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Ingravity 1. The state of weightlessness that occurs when the gravational force on a body is exactly cancelled out.


The Wellness Multispaces

Wellcome to Ingravity Expansion Report

ingravitto state

Origin I

NGRAVITY was born in the surrounding areas of the Royal Town of Aranjuez, a Palace of beauty and relaxiation of the kings in Madrid, Spain. Its founder Álvaro López began the concept due to the high demand worldwide from his travels and work expierence. Our customers seek a dynamic approach to improving life and wellbeeing. Philippe Gruau counceller to the board of directors of the Hypermarket chain E´Leclerc in Spain has been the supporting partner to this new creation. Now after years of studies, the opportunity to be an investoment member is provided through unique special club franchises.

INGRAVITY health club wellness centres are a world class trade mark, which provides exceptional services, leisure and a whole host of facilities, with ways to help your members unwind and relax. As a member of any INGRAVITY you enjoy the seamless service of being part of a five star company concerned in the wellbeing of people. Our centres provide luxurious spas, award winning health clubs and unique privileges. We offer customized consultation, tailored equipment, technical knowhow, deep market knowledge, exclusive products, management skills, project management and global recognition. All this while holding shares in a dynamic pioneering holding company. We offer a dynamic opportunity in a fast growing business, with incredible potential. Take advantage of the growth of the industry and be part of the unique family of INGRAVITY .

Innovative Concept


NGRAVITY is a world class innovative concept expanding in Spain and globally. The club combines wellness with multi-spaces in a market were the world tendency in exercise and physical therapy is to improve the quality of lifestyle through the prevention of health related problems. Our centres improve ones wellness by bringing together new concepts into one place mixing physical exercise, health, lifestyle, culture, social gathering and spiritness to one core nuclei creating a sense known only to us as feeling INGRAVITY. INGRAVITY does not limit itself to offer services in cosmetic medicine or exterior beauty. Beauty should be a mirror reflection of ones inner karmer, reflecting inner health in exterior wellbeing.

Increasing industry


he wellness industry has grown globally with sport centres being

outdated; massage therapy concentrating on only certain aspects of health; and spas being incorporated in most five star hotels. Wellness centres are achieving widespread recognition, as a valuable means to enhance a healthy lifestyle, with more people than ever integrating exercise, diet, spas and massage into their health and fitness routine. Consumer research strongly supports the acceptance of all these components from occasional use or complementary medical treatment to an integral component of healthy living.

As awareness of wellness centres lifestyle therapy continues to grow and scientific research demonstrates its efficacy for myriad conditions, it is not surprising that people who want the best from life look for only the best luxury in installations and services. Demand for improved quality of everyday life has grown over the past ten years with wellness centres providing the best solution to a longer expetancy and higher quality of life. The health industry is now a $6 billion to $11 billion-a-year industry providing employment opportunities and great returns on investment. INGRAVITIE´S holding group provides the opportunities to invest in ones health and creates loyal customers which are not here today and gone tomorrow. INGRAVITY creates a customer for life that recognises the health benefits and acknowledges the luxury of being a member of a unique exclusive club which combines wellness and multi cultural spaces, in one unique creation “INGRAVITY� .

Star Up

Demographic study and direction in selecting your centres site Assistance in wellness and multispace centre layout and design Assistance in recruiting Licensed Massage Therapists Guidance in hiring, staffing and training Administrative Personnel


Assistance with organizing your Grand Opening, including media and advertising purchasing One week comprehensive classroom and on-the-job training program at our corporate center Two days hands-on-training at your center Exclusive use of our proprietary Operations Manual Exclusive use of our customized Scheduling and Payroll Software program

Tools For Succes

Use of INGRAVITY name, logos and trademarks. Use of our software application specifically written to assist you in running an efficient business


Access to proprietary and proven systems and techniques designed to make business ownership simple and efficient Pre-negotiated and discounted vendor rates offered exclusively to INGRAVITY club franchise members A central server email address and part of A well managed website that will promote your INGRAVITY Center with an easy to find web address, that will post your address, phone number hours of operation and give directions to and from your clinic A Research and Development team creating innovation to stay ahead of industry trends


