other sports networks.

727.372.8168 Open six days a week at 11:00 AM Sundays open at 12 PM

If it’s been awhile since you visited, it’s time to take another look at a Trinity favorite…The Stadium Restaurant!

Look What’s New at


“Only the love of food can lead you here.”

Sunday - Saturday, 11:00 am - 10:00 pm 698 Dodecanese Blvd., Tarpon Springs




ntroducing the New Dimitri’s On the Water Gift Card! This takes the place of standard gift certificates by rewarding you or the recipient with extra cash as soon as it is registered and each time it is used! • Each card automatically has a $10.00 credit. • When the card is registered with www.heartlandgiftcard. com, another $1.00 is credited instantly. • Load $25.00 or more on the card, and receive a 10% bonus credit immediately. • Use the gift card at Dimitri’s and spend $25.00 or more in a single visit, and receive another 10%. • Receive 10% back when you use the card at least 4 times in a month and spend $10 or more per visit. • Use the card on designated times and dates, and receive bonus rewards. • Use your Visa/MC/Discover/Amex to pay for a balance load of $25.00 or more, and receive not only your credit card rewards, but another 10% credit on your Dimitri’s card based on the amount you load. • Plus, one registered gift card each month automatically receives a $50.00 credit! Take advantage of this exciting new program today, and start collecting your rewards compliments of Dimitri’s on the Water!

2 FOR 1 HAPPY HOUR EVERY DAY from Open to Close

Tue, Wed, Thurs, 11am-9pm • Fri & Sat 11am-10pm Sunday 11am-9pm Closed Monday

6818 U.S. 19 • New Port Richey


Delicious Quality

Food at a Fair Price

We Serve One Of The Best Prime Rib In Town

Everything is HOMEMADE

Easter Sunday taking reservations from 11-7 with many specials that day including Roast Leg of Lamb, Duck, Ham, and many more!

12 Super Early Birds from

Daily All Day!

Lunch Specials starting at


11am-4pm Mon-Sat


GIANT SALAD BAR with Over 40 Items including Soup - Fresh Fruit and Dessert Banquet Rooms up to 50

All Aboard!

The Clearwater Jolley Trolley

Brick Oven


Leave your Car Where You Are... Ride The Jolley Trolley

Route to and from Clearwater Beach, Dunedin, Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs

Jolley Trolley is available for Weddings, Parties and other Private Charters.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Passes Available

Pizza, Pasta, Wings, & More! Mon.-Thurs. $3.00 Pitchers of Beer w/16” Large Pizza Purchase Tuesday-KIDS EAT FREE

(1 child per Adult Entree Purchase - 12 & Under)

Sunday Summer Hours 4:00 to 9:00


727-445-1200 727.372.1302 • 727.372.1319 9945 Trinity Blvd. • Trinity Oaks Plaza



Delicious Pizza, Salads and Drinks & more!


NEW Hours Tuesday Arcade and Inflatable Open Play 10 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 4:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Wednesday & Thursday Arcade and Inflatable Open Play 4:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Friday Arcade and Inflatable Open Play 4:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Saturday Arcade 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Inflatable Open Play 6:15 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Sunday Arcade 12:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Inflatable Open Play 4:15 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

local and full of family fun

Call Today (727) 938-7600

1014 U.S. Highway 19 • Holiday, FL 34691 30

Get Out of the Heat And Head Over To Jungle Bounce Local


Arcade And Gigantic Inflatables…FUN, FUN, FUN!

here are few things children enjoy more than inflatable “bouncy houses,” which allow them to jump and play amongst friends without fear of injury. Just think what level of excitement your children will reach when they encounter an entire complex of gigantic inflatables all to Get their Bounce On! That is what’s in store for them when they enter the world of Jungle Bounce in Holiday! Jungle Bounce specializes in thrilling high energy completely private birthday parties, team parties, field trips and fund raisers with non-stop excitement for children in a safe environment. Jungle Bounce is a 15,000 square foot jungle-themed party center offering children non-stop excitement! Two inflatable arenas house six giant, inflatable structures which offer incredible fun and exciting memories that will last for years to come! Plan your child’s next birthday party at Jungle Bounce and relax and enjoy as they experience true happiness and enjoyment in a safe amusement center; complete with a New Arcade and Pizza Restaurant featuring 40 of the newest and hottest games. There’s something for everyone in the family! Children can redeem tickets earned from arcade games for awesome prizes at Jungle Bounce’s new prize Redemption Store. With over 18-feet of counter space and 120 square feet of wall space filled with toys and prizes, Jungle Bounce’s Redemption

