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Lie swimming spot

In Vindafjord. Often with 2-3 degrees above what is found

­elsewhere at Skjoldafjorden. The area has two small beaches with large grassy hills behind. Facilitated with barbecue. Diving board. VII/B3

Swimming facility at Sauda

Indoors swimming hall with slide, diving tower, kids’ pool and

sauna. In addition to the swimming hall, there is also an outdoor

pool open all year. Kids’s pool, jumping pool and slide, as well as

recreational area with seats. The water in the outdoor pool holds © Fotografen AS

Swimming spots With our long-stretched coastline, there is a large selection of beaches suited for bathing on hot

summer days. Some of our favourites are already mentioned on page 28. On colder days, the

swim might best take place in one of the many swimming halls; i.e. Suldal Bad (new 2019), the

new outdoors pool at Gamlingen in Stavanger or Lundbadet. In addition, there is a whole raft of

lakes used for sunbathing during summer. Here is a small selection from north to south:


Is located at the start of the Ålfjord, Sveio, 3 km south of Tittelsnes. Facilitated with pier, beach and toilet. Accessible for wheelchairs. Fishing possibilites from the shore, nice hiking area.

More than 1 km of beachline with several bays

with nice swimming conditions. Parking. VII/A3

Eivindsvannet lake

Near Haugesund city centre, freshwater lake

with two beaches. There is a wheelchair ramp, as well as universally adapted sanitary facility with

toilets. Bathing jetty during summer. Nice hiking areas. VII/A3


Sandy beach and swimming fleet. Wheelchair

ramp. Grass field, tables and benches. Toilets.

Accessible from the west of the water locks at Skjoldastraumen in Tysvær. VII/B3

32 degrees and can be enjoyed all year. VII/C2

Swimming in Ryfylke

There are several swimming areas in Ryfylke, both publicly

­facilitated, but also small, unique places only known to the locals. Some suggestions: Dørvika in Forsand, Nordlys at Jørpeland,

Sande at Hjelmeland, Sand in Suldal and Rødstjørna in Sauda.

Godalen, Møllebukta and Vaulen

Stavanger’s most popular swimming areas with sandy beaches and summer open kiosks. Both Godalen and Vaulen have play

areas, diving towers and barbecues. At Møllebukta, you swim in historical surroundings next to Fritz Røed’s sculpture “Sword in rock”. (p. 42). Vaulen has a wheelchair ramp. VII/B5


New beach in the centre of Ålgård suitable for kids. VII/B6

Bråsteinvatnet lake

is near the hiking area Melsheia with swimming jetty, raft, ­benches and toilets. VII/B5

Tengesdalsvatnet lake

Swimming area for wheelchair users with a ramp, benches, toilets, hiking areas, fishing. Located by Høleveien between Sandnes and Lauvvik. VII/C5

Melsvatnet lake

Along fv. 506 between Bryne and Ålgård. Good swimming

­options. Jæren Friluftsråd has facilitated parking with toilets and hiking areas. Fishing pier adapted to wheelchair users. Hiking around the lake. VII/B6


The area suitable for swimming and fishing, with toilets, parking, illuminated hiking paths, has its name from the old water plant

that for many years supplied the population with drinking water. VII/C7


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Explore the south of Fjord Norway - It's waterful - english  

The official travel guide for Destination Haugesund, Destination Ryfylke og Region Stavanger. English version.

Explore the south of Fjord Norway - It's waterful - english  

The official travel guide for Destination Haugesund, Destination Ryfylke og Region Stavanger. English version.