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Break some sweat with zipline or climbing! Climbing is very popular and there are several climbing facilities in the region. Recommended: Haugaland klatrevegg, Klatresenter at Fossanmoen, Sørmarka and Eigersundshallen.

Climbing and adrenaline rush Klatreparken Høyt & Lavt Nedstrand

Via Ferrata, Jøssingfjord © Eduardo Grund

5 tracks with the total of 78 elements, with a Zip line

of 304 m with a fjord view. The area is facilitated with ­barbecue and picnic area. Kiosk, cafe with local food. VII/B4


Preikestolen Mountain Lodge

Explore stunning nature and stimulating culture and at

more experienced. The skilful activity leaders instruct

in the region make it possible to visit mesmerizing places

Several different climbing walls, both for beginners and

the same time get your blood pumping! Short distances

you safely up the mountain side. The large block of rock

whilst pedalling.

climbing efforts. VII/C5

North Sea Cycle Route


follows the national bike route no. 1 all the way from the

near the water camp is a good place to attempt your first

Going from the Netherlands to Norway. In Norway, it

Just above the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge, you’ll

Swedish border (Svinesund) to Bergen in Fjord Norway.

it is the longest in Norway. Enjoy the views of fjord

to Larvik, Skjærgårdsruten (archipelago route) from

­mountain tops and cliffs. The starting point is near the

from Kristiansand to Bergen. It passes most places in our

find the zipline, and with its 350 meters-steel wire

The route is called the Oslo fjord route from Svinesund

and ­landscapes while whizzing through the air above

Larvik to Kristiansand and the North Sea Cycle Route

path to Preike­stolen. From 10 years.

region, offering several ­options for nature escapades. VII/C5

Outdoor climbing in Sandnes

Karmøyrunden (Karmøy roundtrip)

ficulty 6-9. Dale is a climbing area with 80–90 degrees

­roundtrip of 97 km, and easy to bike. Possible to go by

(3–5+) is good for traditional mountain climbing and Spo-

tunnel Karmøy­tunnelen. The North Sea Route takes you

areas are Gramstad, Mulaberget, Dansen, Duelifjell,

and is signposted from Haugesund. VII/A4

Several fields. Bergsagel has 60 routes, degree of dif-

Part of North Sea Cycle Route. Karmøyrunden is a

steep walls, and more than 110 routes. (5–9). Himlingen

bus from Håvik kollektivterminal to Stavanger via the

raland (6–8+) is a small field of 18 routes. Other climbing

by ferry ­between Stavanger and Nedstrand in Tysvær

Nordland and Bynuten. VII/B5

Via ferrata, Månafossen waterfall

From Eikeskog, there is a Via Ferrata climbing route

going up the mountain side, and from the top of the

mountain, you are merely 500 m from Månafossen waterfall. All climbers must pay and register at the farm at the starting point of the Via Ferrata. Also, possible to rent equipment if needed. VII/C5

Via ferrata, Jøssingfjord

A climbing route along the mountain side with the

­Migaren, name given by the waterfall you must cross on

the way. Via ferrata means walking on iron, and the climb

partly goes along via bolts in the mountain. Guided tours with Magma Geopark. VII/C7

Due to the mild climates in our region, you can play golf all year round. Choose from golf courts in the mountains or by the coast, where you must be careful not to hit the ball into the waves.

Preikestolen Golfklubb


Challenging and exciting course. On the way to Preikestolen. Play golf on the field, or exercise near the club house, the range, the green and the junior area. Golf set for rental. Green fee valid all day. | +47 51 31 18 14


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Explore the south of Fjord Norway - It's waterful - english  

The official travel guide for Destination Haugesund, Destination Ryfylke og Region Stavanger. English version.

Explore the south of Fjord Norway - It's waterful - english  

The official travel guide for Destination Haugesund, Destination Ryfylke og Region Stavanger. English version.