Store far surpasses those found in other facilities. Jungle Bounce now offers Inflatable Open Play Times daily, including Weekends!!! So bring the family and enjoy their delicious Pizza, play arcade games, and let your kids work off their energy on the Inflatables! Party Packages are available complete with total and private inflatable complex access for all the young guests and includes a large private party room for serving pizza, cake and goodie bags, all based on your specifications. Leave the responsibilities to the courteous professionals at Jungle Bounce. Jungle Bounce also offers “Arcade Only” parties where children can enjoy as many as 40 Arcade Games and earn great prizes from the prize redemption counter. The Arcade Party includes 2 slices of Pizza, unlimited soft drinks for the children, 20 tokens for each child, 30 tokens for the birthday child, table reserved for 90 minutes, and more for only $10.99 per child. Inflatable & Arcade Open Play times are available Tuesday thru Sunday. Check out their website at for the specific days and times or for additional information about parties and more! Get Your Bounce On!!

Buses will be located in 15 locations throughout Pasco County:

Walmart Ridge & US 19, Port Richey US 19, Hudson SR 54 & Little Road, Trinity Land O’ Lakes Blvd., Lutz Gall Blvd., Zephyrhills

Publix Mitchell Ranch Collier Commons Southgate Hollybrook Sunlake Center Zephyr Commons Tower Oaks Sunlake Center Riverwalk Circle New Tampa


he United Way of Pasco County is sponsoring “Stuff the Bus for Teachers,” July 29-31, from 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM, as a countywide, community-supported event to provide teachers with the tools and supplies they need to make our area students successful. Who would know better than teachers as to what is needed in the classrooms? Just stop by one of the locations listed below and pick up a shopping list from one of the many “Stuff the Bus” volunteers. Buy whatever you can, and stuff it in the bus! If you would prefer to be a volunteer for “bus duty”, that works, too. Simply go online at www.unitedwaypasco. org, or call 727.845.3030. Spread the word about the event to your family, friends and neighbors to truly make this a successful for some of the most important people in our lives: Teachers!




e are just about half way through the summer and The Katelyn Foundation was recognized at the All Children’s SAFE kids luncheon in St. Petersburg and received the 2011 Safety Award. This was a pleasant surprise. As for me, I already finished two free swim sessions in my backyard and started my third session on July 13th. I am learning so much from these children and enjoying every moment teaching them how to swim. It is amazing how quickly they learn their “scoops and kicks”. I always find myself telling the parents that there are two battles I fight teaching a child to swim; the first is the child gaining my trust and the second is getting their faces in the water. I have to say it doesn’t take long for them to gain my trust, but getting them to jump in the water after dive sticks is another story! The most important thing is I am having fun and so are the children. If you are interested in my free swim program for August or September or if you are looking for a swim instructor to teach at your home please email me at Simple Steps Save Lives………… As frightening as the risk of drowning is, it can be prevented! Water holds a universal fascination for individuals of all ages, most especially children. Children love to pour, splash, drizzle and spray water. Unfortunately, the water that fascinates and surrounds our children can lead to drowning or neardrowning tragedies. It takes very little water for a young child to drown.


*As little as two inches of water in a tub, sink or shower places a toddler at risk; *A child can drown in the time it takes to answer the phone; and *Most young victims are usually missing from the sight of an adult for less than five minutes. *For every child who drowns; four others are hospitalized for near-drowning and as many as three suffer brain damage? Take a look at some water safety “Do’s and Don’ts to get you through the rest of the summer:


WATER SAFETY “DO’S” 1. Teach children water safety and swimming skills as early as possible. 2. Always brief babysitters on water safety, emphasizing the need for constant supervision. 3. Appoint a “designated watcher” to monitor children during social gatherings at or near pools. 4. Equip doors and windows that exit to a pool area with alarms. 5. Install a poolside phone, preferably a cordless model, with emergency numbers programmed into speed-dial. 6. Post CPR instructions and keep rescue equipment poolside. 7. Install four-sided isolation fencing, at least five feet high, equipped with self-closing and self-latching gates, that completely surrounds the pool and prevents direct access from the house and yard. 8. Maintain constant visual contact with children in a pool or pool area. 9. If a child is missing, check the pool first, seconds count in preventing death or disability.