24/7 Telephone consultations with our club franchise members Internet Technology support Scheduled visits from Field Support Representatives Meetings, teleconferences and workshops designed to keep you informed and ahead of market needs

A better way of life


y becoming a franchise member of INGRAVITY you in turn become a unique member of our group. Unlike individual companies, 90% of club franchise member businesses are still operating after 10 years, while 82% of independent businesses fail. We help you design a facility layout and design your space different from a traditional floor plan. We offer a computer aided drafting service to help with the planning and modification of individual space requirements. We have a support staff available 24/7. We set up direct email links, internet support and use the latest technolgies to insure your success. We have supporting marketing material to help you advertise. We have prerecorded TV and radio ads, as well as ready to print graphics for flyers and handout materials. We also assist you in marketing ideas and advertising design if unique requirement is needed. When you become a member of INGRAVITY you become a member of an award winning concept and team. INGRAVITY provides health and fitness like no other; its centres provide a luxurious club and a great place to relax with its high ceilings, wooden beams, open fires, comfortable sofas and stylish juice bar and restaurant. We offer an impressive range of facilities including a complete range of biomechanically designed equipment from leading manufacturers, Nautilus, Life Fitness and Technogym. It is the perfect choice for the dedicated health and fitness enthusiast or someone just looking to keep fit. Our health Spa adds a new dimension to membership with the most popular spa therapies including luxury facials and body treatments, relax and revive spa packages and a selection of treatments specifically for men and women. What better way to soothe aching muscles than with a blissful Muscle-Ease Body Massage or Foot Treatment? Our centres, offer an extensive range of facilities not available in normal wellness centres creating a unique luxury multi-space environment for socialising and relaxation. The emphasis of INGRAVITY is on luxury and exclusivity, from the changing rooms each with their own spa pools, saunas, steam rooms and plunge pools, to the gymnasium with its stateof-the-art equipment including revolutionary machines and the latest scientific innovations. Your club will offer members a tranquil ambience; essential essences and therapeutic aromas which welcome you to INGRAVITY. Whether your focus is on facial, body or sensory indulgence, our therapists will take you on a journey through your senses of well-being with the finest spa treatments available from Payot, Elemis, Clarins and La ThĂŠrapie.

Membership A variety of Memberships are available, with Initiation Fees from € 1,000 to € 20,000. Monthly dues within each Membership category vary for individuals, couples and families, and range from € 112to €€280 280 per month.

VIP Membership Luxury, exclusivity, uniqueness, with special privileges and services to the global network of INGRAVITY. As a VIP member you recieve an exclusive private health cover and are an integrated member of INGRAVITY holding member shares and benefits. The highest category, with high class distinction and a premimum treatment.

Resident Membership Provides complete dining, social and athletic use of INGRAVITY. Resident Members enjoy exclusive use of the Resident Member Locker Rooms, Resident Member Workout Room and Gated Resident Parking Area

Voyagers Residents Memberships Provides all the benefits of a Resident Membership for those who are 70 years of age or Area

Associate Membership Provides complete dining, social, and athletic use of INGRAVITY, excluding designated Resident Member areas

Voyagers Associate Membership All the benefits of an Associate Membership for those who are 70 years of age or older.

Junior Associate Membership Provides all the benefits of an Associate Membership for those who are age 23-29.


he Wellness Multispaces An always winning combination

Different areas. Only one space.

SPA 250M2

Swimming Pools: Sub- Aquatic Massage Pool 36ยบ

Oxigenation Pool 38ยบ, Dead Sea 40ยบ, Vitality Pool 40ยบ Showers: Contrast, Essences (essences oils), Chromo (Four seasons, shower, Cyclonic(cyclonic shower) Sauna, Turkish Bath. Private Treatments Vichy Showers, Envelopments Beds, Beauty Therapy Rooms, Zen rooms for alternative therapies, tibetan bells, jade Stones, thai massage pads Shiatsu Beds. Fruit Bar Relaxation Areas


his could be your SPA

1-Exercises Pool

5-Relax Area

2-Changing Rooms


3-Fruit Bar

7-Dead Sea

4-Sub-Aquatic Massage 36ยบ

8-Turkish Bath

& Oxygenant

9-Shower Contrast Area

FITNESS400 M2 Gyms with only the best machines. Fitness Programs, instruction and consultation Individual or Group Studio exercise classes Ciclo Indoor, Body Pump, Aeroboic Exercise Pools,Rehabilitation Programs, Aqua-Gym, Sport Shop, Vib Fit


itness The best machines.

Technogym is a world leader in the design of fitness 35 years ago, Nautilus practically invented fitness equipment for fitness clubs, hotels, spas, equipment. They have been reinventing it ever rehabilitation centers, corporate gyms, since. universities, professional sports facilities and beyond. In 1970, we designed and built the first machines that applied greater resistance in exercise motions The company was established in 1983 by Mr. Nerio where muscles are strongest, and less resistance Alessandri, founder and president of Technogym, where muscles are weakest. By 1984, our strength and today it has over 1,400 employees. machines were being used in more than 3,000 Their equipment, is designed and manufactured in gyms. And since then, our fitness equipment has Italy, is used by over 15 million people, and can be been embraced by millions of people in thousands of health clubs around the world. found in over 50,000 fitness facilities. The proven quality and durability of all their models is what makes them the 'number one' Today, they continue to be the #1 name in fitness choice for sporting professional sports worldwide. equipment. We spend more on research and development than any other fitness-equipment Technogym was chosen as Official Supplier to the manufacturer. We involve athletes and fitness Olympic and Paralympic Games at Sydney 2000, experts in every step of product development. T Athens 2004, Turin 2006 and most recently, Beijing 2008. Other Games include the Asian Games 2006, the Rio Pan-American Games 2007, in and countless other prestigious international sporting partnerships such as the Ferrari F1 Team, Luna Rossa and Alinghi sailing teams and AC Milan and

The ideal combination of cutting-edge technology, superb craftsmanship, and heavy-duty club quality materials. With our tradition of excellence, you can be sure that Nautilus速 products are designed for a lifetime of use.

BODY MIND 100M2 Pilates Method. Yoga. Tai Qi. Mediation Courses.


Ody Mind in singular space The most silent room.

1 - Chinese Callygraphy 2 - Japanese Floor

3 - Smooth Light 4 - Evasion Lamp


3 1 2

CLINIC 150M2 Phisiotherapist Psichologist Doctors



1-Psichologist 2-Physiotherapist 3-Wait Room 4-Doctor 5-WC

The best specialist for you


Lounge, Wine Bar & Restaurant The best Chefs

Events Room Presentation of products, conferences, meetings

Cinema Clasical and modern films

Toddlers Workout and Park Kindergarden, Recreation area, Childrens playground


Food is mind, Food is Health INGRAVITY builds details into all its instalations in order to provide unmatched services and quality of life to your memebers. Tapinas provides clients with an extensive choice of the most esqusite and fresh wild fish, organic vegitables and high class meats. Meals cooked simply respected time and nutrition. High class dining were only quality is an issue Design is carefuly controled providong attention to every detail, fitted with monitors to control the todldlers through cameras or the most up to date presentations. Seafood is shiped in from the port to your plate. Meat comes from the pastures of the mountains to the grill. Or served by the hands of well educated and formed maitress and someliers. All this controled and monitored by the world renown Chef Tejedor.