WATER SAFETY “DON’TS” 1. Don’t use flotation devices as a substitute for supervision. 2. Never allow a young child in a pool without an adult. 3. Don’t leave objects such as toys that might attract a child in the pool or pool area. 4. Never prop the gate to a pool area open. 5. Don’t rely on swimming lessons, life preservers, or other equipment to make a child “water safe.” 6. Never assume someone else is watching a child in a pool area. 7. Don’t leave chairs or other items of furniture where a child could use them to climb into a fenced pool area. 8. Don’t think you’ll hear a child who’s in trouble in the water; child drowning is a silent death, with no splashing to alert anyone that the child is in trouble.

Does your child take refresher swimming classes every year? Rapidly changing skills, different levels of development, and a limited attention span require that a child’s swimming abilities be continually updated.

Until next time…….Pool Safely!

Sandra Testo-Michaud

“Teaching a child to swim is a necessity, not a luxury!”

Individual or Group Training

Advanced Lessons for All Ages

Introduction to Baseball Ages 2-5 Lil Sluggers is a child development program created to introduce children ages 2-5 to the game of baseball. Lil Sluggers classes develop important baseball skills such as throwing, catching, hitting and base running. Developmentally appropriate equipment and games are used to teach your child the game of baseball in a fun, exciting and positive environment. We are serving the Tampa Bay area, so please call us to find the nearest location for your convenience.

Maximum 6 students per class All classes are held indoors Classes are based on availability Make up classes are available We do private group classes

TRINITY MUSTANGS PPAL Are your reAdy for some footbAll!


First Day of Practice! August 6th

Jamboree at JW Mitchell High School August 31st

Last day for registration

Everyone is welcome... Lots of family fun!

Register at JW Mitchell High School Football Field on practice nights or register online now


Sunday, October 30th, 2011

4th Annual Barktoberfest At Harley Davidson of New Port Richey 11 am – 3 pm Barktoberfest 2011 proceeds will benefit SPCA Suncoast & Labrador Rescue of Florida. Looking for local businesses to help sponsor this event to help make a difference in an animals life. Sponsors have the opportunity to support a great cause while promoting their business – a great opportunity to reach a large number of people in our community. We are also looking for local businesses to donate gift certificates or gift baskets for the silent auction and contest prizes.

This will be a fun event for the whole family!!! Costume Contests • Food • Musical Paws Raffles & Giveaways • Silent Auction And Much More........ PROUD SPONSOR MAGAZINE For more information, call 727-375-7070 or visit our website



WashPlu TM

Expands with Mobile Grooming Brand NEW State of the Art GroomMobile

Visit us online

When Your Pets Deserve the Very Best! Professional Mobile & In-Store Grooming Available Call Today for Prices & Appointment Times

$5.00 OFF

First Mobile Grooming Appointment Cannot be combined with other coupons & discounts. coupon expires 5/1/11

Grooming 7 Days A Week

2319 Seven Springs Blvd. New Port Richey, FL 34655

727-375-7070 We Groom CATS TOO!!

“We Supply Everything But The Dirty Dog”

PET CONTEST - SPAW MAKEOVER Courtesy of Paw Wash Plus of Trinity & IT’s YOUR HOME DOES YOUR FURRY FRIEND NEED A MAKEOVER? Send us a photo with a short story and tell us why your pet needs a little pampering. If selected, your pet will win a free SPAW Package which includes: • SPAW Lavish Your Pet Shampoo & Conditioner Treatment • SPAW Lavish Your Pet Blueberry Facial & Pawdicure Haircut & Style Complete with Bow or Bandana Yummy Bakery Treat to Take Home • Star in the next issue of IT's YOUR HOME in print and online & Featured on Paw Wash Plus Facebook Page & Monthly Newsletter Enter to win: Email your photo and 100 words or less to contests@ItsYourHomeTrinity or stop by Paw Wash Plus of Trinity located at 2319 Seven Springs Blvd. One winner per issue



FRIEND Allie, 1 year old, Basenji Mix

Abby, 1 year old, DMH

Our furry friends are waiting to become the perfect addition to your family.

Adopt these wonderful pets today! Adoption Hours: Noon - 6 PM, Wed. through Sun

(727) 849-1048

7734 Congress St. • New Port Richey, FL 34653

Gentle Pet Passings, LLC Peaceful Compassionate Home Euthanasia Saying goodbye to your beloved friend is a loving but difficult decision. Circumstances are often too stressful for either you or your pet to make the trip to your veterinary clinic. Now those final precious moments can be spent with your pet in the comfort and familiarity of their home surrounded by all that they love.