Carlos Tejedor Is head of one of Spain's most revered restaurants, Via Veneto, with a Michelin star for 38 years and mentioned in the documentary on Salvador Dali. He opened London's first luxury Spanish style restaurant in the Savoy Hotel. After winning the award “best new Catalan cuisine”, he opened a gourmet restaurant and headed the Catering for the Ristol group in his home Terrassa. His style is caracterised by the use of the best products in the market mixed with the most modern techniques in cuisine. A fresh style of cokking with intense flavours which overall is aimed at making the comensal enjoy. He is a born creator and masterchef competing continously with his most recent participation in Hong Kong masterclass “Art of new Spanish Cuisine” and “Chinese Cuisine unmatched”


Antique Art and Furniture

Retailing with diference endulging glimpses of what the traveler has brought from the history around the world. Each piece is chosen with care to promote the spirits of artists worlwide.

Having soaked oneself sournded by the stone from the region of Mumbay we are presented with the rich aroma of coffee and fresh fruits. An area where senses are mixed, where everything in sight is avialbale. A combination of ancient crafts, traditions, Ingravity collections, spa haven with home details.


Profesional Formation



Ingravity Campus has the objective to offer integrated formation cycles to the students of legal working age, derived from the schools and shelters directed by Urmi Basu en Calcutta (India). The objective is to promote the professional formation in these centers with the aim to provide future work possibilities in the network of centers of Ingravity Wellness or even other companies from the sector, well be it restaurants, massages, spas, gyms etc..Through this system we teach a very professional deep know how into the concepts of body and mind, creating qualified students parallel to the philosophy of Ingravity, creating a work pool for Ingravity for its expansion. Ingravity Campus is not only a Formation School where importance is only placed on the technical aspects. We show students to work as one in a team. Student´s co live 24 hours a day during 5 days a week. During periods which range from 6 months to 1 year. Creating an environment, which helps induce social wellness and relationships. We do not only seek Professional Formation, our students are brought up with the philosophy of Ingravity. We have certain stepping stones which create the pillars of our course. These obligatory areas consist of: -Languages. -Good manners, education and public conduct. -Sale techniques and commercial activities. -Protocol. -Information Technology.


Urmi Basu

India is one of the leading countries in traffic of women workers. Girls between 11 & 14 years of age make up over 60% of the workers who are taken from the humble environment from Bagladesh and Nepal with the promise of a dignified job, or covered by a mere payment to their family. There true future lies in the burdel parlors of Bomabay, New Dehli or Calcutta. This practice worldwide move more than 27.000 million Euros a year. Urmi Basu is child to a wealth family from Bengal, she had never been to the so called “red district” of Calcutta . The first time she entered the tight serpent time backstreets of one of these areas, she discovered the terrible conditions in which the sexworkers carry out there practice, she decided she could not act indifferently to what she had seen. What moved her most was to see how the children of these women wandered lonely through the streets in the middle of the night, while their mother prostituted themselves. From this moment onwards she carried on returning on a regular basis to Calcuta. She began to meet elders who had lived all there life in these areas and who had entered this world from childhood, these individuals had never left the frontier of their local district of their own house where they had acted as prostitutes. After having gained their confidence, she began to organise them and created the first center to provide housing called New Light. A new light in the depth of darkness of the exploitation and social down class, where the children of these women could pass the night, receive food and education. A way of guaranteeing at least to the children not to follow the role model of their mother, an opportunity to find an open door out of there dark surroundings of reality . Just having initiated her work a terrible accident occurred: Soma a baby of only a few months of age was burnt while her mother had gone to attend a client. A candle had fallen upon the cot in a miserable shack where they lived, producing burns in over 70% of the body. Even so the baby managed to survive. “If the baby had the value to live with so much suffering, she had no option but to only follow her example” says Urmi. Today New Light counts with 3 more centers, and Urmi has converted herself in a reference in the fight against the traffic of woman of her country. The last centre to have opened to accommodate children in order for children not to fall into the risk of prostituting themselves has been named Soma, as the young child who had been dis-figurated because of the fire died 2 years afterwards. In tight collaboration between Urmi Basu & Ingravity Wellness, we will open in October 2009, the formation school of Ingravity Basu Campus, providing a new opportunity, for these girls and boys to have the possibility of a professional bright future away from the claws of the mafias of prostitution and misery.


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Ingravity Basu Campus

Expansion Offer  

a expansion Offer of Ingravity

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