Dr. Gayle Burrell 727-420-7424

Trinity Pet Hospital Dr. Scott Lamb, DVM has been a trusted veterinarian in Florida for 34 years, 30 of which have been right here in Tampa Bay. Trinity Pet Hospital is centrally located in the Trinity Commons Shopping Center, halfway between East Lake Road and Little Road on Mitchell Blvd. Dr. Scott & Mrs. Kathleen Lamb, along with their caring staff, are able to meet all your pet healthcare needs. Trinity Pet Hospital is a full-service Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital/ER. “Our pride in our service and attention to your pet’s needs is reflected in our expert veterinary skills, professional facilities, and exceptional customer service”. 727-376-0149

Comprehensive Care Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry Pain Management Latest Diagnostics Spotless New Facility

Scott Lamb, D.V.M.

7813 Mitchell Blvd * Trinity, FL 34655

727-376-0149 Appointments Preferred

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by Dr. Gayle Burrell

aving been a veterinarian here in Florida for many years, I know how difficult it can be to take your pet to the clinic even for routine visits. They are often scared, shaking and sometimes painful, and this can start before you have even left the house. Cats especially don’t usually appreciate leaving their comfort zone. The decision to euthanize your pet is a very emotional one, and yet it is the most loving decision you can make for them when the time comes. Unfortunately the drive to the clinic, waiting in the lobby, facing other clients when you leave, and the drive home alone can make an already traumatic experience even worse. After the peaceful experience of euthanizing a friends pet at their home and more recently one of my own, I realized that this was a service I could offer your beloved pet that would eliminate a lot of undue stress and help make their last moments quiet, peaceful and pain free. My hours are flexible to accommodate the needs of both you and your pet and cremation services are provided than can include the return of ashes in a nice urn of your choice. Please check out my website which will explain and answer most of your questions. Also feel free to call or email me for more information.



Our Hometown Hero Justin Gaertner


ou’re aware of the tragedy. It’s been publicized for over six months in all of the local papers. One of Trinity’s own suffered life-altering injuries in the war being fought in Afghanistan. Lance Corporal Justin Gaertner, of the United States Marine Corps, lost his legs and suffered an injury to his arm as a result of an IED explosion he was investigating.

The 2007 Mitchell High School alumnus, had served two previous deployments prior to this horrific incident. He and another IED Specialist lost their legs this time. The third infantryman and IED Specialist accompanying them lost his life. Justin and his surviving buddy were immediately transported to a military hospital in Germany for intensive medical care. His family was notified by a brief, abrupt phone call from Justin initially, then promptly face-to-face by Marine officers. Justin was eventually moved to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland, to continue more extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation. This all adds up to extreme costs. Not just the physical loss Justin has suffered, but the adaptation to activities of daily living, ongoing therapy and rehab, and travel expenses incurred by his family to visit and support him in his rehab efforts. Numerous fundraisers have already been held in Justin’s honor, yet one is being planned to take place in late July or early August. The Stadium Restaurant, Rooters Networking Club, and It’s Your Home Magazine are proudly sponsoring a fundraiser for Justin’s family in an effort to offset the tremendous costs they bear as a result of this terrible tragedy. Please visit our calendar of events at www.ItsYourHomeTrinity. com or visit our facebook pages for more information as to the specific date and time of the upcoming fundraiser at The Stadium Restaurant. On behalf of the entire team at IT’s YOUR HOME Magazine, we extend a very heartfelt “Thank You” to Justin Gaertner, his family, and all of our military personnel for their admirable service to our country and their protection of our freedoms, civil rights, and most importantly, our homes and families.

May God Bless You and God Bless America!


Working Women of Tampa Bay – In the Spotlight

Travelin’ Dreams Travel “The internet is for LOOKING, Travelin Dreams is for BOOKING!” That’s the mantra of Shandelle Johnson, owner and agent of Travelin Dreams Travel. Shandelle runs a full service agency and can take care of everything from restaurant reservations to cruises and European vacations. She offers personalized trip planning at NO COST to you! “From booking your hotel, finding family friendly activities, scheduling a tour of Europe, down to reserving a special table at a fabulous restaurant, I can take care of everything! Plus, there is no charge for my services,” Shandelle proudly states. By using Travelin Dreams, you are assured the best locations at hotels around the world. When you personally book a reservation online, you can count on getting the leftovers. Shandelle personally calls her contacts to make sure you are going to be treated like the VIP you are! You can expect to get upgrades and preferred treatment by booking through Travelin Dreams that you will not get when securing your own reservations.

“Shandelle, like all of the members of WWOTB, is very supportive of women in business, her community and local charities. Shandelle is a great resource for our members who are looking to get away for a few days or plan the vacation of their dreams.” Jessica Rivelli,Founder & President of Working Women of Tampa Bay.

If you enjoy cruises, Shandelle will make sure you get the best possible price available, “along with a special surprise amenity from me! Customer service is my #1 priority,” Shandelle explains. “That’s why I offer personalized trip planning at no extra cost to you. “Travelin Dreams does it all: hotels, vacation packages, cruises, flights, Disney trips, restaurant reservations, and even RV rentals. Shandelle is CLIA certified and also certified with NCL, Princess, Costa, Marriott, Disney, Universal Studios, just to name a few. Become a fan of Travelin Dreams Travel on Facebook and Twitter to receive daily information and specials! You are welcome to visit, for looking, but Shandelle would prefer you call her direct at Travelin Dreams, 352-683-9077 and let her do the booking!

Have Fun with Rooters Networking Club The Rooters Club is an exciting local networking group designed to help businesses succeed by connecting professionals through daily luncheons and monthly mixers held in Pasco, Pinellas and Hernando Counties.

Make plans to visit one of the Rooters Club daily luncheons beginning at noon: Mondays: Nana’s, 857 Klosterman Rd., Tarpon Springs Tuesdays: Slice of Life Pizzeria, 9123 Little Rd., Port Richey Wednesdays: Slice of Life Pizzeria, 188 Mariner Blvd., Spring Hill Thursdays: Boulevard Beef & Ale, 6226 Grand Blvd., New Port Richey Fridays: The Stadium Restaurant, 2349 Seven Springs Blvd., Trinity

You have enough demands on your time without worrying about your financial plan. It’s especially wise to have an advisor who not only understands the intricacies of investing in today’s marketplace, but who also listens – helping you know your options and giving your investments the attention they deserve. Call today.

(Financial Advisor Name) Amanda Title) Hickman Murphy (Approved Vice President, Investments (Address) (City, STTampa 00000)Street, Suite 2400 100 N. ������������������������������ Tampa, FL 33602 Fax: (000-000-0000) 813-202-1112 • 800-237-8542 (e-mail address) 813-221-5576 Fax (website)

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Daring to Dream: Building a Feminist Future







Honest Mechanic George



Q. My “Check Engine” light is on what does it mean?

A. It means that your car’s computer system has selfdiagnosed a problem. It can include anything, from a simple need for replacement of a gas cap, which will have no noticeable effect on the engine performance, or driving safety, to a computer component that may cause other components to fail! There’s no way to know what the light means without running a diagnostic test on the system to find the nature of the fault. A continuous Check Engine light usually signals that a failure or hard fault is present. If the light comes on and off, the problem may be minor or intermittent.

Dan Sullivan Dan Sullivan is the Events/ Marketing Coordinator for the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce which is an action oriented business organization incorporated to promote a favorable business climate for its membership & community. Provides business leadership for the improvement of the economy, political environment and quality of life.

Gateway to Tropical Florida

West Pasco Chamber of Commerce 5443 Main Street New Port Richey, FL 34652 Phone: 727.842.7651 Fax: 727.848.0202

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website for your business should be working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is most likely the least expensive tool you can employ to market your business. A website is a cost effective complement to the advertising that you do with brochures and in periodicals. The cost for the development of a website is a one time charge. Beyond the development charges, the cost of keeping a website operational is minimal, typically $50-$100 per year. A website will complement your print advertising by letting you describe your business in complete detail, providing information to your potential customers that you could not afford to cover in a publication. Websites give you the opportunity to use unlimited graphics, photographs, dynamic content and animation.

Do you sell products? How much more can you add to your bottom line if you are selling your products directly from your website? E-commerce on a website opens the doors of your store that never close. When you are sleeping, your website is still open and working to make your business more profitable. A website is easy to update to keep current with your changing business environment. These changes can be made quickly and easily either by yourself using a built in web page editor or by your site designer. This quick change advantage allows your customers to know about your changes immediately. Call now for a free consultation to create a new website or refresh your old website. We will help you find ways to put your website to work for you!

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